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Arsenic-Contamination-and-Its-Risk-Management A RSENIC C ONTAMINATION AND ITS R ISK M ANAGEMENT IN C OMPLEX E N IRONMENTAL S ETTINGS S!" Ma#imaira$a% &%" '"N!" S!

" (o)an% &" D!" C!" Adriano *" and" (!" Ro+inson , & Instit-te o. Nat-ra) Reso-rces% Masse/ 0ni1ersit/% Pa)merston Nort#% Ne2 3ea)and * Sa1anna# Ri1er Eco)og/ La+orator/% T#e 0ni1ersit/ o. Georgia% Aiken%So-t# Caro)ina *456* , 7ortResearc#% Pa)merston Nort#% Ne2 3ea)and I ! I n t r o d - c t i o n II! Origin and So-rces o. Arsenic ContaminationA ! G e o g e n i c ( ! A n t # r o 8 o g e n i c C! (iogenic Redistri+-tionIII! Distri +-tion and S8eciation o. Arsenic in t#e En1ironmentA! Distri+-tion in Soi)(! Distri +-tion in t#e A9-atic En1ironmentC! C#emica) :orm and S8eciationI ! (ioge oc#emistr/ o. Arsenic in t#e En1ironmentA! (iogeoc#emistr/ o. Arsenic in t#e Soi)(! (iogeo c#emistr/ o. Arsenic in A9-atic En1ironments ! (ioa1ai)a+i)it/ and To;icit/ o. Arsenic to (iotaA! To;icit/ to P)ants and Microorganisms ( ! R i s k t o A n i m a ) s a n d 7 - m a n s I! Risk Management o. Arsenic in Contaminated En1ironm entsA! Remediation o. ArsenicContaminated Soi)(! Remo1a) o. Arsenic .rom A9-atic En1ironmentsC! M-)tisca)arIntegrated Risk Management II! S-mma r/ and :-t-re Researc# NeedsAckno2)edgmentsRe.erences Contamination o. terrestria) and a9-atic ecos/stems +/ arsenic <As= is a 1er/ sensiti1e en1ironmenta) iss-e d-e to its ad1erse im8act on #-man #ea)t#!A)t#o-g# not ant#ro8ogenic in origin% t#e 8ro+)em o. As contamination in