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ESL 4 Week 4

Section Six Lesson Plan for RWSL

April Gallagher

This is where you will uploa your file for your !W" Lesson Plan for Rea ing# Writing# Speaking an Listening$ %ou will create a Lesson Plan for Rea ing# Writing# Speaking an Listening for the ELLs in one of your gra e &an s$ 'nclu e L( ) L* +etho s for rea ing# writing# speaking an listening$ This lesson plan must be a minimum of 2 pages and is worth 30 points.


($ Grade level ,i

le School ESL class# +ixe gra e le-els . an /

*$ Subject English Language Arts 0$ Engli ! "r#$icienc% level #$ ELL # inclu ing special e ucation an gifte 1 0 Expan ing# none in Gifte or Special E ucation 4$ ' entification of &'()' v#cabular% *#rd relate to a content area1 pictorial, sequence, images, fiction, non-fiction, plot, characters, dialog, setting, audience, style, design, symbolism, perspective, lettering, layout, panel, representation, hero, publishing 2$ 3oca&ulary instructional plan +ust inclu e in tructi#nal u""#rt in phonology# +orphology# syntax# prag+atics# se+antics# i io+s# cognates# collocations1 'nclu e as highlights in the 'ntro uction an Proce ures45e-elop+ent sections &elow$ 6$ +#ntent and Language Objective 1 a7 Stu ents will analy8e the graphic no-el 9:eroes 3olu+e !ne; to co+pare an contrast no-els <pre-ious knowle ge fro+ a prior lesson7 an graphic no-els$ &7 Stu ents will supple+ent their L* -oca&ulary with new wor s an phrases that correspon to graphic no-els$ c7 Stu ents will create an present their own graphic no-els &ase on their response to the =uestion 9What +akes so+eone a hero>; .$ Standard ?an@5o 5escriptors1 L'STE"'"G

?o+pare an contrast functions# relationships fro+ oral infor+ation Analy8e an apply oral infor+ation ' entify cause an effect fro+ oral iscourse

REA5'"G @ 'nterpret infor+ation or ata Ain etails that support +ain i eas

' entify wor fa+ilies# figures of speech

SPEAB'"G @ 5iscuss stories# issues# concepts Gi-e speeches# oral reports !ffer creati-e solutions to issues# pro&le+s

WR'T'"G @ Su++ari8e infor+ation fro+ graphics or notes E it an re-ise writing ?reate original i eas or etaile responses

ELP Stan ar s1 S!?'AL A"5 '"STRC?T'!"AL ELPS ( LE3EL 4 Expan ing <Rea ing7 @ 'nterpret infor+ation on topics gathere fro+ e-ery ay print that is -isually supporte $ LA"GCAGE ARTS ELPS * LE3EL 4 Expan ing <Listening7 @ React to &asic hu+or in a skit or ra+a$ LA"GCAGE ARTS ELPS * LE3EL 4 Expan ing <Rea ing7 @ ' entify genres &ase on language structures integrate into text <such as1 9The +oral of the story;7 within a s+all group$ LA"GCAGE ARTS ELPS * LE3EL 4 Expan ing <Speaking7 Present su++aries of stu ent@selecte tra e &ooks or short stories within a s+all group$ LA"GCAGE ARTS ELPS * LE3EL 4 Expan ing <Writing7 @ ?reate paragraphs or longer co+positions using thesauri# ictionaries or checklists$ /$ Acade,ic and #cial interacti#n 1

