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A Couple of Guys Whose Strength Skyrocketed After utting !y Ad"ice to Work:


Who The #eck $s !ehdi%
If you are not familiar with Mehdi, he is a 400lbs Squatter, 500lbs Deadlifter and highly sought after strength coach with over 15 years of in the trenches e!"erience "resently communicating his advice to # million guys each year$ %is website StrongLifts.com is the "remier strength and muscle building resource in the world, and has so far reached more than 15 million guys in only & years$ %is StrongLifts Community is the biggest strength community counting over '0,000 Members from 1() countries$ *s an author, Mehdi+s StrongLifts 5x5 program has been "raised on thousands of websites including Men+s %ealth, ,odybuilding$com, - nation, .aceboo/, My"rotein and too many others to list$ Mehdi+s "rivate clients routinely "ay u"wards from 0'$4(5$00 for his "owerful advice1 with over (52 re"eating business with him$ -here+s usually a waiting list and client candidates first have to fill in an a""lication form describing their stats, goals and motivation$ 3ou can get a concise "resentation of the strength and muscle building strategies he ran/s as essential in this new 5!5 re"ort, at no cost whatsoever$ If you can handle a candid, no bullshit a""roach to weight training, free of all the myths s"read by muscle maga4ines, and you+re eager to discover why the ma5ority of guys in the gym never get the body and strength they really want, then this 5!5 re"ort is must reading$


are reci"es for in5uries$ 9ac/ of fle!ibility or bad "osture from years of inactivity can also lead to "ains and in5uries$ It is im"erative that before beginning any training "rogram or diet. twitter and any other means$ 3ou may lin/ to this boo/+s download "age at htt". you should be cautioned that there is an inherent ris/ with any form of "hysical activity$ Systematic bad technique and<or using more weight than you should be handling because you got carried away by your ego. faceboo/. a""lication or inter"retation of the material in this boo/$ -he author "rimary+s language is .ullet$ 5 . faceboo/. his inter"retation of available research. accountability and encouragement from other Members$ Dithout this social su""ort you may not get the same results$ Dithout doing the "rogram as laid out. you receive full medical clearance from a licensed "hysician$ -he author and S-6?>@9I.<<stronglifts$com< &ou may 'OT alter.sell this boo/$ The information in this (ook is for educational purposes only) -he ideas. including any as"ect of the StrongLifts 5x5 program. "lease delete this boo/ from your com"uter and move on$ Avery results testimonial in this boo/ is from a real Strong9ifts Member$ >o one was "aid for a testimonial or endorsement$ . unaltered and delivered via the =D. not Anglish. etcC were self re"orted by the Strong9ifts Member and therefore cannot be confirmed$ Strength stats were often verified using videos$ Strong9ifts Members all benefit from social su""ort. file$ 3ou may re"ublish &00 words e!cer"ts from this boo/ as long as they are accom"anied by an attribution lin/ bac/ to htt".:.*$ Some 6ights 6eserved$ &ou may distribute this boo/ freely via email.-he 5!5 6e"ort$ 7o"yright 8 '010 and beyond by Strong9ifts .efore and after "ictures were not retouched or altered$ 6esults Bbody weight.a doctor$ *lthough weight lifting has statistically the lowest rate of in5ury. or build u"on this boo/ without the e!"ress written "ermission from the author$ 3ou may >?. transform.* claim no res"onsibility to any "erson or entity for any liability.rench. and the author is >?. and o"inions e!"ressed in this boo/ are based on the author+s "ersonal e!"erience.translate this boo/ to any other languages without the e!"ress written "ermission from the author$ 3ou may >?. body fat "ercentage. twitter$ 3ou may "rint this boo/ and leave a co"y at your gym and<or give co"ies to your friends$ 3ou may bundle this boo/ as a free bonus with other "roducts as long as it is left com"letely intact.:.medical advice. forum. measurements. your ty"ical results may differ$ In the end.<<stronglifts$com<5!5 re"ort$html from your website.-S . loss or damage caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly as a result of the use. you may get no results at all if you 5ust read this boo/ without actually a""lying anything$ -here+s no such thing as a Silver . conce"ts. blog. so misinter"retation is "ossible$ 3ou are solely res"onsible for your choices and actions$ If you don+t agree. nor is it intended to re"lace it. and the e!"erience of his Strong9ifts Members$ -his boo/ is >?.

6ow$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'0# %ow ?ften %ave 3ou Started a >ew -raining =rogram ?nly to . .ul/y$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'( Dhy =ersonal -rainers @et Sued$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&1 art $$ .ut -heir 9aughter 7hanged to *ma4ement Dhen -hey Saw Me Squatting ''5 =ounds 1' Dee/s 9aterJF$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$44 *ma4ing Secret Discovered .eyond Strong9ifts 5!5 -he Strong9ifts 9adder of Strength$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$4( art $$$ * 2uestions and Ans+ers 1) 6easons Dhy 3ou May Say E>oF to My ?ffer to @ive Strong9ifts 5!5 * .rom *rnold Schwar4enegger$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1H Dho Alse Dants a Dorld 7lass =hysiqueG$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1( %ow Alite .orG$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$15 -raining Secrets .ench.etween .y @ree/ Drestler *dds ?ver 100 =ounds -o 3our 9ifts Avery Month *nd Su"er 7harges 3our Motivation$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$45 . . Deadlift.ody Is DifferentF$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$H) '0 '#y olds$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$H# &0 &#y olds$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1'0 40 4#y olds$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$15( 50 H5y olds$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1(& 1& 1#y olds$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$1() art 3 * .eal*Life Success Stories E.uild -heir =hysique -oday$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'0 Dhy 3ou Must -rain .all ?ff -he Dagon Dee/s 9ater *nd @ive I"G$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'10 6 .ut *ll -hose @uys Ise SteroidsJJ(F$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'H %ow to @ain Muscle Dithout @etting .ody *nd Strength 3ou *lways Danted$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$41 E-hey *ll 9aughed Dhen I Started Dith -he Am"ty .Ta(le of Contents $ntroduction %ow -his 5!5 6e"ort Dill 7hange 3our .arbell.ody *nd 9ife . StrongLifts /0/: The 1ltimate Strength and !uscle Building rogram Dhat -he %ec/ Is -his 5!5 Method *nywayG$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$&5 @ive Me 1' Dee/s *nd I+ll @ive 3ou -he Kind ?f .esources %ow to Master -echnique on the Squat. =ress.ut My .ree 1' Dee/ -rial$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$51 art $3 * /4 .odybuilders .odybuilders *nd Strength -rainers$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'' E.or Strength Aven If @aining Muscle Is 3our @oal$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'1 -he Ironic Difference .orever$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$# EI was s/e"tical$$$ I gave it a try$$$ I got hoo/ed$F$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$11 art $ * #o+ to .-ALL& Gain !uscle and Strength *re 3ou Sic/ *nd -ired of -raining Avery Day Dith 9ittle or >o 6esults to Show .

=age intentionally left blan/ +++)stronglifts)com 7 .

$ntroduction 8 .

you won+t be able to run a marathon doing my "rogram Bbut who needs that anywayGC$ . saving tremendous amount of money on gym membershi"s. your fle!ibility will s/yroc/et.#o+ This /0/ . I+m first going to share the secret to gaining roc/ hard muscle L and then I+ll reveal the "owerful "roven training strategy that to" bodybuilders and gold medal ?lym"ic athletes used.a method where you+ll loo/ li/e the guys on the cover of muscle maga4ines within ) 9 . but I "refer to sto" here because your s/e"ticism alarm is "robably going berser/ already$ Must reali4e this is >?.eport Will Change &our Body And Life 5ore"er Inside this 5!5 re"ort. natural muscle that you can achieve. you+ll stic/ to your diet better. and gaining com"lete freedom as a result$ -here+s a lot more you can e!"ect. and that is going to im"rove your social s/ills with men but also women in any /ind of situation$ $ncrease &our -ndurance) ?/ay. not forever but longer than you thin/$ -his constant. you may even eliminate nagging bac/. you+ll ma/e healthier food choices$ -he real benefit though is that you+ll be able to eat more than before without gaining fat. your libido will increase. your blood "ressure will decrease. without having to s/i" on your favorite foods. real world "roof from my very own Strong9ifts Members and "rivate clients$ So don+t ta/e my word for it$ %ere are 5ust some of the things my "rogram will do for you$$$ • • • • • • • • Gain !uscle) A!"ect to gain '5lbs of raw muscle your first year of training$ *dd another 1'lbs your 'nd year and Hlbs your third year if you stic/ to the "rogression I+ll show you$ So that+s 4&lbs of 1002 "ure. you+ll only go &! "er wee/C and to brea/ your "revious =6$ Sa"e Time 7 !oney) My "rogram only ta/es & wor/outs "er wee/. and you won+t need any of those e!"ensive su""lements and fancy machines$ In fact. >?. to build their world class "hysiques and strength$ -he results you can e!"ect from the training method you will do in the coming months are going to sound to good to be true$ Kee" in mind that I will bac/ u" my claims with genuine. and without eating weird$ Gain Confidence) %ow do you thin/ you+re going to feel when "eo"le re"eatedly com"liment you on your dramatic "hysique transformation and strength gainsG ?bviously you+re going to feel more confident and gain res"ect. even if you have Ebad geneticsF li/e me or have been training for 10 years already$ $ 6e"elop Brute Strength) 3ou+ll gain a massive amount of strength on all your lifts and will get stronger than (02 of the guys in the gym Beven the big steroid using guys weighing &0lbs more than youC$ -his strength strength will carry over to s"orts but also daily activities li/e "ic/ing u" heavy ob5ects.a Eget ri""edF quic/ scheme. /nee and shoulder "ain forever as many of my S9 Members have$ *ll of this 1002 naturally$ Boost &our !oti"ation) 3ou+ll gain results fast while having fun L every wor/out you+ll lift more than last time.ut you will build enough endurance to run & miles anytime without ever doing any of that boring and "ainful cardio$ *ll your endurance gains will "urely come from doing my "rogram & times "er wee/$ $mpro"e &our #ealth) 3our bones and 5oints will be stronger. and still use. you+ll loo/ forward to going to the gym Bbad news. you can do the whole "rogram at home with chea" equi"ment. measurable "rogress will boost your motivation. carrying groceries or moving furniture$ *ll of this will be easier and you+ll be im"ressing your friends$ -liminate Stu((orn 5at) 3our body fat will automatically go down by increasing your muscle mass$ Man boobs and belly fat will finally vanish$ *nd since e!ercise ma/es you stic/ to your diet better.

and then a""ly what you+ve read immediately in the gym$ -hen one month from now you should read this boo/ again$ .ible or the KoranG It+s because the material is way too dense to be understood in one reading$ -his is why I want you to read this boo/ several times$ 3ou will see things on your ' nd and &rd reading that you didn+t see the first time$ *nd your "rogress in the gym will give you a better understanding of the conce"ts and "rinci"les because you have now e!"erienced it$ . I don+t li/e tal/ing about myself$ .ight the voice telling you you already /now the material and do it anyway$ -hen one month later.daysN >?. analy4ing the "rogress of Strong9ifts Members. is that the mind can only "rocess so much information at a time$ 3ou will need more than 5ust one reading to gras" everything that I+ve e!"erienced the last 1'y lifting weights. then 5um" on the ne!t new thing$ *ctually.li/e anything you+ve ever seen before$ *nd my method wor/s and I can. this is >?. 5ust hanging out$ .a method where you+ll have to ta/e e!"ensive su""lements or worse drugs to get results$ 3ou will also >?. I will tell you quite a bit about myself and about my training life. "ast. most im"ortant.ran/ly. let+s start with the first real world success story from one my most accom"lished Stronglifts Members to "rove you that my method is truly life changing$ 10 .your Ewor/out of the monthF where you do this. and as if we were sitting around at the end of our training.ut I have to do it here to convince you that I+m a guy you should ta/e seriously even though I will "resent ideas that you might find difficult to acce"t$ Ouic/ ti" on how to use this boo/$ I+m sure you+ve heard that /nowledge is only "ower if a""lied$ -hat+s why I recommend you to first s/im through this boo/. "rove it$ I won+t .have to s"end your life in the gym training H!<wee/ doing ') e!ercises "er wor/out that you can+t even remember$ -his is also >?. and will. read this boo/ again for a & rd time$ -here are ' reasons why I want you to do this$ ?ne is motivation$ -here+s no easier way to /ee" yourself motivated than by reading motivational stuff regularly$ -his boo/ is filled with success stories from Strong9ifts Members$ 6ead them to stay motivated$ -wo. and that I then s"ent the last H months condensing into this boo/$ -hin/ about it L I+m atheist.$S$ you in this re"ort$ Dhat you+re about to read is based on 15 years of training myself and coaching hundreds and hundreds of "rivate clients L who all gained massive amounts of muscle and strength$ *dd the feedbac/ of tens of thousands of Strong9ifts Members who interact with me day to day$ >othing in this re"ort comes from some armchair s"ecialistN it all comes from s"ending a lot of time under the bar$ -his isn+t a re"ort drawn from other boo/s by a student and s"ectator. then read it bac/ to bac/. the more the material will come alive$ -hat said.ecause it is "ersonal. as if I was coaching you. the more you read this boo/. coaching "rivate clients. but why do you thin/ some "eo"le s"end their lifetime reading the . you will hear its ring of authenticity loud and clear$ It is a "ersonal re"ort.act is. me tal/ing straight with you. it is an in the trenches re"ort$ *nd if you are living the life of the lifter. "resent and future$ >one of this is about bragging$ I have no need for that or interest in doing so$ .

8$ +as skeptical))) $ ga"e it a try))) $ got hooked)9

S9 Member Dill before<after gaining &)lbs

(y StrongLifts !em(er Will aka 8Sid9 Dill, '&, '00lbs, H+0F, from >3, IS*$ @raduate student in Industrial Angineering$ ,efore I started training, most of my time was s"ent sitting at my des/ or on my couch$ I was a s/inny 1H&lbs from leading a com"letely inactive life$ I hadn+t "layed any s"orts or done any /ind of e!ercise since I was 10 11 years old$ =layed soccer and bas/etball for two years, li/ed both, but was mediocre at best and never considered myself Pathletic$P ?nly "rior e!"erience I had with weights was in March '00( fooled around with random machine e!ercises in my "revious schoolQs gym for a few wee/s$ ,ut got tired of that fast because I was wea/, didnQt /now what I was doing and wasnQt seeing any /ind of results$ I discovered I had borderline high blood "ressure at a routine doctor visit in Man +0#$ It was at that "oint that I decided I needed to Pget activeP and start eating better to hel" bring my "ressure down$ I was tired of being a couch "otato and wanted to start Ewor/ing outF but I didn+t really /now what to do$ I did cardio for a bit, but not consistently enough to change anything and I hated running and cardio in general$ * few of my friends at my school train with weights and I figured IQd rather get into that /ind of thing than 5ust doing cardio$ -hey told me to start out with the machines to Pget used to things$P It was stu"id, because I was never going to build strength doing that, but at the time I figured they /new what they were tal/ing about$ I didnQt thin/ about weight training again until May Q0# when my friends who were doing ,, s"lit ty"e stuff told me I should chec/ out the gyms at my new school$ -he weight room in the gym closest to me had almost all free weights and no machines$ IQd never touched a free weight in my life so I started searching online for a free weight "rogram and came across Strong9ifts 5!5$ I was s/e"tical at first$ I didnQt thin/ something as sim"le as Strong9ifts 5!5 would really wor/ because of all the high re" routines I saw in maga4ines and stuff, and I thought lifts li/e Squats and Deadlifts and doing low re"s were only for advanced guys$ .igured IQd give it a try though since I was a beginner and thatQs who the "rogram is for$ ?nce my lifts started going u" I got hoo/ed on getting stronger$

Will:s Gains *ge ,ody weight BH+0PC ,lood =ressure Deadlift Squat ,ench =ress

!ay ;44< =Start SL/0/> ''y 1H&lb 1&(<)5 #5lb H5lb H5lb

Oct ;44< =After SL?0/> ''y 1(4lb 11(<H5 &15lb &&5lb 1H0lb

'o" ;4@4 '&y '00lbs < 500lbs 4)5lb '50lb

Gains so far))) R&)lbs R405lbs R410lbs R1(5lbs

I was s/inny my entire life and no one would have ever considered me PathleticP before I started training$ -he demands of linear "rogression and my desire to /ee" my squat going u" caused me to /ee" my food inta/e high, which led to the weight gain$ I used to thin/ I was PhardgainerP ty"e, but it wasn+t hard for me to get my weight u" and "ut some muscle on my frame as long as I /e"t Squatting heavy and eating when my body told me to$ -he only thing I can attribute the fast strength gains to is desire and consistency$ *side from a ' wee/ vacation, I never missed a session on S95!5<&!5$ I trained when I was sic/, and when I 5ust felt li/e cra" Band sometimes still hit =6s$C I sle"t ( hrs almost every day$ I ate when I needed to eat$ Dhile at first I was s/e"tical, once I saw my numbers going u", I started to ta/e this very seriously$

S9 Member Dill =ulling 400lbs

,lood "ressure was borderline high before I started training L bac/ to normal now$ I did 4ero cardio during this time$ My doctor actually told me that weight training wouldn+t hel" and I should have been doing cardio, but my ,= slowly started coming down$ I thin/ the heavy Squatting three times a wee/ alone contributed a lot to this$ I was in a "osition where I was doing 4ero e!ercise beforehand, so my heart was getting "lenty of wor/ from Squats and Deads$ I also started eating a much cleaner diet, even though I was eating much more than I was before$ IQm way more confident, outs"o/en, assertive$ I was /nown for being a "retty reserved and insecure guy before I started training but not anymore$ I can stri/e u" a conversation with

anyone$ -al/ing to women es"ecially is much easier for me$ *nd I am much more li/ely to stand u" for myself in a situation where, "reviously, I would have bac/ed down</e"t my thoughts to myself$ I felt really out of "lace in the gym when I first started, intimidated by the bigger guys, and afraid of loo/ing lost<li/e I didn+t /now what I was doing$ Dhen I started S95!5, I was able to wal/ into the gym with a "lan every time, which meant I /new what I needed to do and didn+t have to worry about what anyone else thought of me$ >ow the gym is my second home and a great stress reliever$ It+s a "lace where I feel really comfortable, I do /now a lot of guys there now and going to the gym hel"s me get my mind off of stress etc$ I+m stronger, I+m healthier, I loo/ better, and I 5ust feel better all around$ ,efore I started training, I was doing well in school, but I didn+t have much else besides that going on$ I was tired a lot and lac/ed energy Bfrom not slee"ing and eating enoughC$ I was "hysically very wea/, lac/ed self confidence and didn+t have much of a social life after coming to a new school$ *ll of that has reversed$ I never would have started eating and slee"ing better if I hadn+t found S9$ Since I did, my "roductivity is way u", since I have a lot more energy during the day$ So I s"end less time wor/ing$ Strength training gave me direction, a means to im"rove my life and something else rewarding to "ut my energy into besides school$ My friends doing the ,, s"lits were s/e"tical at first and as/ed me why I was training this way$ ,y the time I finished &!5 linear "rogression I was stronger than them and now they loo/ to me as an e!am"le of how to get strong<train hard in the gym$ I get a lot of com"liments on my "hysique$ .riends outside the gym have noticed the change in me and as/ me what IQve been doing$ =eo"le I meet Bguys and girlsC can tell from loo/ing at me that I train differently from most of the bench and curl 5oc/ey ty"es$ IQve become Ethat guyF in the gym who went from squatting H5 to Squatting<Deadlifting 400R in a year and some of the stronger guys refer "eo"le to me$ I get a lot of questions now in the gym about the /ind of stuff IQm doing$ My training log in the S9 7ommunity hel"s me /ee" going to the gym and wor/ing hard because I /now if I donQt, "eo"le on the forums are gonna be as/ing what IQve been u" to$ *nd I still donQt /now that many "eo"le who train this way BI train alone most of the timeC, so itQs great to have li/e minded "eo"le "roviding su""ort<giving me advice L almost li/e I have several training "artners$ %ow many guys in the gym do you see doing isolation wor/ day after day and never getting any strongerG =robably a lot$ If you want to get strong, then you have to do the big barbell lifts$ -hereQs no need to be intimidated by this, because youQll be starting light$ *nd the sim"licity lets you do whatQs most im"ortant Lget S-6?>@A6 by moving the weight u" every time and brea/ing "ersonal records$ DonQt be the guy coming into the gym and lifting the same weights every wee/$ -he core of the S95!5 "rogram is adding weight to the bar on a regular basis$ Dho wouldnQt want to do that for as long as they canG I didnQt thin/ IQd be able to do it for long, but I /e"t going and havenQt loo/ed bac/$ Strong9ifts Member Dill a/a PSidP, '&, >3, IS*


#o+ to ,-ALL& Gain !uscle and Strength
A,T $


I set out to find a guy who had what I wanted. and nobody in the gym seem to /now a solution$ %ec/.Are &ou Sick And Tired of Training -"ery 6ay With Little or 'o . I often couldn+t slee" on my side because my right shoulder hurt so much$ In fact. and that obviously got us attention$ -o give you an e!am"le. let me start by sharing a little secret about the way I thin/. I as/ed a guy in the gym who had the /ind of body and strength I wanted if I could train with him$ %e agreed. forced re"s on the last set. I wasn+t getting any stronger and I couldn+t figure out why$ Maybe you+ve been in a situation li/e this where you can lift a certain weight easily and then the wee/ after you suddenly can+t lift it anymore$ I was frustrated. he remains the most influential bodybuilder ever$ I bought *rnold+s Ne! "ncyclopedia of #odern $ody%uilding and started e!"erimenting with the different s"lit routines revealed inside the boo/$ -raining 1 muscle "er day using lots of isolation e!ercises for 5 sets of ( re"s. and switching my routine all the time to confuse my muscles$ =rogress I measured by how sore I was the day after my training$ -he resultG . study how he did it. I do NOT like reinventing t e ! eel$ %ere+s what I mean. and this boosted my confidence$ -hen my mentor quit lifting to focus on his studies and I continued alone$ I had by this time hit a "lateau everywhere.esults to Sho+ 5or% I sure was a few years ago$ . and this really got me bored and made me lose motivation L I was 5ust getting by. too/ me under his wing and we trained together for almost ' years. I was even in better sha"e than the "ersonal trainer$ So once again. I had removed the . and then co"y the e!act ste"s he went through$ -hat+s why soon after I started lifting weights in 1###. nothing more$ -he other thing that ha""ened is that I got em"loyed$ I landed a 5ob in E7or"orate . never missing a single wor/out$ -he resultG Dithin 1' months I gained ')lbs. always ta/ing the re"s to failure until I got "um"ed.ench =ress and Squat from my training because I couldn+t do them "ain free anymore$ My whole training now revolved about 5ust /ee"ing the "hysique I had. I decided to loo/ for a boo/$ Kee" in mind I was training li/e a bodybuilder bac/ then. was Squatting ''5lbs and finally eliminated my stubborn belly fat and man boobs$ Most im"ortant is that I received lots of com"liments from the big bouncers who were training in my gym. then co"y$ Since there was nobody in the gym to offer hel".elgiumF and was now commuting ' hours every day and wor/ing shifts and wee/ends$ I sim"ly didn+t have the time anymore to train 5!<wee/ for u" to & hours li/e when I was a student$ *nd I fran/ly got fed u" with training to failure and wal/ing with sore legs all the time$ -he turnover ha""ened in *ugust '00& when I went on holiday to -ur/ey with a friend of the gym and my mentor who had resumed training by then$ *ll & of us loo/ed muscular from all the training we did. discover how he did it.ran/ly I couldn+t tell you if I got more muscular than before$ Dhat I do /now is that I was getting in5ured instead of getting stronger which made no sense to me$ My lower bac/ hurt whenever I was standing for e!tended time. one day we were wal/ing at the beach and these @erman girls came over as/ing if they 15 .ut before I e!"lain that. I believe the fastest way to get somewhere is to find a guy who has accom"lished what you want. I didn+t /now about strength training yet$ Dhich is the first guy which comes to your mind when I say bodybuildingG Most li/ely *rnold Schwar4enegger.

-his boo/ was first "ublished in 1#)).s ready to %e ru%%ed and polis ed. and that+s why I started doing daily =ush u" to overcome my wea/ness$ .. discovering that ( years after I lost at armwrestling to all my friends and a girl..y age 1( I had succeeded.. I !as a %eliever in t e %asic movements. we loo/ed strong but weren+t$ I felt humiliated$ As"ecially since ( years earlier. ( years before his more "o"ular boo/ T e Ne! "ncyclopedia of #odern $ody%uilding. "very%ody t oug t t at !as o! I)d gro!n as muc as I ad in suc a s ort time *. the e!act reason why I got into all of this was that I had I lost at armwrestling to all my friends and then a girl$ 3ou see. ignorantly. for whatG It all felt li/e a huge waste of time.each and that you+ll find in muscle maga4ines$ *s "roof. T e "ducation of a $ody%uilder. while I+m now almost 50lbs heavier than 15y ago and "ulling 500lbs. t e %etter 3 t en you start to cut and define. t e more t oroug ly. 2ou !ork it do!n gradually until it.eg -ark. they immediately challenged us at arm wrestling$ De. these guys were all fat$ 9ong story short. I was losing again but now to guys who had never touched a weight in their lives was sim"ly unacce"table$ I thought all that training and loo/ing muscular. T en all t e faults 16 .s t eory !as t at first you ave to %uild t e mass and t en c isel it do!n to get t e 0uality1 you !ork on your %ody t e !ay a sculptor !ould !ork on a piece of clay or !ood or steel. but the fact was. and you understand why I couldn+t even do a single =ush u" at age 15 while that girl I lost armwrestling at could$ It was a huge humiliation and blow to my ego. e !ould stay !it t e %asic exercises. &nd t at..could be with us on the "icture because Ethey never had seen something li/e thatF$ %ow would you feel if this would ha""ened to youG I obviously had a huge confidence boost$ . I 5oined a gym to train my whole body because I had no legs$ -o me. &t t e times . .ew months later.s preference. I could do )0 "ush u"s in a row on my /nuc/les. 2ou roug it out 3 t e more carefully. %e did not build his massive si4e and strength by doing the s"lit routines that became "o"ular in @old+s @ym in :enice .s ! en you really kno! a%out t e foundation. my wrists are still only H$)F my thumb overla"s my middle finger when I grab my wrists$ -hey call that bad.ut that would be only tem"orary$ * few days later we went to those -ur/ish saunas and when the big guys wor/ing there saw how muscular we were. consider these quotes from *rnold Schwar4enegger+s biogra"hy.t accelerated is !orkouts for some ma/or competition. hardgainer genetics$ 7ou"le that with a sedentary lifestyle of too much -: and videogames. we lost to guys that had never touched a weight in their lives$ *nd I could give you a lot of e!cuses.eg -ark. after all.eg adn.. too/ u" the challenge because. which I believe was ghost written$ &merican maga'ines !rote a%out t e split routine as if it !ere my secret( it %ecame t e %ig t ing. in *ugust 1###. I never did any s"orts in my life and I also wasn+t born to be big or strong. had gained 1'lbs and was now loo/ed at as the Es"ort guyF$ . %ecause t at !as . and I once again decided to do something about it$ *nd so I began to research why it seemed li/e I couldn+t a""ly the strength I had build in the gym$ *nd that+s when I discovered that I had been training wrong all the time$$$ Training Secrets 5rom Arnold Sch+arAenegger -he truth is that *rnold Schwar4enegger did not build his ama4ing "hysique and strength using the routines described in his boo/ the Ne! "ncyclopedia of #odern $ody%uilding. +rom t e %eginning.

&nd I kne! I !as on my !ay.born with ama4ing genetics li/e many ignorant guys will claim$ In T e "ducation of a $ody%uilder. and t is provided some of t e foundation !ork of my %ody. /ee" reading. bice"s curls and cable e!ercises$ >or do they waste their 17 .. and when he got out of the army 1 year later he weighed ''5lbs$ So *rnold gained )5lbs in 4 years$ -he obvious question is. ! ic as al!ays made me appear strong. #y %ody !eig t !as up to 557 and I convinced myself t at it !as time to c isel do!n. but *rnold Schwar4enegger was a com"etitive ?lym"ic weightlifter. I won the German championships in heavy-weight powerlifting %efore I stopped..eg -ark ad %een a po!erlifter1 e ad done s0uats !it 877 pounds. #y mind !as into looking uge. eavy s0uats and eavy dead lifts. how the hell did he gain so much muscle. %ulking. *rnold Schwar4enegger moved to =owerlifting.. I developed strong %asic muscles ! ic gave me t e po!erful look people !anted to see. at age 1). I !as doing heavy squats.. Certain %ody%uilders lack t at look.y 1#H5 he weighed '00lbs. com"eting 4! from 1#HH to 1#H(. T e reason is inade0uate foundation training. so fastG BIn case you thin/ the answer is steroids. *rnold reveals that he only weighed 150lbs at H+ when he started lifting weights at age 15$ . I /ust !anted to %uild a gigantic 5573pound %ody %y andling a lot of !eig t and %lasting my muscles. in 1#H)$ More im"ortant to you is that Schwar4enegger was *rnold Deadlifting )10lbs in 1#H( >?. winning twice and "lacing ' nd twice$ %e also won the Munich stone lifting contest. . I didn... into %eing a!esome and po!erful. T ey ave good %odies %ut t ey don)t appear po!erful. "owerlifter and strongman from 1#H& to 1#H($ %e started lifting weights at age 15 and 1 year later he com"eted for the first time in ?lym"ic 9ifting in @ra4. I sa! it !orking... I !as %uilding up. almost irrepara%le fla!s. %enc presses !it 577 pounds and dead lifts of over 977 pounds. a lot of lifting and ro!ing. #y muscles %egan %ursting out all over. ! ic to me meant 567 pounds of s eer %ody !eig t. Most guys don+t /now this. I sa! no reason ! y I s ouldn)t continue in t e same groove. going after t e mass.... &t t at time. a strongman event. T ere is really no exercise for t ose muscles1 t eir development is /ust an indication t at you ave put in some eavy ground !ork..t care a%out my !aist or anyt ing else t at !ould give me a symmetrical look.consist of isolation e!ercises li/e trice"s /ic/bac/s. he won the *ustrian ?lym"ic weight lifting com"etition$ *fter this. to start getting more 0uality in my %ody.. I+ll tal/ about that in a momentC$ 3ou already /now *rnold was a com"etitive ?lym"ic 9ifter and =owerlifter during all this time$ So how do ?lym"ic 9ifters and =owerlifters trainG Dhat /ind of e!ercises do these guys doG 3ou can be sure that the bul/ of their training does >?.. I ad done t ese exercises from t e start. 4ood early training s o!s up in t e muscles around t e spine...of poor early training stand out as opeless. *ustria$ -he year after he won the Munior Deightlifting com"etition in Syria4 and in 1#H5. heavy bench presses .

as a result.ench =ress 500lbs raw BI+ll tal/ about the 1st guy who achieved this feat in a minuteC$ 6eg =ar/ could also Squat H05lbs. started training e!actly li/e his idol to achieve the same "hysique$ >otice the mindset. =owerlifting cham"ion of Italy. discover how he did it. Mer/. )10lbs Deadlift. 7lean. 4)&lbs Squat.time with machines li/e the lat "ulldown. he used what was "roven to wor/$ -his is an im"ortant lesson for you$ So what do *rnold Schwar4enegger and 6eg =ar/ have in commonG Incredible amounts of strength they could both Deadlift over )00lbs$ *nd they aren+t outliers$ In 1#H5 -he @overnator met a 5+5F bodybuilder from Italy in Munich$ -his guy was Dr . he did >?.ranco Deadlifting what loo/s li/e )00lbs 18 . started training together Beven though they com"eted against eachotherC and eventually moved together to *merica in the late H0s$ In fact they were such a good friends. @ermany and Auro"e$ . Deadlift over )00lbs and =ress &15lbs$ *s an actor. weighed ''5lbs at H+1F and was the ' nd guy ever to .do silly isolation e!ercises and machine wor/ to build his world class "hysique that would ma/e him win the Mr ?lym"ia in 1#)0$ *rnold did heavy. Mr Auro"e and &! Mr Iniverse during the 50s$ =ar/ had '0F arms. '#(lbs 7lean S Mer/. bowfle!. I+ve included a "icture of his )10lbs Deadlift above to "rove you that I+m not ma/ing all of this u"$ So this is *rnold Schwar4enegger+s secret.ench =ress.ench =ress and Deadlift$ *nd they do it heavy$ *rnold+s best lifts. 6eg =ar/ starred in 5 %ercules sand and sandals$ It was one of these movies that im"ressed the 15y old *rnold 6eg =ar/ in P%erculesP Schwar4enegger who. this guy had a bac/ground in =owerlifting and ?lym"ic lifting$ Some of his accom"lishments. =ress.ritain. and a 5H0lbs stone lift between his legs$ 3ou can find a "icture of that sic/ stone lift on "age () of his boo/ T e "ducation of a $ody%uilder.ranco 7olumbo$ *rnold and him became friends. is full of references to 6eg =ar/ who was his lifelong mentor$ If you+ve never heard of =ar/ before. but *rnold was a millionaire by the age of &0. that they started a successful bric/laying business and then a mail order business$ Most guys don+t /now this. well before he started his successful acting career in %ollywood$ So who the hec/ is Dr$ .ranco also . he was Mr . total gym or smith$ ?lym"ic lifters and =owerlifters do free weight. Squat. then co"y$ *rnold didn+t reinvent the wheel. '4&lbs Snatch. com"ound e!ercises$ -hey Snatch. 440lbs .ranco 7olumboG Must li/e *rnold.gain )5lbs in only 4 years using the s"lit routines muscle maga4ines claim he used$ *rnold did >?. leg curl. 'H4lbs =ress. com"ound e!ercises and trained for strength$ *nd he+s not the only one who has used this training strategy$ %e learned it from his mentor$$$ Who -lse Wants a World Class hysiBue% *rnold Schwar4enegger+s :"ducation of a $ody%uilder. find a guy who has what you want. .

Dr . and I /now that the overwhelming ma5ority of them neglect to train their legs because they hate Squats and are afraid of Deadlifts$ *nd as I+m going to e!"lain later. but that their training consisted of heavy.ranco+s stats. that they didn+t achieve their "hysique and strength using those silly isolation s"lit routines from muscle maga4ines.ranco 7olumbo L who could all Deadlift over )00lbs$ It is e!tremely im"ortant that you understand that these guys were all very strong. ho+ much can you SBuat and 6eadlift% .ranco in5ured his leg during the Dorld Strong Man 7om"etition in 1#))$ It too/ si! hours of surgery to fi! his leg$ -hose dumb doctors actually said he would never wal/ again$ 3et . H! Mr Iniverse.e honest$ I+ve trained in a commercial gym for 5 years. the year after *rnold retired$ I believe he would have won more titles had he not in5ured himself. 4! Mr ?lym"ia.ranco fully recovered within & years and then won the Mr ?lym"ia title in 1#(1. 5'5lbs . com"ound e!ercises li/e the Squat and Deadlift$ My question to you is.y the way.eing the 5+5F smaller guy.ranco+s bodybuilding titles. com"ound e!ercises$ *rnold. free weight.ranco always lost the overall title to the H+'F *ustrian ?a/$ .ut maybe you thin/ all these oldschool training strategies do not a""ly today anymore$ So let+s loo/ at how elite bodybuilders train right now$$$ 19 . &'5lbs =ress. . &! Mr Dorld and '! Auro"e$ *nd remember .ranco+s bac/ground. I hel"ed thousands of guys to gain muscle and strength. free weight. you can can assume that he made Sly do heavy.ranco could even "o" a hot water bottle by inflating it orally Bwatch the movie -umping Iron to see him do thisC$ -hat+s how strong this guy was. 6eg =ar/ and . you+ll never get anywhere$ 6emember that$ . H55lbs Squat.ench =ress. )50lbs Deadlift. Stallone and 7olumbo >o idea who the cutie is$ So here you have & accom"lished bodybuilders L *rnold Schwar4enegger.ranco 7olumbo was also the "rivate coach of Sylvester Stallone who he hel"ed to achieve his best sha"e for 6oc/y '$ Dhen you /now ."laced 5th at the Dorld Strongest man in 1#)) Bhe was actually first until he dislocated his leg during an eventC and was even stronger than *rnold Schwar4enegger$ . and /ee" in mind he weighed only 1(0lbs while *rnold was '&0lbs$ %ere are . 400lbs 7lean S Mer/$ . this is the e!act reason why most guys have no results to show for$ If you do not do any /ind of heavy Squats and Deadlifts. ')0lbs Snatch. and if he had not been com"eting against *rnold all the time$ .

.. '00( >ational =owerlifting 7ham"ionshi"s in 6hode Island.ench =ress$ -he im"ortant detail here is that Mohnny ? Mac/son has com"eted in "owerlifting since '000..odybuilder 6onnie 7oleman won the Mr ?lym"ia com"etition from 1##( to '005 for a total of ( time$ %e also holds the I. a bac/ground in "owerlifting and has even bro/en several *merican records$ In fact. he almost bro/e the world record Deadlift with a ('1lbs "ull$ %ere are some of Mohnny+s best lifts. "ro bodybuilder$ During the "ast decade. 6onny is Squatting (00lbs for ' re"s$ Interestingly. record with 'H wins$ 6onnie has com"letely dominated the bodybuilding scene and won even more titles than -he -erminator$ So what+s this guy+s secretG 6onnie released several D:Ds over the years where you can see how he trains for the Mr ?lym"ia com"etition$ In ET e <n%elieva%le. ma/ing them safer than machines which tend to force your body into fi!ed.t no%ody !anna lift no eavy !eig t. unnatural movement "atterns$ . at the IS=. ('5lbs Squat and 545lbs .. 6onny rarely uses machines in these videos and has even admitted that he "refers free weights$ I believe this is because he /nows that free weights force you to balance the weight yourself and thus yield su"erior muscle gains as a result$ .ree weights also allow for natural movements.. & years before he became an I. (04lbs Deadlift. "ro bodybuilder Mohnny ? Mac/son also believes in heavy.#o+ -lite Body(uilders Build Their hysiBue Today . com"ound e!ercises li/e the Squat and Deadlift$ *nd he has.= I..odybuilder 20 . %ut don. he has continued to com"ete in "owerlifting D%I9A com"eting as a "rofessional bodybuilder$ 3ou can even find a video of Mohnny ? Mac/son training with "owerlifter Matt Kroc as "art of his "re"aration for the Mr ?lym"ia '00# BI+ll tell you who Matt is in a momentC$ So why does Mohnny ? Mac/son train for strength even though he is a "rofessional bodybuilderG %ere+s a quote where he Mohnny ? Mac/son L =owerliter and .ut more about that later$ %ere+s an im"ortant quote of 7oleman that sums down his training "hiloso"hy$$$ :"very%ody !anna %e a %ody%uilder. you can see him Deadlifting (00lbs for ' re"s while 6onnie 7oleman Deadlifts (00lbs yelling ElightweightF and E"eanutsF $ 1 all of this 5 wee/s and a half before winning the Mr ?lym"ia '000 com"etition$ In another of his D:Ds. 5ust li/e *rnold Schwar4enegger. free weight...

1(5 #(C that "roves that muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ :It is suggested t at increased tension development >eit er passive or active? is t e critical event in initiating compensatory gro!t . it+s also the sim"lest one$ >o.: -his increased tension is adding weight to the bar$ I call this method =rogressive 9oading$ *nd this isn+t 5ust the most effective strategy to gain muscle. but you will be able to do this for a very. et al$ BMechanism of wor/ induced hy"ertro"hy of s/eletal muscle$ Med Sci S"orts$ 1#)5 .reveals what he believes is the secret to building muscle$$$$ =$ody%uilders t ese days t ink t ere. very long time as you+ll discover in the coming wee/s$ * less obvious reason why Squatters and Deadlifters are always more muscular than the guys who neglect these e!ercises. more muscular chest than the guy who struggles to .high re" isolation e!ercises on machines.s a !ay around ard !ork for getting %ig. not 5ust your legs but your whole body 21 . you can+t add weight every wor/out forever. free weight. T ey t ink t at !it /ust a fe! more reps and isolation exercises. but wastes his time on the lat "ulldown$ Maybe you only want to gain muscle and don+t care about develo"ing strength$ ..ut the fact remains that if you are not lifting weights heavier than H months ago. muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ It doesn+t matter if you get "um"ed and sore from your wor/outs. is that Squats and Deadlifts are more challenging$ • -hey force you to balance the weight yourself • -hey allow you to stress your body with the heaviest weights "ossible$ • -hey wor/ several muscles at a time.ench =ress 1&5lbs$ -he guy who can Squat &(0lbs for 5 re"s is always going to have more muscular legs than the guy who can+t even Squat 1)0lbs for 5 re"s$ -he guy who can Deadlift 4#5lbs will have a more muscular bac/ than the guy who never does any /ind of Deadlifts.ench '45lbs for 5 re"s will have a bigger. everyt ing !ill %e fine. that would be way too easy.ranco 7olumbo and 6onnie 7oleman$ -his is also a scientific fact that has been "roven &5y ago already$ %ere+s one of the oldest research "a"ers from @oldberg *9. 6eg =ar/.allN)B&C. very. -his means that Mohnny ? Mac/son and 6onnie 7oleman both strongly believe that the secret to gaining muscle is >?. nor does it ma/e a difference if you reach failure on each set or not$ -he only thing that matters is L are you getting strongerG • • • -he guy who can . . $ut nothing can replace heavy lifts. com"ounds li/e the Squat and Deadlift$ *re you starting to see the trendG Why &ou !ust Train 5or Strength -"en $f Gaining !uscle $s &our Goal %ere+s the bottom line. but heavy. then I can guarantee you that you won+t gain the muscles you+re after$ *nd getting "um"ed using a myriad of su"ersets and dro" sets so you wa/e u" sore the day after won+t change anything about that L the guy Squatting 1)0lbs will always be less muscular than the 400lbs Squatter$ -his isn+t 5ust an anecdotal fact as illustrated by bodybuilders li/e *rnold Schwar4enegger.

)&(lbs .Averybody /nows that the guy who wor/s the hardest will accom"lish the most im"ressive gains$ Dell it+s way more easy to do this using com"ound e!ercises li/e the Squat and Deadlift that allow you to use heavy weights to start with$ -raining intensity is higher.ench =ress Day and -uesday >ational . and it does it ama4ingly well$ 22 . and I+ll e!"lain why in a minuteC$ >ow if you loo/ at the "hysique of guys who do train for strength L "owerlifters.irst e!am"le. dro" sets and forced re"s$ -he only thing that matters is that you do get strong$ If you don+t. big u""er bodies with chic/en legs$ -heir routine usually consists of high re" isolation e!ercises li/e curls in the Squat 6ac/. with Monday being national .ench Day "art '$ -he resultG (52 of these guys train li/e bodybuilders Bor they thin/ they doC but never loo/ li/e one$ Must go ta/e a loo/ at your local gym. how many guys actually gain muscle and strength with those . trice"s /ic/bac/s and ab crunches. who as I said earlier trained with the "ro bodybuilder Mohnny ? Mac/son as "re"aration for Mohnny+s Mr ?lym"ia '00# com"etition$ Matt Kroc is the record holder in the ''0lbs =owerlifing class with a 100&lbs Squat. and thus you achieve more muscle and strength gains$ It is crucial that you understand that training until failure to get "um"ed and sore are >?necessary to gain muscle.ench and a (10lbs Deadlift$ -he "icture on the right is from his first BJC bodybuilding com"etition L Mr Michigan in '010 L where he too/ the first "lace in the heavy weight class$ (10lbs Deadlifter Matt Kroc Dins 1st . strength training builds muscle.ut you 5ust got to loo/ at "owerlifters li/e Matt Kroc to see the truth. strongman and ?lym"ic lifters L you+ll see that these guys almost always loo/ more muscular than the guys doing those silly bodybuilding routines from muscle maga4ines$ -he irony$ .$S$ routinesG -he large ma5ority get nowhere and that+s why they quit going to the gym within months Ba minority gets results. nor are they indicators of "rogress$ -his means you don+t have to do all those "ainful su"ersets. and that strength training alone won+t cut it$ . you won+t be gaining muscle L end of story$ The $ronic 6ifference Bet+een Body(uilders And Strength Trainers If you train in a commercial gym li/e I did for 5 years. =owerlifter Matt Kroc. what you will notice is that most guys rarely train their legs$ Some even never train them at all the 7a"tain I""er bodies as I call them.odybuilding 7om"etition Muscle maga4ines will tell you you need to get sore and "um"ed to build muscle.

