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February 15, 2012 Bruce L. Horrocks 3250 S 5800 W Wellsville, Utah 8 33!

"o #ho$ it $ay co%cer%, &t is #ith a''reciatio% (or her o'ti$is$ (or li(e a%) its challe%*es that & #rite this letter o( reco$$e%)atio% o% behal( o( +lyssa +u)). ,y #i(e (irst $et +lyssa at a trai%i%* co%(ere%ce (or teachi%* 'eo'le ho# to co'e #ith chro%ic co%)itio%s. Whe% she ca$e ho$e she tol) $e she ha) $et o%e o( the $ost 'ositive a%) ra)ia%t #o$e% she ha) ever k%o#%. We have ha) +lyssa a%) her (a$ily to our ho$e a%) & too #as i$'resse) #ith her cheer(ul cou%te%a%ce a%) 'erso%ality. +s & a$ curre%tly servi%* as a local
Bisho' (or "he -hurch o( .esus -hrist o( Latter/)ay Sai%ts, & (elt that $a%y o( our youth coul) lear% a%) be%e(it (ro$ heari%* +lyssa0s $essa*e.

+s +lyssa s'oke to our youth her $essa*e #as 'ositive a%) *reatly e%1oye) by both the youth a%) our youth lea)ers. She share) her $essa*e i% a #ay the $ai%tai%e) the i%terest o( the youth a%) share) #ith the$ ho# to a''ly a 'ositive outlook to the challe%*es they (ace. She #as clear a%) co%cise, a%) able to co%%ect #ith her au)ie%ce. "he *e%ui%e si%cerity o( her s$ile as she share) her $essa*e #as the $ark that has set her a'art (ro$ others $otivatio%al s'eakers that & have hear). &t is #ithout a%y reservatio% that #e ca% reco$$e%) +lyssa +u)) as a% u'li(ti%* a%) 'ositive s'eaker to a%y eve%t. Si%cerely,

Bruce 2 Sha%%o% Horrocks