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List of Characteristics and Definitions (200

Active Adventurous Affable Affectionate Afraid Ambitious Amiable Angry Animated Annoying Anxious Argumentative Arrogant Astonished Attentive Babyish Bewildered Blasé Boorish Bore Tending to move around often; full of energy Willing to take risks; likes new adventures & experiences Easy to talk to; friendly; pleasant Showing affection; tender; loving Filled with fear; fearful Eager to succeed; full of desire Friendly; good natured Feeling or showing anger Lively; moving in a energetic, lifelike way Troublesome or irritating Uneasy, worried Tends to argue or likes to argue Having or showing lots of pride in oneself Filled with wonder or a feeling of amazement Alert and shows careful attention to others Like a child or baby To be surprised or confused Uninterested or unexcited Crude, rude and offensive To be an uninteresting person or thing Bossy Brave Brilliant Busy Calm Candid Capable Careful Caustic Cautious Charismatic Charming Cheerful Childish Clever Clumsy Coarse Cold-Hearted Compassionate Complacent Likes to boss or order others around Having or showing courage Full of light, shining brightly, extremely intelligent Always working or active Peaceful, quiet and doesn't get excited often Direct and frank, straightforward – will openly say ones opinion Having ability or capability to do something well Pays attention to possible danger Very sarcastic personality Watchful or careful of possible danger Showing a special ability to lead people, win people's devotion Delightful, attractive, pleasing person In good spirits; happy; bright Immature, foolish or silly Able to learn and think quickly Awkward; not able to move gracefully, carefully Rude, often using vulgar or offensive language Lacking or not having sympathy for others Showing compassion or caring towards others Satisfied with ones own success, not ready for trouble or danger Conceited Concerned Confident Confused Conscientious Considerate Cooperative Courageous Cowardly Crafty Critical Cross Cruel Cultured Curious Dangerous Daring Dauntless Decisive Dependable Having or showing a high opinion about oneself (a bragger) Worried; anxious; troubled Feeling confidence Bewildered, perplexed, mixed up Careful and thinks about what is right or proper Thinks about other people's feelings Willing to help or work with others Showing courage or bravery Lacking or not having courage Cunning, deceitful, good at lying Tends to judge severely and find faults or problems often Showing anger or irritation Likes to cause pain or suffering Well-educated Eager to learn more, asks lots of questions Able or likely to cause harm Willing to take risks Brave and without fear Able to make firm decisions and settle things quickly Trustworthy


List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Determined Diligent Discouraged Discreet Dishonest Dismayed Disparaging Disrespectful Dissatisfied Distressed Domineering Doubtful Dutiful Eager Easygoing Effervescent Efficient Eloquent Embarrassed Encouraging Showing determination (focus on a purpose or goal) Regular, constant effort towards a goal Less hopeful, less confident Able to control & be careful about what one says or behaves Tends to lie, lacks honesty or integrity Filled with anxiety, fear or dread. Speaks in an insulting or disrespectful way to others Rude, showing lack of respect of courtesy to others Feeling lack of satisfaction or being displeased To feel or having pain or suffering of the mind or body Often controls or rules over others in an arrogant way Suspicious or causing doubt Obedient; very careful to finish one's job, tasks or duty Showing keen interest or desire Relaxed, not hurried, carefree Lively, in high spirits, bubbly Able to do things using the least amount of effort or materials Skillful in speech and ability to persuade people Self conscious or insecure Giving hope, confidence and courage Energetic Enthusiastic Exacting Excited Expert Exuberant Facetious Fair Faithful Fanciful Fearless Fidgety Fierce Finicky Foolish Formal Fortunate Frank Frustrated Funny Having or showing lots of energy Having or showing lots of interest or excitement for a cause Making lots of demands, asking for lots of attention or effort Showing lots of emotion Having a lot of knowledge, skill or experience with a field or activity Full of happiness and vitality Humorous but often silly or inappropriate Acting according to the rules Trustworthy and loyal to a person, a promise or a duty Led by imagination rather than reality Courageous in the face of challenges or fear Restless; moving around often; feeling ill at ease Showing violence, aggression, or anger or intensity Tends to concentrate on small, unimportant little details Feeling or looking ridiculous because of one's actions or speech Doing things in an organized way based on the rules Enjoying or having good luck Open, honest & strongly showing true feelings and opinions to others Feeling unsatisfied or irritated Causing people to laugh Garrulous Generous Gentle Giddy Giving Glamorous Gloomy Glum Grateful Greedy Gregarious Grouchy Grumpy Gullible Happy Hardy Harried Harsh Hateful Haughty Talking too much; pointlessly talking; using too many words Willing to give money, help or time freely Kind, using very little violence Acting without thinking, behaving foolishly Generous to people in need Dressed with high fashion and in a stylish way Dark, sad and hopeless Sad, melancholic and miserable in a quiet way Feeling or having a desire or reason to thank somebody Having a strong desire to have more of something: money, food, etc. Very friendly and likes to be with many groups of people Bad-tempered Easy to make irritated and cranky Tends to trust and believe people too easily and so gets easily tricked Feeling or showing pleasure, joy Strong and able to endure or stand difficult situations Bothered or agitated Cruel or unkind Horrible and detestable Proud


