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. Being a small muscle group. deadlifts. you are training your biceps and forearms.AS YOU ALL KNOW. IT WAS MY MAGNIFICENT OBSESSION TO OBTAIN 22" ARMS…. shoulder press etc. you are training your triceps… And with pulling movements: lat pull downs. SO WHAT DID I DO?  I trained them mothafuckas everyday for 2 years!… End result?  I now have 22" arms!. arms are a small muscle group. you are still training them mothafuckas everyday while hitting other body parts… Every pressing movement like bench press. besides curls and triceps extensions... Think about it. seated rows. upright rows. That's why myself and many others were able to train them directly every day and still receive major gains. Relatively speaking in terms of the rest of the major body parts.. So I don't want to hear about over doing it when it comes to training arms!!!… 1 . they recover faster than larger muscle groups...

You control what happens to your physique!. don't let the iron control you!.ANOTHER VERY IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN BUILDING YOUR BODY AND BECOMING A SIDEWALK CRACKING MOTHAFUCKA IS THAT MINDMUSCLE CONNECTION… Talk to your arms!… Look at your arms! Command them mothafuckas to grow!!! You are the boss of your body!... Mix and match movements throughout the week. If you feel like you can keep going at the end of your arm session. But it is important for you to do this exactly how I laid it out so you can know how you are supposed to feel after training arms.. People look at me like I'm crazy sometimes.. This program that I wrote here is a guide… What I want you to do is exactly how I laid it out for you.... you need to do fuckin more!!! 2 . Once you have it down. but guess what?… I got 22's!!!…. you can start modifying it.... You control that iron.....

1 2 MOVEMENT 1: WARM UP 4 sets of dips supersetted with false grip pull-ups / max reps on each. MOVEMENT 2: DUMBBELL PREACHER CURLS (Single arm) Set 1: 50lbs x 10 reps Set 2: 70lbs x 10 reps Set 3: 90lbs x Max reps Set 4: 100lbs x Max reps Set 5: 70lbs burnout 3 .

do not rush through this.. Without a partner do 10 reps. then rest for approximately 10 seconds. You don't need a lot of weight with  this..3 4 MOVEMENT 3: SKULL CRUSHERS Use an easy curl bar. thumbs facing the ceiling. Arms out to the side as if you are doing a side ways hammer curl. Then repeat. Set 1: 30lbs (each DB) X 20 reps Set 2: 35lbs X 20 reps Set 3: 40lbs X 20 reps Set 4: 40lbs X 15 reps Set 5: 35lbs X20 reps Set 6 30lbs X 30 reps 4 . Palms out.. Do this no less than 5 sets or 50 reps. Do the curls slow and controlled. MOVEMENT 4: T CURLS (with dumbbells) *A CT FLETCHER EXCLUSIVE Do this on an Incline bench. But don't stop there. I usually throw a 45lb plate on each side. because it is a specialty movement and this is for fine tuning.. continue until you can't get more than 5 or 6 reps at a time..


no break! (5-10 seconds max if needed). my weight is typically 85lbs. then next barbell for 10 reps. Do this 3 times for a total of 90 reps. Lay down on your back between them. Start with the lightest weight for 10 reps..  6 . Perform all the way up to the heaviest. 105lbs and 135lbs. then the heaviest weight for 10 reps. After that. Get 20 reps on each set of dumbbells with no break.5 6 MOVEMENT 5: DUMBBELL SKULL CRUSHERS Take 5 sets of dumbbells and place them on the floor in order from lightest to heaviest. Go back to the lightest weight and repeat.. then go back down to the lightest for a total of 200 reps!  MOVEMENT 6: BARBELL CURLS Set up 3 separate barbells.

Do 20 reps each! The Only break you'll get will be from 60 to 90 seconds maximum after the curls.7 8 and MOVEMENT 7/8: CABLE TRICEP EXTENSIONS & CABLE CURLS 5 sets of cable tricep extensions supersetted with bicep curls.  7 .



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