The Public Library of the District of Columbia Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes Martin Luther King Jr.

Memorial Library Wednesday, January 22, 2014 The regular meeting of the Board of Library Trustees was held at 6:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, 901 G. St. NW, John W. Hill, Jr., President, presiding. Present: John W. Hill, Jr., President, Gregory M. McCarthy, Vice-President, Neil Albert, Bonnie R. Cohen, Faith Gibson-Hubbard, Valerie G. Mallett, Brenda Richardson, Don Richardson and Joi Mecks, Interim Chief Librarian. Not in attendance: Myrna Yvette Peralta. Guests at the Board Table: Richard Reyes-Gavilan (via Skype), Susan Haight, President, Federation of Friends and Linnea Hegarty, Executive Director, DC Public Library Foundation. The meeting was called to order 6:11 p.m. Adoption of the Agenda The agenda was amended to include a vote for the nomination of Mr. Richard Reyes-Gavilan as Executive Director. The motion to adopt the amended agenda was approved. Approval of Minutes The motion to approve the minutes of the November 20, 2013 Board Meeting was approved. Nominating Committee Report Mr. Donald Richardson presented the officer candidates for the Board of Library Trustees for 2014. Mr. Richardson presented Mr. John W. Hill, Jr. for the office of President and Mr. Neil Albert for the office of Vice-President. Mr. Albert withdrew his nomination for Vice-President. The floor was opened for nominations. Final nominations were, for the office of President, Mr. John W. Hill, Jr, Mr. Neil Albert, and Mr. Gregory McCarthy and for the office of Vice President, Ms. Bonnie Cohen and Ms. Valerie Mallett. Officers elected by secret ballot were Mr. John W. Hill, Jr. for President and Ms. Bonnie Cohen for Vice-President. A separate vote was held for Mr. Richard Reyes-Gavilan who was elected as Executive Director of the DC Public Library. All candidates accepted the nominations and approved their posts for 2014. Mr. Hill, Jr., noted that in the case that the President and Vice-President were unable to preside over a meeting that the role fell to the Board Member with the longest tenure. That member is Ms. Myrna Yvette Peralta. Public Comments Mr. John W. Hill, Jr. stated the practice of the Board of Library Trustees to entertain public comments at this time. He explained that people who signed their names to the sign-in sheet would have three minutes to address the Board. Two members of the public came forward to make comments. Ms. Sharon Turner, President of the Friends of Woodridge Library spoke about the establishment of a mentor-protégé program between Coakley & Williams Construction and Phelps Academy. The program will allow two paid interns to shadow Coakley & Williams Construction during construction of the new Woodridge Library. Ms. Dana Wyckoff, President of the Friends of Rosedale Library welcomed Mr. Richard Reyes-Gavilan and extended an invitation to visit the Woodridge Library.

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President’s Report Mr. John W. Hill, Jr. began his report by speaking about the upcoming FY2015 budget process and expressed that the library can use everyone’s support during this time. Mr. Hill, Jr. spoke about the search for a new Executive Director and acknowledged and welcomed Mr. Reyes-Gavilan. He also commended Ms. Joi Mecks on her work as the Interim Chief Librarian and thanked the senior staff of the library. Interim Chief Librarian’s Report Ms. Joi Mecks welcomed Mr. Reyes-Gavilan to the DC Library team. Ms. Mecks acknowledged and thanked Ms. Turner for her efforts spear heading the mentor-protégé program between Coakley & Williams Construction and Phelps Academy. Ms. Mecks highlighted several events from the Interim Chief Librarian’s Report including: the public announcement of Mr. Reyes-Gavilan as Executive Director; the recognition of an outstanding Woodridge Library volunteer by the Mayor’s office; and the success of the DC Health Link enrollment fair where more than 500 people attended. Lastly, she spoke about the Woodridge memorial wall where patrons left heartfelt messages. Mr. Albert asked what will happen to the memorial wall once construction begins. Ms. Mecks explained that it was merely ceremonial and will be demolished with the construction. Library Performance Report Ms. Jennifer Giltrop, Director of Public Services presented the Library Performance Report. Ms. Giltrop spoke about the plan to implement visitor counters in all of the DC Public libraries. She noted that at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, where there is already a visitor counter, more than 41,000 people visited in less than a month. Ms. Giltrop stated that overall circulation was up and on target to reaching key performance indicators. Mr. Albert asked why circulation at Northwest One has rapidly decreased. Ms. Giltrop explained that several factors including fewer operating hours could affect the circulation numbers at Northwest One; however, the exact cause has not yet been determined. Ms. Mecks suggested visitor counts may help determine why circulation numbers are down. Mr. McCarthy asked if in the future Ms. Giltrop could speak about the statistics from a geographical standpoint. He pointed out that more than one-third of circulation occurred in only two Wards. Ms. Faith GibsonHubbard asked if the collection in these areas was less robust. Ms. Giltrop explained that Ms. Elissa Miller, Director of Collections, continues to develop the collections at all branches. Ms. Giltrop also noted that new buildings, outreach and the digital collection can all affect circulation statistics. Ms. Giltrop then discussed early literacy initiatives including the STAR campaign, newly installed play stations, program marketing and outreach. Mr. Albert asked how class visits will be increased. Ms. Giltrop stated that marketing will increase program awareness and communicate value to teachers and schools. Ms. Gibson-Hubbard asked that in the future the report include the branches that are visiting schools. Ms. Cohen shared that the superintendent wants to meet with Mr. Reyes-Gavilan to strengthen the partnership between DCPL and DC Public Schools. Mr. Richardson asked about how the library chooses which schools to visit. Ms. Giltrop explained that DCPL wishes to partner with every school; however, school principals determine if they want to partner with the library. Ms. Brenda Richardson asked if a legislative measure was needed to increase the partnership between schools and the library. Ms. Mecks explained that DCPL approached the chancellor of schools to discuss the value of a partnership. Mr. Albert suggested using Mr. Reyes-Gavilan’s arrival to set up a new strategy between

