In its resolution 12/21, adopted on 2 October 2009, the Human Rights Council requested the United ations High Commissioner

!or Human Rights to con"ene, in 2010, a #or$shop !or an e%change o! "ie#s on ho# a better understanding o! traditional "alues o! human$ind underpinning international human rights norms and standards can contribute to the promotion and protection o! human rights and !undamental !reedoms, #ith the participation o! representati"es !rom all interested &tates, regional organi'ations, national human rights institutions and ci"il societ(, as #ell as e%perts selected #ith due consideration gi"en to the appropriate representation o! di!!erent ci"ili'ations and legal s(stems and to present to the Council a summar( o! the discussions held at the #or$shop in con!ormit( #ith the programme o! #or$ o! the Council)

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