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Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus

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Published by: legeirk_11 on Oct 22, 2009
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A premier university in historic Cavite recognized for excellence in the development of morally upright and globally competitive individuals.

Republic of the Philippines CAVITE STATE UNIVERSITY Indang campus Indang Cavite (046) 415-0015 (046) 415-0016

COLLEGE OF NURSING Course Syllabus First Semester, School Year 2009-2010

Cavite State University shall provide excellent, equitable and relevant educational opportunities in the arts, science and technology through quality instruction and relevant research and development activities. It shall produce professional, skilled and morally upright individuals for global competitiveness

Professor/Instructor: Kriegel P Bihasa Office Location: INdang Cavite Office Phone Number : 046-415-0015 Course Code Course Title Course Description Credit Unit Credit Hours Lecture Laboratory Prerequisite Course Objective Core Value Course Content : : : : : : : : : : Course Calendar (No. of Hours) Teaching Methods/ Learning Activities Instructional Materials Textbooks/ References Supplementary Reading Course Requirements : : : : : E-mail Address: Kgpaman_24@yahoo.com Consultation Hours

Evaluation of Student Performance/ Grading : Course Policies :

Prepared By: Kriegel P. Bihasa Professor/Instructor

Recommended By: Deparment Chair

Approved By: Lenila De Vera Dean

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