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Hi All, We have a very interesting case for this week's e-tutorial. It is about a startup launched by a NUS student.

Please read through the World Indigo case (found in e-reserves: "World indigo, Inc.", p.538564. (World indigo, p.538-564.pdf) and answer the questions below in a group. The case needs to be discussed and the questions need to be answered as a group. By groups, I mean the project groups that were formed last week. Each group should send in only one answer, keeping to the word limit given with the question. Thus, I would require only 5 answers per tutorial (i.e. one answer per group; DO NOT answer individually). Please submit as a word document or a pdf file. The document should be named in the following manner: GroupName_WorldIndigo.pdf (or .doc or .docx). The group name is the string which states the tutorial number and the group number. It is given in the groupnames.xlsx uploaded in IVLE. One example of an answer file would be: B01_G1_WorldIndigo.pdf. Also, create a header in the document with the file name. Following the above example, the group B01_G1 must write down B01_G1_WorldIndigo.pdf in the header of the document that they upload. The document needs to be uploaded in the folder Assignments/E_Tutorial by Friday (Sept 13) evening 10PM. Please make sure that you name the file correctly and include the header in the document. Also make sure that you are not crossing the word limit (given below) and upload the file in the correct folder (Please DO NOT email me the answers) Questions: 1. What should be the future course of action for the company? Which industry should it target? Which geographical markets and in what order? Why? [300 words] 2. As an investor, would you invest in the company? Why or why not? [125 words] Regards Vivek