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Hellboy 2 story by Guillermo del Toro & Mike Mignola Screenplay by Guillermo del Toro 7 FADE IN: EXT, MANHATTAN STREETS - NIGHT a. Superimposure: MANHATTAN. 10.30 P.M. Park Avenue in mid-December. On the lampposts, Xmas lights sparkle over streets slick with slush and rain. Limousines line up for a public function. EXT, BLACKWOOD BUILDING - NIGHT 2 Superimposure: BLACKWOOD’S AUCTION HOUSE Under black umbrellas, wealthy men and women exit the limos and enter a stately ten-story building. On the facade, a Sign reads: TONIGHT - TREASURES OF PRE-CHRISTIAN EUROPE. ‘A SHADOWY FIGURE lurks in an alley near the corner. His features are hidden by a broad-brimmed hat. He watches as- The guests present gleaming, golden invitations to the security people at the door. SHADOWY FIGURE (in Elvish, subtitled) 3/11 go up first. You'll enter from below- He addresses WINK, an eight-foot tall TROLL with grey skin and a huge scar over his left, empty, eye socket, His right hand is missing and he sports a heavy IRON MACE instead. A plume of breath escapes from his brutish mouth. SHADOWY FIGURE (CONT'D) And remember Wink- (beat) Don’t be shy. He extends his arms and with a swoop, he climbs the wall, up, up, like a bat. Five floors up... INT, SALES ROOM - NIGHT 3 CAMERA lingers on the bloated features of a stone FERTILITY GODDESS. AUCTIONEER Pre-Celtic votive sculpture is in granite and has been dated circa 700 B.C. Like the guests, the AUCTIONEER is dressed in formal wear. TV MONITORS display the image of the statue so the bidders can have a closer look. AUCTIONEER (CONT'D) we/ll open the bidding at two hundred thousand dollars. A DISTINGUISHED BUYER raises his hand- AUCTIONEER (CONT'D) two hundred and seventy-five, and... we have three hundred, thank you Mr. Van Hausen - Three hundred thousand once~ A FEMALE BIDDER raise her hand- AUCTIONEER (CONT'D) and Three hundred and fifty thousand, thank you Mrs. Bernstein- as the auction carries on, a STEWARD leaves the room and heads down - INT. CORRIDOR - NIGHT 4 -a darkened corridor where other STEWARDS wheel auction lots to and from the sales room. ‘The STEWARD notices an open window at the end of the corridor, He leans out and looks down. Ten stories below - a snow-covered alley. Suddenly, he sees the SHADOWY FIGURE above the window frame, clinging to the smooth granite wall!! STEWARD What the h- Quick as lightning, the SHADOWY FIGURE covers the steward’s thouth. When he withdraws his hand, the steward’s mouth has ‘VANISHED dhe Shadowy Figure grabs the hapless man by the lapels, hauling him outside and dangling him over the void. Far below: a spiked wrought-iron fence.