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Published by: jimmyfung40 on Mar 25, 2014
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Four hypothetical suspects or suspicious characters are currently being implicated in the mystery of the missing Boeing airliner

or jetliner. They are hereby referred to as eeny, meeny, miny, moe, or also known to the global investigators NTSB and !B as number ", number #, number $, and number %. &eny or number " is suspected of acting as the hijacker responsible for the plane's disappearance. This (hijacker' hypothesis is the all)time favourite pick of *ohn Brennan. +eeny or number # is suspected of sabotaging the plane in order to cause it to vanish into thin air. +iny or number $ is suspected of being mentally disturbed and so was likely to have taken the plane to an unknown destination. +oe or number % is suspected of causing a fight or ,uarrel inside the plane and thus causing the aircraft to cease all contact with the outside world. But the biggest suspect, or biggest culprit, is Boeing and so far, it has very successfully avoided all the big harsh glare or limelight. But for how long. Time to step forward.

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