*nother e!am"le. R#00lbs Deadlifter$ >e!t. Kir/ Karwos/i$ H time world "owerlifting cham"ion and I=. ?lym"ic @old Medalist Strength trainers are almost always more muscular than bodybuilders because muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ 3et most guys get confused by the su"er heavy 23 . 6ussian "owerlifter Konstantin Konstantinovs who until recently held the world record of the raw deadlift at #&#lbs$ %ow many guys doing those silly bodybuilding routines and machine wor/ end u" loo/ing li/e thisG Konstantin Konstantinovs. 1001lb Squatter *nd this doesn+t ha""en with 5ust "owerlifters$ 9oo/ at the "hysique of ?lym"ic 9ifter Ivan Stoitsov from . gold medalist at the Dorld 7ham"ionshi"s in '00)$$$ Ivan Stoitsov. world record holder in the Squat with 1001lbs in the 1'5/g weight class$ E7a"tain Kir/F isn+t 5ust frea/y strong. he also has a "owerful "hysique to bac/ it u"$ 9oo/ at him$ 7a"tain Kir/.ulgary.

H!<wee/ in the "ool or he would get fat$ Same with *merican . I eat a lot of #cConald)s and fast foods.olt.ut there+s another im"ortant reason why some "owerlifters. :Like o! muc #cConald)sA. sugary loaden energy drin/s and white bread$ -his guy also li/es to "arty. "anca/es. it is well /nown that world class athletes are notorious bad dieters$ *s an e!am"le. ?lym"ic lifting and Strongman com"etitions who are L I admit L often EfatF$ ?ne e!am"le is the '! ?lym"ic gold medalist %ossein 6e4a4adeh who com"eted at &5(lbs at the '004 Summer ?lym"ics in *thens$ %e is indeed EfatF$ %ossein 6e4a4adeh. world record holder of the 100m s"rint. but a layer of fat covers them$ 6eali4e strength gains requires o"timal recovery which largely de"ends on your food inta/e$ Some guys ta/e the 5un/ food route because it ma/es getting a lot of calories easier$ Dhile I do not agree with this a""roach to nutrition. strongman and ?lym"ic lifters are fat they 5ust don+t careJ 6eali4e they+re involved in a strength s"ort where the winner is determined by who lifts the most weight.altimore . :Bell. consider the E.. I will show you a more healthier a""roach to dieting$ . I usually get t ree dou%le c eese%urgers. as you+ll discover in the coming months. &! ?lym"ic gold medalist Isain . not who has the most ri""ed abs$ 3et this does not mean that there+s no muscle underneath the fat$ 24 .ruce 7arter who has set I>7 linebac/er records in the =ower 7lean B&)4lbsC and the vertical 5um" B40$5 inchesC$ -he '&( "ounder has also been cloc/ed at 4$&# in the 40 and bench "resses 440lbs$ Ouote from an interview$$$ :@o! strict are you a%out dietA. Michael =hel"s. not very.ootball "layer . large tea and a six3piece #cNuggets. medium fries.. :&lmost every day. 14! ?lym"ic gold medalist$ -he >3 times re"orted in *ugust '00( that his diet consisted mainly of "i44as. '! gold medalist$ -he reason some strength trainers are fat is because of their bad diet$ -hese guys have huge amounts of muscle as a result of their training. is also a chic/en nuggets lover$ *nd while there+s no "roblem with eating 5un/ food a few times "er wee/ BI do eat and li/e McDonald+sC massive amounts of 5un/ food every single day is "ure la4iness and as/ing for health "roblems$ -hat+s why.ulletF. drin/s and has been caught smo/ing marihuana$ I say he+s luc/y to s"end Hh<day. %ut I do !ork out real ard.weight athletes in =owerlifting. I don)t t ink eating ealt y as far as eating salads and t at stuff really !orks for me.

muscle siAe is directly related to strength gains $ -his is a scientific. Squatted #&5lbs and Deadlifted )40lbs$ Dave also used to be a notorious bad dieter. for health reasons.*s an e!am"le. McDonald+s and Snic/ers$ ?ne day. eating massive amounts of "o" tarts. consider "owerlifter Dave -ate who . anecdotal. the guys who train for strength and eat right are almost always loo/ing more li/e bodybuilders than the guys doing isolation s"lit routines using machines without a strength focus$ I+ve stressed why over and over already. he decided to clean his diet$ =ay attention to his "hysique transformation below$$$ #&5lb Squatter Dave -ate before and after losing fat %is muscles were always there$ 3ou 5ust couldn+t see them because a layer of fat covered them$ %ere+s why. you will lose fat Byes there+s more to it. Squatted #&0lbs and Deadlifted )&5lbs$ 7hec/ his "hysique transformation after he decided to "ay closer attention to his diet$ )00lbs . but that+s what it always comes down toC$ *nother e!am"le is =owerlifter<strongman Dave @ulledge$ %e has . muscle mass is directly related to strength gains while EdefinitionF is a matter of diet L calories in vs$ calories out$ If you eat less calories than your body burns.enched H10lbs.ench =ressed over )00lbs. "roven fact that you can not ignore$ 25 .encher Dave @ulledge before and after losing fat -his is the ironic difference between bodybuilders and strength trainers.

you may start to believe that you actually need su""lements and ama4ing genetics$ *gain. but only ' months "er year before com"etition to avoid muscle loss when dro""ing body fat.$S$ routines.ut this doesn+t mean that naturals won+t gain muscle if they train for strength$ In fact. and they+re using massive amounts of it$ Dhy do you thin/ 6onnie 7oleman com"eted at &05lbs at 5+11F while Schwar4enegger com"eted at only '&5lbs at H+'F almost &5y earlier$ -hese guys both trained the same way. he was )0lbs lighter than the genetically enhanced mutant 6onnie 7oleman$ 26 .ei5ing as a result$ . the secret to gaining muscle is adding weight to the bar$ 3ou have to get stronger to build muscle$ *nd whether you ta/e steroids or not. May 7utler$ 7utler "laced 'nd every single year and only started to win when 7oleman retired$ %ow come 7oleman always wonG Dhat made the differenceG Dhat was his secretG . could deadlift over )00lbs and are considered genetic frea/s$ . and in much smaller dosages than today$ -he difference is shoc/ing. (! Mr ?lym"ia 6onnie 7oleman won 4! in a row against his main com"etitor..ut then why was 7oleman )0lbs heavier than Schwar4enegger.ing Genetics-. you will waste a lot of time and effort and ma/e 4ero muscle gains$ Dorse. if you train naturally li/e me and do one of those muscle maga4ine ..But Those Guys All se !teroi"s### $oes This %or& 'or ())* +aturals %ithout Ama. I+ll tell you what it+s not L >?. who was taller and the best guy of his timeG Dhy was 6onnie 7oleman )0lbs heavier than *rnoldG -he reason the Mr ?lym"ia today has turned into this frea/ show of &00lbs behemoths with huge guts. the o""osite is true.efore I give you the answer. won+t change anything about that$ -he stronger guy is always going to be the one with the most im"ressive gains$ *s an e!am"le.“. 9et+s be honest here several of the guys I listed have tested "ositive on steroids or have admitted using them$ *rnold Schwar4enegger revealed in an interview in 1#)4 that he used steroids$ So did Dave @ulledge admit steroid use$ Aven Ivan Stoitsov was tested "ositive for steroids and was banned from the '00( ?lym"ics in . is that they+re using massively amounts of steroids$ 3es Schwar4enegger used steroids.steroids$ -hese guys both have access to the latest cutting edge steroids.

in5ury causing bodybuilding routines that I did for 5 years because I didn+t /now any better$ 27 . time consuming. but won+t admit it$ -hese guys may be a lot bigger than you even though they Squat only half the weight you will on the "rogram you+re about to begin$ It+s the steroids that allow them to get big even though they aren+t strong$ Most guys dramatically underestimate steroids use$ I trained 5 years in a commercial gym and was good friends with many of the bouncers training there$ *ll those bouncers were using steroids. H$)F wristsC and I assure you I have better results not 5ust in strength but also in "hysique since I no longer do those silly. it was actually assumed that we were using steroids while we were one of the few naturals$ -his is the world we live in today$ Some "eo"le will assume that if you accom"lished something through hard wor/. because we loo/ed better and lifted more weight than all those steroid users who had yo yo muscle gains on and off their cycle and who never did any Squats and Deadlifts$ Made no sense to us to use steroids$ Ouic/ side note. couldn+t do single =ush u". while you can find youtube videos of 7utler struggling with 405lbs $$$ at &10lbs body weightJ I+m only 1)0lbs and I Deadlift 405lbs any time with ease$ 7utler is a wea/ling and that+s why he lost every single time until 7oleman finally retired$ May 7utler "ulling only 400lbs while 6onnie 7oleman "ulls (00lbs -he guy who uses steroids can get away with silly high re" isolation s"lit routines because the drugs are telling his body to gain muscle$ It doesn+t matter how he trains. yes training for strength will wor/ for naturals without ama4ing genetics$ I+m 1002 natural and was born with hardgainer genetics B1'0lbs at age 15. everything will ma/e him grow muscle$ 3ou should therefore watch out with the advice coming from gymbros who often use steroids. and several sold them$ I estimate that about (02 of the guys in that gym were using steroids too$ My mentor and I never did. you somehow EcheatedF$ Aither with steroids or better genetics or whatever that ma/es them feel better about their lac/ of gains$ It+s envy and 5ealousy of what you can do and they can+t$ Ignore those crabs$ So the answer the original question.*nd yet the rules haven+t changed$ -he stronger guy will always have the most im"ressive muscle gains even when using steroids$ *nd that was 6onny 7oleman+s secret$ %e won the Mr ?lym"ia title 4! in a row against his main com"etitor May 7utler because 7oleman could Deadlift (00lbs for ' re"s.

I+d have to start eating more calories than my body burns$ . nor do I have any need or want to be the biggest guy in the grou" Beven though almost all my friends are way taller than meC$ I feel comfortable with my body and only care about gaining strength$ >ow if I would decide to weigh more. *rnold only weighed '&5lbs$ Maybe you /now one of those s/inny guys who trains H!<wee/. but I have no issues wal/ing shirtless or undressing when getting intimate with a woman.ran/ly.ut maybe you don+t want to become bul/y li/e that. or because you do a s"ort li/e climbing where a higher body weight can wor/ against you$ . I+ve reached a "oint where I+m confident about the way I loo/$ .ut since I+m only 5+(F and born with hardgainer li/e genetics Bmy wrists are only H+)FC I would most li/ely never get heavier than a lean 1#0lbs anyway L unless I start 28 .oeving admits that cover guys use drugs$ *nd remember. 3 7hristian .D on the left. drin/s & sha/es every day. I+m not bul/y L I wear &' si4e "ants and si4e 9 shirts Beuro"ean si4esC$ 9oo/ at my full body "ictures below$ Me Deadlifting 4H'lbs at 1)0lbs . I+ve been lifting weights since 1### and so far Squat 400lbs and Deadlift 500lbs$ 3et while everybody notices that I lift weights.#o+ to Gain !uscle Without Getting Bulky So far I+ve mostly showed you "hysiques of guys who got e!tremely big with strength training$ . you 5ust want to become stronger and muscular while staying lean$ -his may be because you do a s"ort li/e bo!ing where you have to ma/e certain weight classes. I don+t thin/ I loo/ s"ecial.irst some myth debun/ing L lifting weights will >?. yet never gains a single "ound$ Dhy do you thin/ he can+t gain weightG .ut to get bul/y you need to gain weight$ *nd the only way you+re going to gain weight is if you start eating more calories than your body burns$ 9ifting weights only won+t get you there$ *dd the genetic limit on how much muscle you can add to your frame naturally that largely de"ends on your build and bone structure$ *s an e!am"le. I only weigh 1)0lbs at 5+(F$ In case you wonder why I don+t weigh more L because after gaining 50lbs and losing those man boobs and belly bulge that I was embarrassed about. yet not bul/y$ %ow come I+m not bul/y even though I+m stronger than most guysG ?ne because I+m 1002 natural I never used steroids$ %ec/ I don+t even use whey$ -wo.ma/e you bul/y unless you start eating more$ 3ou will never be able to become li/e 6onnie 7oleman as long as you train naturally$ 3ou will also never turn into one of those ')0lbs behemoths featured on the cover of muscle maga4ines$ Datch the documentary :$igger Stronger +aster.ecause he doesn+t get that he needs to eat more calories than his body burns to gain weight$ 3ou do need to get stronger to gain muscle$ .

!ill never ac ieve t is level of development t roug out all of t eir muscle groups 3 and measurements taken at ig er %ody fat levels do not reflect true muscular development. #ost people.ottom line. and some don+t want to acce"t it.or a guy with )F wrists and #F an/les who wants to achieve a muscular body with 102 body fat. it !ill take years of dedicated.your lean body mass. which e!"lains why I often get guys or girls as/ing me if I lift weights or something Bmy girlfriend as/ed me the first time she saw me. D5E represents good lifetime goals for most genetically typical. :In reality. and it was winter with me wearing a woolen turtlenec/C$ -his is a tough "ill to gras" for most guys because they+re brainwashed by these muscle maga4ines who /ee" showing guys weighing ')0lbs$ *dd the Mr ?lym"ia com"etitions with guys li/e 6onnie 7oleman and May 7utler weighing over &00lbs and then the su"er heavy weights in "owerlifting.utt =hd. nor do I care.ranco 7olumbo won the Mr ?lym"ia at only 1(0lbs$ -hese guys where the best of their times. but loo/ing at the "ics it+s clear that it+s fairly low and I weigh 1)0lbs$ So while I may not thin/ that I loo/ that s"ecial. including c ampions.. for a lot of "eo"le I do. you will not get bul/y overnight by 5ust touching a barbell$ -o get bul/y. 6eg =ar/ is a good e!am"le of the /ind of lean "hysique that you could accom"lish naturally$ . drug3free trainees. 6eg =ar/$ %e was born before steroids e!isted and weighed '14lbs at H+'F when he won the Mr Iniverse in 1#51$ 7onsidering Dr 7asey .utt =hd. If you reac D5E of most of t ese predictions 3 in lean condition 3 you !ill stand out in almost any gym. but there+s a genetic muscular limit$ Dhy do you thin/ com"etitors in drug free bodybuilding com"etitions never weigh more than '00lbs. productive training for most genetically typical trainees to even approac t ese predictions. author of :2our #uscular -otential.: -a/e #02 of my genetic limit of 1#0lbs and you get 1)1lbs$ I have no idea what my body fat is. strongman and olym"ic lifting who often weigh &50lbs$ 3ou can+t forget that *rnold Schwar4enegger only weighed '&5lbs at H+'F when he won the Mr ?lym"ia com"etition$ %is training "artner . this is your total body weight when you ste" on the scale for your given height and at 102 body fat$ Ouote from Dr 7asey . has analy4ed anthro"ometric measurements of more than &00 drug free cham"ion bodybuilders and strength athletes from 1#4) to '00)$ *fter H years of research he has come u" with a set of equations to measure your genetic "otential based on your height$ .utt+s equations of what is "ossible for naturals. this is the ma!imum body weight you can achieve naturally according to his data$$$ • • • • 5+(F TU ma! 1#0lbs 5+10F TU ma! 1##lbs H+0F TU ma! '0)lbs H+'F TU ma! '1Hlbs -his is >?.d look like a fitness model. In fact.ta/ing steroids or let my body fat increase$ Most guys don+t reali4e this. yet they+d loo/ Es/innyF com"ared to the heavy weights today$ *nd *rnold admitted using Balthough small dosesC of steroids$ -he most im"ortant guy you need to remember though is *rnold+s mentor. you 29 . &t a lean D7E you. with most com"etitors in the 1H5lbs weight classG 3ou 5ust don+t get to &00lbs li/e 6onnie 7oleman naturally$ Dr 7asey .

D*$ Su""lements will never be more than "owdered foods$ =rofit margins are obviously huge when you sell "eo"le "ills that do nothing. eat lots of healthy foods. . and the "hysique will ta/e care of itself L you won+t turn bul/y.act is. *rnold Schwar4enegger could Deadlift )10lbs before he became )! Mr ?lym"ia$ *nd I assure you you wonQt get that strong by switching e!ercises. this is obviously going to hurt your strength gains$ Must get strong. 5ustifying this by claiming that it is im"erative to confuse your muscles$ -he truth is that muscle confusion is a mar/eting gimmic/ intended to ma/e you buy each new issue of that maga4ine$ Dhy do you thin/ they feature a new Ewor/outF each monthG *nd why do you thin/ there are now also websites that have started to give you their Ewor/out of the dayF or Ewor/out of the wee/FG -heyQre all shamelessly trying to get you hoo/ed so you come bac/ for more$ . that+s why they can s"end so much money on outrageous advertising$ >ot all maga4ines are of course owned by su""lements com"anies$ . but not bul/y$ If anything. most guys I+ve coached are severely under weight by at least '0lbs and need to eat more$ I often see guys being afraid of eating a lot. the fat loss that will occur as a result from gaining strength will ma/e you loo/ smaller at the same body weight because muscle is denser than fat$ *s you can see on the "icture right$ 5lbs of muscle ta/es less s"ace than 5lbs of fat$ So you will loo/ more athletic at the same weight$ . almost all ma5or muscle maga4ines own or are owned by a su""lement com"any$ Men+s . lift more weight than you did last time$ >ow theyQre confused$ 30 .have to eat more calories than your body burns$ If you don+t eat more on "ur"ose. hereQs a sim"le way to achieve this. so you eventually start to believe that su""lements are truly the missing ingredient$ . and thus "ut the maga4ine out of business$ Some maga4ines don+t run su""lement ads at all$ 3et they will still mislead you with their Ewor/out of the monthF in every issue. these maga4ines are "lain advertisements disguised as information$ -he bad news is that most su""lements are useless$ -he ones who claim drug li/e results can+t wor/ or they+d be classified as drugs by the . sets and re"s all the time$ 3ou 5ust canQt master technique or trac/ gains efficiently$ . you+ll 5ust get muscular$ &ou:"e Been Lied ToC %ere+s the truth.inally. you won+t turn into a fatto. if you really want to confuse your muscles. you will get muscular from doing heavy free weight com"ound e!ercises.le! and Sha"e maga4ine are all owned by Deider @lobal >utrition.ut almost all of them have su""lement ads and rely on them for their revenue$ It would be very stu"id for them to tell you that su""lements don+t wor/ as it would offend the com"anies s"ending tens of thousands of dollars each month on ads. a ma5or su""lement com"any founded by Moe Deider himself$ -hese maga4ines will on "ur"ose "ut you on those isolation s"lit routines that only wor/ if you were born with ama4ing genetics or if you+re using steroids$ -heir goal is for you to not get any results.ut itQs not because muscle confusion sells that it also wor/s$ It is a scientific fact that muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ 6emember.itness.ran/ly.

does it yield any /ind of results e!ce"t throwing u" your brea/fastG If you ever hired one of those "ersonal trainers. "laying on your an!ieties about your body and se!ual "erformance$ -his illustrated by their relentless focus on develo"ing Ethe "erfect bodyF as illustrated by their covers featuring celebrities with H "ac/s abs and roc/ hard chest muscles$ Dhat they won+t tell you is that those "ictures are all "hoto sho""ed. "lain idiots$ -hey waste "eo"le+s money and time with dangerous inadequate routines$ Many trainers want to ma/e their clients suffer$ -hey+ll ta/e a fat guy with 4ero endurance and ma/e him do %II-$ ?bviously. that will get you "lenty of wor/ as you+ll discover in the ne!t months$ -his is why they get sued 31 .ran/ly. because the radical methods they had to use to get in sha"e are unsustainable$ Must loo/ how @erard .arbados$ loo/ li/e that year through.utler turned into a fat lard 4 years after starring in the movie &00 for which he had to do those e!tremely grueling metcons wor/outs$ -his is >?.ecause they+re clueless.S"arta. that+s why$ Must loo/ at that "icture of this guy doing barbell squats while standing on a swiss ball$ >ow I might have done 400lbs Squats with my hi"s going lower than my /nees which those idiot trainers will claim is dangerous but I will >?.qualified$ Dhy do fitness industry statistics show that (02 of the guys who set out to be "ersonal trainers quit within ' yearsG . this is 6A*9I-3$ Why ersonal Trainers Get Sued -hen there are the "ersonal trainers$ *lmost all of them are. I+d be thin/ing the e!act same thing$ I have often said that the best training "rogram is the one you stic/ to$ Dell you don+t teach someone to build the habit of e!ercising by ma/ing him "u/e on his very first day$ =ersonal trainers who li/e to ma/e you suffer are >?. lift heavy barbells.utler in E&00F and 4y later on holiday in . quite bluntly. you /now that they made you feel li/e achieving the body you want would be hard$ It+s not your fault if you feel li/e quitting. you+ll get anyone tired and fatigued that way.. and the cover guys went on a s"ecial diet and training "rogram to get in sha"e for that "hotoshoot$ -hose guys do not @erard .Squat while standing on a swiss ball$ -hat is 5ust "lain stu"id and as/ing for in5uries$ If you want to train your stabili4ing muscles. muscle maga4ines are doing to guys li/e you what maga4ines li/e cosmo"olitan have been doing to women for years. that+s really easy$ -he question is.

technique. you shouldn+t trust "eo"le who can+t "rovide you with actual "roof that they really /now what they+re tal/ing about$ >ow I want to switch gears and tal/ about what I believe is the most "owerful training strategy to gain muscle and strength$ -he 5!5 method$$$ 32 . nutrition and most im"ortant.efore<after "ictures and testimonials. it+s that easy$ -he worst "art is that almost all those "ersonal trainers who get certified never continue educating themselves$ -hey only care about ma/ing money and don+t understand that they should invest a large amount of that into education$ I read 100 boo/s "er year.or a few hundreds of dollars you can go to one of those "ersonal training boot cam"s and get certified in only ' days$ >ow do you really thin/ it is "ossible to learn everything there is to learn about how to coach "eo"le L "rogramming. motivation in only 4( hoursG -his isn+t 5ust about holding a cli"board and counting some re"s$ 3et this is what the fitness industry has come down to$ It no longer matters if you had any former training e!"erience$ 3ou 5ust have to be willing to "ut the money down$ *nd for some e!tra money and a yearly fee you can o"en your own gym within a wee/$ 3es.ran/ly. are therefore absolutely critical$ .ut the trainer himself couldn+t do this without quasimodo form if you+d as/ him$ -he most im"ortant question you should as/ yourself is L once again will this get me resultsG 7ertifications have become meaningless$ .My guess is "ersonal trainers want to a""ear cutting edge to you. there is 5ust nobody else who will be able to show you as much actual and documented real world "roof as I have included in this boo/$ I challenge you to find one$ *nd /ee" in mind I didn+t even include everything I have in order to /ee" this boo/ to reasonable si4e$ I don+t tell that to be arrogant or to brag. hundreds$ Dhat do they readG -hat nonsense in muscle maga4ines I+ll tell you$ -he "roblem is that clients don+t /now the difference$ *nybody can read a boo/ and "ass some tests. as/ for actual and documented "roof that he has hel"ed other guys achieve the same /ind of results$ It is one thing to accom"lish results yourself. but it+s "utting all that /nowledge and ma/ing real "eo"le transform their body and life that turns you into a highly sought after coach$ Does that "ersonal trainer loo/ fitG Is he a bice"s boy with H "ac/ abs but s/inny legsG Do you see him do Squats and DeadliftsG If the answer is no to one of more of these questions. li/e the do4ens of "ictures and the 51 success stories I+ve included in this boo/. and that+s why they will ma/e you "ull a weight or "ush it overhead while you have to stand on one leg on a bosu ball$ . but to illustrate this "oint. avoid him$ If the answer is yes. but it is a com"letely different thing to ma/e others achieve the e!act same results$ .

=age intentionally left blan/ +++)stronglifts)com 33 .

StrongLifts /0/: The 1ltimate Strength and !uscle Building rogram A.T $$ 34 .

a structure. and I definitely do not ta/e credit for it$ *ll the research I+ve done has lead me to *rnold Schwar4enegger+s mentor. the secret to this "rogram is >?. could Deadlift )05lbs. &(1lbs =ress and eventually 5(0lbs .rit 6eg =ar/ trained in Ad 3aric/+s @ym in 1#4# when he visited the west coast during his H months tri" to *merica$ So he must have met Doug %e"burn and Steve 6eeves who were training there$ =ar/ actually com"eted against 6eeves for the Mr Iniverse title in 1#50 and lost to him$ So while I haven+t been able to find "roof that 6eg =ar/ learned the 5!5 method from Doug %e"burn Band I fran/ly 35 .ench =ress 500lbs in 1#5)G Dell the 1 st guy who achieved this feat in 1#5& was the 7anadian Dorld 7ham"ion weight lifter and '! gold medalist Doug %e"burn B)H0lb Squat. Squat 5'5lbs and =ress &4'lbsC$ Dhy is all of this interestingG . who was born 'y before 6eg =ar/. *nd that is really what this is about$ >obody /nows who invented this training method. who was the first guy to "ublish the 5!5 method in his boo/ Strengt F $ulk Training for Beig t Lifters F $ody $uilders >GD87?. highest "aid actor in Auro"e at the "ea/ of his careerC and ?lym"ic cham"ion Mohn Davis B'! gold medalist and H! senior world weightlifting cham"ion. 1st guy to ever .enchC$ Dell turns out that %e"burn. )05lbs Deadlift.What The #eck $s This /0/ !ethod Any+ay% 5!5 stands for 5 sets of 5 re"s which is what you+ll be doing on the "rogram that I+m about to share$ Im"ortant to note is that while I urge you to do the "rogram e!actly as laid out. -his boo/ contained the secret training system =ar/ had used to develo" his world class "hysique and strength. a frame!ork. also used the 5!5 training method to gain strength$ Doug %e"burn.ench =ress 500lbs Aven more interesting is that Doug %e"burn trained in Ad 3aric/+s @ym in ?a/land 7alifornia$ -his "lace "roduced some of the greatest bodybuilding and strength cham"ions the world has ever /nown li/e bodybuilder and actor Steve 6eeves BMr Iniverse 1#50. and that *rnold Schwar4enegger later successfully co"ied L the 5!5 method$ >ow here+s what+s interesting$ 6emember when I said that 6eg =ar/ was the ' nd guy to ever .ecause the .. 6eg =ar/.the 5 sets of 5$ 7oach @lenn =endlay MS IS*D who uses this training system with his winning gold medal ?lym"ic athletes once called the 5!5 method :a p ilosop y.

don+t really care who invented this method eitherC. I researched how to boost my strength once bac/ in .elgium$ -here was a guy nic/named :Ho n Smit .ut to me the idea of Squatting &!<wee/ was 5ust cra4y$ I /new how brutal training legs was. . Starr was the ?lym"ic 7oach for the . Deadlifts. "artly gym "oliticsC$ I eventually found a new gym which had a Squat 6ac/$ It was 015. es"ecially since the 5!5 method didn+t call for high re"s which I believe were crucial for EdefinitionF$ -he other thing was the whole idea of Squatting &!<wee/$ I was one of the few guys in my gym to train my legs$ My mentor had introduced me to Squats in Manuary '000 and I had done them every single wee/ ever since$ . but I was s/e"tic L it 5ust sounded to good to be true$ . no high re"s.altimore 7olts when they won the Su"erbowl in 1#)0. no failure training$ Must adding weight to the bar "rogressively$ -he "remise. I often had sore legs for ) days$ Squatting &! "er wee/ was as/ing for overtraining.ench =ressed R500lbs 1 and who has a master in A!ercise =hysiology with a concentration in endocrinology through the Kansas State Iniversity 1 and who has "ublished articles in several "eer reviewed 5ournals$ -his 5!5 method loo/ed good on "a"er. it+s way 36 .ac/ then. I believed in training 1 muscle "er wee/ ma!$ So I dismissed the 5!5 method and did other stuff$ -he turnover ha""ened in March '004 when I got /ic/ed out of the gym where I trained at for 5 years B"artly my fault. 6ows and =resses$ >o isolation e!ercises. there weren+t any stores selling 6ac/s in . Maryland and Mohn %o"/in. I was convinced that you need isolation e!ercises li/e bice"s curls and calf raises to Esha"eF muscles because that+s what I had done for 5 years$ *nd I was also afraid that I+d lose the "hysique I had built if I would do com"ounds only. on this forum whose training method revolved around 5 sets of 5 re"s of Squats. it is "ossible that this was the case$ Dhat is sure is that . in *ugust '00& I lost at armwrestling to some guys during my holiday in -ur/ey Bread "age 1HC$ %umiliated. with fi!ed sleeves and which already bent at '50lbs$ -heir 45lbs "lates weren+t ?lym"ic ones with a 1)F diameter.ill Starr "o"ulari4ed the 5!5 method years later in his boo/ T e Strongest S all Survive >GD98?. gain strength and muscle training only &!<wee/$ I was training 5!<wee/J -his Mohn Smith guy later turned out to be ?lym"ic 7oach @lenn =endlay MS IS*D who has so far "roduced #) national cham"ions 1 whose athletes have bro/en '0 *merican records and won '0 medals in international com"etitions 1 who has Squatted R(00lbs.00 "er month more e!"ensive and further from my "lace than my "revious gym but since I needed to train somewhere. I 5oined in *"ril '004$ 3et I never felt home there$ -his was a much more commercial gym than my old one$ -hey didn+t have any ?lym"ic barbells but smaller &0lbs bars without middle /nurling. but those small ones$ -ry to Deadlift li/e that$ It sure frustrated me$ & months later I saw on a dutch training forum "ictures of this guy+s new home gym$ .ran/ly. but if you loo/ed at it closely this was the good old 5!5 method 6eg =ar/ had "ublished almost ' decades before him$ ') years later. Deadlifted R)00lbs. and national record holder in =owerlifting and ?lym"ic lifting$ Starr called his training strategy :T e $ig T ree. the strength coach of several universities including %awaii. so I was stunned when I saw this guy had a =ower 6ac/$ I discovered I could get a full setu" for 0'500 B>?-A.elgium.

finally vanished$ . that I accumulated from overem"hasi4ing certain body "arts with those imbalanced routines for years. and eliminated all questions regarding how much weight they should start with$ 3ou no longer needed to calculate your wor/ weight based off your 16M that you may not even /now anyway. hobbies. familyC D%I9A getting better results than I had ever had before *>D without all that "ainful failure training and sore legs$ I obviously never went bac/ to bodybuilding after this$ *nd when my friends now came to me for training advice. I added my own twist to the 5!5 method. since you+re starting light. shoulders and u""er bac/ which had always been lagging finally started to catch u"$ I never overtrained from Squatting &!<wee/ and my nagging lower bac/ and shoulder "ain.chea"er today a friend of mine bought the same setu" last year for less than 01000C$ It was a big investment. which obviously increases motivation$ Success breeds success. but I had no o"tions$ I also figured that if I could build this body once. and in most cases lead to stalling too early and losing motivation as a result$ -o "revent guys from quitting the "rogram because of their own ego+s getting in the way. you can add weight each wor/out for a long time without stalling. done$ Most im"ortant. I could do it again so I had nothing to lose$ I remember considering going to the commercial gym 1!<wee/ to hit my chest and arms with isolation e!ercises if I would ever lose definition or Esha"eF$$$ Dell that never ha""ened$ -o my own ama4ement. you 5ust start with the em"ty bar and "rogress from there. allowed them to focus on technique rather than weight.ut the best "art was really that I was saving an incredible amount of time$ I went from training 5!<wee/ for at least 'h<day to training only &!<wee/ for about 1h$ -hat meant I was now saving at least &H4 hours of gym time or 15 days "er year$ I now had more time to have a life outside of the gym Bfriends. but I /new that I+d get my money bac/ within & years by saving on gym fee and fuel driving bac/ S forth$ *dd all the time I+d save and freedom I+d gain$ I ordered my home gym which I installed in my "arent+s garage where I still train today$ -he only "roblem was that I no longer had access to machines or cables now that I was training at home$ So I loo/ed for a routine that would fit$ -his brought me bac/ to the 5!5 method I had discovered through @lenn =endlay e!actly 1y earlier$ >ow I was still s/e"tic. including myself when I first started. I didn+t lose any si4e or definition on my arms or chest after I started to focus on strength using the 5!5 method$ I actually started to loo/ stronger. enforcing starting with the em"ty barbell$ -his eliminated the issue of starting too heavy. not missing a single wor/out early on is invaluable$ Strong9ifts 5!5 was born$ 37 . you see the weight increase each wor/out so you /now the "rogram is wor/ing and that /ee"s you going and even crave for more$ -his is the reason why almost nobody ever s/i"s a wor/out the first 1' wee/s when a""roaching the 5!5 method using the em"ty bar strategy that I came u" with$ *nd when you /now that consistency is the real secret to 9?>@ 9*S-I>@ success. denser than before which is what *rnold meant B"age 1HC$ My "hysique also became more balanced. was to start way too heavy -he result. my trice"s. e!treme soreness from Squats which in some cases lead to missed wor/outs in wee/ 1. I gave them the 5!5 method$ I quic/ly discovered that a ma5or mista/e everybody made.

I decided to ta/e control over my own life L I started see/ing for an Eo""ortunityF$ I began reading a lot. being forced to wor/ harder every year. I do not wor/ from my /itchen table in my underwear because that+s not my style. but I could if I wanted$ I+m writing this from my a"artment not so far from . wor/ing shifts and wee/ends. you+d "robably never guess if you+d see me.elgiumF$ @ood "ay. it would "robably be easier for you because Anglish isn+t even my "rimary language B. and eventually stumbled on the conce"t of EblogsF in *ugust '00H$ I had never heard of blogs before. not being a""reciated for all of this. I thin/ I would have laughed in your face L but here I am$ It still ama4es me today that I didn+t thin/ earlier of ma/ing a living with everything I /new$ %ere+s why. but I+m a bit of a nerd L I studied I. many benefits. I was wor/ing li/e a robot doing the e!act same thing each day. but I li/ed the conce"t of ma/ing a living by hel"ing "eo"le to solve their "roblems$ *fter all. large com"any with '0/ em"loyees. where I have made tens of thousands of dollars during the last several years$ I have achieved the EfantasyF of ma/ing a ton of money from a home based.Who -lse Wants to !ake !oney 2uick And -asyD Sitting At &our Eitchen Ta(leD $n &our 1nder+ear% ?/ay. this is what I had been doing as a tech su""ort since '00'. so I had the s/ills$ -he only thing I needed was a to"ic to blog about$$$ ) months later I met my mentor at a "arty.00<year salary increase in return. stable contract.elgium is one of the to" 5 countries in the world with the highest income ta! than/s to those damn socialistsC$ -hat was my life for 5 years$ I didn+t want to wait until H5 to have fun$ I wanted to be free to wor/ when I wanted and how I wanted$ Most im"ortant L I wanted to be rewarded for wor/ing hard$ So rather than letting myself get de"ressed or waiting for someone to /noc/ on my door to ma/e my life better. easy. sitting at my des/ in my s"ort "ants and a . getting a silly 0)5.ill @ates I+m a college dro"out$ I quit my studies in my ' nd year and then landed a 5ob in E7or"orate . but that I had no idea which to"ic to blog about$ My mentor re"lied. wasn+t learning anything new and felt as if I was getting dumb and dumber by the minute$ I didn+t li/e 5ust Egetting byF I felt I could do more with my life than what I was doing and craved for some sort of challenge$ *ll my attem"ts at "romotion failed largely due to dumb cor"orate "olitics$ I felt Estuc/F and started to hate my 5ob$ Imagine having to commute ' hours each day. but then having to give bac/ 5)$&2 B. if you would have told me 5 years ago that I would become the most e!"ensive strength coach in the world.rench isC$ >ow I can understand if all of this may sound hard to believe because. reaching 15 million of guys through my website in only & years. 38 . fran/ly.shirt.and 5ust li/e .russels. "leasant business doing something that I+m "assionate about$ -here+s nothing really s"ecial about what I do and I honestly believe that you could do it too if you wanted$ %ec/. guaranteed to have a good "ension later and damn fine colleagues who turned into close friends that I still see today$ Dhy would I give all of that u"G It was this mindset of wanting to im"rove at the gym that had gotten into other areas of my life$ I grew dissatisfied with my 5ob. the guy who introduced me to Squats in '000 and who had ta/en me under his wings for ' years$ I told him that I wanted to start a blog and then quit my 5ob.

5 years since I founded Strong9ifts$com which quic/ly established itself as the number 1 strength training resource in the world L 15 million guys reached in only &. wor/ing li/e a madman (5 hours a wee/.:2ou s ould make a %log a%out !eig t training. only to win$ *nd if I could ma/e this wor/. no /ids$ I had nothing to lose. starting out clueless. how and how much I want D%I9A doing something that I love$ -hat+s why I+m still often wor/ing )0h<wee/. I would most li/ely never find a 5ob li/e this again$ Some "eo"le told me to go for it because I had no debt.ut I could also not convince myself to do it because I 5ust didn+t thin/ this had a chance to wor/$ Most "eo"le said I shouldn+t do it because I had a good 5ob in a stable com"any. I+d be ma/ing a living doing something that I+m "assionate about.$S$ and clutter and with a definite standardi4ed a""roach$ I didn+t 5ust want to ma/e the very best website in the fitness niche. an unorgani4ed mess ran by sna/e oils$ -his is what convinced me to create a website about strength training. but that+s not that im"ortant for me$ Dhat is im"ortant is that I wor/ when. no wife. I wanted to ma/e the best one in the world$ Averything under one roof.5 years. com"licated. really li/e what I do and I would do it all for free if we didn+t live in a world were you have to "ay bills and ta!es$ My 5ourney with Strong9ifts$com has been similar to my weight training 5ourney. ta/ing each set until failure so you get "um"ed and sore. and more than '0. that would have saved me a lot of time and effort. without any /ind of social life$ >ot a day at the beach$ 3et I+d do it again$ *s I write this we+re a cou"le of days away from '011$ It+s been now &. and ta/e a load of e!"ensive su""lements on to" of it to get results$ It was all a confusing. I really. yet "ersisting until I got where I wanted Band I+m 5ust getting started reallyC$ If bad genetics held me bac/ as a lifter. I wrote my first article on the des/ ne!t to my bed at my "arent+s "lace$ I had fran/ly no idea what the hell I was or should be doing.. but I figured that if I would a""ly what I had learned from lifting weights L "ersistence L that I would eventually get where I wanted to be$ May 1&th '00) I resigned$ Strong9ifts$com wasn+t ma/ing any money yet. free of all the . doing a lot of dumb mista/es as a result. but I was fed u" with my 5ob$ 5 years was enough$ I lost all source of income and went bro/e for more than a year$ Most of that time I s"ent in that little room at my "arent+s "lace. wor/ing when I want and how I want$ I too/ me a while to reali4e that there was no other website that e!"lained how I trained$ Avery single one of them advocated those silly bodybuilding s"lit routines where you have to train H!<wee/ doing ') isolation e!ercises "er wor/out. earned well and was guaranteed to have a good "ension later$ If I quit. a "lace that I wish e!isted when started training. I couldn+t get the idea out of my head the wee/s after$ . It was as if a light bulb had gone on$ .000 Strong9ifts Members from more than 1() countries$ I obviously ma/e a lot more money now as a small business owner than when I was em"loyed and I have my own "lace. and that would have shortcut my success$ It was obvious I should do this$ *nd so ' wee/s later I registered the domain EStrong9iftsF and set as deadline May 1st '00)$ -he site went online on that date as "lanned. really. Anglish 39 .ut I didn+t say anything and stubbornly continued my e!"lanation because I thought this was a bad idea$ -here were too many websites on weight training already and L most im"ortant who am I anywayG *nd yet.

