English Test for Business Advanced Level Function and Content SAMPLE

You can spend 20 minutes on this test. Total: 10 marks

Answer the following questions. Write a paragraph of about 0!"0 words for each. 1 2 Compare the different functions of: #ookkeeper$ Accountant and Auditor. Explain what %ust!in!Time &%'T( )roduction means.

:22T$ )5-.3 721025. the /ational Ta= Authorit. &or indi+idual( and certifies to the Ta= authorit. who e=amines the Accounts of a 4ompan.A.T-46 4-. simple$ routine function$ in+ol+ing )-. needed. 9 #A7A/42 . %'T is the %apanese!inspired production philosoph. The Auditor is an '/12)2/12/T$ full. that the.T21 T'<2? .traightforward definitions are adequate.'T A/1 7-..3%-85/A7.T'/0 12#'T3 4521'T 2/T5'2.7-W .T-4672.T... qualified$ responsible for 15AW'/0 8)3 )52)A5'/0 A44-8/T.'4'2/4Y$ based on 5218421 '/>2/T-5Y3. structure can be disastrous.12<A/1 4:A/02.:!. are correct of the business. 72A/ or . . 2ach stage in the chain follows this principle from sub!component supplier to end!user. A44-8/T$ 4A. #asic$ clear e=planation needed 9 but mention of disad+antages should be rewarded@ 2 .T 52A4T'-/ T.$ /. qualified Accountant recognised b. whilst the Accountant is professionall.TAT2<2/T etc 9 for his compan.English Test for Business Advanced Level Function and Content SAMPLE hat a suggested solution should contain! 1 Answers should show that the #ookkeeper*s is a relati+el. <ost suitable for large!scale operations? practical difficulties on a small!scale? one single failure in the total suppl.. which in+ol+es nothing being bought or produced until actuall. '<)5->21 2. )5-184T'-/ are alternati+e descriptions. into #--6.->25! )5-184T'-/ or WA..

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