List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Helpful Honest Hopeful Hopeless Hospitable Humble Humorous Ignorant Ill-bred Imaginative Immaculate Immature Impartial Impatient Impolite Impudent Impulsive Inactive Independent Ready to lend a hand to people Never cheating, lying or breaking the law – always telling the truth Feeling sure and confident that something good will happen Feeling or showing no hope OR unable to succeed or improve Friendly, welcoming and kind to guests or strangers Not showing a high opinion about ones achievements or abilities Able to make people laugh Not having knowledge or education about a subject Rude or impolite; not having good manners because of family Good at thinking of new ideas and seeing things that haven't been seen Showing perfection without any mistakes or faults Young and lacking wisdom Having no interest – not favoring one side or person more than another Eager to something right away or immediately Not showing proper manners or respect Showing lack of respect, rude Acting on sudden desires or urges without thinking about it first Taking no action, not being involved in an activity Able to stand on their own; not controlled by anyone else Inimitable Innocent Insipid Insistent Insolent Intelligent Intrepid Jealous Jovial Keen Lackadaisical Languid Lazy Lively Logical Lonely Loquacious Loving Loyal Impossible to imitate, unique Pure; more trusting or naïve than most people Dull and without flavor; Not very lively Constantly asking for something or for attention Showing violence or lack of respect in speech or behavior Having intelligence, very smart, gifted Fearless and constant when pursuing or aiming for something Feeling unhappy or bitter about someone else's luck or success Cheerful and good humored Sharp; quick to understand things Careless, not having much energy, not giving much effort Lifeless; Without energy; slowmoving Not willing to do any work or make any effort Full of life and energy Able to think and make decisions based on facts and clear thinking Feeling alone and sad; lacking friends or encouragement Talking a lot Showing affection; doing things with care and joy Staying faithful to country, people, friends or a belief Malicious Mature Mean Meticulous Mischievous Moody Mysterious Naïve Negligent Nervous Noisy Obedient Obliging Obnoxious Obsequious Observant Obstinate Opinionated Optimistic Wanting to cause harm or pain to others Grown-up; acting, thinking, speaking like a fully adult person Unkind, cruel and bad tempered Very careful and detailed Acting in a troublesome way but only for fun, not to cause harm Hard to predict; changing mood from cheerful to angry unexpectedly Difficult to understand or explain; Strange Showing a simple and trusting view of the world and human nature Being careless or irresponsible Easily worried, frightened or stressed Making loud sounds often Able to carry out orders from someone in authority without question Willing to help others or do favors for people Very unpleasant or offensive to others Eager to please people and listen/obey all instructions Paying careful attention to everything Stubborn; Unwilling to change; Choosing not to agree with others Always ready to express opinions, not listening to others opinions Hopeful about the future