"rove it to you$ WA. a warning. ab crunches and calf raises are$ 3ou will be tem"ted to add e!ercises to target these body "arts$ 3ou will also be tem"ted to do &!( instead of 5!5 so you achieve more Edefinition. but I assure you it will turn e!tremely challenging as you "rogress$ -o avoid missing out on an incredible o""ortunity to transform your life for the better. the 5!5 method is "roven to wor/$ -his strategy was used by 6eg =ar/ and *rnold Schwar4enegger to build their world class "hysiques and strength$ It was used and is still being used by @lenn =endlay MS IS*D with his world class ?lym"ic athletes who have won gold medals and bro/en *merican records$ -his method is almost )0 years old and there are tens of thousands of success stories "roving that it wor/s$ * few do4ens of them are in this re"ort for you to e!amine$ I could actually have included hundreds of these success stories but I wanted to /ee" the length of this re"ort within reasonable si4e$ -hree. illogical. author of the bestseller T ink F 4ro! . you need to "atiently and carefully consider this training method that will at first seem dead wrong. irrational and unreasonable to you$ *nd remember what >a"oleon %ill. said$$$ :Neglecting to %roaden t eir vie! as kept some men doing one t ing all t eir lives. the most im"ortant one. and that+s why it too/ me a year to try this$ * full year$ 9uc/ily I gave it a try and it com"letely transformed my body and life$ -wo. -o encourage you. is that the only real way to find out if this method wor/s. it would have shortcut my success$ Maybe one day I+ll be teaching that too$ >ow all that bragging has a "oint why the hec/ has Strong9ifts$com become so "o"ular. 5!5 does loo/ easy on "a"er. the method you+re about to discover is going to be radically different from anything you+ve seen before$ 3ou will be s/e"tic$ 3ou will tem"ted to instantly re5ect it$ 3ou will find it contrary and challenging to what you+ve been taught and may have done before$ 3ou will wonder where the frigging arm curls. I was the biggest 5!5 s/e"tic ever$ 5 years of bodybuilding s"lit routines had brainwashed me into this idea that you need isolation e!ercises for & sets of ( re"s until failure to gain muscle$ I couldn+t believe that I would be able to Squat &!<wee/.ic .'$'G 3es.F even though I stressed in this re"ort that muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains and that definition is fat loss BdietC$ 3ou will also underestimate this method$ 3ou will thin/ that & e!ercises "er wor/out is not enough$ 3ou will want to add e!ercises and train more than &!<wee/$ 3ou+ll be tem"ted to start with more weight than 5ust a silly em"ty bar$ I warn you. is by giving it a honest try for 1' wee/s$ De can tal/ a lot about why this method wor/s. it too/ me tens of thousands of hours of writing to get to the level where I am today$ *nd I really wished I would have had someone to guide me on my way. I want you to /ee" & im"ortant things in mind$ ?ne. but at the end of the day the "roof is in the "udding$ 3ou got to actually try it to believe it$ 40 . and will..not being my "rimary language held me bac/ as an entre"reneur$ 5 years ago I couldn+t even write a grocery list. it+s because my methods wor/$ I truly have a system that can change not 5ust your body. but your life$ *nd I can. so fastG ?bviously.

they+ll increase in si4e B"roof followsC$ Im"ortant.ran/ly. StrongLifts /0/ Workout A Squat . alternate every time you go to the gym$ >otice also how the e!ercise order is always the same L you+re always doing Squats first.ench =ress because Squats are the most im"ortant e!ercise of Strong9ifts 5!5$ 41 .arbell 6ows or Deadlifts$ 3ou do >?. li/e this. then you won+t be able to add weight each wor/out$ *lways wait at least 1 day before doing a Strong9ifts 5!5 wor/out again$ Most Strong9ifts Members train Mon<Ded<.Gi"e !e @.$ 3ou then alternate wor/out * and .ench or ?verhead =ress.start with the . it+s about the intensity of your training L and that will increase fast as I+ll e!"lain in a moment$ . StrongLifts /0/ Week @ #onday Workout A Squat . did with this "rogram$ Strong9ifts 5!5 is s"lit into ' full body wor/outs for a total of & sessions "er wee/$ -he first time you go to the gym you do wor/out *.riday.ench =ress .arbell 6ows Bednesday Workout B Squat ?verhead =ress Deadlift +riday Workout A Squat . Weeks And $:ll Gi"e &ou The Eind Of Body And Strength &ou Al+ays Wanted %ere+s what I want you to do. the ne!t time wor/out . from all sorts of bac/grounds. you never A:A6 do Stronglifts 5!5 two days in a row because your body needs recovery to gain muscle and strength$ If you do ma/e his mista/e anyway. but remember it+s not about the amount of e!ercises. genetics and ages.arbell 6ows Workout B Squat ?verhead =ress Deadlift & e!ercises "er wor/out doesn+t loo/ li/e a lot.ench =ress . then . you+ll eventually be ha""y that there are only & e!ercises because you+ll be toasted 5ust after doing your heavy Squats$ Kee" also in mind that these are full body e!ercises L your arms will not remain s/inny. test drive my Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram e!actly as laid out for 1' wee/s and then you can 5udge for yourself whether this "rogram really wor/s or not$ I+m e!tremely confident that you will gain muscle and strength because tens of thousands of guys. and then . bodyty"es.arbell 6ows >otice how the wor/outs * and . every time you go to the gym for a total of & sessions "er wee/$ %ere+s how the two Strong9ifts 5!5 wor/outs loo/ li/e.ench =ress .

ench =ress 5!5 . because you ended your first wee/ with wor/out *$ %ere+s how wee/ ' loo/s li/e.arbell 6ows +riday Workout B Squat ?verhead =ress Deadlift 3ou now understand what I mean when I say to alternate wor/out * and . using an ?lym"ic . your second wee/ of Strong9ifts 5!5 will start with wor/out . wee/ & is e!actly li/e wee/ 1 and wee/ 4 is e!actly li/e wee/ '$ -he only difference is that the weight you+ll be using in wee/ & and wee/ 4 will be much higher than in wee/ 1 and '$ I will e!"lain that in a moment too$ *ll these e!ercises you must do with free weights. #onday Workout B Squat ?verhead =ress Deadlift Bednesday Workout A Squat . where you+ll only do 1 set of 5$ %ere+s why.Inli/e wee/ one. 5!5 or even &!5 Deadlifts would mess with your recovery and cause stalling because you+re already doing 5!5 Squats &!<wee/$ I urge you to stic/ with 1!5 Deadlifts$ StrongLifts /0/ Sets 7 . warm u" first$ *s an e!am"le. barbells force you to balance the weight yourself and allow for natural movements$ ?n the other hand machines<smith balance the weight for you Bwhich means less muscle and strength gainsC and force you into fi!ed.ench =ress . lower bac/ and shoulder "ain$ 3ou also don+t use dumbbells because you can lift more weight with a barbell$ More im"ortant is that you 5ust can+t do heavy Squats with dumbbells. StrongLifts /0/ Week . unnatural movement "atterns that can cause /nee.eps Workout A Squat 5!5 .arbell$ -his means you don+t use machines or the smith$ %ere+s why. each session$ -his isn+t roc/et science. you need a barbell for that$ 3ou+ll do 5 sets of 5 re"s B5!5C with the same weight on every e!ercise after you+ve done your warm u" sets$ -here+s 1 e!ce"tion. let+s say your wor/ weight for the Squat is 1&5lbs$ -hen here+s how your training would loo/ li/e$$$ • • • • • • • 'V5 45lbs TU ' sets of 5 re"s with the em"ty ?lym"ic bar & ! #0lbs TU 1 set of & re"s with the 45lbs bar R ''$5lbs<side 5 ! 1&5lbs TU first set of 5 re"s with your wor/ weight 5 ! 1&5lbs TU 'nd set of 5 re"s with your wor/ weight 5 ! 1&5lbs TU &rd set of 5 re"s with your wor/ weight 5 ! 1&5lbs TU 4th set of 5 re"s with your wor/ weight 5 ! 1&5lbs TU 5th and final set of 5 re"s with your wor/ weight 42 . Deadlifts.arbell 6ows 5!5 Workout B Squat 5!5 ?verhead =ress 5!5 6eadlift @0/ >ever 5um" straight into your wor/ weight.

you+ll be able to lift heavier weights because of the revolving sleeves which are also easier on your wrists and shoulders. • 5! 1&5lbs TU 1 set of 5 re"s. 'nd warm u" set • 5! ''5lbs TU 5 re"s with ''5lbs. once the weight becomes heavy. but muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ 3ou get stronger more quic/ly by lifting fast$ So lift as fast as you can once you get a hang on the "ro"er technique$ *fter your 5 sets of 5 re"s on Squats are over. >?. and it+s 5ust safer$ 3ou also need access to a =ower 6ac/ so you can Squat heavy and in all safety$ -here+s sim"ly no safe way you can "ut a &00lb bar on Band offC your u""er bac/ without a =ower 6ac/$ Squat Stands Bwith saw horsesC are the ne!t best thing$ -he smith machine is >?because it forces your body into fi!ed movement "atterns and balances the weight for you$ -his means it can get your lower bac/ and /nees in5ured. controlled Bbut not slowC on the way down$ 9ifting fast is not cheating. you move the ne!t e!ercise.do that silly circuit training mi!ing one set of Squats with one set of =resses and then one set of 6ows$ 3our goal is >?.ut stay focused$ %ow fast should you liftG *s fast as you can on the way u". you should add weight to get to 45lbs$ I urge you to get access to a real ?lym"ic bar. and is less effective for muscle gains than Squatting with free weights$$ 3ou should ta/e about 1min rest between your wor/ sets$ *s the weight on the bar increases and you start struggling to get 5 re"s on each set. your wor/ set 1!5 Deadlifts doesn+t loo/ li/e a lot. set. and re" with 1002 focus.ench<=ress so your legs and lower bac/ get a brea/$ *nd then you move to 6ows<Deadlifts which wor/ your "osterior chain again$ Stic/ing to the same e!ercise order allows you to trac/ "rogress more efficiently because no variable is changing e!ce"t the weight on the bar Bsets<re"s<e!ercises<order remain constantC$ >otice that on the Deadlift you only do 1 set of 5 re"s. you+ll be ha""y to end your training with only 1 set of 5 Deadlifts$ 43 . here+s then how it would loo/ li/e.*lways include the weight of your barbell$ ?lym"ic barbells weigh 45lbs$ If your bar weighs less. the bar won+t bent with heavy weights. and it+s definitely not dangerous if you use "ro"er technique$ If you lift fast on the way u" you+ll be able to lift more weight than if you lift slow$ Do not listen to those idiots saying lifting slow is better L yes it is challenging.$ *fter this you move to 6ows or Deadlifts$ -his means you do >?. doesn+t build real world strength. this can ma/e the difference between getting 5 re"s or not on your ne!t wor/ sets$ =revent your wor/outs from getting too long by not ta/ing any rest between your warm u" sets L 5ust load the bar then do your ne!t set$ . so you+re actually doing more$ *nd as you+ll also e!"erience in the coming months. start ta/ing u" to 5 mins rest between sets.by rushing through each e!ercise in an attem"t to get out of breath or sweaty$ 6emember. this is a strength "rogram$ Stic/ to the e!ercise order. the . it isn+t random 3ou Squat first because it+s the most im"ortant e!ercise$ 3ou then move to the .to get e!hausted. 1st warm u" set • 5! 1)5lbs TU 1 set of 5 re"s.ench or =ress de"ending on whether it+s wor/out * or . but as you can see L you have your warm u" sets. your goal is to add weight on the bar every wor/out$ *nd the best way to accom"lish this is to do every e!ercise. not 5!5 or &!5 because that could cause stalling when combined with 5!5 Squatting &!<wee/$ So let+s say your wor/ weight on the Deadlift is ''5lbs.

y the way.arbell 6ows correctly with H5lbs.ench and ?verhead =ress$ It may feel too light at first. it:s (etter to start too light than too hea"y $ %ec/. if your gym doesn+t have round "lates li/e in the "icture on the right. lose motivation as a result.ement %hen They !aw 2e !quatting 334 5oun"s (3 %ee&s /ater#. but it+s also a huge roadbloc/ to your own success and a guaranteed way to fail the "rogram$ -he "roblem with starting too heavy is that it can get you e!tremely sore L es"ecially from Squats$ Ironically. the fastest way to eliminate soreness is to train sore muscles again by going to the gym anyway$ .ut many guys will ignorantly s/i" the ne!t wor/out or even the ne!t '$ -his is a huge "roblem because consistency is the real secret to success. . 5ust do as many re"s as you can on each set. but this will allow you to "ractice correct technique$ ?n the Deadlift and . until you can do & sets of 1' re"sL then you move to . you won+t be able to achieve 5 re"s on all 5 sets in wee/ & Bor even 'C. their laughter will change to ama4ement$ %ow many guys do you see Squatting ''5lbs in your gymG >ot much$ 3et you can accom"lish this strength feat in only 1' wee/s by starting with the em"ty barbell and adding 5lbs each wor/out$ I therefore urge you to start with the em"ty ?lym"ic barbell on the Squat. but when you+re Squatting ''5lbs for sets of 5 only 1' wee/s later.“They All /aughe" %hen I !tarte" %ith The 0mpty Barbell.arbell 6ows 5!5$ 44 . and you don+t develo" this asset by s/i""ing wor/outs early on$ In some cases missing sessions during the critical first & wee/s becomes the beginning of the end$ I+m sure you+ve heard that it ta/es '1 days to build a new habit$ Dell the first & wee/s of Strong9ifts 5!5 are designed to do that L to ma/e you build the habit of e!ercising$ -his is consistency$ More im"ortant to you is that on Strong9ifts 5!5 you+ll be adding weight on the bar every wor/out anyway. "ut two '5lbs "lates flat on the floor below the bar to raise the bar so the bar is about #F off the floor$ . But Their /aughter 1hange" to Ama. and that is again the beginning of the end$ -his is why I say. boosting your wor/ weight by H0lbs "er month on the Squat$ If you start too heavy. starting with both feet flat on the floor if you can+t do them with straight legs and always trying to beat your "revious record. -he biggest Strong9ifts 5!5 mista/e you can ma/e is starting with weights too heavy$ Most guys care way too much about what other "eo"le in the gym Bor anywhere else actuallyC are thin/ing$ -he tem"tation is therefore huge to start with heavier weights to show off. start with the Inverted 6ow$ >o weights required here.arbell 6ow you should start with #5lbs<H5lbs res"ectively since you can+t "erform these lifts without weight on the bar "ro"er technique means the bar rests on the floor at the start of and between each re"$ Ise "lates with 1)F diameter so you have the correct bar height$ If you don+t have light "lates with this diameter. switch gym$ 3ou can+t Deadlift<6ow correctly with octagonal "lates$ =ut ' "lates flat on the floor when starting with small "lates so you get the right bar height for Deadlifts and 6ows li/e on the right$ If you can+t do . they may all laugh when they see you start with that em"ty bar.

If you have been lifting weights during the "ast months then starting with the em"ty barbell may feel too light$ My advice remains though.enching 1#0lbs for sets of 5 re"s within 1' wee/s$ Avery single guy who does Strong9ifts 5!5. it hurts gains$ AmaAing Secret 6isco"ered By Greek Wrestler Adds O"er @44 ounds To &our Lifts -"ery !onth And Super*Charges &our !oti"ation Dhat is the best way to measure if your training "rogram yields resultsG 3ou already /now muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ -hus. it+s wor/ing$ -here is another im"ortant reason why you need to increase the weight every wor/out. it+s better too start too light than too heavy$ *void soreness. you /now you+re gaining muscle$ So the sim"lest way to measure the effectiveness of your training "rogram is by measuring if the weight on the bar increases over time or not$ So I cannot . you should start with 110lbs for 5!5$ -hat will still be fairly light. but remember you+ll be adding 5lbs "er wor/out.$S$ you here L you will quic/ly /now whether Strong9ifts 5!5 wor/s by 5ust loo/ing at the "rogression in weight on the bar$ If it goes u" L which it will L the "rogram wor/s$ -he large ma5ority of guys who do Strong9ifts 5!5 will never ever miss a wor/out during their first 1' wee/s trial$ Dhat I /ee" hearing is that they loo/ forward to going to the gym again and are incredibly motivated$ -his is of course because with Strong9ifts 5!5 your wor/ weight increases every single wor/out. even the ones who have been lifting for years already. the wrestler Milo of 7roton. Milo got "rogressively e!"osed to more weight. and so you+ll be . eventually winning the ?lym"ic @ames H!$ -his may be only a legend. including Strong9ifts 5!5$ Must li/e Milo.ench =ress is 5!''0lbs. you+ll start light and add weight "rogressively$ 3ou do not lift 45 . avoid early stalling. then start with 502 of your 56M$ So if your ma! . so you /now you+re ma/ing "rogress by 5ust com"aring the weight you+re lifting today vs last wor/out$ -his is the easiest way to boost your motivation L seeing results L because success breeds success$ >o bullshitting with E"um"F or EsorenessF. trained for strength by carrying a new born o! daily$ *s the calf grew bigger and heavier. which forced his body to grow stronger and more muscular$ Milo eventually became one of the strongest guys of his time. and s"ent some time mastering technique on all the lifts$ If you want to start heavier anyway. you+re either lifting more or you+re not$ *nd if you do. if your training ma/es you stronger. it+s crucial for strength gains and thus muscle building$ -he legend goes that in *ncient @reece. but the moral of the story is that to gain strength you need to add weight$ Dhy would your body develo" the strength to Squat &00lbs if you never Squat &00lbsG 3ou must lift heavy weights to get stronger and gain muscle as a result$ -his training strategy of adding weight systematically I call rogressi"e Loading and it is /ey to all the training "rograms in the StrongLifts Ladder of Strengt >"age 4(C. set new records on this "rogram$ @ains will come fast if you+re "atient$ Starting too heavy doesn+t ma/e you "rogress faster.

if you only add 5lbs "er wor/out. this totals for &0lbs<month vs$ H0lbs<month on Squats$ So your Deadlift would be lower until you start stalling on Squats while it+s su""osed to be higher$ So add 10lbs on Deadlift each wor/out li/e this$ $$ StrongLifts /0/ Week . you+ll 5ust use barbells and add 5lbs to the bar every wor/out$ %ere+s how the first wee/ of Strong9ifts 5!5 loo/s li/e when you start with the em"ty barbell as I recommend you to do$$$ StrongLifts /0/ Week @ #onday SL/0/ Workout A Squat 5!5 45lbs .ench =ress 5!5 55lbs .ench =ress 5!5 50lbs . month after month$ @uess what. but not on the . I+m not going to ma/e you carry a newborn o! daily li/e Milo did. you move from 10lbs to 5lbs increments$ .arbell 6ows 5!5 )0lbs *ll those weights are including the weight of the bar which weighs 45lbs if it+s an ?lym"ic one L the one you should be using for ma!imal strength. #onday SL/0/ Workout B Squat 5!5 H0lbs ?verhead =ress 5!5 50lbs 6eadlift @0/ @4/l(s Bednesday SL/0/ Workout A Squat 5!5 H5lbs . that means you add '. when I say add 5lbs on the bar. this would actually ma/e your body DA*KA6$ Maybe you+ve been in a situation where you suddenly can+t bench the weight that you can normally bench easily$ Dell now you /now why. wee/ after wee/.y the way.arbell 6ows 5!5 )5lbs +riday SL/0/ Workout B Squat 5!5 )0lbs ?verhead =ress 5!5 55lbs 6eadlift @0/ @@/l(s Dhen Deadlifts become challenging.arbell 6ows 5!5 H5lbs Bednesday SL/0/ Workout B Squat 5!5 50lbs ?verhead =ress 5!5 45lbs Deadlift 1!5 #5lbs +riday SL/0/ Workout A Squat 5!5 55lbs . if you always lift the same weight. your body becomes la4y and you lose strength$ ?bviously. comfort and safety$ 3ou can see how the weight increases every wor/out by 5lbs on every e!ercise$ Deadlifts are here L again L an e!ce"tion.5lbs on each side$ Some gyms only have 5lbs "lates$ 3ou could get away with adding 10lbs "er wor/out on the Squat. you+ll be adding 10lbs "er wor/out instead of 5lbs$ %ere+s why.the same weight wor/out after wor/out.ench =ress 5!5 45lbs .ench or =ress because these e!ercises use smaller muscles$ 5lbs "lates are thus crucial$ 7hea"s/ates will glue ' washers together$ Smart guys who understand that time is money will invest in a "air of fractional "lates li/e I own and ta/e them to the gym$ 46 .

you ta/e 102 weight off for the e!ercise you stalled on only and "rogress from there$ So in this e!am"le. but it ha""ens all the time$ 6emember.oth will boost your strength$ ' things may ha""en now$ Ideally. that would 5ust be too easy$ . be focused. this means you increase the weight by 5lbs again the ne!t time you do that e!ercise$ If you do not get 5!5 for the 'nd time in a row B5<5<4<&<' for e!am"leC L you try for a & rd time with the same weight the ne!t time you do that e!ercise$ A!am"le below. where you use 5lbs more. you+re getting stronger each wor/out. but then the ne!t wor/out. and gain strength and muscle$ %ere+s how they wor/. it+s bad for your confidence under the bar$ Instead. and ta/e 5 mins rest between your sets to get your 5!5 with '00lbs$ Ma/e sure you+re eating at least &000 calories "er day and slee"ing (h<night. the main reason why stalling occurs is that your body doesn+t get recovered in time$ *gain. and you+ll start missing re"s$ Do reali4e that most guys dramatically underestimate how long they can add weight every wor/out$ Sometimes. ' re"s on the 4th set and 1 re" on the last set$ Dhen this ha""ens. you do >?. let+s say your wor/ weight on the Squat is '00lbs. that would be too easy$ Aventually Strong9ifts 5!5 will become brutally challenging. your body gets e!tra recovery because the wor/ weight is lower$ *nd when you eventually no longer ma/e "rogress with deloads. because you didn+t accom"lish 5!5 on your Squat but 5<5<4<'<1. turns out easier$ It+s weird.3ou obviously can not add weight every single wor/out forever. you achieve 5!5 with '00lbs this time$ 7ongratulations. it+s time to switch to StrongLifts ?0/$$$ 47 . deload. 4 re"s on the &rd set. get under the bar.ocus on technique and lift as fast as you can$ -hen you add 5lbs to the bar every wor/out again$ It will ta/e you ' wee/s to get bac/ to the '00lbs you stalled with and this time you will achieve 5!5$ Deloads are the most "owerful strategy to blast through any "lateau. -0ample Stalling on StrongLifts /0/ #onday SL/0/ Workout A Squat 5<5<4<'<1 '00lbs Bednesday SL/0/ Workout B Squat 5<5<4<&<& '00lbs +riday SL/0/ Workout A Squat 5<5<5<4<& '00lbs %ere you didn+t accom"lish 5!5 with '00lbs three times in a row$ Do not try a 4 th or 5th time. you may have struggled to get 5!5 on your last wor/out. what is challenging today will be easy tomorrow$ 3ou have therefore no idea whether you+ll achieve 5!5 or not until you actually go to the gym.increase the weight the ne!t wor/out for that e!ercise$ Dhich means the ne!t time you Squat you use '00lbs again and aim for 5 re"s on all 5 sets$ -hings will now become challenging and the real fun is about to start$ 9ift fast. you may only get 5<5<4<'<1 5 re"s on the first ' sets.lower the weight during your wor/out so you achieve 5 re"s on each set$ 9ifting heavier weights matters more to gain strength$ So you /ee" your wor/ weight and try to get as many re"s as you can on each set with "ro"er technique. you can+t add weight every wor/out forever. consistently add "ounds to your lifts. and attem"t to get 5!5 with that weight$ 3et stalling is inevitable and "art of the game$ *s an e!am"le.y "erforming a deload. it+s crucial for o"timal recovery$ Start also wearing a =owerlifting . you would start the ne!t Monday with 1(0lbs on the Squat and do 5!5$ . do >?.elt and use chal/ for Deadlifts$ . even if that means you only get 1 re"$ In this e!am"le.

you will most li/ely not going to get to '00lbs without stalling L you+re going to need to eat more and get your act together$ Instead of fi!ating on that '00lbs mar/. he could ma/e H month "rogress$ So & to 1' months is the rule$ *s I+ve e!"lained above. and attitude$ So if you+re a s/inny 1&0lbs at H+'F and s/i""ing wor/outs all the time because you+re 5ust "lain la4y. and ma/ing very slow "rogress on your lifts$ -he reason for this is that 5!5 Squats &!<wee/ eventually becomes too stressful when the weight starts to increase$ My own analysis of hundreds of training logs and surveys of Strong9ifts Members shows that most guys usually need to switch from 5!5 to &!5 once they hit the '00lbs mar/ on the Squat$ >ow before you fi! on this number L many Strong9ifts Members got way "ast that$ S9 Member >orman B"age 1(0C got "ast 400lbs with S95!5. switch from 1!5 after ' deloads to "lummet the volume and increase your recovery$ So this actually means that there may be some e!ercises where you+ll be doing 5!5.Beyond StrongLifts /0/ ** The StrongLifts Ladder of Strength I+ve stressed earlier in this re"ort that Strong9ifts 5!5 is >?.ench will be second.a 1' wee/ "rogram where you try this for a while. genetics. and you+ll be able to add weight to the bar for a few more wee/s$ Do not start with &!5 immediately as the ' e!tra sets of S9 5!5 allow you to "ractice technique more$ Averybody /nows technique is the /ey to gaining strength and avoiding in5uries. I+m confident that after your 1' wee/s trial your muscle and strength gains will motivate you to continue the 5!5 training method I have introduced you to$ . eventually you won+t be able to ma/e "rogress with Strong9ifts 5!5 anymore$ 3ou+ll be alternating too much between stalls and deloads. may only ma/e & months of "rogress$ -he ')0lbs guy who starts with the em"ty bar. ma/ing little "rogress$ Solution. the =ress is going to be the first e!ercise you+ll stall on. Squat will be third with 6ows somewhere in between$ >ot on Deadlifts because you+re doing 1!5 already$ Kee" in mind that bad technique can mess with the order you stall on$ 48 . and the secret to mastering technique is to "ractice a lot$ I+m sure you+ve heard the saying that "ractice ma/es "erfect and "erfect "ractice ma/es "ermanent$ Aventually you+ll also no longer ma/e "rogress with Strong9ifts &!5$ 3ou will here too start stalling and deloading. and thus the first e!ercise where you+ll already have switched to 1!5$ . use the deloads to figure out when to switch from Strong9ifts 5!5 to Strong9ifts &!5$ 3ou should switch to &!5 after you deload '! on a lift$ -his cuts the training volume by almost half and thus im"roves recovery$ -raining will feel lighter for a while.ut Strong9ifts 5!5 is obviously >?. everything de"ends on your body weight. attitude matter more than what most guys thin/ does. training e!"erience and most im"ortant. some where you+ll be doing &!5 and some 1!5$ Isually. age and body ty"es$ -he guy who has trained before.a "rogram that you+ll do for the rest of your life$ %ow long can you gain strength using itG 3our body weight. then switch to the ne!t Ewor/out of the monthF$ 1' wee/s is really only the beginning L it is you testing the "rogram and me shamelessly trying to get you hoo/ed$ Indeed. training e!"erience. could ma/e 1' months "rogress$ -he s/inny guy with 4ero training e!"erience. o/ay he weighs &00lbs but he also had a heart attac/ before he started lifting$ Myles B"age '0&C got "ast &00lbs and he bro/e "rovincial records after 1 year of training$ *gain.

the Strong9ifts 9adder of Strength is worth about ' & years of "rogramming$ 3ou have right here what I believe is the most "owerful training system available$ It is a refined version of what *rnold Schwar4enegger and 6eg =ar/ were doing decades ago.irst.TA'T . he+s more advanced than you$ -he good news is that several of my Members got stronger in 1' months following the Strong9ifts Methods than in 1' years doing those silly bodybuilding s"lit routines that I also did for 5 years before I discovered about this 5!5 method$ 6eali4e also that on Strong9ifts 5!5 the weight increases every single wor/out$ Dith S9 Intermediate it increases once a wee/ and with S9 *dvanced it increases monthly$ -he reason for this is that an intermediate<advanced lifter can no longer ma/e "rogress by adding weight every wor/out. you+ll be losing time$ Dhat about *. the stress of the wor/outs is too big$ Squatting &50lbs 5!5 &!<wee/ is obviously harder than Squatting 1&5lbs 5!5 &!<wee/$ So if you want the fastest muscle and strength gains Band who wouldn+t want thatGC you have to start with Strong9ifts 5!5$ If you start with the other "rograms without being ready for it yet. not how many years you+re training$ *s an e!am"le. "rogressive loading but that are all outside the sco"e of this boo/ obviously$ . but unless you lift what he does. which as the name im"lies is not "ic/ and choose. com"ounds. you+ll have enough e!"erience to /now how to reach the ne!t level$ -here are many many "rograms that my Strong9ifts Members have done "ast that level and that share the same "rinci"les as Strong9ifts 5!5 L free weights. you start at the bottom and then climb it by choosing the ne!t "rogram in the list as you get stronger and no longer ma/e "rogress with the "revious training "rogram$ 1$ '$ &$ 4$ 5$ Strong9ifts 5!5 Strong9Ifts &!5 Strong9ifts 1!5 Strong9ifts Intermediate Strong9ifts *dvanced Strong9ifts Intermediate and Strong9ifts *dvanced are obviously outside of the sco"e of this boo/. Strong9ifts Member Dill B"age 11C has been training for not even ' years$ 3et he+s an advanced lifter because he Squats 4)5lbs and Deadlift 500lbs$ 3ou may be training a lot longer than him.y studying their training logs inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity you+ll be able to discover for yourself what you need to do once you reach that level$ *ll in all. if you can+t Squat &00lbs "arallel. you are not advanced at all$ -he term advanced relates to how strong you are.-A6 Strong9ifts *dvancedG . a method that I learned from @lenn =endlay MS IS*D and that he still uses successfully with his ?lym"ic athletes$ It wor/s L give Strong9ifts 5!5 a try the very ne!t Monday that comes$ 49 . always focus on the tas/ at hand$ Do not be one of those guys ma/ing "lans for things you+re not ready for yet$ -he bottom line is that once you+re "ast Strong9ifts *dvanced.*fter another ' deloads on your Squat with Strong9ifts 1!5 it+s time to switch to Strong9ifts Intermediate$ -his is what I call the StrongLifts Ladder of Strength . it+s a ladder$ *nd li/e with every single other ladder. I can+t stress enough how crucial it is that you start down the ladder with Strong9ifts 5!5$ Many guys will see the name EadvancedF and conclude that because they+ve been training for 10 years they are advanced$ -he harsh truth is that these same guys often can+t even Squat &00lbs$ ?bviously. but you can find more information about both "rograms on Strong9ifts$com and inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity Bchec/ "age '0# for resourcesC$ $! O.

2uestions and Ans+ers A.T $$$ 50 .

ecause I wasted years doing bodybuilding s"lit routines and really wished that someone had given me this 5!5 method a decade ago$ It would have shortcut my success dramatically.*Week Trial *s attractive as Strong9ifts 5!5 is. I e!"ect that only about )02 of the guys receiving this boo/ will try my "rogram$ *lthough that+s o/ay with me from a business stand"oint. but this isn+t a requirement for muscle and strength gains$ -he only requirement is that you add weight to the bar$ *gain L muscle si4e is directly related to strength gain. “!quatting 6 Times 5er %ee& Is Too 2uch. and "revented all the in5uries that I accumulated from doing imbalanced routines that favored body "arts$ More im"ortant to you is that I /now how much my Strong9ifts Members have benefited from doing this "rogram$ I+ve followed their training logs. it still bothers me "ersonally$ DhyG .easons Why &ou !ay Say 8'o9 to !y Offer to Gi"e StrongLifts /0/ A 5ree @. -he idea of training a muscle once "er wee/ ma! is "revalent within bodybuilding circles influenced by muscle maga4ines$ 3et if you "ay attention to athletes you will notice that every single one of them trains each muscle several times a wee/ without EovertrainingF$ S"rinter s"rint several times a wee/. it sim"ly changed their lives$ . saved me hours of gym time. and you most li/ely wouldn+t even feel li/e training again because failure training is beyond "ainful$ Dith Strong9ifts 5!5 you may get sore or "um"ed.@F . I Squat 400lbs and my girlfriend may often 5o/e I have a big butt. but I wear &'F 5eans because I+m only 1)0lbs at 5+(F$ -wo. everybody is born with certain genetics that will determine how you will eventually 51 . weight lifting doesn+t ma/e you bul/y that is a myth$ 3our legs will get muscular but for them to get bigger you need to eat more$ 6emember. weight lifters Squat several times "er wee/$ ?nly bodybuilders thin/ in terms of muscle grou" s"lits$ Dhy do you thin/ athletes don+t "unish themselves with failure training and forced re"s li/e bodybuilders doG . you+re training to success$ *nd this is the reason why thousands of Strong9ifts Members are able to Squat &!<wee/. you+d 5ust be too sore. I could only thin/ of 1) "ossible reasons why you may say EnoF$ %ere they are. climbers climb several times a wee/. and read their success stories$ -ens of thousands each year tell me that Strong9ifts 5!5 didn+t 5ust change their bodies. E"um"F or soreness are irrelevant$ So you+re not training to failure at all. your muscles would never be recovered in time. without overtraining L there is none of the failure training and forced re"s bodybuilders do$ If your question is whether your legs will become dis"ro"ortionate from Squatting so much$ ?ne.5 years I+ve collected all the feedbac/ from more than 15 million of guys 5ust to try to figure out why you may say EnoF to my free 1' wee/ trial offer$ I+ve also tried to remember all the reasons that /e"t me from trying this 5!5 method Bfor a full yearJC bac/ in '00&$ *fter several hours of brainstorming. I 5ust hate the thought of someone not doing Strong9ifts 5!5 because of some omission in my e!"lanation$ -hat+s why over the "ast &.ecause of this. adding weight each wor/out. watched their ama4ing "rogress from year to "resent.ecause there+s no way you could train that muscle again.

I don. and then decide whether this is a good a""roach or not$ Averything is reversible anyway and this is truly the only way you+ll ever find out if this "rogram will wor/ for you$ . and several of them are inside this boo/$ %ere+s a quote from ?lym"ic 7oach @lenn =endlay MS IS*D. .get caught u" in that "ursuit of that E"erfect bodyF li/e muscle maga4ines are trying to brainwash you with L nobody frigging cares. and he+ll tell you he+s fine with that since I give credit where credit is due all the time$ 3ou are free to contact him at htt". see how your body reacts to it. '0 gold medalists and whose athletes li/e 7aleb Dard have bro/en R1& *merican records$ @lenn has a master in A!ercise =hysiology with a concentration in endocrinology through the Kansas State Iniversity. and add !eig t very slo!ly >5l%sI!orkout?.474 Three Times 5er %ee& Is Too 2uch. and re0uires t at you start !it an empty %ar.ussian researc tells us t at rank %eginners make /ust as muc progress using 87E of 52 . your genetics will decide how you loo/$ I have naturally large chest muscles but a s/inny "air of calves$ I got over it a long time ago. you do 5 sets of 5 !it your top !eig t &+T". no woman cares. &pplying simple mat to t is routine tells me t at going from a J5l% %ar to G57l%s !ill take 5G !orkouts. . yes. so he has studied how different levels of stress affect your endocrine system and how this affects your bodyQs ada"tation to the stress$ %e also "ublished several "a"ers in "eer reviewed 5ournals. hundreds of Strong9ifts Members have used this a""roach to achieve the 400lb Squat. he /nows better than anyone else what wor/s and what doesn+t$ *s I+ve said earlier.inally. I>9ASS you care$ Some of this comes bac/ to the fear of getting big$ It+s not li/e you+re going to wa/e u" with -om =lat4+ legs after 5ust & wee/s of doing Strong9ifts 5!5$ >either will you ever achieve the leg develo"ment that 6onnie 7oleman had L this guy was using steroids$ @ive the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram a test drive for 1' wee/s. and so should you$ Do >?. you finally move to 1!5$ It+s not roc/et science and it+s "roven to wor/.loo/ li/e$ Must e!amine the do4ens of "ictures of Strong9ifts Members inside this boo/$ -hey all trained the same way$ 3et you try to find ' guys with the e!act same "hysique$ -his "roves my "oint. Squatted R(00lbs.<<www$"endlay$com to chec/ the validity of this quote 5ust in case you thin/ I+m ma/ing this u"$ #e di advocates 5 sets of 5 across. or in ot er !ords. 5!5 will become too much but then you sim"ly move to &!5$ *nd when that also gets too stressful.ench =ressed R500lbs$ ?bviously. or 9 !eeks. T is is aimed at complete %eginners to !eig t training. who has so far "roduced #) national cham"ions. he has deadlifted R)00lbs. -his is bullshit "iled high and stin/ing strong$ Dhether 5!5 is too much or not de"ends on the intensity L the amount of weight L you+re using$ Dhen you start Strong9ifts 5!5 with an em"ty barbell as I urge you to do.t t ink its unreasona%le to say t at an average male could s0uat G57l%s for 5 reps !it in 536 !orkouts. !armup. you+re not going to EovertrainF from doing 5!5 &!<wee/ because the weights are far too light$ Aventually. I based my Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram and the whole Strong9ifts 9adder of Strength on how he is training his athletes. and is the co author of -ractical -rogramming for Strengt Training of which he wrote the "rogramming cha"ters$ .

then !tronglifts 484 is the better choice. or if you ave access to good 0uality coac ing. but you will be gaining valuable e7perience that will be very han"y to have when you get to the more a"vance" programs. If your ead is spinning no! !it 5 possi%le programs and 0uestions a%out ! ic is %etter and ! ic you s ould do. you are not going to ave 8 mont s of progress on -endlay 5L5 like you mig t ave ad if you ad started out on it. some idea of ! at you can do and o! your %ody reacts to training. progress stalls and you must move on. is always higher with 5!5$ 53 . if you start with the em"ty barbell. On StrongLifts 5L5. "erfect "ractice ma/es "ermanent$ More sets im"roves technique faster and total sets. it+s not li/e there will be a &00lbs difference in strength gain$ -his is what @lenn =endlay means in the last "aragra"h above$ -wo. they+re com"letely self taught 5ust li/e I am$ *nd the way they+ve mastered the lifts is through "ractice L "ractice ma/es "erfect. 87E of G57l%s is D7l%s. it !ill %e %ecause as t e !eig t gets eavier you !ill lose t e a%ility to andle t e ig volume. B ic one is %est for 2O< depends on ! o 2O< are. B en you stall !it 5 sets. B en you stall !it t at. because if it+s not better for recovery necessarily.t eir max as t ey do using K7E or D7E. reset t e !eig t. and everybody /nows that technique is the /ey$ #52 of Strong9ifts Members never had any coach teaching them the lifts. T ese 5 training programs are good. the e!tra ' to 4 sets allow for more technique "ractice. On StrongLifts 5x5. t en to G set leads you directly into my -endlay 5L5 program. 2ou !ill run out of recovery capacity %efore you run out of capacity to make 0uick strengt gains. Maybe you wonder L but then why not start with 1!5 or &!5 immediately since that is better for recoveryG ?ne. all of that de"ends on how much weight you+re using$ 7learly. pick Stronglifts 5L5 and t en progress on from t ere. %e conservative. t en like usual. and drop to 6 sets. an" have little or no access to coaching. Seems reasona%le to me. Some of t at progress !ill ave appened already %efore you started it. there is no way you+re going to overtrain doing 5!5 &!<wee/$ *nd you+ll eventually stall too whether you begin with &!5 or 1!5. It is e7tremely har" to screw this program up. no single one is %etter t an t e ot er. and !ill %e at a very result producing !eig t !it in a mont . let me clear t ings up. you !ill get to D7l%s in !eek J. really have very little i"ea what you are "oing an" no i"ea how to estimate your best set of 4. T e logical !ay to conclude t e program is to start cutting volume. incl warm u" ones. So you !ill spend 6 !eeks learning t e movements and adapting to t e volume.t figure out ! ic program to start !it . If you are completely new to weight training. ! en you eventually stall. reset t e !eig t and drop to one set. If you can. 4oing from 5 sets to 6 sets. ! en you c oose a !eig t to start !it . you mig t %e %etter off to start rig t in on my -endlay 5L5 program. If you ave some training istory. Meep in mind t at if you move into -endlay 5L5 from Stronglifts 5L5. an" as you go through it you will not only be gaining muscle an" strength. as I urge you to do. $ut remem%er. 2ou !ill make more progress.

without doing a bice"s curl once$ Instead. no matter how much curling I do. no matter how much curling you do.5lbs each wor/out . but they will have grown bigger$ -ry it to believe it$ 54 . it will almost never ma/e a significant difference because calves T genetics$ . if you remain a s/inny 1&0lbs at H+0F$ My arms are 15F and I+ll never get them bigger. and I believe you should to$ 3ou can+t let yourself get brainwashed by those muscle maga4ines which /ee" focusing on develo"ing Ethe "erfect bodyF$ . I feel comfortable wearing shorts and showing them.ollow Strong9ifts 5!5 as laid out for 1' wee/s. gained 'Hlbs and increased his Squat from 1&5lbs to '40lbs.$ 7hin u"s are su"erior to curls because they+re com"ound e!ercises L and you+re using your own body weight Bwhich is more than you+d ever curlC$ Switch to weighed chin u"s when &!1' becomes easy. without doing a single curl$ *s an e!am"le. then add &!1' raises at the end of wor/out . so far$ -his is the real secret to bigger arms.. because I only weigh 1)0lbs at 5+(F$ So the number one way to increase your arm si4e is to gain weight. and this starts with eating more and increasing your strength on the heavy com"ounds li/e the Squat and Deadlift$ If you need to em"hasi4e your arms then add &!1' chin u"s after wor/out . doing &!5 and adding '. then com"are after 1' wee/s$ 3ou will see that they both increased in si4e$ >ot by 10F obviously.efore you start doubting Strong9ifts 5!5 ma/e sure you study the do4ens of success stories at the end of this boo/$ -hen ma/e sure you actually give the "rogram a try for 1' wee/s before believing whatever some idiot who never even did Strong9ifts 5!5 claims$ ?"inions of "eo"le who did not do the "rogram do not count$ Strong9ifts 5!5 will not cause overtraining or my thousands of Members wouldn+t get strong$ It wor/s$ “9ou +ee" Isolation 07ercises to Buil" Bigger Arms An" 1alves.5F within wee/s.arbell 6ows$ . you can not achieve an 1(F bice"s. Do you really believe that your arms are going to remain s/inny when you can Squat 400lbsG 3our arms will have to wor/ hard to /ee" that bar across your bac/$ *dd holding the bar during heavy Deadlifts and the "ulling on . consider Strong9ifts =latinum Member -om B"age )HC who increased his bice"s by '. nobody cares whether you got a "erfect body or not$ -he only "eo"le who do are the ones who are obsessed with their own body to start with because of that same brainwashing$ * vicious circle you don+t want to be "art of$ If you want to add calf wor/ anyway..ut calves largely de"end on genetics$ Aven though I now Deadlift 500lbs my an/les are still only ($)F than/s to my "arents who have s/inny calves$ I used to do tons of isolation e!ercises during my early bodybuilding years to increase their si4e but never saw much gains from it$ So one day I 5ust got fed u" with all that foolishness$ @oatlegs are now my trademar/. -om started eating more. but I warn you.$ Must remember increasing your Squat matters most and that you need to eat more to get bigger arms$ 3our calves will obviously grow too if you get stronger and gain weight$ . measure your arms and calves when you start.act is.orearms also get wor/ from holding the bar on Deadlifts and overhead when doing =resses$ 7ombine all of that and you understand why your arms will increase in si4e.

It is a scientific fact that muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ -o gain muscle. it allows you to lift heavier weights$ • Strength $ncreases) .ecause you can lift faster with better technique. you need to build muscles first in order for them to be visible$ So ste" 1 is to build strong abs using heavy Squats and Deadlifts$ *s I write this.efore you thin/ of doing &!( instead of 5!5 because I 5ust said that the re" range doesn+t matter much. you will not gain a single "ound of muscle. no matter how "um"ed or sore you get with &!($ %ow do you thin/ *rnold Schwar4enegger achieved his )00lbs DeadliftG %e didn+t build his world class "hysique doing &!( but using 6eg =ar/+s 5!5 method$ . in many cases. you need to get stronger$ *nd which re" range you use for that matters less than actually getting stronger$ . there+s no such thing as s"ot reduction L you can+t lose fat locally by doing lots of situ"s or similar utter nonsense that idiot "ersonal trainers will tell you to do$ *nd /ee" in mind a low body fat without muscle underneath is useless. add reverse crunches &!1' at the end of your wor/out *$ Dhen that gets easy. then your diet will determine whether you see them or not$ If you somehow feel a need to em"hasi4e your abs. here are 5ust some of the reasons why 5 re"s is su"erior to ( re"s • TechniBue impro"es) -he more re"s you do. the more fatigue sets in and the more your form deteriorates$ 3our technique im"roves when doing only 5 re"s vs ($ *nd "ro"er technique is critical for strength develo"ment and thus muscle gains$ • Speed $ncreases) 3ou can lift faster when doing only 5 re"s than when doing ( re"s because s"eed obviously decreases as you do more re"s$ 9ifting fast isn+t cheating li/e those slow lifting advocates claim.ottom line.“9ou +ee" Ab %or& to Buil" !i7 5ac& Abs. more myth debun/ing$ My &'F 5eans are loose at my waist and that+s why I always wear a belt$ I could actually wear &1F 5eans if it wasn+t for my thighs and glutes$ My "oint being that heavy lifting does >?.ecause I Squat 400lbs$ Must loo/ at all the "ictures in the front of this boo/ of my Strong9ifts Members who have H "ac/ abs$ 3ou as/ them how much situ"s they did to accom"lish that. the ab wheel$ Do >?. the re" range you use is again irrelevant$ 55 . and because it+s easier to add weight each wor/out when you only do 5 re"s vs$ ($ So you will gain strength and thus muscle faster as a result$ If you+re a s/inny 1&0lbs at H+0F loo/ing for Ebul/F.ecause if you+re not lifting more weight today than H months ago.9ou +ee" 67: for 2uscle Gains An" $efinition.do '5 ab e!ercises. Deadlifts and =resses$ Dhile we+re at it. their body weight actually increased$ . Deadlifts and =resses will be "lenty of ab wor/$ . almost none$ -he reason why they have H "ac/ abs anyway is that the "rimary function of your abs is to stabili4e L /ee"ing your torso u"right$ *nd no e!ercise trains this better than heavy Squats. switch to hanging /nees raises$ Dhen that gets easy.increase waist si4e$ 3ou won+t get a gut li/e some bodybuilders have L that+s from steroids$ .urther "roof. 3ou build abs in the /itchen$ Si! "ac/ abs is all about diet. no need for that$ 1 e!ercise ma! "receded by heavy Squats. I haven+t done any /ind of ab e!ercise for more than a year yet I have a H "ac/ that doesn+t 5ust loo/ strong but is strong$ DhyG . even though. several Strong9ifts Members li/e Michael B"age 144C can attest that their waist si4e decreased since they started lifting. build strong abs first.

it may feel too easy$ . when you start Strong9ifts 5!5 with the em"ty barbell as I urge you to do. grow bigger and become stronger$ So does your central nervous system need recovery$ If you do Strong9ifts 5!5 more than &! "er wee/. what+s more challenging.nly 6 Times 5er %ee& Is +ot 0nough. and you can+t maintain a high training intensity when doing so many e!ercises unless you+re doing cra""y isolation$ More isn+t better$ . a bice"s curl or a ''5lbs SquatG ?bviously the latter$ Doing ') e!ercises "er wor/out is unnecessary. with rest days built in for "hysical and mental recovery from the heavy com"ound e!ercises$ Ise your off days to get your mind off to gym and to s"end times with friends<family or on hobbies$ If you absolutely have to do something. you will be stalling all over the "lace$ -his is a & day "rogram. unrealistic and "lain silly$ >obody can stay focused for so much time. and it+s definitely not how to" bodybuilders li/e Schwar4enegger.. which means you+ll reach the ''5lbs Squat within 1' wee/s$ -hat+s if you never s/i" a session li/e most guys on S95!5$ . you 5ust need to eat less cra" and more healthy foods.ut the weight increases by 5lbs "er wor/out. it+s about the intensity$ It would be better if I didn+t tell you this. caloric e!cess$ Dhich means you have to eat more than your body burns to get bul/y$ &!( is 5ust a waste of time if bul/ is your goal$ Definition on the other hand is diet$ Don+t buy into that metabolic wor/outs hy"e claiming faster fat loss$ %II. rushing through a myriad of e!ercise$ Most guys can+t even remember what e!ercise was ne!t anyway. soft 56 .Training . =ar/ or 7oleman built their "hysique$ . but who then switched to &!($ -his is a mista/e on ' fronts$ ?ne. and that they were ha""y they only had ' e!ercises to do after that$ @ranted. it goes against my revolutionary "rinci"le Edon+t fi! it until it+s bro/eF$ Dhy change what wor/sG -wo.Three 07ercises 5er %or&out Is +ot 0nough. your wor/ weight will decrease and you+re removing the muscle building stimulus$ -he result. It+s not about the amount of e!ercises you do. muscle si4e is directly related to strength gains$ 3ou can lift more weight for 5 re"s than for ($ If you switch from 5 re"s to ( re"s.y this time the wor/outs will be way more challenging than when you started$ -hin/ about it. *nd training more than & times "er wee/ doesn+t ma/e a "rogram more effective$ 9ess is more$ 3our muscles need rest to recover. but most Strong9ifts Members will confess that they were often toasted after their Squats.ul/ is diet. for the &) th time now. muscle loss L you+re shrin/ing$ -est drive Strong9ifts 5!5 e!actly as laid out for 1' wee/s and you+ll see that you will gain muscle by increasing your strength on all the lifts$ &!( is unnecessary. then use them for mobility wor/.is overrated. without being anal about it$ Increasing your strength will increase your muscle mass$ -his will automatically decrease your body fat and thus your muscles will become EdefinedF$ %igh re"s have nothing to do with that$ ?ne warning$ I+ve seen guys accom"lishing ama4ing results with Strong9ifts 5!5. and at the end of the day most guys sim"ly don+t have the time to burn significant calories though e!ercise L it will have to come from your diet in the first "lace$ So the good news is you don+t need to do all that "ainful and boring cardio.

