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Sustainability Project Progress Report (Azimi Azmin 815726)

Sustainability Project Progress Report (Azimi Azmin 815726)

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Published by Azimi Azmin
Progress report on the sustainable teaching and learning in using effective microorganism (EM) to teach Form 2 students about water conservation.
Progress report on the sustainable teaching and learning in using effective microorganism (EM) to teach Form 2 students about water conservation.

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Published by: Azimi Azmin on Mar 22, 2014
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Sustainability Project Progress Report: Using Effective Microorganism (EM) Mud Ball to Highlight Water Quality Issues in Science Curriculum

By Wan Ahmad Azimi Bin Wan Azmin (815726) In order to conduct the effective microorganisms (EM) mudball project in the school, several preparations had to be done in order to make the project a realization. In January, the class that has been selected for the project (Form 3 Amanah class) were briefed on what to expect for the year and to inform them of the upcoming EM mudball throwing event. Once they have understood of what the activity, the step afterward was to contact the company that provided the necessary ingredients and training for making the EM mudball. By February, the initial contact was made with MicroGreen Eco Tech Group via email and telephone call. One of the administration staff later forwarded the email to Mr. Nelson Ong, Vice President (Production) of Virgin Greens X Sdn. Bhd., who recommended contacting Mr. Mohd Asmawi Bin Mohd Tayid, a staff from the Department of Veterinary Service (DVS) Kuala Langat. Mohd Asmawi is considered one of the experts of EM mudball in the Kuala Langat district and have consulted as to how the project can be developed further to improve the water pollution in the rivers of Tanjung Sepat. From the discussion held with Mohd Asmawi, Nelson and myself on Wednesday, 26 February, 2014, the tentative of the project would lead as of the following manner: i) training for the Form 3 Amanah students to be held at the DVS Kuala Langat; ii) students to conduct on the effectiveness of the EM mudball at one of the lakes in Bakaugruv Kampung Resort for pre-analysis of the EM mudball; and iii) students to return to Bakaugruv resort to perform a post-analysis of EM mudball after one month. Left: Pictures taken from visit to DVS Kuala Langat showing the ingredients (top right, mid left, bottom right), end product (mid right), and standing with Mohd. Asmawi (dark blue shirt) and Nelson (red shirt) in bottom left.

Below: Sampling site at Bakaugruv Kampung Resort, Tanjung Sepat.

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