List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Peaceful Pensive Persevering Persistent Pessimistic Petulant Picky Pleasant Polite Pompous Popular Positive Precise Proud Punctilious Puzzled Quarrelsome Quick Quiet Quiet, calm and nonviolent Thoughtful and serious Adamant – not giving up easily Continuing to try even if there are problems or difficulties Feeling negative distrustful Snappy and irritable; having a bad temper Hard to please or satisfy Enjoyable to be around; friendly Showing good manners Snobby; thinking that one is very important Liked and accepted by many people Confident; focused on the good rather than the bad Very careful about small details; very accurate Feeling pleased and satisfied about doing something well Very careful and showing correct behavior Surprised; confused or perplexed Tending or wanting to argue with people Moving or doing things fast and sharply Making little or no noise in a calm way Rambunctious Rash Rational Refined Reliable Religious Respectful Responsible Responsive Restless Retiring Risk-taking Rowdy Rude Safe Sarcastic Satisfied Saucy Stingy Very active, noisy and hard to control Acting without thinking Able to think clearly and based on reason Being very polite Able to be trusted; very dependable Believing or following the practices of a religion Showing respect; polite Able to be counted on and trusted Reacting quickly to something Constantly moving; unable to be still Shy Adventurous; daring Noisy and disorderly Impolite with bad manners Able to trust or rely on Mocking or making fun of something or somebody Happy and pleased with what has happened or how things are Showing a lack of respect; cheerful Not generous; not wanting to give or spend money Scared Scornful Secretive Secure Sedate Selfcentered Selfish Self-reliant Sensitive Shrewd Silly Sincere Skillful Slovenly Sly Smart Snobbish Sociable Stolid Full of worry or fear Feeling great anger for somebody or something Tending to keep information secret Safe; Not feeling fear or doubt Lacking any sense of hurry or urgency Selfish and only caring about oneself Self-centered, thinking only about personal needs or wishes Independent and not needing the help of others Easily hurt or irritated physically or emotionally Able to make decisions about business or politics Stupid, lacking any common sense Honest and acting based on what is really deeply felt, genuine Clever and having a special ability Sloppy, careless, not concerned about personal cleanliness Crafty; not honest Showing intelligence and mental alertness Arrogant; acting superior to others Friendly, likes to be around the company of other people Showing little or no emotion


List of Characteristics and Definitions (200+)
Strange Strict Stubborn Studious Suave Sullen Supercilious Superstitious Surly Suspicious Sweet Taciturn Tactful Talented Talkative Tasteful TenaciousTense Odd, out of the ordinary Maintains discipline and makes sure rules are followed Difficult to deal with, talk to or reason with Careful, serious, likes to study Charming; smooth; polite to people in a dishonest way Showing bad temper; refusing to talk Full of arrogance, pride and disrespect for others Believing in good or bad luck, the supernatural Unfriendly, rude and a little threatening Usually believes that something is wrong Lovable and kind Often silent, doesn't like to communicate often Knowing ways to avoid offending or upsetting people Being gifted and able to do something well Talking a lot and for a long time; chatty Having good taste Sticking to any decision, plan or opinion without doubt Stressed out; not very relaxed Thoughtful Thoughtless Thrifty Timid Tolerant Touchy Trusting Trustworthy Uncontrolled Uncouth Unfriendly Unruly Unscrupulous Unselfish Upset Useful Versatile Vivacious Treating people in a kind way, thinking about their needs Showing lack of consideration for people; careless Uses as little money as possible, wastes very little Shows lack of courage or confidence; a nervous person Able to put up with difficult situations; open-minded Easy to become angry or upset Gullible; Tending to trust people easily Able to trust; dependable; responsible Wild Clumsy; behaving in an ungraceful way Acting cold or mean towards people Rowdy, hard to control or discipline Dishonest Puts the good or needs or interests of others first Unhappy; emotionally stressed because of something Able to help or be a benefit to something or someone Able to learn quickly or get used to change easily Lively, showing high spirits Vulgar Warm Weak Whimsical Wise Witty Zany Having no manners, acting in a rude or offensive way Showing kindness and friendliness Not physically, mentally or emotionally strong Having a great imagination; acting in hard to predict ways Showing good sense based on knowledge & experience Able to use words in a clever and amusing way Acting in an entertaining or unusual way