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Fundamental Role of IT in Business
Information Systems

Support of Strategic Advantage Support of Managerial Decision Making Support of Business Operations

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Customer Purchases



Sales Trends

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Contribution of IT

Server •Sales Transaction Processing •Database Updates •Inquiry Processing

POS Terminal •Sales Transactions •Data Entry

Client PC Inquiries & Responses

Product Database

Customer Database

Sales Database

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Development of IT

Enterprise & global Internetworking: 1990s-2000s Inter-networked information Systems For end user, enterprise, and inter-organizational computing, communications, and collaboration, Including global operations & management on the internet, intranets, extranets Strategic & End User Support: 1980s-90s End User Computing Systems Direct computing support for end user productivity & work group collaboration Executive Information Systems Critical information for top management Expert Systems Knowledge based expert advice for end users Strategic information systems Strategic products & services for competitive advantages Decision Support: 1970s-80s Decision Support Systems

Interactive ad hoc support of the managerial decision making process
Management Reporting: 1960s-70s Management Information Systems Management reports of pre-specified information to support decision making Data Processing: 1950s-60s Electronic Data Processing Systems Dharmendra Arora JIM Transaction processing, record-keeping & traditional accounting applications

Types of Information Systems

Information Systems Operations Support Systems Transaction Processing Systems Process Control Systems Enterprise Collaboration Systems Management Information Systems Management Support Systems Decision Support Systems Executive Information Systems

Dharmendra Arora

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