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V. 2 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. LEGAL NOTICE This publication has been written in good faith.07.2013 . microfilm or otherwise without prior written consent of Grasso. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors COPYRIGHT All Rights reserved. Grasso cannot be held responsible. No part of this publication may be copied or published by means of printing. neither for any errors occurring in this publication nor for their consequences. photocopying. This restriction also applies to the corresponding drawings and diagrams. However.

Caution! Stands for a possibly dangerous situation which could lead to light physical injuries or to damages to property. Please consult your contractor (supplier).2013 3 . Hint! Before consulting your contractor (supplier) for any reason.V.07. page 7 This user manual is written with great care.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors SYMBOLS USED IN THIS MANUAL Danger! Stands for an immediate danger which leads to heavy physical injuries or to the death. but the contractor/installer is held responsible for examining this information and to take care of possible additional and/ or deviated safety measures. make note of the data on the type plate fixed on the compressor. Warning! Stands for a possibly dangerous situation which leads to heavy physical injuries or to the death. package and/or other package components. GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. For all safety instructions refer to Chapter 1. Hint! Stands for an important tip whose attention is important for the designated use and function of the device. SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS General Caution! This manual must be carefull read and understood prior to servicing and running the compressor (package). | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.

This manual describes all safety instructions.e. 4 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. has been found and declared to be in compliance with the provisions of Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC i. global product information. required periodical inspections and a trouble shooting list. as a whole system including the machinery referred to in this declaration. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. or. the supplier of the refrigeration plant should be consulted.2013 . Furthermore it is not allowed to put the machines mentioned into service until the machinery in which it is to be incorporated.07.V. of which it is to be a component. Hint! GEA Grasso herewith declares that the machines mentioned are intended to be incorporated into a refrigeration package (= assembly of refrigeration components) or to be assembled with other equipment to constitute machinery covered by Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC and do therefore comply with the provisions of this directive that apply to partly completed machines.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors PREFACE This operating manual is meant for the end-users of Grasso reciprocating compressors and/or packages. The users of this equipment have to follow all instructions as given in this manual. page 7. In case of any doubt. For safety instructions refer to Chapter 1.

5.3 REFRIGERANT 1.4 OIL 1.1 SURVEY COMPRESSOR TYPES INSPECTION 3.2 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS 1.1 GENERAL MAINTENANCE 5. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.5.1 DAILY. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY INSPECTIONS 3.3 Transport and Storage 1.1 CONSULT YOUR CONTRACTOR (SUPPLIER) 7 7 7 7 8 8 8 9 9 9 10 10 11 11 12 13 13 14 14 2 3 4 5 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N.4 Finishing and Installation INTRODUCTION 2.07.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors TABLE OF CONTENTS 1 SAFETY 1.1 Intended Use 1.5.1 REGULATIONS 1.2 PERIODICAL INSPECTIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY YOUR CONTRACTOR (SUPPLIER) FAULT ANALYSIS 4.2 Safety Notes and Warnings 1.5 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS PRESSURE EQUIPMENT 1.V.5.2013 5 .

V.2013 . | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 6 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N.07.

federal. Hint! In case of shut downs longer than 1 month. This manual includes a check list for daily. except the maintenance as explicitly mentioned in this manual. In case this manual does not give these values then your contractor (supplier) should instruct you with regard to their correct setiings. 1. oil separator(s).Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 1 1. Consult your supplier to carry out this service.2013 7 . etc.3 REFRIGERANT The compressor/package must be filled with “REFRIGERANT“. This operation is only to be carried out by well-trained and qualified personnel. weekly and monthly inspections. Do not open the compressor for service. to be able to operate. When reference is made to the plant manual.1 SAFETY REGULATIONS Hint! It is the task of the contractor (supplier) to inform and explain to you as is essential (in both new and modified plants) to replace the running-in filter element with the permanent filter element supplied. suction filter housing. Temperatures and pressures need to be checked at several point (eg setting of all pressure safety switches). it is advisable to put warning labels on vital parts of the compressor saying that the plant is out-of-operation and must not be started up. Caution! In compliance with the regulations of the Pressure Equipment Directive it is mandatory that no changes be made to the construction of pressurised parts such as the crankcase housing. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.V.2 MAINTENANCE AND REPAIRS Warning! All maintenance and repairs have to be carried out only by your contractor (supplier). GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. your contractor (supplier) should take care that your are instructed in being able to undertake proper inspections and trouble shooting. After having run the initial 100 operating hours. about the operation of the compressor (Package).07. 1. Do respect all international. state and local safety regulations/ legislations during inspection. trouble shooting and operating this compressor (package). Consult your contractor (supplier).

Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors Warning! For safety instructions in relation to the refrigerant used in this refrigeration plant. The pressure equipment has been manufactured according to the requirements of the PED. make sure that the information can be seen by the end user on another location on the pressure equipment. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. to be supplied by your contractor (supplier). The type plates for identification of the pressure equipment looks like this: 1.1: Example type plate economizer ICH. If the pressure equipment is not used according to these regulations. If the type plate is covered by finishing/installation. The equipment may only be installed by the finisher/ installer and not by the end user. 1. 97/23/EG (subsequently referred to as PED) describe how to handle the pressure equipment for finishing and installation. compressor package) manufactured by Grasso according to the European Parliament"s and the European Council"s Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG of 29 May 1997 fig. refer to separate information. The finisher/installer or the operator and not the manufacturer is responsible for all personal injury and damage to property resulting from unintended use. compressor. housing suction gas strainer.5. The pressure equipment may not be damaged during installation and it shall be painted after installation.In case of queries regarding the operating instructions.4 OIL fig. 1. 8 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. The pressure equipment is intended for installation in compressor packages or refrigeration plants and can be equipped with specific accessories during installation by the customer. If applicable the finisher/installer (at installation in compressor package or refrigeration plants and equipping ready for operation) is obliged to prepare his own risk analysis and operating manual according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EG.2: Example Type plate oil separator General The following operating instructions according to the European Pressure Equipment Directive No. safe operation of the equipment is not guaranteed. to be able to operate.5 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS PRESSURE EQUIPMENT Hint! For pressure equipment (oil separator OS. package The compressor/package must be filled with oil. Economizer ICH.1 Intended Use The pressure equipment described here may not be used for any other than the stated purpose.07. to be supplied by your contractor (supplier).V. refer to separate information. Warning! For safety instructions in relation to the oil used in this refrigeration plant. please contact Grasso. Its design meets the requirements of the AD2000 regulations. When not installed by Grasso the finisher/installer has to properly install accessories for the pressure equipment.2013 .

Keep corrosive substances such as acids away from the oil separator.Where there is a risk of lightning strikes. This can be achieved by means of contact guards. the pressure equipment must be earthed. The finisher/installer has to include instructions for regular inspection of the pressure equipment in his instruction manual and has to define the end user"s behaviour in case of damage. This includes visual inspection (as described above GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. The foundation has to be of sufficient stiffness. These tasks may only be carried out by trained professionals and in compliance with the appropriate safety regulations. EN 378) The oil separator may only be installed vertically. 1. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. 1.2 Safety Notes and Warnings Visually inspect the pressure equipment with the naked eye for corrosion. This device may not be used for the protection of the complete refrigeration system. The pressure equipment is not designed for dynamic loads.4 Finishing and Installation Design details can be seen in drawings at Grasso. Check the equipment for shape consistency of the connection areas. Drain or suck off the medium (refrigerant/oil) prior to service and repair. substance groups 1 and 2. Carry out a detailed check of the previous operating history. To avoid burns or frostbite. The pressure equipment has to be installed in the compressor package or plant so that no vibrations or pulsations can be transmitted to the equipment. see standard EN 378. the pressure vessel may not be touched in the operating state.The connecting lines have to be installed to be tension free.3 Transport and Storage Transport and store the oil separator in a dry environment. Install appropriate warning signs.2013 9 . Ensure that the oil separator is not subject to damage relevant to its further use. for the new part). scoring or similar. installing and equipping the oil separator.V.5. (The finisher/installer has to equip the installation with a safety valve acc.5.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors The pressure equipment may only be filled with refrigerant of refrigerant groups L1 and L2.07. Mark the oil separator with the note "Do not use" until the issue has been resolved with Grasso or an authorised third party (named authority according to the PED). Compare the identification (type plate) with the documentation included in the delivery before finishing. 1. For recurring tests please refer to EN 378 T1 to T4 and local regulations. In particular check and assess the sealing surfaces for possible damage such as scratches. when an oil separator that has already been in service is newly finished.5. Wall thicknesses may be no more than 1 mm less than those given in the drawing. installed and equipped. Caution! Optionally supplied safety valves are only intended for the protection of the oil separator against excessive presssure caused by an external heat source during standstill. In case of transport damage notify Grasso immediately. scoring and similar damage.

