UKPA Open Tournament th th 29 – 30 March, 2014 Chess Pieces Round

Puzzles by Tawan Sunathvanichkul

1&2 3&4 5&6 7 8

Puzzle Lighthouses Anti-Knight Star Battle Slash Pack Queen Sudoku King Me Total

Points 10 & 20 10 & 50 10 & 20 40 40 200

Time: 45 minutes.

. Ships and lighthouses do not obscure other ships behind them. Numbers on the lighthouses indicate the number of ships that it can see. Lines must terminate at either the edge of the grid or at another line. Ships cannot touch lighthouses or other ships. A lighthouse sees all cells that are in the same row and column as itself. No two stars may be a chess knight’s move away from each other. 3&4 Anti-Knight Star Battle (10 & 50) Locate a number of stars in each row. 5&6 Slash Pack (10 & 20) Split cells using diagonals to create distinct regions that each contain a full set of numbers. column and bolded regions. Ships do not occupy cells with waves. not even diagonally.1&2 Lighthouses (10 & 20) Locate 10 one cell ships in the grid.

(Example by Rohan Rao. One word will be missing. The number 9’s represent chess queens and they cannot attack each other. column and outlined 3x3 box. Identify the missing word. Words can go in any of the eight straight directions.) 8 King Me (40) Locate the listed words and phrases in the grid. .7 Queen Sudoku (40) Place a digit from 1-9 in each empty cell so that each number appears once in every row. The letter sequence K-I-N-G will be replaced by the picture of a king.

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