The "Lost Generation" was the generation that came of age during World War I. Gertruda Stein was first who used the term Lost Generation. Then it was o ulari!ed "# Ernest $emingwa# when he used it in his no%el The Sun Also Rises. "That is what #ou are. That&s what #ou all are ... all of #ou #oung eo le who ser%ed in the war. 'ou are a lost generation.( The# critici!ed societ#. The# ut the characters into dangerous situations.

$e went to Ital# as a medical %olunteer) where he was seriousl# in*ured. After the war he wor+ed as a foreign corres ondent. In ,-./ he won the No"el 0ri!e. $e committed a suicide. Writing The war influenced his wor+ a lot.

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