Wh question – Present Progressive Game 1 – Divide student in groups: Group WHAT / Group WHO / Group WHERE / Group WHE

respe!tive paper sheet "ith the WH "ord in it# and give them their

$% Tea!her gives student senten!es using Present Progressive# Group needs to raise their paper i& the' are a()e to ma*e a question# + – The group that raised the paper "rite do"n the question on the (oard, i& it-s !orre!t, group gets a point# . – Tea!her "i)) sa' / senten!es &or "hi!h "h%"ord, not in order# / – The "inner is the group that raised their papers &aster and !ou)d !reate more questions than the others !ou)d#

0enten!es 1 – 1-m visiting the 2ahamas this summer# $ – 1-m stud'ing Eng)ish at Harvest 1nstitute + – 1-m reading a ne" (oo* !a))ed Hunger Games . – 3e)issa is !oo*ing dinner in her mother-s house this 0aturda'# / – 3ario is ta)*ing on the phone right no" 4 – 0arah is painting the 56 s*')ine in her 56 apartment#

7 – We are singing at the !on!ert this 8rida' 9 – The' are having dinner at m' house tonight : – 3o))' is !r'ing in m' (ed a)) night )ong 1; – We are having &un in !)ass toda'<






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