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The cold temperatures keep cash registers from ringing

By Megan Conlon JAN. 23, 2013 What a difference a year can make. Tuesday’s high temperature in Pittsburgh was 12, but with the wind chill it felt like -7. One year ago on Jan. 22, the temperature was 35, and the wind chill made it feel like 28. Needless to say, this week’s bitter cold temperatures kept a lot of people indoors. And the cold was about the only topic people seemed interested in talking about. One get-warm location for the people who wanted to venture outside was The Mall at Robinson. However, small crowds were the norm on Tuesday. “The weather is truly impacting business,” said Sara Fouse, a manager at Bath and Body Works. “We’ve seen fewer customers then normal for a Tuesday.” Other business seeing negative impacts from the weather included Villa Pizza. Tabitha Diequez was attempting to sell a $12 pizza for only $10. Diequez was using her marketing and advertising skills by going store to store with a fresh hot pizza attempting to sell it to any takers. Heather Beasock works at the local Rockefellers Bar and Grill. She mentioned that the day seemed to be moving slower than normal and that she “was shocked at the amount of older adults out and about braving the cold.” And shoppers quickly noticed the smaller crowds, too. Abbie Kotoff, a student at PTI, wanted to go window shopping and that alone was reason enough to venture out in the cold. Kotoff said that she “noticed how empty the parking lot looked and how slow the food court was, also it seemed to be more employees are walking around then actual shoppers.” The good news is that the temperatures are expected to climb into the 20s before the end of the week. However, snow could accompany those so-called warmer temperatures.

Things Are Cooking at Market Square at Settler’s Ridge
By Megan Conlon JAN. 31, 2013 Market District at Settler’s Ridge holds weekly Culinary Demonstrations and on Jan. 31 the theme was “Root for the Home Team — Tailgating with Root Vegetable”. Promptly at 1:00 p.m., Chef Javier Vazquez invited customers to join him for a demonstration on how to make Rutabaga Mash. The demonstration was lively and entertaining, and it could be viewed on the LG flat screens throughout the store as well. Vazquez said he especially enjoys these cooking demonstrations. “I feel like I’m on Food Network when I get to interact with different people and share different recipes,” he said. Samples of course are given out for everyone to sample; shoppers and other Market District chefs admit they loved the natural sweet taste of the Rutabaga Mash. Accompanying the samples was the recipe for shoppers to take home with them. Customers also had the option of buying the ingredients that day and then preparing the dish at home that night. Upcoming Demonstrations to look for include “Fondue Fun for Everyone” running at 1:00 p.m. And 5:00 p.m. on Feb. 1-3, and then “Meatless Monday” on Feb. 4. Look for the demonstration station by the new Chopping Block where you can find pre-chopped and fresh ingredients.

Something Big Is Coming to MAHS Volleyball
By Megan Conlon MAR. 7, 2013 Standing 6 feet 10 inches tall, Sam Woods won’t be hard to miss on the high school volleyball bench. He brings his height and experience to Moon High School, where he recently accepted the head coaching position for both the boys and girls teams. “It was an ideal opportunity for me to be able to run my first program,” he said. Woods might be familiar to many people in Moon Township. He graduated from nearby Montour High School in 2000, and he’s coached the sport for eight years. Steve Connell, a former player and coach alongside Woods, suggested that Moon’s athletic officials made a strong hire. “Sam has been part of the volleyball world for the past 16 years, as a player and coach. He is a coach that everyone looks up to,” Connell said. “If I were looking for someone to run my program, Sam would be my first choice.” New assistant coaches will also be introduced to the Tigers program. Rob Yaggi will be assisting with the boys’ team and Jordan Burkes for the girls. Other than being a coach, husband, businessman and expecting father, Woods enjoys working on his house and is an avid outdoorsman. And, of course, as a coach, he has a soft spot for young people. “My favorite part is teaching children and having a positive impact on their lives, no matter the size,” he said. “It’s also a way I can still compete in a sport I love.” Last year, the Tigers boys’ team had a great run in the AA division playoffs. This year, the squad moves to the AAA division and Coach Woods’s goals are to build off last year’s success. Playoffs are the ultimate goal for both boys and girls programs but a general overall success is what Coach Woods is thinking about. Practice for the boys began earlier this week and the home opener is March 22nd against Trinity at 6:00 p.m. Woods won’t coach his first girls game until the fall. For more information about Moon Tigers sports visit:

A Life Trail for Moon Township?
By Lindsay Waugh and Megan Conlon MAR. 28, 2013 Spring is in the air, and with it should come the motivation to live healthy and shape up for the summer months ahead. Moon Park offers several features to assist people seeking to burn off those big holiday meals and lack of exercise during the winter months. With over 300 acres of land, Moon Park consists of over three miles of walking and hiking trails, six baseball and softball fields, three soccer fields, and three basketball courts. With all these options for exercise, some residents remember a special part of the park that is no longer available, the life trail, which was removed a few years back. “I have had two or three calls asking if we have anything comparable or planned to have installed within the park,” said Moon Township’s Parks and Recreation administrative assistant Lisa Shaughnessy. Her answer is no, however, “There are larger projects in the works, such as with the maintenance building.” Moon Township resident Brian Sullivan has never seen a life trail but that doesn’t mean he’s not in favor of it. “I wouldn’t mind having one along the trail somewhere because when my wife and daughter take a break to play or rest as we walk, I could continue exercising,” he said. Sullivan thinks that the community would benefit from having a life trail. “I think anything that promotes healthy habits has a positive effect on the community, no matter how small or large it is,” he added. Moon Township resident Michael White, who visits Moon Park often with his dog, shares a similar opinion. “I think it would be a nice addition to the trails, giving people another way to exercise and mix things up.” Kennedy Township’s Fairhaven Park is a neighboring park that recently implemented a life trail. There are six exercise stations that target different areas of the body. Each station contains detailed instructions on how to do each exercise and is specifically designed for older, active adults.

There are also three levels including basic, intermediate, and advanced options allowing for all fitness levels to participate. Some stations include lower-body exercises, while others focus on standing stretches and yoga poses.