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Past Tense & Past Continuous Tense

Past Tense & Past Continuous Tense

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All about Past Tense
All about Past Tense

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Past Tense & Past Continuous Tense

Unit 4

Past Tense
Used in describing an action or event which occurred at specific time in the past.  E.g. I bought my first laptop a few months ago.  Clues → Time expressions (e.g. yesterday, last week, a long time ago, back in my younger days, 2000, just now, few minutes ago) * Make few sentences using the 3 time espressions.

Irregular Verbs  make – made, draw – drew , go – went, write – wrote.  Some regular verbs remain the same form of simple past tense. (E.g. set, let, hit, put, cut)  ‘to be’ Verb Pronoun Present T. Past T. I am was he/she/it is was they/we/you are were


Shafiq saved a Rafeah was Syafiq and copy of his work on disappointed that Syafiqah were his flash drive. her work on the happy with the computer got new mobile deleted. phones which their father bought. Shafiq did not save Rafeah was not Syafiq and a copy of his work disappointed that Syafiqah were not on his flash drive. her work on the happy with the computer got new mobile deleted. phones which their father bought.


Interrogative Did Shafiq save his Was Rafeah
work on his flash drive?

Were Syafiq and disappointed that Syafiqah happy her work on the with the new computer got mobile phones? deleted?

 Do page 114
   

Exercise A – Num. 1 only Exercise B Exercise C – 1-3 Exercise D

Past Continuous Tense
 Past ‘be’ Verb +

verb+ing = was/were

working  3 rules to use past continuous tense 1. The action was carried out in the past. E.g. From 8 a.m to 12 noon yesterday, Miss Shima was using the classroom to teach her students. (duration of time)

2. Shows that two actions were going on at the same time in the past. E.g. While Amirul was talking on my phone, Afif was watching football on the television. (continuous actions at the same time) 3. Shows that an interruption happen while the longer action was going on. Longer action uses past continuous tense while the interruption uses simple past tense. E.g. While I was typing some important document, there was a power outage. As I was walking down the road, I found an MP3 player. **Time Expression to use PCT – as, when, while, still

 Non-action verbs should not take past

continuous tense.  E.g. hear, forget, understand, own, want, appear, realise, believe, prefer, seem, belong, etc.  Do exercises B,C and A (consolidation). (pg.121)

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