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Star Chapel Cave Written by ?????

Undated Cavers: Billy and Jessica Pickett Rick Wagner David Efford Don, Kevin, and Amber Grossmal (?) Brittany Jay Brockwell We all met at BOB Saturday around 12:00, set up camp and then left to go to the cave. The hike up to the cave is about mile beside and through a dry creek bed. Having been there a couple of weeks before we were able to go to the first entra nce with no trouble. All of the entrances to the cave have gates installed but n ot all allow cave access. I talked Don into climbing down a short drop only to f ind that there was no door on the gate. On to the next entrances, #2 and #3, whi ch are the main entrances. While we were checking out these entrances we noticed there were little "Have-a-Heart" traps placed at the entrances and in cracks in the rock. We entered the cave and went on to the back. We checked out all the passages and neat old signatures on the walls. Some of these names date back to 1831. We dec ided to leave the cave but we were going to go out a different entrance. We made the loop with no problem. The drop at this entrance actually had a rat in it. T he rat in this trap must have been a "punk" rat because he had his ears pierced with funny looking ear tags. Everyone headed back to the car except Rick, Jay an d I. We headed off to look for Cave Run Cave but had no luck in finding it. Ever yone had a good time and wants to go back.

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