Michael did not acce"t his condition and gave Strong9ifts 5!5 a honest try$ -oday. not 5ust a few wee/s. wait until the first 1' wee/s are over before you even thin/ about doing e!tra conditioning wor/.add it on your off days$ %II. started to Squat. almost twice the age of Michael$ 7has torn his *79 while "laying indoor soccer during the 1#(0s$ In 1### he had his *79 reconstructed and in '00( he discovered Strong9ifts 5!5$ -oday. understandably. concerned about in5uring it again$ 3et he gave it a try and today he can+t remember the last time his /nees hurt even though he+s doing Squats with &10lbs$ %is story is at "age ))$ 9ast e!am"le is Strong9ifts Member =aul who used to train on machines li/e the 9eg =ress for years$ . his /nees no longer swell when "laying racquetball and he never had any /ind of /nee issues from Squats 1 even though he does them with '(5lbs. that his left leg was about 4cm smaller than his right one from always leaning on one side$ . li/e getting into & different s"orts at once. he+s Squatting almost &00lbs. the more you can Squat. you ought to be Squatting$ I+ve been Squatting "arallel and at times even lower for almost 11 years now L from my '0s to now almost age &0 and I never ever had any /ind of /nee "ain$ . then do >?.y age &# his /nees began bothering him so much that he had to sto" doing them all together$ %e then discovered Strong9ifts 5!5. the stronger the muscles surrounding your /nees become. so you have some foundation of cardiovascular fitness first$ -hen you can add it. and which will end u" getting you mentally burned$ 3ou want to be doing this for years. again at age 55$ ?ne more e!am"le is Strong9ifts Member %arrison who in5ured his /nee ligament during a s/i crash when he was 15 Bhe also has scoliosisC$ Dhen he discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 at age ''. but at the end of your Strong9ifts 5!5 Byes that+s hard but the only wayC.efore he discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 he was struggling with arthritis$$$ in his early '0sJ It was actually so bad.is way too stressful because it requires you to go all out to be effective$ If you do it on your off days anyway. and thus the higher the stability of your /nee 5oint$ -his actually means that if you have bad /nees. he still had occasional /nee "ain and so he was.ut since I didn+t start with bad /nees.ortunately. you+d never have any recovery and you+d quic/ly be stalling all over the "lace$ My recommendation. and consistency is crucial for this$ . =aul Squats 545lbs below "arallel. which are usually conflicting in their nature. has gained 55lbs body weight. 57 .I $on<t %ant To !quat Because I =ave Ba" >nees. -hen what+s your "lanG Struggling with bad /nees for the rest of your lifeG 3ou have right here the chance to finally eliminate that nagging /nee "ain forever$ Squats are the most "owerful e!ercise to strengthen your /nees. and s"read it out$ *void doing too much too soon. and is 1002 free of /nee "ain$ 3ou can read him telling his own story on "age 14'$ *nother e!am"le is that of Strong9ifts Member 7has Maloney B"age 1(&C who is 55y old. my e!"erience may not be relevant to you$ So I+ll give you actual success stories of Strong9ifts Members who did start with some of the worst /nees ever$ -he worst case of /nee "ain I+ve ever seen is the one from Stronglifts Member Michael$ . never more than '! "er wee/.tissue wor/ and technique wor/ with &02 of your ma!$ If you somehow need to do conditioning wor/ BI never do itC. and today he is com"letely free of /nee "ain$ *n im"ortant detail.

ut then again. which is how the large ma5ority of gym goers do it$ I challenge you to find 10 guys in your gym who Squat with "ro"er technique$ Dhen these guys now go get hel" for their "ainful /nees.had never done Squats before he discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 in '00(.ran/ly.ulgary$ H wee/s of immobili4ation later. an ortho"edist s"eciali4ed in hand in5uries. in March '00# I bro/e my right thumb during a fall on an icy s/etch while s/i ing in .safer for your /nees. and you+ll have to conquer it$ Datch out by the way with "eo"le telling you to do half Squats instead of hitting "arallel$ %alf Squats are >?. is that their biggest stumbling bloc/ is almost always "sychological rather than "hysical L the fear of getting in5ured again will be your main challenge. I still couldn+t train. that Squats will >?. they can actually destroy them because they cause muscle imbalances Blots of quads develo"ment. but little hams<glutesC$ 3our body is designed to Squat below "arallel$ Dhy do you thin/ babies naturally sit in the bottom Squat "osition when "laying with toysG *nd if this was really bad for your /nees. even though the *merican 7ollege of S"orts Medicine L the largest s"ort medicine S e!ercise science organi4ation in the world L recommends weight lifting$ -he irony when these dumb doctors who were almost always fat and out of sha"e com"limented me on my blood "ressure and what else. bottom of the distal "halan!$ -he first doctor. ty"e or write "ainlessly$ My thumb had bro/en at a bad "lace. &0. said that surgery wasn+t necessary$ I 5ust had to be "atient because it could ta/e a full year for the swelling and "ain to disa""ear$ 58 . I was stunned$ . wanted to "erform surgery L scra"ing the "halan! to ma/e room for the 5oint to move$ I /new that would be "ure butchery so I refused$ -he 5 th doctor. and he is 41y oldJ =aul is convinced that Squats are res"onsible for eliminating his /nee "ain com"letely$ %is story is on "age 1)4$ I could go on li/e this. 41 and 55y old re"resenting thousands more li/e them. wouldn+t your body be designed in a way to "revent you to Squat "arallel in the first "laceG Indeed$ -he whole EDee" Squats *re . told me that lifting weights is bad for your health. "ast and "resent. but you get it$ %ere you have "roof from a '4.ruin your /nees$ ?ne thing I have observed after seeing hundreds of guys finally eliminating their nagging /nee "ain. an ortho"edist. I had lost )02 mobility. lots of strength and my thumb was still swelling$ ' months later. those dumb doctors wrongly conclude that the e!ercise was the cause instead of the bad technique$ I+ve only met one doctor so far who recommended me to Squat "arallel$ .adF myth is s"read by gym bros who hurt their /nees by doing Squats wrong. he did Squats$ *ll other doctors. right after they told me that lifting weights was unhealthy$ I have learned over the years to ta/e everything these su""osedly educated Ehealth s"ecialistsF say with a grain of salt$ I conduct my own research and always as/ for ' nd and even &rd o"inions$ *s an e!am"le.

but do /ee" in mind these guys Squat e!tremely low and heavy.ecause you will have built the habit of "ic/ing an ob5ect from the floor while /ee"ing your bac/ straight and while bending through your legs$ %ec/.De+re now 1) months later$ I do not have full mobility bac/ in my right thumb and "robably never will$ It+s also still swollen$ . I can hold 500lb Deadlifts. worse. start with the em"ty bar as I /ee" telling you to do. Strong9ifts Member %arrison B"age H#C used to have chronic lower bac/ "ain due to some mild scoliosis B(2 curvature in lumbarC$ -oday. nothing else had ever wor/ed for him including e!tensive stretching and visits to a chiro"ractor$ %ere+s a even more dramatic story that Strong9ifts Member *le! BE"lacasseFC shared 59 . but I strongly believe I owe this to weight lifting$ >o way my thumb would have recovered li/e this with the usual "hysical thera"y or. yet without having a high instance of /nee in5uries$ >either do my thousands of Strong9ifts Member Squatting several times "er wee/$ 3our biggest challenge will be mental L let "ain be your guide and see how far you can go$ . 5ust by doing nothing$ *nd this is my "oint. you have to "ush yourself to do the wor/.ew e!am"les.ut I do have #52 mobility now. you will dramatically reduce the ris/ of lower bac/ in5ury from "ic/ing an ob5ect from the floor$ DhyG .en B"age 1'0C who is now almost "ulling 400lbs$ 3ou can see how his starting "osition on the Deadlift is e!actly the same as the right way to lift an ob5ect from the floor in the middle "icture$ So this actually means that if you do Deadlifts regularly and with "ro"er technique. ta/e your time and focus on Squatting with "ro"er technique$ -hat means Squatting below "arallel li/e *sians Bmy girlfriend is 7hineseC and babies naturally do$ 3ou do not need to Squat as low as ?lym"ic weight lifters do. here+s the secret. -he to" reason why some guys hurt their lower bac/ on Deadlifts is almost always the same reason why hundreds of guys hurt their bac/ lifting a "lain bo! from the floor L bad form$ In fact. you can hurt your lower bac/ way more easily doing the latter$ %undreds of guys each year suffer a hernia from re"eatedly "ic/ing ob5ects from the floor with a bent bac/$ =ay attention to the "icture below of wrong vs$ right way to lift$ -he guy on the right is Strong9ifts Member . even if it may feel "ainful as it was for me$ If you have bad /nees.I<m Afrai" of =urting 2y Bac& with $ea"lifts. '1 months after starting Strong9ifts 5!5. and I can write and ty"e "ainlessly again$ 7all me biased. he+s only a few "ounds away from hitting the 400lbs yet he claims that his lower bac/ "ain is almost com"letely gone$ More im"ortant. you can even eliminate lower bac/ "ain$ . almost daily.

you should be cautioned that there is an inherent ris/ with all forms of "hysical activity$ .I started training !it full %ody routines in summer of 5779. %ut I figured I ad everyt ing under control.ll pro%a%ly !ind up in an ort opedist. Sometimes it. but although weight lifting has statistically the lowest rate of in5ury com"ared to any other s"ort. first 5 years wor/ing as an em"loyee and now &.t al!ays a%out %eing uge. bad "osture. t e !orst appened and I landed on t e top of my ead.s /ust to stay aliveN 7onsider also Strong9ifts Member Keith who was initially afraid of lower bac/ in5uries from Deadlifts because of his bodyty"e and age$ *lmost & years later. refused to go to t e ospital for 5J ours.ll !ind up in a cardiologist. I !as laid up for K !eeks. and sometimes it was "retty bad. I credit your advice and my perseverance for %eing a%le to pick up my 5 year old daug ter. make love to my %eautiful !ife. . I dove into a pool. T anks #e di for your !onderful program. I ave gotten t e doctor.. and I ad virtually no muscle left in my neck or traps. sta%ili'ing t e %reak and allo!ing me to virtually !alk a!ay from t e in/ury. my neurosurgeon concluded t at t e t!o years of eavy !orkouts and muscle %uilding. &fter K mont s and some modest %eginner gains. compressed my spine and %roke my CG verte%rae.s office. healthy lower bac/$ So the secret here is to 60 . I !anted more. remem%er. and a G7E c ance of !alking again. but it was always my own fault L ego. I was always in5ured less than my friends "laying contact s"orts li/e soccer or im"act s"orts li/e running$ >ow I have been in5ured. I got out of t e pool and !as in a lot of pain %ut. you. Bell I !alked into t e ospital on my o!nN T e doctors told me I ad a 67E c ance of living. #y mot er told me never to dive into s allo! pools. tall !eakling. I !as do!n to G95 l%s. or good looking. com%ined !it t e neuro muscular connection associated !it s0uats and deadlifts.s permission to %egin training eavy again. not allo!ed to move. lac/ of hi"<thoracic mobility$ I strongly believe that my des/ 5ob. &fter t e %races came off. i only really ad time to s0uat and deadlift 5x per !eek.t is !as over approximately K mont s. strong. If you live it t e !rong !ay. &fter talking !it many doctors and specialists.5y wor/ing from home doing Strong9ifts full time. +or anyone ! o reads t is. telling t em a%out my medical istory. I started StrongLifts 5x5 in t e !inter of 577K. is way more dangerous than doing heavy Squats and Deadlifts$ -ruth is. and en/oy ! at many of us take for granted.ut li/e Aric 7ressey MS once said$$$ :If you live your life t e rig t !ay.s office at some point. T en in t e summer of 577D. Bell..inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$$$ I !as once a skinny G57 l% 8. Bell. %ut !it t e %irt of my daug ter. I !ent from G85l%s to GD5 l%s and still ad a six pack...ut Deadlift with "ro"er technique and you will build a strong. I continued to train. you. %eing t e stu%%orn guy t at I am. bad technique. ! ic !as a killer for me. after taking more t an a year off. training isn. every single e!ercise is bad for your bac/ if you do it wrong$ . elped my muscles to react instantly on impact.rom my e!"erience training now for more than a decade. he+s Deadlifting &)0lbs at age 4' and that imaginary bac/ in5ury never ha""ened$ -he lesson here is that most guys fear things that in "ractice almost never ha""en$ 3ou can read his story on "age 1)1$ >ow I guess it would be better if I didn+t say this..

use them to build a solid foundation of strength and technique. and H0lbs to your .start light so you can actually master "ro"er technique$ Do Strong9ifts 5!5 as laid out for e!actly 1' wee/s. that you actually have "erformed all the e!ercises of Strong9ifts 5!5 before$ -wo. a lift that most guys "lain suc/ at$ -he only benefit of =ower 7leans is that they develo" e!"losiveness. with a '100 total. are more technical than lifts li/e 6ows$ So for faster strength and muscle gains. you have to Squat again ' days later. I+m going to assume ' things$ ?ne. *rguments can be made both ways. and ') who have totaled over '000lbs. but if that is really your goal 9ouie Simmons has clearly made the case that it isn+t the best lift to achieve this anyway$ Simmons is by the way the only guy on earth to have Squatted #'0lbs at age 50. which is one of the wea/est muscles of most guy+s$ 3ou will never get the same /ind of u""er bac/ develo"ment from =ower 7leans$ 3et strong u""er bac/ muscles are absolutely crucial for healthy shoulders and to increase your . and has wor/ed with '5 world and national 7ham"ion "owerlifters. that you have also mastered the technique on all these lifts$ If that+s your case.enching 1#0lbs for sets of 5 re"s within 1' wee/s$ *nd remember. li/e =ower 7leans.ut first. and discussions li/e this are silly$ Averybody /nows that ?lym"ic 9ifts. then you should start with 502 of your 56M and "rogress from there$ So if your ma! . as this would com"letely demotivate you and ruin the whole "rogram$ *lways start way lighter than your current ma!$ If the "rogression is to slow to your li/ing. it ma/es more sense to start with . start with 110lbs for 5!5$ -hat will be light com"ared to what you+re lifting now. you won+t be able to sustain this "rogression for more than a cou"le of wee/s$ Kee" the "rogress going switching to 5lbs increments B10lbs on deadlifts.arbell 6ows. use bigger increments to get there faster$ Must remember strength training is a marathon not a s"rint$ “Barbell ?ows Are Inferior to 5ower 1leans. and use "ro"er technique$ It wor/s$ “!tarting %ith The 0mpty Bar Is Too /ight. and even a Dorld 6ecord holder in the 400m dash$ So I thin/ he /nows$ 61 . but remember you+ll be adding 5lbs "er wor/out.ench =ress. but here too 5lbs eventuallyC when things become challenging$ In all cases. you will achieve better strength and muscle gains if you start too light rather than too heavy$ If you+re confident you can handle more weight.ench is 5!''0lbs. start light. and so you+ll be .arbell 6ows also strengthen your u""er bac/. so you do not want to get e!tremely sore from starting too heavy$ 3ou also do not want to stall in wee/ ' already. and /ee" the =ower 7leans for later$ -hat is if you actually have access to bum"er "lates and a "latform. things I do not have in my home gym$ -his is why my quads were full of bruises from trying to catch a heavy bar after each clean so I wouldn+t brea/ my bar by dro""ing it on the concrete$ . '0lbs instead of 10C$ Do reali4e that this means you+ll add 1'0lbs to your Squat "er month. -hen I have s"ecial advice that will be of interest for you$ .ench<=ress$ ?bviously. add 10lbs "er wor/out instead of 5 BDeadlifts.

ar vertical on the floor. and that+s why all my most accom"lished Strong9ifts Member either own one. and I+m now Squatting 400lbs and Deadlifting 500lbs$ *ccess to a =ower 6ac/ is much more im"ortant than access to a s"otter$ *s I+ve e!"lained above. this only means that Strong9ifts 5!5 is >?. clean your "resses$ So every set of ?verhead =ress. get Squat Stands and a "air of saw horses to act as safety "ins$ “I $on<t =ave a !potter. =ut the bar on your bac/ for Squats using the Steinborn 9ift$ . >either do I$ I+ve lifted all alone.ench< Squat$ >ote that you do not need a s"otter on the =ress<Deadlift. if stabili4ation is the goal there are better tools. or belong to a gym that has a one$ . whether you have a s"otter or not. barbells also strengthen your stabili4ing muscles. the muscle and strength gains will also be lower than when using heavy barbels$ Do not listen to those idiots tal/ing about dumbbells being better for stabili4ation L one.arbell 6ows$ If you can+t do them correctly or e!"erience bac/ "ain because you+re "osture is all over the "lace.a dumbbell "rogram and does not wor/ with dumbbells at all$ 62 . but at least you can test drive Strong9ifts 5!5 for a few wee/s$ In the long term. in my home gym. for the ma5ority of the "ast ) years. you 5ust dro" it on the floor$ Dhatever you do. it is your res"onsibility to find a gym that has a =ower 6ac/ so you can get the bar safely on your bac/ for Squats$ 6eali4e also that =ower 6ac/s come with hori4ontal safety "ins that can catch the bar in case you fail on a re" on the Squat. then Squat under it and dro" the bar under control on your u""er bac/$ >ow Squat your 5 re"s$ Dhen you+re done. why do you thin/ you+re sha/ing when you first start lifting barbellsG -his does >?.I recommend you stic/ with . is >?.ench =ress if you miss a re" the "ins will catch the bar and you won+t end u" stuc/ under it$ 9ifting weights without a =ower 6ac/. develo"ing ma!imum strength beats stabili4ationN two.ig chain commercial gyms may not have a 6ac/$ 9oo/ for a "owerlifting gym in your area. but also on the the . you return the bar on your chest then to the floor$ ?n the deadlifts. the safety "ins will catch the weight if you ever get stuc/ on the .ench =ress L they+re not safer than barbells$ Dhen the weight gets heavy on a dumbbell the only way to get it bac/ safely on the floor is by throwing it$ *nd since the total amount of weight you+ll be using will be lower. do >?. li/e sandbagsN three. you 5ust have to find it by as/ing around$ If you really can+t find one. lesser /nown ones$ -hese gyms are out there.the safest method to Squat. nor should you be doing these lifts inside the rac/$ ?n the =ress. consider a home gym$ =ower 6ac/s start at 0&50 with free shi""ing on *ma4on$ If you lac/ s"ace. bring the bar to the floor by reversing the movement$ -his is obviously >?. I have and use them.safe$ >or will you ever be able to lift heavy weights on Squats$ -hat+s why I own a 6ac/. start with Inverted 6ows while you wor/ on that$ Meanwhile. usually the smaller.use dumbbells for the . you clean the weight from the floor Bor from the hang "ositionC on your shoulders$ -his way you get the benefits of the 6ows.mean that I am against dumbbells. and some of the benefits of the 7leans$ “I $on<t =ave Access to a 5ower ?ac&. nor will you be able to lift heavy weights this way.

oth guys discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 in '00($ . yet that+s what that smith forces you to do$ It leads to lower bac/ and /nee in5uries$ -he fact that it balances the weight for you also ma/e it less challenging and thus leads to sub"ar results in muscle gains but also strength gains Byou have to balance yourself in real lifeC$ . adding weight systematically is what matters$ Don+t hesitate switching to &!5 and 1!5 sooner if you feel. that their 5oints and bones might not ta/e it. share L they thin/ that age is their limitation$ 9et+s be honest. absolutely$ Strength training is actually one of the few s"orts where your age of little significance$ . but his confession reveals a mindset that a lot of guys.ob is H4$ %ec/. unnatural movements$ 3our body doesn+t move into straight u" and down lines. • -he world record holder in the Squat and Deadlift. focus on mastering technique. *ndy .oth guys never had done any Deadlifts in their life before$ 3et both guys are now Deadlifting over 400lbs$ -he im"ortant detail. and add weight slowly but surely$ *s long as you use your head and don+t do stu"id things li/e loading the bar with 400lbs while you can+t even Squat 1&5lbs "ro"erly.3ou also do not start lifting weights in the smith machine$ -hat thing forces your body into fi!ed. you will be safe$ “I<m +ot In 2y 3)<s or 6)<s Anymore. that their slower recovery and metabolism would get in the way. Deadlifting 44'lbs$ %e obviously /nows better today.olton. and . but way less than most guys thin/$ -he harsh truth is that age is only a "roblem if you thin/ it is$ Start Strong9ifts 5!5 with the em"ty barbell as I recommend and add 5lbs on the bar each wor/out$ 3ou may have to switch to &!5<1!5 sooner than the teenager with better recovery ca"abilities$ >othing wrong with that. it does ma/e a difference. 3es.or ma!imal safety you 5ust start light. and he Squats 550lbs$ • Some of my strongest Strong9ifts Members are over 40y old$ Mames is 4' and Deadlifts R500lbs$ >ico is also 4' and he+s only a few "ounds away from Deadlifting 500lbs$ =aul is 41 and Deadlifts over H00lbs$ >orman is 44 and he Deadlifts and Squats over 500lbs Band he had a heart attac/ before discovering Strong9ifts 5!5JC -he list goes on and on$ *nd you+d thin/ age would be a "roblem. 6aw *mateur division last Summer '010$ Strong9ifts Member :lad B"age 155C shared that he once thought that he was too old to do what he+s doing now at age &#. after having tried it first.ob won the >3 State Deadlifting 7ham"ionshi" in the Masters H0 H4.l"er-.ob B"age 1(& and 1(5C$ . 7has had his *79 reconstructed a few years ago. is 40y old$ -his guy has Deadlifted R1000lbs and Squatted R1'00lbs$ 7onsider also Alite "owerlifter and strength coach 9ouie Simmons who has done Squats with #'0lbs "ast his 50s$ • -o" bodybuilders are usually around 40 years$ 6onnie 7oleman won the Mr ?lym"ia it at age 41 in '005. but they+re all doing it and "utting the '0y olds to shame$ I have included inside this boo/ the success stories of Strong9ifts Member 7has and . and he also Deadlifts R(00lbs$ Same with De!ter Mac/son who won the Mr ?lym"ia in '00( at age &#. %ill !trong/ifts 474 %or& for !omeone 1onsi"erably . that they+d be too old for all of that. 7has is 55y old and . that your body can+t ta/e 5!5<&!5 &!<wee/$ Must ma/e sure you hit the gym &!<wee/ L even doing only 1!5 &!<wee/ will result in faster muscle and strength gains than 5!5 only '!<wee/$ 63 .ew e!am"les. maybe you right now.

it will increase 5ust li/e it did for my Strong9ifts Members$ “%eight Training 2a&es 9ou !low an" Infle7ible. who weighs over &00lbs and is full of steroids. but didn+t stic/ with it because obviously. rather Squatting and Deadlifting$ In case you thin/ this only a""lies to younger guys.elgian actor and martial artist Mean 7laude :an Damme. "ower and endurance. Strong9ifts Member Dill B"age 11C L he had borderline high blood "ressure before he started Strong9ifts 5!5 %is doctor told him to do cardio because weight training wouldn+t hel"$ Dill listened.. started the "rogram and within a year his blood "ressure "lummeted from 1&( to 100 without any /ind of cardio.irst..ob B"age 1(5C who is &! the age of Dill L H4 years old$ 9i/e Dill he had high blood "ressure when he started. your blood "ressure does increase during a heavy set of Squats or Deadlifts. Strong9ifts Member >orman B"age 1(0C who is 44$ %is blood "ressure was almost 150<100 when he had a heart attac/ "rior to discovering Strong9ifts 5!5$ *t his last chec/u" his blood "ressure was 1'5<)0$ %e hasn+t been on any medication for a year. if lifting weights made him slow for fighting and infle!ible for full s"lits in my favorite movies of his $loodsport$ Aven I. your blood "ressure won+t increase. . which can increase the amount of calories you burn Bbody fat reductionC. who also won the Mr . cardio is boring$ Dhy do you thin/ they "ut -:s and maga4ines in the cardio area of each gymG Dill then discovered Strong9ifts 5!5. but 5ust by increasing his Deadlift L which he does with 410lbs at age H4. was always 64 .ob claims that his blood "ressure actually increased when he was doing cardio$ *nother case. enhance muscular strength.“%eight Training Increases Bloo" 5ressure. consider S9 Member . for men and women$ -hey "rovide a stimulus for muscle fitness develo"ment. while he never did any Deadlifts before$ Interestingly. did cardio. here are actual case studies from Strong9ifts Members who decreased their blood "ressure with Stronglifts 5!5$ . "ro bodybuilder 6onnie 7oleman.$S$ *s/ . More . and he does Squats and Deadlifts with 500lbs$ %e even won his first "owerlifting meet$ Many dumb doctors who are su""osedly educated will claim that weight training increases blood "ressure and that it isn+t healthy$ 3et the *merican 7ollege of S"orts Medecine L the largest s"ort medicine and e!ercise science organi4ation in the world L recommends it$ %ere+s a quote from their website$$$ Ising free weights as "art of an e!ercise "rogram can be a safe and effective means of im"roving strength and fitness for all ages and fitness levels. and increase strength of bones$ Increased muscle strength can also have a "ositive im"act on quality of life for older adults$ -he *7SM would obviously not recommend weight training if it was bad for your health$ Do Strong9ifts 5!5 as laid out for 1' wee/s. without doing any /ind of cardio. increase muscle si4e. Myth$ =lenty of studies have shown that weight training decreases systolic and diastolic blood "ressure$ @ranted. 1&($ ' years after having done Strong9ifts 5!5 his blood "ressure has "lummeted to 100$ *gain. but it goes bac/ to normal after your set is done$ -his is actually how your cardiovascular fitness im"roves with strength training Bwithout having to do that dragging cardio C$ Instead of boring you with research.elgium bodybuilding com"etition in 1#)(.

doing s"lits as "art of his "osing routine for the Mr ?lym"ia com"etition$ -here are lot of idiot coaches who claim that you shouldn+t lift weights because it will ma/e you slow and infle!ible for s"orts$ 3et all elite teams have a strength S conditioning coach today$ *nd all to" athletes do strength training -iger Doods lift weights and is re"orted to . the original %ul/.ench =ress &00lbs.ec/ham lift weights. lifting weights encourages a healthy lifestyle$ -he only way lifting weights will stunt growth is if you damage your growth "late by letting the weight fall on you$ 3ou should therefore su"ervise teens lifting. he /e"t growing$ Strong9ifts Member Dei B"age 1#5C started S95!5 at age 1)$ 1 year later he+s 1F taller even though his deadlift almost doubled to 45'lbs$ If a 1 or 'F growth is not enough to convince you. a HF gain$ 7ase closed$ Some "eo"le actually believe that weight lifting could s"ur growth through increased bone minerali4ation Bthis is a mere hy"othesisC$ In all cases. how tall you+ll be is in the first "lace a matter of genetics. and then of getting "ro"er food when you grow u"$ >othing to do about the former. *nother myth$ Deight training does >?. and they say lifting weights im"roved their game. his Squat s/yroc/eted from an em"ty bar to 150/g. more fle!ible and you will have a definite advantage over your o""onent not lifting weights$ “%eight Training !tunts Growth. many famous athletes started lifting weights in their early teens$ 7ase studies$ Strong9ifts Member Ma/e B"age 1()C started S95!5 at age 15 at 5+10F$ ' years later he+s 15y old.errigno. but the latter you can. 5+10F. and he+s actually better at =ar/our than/s to his increased strength$ @uys get infle!ible from sitting on their couch all day instead of doing regular mobility wor/ and Squats below "arallel$ @uys become slow from doing curls inside the Squat 6ac/ instead of doing Deadlifts and Squats. a s"ort where s"eed and fle!ibility is crucial$ %e believed that lifting weights would made him slow and infle!ible$ . chec/ the story on "age '05$ -his Strong9ifts Member wanted to remain anonymous because it was the father "osting his son+s story who is only 15 y old$ Dhat matters is his growth. lifting the bar as fast as they can$ 3ou do Strong9ifts 5!5 as laid out. lifting heavy weights didn+t stunt his growth at all.ut here he has today. David . started lifting at age 14 and he grew to H+ 5P$ Dave Dra"er. began lifting at age 10 and he was H+0F tall$ Shaquille ?+>eill also began lifting in his teens and he grew )+1F tall$ Many. and he gained &&. Kobe .olt does Squats$ 9oo/ at all the football "layers today doing heavy lifting$ 7ase studies I have$ Strong9ifts Member Don B"age 1'#C and Myles B"age '0&C both "lay 6ugby.1/g body weight$ 7urrent height. 5+4F at age 1& when starting Strong9ifts 5!5$ '# months later. and H+0F$ 7learly. Squatting R500lbs. Deadlifting R 400lbs. and that they were less in5ured since they started lifting$ Strong9ifts Member Simon B"age 1&5C is an e! amateur bo!er and he strongly believes that fighters should do Squat and Deadlifts$ Strong9ifts Member Scott B"age 1#)C does =ar/our. enforce starting with an em"ty barbell and discourage bad technique and ego$ 65 . Isain .stunt growth$ *rnold Schwar4enegger started lifting weights at age 15 and he+s over H+'F tall$ 9ou . Mr Iniverse 1#HH. you will not get slow and infle!ible$ 3ou will be faster.rian llift weights.

T $3 66 .eal*Life Success Stories A./4 .

there+s no way you can achieve it$ >a"oleon %ill stressed in his bestseller T ink F 4ro! .ic that self confidence was crucial for success$ Aven *rnold Schwar4enegger said that :T e mind is t e only limit. age.ill Starr. and heQs only '0 years old$ • Mon >orth number 1 lifter in the #4/g class in the IS. my thumbs overla" my middle finger when I grab my wrists$ So I+m not born to be big or strong. free weight. leverages. bone si4e. and this is one reason why I started my 5ourney as a 1'0lb wea/ling who couldn+t do a single =ush u" and who even lost at armwrestling to a girl$ -o add to this. including a 44H. today I Squat 400lbs. Doug %e"burn. -here is one more reason why some guys are hesitant to do Strong9ifts 5!5 that I haven+t listed yet$ -his is actually such a big one that I+ve dedicated the rest of the boo/ to it$ %ere is that reason.ranco 7olumbo$ Aven 6onnie 7oleman was doing heavy weight wor/s with com"ound e!ercises$ @lenn =endlay MS IS*D. still uses this 5!5 method today with his ?lym"ic weight lifters who have won gold medals and bro/en *merican records$ Some of his accom"lished athletes include. I have long limbs with a short torso which wor/s against me on the Squat<=ress. but still have doubts because you+ve heard that every%ody is different$ >ow it would be better if you didn+t tell you this. even race or gender$ It is very im"ortant that you understand this and strongly start to believe it$ .-'T$ 3ou may at this "oint be interested to start my "rogram. I have s/inny H$)F wrists.ecause if you don+t believe it. etc all these things "lay a role$ *s an e!am"le. com"ound e!ercises with "rogressive loading at this moment$ So yes your body is different. metabolism. did my heavy Squats and Deadlifts. then turned s/innyC$ I+m sure there+s more$ 3et. member of the '010 =an *m team.“But 2y Bo"y Is $ifferent. • 7aleb Dard who has bro/en 1& *merican weight lifting records already. but yes. you can do it. and was consistent$ Dhich brings me to my ' nd "oint. who was the ins"iration for my Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram. body ty"e. 6eg =ar/. length of limbs. a 1H5/g snatch in the #4/g bodyweight class$ 67 .train using a different "rogram to get where I am today L I started my strength 5ourney with the 5!5 method and still use heavy. age. Deadlift 500lbs and weigh 50lbs more$ I do not thin/ it was hard for me to gain weight or strength. and maybe Sylvester Stallone and . nor do I consider myself a terrible Squatter even though I should be with my long legs$ *nd this is my first "oint. I never used my limitations as an e!cuse to stay mediocre$ I 5ust went to the gym. Hlb 7lean S Mer/ record. there are thousands of success stories of guys who boosted their strength and transformed their body using this method. and I also was diagnosed with mild scoliosis$ I have flat feet and my right arm was almost dislocated when the doctors tried to get me out of my mom+s womb BI weighed a who""ing 5$'/g when I was born. bone si4e. I did >?. including Schwar4enegger. and only 5/g away from one of the oldest *merican records on the boo/s. "rove you that the whole Emy body is differentF mindset is utter nonsense. but no that doesn+t mean you need to train differently$ -he Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram uses "rinci"les which a""ly to anyone L whatever your genetics. . &s long as t e mind can envision somet ing. body ty"e. -his is what the rest of this boo/ is about. and that Strong9ifts 5!5 wor/s for everyone$ 6emember this method is almost )0y old. !& BO6& $S 6$55-.. everybody is different$ @enetics.

they did it. eventually went much higher in the draft than e!"ected Bearly 'nd roundC and is now a standout in the defensive bac/field$ 3ou can find thousands of success stories 5ust li/e these from guys who have used the 5!5 method during the "ast )0 years$ I have included a few do4ens from my very own Strong9ifts Members inside this boo/. who snatched 1)'$5/g B*merican recordC and clean and 5er/ed 4H&lbs$ -here+s also -$M$ Dard who used the 5!5 method under @lenn =endlayQs coaching to "re"are for the >. but in the interest of /ee"ing the length of this re"ort to reasonable si4e$ -he commonalities of these success stories are im"ortant and fit into two categories$ ?ne is "roof$ -hese stories feature ordinary guys from all sorts of bac/grounds. it+s been my observation that.• Donny Shan/le. age and bac/grounds may all differ$ . lifestyles. an e! amateur bo!er. some gained (5lbs$ Some were already training for '0y.ut the way they train is the same. and in some cases without any "rior weight training e!"erience$ -hey have little in common but having done that and being Strong9ifts Members$ I /now "ersonally everyone you will meet in this boo/$ Some have ama4ing genetics. etc$ -here is nothing Es"ecialF about them that you lac/$ -heir stories are revealing of mindset. I want you to /ee" this in mind as you read their success stories$ I did it. and "ositive influence on others. com"ounds. what they believe they can and cannot achieve. genetics. the same strategies em"loyed$ -heir body ty"es. many are em"loyed. you can find L and should loo/ for and list L the same ste"s re"eated. hec/ even race. virtually all stumbling bloc/ are inside their belief system L what they thin/ they can and cannot do. most do not$ Some are only 15y. as they start and "rogress. free weights. almost all of them started with Strong9ifts 5!5 and climbed the Strong9ifts 9adder of strength. wal/s of lifes. bodyty"es. and how fast they thin/ results will occur$ -he other is methods$ Dithin their stories and e!am"les. not of "rerequisite qualifications$ -his is very im"ortant because from my e!"erience coaching countless of guys to gain strength and dramatically change their body and life using the 5!5 method. and a few are self em"loyed li/e me$ ?ne is only 5+&F. genetics. and those no longer on the "rogram are still using the e!act same "rinci"les. ages. often while overcoming limitations. test drive it for 1' wee/s and you+ll ama4e yourself$ 68 . & rugby "layers. and you can do it too$ -his method is fool "roof. national cham"ion and =an *merican medalist.9 combine and draft in '010$ -$M$ boosted his Squat by 50lbs in the months leading to the combine. who have accom"lished e!traordinary "hysiques. several "owerlifters. in most cases very quic/ly. a cancer survivor. confidence. and one is H4y old$ Some lost 100lbs. "rogressive loading$ 3ou have inside this boo/ a collection of e!am"les that re"resents thousands more 5ust li/e them. :If t ey can do it.. all using the same methods$ It is here for you to see$ %ere for you to co"y$ ?ne of my favorites quotes ever is this. others were com"lete beginners and never did any /ind of s"orts in their life$ Some are students. so can I. health. a "ar/our guy. most are 5+10F. not for want or need of hundreds or thousands more. and some are H+5F$ Some guys were "rivately coached by me but most never had a coach$ -here+s an e! marathon runner. strength. a heart attac/ survivor. most are '0 40y old.

“I ran into a guy I ha"n@t seen in : or A months. slac/ off again. di"s and crunches$ I didnQt turn into a wea/ fat man. shoulder "ress. D7 area$ IQm now '4 and wor/ in government affairs$ IQd been wor/ing out "retty consistently my whole life. but vowed to do whatever I could from that moment on to never be seen as a soft target again$ I wondered what would have ha""ened if I hadn+t had that little blade$ I+d also strained my bac/ moving into a new a"artment$ I never wanted to be so wea/ that I couldn+t move my own "ro"erty around$ IQve always lifted. healthier and more disci"lined$ *nd I wanted to do it in a safe. chin u"s. <goo" grief man you@ve gotten swole#<. "lateau. either "laying s"orts or lifting weights$ I tried other wor/out methods li/e circuit training and %II.for about H months. but I was concerned that squats would aggravate the in5ury$ IQve also got chronic lower bac/ "ain due to some mild scoliosis B(2 curvature in lumbarC$ I figured as long as I was careful and too/ my time to learn form. and "retty much Es/inny fatF and unsatisfied$ In the "ast. I 5ust wanted to become bigger. My name is %arrison$ IQm originally from 6oc/ville. return to the gym after a cou"le months off. do some form of %II. a ty"ical weight lifting "rogram went as follows. re"eat$ My earlier training did not involve squatting or deadlifting$ I did some bench "ress. stronger. IQd /now if I was aggravating the issues$ I decided to give it a try and after my first cou"le of squat sessions 69 . but I didnQt turn into a strong man either$ Dhile I was in college my house was burglari4ed$ *nother time while I was wal/ing home some "un/s tried to rob me$ I refused to give u" any "ro"erty and scared the guys off with a /nife.with minimal success$ IQm 5Q#F and before starting Strong9ifts 5!5 I was 1H0lbs. healthy way using a method that would wor/ for the rest of my life$ 3our reasons may be different than mine$ Aither way we share a common goal$ So one day I googled Ehow to get bigger and strongerF and Strong9ifts 5!5 came u"$ I didnQt /now much about weight lifting and the 5 re" range sounded "retty low$ I wondered if it would be effective$ I in5ured some /nee ligaments in a s/iing crash when I was 15$ *t '' I still occasionally got some "ain in the /nee$ I /new that strengthening my legs and /nee 5oint would hel". MD IS* and still reside in the Dashington. dumbbell curls. The first thing he sai" was. angry with myself for slac/ing.

