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OBJECTIVE To introduce and develop the basic concept of aircraft design. Each student is assigned the design of an Airplane (or Helicopter or any other flight vehicle), for given preliminary specifications. The following are the assignments to be carried out: EXPERIMENTS . ". #. %. (. ). *. +. ,. .. !omparative configuration study of different types of airplanes !omparative study on specification and performance details of aircraft $reparation of comparative data sheets &or' sheet layout procedures !omparative graphs preparation and selection of main parameters for the design $reliminary weight estimations, selection of main parameters, $ower plant selection, Aerofoil selection, &ing tail and control surfaces $reparation of layouts of balance diagram and three view drawings -rag estimation -etailed performance calculations and stability estimates

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LIST OF EQUIPMENTS (for a batch of #. students) N!"# $ %&# E'()*"#+% Engineering -rawing /oard Engineering -rawing 0nstruments !omputers with suitable software

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