To Be With You

ARNEL ALIPAO February 14, 2014

I am sending you this poem as a gift I don’t know how you would feel upon receipt Just allow me again to have myself expressed Because I never expect that at some point we’ll meet. I can’t just imagine how our paths crossed Before you came, my life was monotonous Afraid to meet people and come across So, I often lived my life as autonomous. Here comes the time, you come along I feel the force within so strong Urging me to keep moving on To build with you my comfort zone. If there is one wish that I wanted to come true It is definitely to spend my life with you No matter how tough it is that we’ve got to go I will never ever regret if I’m with you. To be with you is not just a game For being with you is what I mean To be with you is indeed a dream Because with you, it is everything.


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