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April 21, 2013 To Whom It May Concern: Earlier this year, we had the honor of ha in!

Alyssa A"dd as the #eynote spea#er at a $ta#e %o"th &ireside 'e otional( The %o"th Co"ncil, comprised of 22 yo"th representati es and their sta#e leaders, chose the topic )Come &ollow Me(* This topic was in reference to the title of the new $"nday lesson c"rric"l"m that the yo"th started learnin! from at the +e!innin! of 2013( Alyssa did a +rilliant ,o+ of inf"sin! the topic with her personal e-periences and wisdom, in a way that made her ery relata+le to her a"dience( Alyssa has an infectio"s lo e for and happiness a+o"t the !ospel that really spar#s a flame inside her listeners( $he arri ed early and prepared to ma#e s"re that here physical en ironment was optimal for her deli ery and for the listeners( $he seamlessly incorporated a ariety of interacti e and a"dio is"al techni."es, which helped lend ariety to her speech( /er deli ery was flawless and her a"dience was well ta"!ht and "plifted( I wo"ld witho"t hesitation recommend Alyssa A"dd as a p"+lic spea#er to any !ro"p( $incerely,

0o++i Mic#elson &ran#lin $ta#e %o"n! Women 1residency The Ch"rch of 2es"s Christ of 3atter4day $aints

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