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DAILY LESSON PLAN 2 SMK SIMPANGAN, BELURAN, SANDAKAN Date / Day: Class: Time: Subject: Theme (Topic): Learning

Outcomes: 27 February 2014 (Thursday) 1 Bestari 10:20 12:20 (2 hours) English Language Environment (Poem-Various poems) 3.0 Language for Aesthetic Use 3.2. a) Dramatizing text and role-playing characters. Objective: Teaching Aid: Type of Teaching PreTeaching At the end of the lesson, students are able to understand the poem better. Worksheet and authentic material. Activity -Teacher shows students drawings from previous lesson related to environment. She asks questions on what the students are able to understand from what they have seen. Students respond to the drawings. They together brainstorm the ideas related to the drawings as well. Duration 3 minutes Teaching Aid Drawing sheets.

-Then, she relates them to the topic for today. While Teaching -Teacher asks students to be in ten persons per group. Students move to their own groups. 5 minutes Envelope, drawing sheets and marker pens. Worksheet

-She distributes an envelope that contains a stanza from a poem. Dictionaries are also to be distributed to assist them in case they unable to understand certain words within the poem. -The teacher explains briefly of the poem. She discusses with the students of their understanding of the poem.

5 minutes

15 minutes


-Each group is asked to do role-play. They are asked to dramatize by making movements based on the stanza given to them. Each student is asked to do role-play for the line they have chosen. -Next, each group will be asked to present their role-play. They need to move around the hall. Each student need to do personal presentation on the findings. They have to act. Other students may ask questions to the related topic. -Finally, the teacher gives reflection on the lesson for today. Post Teaching -Teacher distributes homework on the poem. She distributes the full poem. Students are asked to find Verbs within it.

45 minutes

40 minutes

4 minutes 3 minutes Worksheets

Educational Emphases: Reflection:

Thinking Skills, Values and Citizenship.