TLC Result

Optical density was measured via UV-Vis Spectroscopy to measure relative concentration of

Lactobacillus to that of medium in different conditions.
Sample (a) MRS+Kimchii (b) MRS+Plantarum (c) MRS-Glu+Kimchii (d) MRS-Glu+Plantarum (e) MRS-Glu+ST+Kimchii (f) MRS-Glu+ST+Plantarum Optical Density (600nm) 2.451 2.528 0.284 0.934 0.315 1.393 Reference Higher OD values in regular medium Higher OD values in regular medium Lower OD values in glucoseabsent medium Same condition with (c) but a spot appeared Same condition with (f) but a spot appeared Seems LB.Plantarum is able to consume ST to grow but not as much as in regular MRS. The spot appeared in (e) is expected to be ST.

add 20 micro liters of the lactobacillus stock solution in MRS broth. The tube containing MRS broth and lactobacillus is placed in a shaking incubator at 37 degree Celsius for 16 hours. Materials MERCK TLC Silica gel 60 F254 25 Glass plates 20 X 20 CM Web:http://www. For the growth on AGAR.%  TLC staining agent . Once it is thawed.MRS Stock preparation 70% glycerol (70ml glycerol+30ml of H20) + 30% MRS solution Cultivation of Lactobacillus Kimchii and L.s1LzOQAAAEWuOAfVhTl?WFSimpleSearch_NameOrID=TLC+silica+gel&BackButto nText=search+results reflects green under UV light at 360nm whereas C18 reflects blue BD-DifcoTM Lactobacillus MRS broth reference:288130 85% ACN (Acetonitrile)  used as a mobile phase in HPLC PMA (Phosphomolybdic Acid) in EtOH 10 wt. This must be performed in a clean bench.emdmillipore. scoop a single colony using a pipette tip from the surface MRS AGAR and dispense the pipette tip into 10ml of MRS broth. Deep frozen stock lactobacillus at negative 81 degree Celsius is thawed in ice There are two different media that Lactobacillus can cultivate: one is on gelated broth (MRS with AGAR) and the other in solution (broth).

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