Prepared by:  Farahiyah Bt Mohamed Omar SMK Clifford Kuala Kangsar, Perak
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For:  Kursus Dalam Perkhidmatan  Program Pembestarian Sekolah (Project Based Learning: Students’ Module)  28th Sept – 23th Oct 2009
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Alloy is a mixture that has a least one metallic element


Steel is a mixture of 99.5% iron and 0.5% carbon


is hard and strong

Steel is use as construction materials for buildings, bridges, vehicles and machines


Pewter is made from 97% tin, 3% antinomy and copper

It is shiny, comparatively soft, malleable

Pewter is use to make decorative ornaments and tableware.


Bronze is made from 88% of copper and of 22% of tin

Hard, strong, more resistance to wear and corrosion than copper

Steel is use to make statues, cups, medals and knives


Brass is a mixture of 75% of copper and 25% of zinc. It is hard, strong, malleable and resistant to corrosion

It is use to made electrical and kitchen appliances. It is also raw material to make musical instruments.


Duralumin is a mixture of 95% of aluminium, 3% of copper, 1% of magnesium, 1% of manganese. It is light, strong and resistant to corrosion

Duralumin is a raw material for aeroplanes

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