Hawkesbury Herald (Windsor, NSW : 1902 - 1945), Friday 20 March 1903, page 12




publishes The "Evening Newa" have received the following :-We private and confidential advice from a friendly correspondent which clears up Ic the mystery of the Marulan tiger. will be remembered that an awesome apparition, with eyes like saucers, bas been chasing school teachers and other The Marulan way. persons down district, highest authorities in the after carefully cross-examining the
rule too a as escapees (who were coherent), scared to be even pro the animal to be a tiger. nounced The Marulan folks naturally wondered how it got there, as tigers are not an indigenous product, and they had not committed any particular crime that they could think of to account for this affliction. It appears, however, accor ding to our correspondent, that an officer had brought a young leopard back with him from South África, and went to stay with a friend in the dis trict. He took his pet with him, but the latter escaped, and has since itself amused by chasing peaceable citizens and otherwise harrowing the feelings of the people of Marulan. The owner, with visions of a huge bill of expenses tor moral and in tellectual dam-ige," is lying very low, He and keeps on stying nothing. hopes nobody ever saw him with the leopard in his possession, and is now studying the law on the subject. This is said to be the explanation of the

Marulan mystery.

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