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Customer Retention, Loyal, Satisfied, Experience Investigate managerial perspective of CRM Practices in Select Hotels in Gujarat.

In the evince chore, an endeavour is elicited to breakthrough issues in the implementation of CRM effectively in the hotel industry. Examine the relationship between customer experiences and customer loyalty. ** Identify and examine current customer experiences with regard to functional, mechanic and humanic clues within the hotel sector in selected hotels of Gujarat. Develop a detailed blueprint of the customer experience in relation to the hotel stay. Identify and explore the interrelationships that exist between the variables perceived customer experience, service quality, customer value, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. To apply at least 5 service marketing models. To develop an extensive list of best practice guidelines on managing loyalty-building customer experiences.

Investigate the relationship between customer satisfaction and loyalty and to examine the impact of customer satisfaction on loyalty in Select Hotels in Gujarat. Investigate the factors that make the customer to make the choice of hotel among the Select Hotels in Gujarat. Correlate Service models of Customer Satisfaction with Customer Loyalty To test hypotheses on the differences in demographic characteristics such as sex, age, nationality, purpose of travel and hotel selection affect the differences in customers satisfaction. To understand the customer acquisition and customer retention efforts made by hotels. To indentify and evaluate the factors that affect the hotel choice made amongst the selected hotels in Gujarat