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Hardware and Networking

Hardware and Networking

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Complete basics of Hardware and networking
Complete basics of Hardware and networking

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Published by: SHRINIVAS on Oct 21, 2009
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c:\ > Exit [type exit and press Enter]

There are two types of Ms Dos Command
1.Internal Ms Dos Command & External Ms Dos Command.


1.To set date

C:\> date [ type date and Press Enter then type the current correct date by MM-DD-
YY ]

2.To set Time

C:\> Time [ type time and press then set the correct current time and press Enter ]

3.To Clear the Screen

C:\> CLS [ type CLS & Press ]

4. To create the Text file

C:\> Copy |__| con |__| file name
Type your message
Press F6 & Press
(Now your File is saved)

C:\> Copy |__| con |__| Dambar
Hello me dambar and namaste to all
1 files copied

5. To list the files

C:\> Dir
C:\> Dir / p
C:\> Dir / w

6. To see the Text Message

C:\> Type |__| File name
C:\> Type |__| Dambar
(Now it shows the message of dambar)

7. To rename the text file

C:\> Ren |__| old file name |__| new file name
C:\> Ren |__| dambar |__| sugarika
(Now it change of file name of dambar at sugarika but message will be same)


8. To copy the text message.

C:\> copy |__| source file |__| target file
C:\> Copy |__| sugarika |__| Subash
(now it copies the message of sugarika at Subash)

9. to delete the text file

C:\ Del |__| File name
C:\> Del |__| Sugarika
(Now it deletes the file of sugarika )

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