1 Both were old. Late afternoons Around the block They’d walk the dog. A small black Labrador-and, 2 Around the block, As time marched on, The walking pair grew frail ‘til just the man alone walked A small black Labrador-and, 3 A further shift in time. His back is stooped, He shuffles round the block But sans his faithful friend, A small black Labrador and, 4 Then without a hint The stooped old man Is no longer seen. Man and wife together with A small black Labrador – gone! 5 Observing the demise Were two people and Their three dogs. Together as a group They also walk around the block. 6 As time marched on, The walking pair grew older. But if one dog ‘departed’ Another took its place and They’d walk around the block. 7 Eventually it was she Who was the next To be missed. So now Just him with three dogs and They walk around the block.

8 Only time will tell Who twixt the man and dogs Will reduce the group to three. Then two, ‘til finally none Will walk around the block.

Keith Beavon

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