Grasso 12E compressor. M(Marine application).07.V.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 2 2. .. with 2 low pressure cylinders and 1 high pressure cylinder. 10 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.1 INTRODUCTION SURVEY COMPRESSOR TYPES Series Single stage Grasso 412E Grasso 612E Grasso 912E Grasso 1212E Grasso V 300 Grasso V 450 Grasso V 600 Grasso V Grasso V 700 Grasso V 1100 Grasso V 1400 Grasso V 1800 Grasso V 700 CM Grasso V 300T Grasso V 450T Grasso V 600T Grasso 212 Grasso V 700T Grasso 312 Grasso V 1100T Grasso 412 Grasso V 1400T Grasso 612 Grasso V 1800T Grasso 12 Grasso V 700T CM Grasso 1212 Grasso V 1100 CM Grasso VCM Grasso V 1400 CM Grasso V 1100T CM Grasso V 1400T CM Grasso V 1800T CM Grasso 310 Grasso 45HP Grasso 5HP Grasso 55HP Grasso 65HP Grasso 212E *2 Grasso 12E Grasso 312E Grasso 3112E Grasso 610 Grasso 810 Grasso 2112E *3 Grasso 6210 Grasso 4210 Grasso 10 Grasso 410 Grasso 3110 Grasso 2110 Grasso 210 Grasso 35HP Grasso 7212 Grasso 8412 Grasso 9312 Grasso 10212 Grasso 912 Grasso 6312 Grasso 5112 Grasso 4212 Grasso 3112 Grasso 2112 Grasso 10212E Grasso 9312E Two stage Grasso 4212E Grasso 5112E Grasso 6312E Grasso 7212E Grasso 8412E Type * General A survey of the full range of Grasso reciprocating compressors.. Please refer to the type plate of the compressor to determine the type of compressor you are currently using.2013 . Type *1 Series Single stage Two stage Grasso V 1800 CM 1 2 3 Type designation can be extended on the type plate of the compressor with K(Approval). Grasso 12E compressor. is given in the table below. with 2 cylinders.

5-3. consult your contractor (supplier).V. • During compressor standstill the lower part of the crankcase must remain warmer than the surroundings: ≥ 20 °C (NH3) Min. consult your contractor (supplier). consult your contractor (supplier). __________oC Suction pressure • monthly weekly daily REMARKS *5 Discharge pressure • Refer to plant manual. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. Refer to plant manual. • Refer to plant manual.2013 11 . 170 °C • Lubricating oil pressure difference • Oil temperature min. Range1. Actual values for this refrigeration plant. __________oC Colour of the oil • Max./Max.07. Actual condensing temperature + 10 K (≥ Tc + 10 K) Min.5 bar Consult your contractor (supplier): Min. currently used can differ for the min.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 3 3. Min./Max. For topping up oil. values as given in this table. at least twice every 24 hours and more frequently in cases where irregularities are found. refer to the user manual(s) of the micro processor and/or to the plant manual. Values of temperatures. • Other refrigerants ≥ 0K Min. GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. In the case of a micro processor system. __________oC Oil leakage of shaft seal • Consult your contractor (supplier).0 bar Setting 2. FREQUENCY CHECK POINTS *4 weekly REMARKS * Oil temperature max. Warning! The compressor can be factory fitted with gauges and switches and/or with a micro processor system. Check against design conditions. WEEKLY AND MONTHLY INSPECTIONS daily CHECK POINTS * FREQUENCY monthly These inspections should be made during the operating periods. __________oC R404A/R507 ≥ 15 K Oil level in crankcase • Between 25% and 75% height of the sight glass.1 INSPECTION DAILY. pressures etc. The table below sums up all the points on the compressor that have to be inspected by the user. Min. A disappearing white colour points to dissolved refrigerant. __________bar Suction superheat Intermediate superheat Discharge temperature max. as mentioned in this table. Max./max. The oil should be transparently clear. control oil pressure • Cooling water temperature (if present) • 4 5 During the first 50 operating hours the compressor should be checked regularly for all the points mentioned above. are given by the manufacturer. Consult your contractor (supplier). consult your contractor (supplier). Your supplier has to inform you about the actual/currently used values for this plant.