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DCPS and DCPL. Mr. Reyes-Gavilan pointed out that relationship building between schools and libraries is a universal challenge for libraries across the country. Ms. Giltrop noted that customer technology use has increased. She highlighted Freegal’s streaming service explaining that in the first five days 454 people streamed 8,636 songs. Ms. Richardson asked about the maintenance time for out of service printers. Mr. Lami Aromire, IT Directory, shared that DCPL has entered into a new contract with Xerox. Down time ranged from 24 to 72 hours while the new Xerox machines were being rolled out. Finance Committee Report Ms. Bonnie Cohen introduced the Finance Committee Report by stressing the importance of the support of the Friend’s groups. Ms. Tammie Robinson, Agency Fiscal Officer presented the FY14 YTD operating report as of January 15, 2014. She said the DCPL received a transfer in of $963,589.00 for the FY14 cost of living adjustment pay raise effective as of April FY13. Ms. Robinson pointed out that in FY14 DCPL would have a personnel services surplus. Ms. Richardson inquired about the revenue generated by the coin machines. Ms. Robinson explained that the revenue helps to offset a fraction of the cost for the Xerox contract as well as fund other specialized services. Facilities Committee Report Mr. Jeffery Bonvechio, Director of Capital Projects and Facilities Management presented the Capital Budget Report, the Capital Projects Report and the Facilities Management Report. Mr. Bonvechio highlighted the FY14 budget and the allotment of $12.95 million dollars that continues to fund the Woodridge Library and general improvements. Mr. Albert commended Mr. Bonvechio for his work on the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library renovation and responsiveness to the Board’s inquires about the project. Mr. Bonvechio continued his presentation with an update on the MLK Library renovation. The final three architect teams will display building models in the Great Hall. The public will be allowed to leave comments which will be read by the technical committee evaluating the designs. The teams will be giving a series of design presentations to staff, to the public and at the National Building Museum. Mr. Bonvechio explained that an advisory panel has been set up to provide an additional level of expertise. Ms. Cohen explained and suggested the practice of press briefings to create more awareness of the process. Mr. Bonvechio explained the contractual and approval process that will occur with the architects before the concept design phase will begin. The remainder of 2014 will be spent determining the best approach for the design. Ms. Richardson expressed the citywide interest in the design of the new MLK Library. Mr. Bonvechio touched on the mentor-protégé program between Coakley & Williams Construction and Phelps Academy also mentioning Blue Sky construction and the plans to continue this program on future renovations. Mr. Bonvechio included updates on the Northeast Library, scheduled to open February 10th, the Woodridge Library which is currently under construction and the West End interim which will be opened in March 2014.

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Library Foundation Report Ms. Linnea Hegarty began by recognizing the Library Foundation Board. She reported that the Foundation broke the half million-dollar mark in Foundation contributions. She spoke about development of the Foundation Board including the addition of corporate members to the board and announced the nomination of renowned local author George Pelecanos. She introduced two partnerships, one with Transformer, an arts non-profit based in Logan Circle and the other with Google to aid non-profits. Federation of Friends’ Report Ms. Susan Haight, President of the Federation of Friends gave her report on Friends activities since the last Board of Library Trustees meeting. Ms. Haight said that the Federation would have a budget workshop on February 19th and partner with Martha Saccocio, DC Library Communications Specialist, on training for promoting the STAR program. New Business There being no more new business, the meeting was adjourned at 7:59 PM.

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