Layout for pickle processing unit

S.ShanmugaPriya BTF-07-023

Pickle is a general term used for fruits or

vegetables preserved in vinegar or brine, usually with spices or sugar or both anaerobic fermentation to produce lactic acid Gives the food salty or sour taste In South Asia edible oils are used as the pickling medium instead of vinegar Natural fruit and vegetable items are used as raw material for producing various types of pickle good appetizers and digestive agents

It is planned initially to produce pickles of

mango, lemon, carrot and green chili. The main raw materials are fruit/vegetables, treated water, sugar, citric acid, fruit flavors and preservatives

Plant details
It is locate near Hosur The capacity of the unit is 100,000 kg pickles in a

year Total land area required is 200 sq meter Machineries required:
Washing machine and cutting machine Spice grinding machine Frying pans and other misc. items Weighing scales

Vegetable washing machine

Vegetable cutting machine

Spice grinding machine

Process flow chart
Washing and cutting of fruits and vegetables




Fully grown and fresh raw mangoes, lemons and other

fruits and vegetables are washed in water and then cut into the required sizes Then they are cured by brining them for about 7-8 hours Simultaneously dry spices like red chillies, turmeric, mustard etc. are grounded separately and are mixed with cured and dried pieces of mangoes, lemons or other fruits and vegetables Finally, they are packed in polythene bags as per predetermined quantity (sales-mix) and sealed

IN Garden I N Receivin g& weighing Washi ng & cuttin g Rest room Lab Mixin g of spices curing O U T toile t Administrat ion packag ing

Stora ge

Maintenance & control room


Staff details
PRODUCTION STAFF Supervisor/manager, 1 member Packaging staff 2 members Processing staff 3 members GENERAL ADMINISTRATION STAFF Accountant, 1 member Driver, 1 member Watch man: 3 members Sweeper : 5 members

Financial aspects
Plant and machinery = Rs 500,000 Vehicle for support and transportation = Rs

400,000 Construction and renovation = Rs 150,000 Factory / office furniture = RS 100,000 Premises advance deposit (6 months) = Rs 150,000 TOTAL FIXED CAPITAL = Rs 1,300,000

Working capital
 Utilities – three months (office & factory) = Rs 90,000  Electricity per month = Rs 10,000  Diesel for vehicles and machinery = Rs 5000  Gas / month = Rs 6,000  Telephone/Month = Rs 5000  Water = Rs 5000  Salaries - Three Months (Production Staff) = Rs 100,000  Raw Material Inventory - One months = Rs 200,000  Misc. Expenses - Three months (@ 5000 /month) = Rs 15000  TOTAL = Rs 436,000

Name of the plant : Anjali pickles Location : Erode Total land area : 200 sq mt Total investment : Rs 1,736,000 No of employees : 16

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