I could barely wal/J I was seriously sore. it was easier than when I moved in '00($ Dhen I moved in '010 I relished the o""ortunity to use my newly acquired strength$ Dhen I started Strong9ifts 5!5 my arms were 11W at the widest "oint of the bice"$ >ow theyQre 15W.ody weight B5+#PC .ody fat .44< =Start SL/0/> '' 1H'lb 1)2 11P 1&0lb H5lb 140lb H0lb 6ecem(er F .ice"s Deadlift Squat . 1( months into the "rogram$ * lot of this growth came on the bac/ of my arms from "ressing and rowing$ I feel I get the most wor/ for my arms doing weighted chin u"s and "ull u"s. once I was doing weighted 70 . others tell me IQm going to hurt my /neesJ I regularly accom"lish feats of strength li/e carrying all of my groceries u" the stairs in a single tri"$ Dhen I moved to a new a"artment in '00# that didnQt have an elevator.4@4 =Current SL?0/> '4 1#'lb 142 15P &H0lb &10lb '55lb 140lb Gains so far))) R&0lb &2 R4P R'&0lb R'45lb R115lb R(0lb I started Strong9ifts 5!5 March '0.4 . and then started switching to &!5 on the e!ercises as I stalled for a third or fourth time$ I made my last switch to &!5 BbenchC in Muly '010$ IQm confident my lifts will continue to go u"$ IQm "lanning to com"ete in a squat. which I /new was a sign that I hadnQt been really wor/ing out hard before. and heavy barbell rows$ *bout 4 months ago. 5ust three months into Strong9ifts 5!5. '00#$ I "rogressed steadily and did a total of two deloads all the way bac/ down to 1&5 lbs on squat to im"rove form$ I then "rogressed and did 102 deloads at '00 lbs and '&5 lbs on squat. bench and deadlift "owerlifting meet this s"ring. 5ust for fun$ My family and friends have noticed IQve gotten bigger and stronger$ 9ast month I ran into a guy at the gym who I used to wor/ with$ I hadnQt seen him in ( or # months$ -he first thing he said was Egood grief man youQve gotten swoleJF =eo"le in the gym are sometimes sur"rised at how much I can lift for my si4e$ I get com"liments on squat form from some guys. even though I thought I was$ IQve got a lifting mentor who told me that all the real strongmen from generations "ast and "resent use sim"le barbell lifts to get brutally strong$ It all started ma/ing sense within a few months$ -hings really too/ off after I did @?M*D for three wee/s$ #arrison:s Gains *ge .ench =ress =ress !arch .

in lifting and everything else in life$ IQve got a few regular followers on my log who /ee" me accountable$ -he sim"le social "ressure of /nowing IQll "ost my wor/out results online really hel"s when IQm dreading that ne!t heavy squat set$ I wor/ 10 hours<day in a suit and tie office environment$ I s"end most of my time com"letely sedentary at a des/ and usually only get about ) hours of slee"<night during the wee/$ *nd I made it wor/$ *ll it ta/es is commitment and eating big$ If youQve never done a real barbell strength training "rogram before. I added curls with a full barbell for &V( at the end of row day$ I thin/ itQs made a difference in arm si4e.chins with decent weight. you shouldnQt modify the "rogram at all until then$ -he disci"lined mindset that heavy squats gives you allows you to really "um" u" your whole body if you add au!iliary e!ercises$ Since IQve been doing barbell training my lower bac/ "ain is almost com"letely gone$ >othing else had wor/ed before including e!tensive stretching and visits to a chiro"ractor$ I canQt remember the last time my /nee troubled me$ -he biggest mista/e I made before I discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 was not thin/ing squats are im"ortant$ Squats change your entire "hysique$ I was also afraid of eating %I@AJ IQve learned that if you want to be bigger. '4. youQve got to eat bigger and quit worrying about getting fat$ 3ouQve got to ma/e eating a "art of your training and eat for your goal weight$ Sometimes that means forcing down that e!tra re" from the for/ to the mouth$ I also learned to quit ma/ing e!cuses for reasons not to train$ IQm sure the days IQve lifted even though I felt run down. a little sic/ or had to wor/ late have made all the difference$ -here are so many /nowledgeable Members inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ Dhen I was learning the lifts I got useful ti"s and feedbac/ off of videos I "osted within 5ust a few hours$ ?ther S9 Members "ost to"ics and questions that get me thin/ing about how I can im"rove my own training and nutrition$ *dditionally. going to the board once a day or so /ee"s me thin/ing about my strength goals and reminds me to stay on trac/$ -hereQs nothing worse than losing all the hard wor/ youQve "ut in to lifting due to inconsistency$ Kee"ing a training log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity lets me reflect on my wor/outs and loo/ bac/ on my "rogress$ My log shows a clear "ath of "rogress on all my lifts and im"roved disci"line and commitment to the goals I set for myself$ I can also see how much IQve learned about weight training theory and what wor/s and what doesnQt$ -he best way to learn what wor/s is to go get under the bar. Dashington D7 IS*$ 71 . but "robably not much$ IQm u" to #0 lbs on that$ I donQt thin/ you should add curls until youQre squatting over &00 and benching at least '00$ In fact. Strong9ifts 5!5 is worth a try$ ItQs something anyone can do regardless of age or fitness level$ It will hel" you self actuali4eN you will reach your bodyQs genetic "otential if you stic/ with it$ If youQre too fat now youQll lose fat and build muscle$ If youQre too s/inny youQll "ut some meat on your frame$ *nd above all. and loo/ing bac/ on my log I can see that I rarely miss wor/outs anymore$ -hat certainly builds confidence in my ability to stay committed. if youQre wea/ youQll become strong$ S9 Member %arrison a/a EMaslowF.

who was I /iddingG Dhat else should I have e!"ectedG I first realised the bad state of my fitness during the s"ring of '00( when on a mountain bi/ing tri". >orwayC$ I had a normal s/inny loo/ing "hysique as of May '00( but had been sedentary for a long time throughout my college and university studies in Angland$ I s"ent hours studying. gaming. very "oor$ I did not have any troubling issues with my a""earance though a tall frame with broad ish shoulders can get sur"risingly s/inny without loo/ing malnourished$ I 5ust felt that I was not doing my body 5ustice with the way I was living$ I have not been inactive all of my life$ I was amongst the fastest s"rinters in my secondary school and usually the fastest "layer "laying in the local soccer games$ >ow this does not mean I was a big talent. My name is *ndreas$ I am '5 years old. "ulling a bi/e trailer u" some roc/y hills$ I could barely com"lete the tas/ of "ulling the trailer that day and was in fact very close to being sic/ several times during that P"hysical e!ertionP$ It was a true moment of enlightenmentN something had to (e done) My future flashed before my eyes at the to" of the hill. but I was above average in terms of running<s"rinting$ I sto""ed "laying soccer in year '000 but because I still carried a bit of this "ride with meN it was nasty to find out what ) years of being la4y had done to my body$ . and could not acce"t this "otential sequence of events.“I feel more comfortable an" I feel most physical challenges can be attac&e" with confi"ence. I could end u" as a wea/ com"uter nerd with a com"letely wasted athletic "otential$ I gave it some thought. 1#'cm tall and weigh #'/g$ I wor/ full time as a software develo"er and have quite a busy lifestyle that comes along with wor/ing and living in a big city B?slo.ut really.. and going out BbeerJJC$ I also had a rec/less diet with "lenty of ta/eaway$ *fter I graduated. I s"ent most days at wor/ 5ust sitting$ I was therefore s/inny and in "oor sha"e for a guy in his early '0s$ >ot overweight. I /new that right away$$$ -his was the turning "oint$ Something changed that day$ 72 . 5ust unfit$ -his basically means that my strength "erformance was li/e that of the average sedentary male.

since I gathered I would only become s/innier than I was$ I remember seeing two e!tremes on the internetN the s"rinter vs marathon runner$ A!"losive "erformance vs$ s/in and bones with e!treme endurance$ I figured meeting somewhere on the middle would be sensible and so I introduced resistance training to my life$ . or so I thought$ 9ast re"s were a bit tough.So I ditched 5un/food and com"uter games in Mune '00( and started doing endurance training$ -his was the only ty"e of training I had e!"erience with before from "laying soccer so I 5um"ed onto the first solution was familiar with. but this was my reasoning at the time$ *fter trying free weights I made some realisations "retty quic/ly$ 73 . but I was shoc/ed by my horrible state of wea/ness$ I recall seeing an older guy B50 yearsRC "ressing almost twice what I could do for 15 re"s on the machine$ I was early '0s. more running and cycling$ I started to realise that I wanted "ower and strength. read "age 1(5C$ I started reading about full body wor/outs in the Men+s %ealth IK forums$ -hen I reali4ed that the lifts they were tal/ing about were free weight and not machines$ I researched how to do these free weight lifts on @oogle and I believe it was the S9 Squat guide that connected me to Strong9ifts$ Strong9ifts 5!5 came across as an organised and structured way of training$ I+m analytical by nature and concluded that the S95!5 routine was building u"on solid foundations and "rinci"les$ I was convinced to start S95!5 as I wanted to im"rove athletic abilities and "ushing weights on weight machines would not have the same "ractical carry over$ *t first sight I was daunted by having to learn technique on all these liftsN but after a""lying some common sense I decided that the invested time to learn the lifts would "ay off long term$ I had never done a Squat.ob BH4y. I felt as if my muscles were bleeding after each training session$ -his got better fast.irst sessions using machines were hard. not 5ust endurance. muscles were not used to it$ My logic was that women started with the '0/g bar and so I should start with more$ I didn+t really gras" the conce"t of the bar quic/ly getting heavy when adding '$5/g every session$ It was a combination of over estimating my own strength level and es"ecially ego$ My father has had "hysical wor/ all his life and is strong because of this$ In terms of height and width I was similar to him Bbut lighterC and so I wrongly concluded that I also had to be strong from the get go$ -his sounds really stu"id now.set me u" with a "rogram on machines to build strength and endurance$ &!15 re"s were used. so I had a cou"le of goes first with 5ust the bar BI watched the youtube video from Mehdi 15 times at wor/C$ -hen I fired away 5!5 with 40/g and it felt about right$ 7om"leted all with good form. focus on bac/ and chest mostly$ *lso had leg "ress for lower body wor/$ I es"ecially requested this as I figured there is no "oint in getting big bice"s with "athetic loo/ing and wea/ legs$ .y ?ctober '00( I sto""ed and went for the gym instead$ My ambition was not to loo/ li/e some muscle fle!ing su"erstar but to im"rove my "hysical "erformance$ :isual changes for the better were of course welcome as an added bonus$ * =. he was EoldF$ I thought being young automatically meant good strength$ I obviously lac/ed "ers"ective and thought I was a lot stronger than I really was bac/ then$$$ >ow I have a lot of res"ect for 50R guys after seeing what some of them lift in the S9 7ommunity li/e .

although this is hard to quantify$ I feel more at ease in social situations and I find normal day to day situations much easier to deal with. strength I had never needed to use on machines$ -o "ut it into "ers"ectiveN on the machine I could easily go H5/gR 5!5 and I had "lenty enough with 40/g on the free weight bench "ress to be honest$ -his was sufficient "roof to me that free weights and S95!5 was the best way to go about this$ 40/g on the free weights Squat wasn+t a "roblem.44G '&y 1(0lb 1&'lb ((lb ((lb 6ec . I would have started with the em"ty bar and "osted videos of me squatting to get a review of Strong9ifts Members earlier$ -hese were the numbers I had before S95!5 with my lifting e!"erience at that "oint$ I may have been able to force out more. but it would not have been safe to do so$ I had severely wea/ened glutes. but )0/gR was at that stage$ -he weight caught u" with me faster than I could learn form "ro"erly at sufficient de"th$ I believe I was a slo+ learner on the Squat.ench =ress 'o" . the movement felt unnatural to me$ If I could choose again today with the /nowledge I have.ench I 6A*993 noticed how machines give false strength$ I had a tric/y time balancing the weight "ro"erly$ It too/ strength to balance it. get started on lifting now and you will never regret it$ ?ther than that I feel more comfortable and I feel most "hysical challenges can be attac/ed with confidence$ I notice that the strength carries over to all ty"es of wor/$ *n 74 .ody weight BH+&PC Deadlift Squat . but I+m stronger than the average guy on the street now$ -his may have some "sychological im"act confidence wise.4@4 '5y '0'lb 41(lb &5'lb '&'lb Gains so far))) R''lb R'(Hlb R'H4lb R144lb My bodyweight has increased by 10/g but my relative strength has s/y roc/eted on to" of this$ My lifting stats are obviously nothing ama4ing.?n the . everything seems A*S3 com"ared to full de"th squats near your "hysical limitJ If you can+t relate to this. hi"s and hams from sitting so much and general lac/ of activity$ My diet was also insufficient for my tall frame$ Andreas: Gains *ge .

e!am"le is "hysical sledgehammer< hatchet ty"e gardening wor/$ I hel"ed some family not long ago with this and I could com"letely tear it u" without getting fatigued or e!"eriencing a lac/ of "ower$ -he lac/ of endurance got me into training originally, but I+ve almost only done strength training$ My base cardio fitness im"roved noticeably as my lifts got stronger so I+ve not needed to add much dedicated cardio$ I would do the same againN gain bodyweight and im"rove strength first$ 7om"ound lifts are much more fun than running$ I+m ha""y to have found this way of training and to /now that all my lifts are done at "ro"er range of motion with safe technique$ I am "articularly ha""y to have gotten a solid and dee" squat technique as I struggled a lot with that lift$ -he S9 7ommunity has been very valuable in this regard$ I was Squatting too high Bnot hitting "arallelC$ -ogether with the hel" of the S9 Members I corrected this and I now squat "ro"erly with hi" crease below the /nees$ My log inside the S9 community is a neat way to /ee" training history and discuss things that went well or things that went really bad, or sim"ly shit$ 3ou get res"onses from Strong9ifts Members that can relate to the "oundages you lift and understand the meaning of "ushing themselves hard$ It+s very motivational to discuss training with li/e minded "eo"le$ If you want to get in better sha"e I would recommend S9 5!5 along with an increased calorie diet to get the ball rolling$ 3ou can im"rove your "erformance and "hysique by using barbell com"ound lifts and ad5usting your diet towards your goals$ It wor/s$ S9 Member *ndreas a/a EMaroonF, '5, ?slo >orway$


“It has really change" me in more ways than Bust physical strength. I am getting to where I want to be with myself, getting stronger an" confi"ent.

My name is -om Mer/ley, I live in 7algary, 7anada$ I wor/ "art time at a deli and go to school$ ,efore I started lifting I was underweight, I am about 5+10 and I only weighed around 1'0lbs$ I had almost no body fat, I was "retty wea/ and couldn+t do much of anything really$ I never did any s"orts before lifting$ I started lifting because I wanted to change who I was and im"rove myself$ ,eing strong and confident is what I always wanted, but I wasn+t$ I started wor/ing out in the summer '010, my routine was basically nothing, I had no organi4ation or /new what I was doing besides what friends told me$ I would try and wor/out 5 days a wee/, all isolation and machine e!ercises$ I got no results, not even on machines or with dumbbells$ I thought squats were the scariest e!ercise ever and were terrible for your bac/ and /nees, and only the weird strong loo/ing guys did it$ I was basically your average gym tool$ -he /ind of /ids you see with their friends wasting time on cra" that doesn+t wor/$ I found Strong9ifts 5!5 through my friend Danny who started strength training$ I got e!cited from what I saw and what he was doing, and thought maybe I could start seriously training and changing myself$ I was s/e"tical too though, I didn+t /now anything about strength training, it was all new to me$ ,ut it seemed legitimate and I had a friend to try it with$ My results didn+t go too fast right away since I was half assing the "rogram$ ,ut even 5ust doing that I "ut on 10lbs in a cou"le of wee/s, while barely eating and lifting not too much$ I thought my scale was bro/en, I didn+t /now if I was being tric/ed by something or not$ I wanted to get really serious and ma/e strength training a"art of my life, and I found out that there was a Strong9ifts =latinum 7oaching =rogram, so it seemed obvious I should

invest in it$ I thin/ 5oining Mehdi+s coaching "rogram was one of if not the best decisions in my life, if only I could train with him in "erson haha$ It has really changed me I thin/, in more ways than 5ust "hysical strength too$ I am getting to where I want to be with myself, getting stronger and confident$ -he online coaching feels very "ersonal, it can be harsh and rewarding, and Mehdi is very good at motivating es"ecially$ 3ou get change and "rogress out of it, I am getting what I want out of it, actual results, more than I have with years of on and off training$ I would definitely recommend it$ Tom:s Gains *ge ,ody weight B5+10FC Deadlift Squat ,ench =ress June ;@st ;4@4 '0y 1&0lbs 110lb 145lb #5lb 'o" ;;nd ;4@4 '1y 15Hlbs '40lb '40lb 145lb Gains so far))) R'Hlbs R1&0lb R#5lb R50lb

-his is now the 5th consecutive month I+m "ersonally being coached by Mehdi$ I thin/ very differently than I did 5 months ago, about everything in my life$ I am a lot more organi4ed and motivated in everything, I am more mature, confident, reliant, consistent in almost everything I do$ * lot more confident in myself, see myself differently, feel li/e more of a man basically$ I /now I have a lot more wor/ to do still$ I am sur"rised how often "eo"le notice, friends, family, co wor/ers$ =eo"le say I loo/ different now, stronger, thic/er$ I get com"liments a lot, about how easily I lift a crate of meat, or how much healthier I am starting to loo/$ =eo"le I /now come to me for advice about wor/ing out, dieting, etc$ .riends and co wor/ers even comment on my change in behavior often Bmore confident, assertiveC$ I heard of Strong9ifts 5!5 from my friend Danny, I now lift more than him on almost all e!ercises Be!ce"t "ressC$ %e is im"ressed with what I have done with myself so far$ I can do a lot more, I am more confident in my strength$ 9ifting things around home and wor/ is easy$ I am the "erson "eo"le as/ to do "hysical labor they need done$ It all ma/es me want to get even stronger$ My goal is to get over &00lbs in squat and deadlift$ Must /ee" lifting and getting as strong as I can be$ I want to be a healthy, good loo/ing, strong weight$ >o more s/inny twig loo/$ *round 1)0 1(0lbs for my height$ I see myself getting more disci"lined and dedicated to strength training as I learn what it ta/es to be a good lifter Bthe diet, training, strictnessC$ I get lots of loo/s in the gym, sometimes itQs because I have been hogging one of the squat rac/s or bars for about an hour to do squats then "ress then dead lift, sometimes I thin/ itQs because meat heads canQt believe a smaller guy li/e me is lifting more than them, and other times itQs "robably because idiots thin/ IQm using EwrongF form$ Sometimes I get com"liments on my form, or how I loo/$ ?ther times I get told how I should have my feet closer together, and how I should never go below "arallel on squat cause it will hurt my /nees and bac/ hahaha$ -he only "eo"le squatting more than me now are the few guys I see that are actual strength trainers B'00lb R guys that are built li/e tan/s, wearing regional com"etition shirtsC$ -raining with Mehdi wasnQt easy, IQve had to wa/e u" at )am everyday, eat u" to )000

calories a day, I have lost a girlfriend, had friends attem"t suicide, family issues, all while still having to /ee" u" an a""etite, slee"ing schedule, and training routine$ * 9?- of days I didnQt want to do shit, I didnQt want to get out of bed, eat anything, go to the gym, some days I didnQt do that stuff$ I messed u" "lenty of times with slee"ing in, not eating, etc$ Some days I was "hysically sic/ and couldnQt eat or slee", but I still hit the gym feeling li/e cra"$ ?ther times I was feeling de"ressed, sad, whatever, but I still ate and trained$ I 5ust made myself get u" early and start eating and getting ready to get to the gym, didnQt matter if I wor/ed later that day or was having "roblems in life, I was in a bad mood all day and didnQt feel li/e wa/ing u" or eating or wor/ing out "lenty of times$ It is 5ust will "ower that made me do all of it$

I learnt from failures to eat and train hard enough that consistency is im"ortant in growing strong$ -his way of thin/ing transferred over into other as"ects of my life too$ I learnt how to deal with and solve "roblems that held me bac/ from my goals$ I /new I had to change how I ate and trained, and change how I thought too, sto" thin/ing li/e a loser$ -o /now what I want and try and get it, all that clichX stuff$ *lso of course I found out that #02 of what I had heard about training, su""lements, wor/outs, gaining muscle, what to eat, everything was bull shit$ I learnt what really wor/s and "ut it into "ractice to see for myself that it wor/s$ -he biggest thing holding me bac/ was my own thin/ing$ I thought wor/ing out and eating "ro"erly were very very com"licated$ .itness maga4ines had so many different wor/outs and a""arently you needed to do different routines every month or whatever to get results$ -here are so many /inds of su""lements and different /inds of "roteins and sha/es and "ower bars, etc$ Averyone had different info, how much "rotein you should eat, how to do e!ercises "ro"erly to not hurt yourself, what to eat and when to eat it$ I didnQt /now there was a difference between body building and strength training$ I didnQt /now anything$ It seemed "retty much im"ossible to get strong and the body I want$ ?nce I started wor/ing with Mehdi I discovered I wasnQt eating nearly as much as I thought I was, and that what I needed to eat wasnQt su""lements$ I was unmotivated because of all the confusion I had, once I learnt what was gonna wor/ for me I started getting into things, and getting motivated to /ee" going$ I use to thin/ my genetics were also gonna "revent me from ever getting strong, and thatQs why I had been so s/inny my whole life$ I "roved myself wrong within a few wee/s, when I "ut on a lot of weight and was lifting a lot more once I started doing things "ro"erly$

but it has been worth it for me$ 3ou have to be willing to dedicate time and effort into it to ma/e it worth your while$ I did that and I am very ha""y with what I have gotten out of it$ Strong9ifts =latinum Member -om Mer/ley. most =A?=9A in general are idiots about becoming strong and how the body wor/s$ Strong9ifts seemed li/e it wasnQt full of bull shit and bro science$ -he moment I heard of Mehdi coaching. '1. it ta/es hard wor/ and lots of time and dedication$ =ersonal trainers can cost hundreds a wee/. es"ecially for someone who ma/es a shit earning li/e myself. you will see it was a good decision$ If you really want to change your life and ma/e training a "art of it and change yourself for the better. 7algary 7anada$ 79 . and it made it easier to visuali4e I guess. but most trainers are idiots. or month de"ending on how good they are. /ee"ing trac/ of everything and stic/ing to a "lan$ -rac/ing my diet everyday and ma/ing sure I ate enough hel"ed me to start getting stronger$ -rac/ing my calories every day for 5 months was a "ain usually. if you are trying hard at it.ut after the first month.. itQs im"ossible to learn anything in 5ust one day$ =rogress isnQt made in 5ust one day. really not that hard but it can get annoying$ I never tried trac/ing my diet before in my life$ *fter doing it though I saw how little I had always been eating. this can be a good way to hel" you do it I thin/$ -he "rice for MehdiQs "rivate coaching is e!"ensive. but all coaching is really$ Most trainers that would come with you to a gym charge by the lesson B5ust for that one dayC which is "ointless.y wor/ing with Mehdi directly I have learnt the im"ortance of consistency. what I was eating and what I needed to eat to "ut on weight$ It 5ust hel"s to see the numbers$ I can understand you would have doubts about Strong9ifts 5!5. I 5um"ed on the chance to send in an a""lication to 5oin his =latinum 7oaching "rogram$ Mehdi decided to ta/e me as a "rivate client and we started Mune '1st '010$ If you are dedicated to changing yourself then this coaching "rogram might be for you$ It is very e!"ensive. I did$ .

not moving at all and lifting weights Bisolation stuffC most days of the wee/$ >othing wor/ed$ I thought the reasons why I never gained weight were a combination of genetics.ut my efforts were futile as I was not doing things right. drin/ing oil. ta/ing e!"ensive Eweight gainerF su""lements. Angland$ IQm '5 years old.“I use" to thin& of myself as a “har"gainer. my doctor told me that being s/inny was ?K and that I would rather be s/inny than fat. and stress from wor/$ I resigned myself to believe that I was somehow Eborn s/innyF and there was nothing I could do to change that EfactF$ I remember when I was a /id. and for this reason I remained single all the way through high school and college$ I also didnQt li/e to go to swimming "ools for fear of "eo"le ma/ing fun of my s/inny body$ My cousins and friends called me a s/eleton or a bag of bones$ -his wasnQt really hel"ing with the self confidence$ In '00(. so I would live a long life$ -his didnQt comfort me$ I still didnQt li/e my image and I had no confidence in my body L a sentiment that I still had until recently$ I had very little confidence when it came to showing my body Beven my forearms L I always wore long sleeves. every one of my buff friends was a member of this "articular gym$ . I was not eating the right foods in the right amounts. even in hot daysC$ @irls didnQt loo/ at me in college and "referred the more EbuffF boys who were in s"orts teams. I got a gym membershi" as I thought it was the logical thing to do in order to get big and strong$ =lus. and I currently reside in 9ondon. My name is @abriel. 1$)&m tall and IQm a sales e!ec for a com"uter com"any$ I used to thin/ of myself as a EhardgainerF and for many years tried everything to gain weight and muscle. +ow I "on@t thin& there@s such thing C Bust a guy who "oesn@t &now how to train or eat.. and I was overtraining by training too many times a wee/ with high re"etition weight lifting and very little food and recovery$ 80 . insufficient training. all to no avail$ Aating more fat.

but I no longer feel I EneedF to do it.44< '5y 141lb 1)$52 &0P 154lb 14#lb 110lb July . and I told him that I hated being a hardgainer$ %e recommended that I go for @?M*D and adhere to the Strong9ifts 5V5 "rogramme$ I still remember his words.During my time in the gym I trained 4 to H times a wee/. and I do less than before$ I can now swim 500m without ending u" "anting. all the e!ercises done in a ha"ha4ard manner. a Squat 6ac/. which I is 81 . but once I got down to it I found it to be hard as hell for me. my fighting s/ills BI have a bac/ground in Martial *rtsC have definitely im"roved as a consequence of my strength training L I can now lift an o""onent overhead. Emil/ and com"ound lifts are the /eyF$ I soon started the Strong9ifts 5V5 "rogramme and the results have been ama4ing$ I had given u" on weight training and having found something so sim"le as S95!5 gave me a lot of ho"e$ I thought it loo/ed easy. lat "ulldowns. I can run faster and longer distances. dumbbell flies.44< '5y 1'1lb 152 &0P 110lb 100lb ((lb Oct . I was tal/ing to a friend. I+m sure$ Dell. I would do what I felt li/e doing L some barbell curls. and sometimes "ush u"s .002 R'F R'&1lb R1(Hlb R1'1lb -han/s to Strong9ifts 5V5 and @?M*D I have gained 44lbs in 11 months. from 55/g to )5/g$ *lso. before I started @?M*D and S95!5C$ During the autumn of '00#. which you can obviously see in my "icture on the left Bta/en in Se"tember '00#. but I decided that it was all worth it$ Ga(riel:s Gains *ge .ody . concentration curls.ench =ress Sep . a set of weights with an ?lym"ic bar. sit u"s and bodyweight squats$ Mostly curls to be honest$ I was sim"ly listening to my whim and sometimes followed the advise of guys in the gym and relatives who told me to Ecurl to get biggerF$ I /new that most of these guys were either on steroids or eating enormous amounts of food$ I couldn+t bring myself to do either$ 9ac/ of motivation. I gained more strength than I ever have gained before$ *nd itQs been chea"er than going to the gym. I could get a lot out of it before but now my body is stronger L with a strength that s"ills into my state of mind day by day$ My cardiovascular endurance has im"roved also as a result of strength training$ I do li/e doing some cardio from time to time. and a sturdy =ull u" bar$ I definitely feel e!tremely self confident with the way I loo/ now$ I am not afraid to go to the beach or the swimming "ool$ =eo"le have all started to say how EbuffF and big I loo/ nowadays$ @irls chec/ me out when I go out Bto my fianceeQs disli/eC and only my mum remembers what I loo/ed li/e when I was s/inny$ I feel more able to "rotect my loved ones and my libido is sim"ly ama4ing$ I feel I can get much more out of life$ I mean.ody weight B5+(PC .ut I still didnQt gain any weight at all and I didnQt loo/ bigger than I was in my teenage years$ I still weighed a mere 55/g. my arms grew a few centimeters bigger and I could definitely see a bit of a si! "ac/ showing$ .4@4 'Hy 1H5lb 112 &'P &41lb '(Hlb '0#lb Gains so far))) R44lb 4.at Daist Deadlift Squat . as I invested less than Y'00 in a bench.

orget e!"ensive "rotein sha/es and weight gainers L that is the real bad stuff and it sim"ly doesnQt wor/$ I am. 6ead MehdiQs boo/. I still drin/ the stuff sometimes u" to ' litres a day if I feel li/e it$ >ow I donQt thin/ thereQs such thing as a EhardgainerF L 5ust a guy who doesnQt /now how to train or eat$ It has nothing to do with genetics$ -hatQs an e!cuse for failure$ . and no changes to the rest of my food bill L I switched to all whole foods. donQt be afraidC I had diarrhea and nausea at times since I was not accustomed to eating so much$ . healthiest way to "ut on weight$ .ut then came a time when I started to crave mil/$ I couldnQt have a meal without one or two large glasses of mil/$ -he stuff is li/e ambrosia to me now$ *t first I didnQt thin/ it was healthy as I heard "eo"le telling me that mil/ is bad for you in large quantities$ I thought Ewell. re read it and a""ly the "rinci"les of S95!5$ *nd drin/ your mil/. for goodnessQ sa/e$ DonQt be "ut off by what you hear from others$ Mil/ is good for you and @?M*D is the best. Angland$ 82 . '5. a/a E@D*#W. living "roof that @?M*D and S95!5 sim"ly wor/s$ S9 Member @abriel.ased on my e!"erience I would recommend @?M*D and S95!5 to any "erson who considers himself a EhardgainerF$ Sto" giving yourself silly e!cuses$ @et under the bar and drin/ your mil/J I have also benefited greatly from MehdiQs blog and the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ >owhere else have I found so much sound advise and here my questions have been answered honestly and the answers 5ust ma/e sense$ If youQre a s/inny guy who 6A*993 wants to get big. During the time I was doing @?M*D I felt sic/ sometimes BitQs normal. other guys are doing it and they donQt loo/ sic/ to meF.something I only dreamt of doing in the "ast$ I was concerned about the financial and health consequences of drin/ing so much mil/ and eating much more food than I was eating bac/ then$ . 9ondon. '0lbs in & wee/s. so I still followed my conviction and did @?M*D$ I have already sto""ed doing @?M*D since I reached my ideal bodyweightN however. IQll say this to you.ut I still went and did it after reading about S9 Members who had a lot of success with @?M*D and S95!5$ 9oo/ at me now L healthy as ever and the financial investment isnQt as great as I thought$ 6oughly Y& a day for all the mil/ I needed. along with many others. which ended u" being chea"er than canned and "rocessed foods$ @?M*D results.

but nothing ma5or was going on$ I loo/ed almost the same$ ?ff course I bought creatine. but my strength was not im"ressive$ I was 5ealous Bnot ashamed to admitC to see /ids in the gym lifting more weight than me.. *fter being la4y for so long I started wor/ing out in '00(. bice"s curls. calves wor/. then a""lying all I learned$ >ow most im"ortant of everything. happier. dreaming to get in best sha"e of my life in about H months$ I failed because of lac/ of "lanning. healthier. on the verge of obesity$ I wor/ed out for about 1 and a half years and my weight dro""ed only 10lbs$ My strength increased because I was beginner. leaner. and being same si4e or smaller$ ?ne "erson who was was deadlifting 405 lbs and weighed at least '0 lbs less than me said EI have a website for you. maintained muscle. I didn+t do Deadlifts$ I thought Deadlift is something that hurts your bac/ and is useless$ I figured out I was doing something wrong$ Dell helloJ So I started reading how to get big and lean$ I finally learned Squats are im"ortant$ I learned good nutrition is number 1. 83 . 6esults$ I am stronger. leaner. you can throw everything else away. faster. I am stronger.“2y weight went from 33) lbs to (A4 lbs. without it. fla!seed oil. leg e!tensions. with a lot of trice"s e!tensions. faster. I learned rest and slee" are more im"ortant than actual training$ . but nothing ma5or$ I done Squats when I was bored Bwith horrible formC$ I done Deadlifts$$$ Dait. but at what e!"enseG I quit using creatine and "rewor/out stuff$ -oo/ awhile to get used to wor/ing out clean again. hamstring curls. but I managed to do it$ I was still wasting my time with some s"lit routine wor/outs. healthier. whey. some other "re wor/out bullshit and guess whatG >othing really ha""ened. annoying long ab wor/outs$$$ *ll this gave some results. I thin/ youQll li/e it$F @uess what website that wasG I got home. then everything else on the website. went on Strong9ifts$com. lac/ of disci"line and lac/ of valid information$ I was overweight. e!ce"t that "robably my liver and my /idneys were crying and as/ing me what they done to me so I+m "unishing them with all that 5un/ every day$ @ot some muscle as well. started reading MehdiQs boo/.ut all that was still not settling in. because information came from a lot of sources$ I started losing fat.

and I even thought him hi" drive. lower than what you thin/ is enough$ @et the form right.F or 5ust be honest and say.ench =ress more than he can Squat Band does "artial SquatsC. '40lbs B5V5C Squats. I was getting stronger. &15lbs B1V5C ?verhead =ress. EI canQt do it yet. couldnQt move his legs and arms for & days. stic/ with the right form at all costs$ Do >?. train hard. and continued with my wor/out$ %ow much will something wor/ is u" to you$ I" to your disci"line.ody weight.ench =ress. '00lbs Z 5Q10W . EI donQt want to do it$F 6emember to start Strong9ifts 5V5 with low weights. no way I do 4 5 e!ercises "er training session$ So I said.ro I canQt$F I 5ust said o/. because he EcanQtF do S9 5V5$ E. letQs try it one day$ %e is one of those /ids who can . eat big. so I showed him to bench "ro"erly$ I didnQt see the /id in the gym for a wee/$ I finally saw him and he started com"laining to me how he was soooo sore. EDo those Squats right. how to "lace the bar without a "ad$ I told him to lower that weight.F or EI have "roblems doing it. 145lbs B5V5C =eo"le who say that 5V5 is bad for si4e gains have conclusively "roved that they have no /nowledge about the matter and should stay quiet$ S95!5 has done a lot of good things for me$ >ot long time ago. "lease hel" me. but refused to lower the weight$ %e was benching funny as well. when you grow and all other good things ha""en$ . did 5 funny Squats and said to me that was easy$ I told him. >ew %am"shire IS*$ 84 . have a right mindset and results will come$ S9 Member . concentration and determination$ >ever say you canQt do something L you can$ *""roach it with attitude. and I am still getting stronger$ Strength is going u".e "ersistent.*-C was going away.give u" when weights get really heavy$ -hatQs when you get strong. and donQt /now what Deadlifts are$ So he "ut #0lbs on a bar. ')5lbs B5V5C Deadlifts. cause it was too much$ So he got the form almost right.ranimir a/a EA!odusF.ha""ier$ My weight went from ''0 lbs to 1#5 lbs. and went bac/ to his old wor/out. fat is going down$ I feel ama4ing$ • • • • • . '&. but that+s not so im"ortant$ Dhat+s im"ortant is that while my weight B. some /id was im"ressed by my strength and body so he as/ed me what I do and how I do it$ I told him I do Strong9ifts 5V5$ %e said I was bullshitting him. all the way downF.

My name is Moe . but he stalle" out while I continue" to progress. given that IQd gotten accustomed to doing eight e!ercises a day. #5lbs on the bench and deadlift.arrell. so I decided to give it a try$ I began the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram on March '' nd '010$ I started with 1&5lbs on the squat. and an em"ty bar on the "ress$ My brother decided to try the "rogram too. and tired easily. but I was still wea/. but he never really made an 85 . an" I<ve since beaten all his 5?s. and my "lantar fasciitis is always a concern when I+m on my feet for long stretches at a time$ Aventually I hit on strength training$ My younger brother. and weighed 1(5lbs$ I had lost a lot of weight and become s/inny fat instead of 5ust "lain fat. but I li/ed the detailed descri"tions of e!ercise technique$ I learned that I+d been benching and squatting im"ro"erly$ -he Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram loo/ed intriguingly sim"le L it almost loo/ed too sim"le. and IQm a software develo"er from ?maha. who is far more athletic than I am. and I didn+t want to lose my training "artner. >ebras/a$ I started lifting weights in Manuary '010$ I was '# years old. so I finally did what I should have done in the first "lace and started scouring the Internet for information$ I don+t recall how I came across Strong9ifts$com. but in less than two months. but sto""ed way above "arallel because my brother told me going lower would wrec/ my /nees$ I didn+t /now any better$ -he E"rogramF was good for some early gains. H+'P. every day$ I was also hesitant to try it because I figured my brother wouldn+t want to switch "rograms. so we+d still be doing the same thing. and this obviously wasn+t wor/ing. was loo/ing to get bac/ into lifting around the same time. I stalled everywhere at once and couldn+t get unstuc/$ I didn+t /now what to do aside from trying the weights over and over again.“2y brother was much stronger than me when I starte".. so I was loo/ing for something to im"rove my "hysical condition$ -he cardio machines at my gym didnQt a""eal to meN long cardio sessions bore me to tears. so this wor/ed out "erfectly$ De started out on a P"rogramP of his devising. but I was getting nowhere$ I needed a change$ S9 5!5 was a "roven "rogram whereas what I was doing was not. which was basically a four day s"lit using way the hell too many e!ercises including every ty"e of curl imaginable$ De did squats on leg day.

was an e!"eriment with the Starr rehab "rotocol$ . and these resolved my /nee "roblems com"letely$ I deloaded all the way to #5 and resolved to "ay close attention to form as I wor/ed bac/ u"$ *t the same time. that dee" "arabola at the very right edge of the gra"h. I reduced the volume of my wor/ sets from 5!5 to &!5$ My latest deload. then added &0 H0 minutes of isolation e!ercises to the end of every session. even with 5ust the em"ty bar$ I thin/ this may have been a result of descending into the hole too quic/ly. with not enough control$ I tried to train through it for awhile. but it started getting worse$ ?riginally I was going to try a 102 deload with a more /nees forward stance that+s those two green "oints around &00lbs but then I decided to give Starr+s rebab "rotocal a shot$ -hat+s 15 86 . but IQd been doing high bar squats u" to that "oint because that was all I /new$ -he low bar "osition felt so unnatural to me at first that I thought I must have been doing something wrongN I was afraid I was going to dro" the weight at any moment$ Aventually I reali4ed that I 5ust needed time to get used to it. "erha"s I should have started the "rogram with a lighter wor/ weight$ I started at 1&5 on the squat because I had done squats before. because 5!5 alone wasn+t PfulfillingP enough$ Aventually he dro""ed it altogether and went bac/ to his s"lit routine$ %e was much stronger than me when we started.y the time I was squatting '00. but learning the correct form too/ more time than I thought it would$ . which "rom"ted me to ta/e si! wee/s off of squatting while I waited to see a doctor who was su""osed to /now about this stuff Bbut who instead gave me the Squats *re .ad s"eechC$ *fter si! wee/s. so I+ve "rogressed more slowly than I otherwise might have$ I+ve never had to deload because of weight. and I+ve since beaten all his =rs$ -he squat and I have had our differences. I was having considerable "ain in my adductors while squatting. but he stalled out while I continued to "rogress.effort to follow it$ %e started with very close to his ma! weights. I was having trouble with my /nees and it was getting worse. so I went bac/ down to 1&5 and wor/ed my way bac/ u"$ -oday the low bar "osition feels comfortable and totally secure$ In retros"ect. albeit badly. and trained on his off days too. but I+ve done so for a few other reasons$ -hat first one you see was when I switched from high bar to low bar$ I /new that Mehdi recommends low bar squats.y the time I got into the u""er '00s. and thought I could handle the weight easily with correct form. I discovered the 5oys of foam rolling and mobility wor/.

rightG -his lift was the hardest for me to learn$ *side from my issues with getting the form correct. two days of 15s. and my adductors are feeling good. and even that felt difficult at first$ Deadlifting frustrated me for the first month or two. and two days of 5s$ I 5ust finished that on Monday. but I was able to move the weight u" steadily. two days of 10s. and I see no reason why I wonQt be able to "ush my squat still higher$ $I had never attem"ted the deadlift before beginning the 5!5 "rogram$ I+d heard they were bad for your bac/ L li/e squats are bad for your /nees. so I will now return to my regular "rogression. with nine days of '5 re" sets. and eventually I grew comfortable with the movement$ I have yet to deload this lift or even fail twice at the same weight$ *nd some of the PfailuresP shown above are 5ust cases where I got all my re"s but felt I needed to re"eat the weight with better form before I could call it good and move on$ 87 .consecutive days of squatting. my bac/ strength was "retty "oor$ I had read that an untrained man my si4e Bthe si4e I was thenC ought to be able to deadlift around 150lbs$ I tried wor/ing u" to 1&5 on my first day so I wouldn+t have to deal with stac/ing "lates underneath the bar to elevate it. but it wasn+t ha""ening$ >ot even close$ So I started with #5lbs instead.

I had been trying to bench H!155 and had failed four consecutive attem"ts. I blew right through it$ I stalled at 1(5 and was worried that I wouldn+t get any further. at 5ust over 100lbs.My bench "ress might still be my wea/est lift. but I+ve been very ha""y with my "rogress. I thin/$ I had to deload a second time at 1&5. but after wor/ing bac/ u". because that was my goal weightN I failed right at the finish line$ I wor/ed bac/ u" and got it though. in no small "art because of how much the bench frustrated me when I was doing it on my brother+s s"lit routine$ . as long as one avoids frequent e!"osure over long "eriods of time$ My wife will "robably e!"erience health "roblems as a result of this at some "oint. but if she wasn+t wiling to deal with that. and made it to 150 before I started having trouble again$ Infortunately. then switch to 1!5 when I start having trouble again$ I+ve gained 51 "ounds since I started training$ My body fat "ercentage has tic/ed u" a few "oints. the "ress started /ic/ing my ass$ I deloaded at 115. and my second was 5<4<0$ Dhat would have been my third attem"t fell in the middle of my Starr rehab "rogram. and "artly because I figured it wouldn+t be all that long before it started to get challenging$ Sure enough. which was right around the time of my switch to &!5$ *fter seeing some advice on the S9 7ommunity about microloading the "ress. and I+m definitely carrying some e!tra weight. which really suc/ed. I didn+t /now any betterC$ Dhen I got to 155 on S9 5!5.ive "ound 5um"s on the "ress are 5ust too much for most of us to sustain for long. so I decided on a "re em"tive deload and did 1&5. even with an incom"lete 6?M Bagain. then nothing for the rest of the rehab "rogram$ I+ll wor/ my way u" from there. in which you+re su""osed to avoid heavy wor/ outside of the lift you+re using to wor/ the in5ury.efore starting S9 5!5. I got myself some 1$'5lb "lates and have been using them to advance on the "ress ever since$ I+ve been using them on the bench also$ I strongly recommend this to everyone$ . "artly because I+d never done it before. "ro"ortionally s"ea/ing. so as to "reserve your resources for recovery. that failure at 150 was a "retty s"ectacular one$ My first attem"t got me 5<0<0. but certainly I+m not turn you to stone hideous or anything$ *ny adverse effects one might e!"erience from loo/ing at me are li/ely to be minor. I had an awesome string of successes and went u" to ''0 before I missed another re"$ -his was the only lift for which I started with an em"ty bar. she shouldn+t have married me$ 88 .

because I was "aranoid about gaining fat$ -his is "robably because at one "oint.ody weight BH+'PC Deadlift Squat . and several of the regulars at the gym have begun as/ing me what IQm doing to get so big$ My brother has begun as/ing me for advice on his diet$ *nd while my wife was at first uneasy about the idea of me "utting on a lot of weight. and I couldn+t imagine adding bac/ all the weight I+d wor/ed so hard to lose$ It+s not at all the same.ench =ress =ress !arch .riends and family who havenQt seen me in a long time are stunned when they see how different I loo/. I weighed '5' with a relatively high body fat "ercentage$ Dith B"oorC diet and cardio. and hel"s 89 .4@4 '#y '&Hlb &50lb &'5lb '''$5lb 14)$5lb Gains so far))) R51lb R'55lb R1#0lb R1')$5lb R10'$5lb In all seriousness. and where I can share my accom"lishments with "eo"le who are as enthusiastic about them as I am$ -hat is a huge motivator. and my setbac/s$ Since the forum is full of "eo"le wal/ing the same or similar "aths. and those few who do donQt train the way I do. I didn+t "articularly want to gain weight$ I figured I+d 5ust try to get stronger without getting any heavier. sheQs had nothing but good things to say about the changes in my body$ Dhen I started S9 5!5. bac/ in '005. though.4@4 '#y 1(5lb #5lb 1&5lb #5lb 45lb 'o" . my successes. IQm very ha""y with the way the weight gain has gone$ . I have a "lace where I can get useful insights when IQm struggling with something. though$ I loo/ and feel a lot better today than I did the last time I weighed '&5$ -he only downside is that I+ve had to re"lace a lot of e!"ensive clothing$ %o"efully I won+t have to do that again$ =erha"s I+ll level off where I am now$$$ but I+ve said that before$ I began a training log inside the S9 7ommunity about 4 wee/s after starting the "rogram. I went as low as 1)# at one "oint. so I canQt really have a two sided discussion with them about my "rogramming. and itQs "roven to be an invaluable resource$ :ery few of my friends and family lift at all.Joe:s Gains *ge .

e smart$ -hird. donQt let im"atience get the best of you$ ItQs tem"ting to increase your weights too quic/ly. do your homewor/$ -hereQs a huge amount of misinformation on strength training out there. or to try "ushing through an in5ury for too long. and a few wee/s is nothing in the grand scheme of things$ . much of it s"read by "eo"le whose bac/ground or training suggests that they really ought to /now better$ Dhen someone tells you that squats will wrec/ your /nees or that deadlifts will wrec/ your bac/ or whatever. donQt ta/e them at their word$ Do your own research and draw your own conclusions$ *nd finally. trust in the "rogram$ It has wor/ed for tons of "eo"le and will wor/ for you too. if you a""ly it correctly$ Second.irst. and weQll hel" you get there too$ S9 Member Moe . 5ust to get a little "ers"ective$ ItQs cool when you reali4e that a weight that too/ all your strength a few months "rior is now an easy "art of your warmu"$ -o those who may be in a "osition similar to where I was bac/ when I started S9 5!5.me get myself to the gym even when IQm feeling beat u" and tired and would rather stay home$ ItQs also been hel"ful to be able to loo/ bac/ at how I was feeling during "ast wor/outs from time to time. start a training log$ ItQs the best thing you can do to /ee" yourself accountable and motivated$ -he S9 7ommunity is full of "eo"le who have been successful in reaching their goals. ?maha IS*$ 90 . I would offer a few sim"le "ieces of advice$ . but these things will slow you down in the end$ Sometimes you need to ta/e a ste" bac/ in order to /ee" moving forward. '#.arrell a/a EIronblaydeF.

