Second Assignment

(Due on the date and time of the Second Exam)
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1) Question (6) of the First Assignment.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------2) At room temperature the electrical conductivity of copper is 6.0x107(Ω-m)-1 and the electron
mobility is 0.0030m2.(V.s)-1. (a) Compute the number of free electrons per cubic meter of
copper at room temperature. (b) What is the number of free electrons per copper atom? Data:
atomic mass of copper = 63.55g.mol-1
density of copper =
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------3) The following electrical characteristics have been determined for both intrinsic and n-type
extrinsic indium phosphide (InP) at room temperature:
σ (Ω-m)-1
n (m-3)
p (m-3)
2.5 x 10-6
3.0 x 1013
3.0 x 1013
Extrinsic n-type
3.6 x 10
4.5 x 10
2.0 x 1012
Calculate the electron and hole mobility.
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4) At temperatures between 540oC and 727oC the activation energy and the diffusion constant
for Na+ in NaCl are 173kJ.mol-1 and 4.0x10-4m2.s-1, respectively. Calculate the mobility for
an Na+ ion at 600oC. Data: kB=1.38x10-23J.(atom-K)-1.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------5) Calculate the displacement of electrons or ions for the following conditions:
(a) electronic polarization in nickel of 2x10-7 C/m2
(b) electronic polarization in aluminum of 2x10-8 C/m2
(c) ionic polarization in NaCl of 4.3x10-8 C/m2
(d) ionic polarization in ZnS of 5x10-8 C/m2
Hint: You need to find the lattice parameter for each of the materials and the number of
atoms or ions per unit cell

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