Shelf elf in the classroom for older students

After seeing several of my elementary teacher friends sharing about their classroom elf, I decided I was going to try this in my own sixth grade math classrorm.
This is a continuation of my classroom shelf elf activities. This is a game that is similar to bingo only students will play as partners. Students will fill in their own grid randomly with perfect squares from 0 through 10. There are sixteen squares, so some will have to be on their grid twice. One student will roll a ten-sided die. They will then place a marker on the appropriate place where that numbers perfect square is on their grid. They will only cover one number at a time. If the die is rolled, and neither student has that perfect square, the die is rolled again. The game is over when one of the students gets four markers in a row.

I will have entries on my blog with how I am using these materials in my class. My blog is The cute graphics are by Melonheadz o g in B er n rt a P rtn Pa er go Bin .www. .

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