ebruary '00# I had a brain wave that I wanted to get strong$ I had been gra""ling for about ' years and I figured being stronger would be a good idea$ I canQt remember what I searched for. 5ust doing hea"s of re"s and going from machine to machine$ Sometimes using every machine in our school gym$ I donQt recall there being a single barbell$ ?ver the years I did weights on and off$ I "ut on hea"s of weight from my school days and neglected my "hysique$ .“!trength training has arouse" an inner confi"ence that I "i"n@t &now I ha". out of sha"e and needing something "ositive in my life$ I figured lifting weights was it$ I 5ust wish I had been strength training then instead of the bodybuilding stuff I was doing$ -he reason I 5oined a gym the second time was to im"rove my strength$ *bout .ut IQve always been a big guy so it didnQt bother me much$ IQve always owned a set of dumbbells and IQve /ind of always ha"ha4ardly done a few curls here or a few over head "ress there$ IQve had two stints at commercial gyms$ -he first time I 5oined a gym I was wor/ing out 5 days a wee/ doing the body building ty"e routine the "ersonal trainer showed me$ -his went "retty well and I lost some weight. but I found stronglifts and it was li/e a revelation$ I can remember reading the boo/ for the first time and it 5ust made so much sense$ IQd never heard of a 5V5 routine before$ I 91 . but I /new I li/ed to lift stuff$ I "layed a lot of s"ort in school and lifted weights as a com"lement. IQm '# and IQm from *ustralia$ IQm a # 5 office ty"e guy$ IQve been lifting weights on and off since I was about 15$ I can remember curling a house bric/ regularly even younger than that maybe$ I can also remember having a heavy log in the yard and lifting it from the ground above my head li/e the guys in the ?lym"ics$ I didnQt /now what I was doing. I@ve been promote" in my Bob an" have move" into lea"ership roles“ My name is *dam. and even less motivation$ Ouit the gym and moved on$ =ut on more weight than when I started$ -he first time I 5oined a gym was right after my mom was diagnosed with a terminal illness and I bro/e u" with a long term girlfriend$ It was a combination of these dramas as well as an a""reciation of my own mortality in addition to being overweight. but after a year of this routine I had little muscle growth to show for it.

ody weight BH+0PC Deadlift Squat .5/g 10'. I donQt /now what my body fat is. Adam:s Gains *ge . yeah that sounds about right$ . I get to have this feeling again and again$ -hat is why I lift$ Since IQve been strength training IQve been "romoted in my 5ob and have moved into leadershi" roles$ I donQt /now that these two are related. I was also e!cited as I /new that from now on each session would be inching me forward. leg day etc etc$ . I even get "eo"le as/ing me if I use steroidsJ ?f course I donQt$ * more im"ortant change though is that I hardly care how I loo/ li/e$ -he loo/ "art means almost nothing to me at all$ ItQs not why I lift$ So why do I liftG >ot to loo/ a certain way.efore I had no idea what weight I was going to do until I got to it and thought. they hurt$ . but it would be fair to say that is it less than when I started$ I now have thic/ slabs of muscle across my bac/.4@4 '#y 145/g '40/g ')5/g 140/g 11)/g Gains so far))) R1H0/g R'15/g R(0/g R))/g -oday my weight is u" to 145/g. it was a revelation$ *t the same time I was disa""ointed at the strength I could have gained in the years s"ent doing useless 5un/. "lus being a big guy I starting my first Strong9ifts 5!5 wor/out with the following weights in *"ril '00#.5/g 6ec . every time$ -his was the first time that I had trac/ed the weight that I lifted and the re"s$ .44< ')y 1'5/g (0/g H0/g H0/g 40/g July .ortunately I was o"en minded enough to give S95!5 a go$ *nd that decision was one of the best IQve ever made$ .ench =ress =ress April . I lift to be strong$ -o feel that sense of achievement and to be able to loo/ myself in the mirror and /now that I did something few others did today$ I found my limit and "ushed through it$ *nd more.efore I found Strong9ifts I had actually started bac/ at a commercial gym and was doing a body building routine I got from a su""lement com"any website$ %ow embarrassing$ @oing nowhere and in5uring elbows with endless curls I decided this stronglifts "rogram was worth a shot$ I gotta admit S95!5 was very different to anything else I had tried before and the idea of all those squats worried me a little$ *nytime I had done squats before. my arms and legs are huge and overall I have a much more intimidating "hysique$ =eo"le regularly comment on my "hysique$ Aven though I still have quite a high level of body fat. bac/ day.remember thin/ing what on earth is this Mehdi guy going on aboutG Averyone /nows you have to do &V10 rightG Averyone /nows you have to do a 5 day body s"lit.ecause I had been lifting for a while. bice" day. but IQve been overweight for as long as I can remember and I guess at some sub concious level 92 .ut what I was doing wasnQt great so I had nothing to lose trying a new a""roach$ I dug in and got started on Strong9ifts 5V5$ Dell it was "retty clear to me even after 5ust a month on the "rogram that every minute I had s"ent lifting weights u" until this "oint had been an almost com"lete waste of time$ 9i/e I said. chest day.4@4 '#y 140/g '10/g '&0/g 1&'. but the self confidence strength training gives you certainly enhanced my leadershi" s/ills$ Strength training has aroused an inner confidence that I didnQt /now I had$ IQve never been short of confidence.

having others following your e!am"le is even more motivation$ It creates a big feedbac/ loo" where we all "rogress together$ *ll in different ways and at different s"eeds and 93 .this affected me. but more a wor/ in "rogress and this a "rogress u"date$ I was as/ed by a wor/ colleague if I was interested in entering a strongman com"etition in ?ctober and I 5um"ed at the chance$ It was a novice com" aimed at beginners. get brea/fast. but I have started a stricter diet and I e!"ect to /ee" the same strength and muscle mass and move to around 1'5/g$ I also want to see all of my weights go u"$ I also want to im"rove my technique$ I want to continually im"rove my technique$ I thin/ itQs something that even after '0 years can still be twea/ed and im"roved$ *nd most im"ortantly I want to stic/ with it$ I want to still be lifting '0 years from now$ >ot to wal/ away after a year or two. but since IQve been strength training I could care less about my weight$ -hatQs not to say IQm not going to wor/ to im"rove. go train and still get to wor/ early$ I get to finish early and go train gra""ling or muay thai. and IQm not hung about it$ IQm comfortable in my own s/in$ Since IQve been strength training IQve quit smo/ing and I drin/ very occasionally$ I used to smo/e '0 &0 or more a day and drin/ every day$ >ow I might not drin/ more than once a wee/. but I love this change in my life$ -he disci"line of getting u" before dawn each day is very rewarding$ 3ou have more "roductive hours each day$ I get u". or go home and s"end quality time with my family$ In my e!"erience getting u" early translates to getting to bed early$ @etting to bed early can cure many bad habits. it means that I donQt care what other "eo"le thin/. which was 5ust "erfect for me$ I was able to get in 5ust ' sessions using the strongman im"lements before the com"$ I tied for third which was a very "leasing result$ I have decided to "ursue strongman and have more com"s lined u" for December '010 and early '011$ My short term goal is to win a local com"$ My long term goal is to com"ete nationally$ -he Strong9ifts 7ommunity has been a big "art of my success to date$ I "ost a log here for a cou"le of reasons$ IQve gotten used to /ee"ing a record of my wor/outs now and I en5oy "osting my latest numbers$ I also li/e the accountability to myself and the other on the site$ . but weight training and gra""ling require different sort of finesses$ In the future I want to get my body fat down$ IQve not focused on it to date.ut the most im"ortant thing I li/e it the motivation$ %aving others who have wal/ed the "ath before you give you encouragement is fantastic motivation$ *nd then. such as drin/ing each night or "artying too hardJ I got so into the strength training that my gra""ling fell by the wayside$ I didnQt gra""le for about 1' months$ ?nly recently have I gone bac/ to training and whilst my fitness has dro""ed a little my strength is through the roof$ ?nce my fitness level comes bac/ to where it was the overall im"rovement will be incredible$ -hatQs not to say IQm not fit. and even then itQs only a drin/ or two instead of getting wi"ed out$ I also get slee"$ I get to bed early each night and IQm u" before sunrise everyday$ It too/ a little to get used to. but ma/e this a lifestyle that continues for as long as I am able$ So I donQt consider myself a success story.

'#. but in a way we all "ush each other forward$ If you want to get stronger you have to train for strength$ -here is no "oint running marathons if you want to be a s"rinter and vice versa$ So if you want to be strong why are you doing a body builders routineG If I had to offer advice to someone considering doing S95!5 IQd say 5ust give me 1' wee/s$ -ry this for 5ust 1' wee/s$ ItQs & wor/outs for 1' wee/s. by all means go bac/ to your body builder routine$ -his is not 5ust hy"othetical either. IQve laid this challenge down to 4 different "eo"le who all did 1' wee/s and are all still doing strength training to this day$ *ll have moved on to other strength "rograms. thatQs all$ -ry it$ If you get no results or you donQt li/e it. but all are still strength training and "rogressing$ -his is definitely the "lace where strength starts$ Strong9ifts Member *dam a/a E*damrF. &H wor/outs.different levels with very different goals. *ustralia$ 94 .

but it did /ee" me fit and I did lose the fat I carried as a child$ I found S95!5 via google. I was always a chubby as a youngster but des"ite that I was naturally strong for my age as I s"ent a lot of time outdoors. IQm originally from Surrey BIKC but now live in Kent and wor/ in a call centre.arbell train but local facilities suc/ed so I /e"t with my D. although I followed no routine so I 5ust did whatever I felt li/e$ *s I had no "rogramming I had no system of adding weight or re"s I 5ust lifted the weights quite aimlessly so I did not really get anywhere with this. 7ric/et was big for me as a child and I "layed with a local team for a few years. similar to Mehdi who wor/ed on a hel"des/ for 5y "rior to creating Strong9ifts$ I have "layed s"orts in the "ast. and the odd bit of manual labour does wonders for you$ *lso I am very old school in my thin/ing and I believe as a male it is my duty to "rotect my family and being strong is a good way of accom"lishing this$ My goal has always been to be strong for that reason. -hai .“I loo& more manly. but I always focused on com"ound e!ercises and a full body wor/out. an" I@m a man of tra"ition an" feel men shoul" be men.MM for a year or so but missed out a fair bit of time due to in5ury$ *s I have moved to a new 7ounty I no longer train the . I was searching for strength routines when I moved to Kent and all I had with me were dumbbells$ I saw the main S95!5 routine and really wanted to .s$ I had my sights set on the routine for the future however as I agreed with all the "rinci"les$ I eventually bought a house with my Dife in *"ril '00# and started to set u" a home gym by the end of Mune '00# eager to try Strong9ifts5!5$ I followed the routine with some basic equi"ment at first but I did not 5oin the Strong9ifts 7ommunity as I thought it would be 95 .MM$ I started lifting because it is always something I have been interested in. I then went on to 6ugby but without my glasses I couldnQt see what was going on so failed at thatJ I have also "artici"ated in Martial *rts such as *i/ido Ba few yearsC. My name is 9eon.o!ing BH monthsC and finally . and because I value "ushing yourself continually through life to both "hysically and mentally develo"$ =rior to S95!5 I have trained s"oradically with dumbbells<barbells but I never had access to heavy weights so I 5ust made do with what I had.

they can tell its muscle but the weight gain still scares "eo"le because its against the usual advice$ I have had one guy state he would beat my whole team at wor/ in armwrestling. and IQm a man of tradition and feel men should be men$ 96 .eb '00) however when I trained . it suits my face I guess$ =eo"le at wor/ have commented but when they realise what I have achieved they understand IQm not a fat guy. I was too small really. anything else 5ust not wor/ as well and you canQt ma/e use of linear "rogression as easily as on a barbell$ I com"eted for the first time in *"ril '010 in a =owerlifting 7om"etition$ I Squated 1&5/g.4@4 'Hy #4$H/g 1H5/g '00/g 10'.MM I weighed H(/g and this was basically what I did the last time I trained • Squats &V15 Z &5/g B>o rac/.ac/ in . donQt worry about beating others.'/g I had to /ee" the squats light or I would have "roblems getting the bar off my bac/ BI did not even thin/ about front squats at the timeC$ I did not really get strong with the dumbbell routine to be honest but it did /ee" me fit at the time.44< '5y (5$5/g &).ody weight B5+10FC Squat Deadlift . and if you loo/ to '00) I was H(/g which I feel was ridiculous for me now. 5ust loo/ to get some =rsJ I com"eted 6aw Band without beltC for the second time in ?ctober '010 at the @. theres a reason why barbells are the recommended "rescri"tion. so i was cleaning the weight and "ressing onto my shoulders L high bar styleC • Deadlift &V5 Z (&/g Leon:s Gains *ge . the su""ort I received Band still doC in my training log is fantastic$ I was also attracted by the challenges and logs as they "rovide great motivation$ I started with a bodyweight of (5$5/g and started light but unusually with a higher ?%= than bench as I had never had access to a bench before$ .=. and Deadlifted 1)0/g$ -he =owerlifting 7om"etition was awesome fun and I am ta/ing this s"ort more seriously now. however I eventually decided to 5um" in and found the S9 7ommunity to be e!tremely friendly and hel"ful L that was the best move I could have made. my wife does "refer me now Im larger L at the end of the day I loo/ more manly. websites out there. I donQt need to loo/ ri""ed 5ust big. I am more suited to more big and strong ty"e of body.)/g R)5.5/g R1H'.ench =ress June .clichy and annoying li/e a lot of the . and "lan to com"ete again$ My lifts may be low but the "oint is anyone can com"ete if they are willing to try and I did it with less than a years training. .&/g ').5/g Gains so far))) R#$1/g R1'). SA Deadlift and "ulled '00/g$ 7onsidering my "revious best "ull was 1(0/g that was a massive =6 for me$ I really en5oyed it and I am loo/ing forward to com"eting further ne!t year$ It was also good to lift with S9 Member Simon B"age 1&5C and great to have his encouragement$ IQm heavier than I started by around 10/g..&/g 'o"em(er .&/g &).enched #'$5/g. but heQs worried about me due to my si4e and strength L he does want to challenge me thoughJ *lthough I was more EtonedF to coin an incorrect yet "o"ular "hrase when I weighed H(/g.

and then ste" u" on the "latform and lift with everyone watching$ L I could do this at a dro" of a hat now. I have the S9 community to than/ for my "rogress$ -he fact that I always have someone. the advice. linear "rogression a""lied to full body wor/outs com"rising of com"ound movements has been used by strength athletes.IQm far more confident. IK$ 97 . su""ort and encouragement is delivered "rom"tly so you are never without someone behind you "ushing you forward$ If you want to get the same results as me. and don+t thin/ Strong9ifts 5!5 would wor/ my first res"onse would be to as/ you why the reason being. the com"etition was a big factor for this as I had to go there and I /new nobody as I train alone. to turn to if I need advice /ee"s me here its li/e a family$ *nd 5ust li/e a strong family you donQt even have to as/ for hel". statistical or any other research or evidence to suggest that it would not wor/$ Secondly I would "oint out that the theory behind S95!5 is not new. and second I would have more strength and e!"losive "ower L that combined with technique would im"rove "erformance considerably$ In terms of what I am doing now.MM but if I did I would "erform a lot better. no wait a whole community. I would have more weight behind me first of all. and offered hel" and advice if I had a training issue L as I train alone this is incredibly valuable to me$ If I didnQt have so many "eo"le following my log I "robably wouldnQt be where I am now. while my training differs now I would not have started on this route without S95!5$ S9 Member 9eon a/a EDellhairedbeastF. it "rovided me with the base strength that allowed me to train for a "owerlifting com"etition and ta/e u" the s"ort. its as sim"le as that$ I no longer "artici"ate in . is that there is no anecdotal. and in fact athletes in general for years$ * maga4ine article "romising abs in 4 wee/sG I would go with years of e!"erience over a chea" article thought u" in an office$ S95!5 wor/s. its tried and tested s"orts science. I am incredibly confident at wor/ and command a very confident "rescience so "eo"le often go to me for hel" etc$ -he Strong9ifts community are fantastic and have congratulated me on each ste" forward to encourage me further. "ic/ed me u" when I was down. 'H.

so I gave it a chance$ John:s Gains *ge .H.4@4 =current> '5y 1(0lb &&5lb '#5lb 1(0lb Gains so far))) R'40lb R'&0lb R115lb -he difference is night and day$ -he best way to describe it is I feel [ca"ableQ\there is no "hysical tas/ that I feel nervous about doing anymore$ I "lay recreational volleyball and I can easily bloc/ guys who have si! inches on me$ I hel" my friends move and carry all their heavy stuff without worrying that I might dro" it$ IQm more comfortable with confrontation because I /now what my body is ca"able of$ My clothes fit great tight around the shoulders and chest.H.ut I didnQt want to quit before I even started. consisted of a lot of machine wor/.ench =ress 4/H. '50lbs Squat seemed li/e an im"ossible amount of weight$ .ody weight BH+0PC Deadlift Squat . although I "layed on a softball team and also did some cardio and light weight training Bbut never got any stronger with what I was doingC$ I basically ate whatever 5un/ I felt li/e eating$ I wasnQt fat. my "rogress was essentially 4ero$ I wasnQt actively loo/ing for a new "rogram. it 5ust made sense to me$ I had found the advice that I wasnQt loo/ing for.44G =Start SL/0/> '&y 1)5lb #5lb H5lb H5lb @. IQm from 7edar 6a"ids.$ I was not "articularly active. but I still get loo/s when I squat or deadlift heavy or do weighted di"s with #0lbs stra""ed to my waist$ 9ast month a middle aged body builder Ba "retty big guyC a""roached me after I had finished a set of deadlifts and com"limented me for lifting heavy$ -he number one mista/e I made is not following the conce"t of "rogressive loading$ 3ou 98 .44G =-nd ?0/> '&y 1#5lb ')5lb '&0lb 1)5lb 6ec . and most im"ortantly I hardly ever increased the weight I was using$ -he result was that after going to the gym off and on for five years. I* where I wor/ as an electrical engineer$ *bout two and a half years ago I weighed about 1)5lbs at HQ0F and around 152 .S on the Stronglifts website$ *nd after reading through Mehdi+s boo/. but because thatQs what being strong does to you$ Must last wee/ a friend commented on an old "icture of me and how much bigger I am now$ I am friends with all the regular guys in the gym. but really really needed$ I was a little unsure that my body was really ca"able of what Strong9ifts 5!5 said I could do$ *t the time. not because I focus on it. was high re". my butt fills out my 5eans.. but I definitely wasnQt healthy$ I had been lifting since high school and the main reason would "robably be low self confidence$ -he "roblem was that the /ind of lifting I was doing was com"letely ineffective so I never saw any changes in my body or got any stronger to raise my self confidence$ My training was u""er body focused. and my arms fill my sleeves$ I have e!cellent "osture.. The best way to "escribe it is .DThe "ifference is night an" "ay. but I came across Stronglifts$com from a guest blog "ost by Mehdi on another website$ I was immediately struc/ by the lac/ of .I feel Ecapable@D My name is Mohn.@H.

cannot get stronger without lifting heavier weights than your body is used to$ .or years I wouldnQt increase the weight I was lifting unless I was [comfortableQ with it$ ,asically I was letting myself be la4y, ho"ing that one day I would wa/e u" magically be strong li/e the guys I admired$ -he great thing about Strong9ifts 5!5 is that it forced me to "ush my comfort 4one and allowed me to finally ma/e "rogress$ My second mista/e occurred after starting S9 5!5$ I read that I should eat more to hel" recovery, which is true, but I too/ that to mean I should eat everything in sight$ *s a result I gained weight ended u" with a lot more fat that I wanted which meant I had to cut my calories$ Infortunately the dieting stalled my lifting "rogress and eventually reversed some of the gains I had made$ If I could do it over again I would not try to bul/ so aggressively$ My third big mista/e was switching "rograms too often$ I got off to a good start doing S95!5 for H months, then moving to &!5 when I started stalling too often$ -hen instead of moving to 1!5, I decided to 5um" straight to Stronglifts *dvanced, then Korte &!& all in the s"an of about a year$ >ot only do these "rograms begin with a deload "eriod, they both "rogressed much more slowly than was necessary for someone with my level of strength$ ,etween my diet issues and "rogram *DD, I "robably lost a yearQs worth of solid gains$ 9oo/ing bac/, my best strength gains came when I stuc/ with one "rogram for longer than si! months and ate 5ust enough food for recovery$ -he two times that ha""ened were Stronglifts 5!5, and now 5<&<1$ -here was a lot of wasted time in between where I screwed around with different "rograms and diet and got 5ust about nowhere$ IQve been a Strong9ifts Member since I started Strong9ifts 5!5 about two and a half years ago$ IQve seen the site and membershi" grow and evolve from a small blog and forum into the massive resource it is today$ Most of my time is s"ent inside the community seeing what other Members are u" to, their questions, and their training$ -he great thing that I see ha""ening at Strong9ifts is the essential information to get started weight training is being filtered, refined, and constantly revised to ma/e it wor/ better, the .*Os are /e"t u"dated to ma/e sure that those questions are getting answered with good advice, and the Strong9ifts 7ommunity is an ever e!"anding source of training e!"erience and /nowledge$ Starting out, the advice and encouragement from Strong9ifts Members on my training log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity was invaluable$ -he truth is as beginners we are not all that different and having a grou" of "eo"le who have been through e!actly what you are going through is an ama4ing resource$ I /ee" a log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity for many reasons; to loo/ bac/ at how far IQve come this can be incredibly motivatingN to get advice from other StronglIfts Members who may be able to see things that hadnQt occurred to meN as an e!am"le for other "eo"le to loo/ at what has and has not wor/ed for me so they can learn from my mista/esN finally, I use it as a bac/ u" to my hard co"y training logs$ If I ever lose those I can still go bac/ to my online log$ -a/e a loo/ at my training log, everything is out there, no secrets$ -hen ta/e a loo/ at the thousands of other training logs inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity, many of whom got better results than me$ Dhile youQre at it read all the success stories$ >ow forget your e!cuses and 5ust try the "rogram$ @o to the gym and do the first wor/out, two days later do the second wor/out, re"eat, get strong$ S9 Member Mohn a/a P,aughm5/P, '5, 7edar 6a"ids IS*$

“At the powerlifting gym which ha" 2r niverse 3))A I receive" a nic&name Ethe "eceiver@. /b for lb I was amongst the strongest in the gym..

*sif, '', Sheffield IK$ 7ontracted consultant for software develo"ment$ In '00(, whilst at Iniversity, I rac/ed u" some mega fat because I had a bad diet$ I was a &HW waist, 5ft #W, circa '00lb$ ,ody fat was e!tremely high$ I got fat because I never ate "ro"er meals$ Instead my days would consist of biscuits, cris"s, chocolates and ta/eaways$ I went through "hases that I would dro" weight$ ,ut it was never "ermanent, I "ut it bac/ on$ I went through a difficult "hase in my life and my health deteriorated badly$ I would go a cou"le of days without food$ It was gastric related, where I would constantly e!"erience heartburn that led to a very lethargic lifestyle$ -his continued throughout the first year of Iniversity and even though I would wear decent, e!"ensive clothes, I loo/ed li/e a mess$ Dhen I moved away to do my Internshi" I decided to clean u" my act$ I mean com"letely$ It was the first time I moved away from home$ I was forced to ma/e a change$ I was not "re"ared to do it half assed either$ It was all or nothing$ I was convinced I would succeed in every area$ -hat I would be great in my field$ -hat I would be strong$ -hat I would lose weight$ -hat I would loo/ good$ *nd all thatG -hat it would be "ermanent$ @iving u" was not an o"tion$ *s soon as I moved away, I 5oined a local Iniversity gym, changed my diet and learnt how to coo/$ Dithin a few wee/s I started changing$ -he first months my diet was all over the "lace$ I went through "eriods where I cut my cals too much followed by times where I went through severe lac/ of motivation$ I became im"atient and I had cra4y cravings which were so difficult to control$ I occasionally allowed the odd treat to /ee" me going$ I trained in some of the most unorthodo! ways, changing my routine every H 10 wee/s$ I used to go through a lot of sites gaining /nowledge$ -hen I moved on to com"ounds such as ?verhead =ress, Squats and =ullu"s$ I found Strong9ifts 5!5 on my quest in gaining more /nowledge$ I li/ed the content written u" and the boo/ was fantastic$ 3ou /now when your innate dis"osition agrees with

somethingG -hatQs how I felt with MehdiQs boo/$ I also really li/ed MehdiQs attitude and ethos on training and his outloo/ in life$

-he Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram loo/ed challenging$ IQm a suc/er for a challengeJ My only concern was Ehow the hell was I going to Squat & times a wee/GJF$ I decided to try it because if you donQt try it youQll never find out$ Asif:s Gains *ge ,ody weight B5+#PC Daist Deadlift Squat ,ench =ress Octo(er ;44G =Start Training> '0y '05lb &HP < < < June ;44< =Start SL/0/> '1y 1H0lb &1P '15lb 1()lb 1&'lb August ;4@4 =Gains so far)))> ''y 15(lb &1P 41(lb 41(lb '4'lb

ItQs been an interesting 5ourney to say the least$ I cut from 15 stones to under 11 stones within a year$ 4) "ounds less fat and the strongest IQve ever been$ *nything can achieved with determination$ As"ecially to the fatties out thereJ =eo"le always comment on how good I loo/ and cannot believe the change IQve made$ IQve motivated a lot of "eo"le$ I can wear any clothes I li/e and loo/ great in them$ .itting well into suits<t shirts and 5eans$ 9osing fat cleared my s/in condition L It was the most irritating form of s/in discoloration and dried s/in$ ItQs now vanished$ I feel very confident$ I feel strong$ Done seminars with hundreds of "eo"le "resent$ I can confidently tal/ in large grou"s of "eo"le$ I used to be shy and feel intimidated by "retty girls$ ItQs now the other way round$ I have no qualms in tal/ing to women anymore and when I wal/ I receive a lot of attention from girls and receiving that is one thing$ I currently have a number of outstanding marriage "ro"osals to attend to$ >eed I say moreG %eh$ *t the "owerlifting gym I went to which had Mr Iniverse '00# Dave -itterton I received a nic/name [the deceiverQ$ 9b for lb I was amongst the strongest in the gym$ I can Squat and Deadlift '$)],D com"letely raw$ I can =ress my own weight$ =eo"le come over and s"ea/ to me$ ItQs "retty overwhelming to receive so much "ositive feedbac/ from serious "ower lifters and bodybuilders$ I receive a lot of res"ect and recognition$ IQm more so im"ressed I started off on 5ust the bar 5ust under a year, training alone for the whole "eriod and IQve got

to this stage$ I taught myself from no "rior /nowledge$ I always stood by good form and left my ego at the door$ I always found squatting difficult$ I decided that I needed to overcome this$ I didnQt reali4e how much stronger I had become$ I can now do s"orts that I couldnQt do before$ I did roc/ climbing and I beat everyone, a &0ft wall in '1 seconds, left the com"etition by at least # seconds$ Must found it so easy to lift my own weight$ I was really im"ressed considering IQd never done it beforeJ

I got so used to cutting calories, "sychologically and "hysically I struggle to /ee" the [bul/Q, I feel constantly full$ I can eat a decent amount but itQs the consistency, I eat very well on training days but on other days I 5ust donQt feel li/e eating as much but I force myself to eat even if IQm not hungry$ I thin/ it comes down subconsciously becoming fat again$ Dhich canQt really ha""en again because my lifestyle has changed so much but if it did get to that stage IQm so much more /nowledgeable now, losing it wouldnQt be as tough$ Mehdi wrote on his blog that training is more im"ortant than diet$ I /ind of discovered that earlier this year$ *t Iniversity, the final year was very busy and "ressing$ I used to resort to eating out a lot$ -his included coffee<ca/e sho"s, sandwich bars, ta/eaways etc$ DonQt get me wrong, I "ut in a lot of effort into "ac/ed lunches and a decent diet the ma5ority of time but I used to feel really hungry, my e!"enditure of calories were going u"$ %owever, I was still brea/ing records$ I was getting stronger and I wasnQt "utting any fat on$ I feel li/e IQve bro/e a lot of barriers and myths in see/ing out the truth$ .ads donQt wor/$ Stu"id diet "ills donQt wor/$ Dhat does wor/ is learning how to eat, train and slee"$ -his "rocess taught me "atience$ IQm "roud of myself$ Aver since IQve now set a goal, IQve always set out to achieve it$ ,ecause I /now I can$ Dhat have you got to lose in tryingG 3ou can be an ordinary gym rat or you could be Strong9iftsing gym rat$ *nd trust me, thereQs a big difference$ S9 Member *sif a/a EDar/shadowF, '', Sheffield IK$


and IQm '& years old$ IQm from a small town 45 minutes north of >37.efore this. and all chub$ >o /ind of weight training or anything$ Must eating "oorly and not ta/ing care of myself$ I made the conscious decision to change this.eginning of '00( L '0 years old. ' miles at most$ My Eweight liftingF at this "oint was your average mish mash of not really /nowing what I was doing$ >o com"ound lifts$ *t this "oint I got most of my advice from MenQs %ealth$ I had read a few times that if you eat 500 calories under maintenance youQd lose weight. my name is 6ay. and never incredibly far. '00 "ounds. and Deadlifting ')5 for 5 re"s$ S-6?>@9I. I was Squatting 1(0 for 5!5. I had never Squatted or Deadlifted$ Dithin & months. and I reali4ed that I wanted to be around for a long time to be around for her. not badJ I lost those by sim"ly watching my calories and running<lifting weights$ I recall eating lots of =. I decided I wanted to start adding muscle mass$ I had never gone to the gym before. my goal was about 1. I was intimidated by Squats and Deadlifts$ *ctually I had never even . until I finally found Stronglifts 5!5$ . '00( L My birthday$ -his was my goal$ I weigh in at 1H4lbs at 5Q#W$ &Hlbs in half a year. There is no questionF !/474 wor&s. and IQm going to college at SI>3 ?swego for -echnology Aducation$ %ereQs my story of going from being fat to being strong$ ..enched$ .500 calories a day$ I only ran ' days a wee/.ut I /new the truth was that Squats and Deadlifts were the Ereal dealF so I finally decided to challenge myself$ I started S9 5!5 in >ovember of '00#$ I remind you1 before Stronglifts 5!5. and that was my goal$ ?nce I reached it. because my sister had a child.SM hahah$ *nd I do remember. didnQt "lay any s"orts in high school or anything$ I messed around doing random e!ercises and machines. and the rest of my family$ DidnQt want to be the fat uncle who couldnQt run around and "lay$ Muly 1st. are as follows$ • Squat L ''5 • Deadlift L &50 103 . %ey.-S 5^5 D?6KS$ Must follow the "rogramJ -oday I+m at 1)0 lbs$ and 1&2 bodyfat$ My 16MQs as of right now.“Being strong an" confi"ent will change your life in so many ways.

ta/ing care of roommate conflicts.eing strong and confident in yourself will change your life in so many ways$ ?ne funny e!am"le. today$ ?n the side shot. loo/ at the to" of my abs$ -hey aren+t fle!ed.eing brutally honest. so the fact that IQm in sha"e and confident in my loo/s is 5ust the icing on the ca/e$ .• . but loo/ at the difference from the middle. girls werenQt too interested in tal/ing to me when I was '00 "ounds of chub$ -hat has all changed$ IQve always /nown how to tal/ to girls and be myself. IQm a 6esident *ssistant at my college$ -hat basically means IQm in charge of a floor of residents at my school$ Kee"ing them in line. Muly '00(. s/inny shot. to the shot on the right after squatting and deadlifting for a few monthsJ Stuff li/e that is awesome$ I honestly have never felt so good before$ . 104 .ench L 1H5$ -ime for "ics$ Isn+t real without "ics rightG So the "rogression of the "ics is e!actly how I described above$ Manuary '00(.

this is something that might sur"rise you$ I+ve had a lot of "eo"le bust my balls and "o/e fun at me for lifting weights$ I went from "eo"le ma/ing fun of me for being fat.eing able to "ic/ &50 lbs$ u" off the ground will definitely ma/e you a more useful$ B. >3 IS* 105 .emergencies. and although IQve got a long way to go. I 5ust li/e being a useful human being$ . es"ecially when it+s "eo"le who you thought of as good friends Bthis ha""ened to meC$ 3ou need to reali4e you are doing this for 3?I. 5ust by loo/ing at you$ *lso. you can see from the "ictures that Stronglifts made a huge difference$ -here is no question. I hadnQt ma!ed out my linear "rogression gains$ *nd if you chec/ my training log. and the ones who 6A*993 matter and no one else$ If someone feels the need to "o/e fun at you for ta/ing care of yourself and being dedicated to it. when I came here to SI>3 ?swego. "lan on ta/ing a test for a "aid de"artment soon$C *lso. but I wish I had found Stronglifts 5!5 sooner$ Doing a &!<wee/ com"ound e!ercise "rogram would have hel"ed me lose the fat and would have given me a head start on the muscle mass$ I made the mista/e of switching "rogram too early a few months ago.een a volunteer firefighter since I was 1H. 5ust don+t bother tal/ing to them about it anymore$ 7hances are they+ll never understand$ Dhat matters is you are dedicated to ma/ing yourself better. and the "eo"le who really matter. I was already in sha"e$ -hese "eo"le never /new me as the '00 "ound chubby /id$ It was actually weird to get used to$ IQve never had "eo"le as/ me if I wor/ at the gym before$ *nd once again1 itQs cool when girls notice you. li/e your family and loved ones. because. I+m wor/ing on correcting this and going bac/ to basics$ So if you are overweight<chubby li/e I was. this ha""ens to you. It wor/s$ S9 Member 6ay. I guarantee they are 5ealous$ -hat+s the only reason "eo"le feel the need to tear others down$ I. mil/ it for as much as you can$C I never even "layed any s"orts seriously before this. '&. I would definitely recommend Stronglifts 5!5 as a starting bloc/ Band it will ta/e you "retty far. will /now this$ -hese are the only "eo"le that matter anyways$ IQm ha""y with my results. 5ust learn to not worry about what these "eo"le say$ I+m not saying cross them off your friends list. or s/inny and wanting to get more muscular. to "eo"le ma/ing fun of me for being a PmeatheadP$ It can be a bummer. enforcing alcohol "olicies etc$ Averyone in my building tells me E6ay you are by far the most intimidating 6*F$ -hat hel"s with the 5obJ =eo"le are more li/ely to listen when a guy who loo/s strong and confident tells them to sto"$ It was funny.

follow it. see yourself in G months time an" you@ll be ama. add e!ercises Bbice" curl \ canQt 106 .ut after I continued reading I reali4ed that all the stuff really made sense$ I decided to try Strong9ifts 5!5 because I thought no harm trying. tried to do squats but I found they were too scary so I stuc/ with the smith machine$ I ate very little. instead of following S95!5 strictly. I assumed that I /new what I was doing$ So.e"#. bice" curl.ast forward to '00( IQve lost weight and weighed around H'/g$ . cardio. I decided to change e!ercises. I wasnQt ha""y with my "hysique and my girlfriend also encouraged me to bul/ u"$ So I remember ty"ing Ecan you lose fat and build muscleF and didnQt find anything useful$ -hen I tried Ebuild muscle lose fatF and found Strong9ifts and thatQs when it all started$ *t first I thought Strong9ifts was li/e those random websites where "rograms are being sold and claim that you could build muscle in 4 wee/s$ . My first name is 6onald. was chubby and had a belly as well$ -hen I decided to diet and wor/out$ During that time I did random machine e!ercises. for e!am"le I ate one chic/en "ie and a sausage for dinner or sometimes a very small amount of rice and meat$ *s for my wor/out.eing an Ee!"eriencedF guy. I was a student BIniversity of *delaide in *ustraliaC and was very busy with all assignments and didnQt do any s"orts$ I was 1)'cm tall. etc$ . weighed H(/g.“!/474 wor&s. IQm '& and from Indonesia$ In '00) I had a very sedentary lifestyle and ate a lot of 5un/ foods. I didnQt get any result from my "revious a""roach anyway$ . I 5ust did random things li/e machines.ut I loo/ed s/inny which I didnQt li/e.

believe I actually did that, did 5V5 deadlift instead of 1V5, etcC$ I was ho"ing that I could build muscle faster by doing so$ *nd I also wanted to have bigger bice"s$ I /e"t doing that and didnQt really see any result until I decided to sto" being an Ee!"eriencedF weight lifter and 5ust follow S95!5 strictly on 10 Se"tember '00#$ 9oo/ing bac/, I would 5ust follow S95!5 strictly instead of adding e!ercises, or adding e!tra set for deadlift$ 9ong story short, after & 4 months I could actually see resultsJ My arms, chest, quads, lats were bigger and it loo/s "ro"ortional and awesomeJ ,onald:s Gains ,ody weight BH+0F =ress Deadlift Squat ,ench =ress June ;44< H'/g &0/g 55/g H5/g )0/g July ;4@4 )(/g H5/g 1(0/g 14',5/g #),5/g Gains so far))) R1H/g R&5/g R1'5/g R)),5/g R'),5/g

>ow I loo/ much better and feel much better about myselfJ =eo"le loo/ at me, es"ecially in Indonesia Bmostly girlsC$ My friend said IQm much more muscular and my "hysique is balanced, not only u""er body$ I also donQt feel as la4y$ I /ee" "romoting Strong9ifts to all of my friends$ ?ne of my high school senior also as/ed me whether I did S95!5 strictly, and I told him 5ust follow it, donQt add<change the e!ercises$ *lso, my friend is interested in wor/ing out and as/ me for ti"s$ I introduced him to S95!5 and heQs gonna start end of ne!t month$ Strength training has became my "assion now$ .or the chubby dude; S95!5 wor/s, follow it, ta/e care of your diet, see yourself in H months time and youQll be ama4edJ -han/ you Mehdi for stronglifts$com and than/s for the wonderful Strong9ifts Members who hel" me corrected my forms, answer my questions$ S9 Member 6onald a/a E@anteng!F, '&, Indonesia$


“5eople thought that I was going to the gym G7 a wee& because of my results. They were impresse" when I tol" them I only go to the gym 2oH%e"H'ri..

I 5oined the gym when I was 1) years old because I "lay football and my coach told me to gain weight and strength to "lay better$ I did some EresearchF but didnQt /now what I was loo/ing for because I was une!"erienced about weights, gym and all that$ I got a ,, routine via Internet1 I used to train 5! H! a wee/$ I was the ty"ical guy in the gym that only curls and does bench$ My ,, routine did not include Squat and Deadlift, so that is the biggest mista/e I did$ I always left the Squat 6ac/ alone and I used it only to do curls with the ?lym"ic bar$ ?nce or twice I did Squats and with horrendous form$ ?f course they were "artial Squats 1 honestly I hated Squats$ My bice"s, trice"s and shoulders got more EtonedF$ ,ut my man boobs did not im"rove at all$ My ,, stats were not even im"ressive com"ared to my S95!5 stats today$ I never did more than 155 lbs in ,ench B4V10C$ *nd I got "retty tired about training 5 H! a wee/ so I quit weightlifting$ I found Strong9ifts than/s to a friend that "ractices MM*$ So first I read many blog "osts and the forum and decided to start with S95!5 because I found it interesting and why not give it a try$ *nd so Manuary 4th '010 was my first day Squatting$ ,efore S95!5 I was not going to the gym for about H ) months$ I started S95!5 to get rid of my damn man boobs and they are finally going away$ My abs and tra"s are starting to show u" too$ Dent down from ''0 to '0'lbs and gained muscle finally$ In only 5 months I got the "hysique above$ I /now it is not very im"ressive, but I have the results IQm ha""y with$ I feel great with my body changes and "eo"le started to notice when I was in my second month into S95!5$ I didnt li/e my body because my man boobs and love handles but now I can be shirtless

and not get embarrassed li/e before$ -dgar:s Gains ,ody weight BH+0F ,ody fat Deadlift Squat ,ench =ress January ;4@4 ''0lbs '&2 1'5lbs #5lbs 1'0lbs June ;4@4 '0'lbs 1(2 '#0lbs '(0lbs ''5lbs Gains so far))) 1(lbs 52 R1H5lbs R1(5lbs R105lbs

=eo"le who donQt believe that S9 wor/s should give it a try and they definitely will love it and will not sto" doing it when they see their own results$ *nd nothing better than &! a wee/ thatQs the best of all$ =eo"le thought that I was going to the gym H! a wee/ because of my results$ -hey were im"ressed when I told them I only go to the gym Mo<Ded<.ri$ I recommend S95!5 1002 because it changed my life in only & months, my "hysique got better so my self esteem got higher than/s to Strong9ifts$ S9 Member Adgar ,arahona, '1, %ermosillo Me!ico$


“5eople who haven@t seen me for a long time are often impresse" by my transformation.

