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Scott Gibson 12/4/13 Lesson Plan Wii Yoga Lesson #1

I. MDE Benchmark: meets criterion-referenced age, and gender-specific, healthrelated fitness standards for flexibility and body composition. II. Behavioral/Objective: 1) This lesson is the 1st installment on the video game Wii Yoga and the effect it has on the body. 2) By the end of this lesson the students will have participated in Wii Yoga and have an understanding of the affect it can have on the bodies flexibility and balance. 3) The students will be recording journals that will explain how the feel after performing Yoga. This includes a physical and mental assessment.

III. Anticipatory Set: 1) To generate excitement, inform the kids that we again are going to be playing more video games during class. Explain that we will be working on flexibility and balance today during Wii Yoga. 2) To access prior knowledge; talk to the students about other activities that require balance and flexibility. 3) Practice what they already know by having students perform a warm-up activity and do static stretching. IV. Objective/Purpose: The purpose of this lesson is to learn how Wii Yoga can affect the bodys flexibility and balance. V. Input 1) Task Analysis: a. The learner needs to have a good level of balance already. b. Step By Step: i. Begin the lesson by discussing the objective for the day and how we will be executing this objective. ii. Begin the class with an introduction and agenda of what we are going to be doing today. 1. Warm-up 2. Flexibility and balance importance.


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3. Activities that encourages flexibility and balance. 4. Journals 5. How to play Wii Yoga. 6. Wii Yoga. 7. Closing. Discuss with the students how flexibility and balance are essential to the health of the body. Explain how we will be working on our flexibility and balance through the use of Yoga. Be sure to discuss the importance of Yoga to the body, but also the mind. Discuss other activities that encourage good flexibility and balance. Talk about why you would want good flexibility and balance in these activities. Explain that students will need to create a reflective journal that they will be recording in over the next two classes. In the journal they need to write a minimum of one page on how they felt physically and emotionally after the completion of Yoga. Students are also encouraged to partake in other activities outside of class too and record those events for extra credit. The instructor will now teach the students how to play Wii Yoga. Ensuring to explain where everyone will stand how the rotation will work so that everyone gets a chance to play on the actual system. The students will now participate in Wii Yoga for 15-30 minutes (depending on available time). Close the lesson by asking several of the questions in the Checking for understanding section of the lesson plan.

2) Thinking Levels: a. Knowledge What is flexibility and balance. b. Application Students will be participating in Wii Yoga to see the affect it has on their body. 3) Learning Styles and/or Accommodations a. Remediation Students will be practicing Wii Yoga to determine the affect it has on their physical and mental state of mind. 4) Methods and Materials a. The skills will be presented using lecture, open discussions with the class, and application of material through practice. b. 30 Yoga mats, 1 Wii, 1 Wii Yoga game. VI. Modeling

1) Show the students how to play Wii Yoga. VII. Checking for Understanding 1) Sample Questions: a. What are the health benefits of Yoga? b. Why is flexibility and balance essential to our health? c. What are other life activities that encourage good flexibility and balance? 2) The students will be participating in Wii Yoga, and will then be submitting journal entries that reflect on their physical and mental state of mind. 3) Provide ways to respond: a. Individual responses opportunities will be provided during the lesson introduction and during the closure. VIII. Guided Practice 1) The students will be participating in Wii Yoga. 2) Students will visually see the teacher demonstrating how to play Wii Yoga before doing so themselves. 3) The teacher should be walking around and correcting mistakes as they are seen. Corrections can be individually corrected or directed at the entire class. IX. Independent Practice 1) Students will need to record in their journals how they physically and mentally feel after participating in Wii Yoga. Students are also encouraged to participate in activity outside of class that encourages flexibility and balance for extra credit. X. Closure 1) Students finish up with Wii Yoga. 2) Teacher closes with the lesson with the closure stated earlier.