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Level Head Revelry

Level Head Revelry

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Published by Tom Mansfield

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Published by: Tom Mansfield on Oct 22, 2009
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Level head revelry I’m a quality surveyor with a rhyming pattern better, Letters are the atoms of my meta

-pattern chatter, Want to catapult prophetic, Dialectic thought collection, Respecting analytic razor, Also Occam as an elder… Delving deeper thinker morning drinking dreams for feedback linking, Sinking under surface learning smiling purpose is for worship, Curse the time not spent with tits, Kiss lips lust body hunger must, But, brain philosophy framework builds sculptures out of dust, Probably chipped bust, Definitely metal rust, Words last, Past fades, Haze is lifted Uplifting phase! It’s a cautionary clarifying calm concoction, That’s what I quaff to quell a quandary, Knock it back eagerly from the cauldron, I won’t stop me, This young strange loop getting really thirsty, Worry and dream about bursting on the scene, Mean to keep keen ‘n’ get realized, Always open to new passion, Maintain direction, open up eyes, Drop the question, possible perfection? Be selective with allies, Rely on friends to render pretension useless, Watch out for potions twice taken fruitless, Loosely fitting thoughts of newness, Containing hope of useful trueness.

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