Facts Concept of gastrulation

Ideas Stage gastrulation: -3 germ layer; endoderm, mesoderm and extoderm - cell movement during gastrulation

Learning Issues What is gastrulation? What the name of embryo during this process? Name the three layer that form during this process

Actions Discuss with group members. Refers to text books. Surfing internet. Reading the journal. Discuss with Dr.Hayati.

Process of gastrulation

Process gastrulation -In primitive chordate -in aquatic vertebrate What is ectoderm? -In amphibian What is mesoderm? -In sea urchin -In chick What is endoderm? -In bird and mammals How the cell move Epithelial movement during gastrulation process? How gastrulation occur in primitive chordate? How gastrulation


occurs in amphibian? How gastrulation occurs in sea urchin? How gastrulation occur in chick? How gastrulation occur in bird and mammals? Epithelial movement There are 5 process in epithelial movement which is: -Epiboly -Invagination -Involution -Convergent adhesion -Delamination What happen during epiboly? What happen during invagination? What happen during invagination? What Happen during convergent

extension? What Happen During delamination?

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