My name is @eorgiy$ IQm a '1 year old 6ussian guy from :ancouver$ IQm a student and I wor/ "art time$ In high school I let my body become wea/ and "lebeian because I sto""ed swimming and "laying bas/etball$ My diet has always been alright, so it was mostly sitting around that contributed to my "oor sha"e, I got too into com"uters$ ?ne day I had a moment of clarity, li/e %amlet in his third soliloquy, and started acting after ins"ecting myself in the mirror$ I saw that I had let myself sli", and I felt the urge to become fit$ I started running every day the summer of '005, and lost about '0lbs B'&0lbs to '10lbsC$ -hat school year, I still ran, but it wasnQt every day$ Must whenever I could$ In the summer of '00H I ran longer and more consistently$ I remember the early Ham mornings, heading down to the la/e and s"ending hours on the trail$ Dhen I started school after that summer, I weighed 1H5lbs$ Some of my classmates didnQt recogni4e me$ In two summers I com"letely transformed myself$ I lost H5 lbs because of consistent running B'&0lbs to 1H5lbsC in about 1$5 years$ -o this day this is one of my biggest accom"lishments$ *fter graduation, I remained at 1H0 1)0 lbs until the Summer of '00#$ I was doing a lot of swimming in la/es and oceans during that summer$ -he community center I went to had a "ool and a weightroom, so I began going to the weightroom before my swims$ *t first I 5ust got used to the equi"ment$ I /new basic wor/outs from high school gym class, so I did things li/e curls, bench, leg "ress, etc$ Shortly thereafter, it became a routine$ I found out about Starting Strength because I wanted to learn how to squat "ro"erly$ I started reading literature online, some of which came from Stronglifts$ *fter I moved gymnasiums I started tal/ing with Strong9ifts Member KI, B"age 1)1C, who I met there$ %e recommended starting a log on S9$ I weighed the "ros and cons, and soon I was a Strong9ifts Member instead of a reader$ *round the same time, I switched over to 5!5 from the version of Starting Strength I was doing$ I had to deload because the volume was much greater$ I didnQt have many concerns about it$ I 5ust /new I had to /ee" strict form and not get too ahead of myself$ In the "ursuit of strength, or anything for that matter, you really have to "ush yourself to be consistent$

and never give u" because of hardshi"s$ 6emember that "rogress ta/es time. but I can say a few things about my strength$ • I had trouble doing three "ull u"s$ >ow IQm able to do sets of ten$ • I couldnQt bench "ress 1&5lbs for ten re"etitions$ >ow this feels easy$ • I struggled to overhead "ress #5lbs$ >ow I could do it with 1&5lbs$ I love the carry over into other as"ects of life$ . '1. I feel shar"er. and I drin/ less alcohol because itQs detrimental to my training$ Dhile I mildly regret not commencing weightlifting at the same time as running.ecause youQre not limited to 5ust one "oint of view. 7anada 111 . as a man. and I live with training at the bac/ of the mind$ -his ma/es me slee" and eat better. I love bi/ing$ -he added leg strength allows me to 4i" around the city with fantastic s"eed and ease$ Moreover. find balance in your life. and are more than willing to assist you by sharing their /nowledge$ If you want results. my ability to run has greatly im"roved$ I thin/ this is mainly because of squats and deadlifts$ =eo"le who /now me donQt say much anymore. I li/e feeling "ower$ Aven though weQre not body builders.ac/ squat. 1H0 5V5 I was about 1H5lbs when I started$ >ow IQm 1(Hlbs$ I love the weight gain$ I /now that muscle and strength is behind it$ I donQt recall my starting numbers e!actly. but from many sources$ -he S9 community has many com"etent members who share the "assion for lifting.or e!am"le. ')0V1. . strength training "rogrammes ma/e your body loo/ tremendously better$ Mentally. '010$ • 1(Hlbs$ '1y$ 5Q11F • . I would have started strength training at the same time as 5ogging bac/ in '005$ *n e!tra four years of training under my belt would have been "leasant$ I recommend both to "eo"le who as/ me for fitness advice$ -he combination of strength training and endurance cardio "roduces results that are more solid than 5ust running alone$ I "refer lifting to running at this "oint because a lot of my life revolves around that$ %owever.ench. ''5V1' • Deadlift. &00V1 • ?%=. and that you should en5oy the "rocess$ S9 Member @eorgiy a/a E>i/olaevichF. 1'0 5V5 • . you need to be consistent with the "rogramme$ Aducate yourself. '55 5V&. but they do notice me getting bigger once in a while Beven when I donQt notice myselfC$ =eo"le who havenQt seen me for a long time are often im"ressed by my transformation$ ItQs not 5ust weight loss anymore$ My "ro"ortions illustrate my commitment to training$$ -he Strong9ifts community is great$ Kee"ing a log allows me to trac/ my "rogress and receive valuable comments and information$ . this is the "ath IQm on and IQm ha""y with it$ If I had the chance to start training from the very beginning. itQs li/e having tailored "ersonal training advice.7.Muly #th.

ody fat Squat Deadlift . !onths SL/0/> '&y 1H(lbs 11$12 140/g for 5 140/g for 5 (5/g for 5 Ben:s Gains *ge . I was always a fat child and always hated the fact$ I used to wonder why I was fat and say to myself I would eat right the coming Monday and lose the weight$ Dell i got to the age of '1 and reali4ed that I hadnQt done anything about my weight at all$ ?ne day a friend of mine who was quite strong got me to 5oin a gym and i started to go as often as i felt li/e$ I got a routine of a gym instructor who told me to do a load of cardio to lose the weight$ *t the "oint of starting this i was '10lbs at 5Q11F$ *fter H months of this i had lost )lbs and was quite ha""y with myself$ %owever I hated cardio and so eventually sto""ed doing it$ -his is when 5V5 came on to the scene$ I found the site on a google search and started to read everything I could about what was on the site$ I read all the nutritional information.“I never thought I woul" be able to "o half the things I "o now.4@4 =@.ench =ress I never thought I would be able to do half the things I do now$ I have always wanted to 112 . !trong/ifts transforme" my life. the weight lifting techniques and even some of the social forums$ -his site transformed my life$ I have now been lifting for 10 months and my lifts have all stalled to the "oint of me going onto Strong9ifts Intermediate$ %owever this is the "rogress I made on 5V5$ Jan .44< =I !onths Cardio> '&y '0&lbs G 7ardio ?nly 7ardio ?nly 7ardio ?nly July .ody weight B5+11FC .44< =pre*training> '&y '10lbs '#2 < < < July .

start brea/ing but never had the drive or the strength$ >ow I have both and as you can see it requires a lot of functional body strength$ I am also a lot more confident now than I was a year ago$ I am able to wear what I want and not worry how I loo/ as well as being able to go u" to girls and tal/ to them on an equal level$ My friends have nothing but com"lements for me and the ones I havenQt seen for a year or two canQt believe the change in my "hysical a""earance as well as my general "resence$ -his didnQt all come over night though and there were sometimes when I felt li/e giving u" however the Strong9ifts 7ommunity always had hel"ing words to hel" encourage me$ I remember when I was struggling to Squat due to bad form and S9 Members were quic/ to "oint out where I needed to sort my form out within several hours of me "osting a video$ =ersonal trainers arenQt even this quic/ or educated$ I am also ins"ired by the "osts that "eo"le "ut on the site$ I want to squat 1(0/g because I /now there are Strong9Ifts Members out there who can$ So if they can why cant IG -han/s very much to everyone inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity for the /nowledge you have given me and the ins"iration i needed when i felt down$ *lso I cannot than/ Mehdi enough for ma/ing this site what it is$ 3ou have changed my life for the infinite better and I have nothing but gratitude and res"ect for you$ Stronglift Member . 9ancashire Inited Kingdom$ 113 . '&.&nF.en % a/a E.

es"ecially while in college.. and declineC. and the usual bice"<trice" wor/$ -he lower body was bac/ squatting.ench L H5lbs to '45lbs • D9 L Started in '00)$ I didnQt ma! out but I did get u" to ')5 for 5$ . incline. sometimes )R days straight. bent over and u"right rows. even at 1)($ • Squat L #5lbs to &15lbs • . originally from Michigan currently living in 7hicago. and leg curls<e!tensions$ I did no deadlifting$ *ll of this was the usual & 4 sets of ( 10 re" variety$ I used nothing to gauge "rogress at this "oint in terms of lifting$ -hen from '004 '00( I "retty much did the same e!ercises Bwith more machines involved because of their availability in the university weight roomC and set<re" scheme$ I changed my scheduling though so I wor/ed out more often. I wor/ed out under time constraints so I would do 15 or so e!ercises in 114 . I am '4 years old. leg "ress machine. as I used wor/ing out as a way to clear my head after classes and studying$ I stuc/ with the u""er lower u""er "attern though since it was what I was familiar with$ It wasnQt until late '00) that I finally started deadlifting on my lower body days$ .“/ifting heavy is so much more motivating an" enBoyable than repetition wor&. seated and standing "ressing. but I /now I was s/inny.or this entire "eriod I never had any goals in terms of lifting$ I 5ust en5oyed doing it and "ut in as much effort as I could while I was in the weight room$ Most of the time.rom '00& to '00( I went from 150lbs to 1)(lbs at 5Q11W$ I have no idea what the body fat "ercentages were. and I wor/ in quality control for a "ac/aging distributor$ I first started lifting in '00& to be more com"etitive in high school soccer$ I saw how much bigger all the college "layers were and reali4ed I needed to be stronger$ I lifted weights & days a wee/ in an u""er<lower s"lit with ' days being u""er and 1 day being lower starting out$ -he u""er body was a mi! of benching Bflat.

less than an hour and a half$ *fter college I decided that I needed to add some "ur"ose to all the lifting I was doing$ I decided to do a "owerlifting com"etition. and there are "lenty of Strong9ifts Members who have done the doing$ S9 Member Dave a/a E9ifting>erdF. and after I loo/ed at some of the numbers being "ut u" in the 1(1 weight class I wanted to be stronger to do it$ So I googled Estrength trainingF and Strong9ifts$com "o""ed u" along$ I actually li/ed it from the start in terms of logical "rogression$ It hel"ed me to establish goals and set u" a "ath to obtain them$ It was only different for me at first in that I still had the mentality of Eif a little is good more is betterF when it came to lifting$ My thin/ing on getting stronger was still add more sets. and thatQs where the S9 community hel"s a lot$ 3ou wor/ hard over time and it will wor/$ -here is not a whole lot you can say to "ersuade someone it wor/s because the whole idea of the "rogram is about doing. &15lbs bench. and 500lbs deadlift with a lot of im"rovement still to ma/e$ 9ifting heavy is so much more motivating and en5oyable than re"etition wor/$ I can see "rogress in terms of weight on the bar and it /ee"s me motivated every time I ste" in the gym$ My current goals in "owerlifting are to squat and deadlift over H00lbs in single "ly gear Bcurrent best single "ly squat is 505 for two re"sC and to bench over 400lbs in a single "ly shirt. re"s. which was to get stronger for my first "owerlifting meet$ I ran S95!5 for a little over ' months. or e!ercises$ *fter about a month on S95!5 that thin/ing went away$ -he structure of Strong9ifts 5!5 seemed li/e a good "lace to start for obtaining the goals I had set for myself. but thatQs a few years down the road$ -he Strong9ifts 7ommunity is an atmos"here of im"rovement$ It hel"s me in that everyone has the same goal of getting stronger$ 3ou 5ust canQt sift through training logs of Members getting better and loo/ing to get better without wanting to get better yourself$ 3ou have to believe Strong9ifts 5!5 can wor/$ If you donQt believe it can wor/ then you wonQt try because you actually donQt want it to wor/$ 3ou start out with the mindset of trying to validate that original belief$ Aven if you are not aware of it$ So you have to believe it will wor/$ Dhatever reason you using to tell yourself it wonQt you need to find a way around. and the main thing it reminded me of is that "rogress should always be the goal$ 9i/e many "eo"le in the gym. I went for so long without seeing much in the way of results that thatQs e!actly what I started to e!"ect$ -wo years after starting out with Strong9ifts5!5 I am 1#(lbs with a 44Hlbs squat. 7hicago IS*$ 115 . '4. all in the ''0lbs weight class$ *fter I hit those goals IQll 5ust add 50lbs to each and try to hit those$ *t some "oint I would li/e to do one or two ?lym"ic lifting com"etitions 5ust to challenge myself in a different way.

4@4 ')y 1()lb 116 .. getting strong isn@t one of them. #.00 min '$4 /m runC$ *ll was going well until *"ril 0) when I was diagnosed with >on %odg/inQs 9ym"homa.ody weight BH+C Sep . 100 sit u"s unassisted. e!ce"t for my basic fitness assessment B)0 "ushu"s in one go. from being fit and estimated 1'2 body fat at (& /g. 1(& cm. highly attractive$ Luke:s Gains *ge .“Although there are some things I won@t be able to "o because of my heart attac& an" being on me"ication for the rest of my life.44< 'Hy 1H(lb Oct 4< 'Hy 1)Hlb Best . mainly due to la4iness$ I de"loyed to *fghanistan in Mune 0#. so now my heart is only around )52 of what it used to be$ I lost over 15 /g in the first month.Bbasically conditioning circuits and enduranceC$ I donQt have any stats from the time. '& years old$ I have now been in remission for over ' years$ I havenQt "ushed myself to get bac/ to my "revious level. and after about two months of no e!ercise at all. and started 7hemothera"y immediately$ It was the most terrible e!"erience of my life$ I had over 15 un"lanned hos"itali4ations in 5 months. I am a soldier with the *ustralian *rmy$ -he 5ob means I am obviously fairly active to begin with$ In Manuary 0) I started getting into body building style weight lifting with my best man$ It was going fairly well. amongst other thingsN a blood clot in a vein in my brain. including. I soon got frustrated with what I was doing B"retty much random body building style wor/ outs I decided on once I got to the gymC$ I stumbled u"on Stronglifts at 5ust the right time$ -he boo/ o"ened my eyes to a com"letely different way of training$ I wasnQt even aware there was a s"ort called strength training$ -he whole idea of training strength instead of ["um"Q was li/e an e"i"hany$ I found the idea of training the movement. not a muscle. des"ite being on blood thinnersC. and general "hysical "re"aration through com"ulsory =. both lifting heavy stuff. I decided to do something about it$ %owever. losing 4$5 9 of blood in one morning due to a tear in my throat Band being on blood thinners for the clotC. and a ma5or heart attac/ Bcaused by another clot.

44< 1&'lb 1&)lb 104lbs Oct 4< 'H4lb '4'lb 15#lb Best . and I recommend Strong9ifts 5V5 to anyone who as/s$ . both strength and "hysique wise$ It has re/indled my desire to /ee" my body in ti" to" condition$ *lthough there are some things I wonQt be able to do at wor/ because of my heart attac/ and being on "rescri"tion medication for the rest of my life. getting strong and conditioned isnQt one of them$ I /now I will be able to "lay s"ort with my son when he grows u"$ -han/ you Mehdi for being the catalyst for my transformation$ I have since done a lot more reading about strength. *ustralia$ 117 . general e!ercise and nutrition$ *lthough your ideas arenQt new. I am very ha""y with the results. IQm too unfit and too fatF "lease reconsider$ I ho"e my story will change your mind$ Strong9ifts Member 9u/e a/a EKnottedF. '). the way you have "ut it all together means the "rogram e!ceeds the sum of its "arts$ 3our articles are relevant and informative.4@4 401lb &0(lb ''0lb *s you can imagine. and you ma/e it easy to understand conce"ts$ 3ou have given me the [bugQ to see bigger and bigger numbers go u"$ I ho"e to have my wife start lifting once I get my home gym set u".or anyone who is thin/ing EI canQt do that.ench =ress Sep .Luke:s Gains Deadlift Squat .

and the first guests started to enter the room$ -han/ god I wasnQt wearing my "in/ bo!ers$ >ow I do by no means have a big butt. 5ust whatever I felt li/e doing$ . I had a very embarrassing moment which showed "roof of the "rogramQs success.ac/ then I weighed about (0/g and could ?%= 40/g quite easily$ So you might understand the disa""ointment when struggling with '0/gJ -his only stimulated me to wor/ even harder on S95!5J I remembered reading about Strong9ifts 5!5 on the internet and guys having some serious results with the "rogram$ So I decided to buy me a "owercage with '0/g barbell and 1'0 /g of "lates. I also u""ed my caloric inta/e to about &500 4000/cal a day.“I never thought I coul" achieve these stats. ma/ing some "re"arations$ =ic/ed u" the "ower cord of the beamer.asically ran & times a wee/ with distances varying between 5 and 15 /m$ *fter those two months I loo/ed in the mirror and said to myself something has to change$ *t that moment I was about )4/g at 1. %i from the >etherlands. that it may lead to one or more embarrassing but very satisfying moments youQll remember for quite some time$ %ereQs my story$ I started doing Stronglifts 5!5 late December '00# after a "eriod of about ' months where I was very ill and lost a lot of strength1$$if you can even s"ea/ of strength after one year of running and no strength training$ During that year I didnQt bother counting calories and eating healthy. an" I owe it all to !tonglifts. and started the routine$ In addition to 5ust training. the feeling that was much stronger was 118 . no way to switch "ants before the start of the training. and only missing ' wor/outs. and had to give a training to about '0 "ro5ect managers and financials$ I started early that morning. *fter 1' wee/s of following Strong9ifts 5V5. to me this was very degrading. bent over to "lug it in.(0m1$$all fat. actually I never really had a butt$ 6ight now however I feel i can crac/ a walnut with my butt chee/s1$$never tried it of course -hough this was a very embarrassing moment. and tried to get at least ( # hours of slee" a day$ I started seeing results after the first few wee/s. 2eh"i@s a"vice. IQm a consultant. I thought IQd do my fare share to convince you boys in doubt of this "rogramQs success that it really does wor/$ So much even. and thatQs when it ha""ened11$$craaaaaaac////$ ? S%]>ow. because "revious to the year of running I used to do strength training$ >o "rogram. but didnQt thin/ this would ha""en$ * 15 cm crac/ at the bac/ of my "ants. but felt results after the first wor/out1$I could hardly wal/ for three days$ I guess my body wasnQt used to the stress$ I loved itJ *bout ten wee/s into the "rogram. an" the inspiring stories of !/ 2embers. I 5ust ate when I felt li/e it$ . I noticed my "ants getting a little tight. no muscles$ Struggled to lift an em"ty bar for 5 re"s on the ?%= and I couldn+t even beat my girlfriend at EwrestlingF$ >ow.

ench =ress 6ec . and I feel ama4ingJ -o anybody wondering if S95!5 is going to wor/ for them IQd say 5ust to give it a try$ Dor/ hard at it for at least 1' wee/s.4@4 '#y (5/g 1H0/g 1'1/g #5/g Gains so far))) R11/g R1'0/g R#1/g R)5/g I feel great$ >ever thought I could achieve these stats$ -hough there not so high com"ared to most S9 Members. and the ins"iring stories of S9 Members$ *lthough Mehdi.that of satisfaction$ My training really did "ay off.ody weight BH+0PC Deadlift Squat . and eat<slee" well$ DidnQt wor/ for you. '(.ritsoF. IQm e!tremely satisfied with the results$ *nd this was only twelve wee/s$ My body is starting to show some nice muscle develo"ment$ I even notice differences in everyday life when "ic/ing things u" li/e a crate of beer. to be fair. I loo/ stronger. or a chair to carrying the groceries$ Sure.emko:s Gains *ge . and I owe it all to Stonglifts. >9$ 119 .44< '#y )4/g 40/g &0/g '0/g !ar . I canQt run 15/m anymore1 who caresJ I am stronger. and com"letely ama4ed with the results$ I would again li/e to than/ you all for sharing your wonderful stories and advice. you do owe me a new "air of "ants$ . MehdiQs advice.ut I can guarantee youQll be hoo/ed. then quit$ .4@4 '#y (&/g 1'0/g 101/g )5/g Aug . es"ecially Mehdi$ 3ouQve changed my life$ I feel healthier and stronger then ever$ -han/sJ S9 Member 6em/o a/a E.

I needed to limit my "ortion si4es. I should limit my meat inta/e. etc$ I wish someone would have sat down with me and 5ust said Elisten. I+m . couldn+t eat anything for months and was hos"itali4ed$ . you+re a big guy and you+re active you need to eat a lot more then you do nowF Dhen it came to training. H+5W and about (0/g$ Much had im"roved in life but I still had the "roblems with body image and "hysical well being$ I was wea/ and com"letely out of sha"e$ Sure. the ma5ority of my diet should consist of grains Baccording to the 7anada . I was all s/in and bones$ -his led to me becoming increasingly an!ious about my body image$ -he word Es/innyF gained a dee"ly negative connotation and I avoided being "hotogra"hed$ *bout this time I became confused about my si4e$ *ccording to . I /new A:A63-%I>@$ . It re&in"le" a sense of accomplishment.ood "yramid at the timeC.ast forward to '00(. I grew u" very quic/ly$ *t 1' yo I was H` tall and your ty"ical lan/y teen$ *round then I got sic/.“The most profoun" changes have been mental. bac/ then. "evelope" feelings of self-worth an" grew my confi"ence.y the time I was bac/ home. I had a flat stomach but you could see my ribs around my clavical and I had no "ecs$ I had a terrible 5ob and was tra""ed in the rat race$ My &0th birthday loomed and I started feeling de"ressed$ I /new I had to do something$ -he turning "oint was a new 5ob$ I wor/ from home and my em"loyer "aid for a gym 120 . • I was afraid of being 5udged$ I had no confidence$ • I couldn+t as/ for hel" because I was an!ious tal/ing to strangers$ • I would have to admit I didn+t /now and.en. I was "erfectly normal yet I was very s/inny and wea/$ I also learned that anything with fat or cholesterol is bad. &1 years old and live in >ew _ealand with my wife and ' daughters$ I+m originally from 7anada but moved here several years ago$ I wor/ from home as a software develo"er$ *s a child. which they taught us at school.MI. the old me came u" with a million of e!cuses to not even get near a gym$ I would tell myself Ethe gym equi"ment doesn+t fit my heightF or EI+m actually strong. I 5ust don+t loo/ itF$ 6eality was. I was '# years old.

eb '00(C$ 7om"aring my results.44G =Start coaching> '#y 1#Hlbs 1'2 1)'lbs '4lbs June <th .. 5 H! wee/. I noticed Mehdi offered "rivate coaching$ I wanted results. seated smith "ress.$ In 4 months I gained '0/g B(0/g in mid .ut trouble was brewing1 I had "lateaued on many of the e!ercises$ I /new I had to change my routine but most websites did not have information aimed at the near absolute beginner$ In hindsight. &! wee/. it was a bodybuilding routine$ -hree months later I had gone from (0/g to (#/g$ I also got strongerJ . Mehdi recommended we aim for a 100/g bodyweight$ %e suggested I do @?M*D to increase my calorie inta/e$ ?n average. leg "ress.ody .44G =. felt I had a lot to learn and thought that he could fast trac/ my "rogress$ I started being coached by Mehdi on May 15th '00( weighing (#/g$ -o lose the s/inny loo/. etc$ *ll for high re"s. no clear "rogression "ath./ days later> '#y ''1lbs 152 1((lbs &&lbs Gains R'5lbs R&2 R1Hlbs BRH52C R#lbs BR&52C I achieved my goal weight '5 days later.M. I saw mention of Stronglifts$ -here was so much information freely available and I could understand itJ I li/ed the S9 5V5 routine as it was sim"le and all the e!ercises were well e!"lained$ . 1 hour$ @ained 11/g in '5 days$ 6eally en5oy the routine. S95!5.ody Mass . I was eating H )000 /cals with my record being #11( calories$ Ben:s Gains under !ehdi:s Coaching *ge . bodybuilding s"lit. • 7ouldn+t bench the bar B'0 /gC • 7ould barely 5og for a few minutes • %ad a hard time squatting a 10/g bag on my bac/ My original routine consisted of e!ercises using machines and dumbbells.ody weight BH+5PC .membershi"$ -hey wanted to ensure I got out of the house$ Dhen I signed u" I received some free sessions with a "ersonal trainer$ %e gave me a basic wor/out and I dug into it with immense enthusiasm$ Dhen I started at the gym I.est of all. I didn+t need e!"ensive su""lements to succeed$ Shortly after I started Stronglifts.at 9ean . I went down to #( /g Bturns out it was mostly due to water retention 121 . nutrition wasn+t clear • >ew routine.at Mass !ay @/th . &52 body fat$ *fter I finished @?M*D. lat "ull down. love doing big com"ound lifts and clear sense of "rogression in S9 and beyond. I gained 11/gJ -hat brought me to 100$) /g at 152 . everything I found was related to bodybuilding and I was dee"ly confused about all the su""lements out there$ I was on Digg and in the comments for an article. nutrition was sorted$ SoldJ -he weight I gained doing @?M*D and S95!5 was about H52 9. low volume$ I tried creating my own routine out of bits and "ieces I found but I didn+t really understand what I was doing$ 9oo/ing bac/. 1 ' hours$ @ained about 10/g in & months$ -oo many e!ercises. • ?ld routine. too many machines involved.

calorie dense and is a natural whole food$ -o this day. combined with "lain old mil/ and healthy food$$$ if only I /new this when I was youngerJ -he most "rofound changes have been the mental as"ect$ *ll that heavy lifting and big eating "ut me on the "ath to self im"rovement$ It re/indled a sense of accom"lishment.44G '#y 1#5lbs ((lbs 55lbs ((lbs 6ec . I consume about ' litres "ost wor/out$ *ll those calories hel" recovery and. allow you to "rogress faster$ Ben:s Gains *ge . ultimately. salesJ %aving to tal/ to "eo"le you didn+t /now Bi$e$ cold callsC. I ste""ed u" and starting doing something I once considered my idea of hell.ench =ress 5e( .because of the high sodium in mil/C$ I continued to gain weight and maintained a bodyweight of 100 /g for a long time$ Since @?M*D. etc$ -he /ey element that has enabled me to do this is confidence$ 122 . it+s relatively chea".44G '#y 1)Hlbs < < < !ar . I+ve tried eating a similar amount of calories without mil/ and found it much harder$ I also remember getting a sore 5awJ Mil/ is liquid and calories it+s easy to consume$ .est of all. develo"ed feelings of self worth and grew my confidence$ I also learned the im"ortance of tenacity Bdon+t give u"JC$ *t wor/.ody weight BH+5PC Deadlift Squat . dealing with re5ection.44G '#y ''Hlbs &&0lbs &&0lbs 1)Hlbs Gains so far R50lbs R'4'lbs R')5lbs R((lbs I+ve told other "eo"le about my weight gain$ Most seem to thin/ that I+m on some /ind of drugBsC and<or a cra4y wor/out regime Bi$e$ ) days a wee/C$ I can understand why some "eo"le are hesitant when you see all the su""lement<bodybuilding stuff out there$ -o thin/ that results can come from training &! wee/ for about an hour. being outside your comfort 4one.

you wouldn+t be in this situation$ Must do it$ Don+t ta/e any short cuts or modify it in any way$ . I regained 5 /g Bbac/ u" to 100 /gC and was deadlifting 100 /g$ -wo months later I was squatting 100 /g$ I+m continuing to "rogress. it was money well s"ent a great investment that gave me a solid foundation$ I also learned that it+s ?K to as/ for hel"$ Since I+ve been training. I remembered a lot. for which I was hos"itali4ed for a few days$ -hose ( months. from mobility e!ercises to setu" on the core lifts$ Dhile I started with low weights. I+ve /e"t my log online. weight gain.y 7hristmas. I was burnt out and started feeling de"ressed$ I also started to get sic/.e ambitious and don+t let anything or anyone get in the way of accom"lishing it$ -han/ you Mehdi for setting me on the "ath to strength$ S9 Member . ?%=$ -han/s to my time being coached by Mehdi. was the worse "eriod of my life$ * few wee/s out of hos"ital. I+ve always /e"t a log$ My first logs were 5ust bits of "a"er$ Since then. family. we could be training "artners or even train in the same gym$ -he Stronglifts 7ommunity is the ne!t best thing$ I+ve got that sense of camaraderie and have found a "lace to share my trium"hs. my gym shutting down$ I used that an e!cuse to sto" lifting altogether and "ile even more time into my wor/$ .luestrea/F.Dhile I continued to lift and do well in many as"ects in life. inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ I+ve always believed that one of the /eys to success is to associate with li/e minded "eo"le that have achieved varied degrees of success$ Ideally. when you wor/ from homeC$ I also struggled to ada"t with changes in my daily routine Bno more morning sessions when daughter started schoolC. &1. acce"t that the status quo isn+t wor/ing$ 3ou need to ma/e changes$ S9 5!5 and @?M*D wor/$ -hin/ you /now betterG 3ou don+t$ If you did. eventually. failures and everything in between Bfamily and friends 5ust don+t understand or sometimes 5ust don+t careC$ If you want to achieve similar results. etc$ ?verall. Dellington >ew _ealand$ 123 . wor/ and training$ Dor/ became the "riority and I "ut ever increasing amounts of time into it Bso easy to do. and. I had recovered enough to return to wor/$ Doctors told me I had to do e!ercise<cardio to rebuild lung ca"acity$ * wee/ or two out of hos"ital. having recently conquered a Squat at 155/g and Deadlift at 1H5/g at 104/g bodyweight$ I+m also hitting new =6s on the bench. I slowly started to lose balance between the three "illars in my life. starting with bursitis in my elbow and culminating with "neumonia.en a/a E. strength. I got results faster than I would by myself$ I feel the advice I got was coming from someone that had e!tensive "ractical e!"erience and yet had a wide body of /nowledge sufficient to tailor "rograms so they were a""ro"riate to the "erson i$e$ for fat loss. I was contacted by Mehdi to write my story what you+re reading now$ -hat same day I signed u" and got bac/ into training$ I set out a new routine with my family and started S9 5!5 with some running$ Much to my sur"rised. they quic/ly shot u"$ 5 wee/s l later. between sto""ing lifting and getting out hos"ital.

y doing the bw e!ercises I did gain weight but It was mainly fat from a 5un/ food diet$ Inha""y with my weight gain and no muscles I stumbled u"on Strong9ifts bac/ in May '00( after loo/ing at a blog on =ull u"s and how to do them weighted$ I wasnQt convinced at first as the 5 sets and 5 re"s differed from what I was told as a "ast bodybuilder$ 3ou /now su"ersets. feel so much stronger an" have quit ta&ing "rugs.D e!ercises$ . su"ersets and various other e!ercises$ . I mean I never even tried Deadlifts so you can imagine how daunting it was$ =lus guys I /new got big using steroids$ My greatest concern with S95!5 was the Squat as many Ebig guysF in my local gym had told me not to squat so low as it could hurt my /nees$ I had never done Squats or Deadlifts as a bodybuilder so I wanted to ma/e sure the sl5!5 routine was legitimate before I started the "rogram$ It wasnQt until I read the story of Strong9ifts Member Michael B"age 1&'C about how squats cured his /nee "ain that he had had for years that it set my mind at ease about the whole /nee issues$ I was tired of the way I loo/ed and after loo/ing at testimonies of other S9 Members I gave it a go$ I started Strong9ifts 5!5 bac/ in *ug '00($ My first months were ama4ing.efore Strong9ifts .D 1(4lbs L after Strong9ifts '1(lbs$ I never measured body fat as it was irrelevant for myself since I was coming from a s/inny bac/ground I was 5ust ha""y to bul/ u"$ 124 . I moved onto .. I eat better. as a unit$ -his is why I changed to S95!5 I was a wea/ling and I got my wa/e u" call$ I started S9 5V5 on the 1#th *ugust '00( and ended in late Muly '00#$ I had gained &4lbs by May '00# or in # months$ .“0veryone says how goo" I loo& compare" to years ago. wrist curls and an abdomini4er machine.D was around 145lbsN strength was 4ero$ It was hard as being Hft 'F tall and weighing in at 145lbs was demorali4ing as I could hear "eo"le laughing at me and commenting about my si4eN ?f course it was hard to date women as my confidence was never that great$ I turned to heavy usage of mari5uana to ease the "ain and ended u" eating unhealthy food in the "rocess$ I /new I had to do something about my situation I was tired of being s/inny and longed to be stronger. itQs no lie$ I could feel my body changing and I read all of the articles on the website over and over and "rinted out many to ta/e to the gym so I had some cues as to how to "erform all the ma5or lifts$ I also started the @?M*D cycle and that really made me "ut on weight fast$ I li/ed the "hiloso"hy of S95!5$ I thin/ this ethos wor/ed for me. it allowed me to focus on weight on the bar. rather than how big my bice"s loo/ed$ Dhen I squatted for a few wee/s something wonderful started to ha""enJ I sto""ed caring about my bice"s and started caring about my body as a whole. My life was quite aimless "rior to lifting to be honest$ I tin/ered with a few Ebodybuilding "um" "rogramsF you /now the ty"e.ut I could never build any muscle and ended u" quitting and staying s/inny$ *t that time I was &' years old$ . trice"s /ic/bac/s. my attitude had to change$ I /new that weight training wor/ed in order to bul/ u" I 5ust did not have the formula for it$ I thought I could never get big maybe because of genetics$ I done bodybuilding ty"e routines and then when this was not wor/ing for me.

5/g July .ody weight BH+'PC Deadlift Squat . stic/ to the "rogram$ 6ead u" on e!ercise e!ecution and fle!ibility wor/$ Drin/ and eat every three hours$ Ma/e full fat mil/ your best friend$ .ench =ress August .4@4 &5y ''0lb 1(5/g 140/g 100/g Gains so far))) R&Hlb R145/g R1'0/g R5).44< &&y '1(lb 145/g 1'0/g #0/g 'o" . this will forge character and disci"line which will hel" you outside of the gym as well$ If you were s/inny li/e me I would suggest you follow Strong9ifts 5V5 for H months straight$ Do not deviate from what is written down$ .ollow the sets and re"s$ Do not listen to anyone tal/ing about high re" sets. &4.5/g Dhat can I sayJ -he whole system wor/s you really have to follow it to the tee$ I did not add any e!ercises and I did not ta/e away$ I done e!actly what the "rogram called for$ 3ou really have to Squat that much and do all the fle!ibility wor/ that comes with it$ I feel great todayN the Strong9Ifts 5!5 "rogram has set me u" for a healthy future in strength training$ Averyone says how good I loo/ com"ared to years ago$ I eat better. feel so much stronger and have quit ta/ing drugs$ I also got married in Se"tember '010 and my wife li/es my new "hysique$ >ow my life has some "ur"ose and I owe all of this to S95!5 it really has given me the disci"line I need to continue to be healthy$ %aving a log is "aramount for ma/ing this wor/$ %aving an online log is even betterN the constant "osts of other Strong9ifts Members will stay with me for years$ It really hel"s to have the odd criticism as well as this ma/es sure you stay on the "rogram S95^5 for as long as "ossible$ I cannot stress the im"ortance of stic/ing with things even when it gets tough. you should /now what to do$ -he "rogram wor/s it really is that sim"le$ 3ou must Squat that much as well.44G &'y 1(4lb 40/g '0/g 4'. learn all that you can about it$ It ma/es you tough$ 7hec/ out my old Strong9Ifts 5!5 log for "roof that this strength training "rogram wor/s$ Strong9ifts Member 6oy a/a E6ereF. it wor/ed for me$ ?nce you reach your desired weight. Angland$ 125 . etc..oy:s Gains *ge . 9eeds.ring mil/ every where with you in a flas/$ 7oo/ your own food$ @o to an E*ll you can eat "laceF from time to time.

which is something I &eep saying because my shape &eeps getting better. I wor/ as a salesman selling financial software to ban/s$ Involves a lot of traveling BU)02 of my timeC and a lot of eating cra" in air"orts. from 9ondon IK. quite a good runner. and recruited a "ersonal trainer$ %e wasnQt as bad as most of them. deadlifts "lus a bunch of wor/ on the various weight machines$ IQd been a member of a gym for most of my '0Qs. and had "iled on the "ounds$ Averyone who saw me commented on how fat IQd become$ I hadnQt noticed L even though IQd been "utting on a "ound of fat a wee/. sat at a des/ for 1' hours a day. and I squatted Bhalf squatsC about )0/gs. eating anything fried and greasy and drin/ing most evenings$ .“I am in the best shape of my life. ate all sorts of cra" and "iled on weight$ Dhen I left Iniversity I started wor/ as a bro/er. and when I told him I wanted to "ut on muscle he advised me to do squats.. you donQt see it gradually accrue on your body$ I also started seeing an old flame in a long distance relationshi". there was no real "rogression in weight. decent at trac/ and field events. so between seeing her Babout 1' wee/sC I decided to lose the fat and get bac/ in sha"e$ I 5oined a gym near wor/. but had always gone in without a "lan. e!ce"t for the odd game of football or cric/et for the 7ollege team$ I also started to head out "artying every night. >eil.y the age of '5 I was '10lbs and seriously out of sha"e BU&02 body fatC$ IQd s"ent about H months wor/ing in South *frica when '5. and into rowing for a few years before I started Iniversity$ I was also ridiculously s/inny L at si! foot one I weighed about 150lbs$ -hen I went to Iniversity and "retty much gave u" s"ort. and could deadlift about (0/gs$ *fter the 1' wee/s IQd lost a lot of fat Babout 14lbsC and "ut on muscle L I loo/ed much 126 . hotels and etc$ I was relatively s"orty as a /id. doing curls and benching etc L this time I had a "lan$ I also swam every morning before wor/ for an hour$ -he weights were & 4 sets of ( 10 re"s. where you were out most nights of the wee/ entertaining clients.

and it was H months before he turned '#$ De had a bet where we decided to "ut on a stone in body mass Bnot allowed to be fatC in H months$ IQd been lur/ing on Stronglifts$com anyway. I figured IQd loo/ for a routine to follow$ I have no idea what I ty"ed into @oogle. but I found Stronglifts and started to read u" on it$ -he e!ercises made sense L after all my brother had been into weights since childhood. and the new 5ob I too/ didnQt have changing facilities for me to shower after my cycle ride to wor/$ @iven that I had to 5oin a gym anyway. I wasnQt being sold anything. and decided that I had nothing to lose$ I started drin/ing half a gallon of mil/ a day and followed Strong9ifts 5!5 e!actly as it was laid out$ >eil+s @ains *ge .better$ Infortunately I then viewed that as E5ob doneF and subsequently sto""ed the swimming and training$ My gym visits got less and less frequent.ody weight BH+1FC . I 5ust did whatever I felt li/e in the gym$ IQd cho" and change the routine I was doing de"endent on the last issue of MenQs %ealth$ I didnQt /now what I was going to lift in the gym before I got there L IQd 5ust lift whatever I felt li/e$ I didnQt bother to log what IQd lifted. I didnQt want to use only the bar$ IQd feel embarrassed in the gym if I was wor/ing out with 5ust a barbell$ I couldnQt see how it would hel" either$ I decided to stic/ to what I /new best L dic/ing around with dumbbells and machines$ I didnQt follow a training "rogram.ench =ress . I 5ust needed to do one of ' different wor/outs. deadlifted and benched heavy$ -he no bullshit a""roach also struc/ a chord with me.5/g R)).ebruary '00# I was watching rugby in a "ub with a mate. now I get comments from girls as/ing whether IQve lost weight$ My belt buc/le is bac/ down to the tightest notch L itQs as tight as it was ten years ago$ IQve also got dramatically im"roved "osture L sitting down all day for wor/ when you tal/ on 127 . even though I didnQt thin/ I loo/ed that bad$ I changed 5obs in *ugust '00(. three times a wee/$ Still. I didnQt need to buy a ton of useless su""lements. but it 5ust made me more hungry so I ate more every meal$ I stayed about '00 lbs and was fat.5/g I am in the best sha"e of my life.at Deadlift Squat .5/g @ains so far$$ 'lb 1&2 R140/g R10). and he always squatted. so I dro""ed squats com"letely$ My training reverted to the same sort of random weight lifting as IQd done before$ *bout a year later I decided to dro" gym membershi" altogether.5/g #). which meant IQd never /now whether IQd "rogressed or not$ In .eb '00# '#y 1()lb ')2 40/g '0/g '0/g Dec '010 &1y 1(5lb 142 1(0/g 1'). I used to hate the D?MS I got from squatting too.ody . as it was overly e!"ensive given how little use I made of it$ I bought a bi/e and started to cycle to wor/ instead B1& mile round tri"C$ I figured this would /ee" me in sha"e. which is something I /ee" saying because my sha"e /ee"s getting better$ I used to suc/ in my gut when I was out with friends.

but this is all bac/ed u" by results$ I have no "roblem with "eo"le tal/ing the tal/ as long as they wal/ the wal/ too$ 3ou have nothing to lose by trying Strong9ifts 5!5$ =ut down your ego and try lifting$ -his is ama4ingly "owerful.the "hone can lead to slouched shoulders. my first "osts inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity were very naive$ Members gave me encouragement and advice to hel" allay my fears about starting S95!5$ Dhen I signed in and started a training log I got almost instant res"onses L S9 Members giving advice. and because I want to ensure the community here remains as "ositive. because they /now IQm not going to follow their bosu ball routine. enables you to see how far youQve come and /ee"s you honest$ I am a moderator inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity. and are interested in what IQm going to lift that day$ -he =-Qs give me a wide berth. hel"ful and free from . and that I donQt listen to them anyway$ In the early days.ut itQs mor"hed into something much more im"ortant$ I get encouragement. and I feel as though I have to hold myself accountable to them$ It is im"ortant to /ee" a training log. because they only ever saw me squatting$ >ow I get guys come and as/ me to review their form$ -hey want to /now what "rogram IQm using. advice. which ma/es me loo/ more confident and "ro5ects that into my meetings at wor/$ In the first few months at my gym. sharing their thoughts and "roviding encouragement when the training got hard. as itQs a com"lete record of your achievements. I guess I wanted somewhere other than a note"ad to write down my wor/outs$ . &1. and gives ridiculously good results for three short sessions a wee/$ S9 Member >eil a/a EnburgeF.S as it was when I first 5oined$ Dor/ing with Mehdi is good. and I donQt want anyone thin/ing IQve written this because I was "aid to do so$ -he fact is. most of the "eo"le would ma/e comments about what I was doing$ ?ne guy told me I was squatting too low$ *nother told me to do sets of 10 because Ethey are better for cardiovascular conditioningF$ -he "ersonal trainers would come to tell me I was going to ruin my /nees. and I had terrible "ains in my bac/ from the way IQd sit at wor/$ >ow I wal/ tall. the more you return to the site to learn even more$ I donQt /now why I started the training log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity. and itQs only going to get bigger$ %e can be arrogant at times. and much more besides from the guys following my log$ I /now IQve "romised them many things. and within about H wee/s of starting the "ain in my bac/ had gone$ I wal/ with a much better "osture. or some other as"ect of life got in the way$ Dhen I decided to lose fat I "osted a few questions and was immediately given sound advice L from a resource I trusted$ -he more you listen to the advice and see yourself "rogress. 9ondon IK$ 128 . because we get to hel" sha"e the direction of the site$ %eQs incredibly ambitious for where he wants this "lace to go. humour. IQm a moderator here and I wor/ for free$ I do this because I got so much from this "rogram.

5ust had never really gotten hoo/ed on a "ure strength<"owerlifting "rogram before S95!5$ I could have started heavier on "retty much all the lifts but IQm glad I "ic/ed the weights I did Bfollowed Strong9ifts 5!5 to the EtFC$ My form im"roved drastically \ this is im"ortant to me because IQve in5ured myself in the "ast when Squatting and Deadlifting heavy$ 6on:s Gains *ge .ody fat Deadlift Squat .44< &0y '10lb 10$52 1(5lb 1(5lb 1(5lb (5lb Sep . before Stronglifts. My name is Don and I live in the Southeastern Inited States$ IQm &1 years old and wor/ in Information -echnology$ IQm about HQ1W '40lbs$ I started lifting weights in high school \ "robably around 1H years old$ I wanted to get bigger and stronger for wrestling and football$ I was a "retty s/inny /id and have always had a bit of a com"le! about being too small$ I got almost all my wor/outs from maga4ines or 5ust came u" with them on my own$ I would lift 4 H days<wee/ for 1$5 ' hours usually$ I had tried 5ust every wor/out you can find in "o"ular maga4ines but nothing wor/ed once I got to a certain "oint$ My best bench from about 10 years ago.ody weight BH+1PC .itness and was actually a "ower lifting routine$ -he routines I used for years bored me for two reasons$ 1C I wasnQt getting results anymore so that frustrated me$ 'C I was constantly sore and the ' & days after a leg wor/out were 5ust brutal$ I would hit my legs so hard that I could barely wal/ for days afterwards$ ItQs hard to live a normal life when youQre lim"ing around all the time and even harder to see the "oint in it when I wasnQt getting any stronger or bigger$ * guy at wor/ told me about S95!5 and the ama4ing "rogress heQd made with the "rogram over the course of 4 months$ So I thought IQd give it a try as I was getting bored with the normal bodybuilding routines IQd been doing for the "ast 1& years$ IQm a rugby "layer but vanity always /e"t me doing sets of ( 1' instead of training for strength and "ower$ I had "reviously done volume training and had great success with that$ Strong9ifts 5!5 loo/ed similar only with heavier weights$ IQve always been o"en to trying new routines.ench =ress =ress June .44< &0y ''5lb 1'2 &H5lb &&5lb '(0lb 1)5lb 'o" .4@4 &1y '&5lb 11$52 550lb 4#0lb &(0lb '&0lb Gains so far))) R'5lb R&H5lb R&05lb R1#5lb R145lb %ow ironic that after 5ust & wee/s on Strong9ifts 5!5 I was getting the Ehard muscleF loo/ IQd been after for 1& yearsJ BI donQt /now how to e!"lain this \ basically. 5ust that loo/ 129 .“=ow ironic that after Bust 6 wee&s on !/474 I was getting the har" muscle loo& I@" been after for (6 years#. was &50lbs$ It was a full 6?M touch and go "ress$ -he routine I was doing at this time was out of Muscle and .

or tac/le that heavier "layer on the o""osing team was very handy$ I thin/ strength training is highly under rated in the rugby community$ -he Squat and Deadlift have tremendous carry over to rugby so if youQre a rugby "layer who want to "erform at a high level. I would recommend S9 *dvanced$ I thin/ there are still solid gains to be made on this "rogram and even after a yearQs worth of training and a "ower lifting total of 1&00R IQm still on S9 *dvanced$ I "lan to move on to something a little more ada"table after this cycle Bsuch as 5<&<1C.where you can tell a dude is strong$ %is clothes fit different over his body$ -here are big guys and then there are big. 130 .esides. Madcow Intermediate is the "erfect routine to follow u" with$ I made good gains with Madcow after S9 5V5$ *fter Madcow. but S9 Members *ty"ical. this "hase of your training allows you to "erfect your form and settle in to this new "hiloso"hy$ I donQt see any reason for anyone to sto" S9 5V5 before reaching 1$5 ! body weight squats and at least close to a bodyweight bench "ress$ *fter S9 5V5. IQm stronger and bigger now that IQve ever been in my life and IQve been going to the gym & times<wee/ for no more than 1$5 hours for the "ast year$ IQve "retty much done the same core grou" of e!ercises for one year and still loo/ forward to going$ . when I was still "laying I noticed that the e!tra strength hel"ed out tremendously$ %aving the e!tra strength to brea/ that last tac/le. blow over a ruc/. and the e!"eriences of others is invaluable in "reventing yourself from ma/ing those same mista/es$ -here are several members who have ins"ired me in their own logs and in my log and itQs "robably not fair to only mention a few. but it is easily ada"table$ In season you bac/ off to ' days<wee/ and off season you go & 4 days$ IQve made this suggestion to at least ' other S9 members in my training log$ I thin/ Stronglifts is the best "lace to start for anyone that hasnQt done this ty"e of training before$ Aven if you add 10 lbs<wee/ for u""er body and '0 lbs<wee/ for lower body e!ercises. the silent com"etition with other S9 members hel"s you "ush that e!tra re" out. strong guys$ I feel li/e IQm getting the loo/ of the latter$C IQve gained a""ro!imately '5 lbs$ I got serious about gaining weight and tried to follow the Strong9ifts Diet as best I can BIQm a suc/er for carbs so IQve had several cheatsC$ I have also cut fat a cou"le of times during the "ast year or IQd be closer to '50 right now$ -raining 4 H times<wee/ for 1$5 'R hours will never be in my "rogram again$ I have a & year old son and wor/ too much for this to be feasible$ . there is no doubt you need to squat big and deadlift big$ -raining heavy with this /ind of volume is not necessarily conducive to rugby. Mi/eD. however$ Kee"ing a training log in the Strong9ifts 7ommunity is the best thing IQve ever done for myself$ -he accountability you feel hel"s get you in the gym on those days you donQt want to go.or whatever reason I havenQt gotten bored with these routines yet$ -he other day a "encil legged guy commented that if he did squats as much as I do heQd hate coming to the gym$ I guess thatQs why he has s/inny legs$ I love to squat and love to deadlift now$ 7hasing strength gains has become an obsession and IQm constantly in com"etition with my "revious wor/out$ Setting tangible goals is something IQve been wor/ing on in my life in general and this has 5ust carried over to the gym$ -he South 7arolina raw record total at '4' lbs is 1400 lbs L I "lan to brea/ this within the ne!t year$ I decided to retire from "laying rugby as of a few wee/s agoN however.

lin/s. S7. read the boo/. MimSlade. what should I doGF ameU E@o to stronglifts$com. itQs been really hel"ful in diffusing the myths IQd believed in for so many years$ IQve been raving about Strong9ifts 5!5 to several teammates and co wor/ers and even have started my wife on itJ S9 Member Don a/a EStrong4rugbyF.%olvoetn. and Ma/emcmillan have "rovided fantastic insight. and have 5ust been generally great su""ort over the "ast year$ I havenQt had to say much to the "eo"le IQve suggested S95!5 to$ Isually the conversation goes something li/e this.wor/outs so obviously didnQt want to get stronger or bigger$ -han/s for all the info on the site. athemU EI want to get bigger and stronger. and then let me /now if you have any questions$F IQve had this conversation H times over the "ast year$ 5 "eo"le too/ the advice and are still doing Strong 9ifts$ -he other decided to do %II. &1. IS*$ 131 .