) and ensure that they do not touch the groove bottom. at least twice every 24 hours and more frequently in cases where irregularities are found. For correct tension Grasso instruction sheet 0087516 must be used. Condition of V-belts • Tension. 12 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. The time interval between stopping and starting should be at least 10 minutes and between starting and restarting 15 minutes. Too low a tension gives rise to excessive flapping or oscillation in operation.07. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. cuts etc.2013 . your contractor (supplier) must carry out the checks as mentioned in the table below.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 3. Switching frequency of the compressor • 6 During the first 50 operating hours the compressor should be checked regularly for all the points mentioned above.V. Inspections by contractor FREQUENCY CHECK POINTS *6 monthly weekly daily REMARKS Wear (fraying. Adjustment and operation of pressure safety switches • Refer to instructions of switch manufacturer. Capacity control (if provided) • The time lag between the unloading and loading of one cylinder or cylinder group should generally be at least 3 5 minutes.2 PERIODICAL INSPECTIONS TO BE CARRIED OUT BY YOUR CONTRACTOR (SUPPLIER) SAFETY Caution! For a safe operation of the compressor/package.

. the compressor must be switched off. oil level. Grasso (12)E and Grasso10 only) 7 8 9 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N..2013 13 . Instructions in case of any failure. Consult your contractor (supplier) Typical faults. . Refer also to the plant manual.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 4 4. to be solved by your contractor (supplier) are: Typical faults FAULTS 1 2 3 4 5 6 Discharge pressure too high Discharge temperature too high Suction pressure too high Suction pressure too low All cylinders inactive while compressor is operating Too high oil consumption Too high oil pressure during normal operation at working temperature Too low lubricating oil pressure Too low or no control oil pressure (For Grasso V. Stop compressor 2. pressures .07. Warning! If crankcase is frosted or wet: stop compressor immediately. Make note of the information on the type plate of the compressor 3.). Your contractor (supplier) should inform you how the compressor has to be stopped safely. or one of the issues mentioned in the inspection list are not OK.1 FAULT ANALYSIS GENERAL Warning! In case you find any problems in the installation. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. 1.V. (temperatures.

Adjustment of all safety devices 6.07. Example of works to be carried out by your contractor. Checking direction of rotation compressor 7. Evacuation and purging compressor 13. Initial refrigerant charging 5. Replacement of filters 14. Reset GMM (Grasso Maintenance Monitor) 15.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors 5 5. Topping up oil 11.V. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15. Preparing the compressor for a shut down period (>6 months) 10.2013 . Evacuation. Adjustment V-belt tension 14 GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. Installing drive guard 8. 1. Draining and change of oil 12. Leak testing 2. drying the refrigeration system 3.1 MAINTENANCE CONSULT YOUR CONTRACTOR (SUPPLIER) All maintenance works are only to be carried out by the contractor (supplier). Initial oil charging 4. Initial start of the compressor 9.

2013 15 .V.Operating Manual | Grasso Reciprocating compressors GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. | 0089292gbr_2 | Generated 15.07.

V.We live our values. Excellence • Passion • Integrity • Responsibility • GEA-versity GEA Group is a global engineering company with ­ multi-billion euro sales and ­ operations in more than 50 © GEA Group www. Founded in 1881. the company is one of the largest providers of ­ innovative equipment and process technology. Parallelweg 27. GEA Group is listed in the STOXX® Europe 600 Index. ­ GEA Refrigeration Technologies GEA Refrigeration Netherlands N. Subject to modification . 5223 AL ‘s-Hertogenbosch. All rights reserved. The Netherlands Phone: +31 73 6203911 info@gea.

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