Sedimentary rock

As these layers build up the pressure from the layers above causes the layers below to become rock. The wearing away of these rock particles is called weathering. Sedimentary rock forms from rock particles that are worn off other rocks. Most sedimentary rocks are formed under water. The rock particles are carried away by wind or water and eventually settle out and form layers called strata.

Metamorphic Rocks
The type of metamorphic rock formed depends on the sedimentary or igneous rock that it was made from. Metamorphic rocks are rocks that have “morphed” into other rocks. Metamorphic rocks are formed when sedimentary or igneous rocks undergo great heat and pressure below the arths surface causing them to change. .g. limestone becomes marble.

!gneous Rocks

Magma that cools at the surface is called lava. "hen magma cools at the surface it cools very #uickly and forms tiny crystals$ too small to see with the naked eye. !gneous rocks are formed from magma that has either cooled underground or erupted at the arths surface from a volcano. "hen magma cools below the arths surface it cools more slowly and forma large crystals.

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