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This report represents an overview of various process involved in Hindustan Organic Chemicals Limited (HOCL). Hindustan Organic Chemicals is incorporated under the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertili ers. HOCL !ochi unit was commissioned in the year "#$% in the name of phenol comple& and consists of phenol and hydrogen pero&ide plants. The report is prepared 'y the M.Tech students of Lourdes Matha College of (cience and Technology as part of the industrial training undergone from )*.)+.*)", to"+.)+.*)", in HOCL. The training was part of the !erala university curriculum. The phenol plant consists of -ropylene .ecovery /nit (-./)0 Cumene unit and Cumo& unit. -./ produces Lean -ropylene of %+1 purity and Chemical 2rade -ropylene of #+ 1 purity. Final products phenol and hydrogen pero&ide are used in -ulp 3 paper 4leaching0 Te&tile 'leaching0 Chemical industry0 5nvironmental protection0 5lectronics industry0 production of detergents etc. /nder proper guidance from the institution we people got familiari ed with different field instruments in HOCL and was a'le to complete the training in the given time.