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Chemicals In



• An alloy is a mixture that has a

least one metallic element in it.

m e ta l + Other element/
= Alloy


Example: Steel, pewter, bronze, brass

and duralumin.

Metal + other element/elements = alloy

Atoms in pure metal are closely packed together

Foreign atoms are added


of atoms in alloy is less closely packed together
A pure metal An alloy

o rd e rly in ro w s . ØA to m ro w d isa p p e a r.
w ca n slid e o v e r e aØch
T h oe th
roewr eca
a sily
n n o. t slid e o v e r e a ch o
p u re m e ta ls a re so ØftT h u s , a llo y a re h a rd e r a n d stro n g
Comparison between
pure metals and alloy
Pure Metal Alloy
Atoms are arranged in an orderly Foreign atoms re randomly
manner and are closed together scattered in between pure metal
The layers of atoms can easily Pure metal atoms are unable to
slide over one another move because of the presence of
foreign atoms
Less harder More harder
Less stronger More stronger
Malleable Non-malleable
Ductile Non-ductile
Superconductor Alloy
• Superconductor alloys are materials
that have no resistance to flow
• Superconductor allow high current
flows through them without
producing heat as compared to
normal conductors.
• Uses:
– To make light
– To make magnet
• What is alloy?

• How to made an alloy?

• What are the differences between
alloy and pure metal?
The EnD
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