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Look at the programme and answer the questions.


5- Has she got drama on Monday? 6- Has he got Computer on Tuesday? 7- Has he got English on Wednesday? 8- Has he got Maths on Thursday? 9- Have you got Maths on Friday? Match the sentences and phrases. 1) When is your birthday? 2) Im ten years old. 3) Winter 4) What is the day today? 5) How old is she? Choose the correct one. 1) What is the time? ( 11.30 ) a) It is half past eleven. c) It is ten oclock. 2)What is the time? ( 08.45 ) a) It is quarter past eight. c) It is nine oclock. 3) What time .. ? a) is b) oclock c) is it d) quarter b) It is quarter to nine. d) It is eleven oclock. b) It is eleven oclock. d) It is eight oclock. A) December,January,February B) She is three years old. C) How old are you ? D) My birthday is in November. E) It is Friday.

4)What is the time ? ( 22.00 ) a) It is five to ten a.m. b) It is ten past two p.m.

c) It is ten oclock p.m. 5) What is the time? ( 07.00) a) It is eight oclock. c) It is quarter to seven. WRITE THE NUMBERS IN WORDS 28 =. 32=.. 47=.. WRITE THE NAMES OF ANMALS

d) It is ten to eleven.

b) It is half past seven. d) I t is seven oclock.

15 = 12=.. 50=.