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Three Lives Three Worlds, Ten Miles of peach Blossoms
by Tangqi Gongzi
Translated by: Hamster428 Website: 
 I've been sleeping a little too much recently.
 Nainai says, “It is probably your pregnancy that is making you sleepy. M'lady needs not worry.”
  Nainai is my maid, and the only one who smiles at me here at Sawu Palace, the only
immortal to call me “M'lady.” All the other fairies look down on me.
 Only because Yehua didn't give me any title. And Yehua didn't give me a title because I'm a mortal, not a fairy. It seems Nainai has opened the window because there is a slight breeze coming through, and there is a faint sound of someone's steps from outside. Nainai's voice is tinged with
happiness, “M'lady, the Crown Prince is here to visit you.”
 I sit up in still my silk nightgown and rest against the bedframe. My mind is not fully conscious. Although I have awaken, I am still awfully exhausted.
The bed cushion weighs down a little, and I guess Yehua has sat down next to me.
I hazily asked him, “Are the stars beautiful tonight?”
He remains quiet for a while, then replies, “Susu, it is now daytime.”
 I want to wipe my eyes by habit, but when my hand touches the white fabric around my eyes, I suddenly remember. My eyes are no longer there. In the future I won't know what to do. Night and day will be undistinguishable and I won't be able to se anything anymore. Yehua goes into deep thoughts momentarily and finally says
, “I'll marry you. I will be your sight.”
 Susu, I will be your sight. I push him away by reflex. The nightmare from that night immediately drowns over me, frightening me into shivers.
Yehua grips my hand tightly and quickly asks, “Susu, what's wrong?”
 I li
e through my trembles, “I'm only a little tired. You can attend to your business now. I want to sleep a bit more.”
 I never wanted to part with this person and his affections before. But I can't stand any of it now. I'm only curious. If he had loved the other woman, why ever did he agree to my ridiculous request back then? The past, the past, if I had known I wouldn't have done so. Yehua left. Nainai softly closes the door. I fall back onto the bed while fuzzy images flit through my head: at times it's scenes from Mount Junji at Donghuang, at times it's Yehua's face, then it became the bloody weapon that unfairly took away my eyes. It hurts, it hurts, it hurts so much I want to cry. But no tears would come. I think to myself I will return to Mount Junji after giving birth to this child. Where things  begin is where they should end.
While being in thoughts, Nainai comes through the door and softly asks me, “M'lady, are you awake yet?”
I try and faintly reply her, “What is it?”
 Nainai slows her steps, “Lady Sujin
 sent her maid to ask if you'd like to come over and
have tea.”
I wearily pull the blanket up to my face, “Say I'm still sleeping!”
I don't understand at all why Sujin has been unfailingly nice to me recently. Is it because she feels guilty for taking my eyes away and turning me into a blind person? Or does she too understand she was the one to make Yehua unfairly take my eyes? I'm no longer the silly girl of three years ago. The little girl who was always worried and wanted to please everyone. In the afternoon, Nainai wakes me up and tells me that the sunlight has shone inside the court and would like to take me out for a sunbath. She prepares the reclining chair and wants to help me over. I turn down her care and slowly find my own way out by following along the wall. I should be able to do at least this much. Otherwise, how will I survive on my own when I return to Mount JunJi. I become sleepy again while in the sunlight. My mind becomes hazy as if I'm still floating in a dream. I suddenly remember the day I met Yehua three years ago. His hand held a cold sword. His blood-covered body fell infront of my door. I clumsily brought him inside, took out medicines, and speechlessly watched as his injury closed on its own. So then I didn't save him. So then he needn't repay me. And he needn't because of my one
sentence, “Why don't you repay me with yourself?” marry me and give me this child in
my womb. From the earliest of my memories, I had always been alone on Mount Junji. Surrounded me were only birds, fish, insects and things. I thus had no name. He then called me Susu and told me it's to be my name from then on. I was filled with happiness for days. Afterward, he took me to Jiuchongtian (Heaven). That was when I found out my husband is the grandson of Tianjun (Heavenly Lord). At that time, he was also crowned Crown Prince.  No one acknowledged he is my husband here on Jiuchongtian. He's never once told Tianjun he married a mortal from Donghuang either. One night, I brought food to Yehua's residence. There was no guards around the manor.
Only the melancholic voice of Lady Sujin rang out. “You married a mortal merely
 because you wanted to punish my unfaithfulness for marrying Tianjun. You didn't have a solution and neither did I. It was impossible to refuse Tianjun's favor, being a woman in this world. Yehua, tell me, you still love me am I not right? You call her Susu all because
there is a “Su” in my name right?”
 The dream replays each scene to match exactly with reality and it makes me sweat cold sweats. I carefully carress my protruding stomach. It's been three years and I'm guessing it's about time for labor.