Stu ents will &e working colla&orati-ely throughout the process in all four o+ains$ <inclu e in Proce ures45e-elop+ent section &elow7 D$ -aterial 1 S+art&oar # 4 copies of the graphic no-el 9:eroes 3olu+e !ne;# a itional sa+ples of other graphic no-els fro+ -arious eras that feature i-erse characters an the+es# note&ooks for entering -oca&ulary# paper an colore pencils for creating the final proEect (F$ Intr#ducti#n@ Acti-ating4Guil ing prior knowle ge a7 Stu ents will co+plete a B@W@L chart in i-i ually prior to the start of the lesson$ The topic of the chart is 9What is a graphic no-el>; an shoul inclu e exa+ples fro+ the ELLsH L($ &7 Stu ents will also recei-e a -oca&ulary list that inclu es the wor s liste a&o-e$ They will co+plete a 9pre@test; that inclu es those wor s$ c7 Stu ents will &rainstor+ colla&orati-ely to co+e up with as +any answers as possi&le to the =uestion 9What +akes a person a :ER!>; Answers4thoughts are recor e an sa-e on the S+art&oar $ 7 Stu ents are each gi-en a copy of the graphic no-el 9:eroes 3olu+e !ne; to scan an ski+$ Answers to the =uestion 9What is your first i+pression of this &ook>; are iscusse as a group$ (($ Pr#cedure .Devel#",ent a7 Teacher will present a lesson a&out graphic no-els on the S+art&oar that inclu es the history of graphic no-els# necessary -oca&ulary# an supports4criticis+s of graphic no-els &eing consi ere 9real literature;$ 3oca&ulary will &e &roken own into +orphe+es to ai with co+prehension# pronunciation# an +eaning$ The ety+ology of selecte -oca&ulary will also &e explore # to help stu ents +ore easily relate an connect the new +aterial$ &7 The stu ents will rea alou selections fro+ the graphic no-el are rea 9roun ta&le; style alou <pages 6@0(7# noting cognates# i io+s# collocations in chunks# an other interesting language attri&utes$ Stu ents are encourage to co+pare syntax an the way the language is use in the L*# an are then gi-en an opportunity to +ake hypotheses a&out how this graphic no-el woul ha-e iffere <&oth se+antically an culturally7 in their L($ c7 Stu ents will explore the way that the graphic no-el is structure # inclu e features like the 9Ta&le of ?ontents;# the panels an gutters of the artwork# an the way the 9chapters; are presente $

7 Stu ents will co+plete a 3enn iagra+ co+paring an contrasting the last no-el they rea with the graphic no-el 9:eroes 3olu+e !ne;# paying special attention to characters# plots# the+es# settings# style an au ience$ e7 Stu ents are gi-en (2 +inutes of 9unstructure ti+e; to peruse a stack of other graphic no-els ranging fro+ early to current$ These a itional works feature a i-erse sa+pling of +ain characters# settings# an plots$ After (2 +inutes# the class will pro-i e their thoughts an +ake o&ser-ations a&out anything nota&le they foun out$ (*$ A e ,ent@ Aor+ati-e an 4or authentic +etho s

a7 'nfor+al assess+ents are one throughout the unit# inclu ing participation in any &rainstor+ing acti-ity an other classroo+ iscussion$ &7 Stu ents are also assesse using a ru&ric for a final proEect$ c7 A'"AL PR!IE?T @ Select one of the &rainstor+e reasons recor e on the S+art&oar that explains what +akes a person a hero$ As a group# co+e up with a (F@panel graphic +ini@ no-el that has a plot# characters# setting# ialog# an artwork$ This assign+ent can &e co+plete with portions in the L( as well as the L*$ (0$ Ada"tati#n .Sca$$#ld # supports use nee e throughout the unit$ &7 While colla&orating on the final proEect# stu ents +ay eci e to look at the text an at the other sa+ples for inspiration# i eas# an gui ance$ c7 'nternet@accessi&le ta&lets are use to assist with translation$ 7 The teacher will +o el esire skills &y acti-ely participating in all &rainstor+s an an will present her own personally +a e graphic +ini@no-el as an exa+ple$ (4$ Acade,ic and #cial interacti#n at the ELP le-els1 Stu ents work colla&orati-ely throughout this lesson# presenting their own thoughts an opinions# then co+ing to a consensus in the group$ The final proEect is also co+plete as a tea+# with tasks &eing elegate to those whose strengths &est len the+sel-es to that part of the assign+ent$ This lesson was esigne for a class of stu ents who are at the sa+e proficiency le-el <Expan ing7# &ut who are all -ery uni=ue in their strengths an weaknesses$ (2$ +#nnecti#n@ ?onnect a aptations to the ELP le-els of ELLs1 e&ates# uring lessons1

a7 Stu ents are encourage to use their -oca&ulary list on the pretest# then refer &ack to it as

Stu ents in .th an /th gra e are often encourage to rea # &ut graphic no-els are typically is+isse as so+ehow 9not worthy; or not 9real literature;$ 't is +y opinion that +any ELLs <especially those in the Expan ing le-el of proficiency7 +ight fin graphic no-els to &e of particular interest &ecause of the stunning -isuals an the s+aller a+ount of wor s per page$ A stan ar no-el can look -ery o-erwhel+ing# with wor s fro+ top to &otto+$ Graphic no-els still contain all of the parts of a no-el <plot# characters# setting# etc$7# &ut are structure in such a way that it feels less like work an +ore like the rea er is &eing transporte into the artwork$