Tomorrow, 27th March 2014, the US and South Korea will launch the start of a massive war drill

involving thousands of soldiers, armoured vehicles, and combat aircraft near the coastal ort of !ohang" The massive war drill called #Twin $ragons% is to show off the ower and combat ca abilit& of the two fascist owers who are feverishl& longing for a new war on the Korean eninsula" $es ite alleged cuts in militar& s ending, the US is s aring no effort to bring e'tra soldiers from bases outside of Korea to this latest war drill" There are alread& 2(,)00 US soldiers stationed in South Korea, dail& itching hard for war" *n Ma&, South Korea is e' ected to hold an air drill called Ma' Thunder again with the ultra war+loving US militar&" *t is clear the US and South Korea are fascist entities that cannot tolerate eace and tran,uillit&" The& are night and da& re aring for war, slaughter, destruction, -illing and death" These two fascist nations deserve onl& the fires of hell" Thus .orth Korea must develo fusion bombs as fast as ossible in order to send them or hurr& them towards hell where the& trul& belong"