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Public Speaking(Aleesya)

Public Speaking(Aleesya)

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Published by: Amin on Mar 24, 2014
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Assalamualaikum and a very good morning to my fellow friends, teachers and judges.

Today, on this fine morning, I would like to present to you a public speech about ‘Music’.

Music. We hear it every day. No matter where we are, music will always be played either on the radio or just by humming a tune. Did you know that music started as early as the Paleolithic era? So music is about 200 000 years old. Wow! It’s so old. Still people enjoy listening to this ‘old’ art for nearly 200 millenniums. Music is an art which uses sound as its main medium. The word ‘music’ originated from a Greek word ‘mousike’ (musikis), which means art of the Muses (Muses). The Muses are the Goddesses of Greek who loves art and literature.

The elements needed to produce music are pitch, rhythm and dynamics. The pitch is the combination of melody and harmony. Rhythm is the beat of the music. Dynamics are the volume. At first the song starts soft then it gradually starts to get loud. Suddenly there’s an accent and everything settles down and dies away. An object needs to be vibrated in order to produce sound. Let’s take a guitar for example. We pluck the strings in order to vibrate them. The sound waves then enter the hollow wood and echoes in order to make the sound louder. How about a woodwind and a brass instrument? Ah, but there’s a catch. These two instruments are the same but they are not alike. Both instruments need ‘puff power’. But a woodwind instrument uses holes to indicate different notes whilst the brass family uses valves.

Some standard orchestral instrumental families are the strings family, as in pianos, guitars, violins and so on. Next, the woodwind family. For example, flutes, recorders, bassoons and others. Lastly, the brass family. The family consists of trumpets, French horns, tubas and others. Sometimes, people use imaginary instruments like the air guitar. They are just basically strumming like a guitar but without a guitar. Still the song is playing in their heads.

Finally. a tune. a massage could be passed through. Moral values could also be found in them. Punk. a harmonious song that unites everyone disregarding the race or the background or whatever at all was born. Music is like an international language. . In music. After that. then it won’t be that difficult. Music could come out as complex as it sounds or even as easy as just making up a tune by humming. Guess what! We enjoy it! Thank you and Assalamualaikum. It may sound difficult but if you have the will to learn and create music. a rhythm and a melody. Music unites the souls of Malaysia and the world. Even though we do not understand the lyrics but we understand the melody. Composers are people whose job is to make music. The harmony. But the only thing I can’t deny is that the most popular genre right now is K -pop or Korean Pop Through music and the lyrics. Micheal Jackson. Country written by Taylor Swift and a few others. Everything starts small. The most popular genres that we hear nowadays are pop. dominated by the late King of Pop. An example o f a classical composer that we always hear but seldom know is Beethoven who wrote the song entitled Für Elise. it starts with a note. It lives in every one of us. Motivating songs could boost and motivate anyone who listens to it. The rhythm. Some song lyrics contain impolite words which should be avoided as it could contaminate the thought. conquered by Elvis Presley. Then. Rock.The music genre is generally endless. played by bands like Green Day and Paramore. Music is written theoretically and made real practically.

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