* little about me. and the im"ortance of sitting bac/$ I tried some with 5ust my bodyweight. with no "ain or discomfort$ I was encouraged and decided to start on Strong9ifts 5!5$ I did bodyweight squats for a few wee/s. which I thought of as wea/ and fragile$ In my early twenties I suffered multi"le sublu!ations of both /nees$ -hese in5uries led to a diagnosis of trochlear dys"lasia and arthritis$ So there I was at age ''$ *rthritis. 100/g$ IQm from >ew _ealand. but IQm currently living in *sia. the rac/ "osition hurt my wrists and shoulders. but before long IQd be in "ain$ I started to favor my right /nee to E"rotectF my left /nee. I had led a sedentary life. and my sedentary life style began$ My /nee healed well enough to wal/ and run. using that technique. but I was only half 5o/ing$ . but when I squatted I could barely tell the difference$ My /nee felt stronger and I could see a new muscularity 132 . and started reading$ . "resses. but a serious /nee in5ury at age 11 "ut an end to that$ During =$A$ class.y age '( I was sic/ and tired of being s/inny and wea/$ I /new I had to ma/e a change before my body fat got out of control$ I was also sure that I could do something to hel" my /nees$ I signed u" at a gym. and could barely do a "ush u".ree weights. and I was worried about my bac/ and my /nees$ . unstable /neeca"s. inefficient and "ainful$ I soon sto""ed the home e!ercises and thera"y. but had started to develo" a little "ot belly$ Intil S95!5. and have only my bird li/e a""etite to than/ for my not being fat$ I "layed s"orts when I was young. and rows$ -hen I started squatting with the bar. I ran into a "ole on the school tennis courts$ My left /nee too/ the full im"act and fractured into & "ieces$ I underwent surgery and was left with a wire holding my /nee together$ I was left with reduced /nee mobility. the role of the hi"s and hamstrings in the squat. strength over aesthetics$ It made sense to me. but I was too intimidated to use the weight room$ So I 5ust used the machines in the circuit training room$ -hen I found S95!5. going from J4&g to ())&g in about a year. along with my first ever deadlifts. let alone a "ull u"$ I+d always been tall and s/inny. and I started adding the little "lates to the bar$ I was using a chea" neo"rene /nee su""ort$ ?ne day I forgot it. rightG Surely it was a bad idea to use my beat u" /nees as a hinge for a heavy e!erciseG Strong9ifts corrected my flawed understanding of the squat$ I learned of the benefits of free weight squats. basic movements. constant aches and "ains$ I started to 5o/e about sho""ing for a mobility scooter. where I wor/ as an Anglish teacher$ Dhen I first found Strong9ifts 5!5. and it was hard$ My balance was terrible. I was )5/g. thigh atro"hy and a lot of "ain$ =hysiothera"y was boring. the squat is "erformed by the /nees.. and things gradually got better. and it felt good.ut after 5ust a few sessions I was getting the hang of it$ I made sure to warm u" well with hi" mobility e!ercises.“ I have gone from having "ifficulty climbing stairs to a pain-free !quat of ((4&gI I also gaine" 34 &ilos. &0 years old$ 1(#cm tall. but I was s/e"tical about squats$ *fter all.

but more than I could two years agoC$ I have learned good form on the basic e!ercises. and addressed a "ostural "roblem that was causing shoulder "ain$ I sometimes envy the guys who have ta/en their squat to 1$5! bodyweight and beyond. but /ee"ing my /nees and shoulders ha""y was far more im"ortant to me than chasing numbers$ I have gone from having difficulty climbing stairs to a "ain free squat =6 of 115/g. and I donQt "rotect it from daily loading or balancing anymore$ ?ver the years. to moderating a ra"idly growing community of lifters$ 133 . and learned a lot about my training needs$ I have radically changed my nutritional habits$ I now fill out my si4e large t shirts. quic/ly and smoothly. &!5$ I can do "ush u"s and "ull u"s Bnot very many. as I added weight conservatively. but all they ever did was cause me a lot of "ain$ It wasnQt until I started squatting that I saw any im"rovement in my /nee health$ My squats "rogressed slowly over the ne!t year. instead of drowning in them$ I have also gone from being too scared to ste" foot in a weight room. and the aches and "ains were greatly diminished$ %owever. such as leg e!tensions and leg "resses. which I /new would only ma/e the "roblem worse$ I deloaded and "aid e!tra attention to symmetry in the squat movement. various doctors and "hysiothera"ists had "rescribed machine based e!ercises. I soon saw a ma5or "roblem that needed addressing$ My right thigh was stronger and (cm bigger than my left thigh$ It was bearing more of the load in the Squat.wor/ing as I moved$ -he muscles around my /nees had blown u" and now held my "atella much more securely$ I felt more confident about my /nees. and su""lemented with unilateral e!ercises li/e lunges and ste" u"s$ -hese efforts showed results$ 7om"are the left "hoto from .ebruary '00( with the right one from May '00($ My in5ured left /nee is on the right in the "hotos Byou can see the scar from my surgeryC$ My left /nee muscles are bigger and stronger$ I can no longer move my "atella around in its soc/et$ -he si4e difference between the legs has reduced from ( to 4cm$ My /nee "ain has reduced$ My aches and "ains are now 5ust ordinary "ost wor/out soreness$ * large "art of the im"rovement was "sychological$ My left /nee no longer feels wea/.

but I thin/ that /ind of attitude is silly emo bullshit$ I+d had 100/g as my goal for a while$ My squat and other lifts could be higher$ -he reason is that I+ve had "eriods where I+ve "rioriti4ed other things. and at this moment I D? >?. and I donQt care$ I would guess that it+s in the high teens or low twenties$ I have a "ot belly and love handles. &0. >_ 134 .I also gained '5 /ilos. going from )5/g to 100/g in about a year$ -he biggest challenge for me was increasing my calorie inta/e$ It wasn+t until I significantly increased my calorie inta/e from around '000 to &500 4000 that I started seeing any difference in my si4e and weight$ I learned how easy it is to under estimate how much you eat and lie to yourself about your habits$ I have no idea what my body fat "ercentage is. and I+m a long way from being concerned about getting fat$ 7ontrary to what some s/inny boys seem to thin/. because I have only ever lifted weights on my own terms. Pnot having visible absP is not necessarily synonymous with PfatP or overweight$ I+m sorry. according to my own needs. and I can say with confidence that lifting has im"roved my quality of life immeasurably$ Strong9ifts Member Michael a/a Pm5hP.@I:A * S%]-$ P%aving visible ab4P has never a""eared on my list of goals. such as my studies$ I ma/e no a"ologies about that. and in "ursuit of my own goals$ 9ifting is not my life. but it has become an integral "art of it.

Standing ?verhead =ress.lys. S/ullcrushers.. I "layed other s"orts and didnQt feel li/e my gym strength had much carry over$ =oor form and a "oor "rogram lead to many shoulder strains and in5uries$ Aventually. s/i slo"e tra"s and was /ing of the bench "ress at the health club$ =roblem is. Standing . 135 . at the age of 1H I was a slim '&(lbs$ I first started lifting at the age of 1#$ I didn+t have any clear goals or direction$ I was ')0lbs and wanted to dro" a little e!cess fat and build muscle$ I didn+t follow any "articular "rogram and my sessions were dominated by machines$ * few years later a wor/ colleague who was a bodybuilder commented on my frame si4e and encouraged me to use free weights and im"rove my diet$ I listened to his advice. 7hin u"s. • Monday. I couldnQt tell you then and I canQt tell you now$ I didnQt really have a clue what I was doing$ My genetics clouded my vision for training "ro"erly$ . HQ&F and currently weigh '#'lbs$ I was always a big strong athletic /id. 6o"e -rice" A!tensions My re" range generally went as follows.ehind the >ec/ =ress. 1!4 and 1!' for each e!ercise$ Dhy you as/G Dell to be honest. My name+s Simon. Incline =ress. a lac/ of motivation and life in general lead to missed training sessions and sto""ing altogether$ *fter & years without lifting weights I wanted a new challenge. >egative 7urls.eing young and ine!"erienced. in5uries. %ammer 7urls. something I always wanted to do$ I too/ u" amateur bo!ing$ I bo!ed for & years learning the sweet science$ -he training was hard. IK and I+m an administrator for a Multi"le Sclerosis charity$ IQm &1 years old. ?ccasional Deadlifts • . 7able 6ow.ench . 1!H.ly. 7oncentration 7urls. it was easy for to me feel that my training was "erfect and it didn+t need changing$ *fter all. I+m from >orth 9ondon. 7able -rice" A!tensions.ench =ress.arbell 6ow. 1!(. intense and was a true test of character$ I was training H times a wee/. 6everse . but only half of it$ My diet was high in "rotein but I still ate lots of 5un/ food and only wor/ed the mirror muscles at the gym$ I did not squat and rarely deadlifted$ -he few deadlifts I "erformed was with "oor technique$ My routine went as follows. . 6everse 7urls. Dumbbell 7urls. des"ite my si4e I did not feel strong outside of the gym. Drist 7urls • Dednesday.riday. . It@s "riven home the importance of strict technique. Shrugs. I had 1#F guns. .“I@m gla" I foun" !tronglifts 474.

as they always say E3ou donQt ["layQ bo!ingF$ During my short time as a bo!er I didnQt use any weights. .ice" curls. someone new to bo!ing needs to "ut s/ills and ring craft as their main "riority closely followed by conditioning$ In my o"inion conditioning should involve strength training$ Squatting. where are theyG *fter browsing the forum and reading the training logs of Strong9ifts Members who were a similar si4e to me. rowing and "ressing twice in a wee/$ -hen I thought. it was all "ress u"s.4@4 &1y '#'lb 'H0/g '').5/g 1'5/g (0/g #5/g 'o" . but the changes are a""arent when s"rinting for a bus.s"arring.eing older and wiser I started to search for information online regarding effective training "rogrammes$ -his is when I came across Stronglifts$ I was s/e"tical at first.ench =ress =ress 6ows June . Eweights will slow you downF$ Ideally. chins and di"s$ I wanted to /ee" active after bo!ing and felt it was time to re5oin a gym$ It was now H years since IQd touched a barbell$ .o!ing. My focus on Stronglifts 5!5 was to 5ust get stronger$ My goal was not "hysique based. Eweights will ma/e you bul/yF. I didnQt thin/ it made sense to squat & times a wee/$ I also didnQt understand how you could be at times benching. bur"ees.44< &0y 'H5lb H5/g H0/g H0/g &0/g &0/g June . even at amateur level requires full time dedication. bodyweight squats. therefore ma/ing me feel stronger$ -his can only be attributed to Squats and Deadlifts wor/ing the body as a unit$ -here are many archaic o"inions regarding weight lifting and bo!ing$ Many of these come from res"ected coaches and e!"erienced fighters whoQs o"inions carry serious weight in the bo!ing community$ So itQs no wonder why so many involved in bo!ing will say Eno weightsF.5/g R#'. road running and "erforming %II-$ Infortunately I could no longer dedicate enough time to bo!ing when I started a new 5ob and relocated to another "art of 9ondon$ . Deadlifting "lus the addition of cleans are essential for any s"ort that 136 .5/g R)5/g R1'0/g >O? #y S0uats ave taken a slig t %ackseat ! ile I concentrate on deadlifting.5/gB]C 15'. lifting aw/ward heavy ob5ects around the house or carrying heavy sho""ing$ I have an all round muscular build and I feel thereQs more of a balance or harmony between my lower and u""er body. but I am ha""y with the "hysique that strength training has given me$ I loo/ and feel strong and "owerful$ *s you can see from my stats IQm bigger and heavier than when I first started$IQd li/e to "oint out that this is "urely down to diet$ I consumed a lot of calories to get me through the intense wor/outs$ I donQt have a "roblem with "utting on a little round the waist if it means IQm hitting my strength goals$ *t '#'lbs IQm more e!"losive and quic/er than when I was 'H4lbs$ I donQt "lay any other s"orts at "resent. I decided to start Stronglifts in Mune '00#$ Simon:s Gains *ge .44< &1y ')(lb '05/g ''). star 5um"s. ab wor/.5/g 105/g 150/g Gains so far R')lb R1#5/g R1H).ody weight BH+&PC Deadlift Squat .

be consistent. be "atient and consistent and you DI99 succeed on Stronglifts 5!5J IQll end this with a the biggest com"liment IQve received since starting on Stronglifts 5!5$$$ =&ma'ing !ork mate. my training had given me a strong foundation and I was able to Squat 150/g on my first night bac/ in the gym$ Dithin H wee/s I hit a =6 of 1('$5/g for a single$ In my o"inion I feel you hold on to your gains for longer with 5!5 and &!5 strength training$ IQve /e"t a log on Stronglifts$com since I started in Mune '00#$ In my o"inion itQs essential to log your "rogress$ I advise all Members new or old to /ee" a log as it acts as a great motivational tool$ -he log has also allowed me trac/ bac/ and see where I went wrong and what I can do to avoid ma/ing the same mista/es$ -he Members of the S9 7ommunity have been motivational.=7<D=7 =owerlifter B1000/g total and . ins"iring and very hel"ful$ Many of the Members have "ointed me in the right direction with technique and training advice$ My advice to anyone reading this is to try Stronglifts 5!5$ . . &1.ench 11)$5/g.our months into Stronglifts I had an accident and bro/e my right hand$ -his was a severe blow to my training$ I went H wee/s without training and 14 wee/s without Deadlifting$ *t the time of in5ury my stats were. t ere are many ! o could learn alot from your experience over t e last G5 mont s or so= Martin . but thatQs all it is.requires strength and e!"losiveness$ Strength training is not bodybuilding. 9ondon IK$ 137 . Squat 1)0/g. eat well and slee" well$ 3ou DI99 get strongerJ If you donQt.rown.ritish 7ham"ion Z 10'$(/g bodyweightC S9 Member Simon a/a E9ittleSimon@eorgeF. get your rest. then youQre doing something wrongJ -he beauty of Stronglifts 5!5 is its sim"licity$ -he "rogram is basic and easy to follow$ It motivates you because each time you train youQre trying to lift more weight than the "revious session$ Do not underestimate the im"ortance of setting =6Qs every wor/out$ 3ouQll wish you could train li/e this forever$ -hose whoQve advanced will tell you how much they miss being able to hit a new =6 every time they train$ Some who are s/e"tical may tell you that there are other "rograms that will add more muscle in a quic/er time$ Stronglifts 5!5 is about building a solid foundation for your future goals be it strength or "hysique$ DonQt believe meG try it for yourself$ I am not writing this to sell the latest bogus fitness fad$ IQm writing this because I want you to have the same success that IQve e!"erienced with good old fashioned basic 5!5 barbell trainingJ My "rogress has been ra"id es"ecially on squats$ -his may be genetic. train hard.ollow the "rogram as laid out. you will "ut on some muscle but you will not bul/ u" to a "oint where you lose agility and athleticism$ . sticks to it and is consistent 3 and t e ard !ork pays offN @ats off. drive and consistency which have allowed them to reach such high levels strength and "ower$ IQm glad I found Stronglifts$ I am stronger and more "owerful$ ItQs driven home the im"ortance of strict technique$ In an age where everyone wants to get ri""ed EyesterdayF. itQs refreshing to carry out a "rogram that encourages "atience in order to reach your goals$ Aat well. 2ou are a good example of a man ! o as a plan. Deadlift 1#0/g 1!5$ Des"ite the long brea/. but the most im"ortant factor is consistency$ Dithout consistency your training will come to nothing$ Alite lifters have great genetic "otential. . 5ust "otentialJ ItQs their determination.

bodybuilding schemes$ . not only for the ty"e of s"ort. one way or the other$ -hatQs why I decided to train in the gym again$ I love the gym. com"ound e!ercises$ %onestly I didnQt /now what com"ound e!ercises were at that time.unny thing was I became more "um"ed than strongJ *lso funny was that I had the best "rogression with schemes that involved a lot of.. but also because of the fle!ibility 138 .“!etting a new 5? "uring a wor&out has become one of the most satisfying elements of my life lately.ut I /e"t going to wor/ on my bicycle and ate healthy$ -wo years after I quit athletics. My name is .uc/ and IQm && years old$ IQm a Social Dor/er in 6otterdam. wor/ and internshi"$ I had not the energy and motivation to do s"orts in the evening$ Strength training faded away with my decision to quit athletics$ . what I now /now is called. there was no "hysical activity left$ I needed to wor/out. I was introduced to strength training$ * former ?lym"ic bobsledder trained me and a friend to do Squats and =ower 7leans$ I found it a nice variation for the wor/outs on the trac/$ Dhen I was '0 I quit athletics due to my study. with ( 1' re"s$ . I saw them as isolation e!ercises$ Dhen I later read about full body e!ercises on the Stronglifts website I learned that com"ound e!ercises are full body e!ercises$ Inli/e most gym visitors the Squat was my favorite e!ercise$ It was motivating to see that as a s/inny guy I out squatted the big fellows$ I always li/ed the Squat over the leg e!tensions$ ItQs more fun to do e!ercises where you move more than 100 /g$ ItQs u" to mental focus. >etherlands$ I started doing athletics when I was ) years and used to s"rint$ *t the age of 1(.or four years I trained with the usual & to 4 days a wee/ s"lit schemes. technique and brutal effort$ 7an you say the same for lateral raisesG *fter a cou"le of years I lost interest in training because of an intense 5ob as a social wor/er$ I had once again no energy to go to the gym in the evening$ In Se"tember '00# I moved to another city and because of the distance between my home and wor/ I couldnQt cycle anymore$ It was too far$ .y e!cluding the cycling from my life. I decided to enter the gym at age ''$ I had to have some form of "hysical activity in my life whatsoever$ -he variable training times of lifting weights fitted my life more than the fi!ed wor/outs of other s"orts$ I had no /nowledge about training bac/ then so I 5ust did what the gym staff told me to do.

two times a wee/$ I found it to be e!haustingJ *fter more than H0 minutes of training I usually lost my concentration.ut if you do.ody weight B5+#PC Deadlift Squat . and all the info you need$ 7ha"eau MehdiJ %onestly I was s/e"tical about gaining muscle by [5ustQ & wor/outs a wee/ of one hour and not training for the burn or "um"$ It was hard to let go off the myths IQve gathered through my years of training in the gym$ . my e!"erience.5/g 1'(/g 11(/g )0/g 'o" . relationshi".4@4 &&y )).ecoming older and wiser certainly hel"ed me with this$ I started Stronglifts Manuary 4th '010$ I Switched to &V5 May '5th '010$ Since Mune '1st '010 IQm on Strong9ifts Intermediate$ Buck:s Gains *ge . )0/g B5V5C$ * wee/ earlier I wanted to beat the )0/g so badly$ I was thin/ing about it a cou"le of times a day and saw myself bench that weight in my thoughts$ 139 . full time 5ob. because I canQt thin/ of another way to gain )/g of muscles within & months naturally$ 3ouQre still reading$ @reatJ IQm "leased and "resume youQre /een on building a muscular body in a healthy and honest manner yourself$ Stronglifts ma/es me feel good$ *nd not only because of the gained /iloQs of muscle and the im"roved mirror reflection. the disbelievers or the cynical ones among you may now surf to another website$ .efore I started S95!5 I was mostly /een on building a muscular body. recently I set a new bench =6. itQs a funny e!"erience$ . social life$ . eager and energy$ -hatQs why I searched the internet for different ways of training$ I googled strength training "rograms because I "referred com"ound e!ercises above isolation$ *nd so I came along Stronglifts$ I had never seen such a com"lete website before$ *ll comes together in MehdiQs boo/N logic. ma/e sure you surf to a website where you can order steroids.4@4 &&y )0. but Stronglifts ma/es me feel li/e a man$ * beast would be an even better statement$ 9ifting weights of more than 100/g ma/es you growl li/e a gri44ly$ If youQre a introvert "erson li/e me.5/g 1H4/g 140/g!) (4/g Gains so far R(/g RH4/g RH5/g R&4/g IQve gained )/g B1HlbsC of raw muscle within & months of Strong9ifts 5V5J -he la4y.ut the one thing I learned in life is to hold on to something$ 3ou 5ust canQt say this "rogram isnQt going to wor/ after a cou"le of wee/s$ 3ou have to believe it can wor/$ If you remain s/e"tic the self fulfilling "ro"hecy will /ill the "rogram$ -hatQs what IQve done wrong in the "ast$ IQve switched almost more "rograms than under"ants$ %ow are you going to measure and com"are results if you donQt give a training "rogram a chanceG . sim"licity.in training times$ IQm a busy man.5/g 100/g )5/g 50/g Apr .ench =ress Jan . household. but after three months of Stronglifts my main goal is to become stronger and set new =6Qs as often as "ossible$ -he muscle will come along and has not my s"ecific attention anymore$ Setting a new =6 during a wor/out has become one of the most satisfying elements of my life lately$ *n e!am"le.i!ed wor/out times 5ust donQt do it for me$ -he chances are that I s/i" wor/outs that way$ I re entered a gym and started with a bodybuilding scheme from some dutch website$ * two hours wor/out.4@4 &&y )(.

"yramid training. thereQs "lenty of material on the Stronglifts website about form. but I use this "ositive feedbac/ to motivate myself even more$ -he Stronglifts community is fantastic$ Avery question you have regarding the "rogram has already been as/ed by S9 Members$ -hatQs a very cool as"ect of Stronglifts. it has a res"ectable community which is willing to hel" each other out$ As"ecially nice was getting to /now two guys whom are living nearby. I have more confidence in myself to give my best at "ro5ects$ *nd IQm sure IQll benefit from the s/ills IQm develo"ing by strength training in other as"ects of my life li/e relationshi"s$ Stronglifts is sim"le$ I canQt thin/ of another training "rogram thatQs so sim"le$ . Strong9ifts Members 9uco and =angram$ In my gym thereQs no one on a full body "rogram$ ItQs fun to train together and sharing enthusiasm regarding Stronglifts$ IQd li/e to than/ S9 Members 9uco and =angram for daring to train together with me$ 9uco has been a good mentor$ %e gave me "lenty of advice regarding my form$ IQd also li/e to than/ my girlfriend for her su""ort$ SheQs the one whoQs bringing all the eggs and gallons of mil/ to our house without com"laining$ I may have lift thousands of "ounds of iron. you can see which achievements you made in a short time Bfollow Stronglifts and you ama4e yourselfC$ It will also /ee" you on trac/ when you feel lethargic or during a 140 .During the wor/out it was a real effort and very close$ Dith the last bit of energy left in my body I /illed that bench beastJ -he celebrating grunt afterwards was as loud and clear as a warriorQs would be$ IQm sure I couldnQt have made it without the mental "re"aration$ Stronglifts is all about focus. donQt let me fool you by my statement$ ItQs the mental as"ect of this "rogram which is challenging and I li/e that a lot$ =rogressive weight training demands mental focus$ -he com"ound e!ercises of Stronglifts are %A*:3J 7oncentration is therefore everything. and so on$ Stronglifts only has & basic e!ercises "er wor/out which you do for 5 sets of 5 re"s with same weight$ 7an it be any easierG I donQt thin/ so$ .odybuilding "rograms often have more than ten isolation e!ercises "er wor/out. or when I sto""ed at 5 re"s and my s"otter yelled at me I could and should have done at least one more$ . mobility wor/ and diets which you can study$ *nd learning new stuff is fun for the brain and /ee"s you shar"$ * more subtle feeling is "roduced by being one of the few man in my gym who are training functional strength with full body wor/outs$ IQm getting my "ride out of it$ -here lies comfort in the thought that IQve got a "reconceived "lan$ -his "lan has /e"t me on the trac/s when some eyebrows in the gym were lifted when I wrote down notes in my training 5ournal. but IQm sure she have out lifted me with the groceries$ -han/s dear$ Starting a training log is one of best ways to /ee" trac/ of your "rogression$ 3ou canQt remember the details of every wor/out$ ItQs 5ust too much Bbut vitalC information$ * log motivates. and about setting goals$ -hereQs no better confidence builderJ IQm already more focused on "ro5ects at my wor/.eside the minor [negativeQ reactions. about mental "re"aration. with all sorts of mind da44ling shoc/ing "rinci"les. si! trainingdays a wee/ s"lit schemes. or when I was doing some mobility wor/. IQm getting res"ect from the other guys in the gym$ ?ut squatting the the 7a"tains of I""er . motivation.ody or being as/ed to train together on the squats are e!am"les of being noticed$ >ot that my goal is to get in the s"otlights.ut. because you have to "ut e!tra weight on the barbell every wor/out$ In addition.

es"ecially %olvoetn. -yrone and @uru for their su""ort$ . Maroon. because you have a "lan$ Dith a "lan youQre so much further than most guys at the gym who are 5ust training by feeling$ *nd itQs fun to get motivating or instructive re"lies from other members$ IQd li/e to than/ all the Strong9ifts Members for their motivating comments in my training log. -he >etherlands$ 141 . &&.motivation crisis.uc/ a/a EOuiverF.ollow Strong9ifts 5V5 for at least & months with total dedication$ >ever miss a wor/out and do everything as "rescribed$ DonQt worry about guys at the gym who tell you youQre wor/ing out the wrong way$ DonQt let you be fooled by the ["um" mythQ$ DonQt get stressed because you thin/ your u""er chest muscle is growing faster than the lower$ DonQt let anything distract you from following Stronglifts$ Must wor/out as "lanned and measure your results after & months$ 3ouQll be a gri44ly before you /now it$ I may sound li/e a "aid Mehdi disci"le because IQm lyric about his training "rogram. but thatQs the "rice you have to "ay when you become a gri44ly bear after & months of S95!5$ I consider myself a wal/ing Stronglifts advertisement$ S9 Member .

he was e!"eriencing great results so I thought I would give it a try$ -hat being said I added a lot of EstuffF in the beginning$ *s time went on I started to find that I wasnQt getting results from the other stuff and I didnQt have the energy to waste time on them anymore$ ?nce I started doing the "rogramme by the boo/ the stalls sto""ed and I really started to feel satisfied with my training sessions$ -he changes to my "hysique were quite astonishing$ My weight moved around very little but I went from &42 bf measured with cali"ers to '1$5$ =eo"le notice IQm slimmer around the waist than I once was$ My shoulders and bac/ receive com"liments from my wife$ I feel a lot healthier now than before$ My heart no longer flutters when I get stressed$ My relationshi" with my wife is better as I donQt get stressed as much$ My self confidence has increased. I no longer feel the need to cross my arms over my gut while sitting$ My lifts have gone u" dramatically. ate often.$ -he fact that my 5ob is fairly "hysical is the reason I wasnQt fatter when I started Strong9ifts 5!5$ I decided to start lifting soon after we had out second daughter$ Dith the obesity e"idemic in >orth *merica I wanted my /ids to be the e!ce"tion not the norm$ Dith this in mind I decided to start going to the gym so the /ids would have a "ositive role model$ -he first few months at the gym were 5ust a mess of curls and machines$ I lost a little weight since I was doing a tonne of cardio but I wasnQt en5oying myself$ 9oo/ing bac/ I really feel that my time in the gym before Strong9ifts 5!5 was wasted$ I was s"ea/ing with a friend about his training "rogramme and he told me about S95!5. .“I have foun" the most important part of training is setting goals an" giving things a chance to wor&. as such I do a lot of "ole climbing. My name is Mason %ansen and IQm from ?shawa 7anada$ I wor/ as a 7ommunication lineman. and didnQt do much of anything$ I was around ''0 lbs at about &42 .ench where I had to use dumbbells due to 142 . at the gym I do get loo/s and comments$ Dhen I "ut the fourth "late on each side and squat to full de"th I turn heads$ I canQt wait until the fifth$ I started with 5ust the bar for everything e!ce"t . "ushing stuff and "ulling other stuff$ Dhen I started lifting my lifestyle was mostly sedentary$ I watched a lot of -:..

5F 455lb 415lb '50lb 1H0lb Gains so far))) 1'.ench =ress =ress June .5F #5lb 45lb &0lb BdbsC 45lb 6ec .ody weight B5+10PC .ench &00 and =ress '00$ -he Strong9ifts community has hel"ed me reach my goals$ %aving a grou" of li/e minded "eo"le to bounce ideas and questions off has hel"ed me through a lot of rough s"ots$ -he com"etition between Members found on the Strong9ifts Strongest Man "age /ee"s me loo/ing ahead and setting new goals$ My training log does /ee" me accountable.5F R4F R&H0lb R&)0lb R115lb I have found the most im"ortant "art of training is setting goals and giving things a chance to wor/$ * uns"ecific goal li/e get fit will never be achieved because there is no way to quantify PfitP whereas squat 400 "ounds is very finite and "rogress can be gaged easily$ Dhen the goal is finally met you can feel satisfied for a few minutes while you ma/e your ne!t goal$ My goals for '011 are Dead 500.5F 15.52 &).the "oorly equi""ed gym I was going to$ %ave you ever seen a gym with a squat rac/ but no benchG 7ra4yJ *nyhow I changed gyms and here are my numbers$ Jay:s Gains *ge .4@4 &5 ''0lb '1. &5. ?shawa 7anada$ 143 . .ody fat Daist .ice"s Deadlift Squat . Squat 450. /ee"ing it u"dated and not wanting to miss training sessions because "eo"le are watching hel"s$ I find chec/ing the logs of Members with similar lifts and "rogrammes can give me ideas that may get me "ast a tough "atch$ -o those that donQt thin/ StronglIfts 5!5 would wor/ for them I say why not try it anyhow$ H months away from curling and machines isnQt going to /ill you$ @ive it an honest effort and if after H months if you arenQt ha""y go bac/ to what you were doing$ I thin/ that after H months most "eo"le would be loo/ing towards the ne!t "rogramme in the Strong9ifts 9adder of Strength "rogression rather than going bac/$ S9 Member Mason %anson a/a P55ay'000P.52 &.44< && ''0lb &42 41F 11.

eating out for lunch almost every day$ *s my metabolism started to slow in my late '0s and early &0s my weight 5ust /e"t heading north$ *s it was incremental it wasn+t something I too/ a great deal of notice of although I certainly new I wasn+t in s"ectacular sha"e$ Dhen I started to wor/ in @overnment at 'Hyo. alternating weights and cardio days$ -he weights were the chest "ress machine. &Hyo.risbane *ustraliaN =ublic Servant$ I was a "retty s/inny teen weighing about )&/g Bat 1(5cmC when I left school at 1Hyo to be a news"a"er 5ournalist$ I did almost no e!ercise Ba"art from the odd indoor cric/et<touch football teams which were more about how well you could drin/ not your "laying abilityC$ I have always eaten fairly healthily BI+ve never had a real sweet tooth and usually coo/ed for myselfC but loved big "ortions and was a "retty big drin/er$ I lived the good life after school. followed by large "late of food and a cou"le of beers for dinner$ I lived right in the heart of an entertainment "recinct and was unencumbered by /ids and a mortgage so entertaining at my "lace meant a tri" to one of the local cafes or "ubs for long sessions$ *fter my Bthen 4yoC son told me I had PboobsP I 5oined a gym in Mune '00( weighing in at an embarrassing 10&$4/g$ I rec/on the =-s too/ a loo/ at me and listened to my life story and thought Pthis guy ain+t gonna last the 5ourney and won+t be "aying for a =.so we+ll give him the coo/ie cutter version and move onP one gym goer who is a friend of a friend actually lost 0100 when I saw out my first month$ Dhen I first started at the gym. what I would loo/ li/e with 10/g off and was given very little assistance by the =."rogramP.. the lat "ulldown.ut 10/g was 5ust a number. lots of drin/ing eating large meals. .in actually defining a goal$ I got the traditional P=. and the Smith machine for bench "ressing$ 144 . Michael. I found a great little Italian restaurant near wor/ and my wor/ colleagues and myself would gather there for lunch nearly every day$ 9arge "lates of "asta and a cou"le of wines at lunch.“/ifting heavy weights teaches you to loo& insi"e yourself an" test what you have. I "ut down losing 10/g as my goal$ . I had no idea how difficult it would be to achieve.

on the row machines or crossfit style met con wor/outs$ I also added in a 5/m run every Sunday morning Brain.4@4 &H ((/g &'F 1H5/g 1&(/g H)/g Gains so far R4.or cardio I subbed in %II. a "ress. green tea<blac/ tea with no added sugarC$ Must a general tidy u" of my diet$ I consistently lost weight until I hit )#$4/g in May '00#$ I had also gone from a si4e 4' "ants to a si4e &4$ . trice" e!ercise. 15 mins on the crosstrainer<ste""er and 15 mins on the bi/e$ *fter a month of that I was bored shitless and seeing very little change in either fitness level or weight loss$ I really felt li/e I would en5oy weights training more than cardio Bbut still believed I had to do cardio to lose weightC$ I went to my Ini library and too/ out PStrength -raining *natomyP and a "rogramming boo/ Bcan+t recall the titleC$ Dith those I cobbled together a "rogram that consisted of seven e!ercises done three times a wee/ with a re" scheme of &!H a squat Bor deadliftC. hail or shineC and followed that with about 5 (/m of wal/ing$ *nd I started to count calories Bnot religiously.5/g 'F R110/g R100. "ull u"<row. 5ust a "retty fair ideaC and dro""ed all sugar from my diet Bi$e$ no coffee.5/g '5/g July .ench =ress !arch .5/g R4'/g Since the start of losing weight I now feel more confident$ I actually inquired about getting a 5ob wor/ing on television Bit didn+t wor/ outC$ Dhen I was overweight I wouldn+t have had anywhere near enough confidence to even give it a thought$ =eo"le were always commenting on my +weight loss+ but now "eo"le comment on how much stronger I loo/$ My arms and shoulders loo/ much more defined and my quads now overhang my /nee ca"s li/e a verandah$ I can+t recall ever going swimming with my son during my fat days as it meant ta/ing my shirt off which was "retty embarrassing now its a bloody cold day to ma/e me "ut a shirt on lolJ 145 .y this stage I was doing a deal of cardio at a high intensity$ I cut bac/ a bit of my cardio wor/ and increased my diet slightly as I thought I was too s/inny$ I held between (0/g (&/g from Mune +0# through until March +10 by lifting Bwithout a "rogramC and doing crossfit style met con wor/$ *t the beginning of '010 I was loo/ing to im"rove my lifting both in quality and quantity$ I was actually loo/ing for somewhere to buy Starting Strength as it is often quoted on another forum I used to visit and came across Stronglifts$ *fter reading Mehdi+s boo/ I was a convert$ I could "robably Squat (5/g and "ulled 1'0/g for &!H but I ditched the ego and stri""ing right bac/ on all my lifts to ma/e sure I had a solid "latform of technique to wor/ with as I drove to new heights$ !ichael:s Gains *ge .4@4 &H (&$5/g &4F 55/g &). a bench "ress. bice" e!ercise and an ab e!ercise$ I didn+t do these very scientifically I didn+t have great form and I didn+t trac/ any details$ .ody weight B1m(5C Daist Deadlift Squat .-he cardio was 15 mins on the treadmill.

you+ll have no trouble doing 1&5lbs ten times$ . then cardio is the third choice in your armory behind diet and resistance training Band a "ro"er "rogram C$ If you clean u" your diet and decide you aren+t about loo/ing strong but you want to run a marathon. the =-s must be laughing to tears about some of the stuff that "eo"le will do when they as/ them$ -o lose +weight+ it+s mainly about diet but if you are wanting to loo/ strong and healthy. resistance training and cardio. "articularly on bosu balls and in Smith Machines$ @iven some of the stuff I+ve seen. I was a ty"ical Phave a laugh at the =-sP ty"e of gym goer$ . in the main. chic/en wingsC without "utting on any fat$ .customers. and '$ record what you are doing so that you can see your results$ -he training logs do that and you are aware that you have members who are reading them and following your "rogress to /ee" you accountable$ 146 .ut since starting Stronglifts 5!5 I feel stronger and with greater energy$ I am eating much more food BI brea/ it down into si! mealsC although I do eat very clean and high "rotein Blots of eggs. "robably get what they want<deserve$ -he whole PmachineP thing in the gym does sh]t me to tears and I am sure there is a =version of 3ou -ube where =-s from all over the globe u"load footage them themselves getting customers to do really ridiculous sh]t. the carry over from "ure strength to endurance is greater than the other way around$ I am underta/ing a 10/m run on three wee/s notice des"ite it being twice as far as I+ve ever run before and not having done any running at all since Manuary$ -he Stronglifts "rogram "rovides a solid foundation for your @== due to the set of volume and intensity$ -he training log and S9 7ommunity are integral to the S95!5 "rogram$ . so you could deadlift 1&5lbs ten but not be able to deadlift &00lbs times but after underta/ing S95!5 and getting your deadlift to &00lbs.or the "rogram to be successful. sardines.oth my sons are embracing the healthy lifestyle and my youngest son+s B4yoC favourite "arty tric/ is to get down and rattled off a half do4en "ush u"s$ My oldest son is always chec/ing his food Bnot that he won+t eat a 7heese . fat loss.ut now I feel they more fall into two Band "ossibly across twoC categories 1$ under educatedN and '$ doing things they thin/ will Ptric/P their customers into coming bac/ as often as they can to e/e as much money out of them as "ossible$ =. but the weight you lose will be as much muscle as it will be fat$ 3ou will be lighter but you won+t necessarily loo/ any better$ Machines are rubbish$ -hey "rovide none of the intensity required to have any significant im"act on your fat loss and are unhel"ful in building "ro"er strength and thus muscle si4e$ 7rossfit style met con wor/ can give you good results for weight loss but does not build any strength nor any muscle$ 3ou really focus on endurance not "ure strength$ *s an e!am"le.rom my e!"erience. you need to 1$ be dedicated and consistent.. then more "ower to you.urger but he /nows its not "ro"er foodC$ 9ifting heavy weights teaches you to loo/ inside yourself and test what you have$ 3ou learn about being able to focus solely on the tas/ at hand$ It also ma/es you very aware of your body$ -he S9 7ommunity often have senior members saying to new ones to remain on Strong9ifts 5!5 for as long as "ossible as you aren+t aware of what is missing and this is com"letely true$ *s you lift heavier you PhearP your body tell you about how it o"erates$ Dhen I started to get more educated about the relationshi" between weight loss.

im"ortantly.aceboo/ . and then moving on to building u" muscl is an inefficient way to getting results$ 3ou can simultaneously lose fat. &Hyo.an =age$$$$ Do this "rogram it is coolJ -he other day I had a strange e!"erience$ It was a cou"le of days after the "ost abt com"liments$ I wor/ away B9ondonC from home BManchesterC alot and I stay in hotels anyway the hotel I was staying in had a good gym ie it had a squat rac/J -here were & big cha"s around the squat rac/ doing "artial squats Bgoing down abt &WC they were s"otting each other with abt 1'0/g of weight$ *fter they had finished I was ne!t onN now IQm not a big cha" myself 5QH (0/g I was squatting 5V5 1'0/g atg w<o a s"otter and I swear it was as if the whole gym sto""ed and loo/ed at meN the cha"s who had been doing "artials loo/ed visibly embarrassed$ I started about H months ago on the "rogram and itQs the best thing I have ever doneJ I am &# years old and have trained on and off since I was a teen but I have never done anything with the consistency I a""lied to this L I "ut this down to this "rogram wor/s and gets results and is sim"leJ *hamar 6ifat. then the Stronglifts "rogram and the associated dietary advice is 5ust what you required$ -he S9 "rogram will enable to you target +fat loss+ rather than weight loss and "rovide you with the incentive of getting better at something session after session$ Doing cardio to lose fat.y the time you have done 1' wee/s of the Stronglifts "rogram. retain muscle and build strength by doing Stronglifts$ Squatting three times a wee/ along with the other +big com"ound lifts+ "ress. &#. *ustralia$ Success story "osted on the Strong9ifts . bench "ress and deadlift and the associated assistance e!ercises is all the e!ercise you need accom"anied by a reformed diet to deliver fat loss and a better loo/ing. 9ondon IK$ 147 .-he quality of moderating is first class with a refreshing lac/ of "ure Pbro scienceP$ -he Strong9ifts forums "rovide a healthy mi! of /nowledge from a researched "ers"ective but also. the same "rocess as you are$ -hey have encountered the "roblems and have found wor/ arounds to road bloc/s$ If you are overweight and you are wishing to get healthy and loo/ good. or worse wasting your valuable time and hard earned money on gym machines. stronger and healthier body$ . +hawt ab4+. from Members who have done. or are going through. you will /now enough about your body to be able to deliver the e!act results you are loo/ing for whether that is more muscle. greater strength etc$ S9 Member Michael a/a PStaroffloridaP.

you@re really strong. I was seeing results. I soon became more aware of the squat and deadlift and the benefits of both$ Dhile searching for articles on form.ody weight B5+11FC Deadlift Squat .44G &4y #0/g H0/g 50/g &5/g 'o" . GJ7 for deads !it %enc and press !eig ts getting up to a respecta%le amount as !ell. :Love t e site.“%hen you hear. &H..orensic 7om"uting *nalyst from the IK$ ?ver the years I had lifted weights on and off$ @enerally this had involved machines and very often without any "articular focus$ 9eg wor/ was none e!istent and the nearest I got to free weights were the dumbbells at the gym$ I decided to give u" my gym membershi" and bought some free weights to use in my garage at home$ I had been following a rough s"lit ty"e "rogram and had read u" on the [squats and mil/Q "rogram$ %aving s"ent some time on this. Simon:s Gains *ge . that is what ma&es it all worthwhile. :!anting to lose t e fat and tone up P o and get stronger. but again I always seemed to lac/ a s"ecific focus$ I reali4ed this was mainly due to not setting goals to wor/ towards$ 7arrying out some more research on the internet..4@4 &Hy #0/g '00/g 1)0/g 100/g Gains so far R140/g R1'0/g RH5/g 148 . Simon. *nd I wrote. 5Q11W$ . effective and straig t to t e pointN. I came across Stronglifts$ I 5oined the 7ommunity on ) Manuary '00( and made my first "ost a wee/ later after a good bit of reading$ My first re"ly was from Mehdi L the site was still relatively newJ -hese were my initial goals. “$a". @oping as an initial goal to get over G77kg in my s0uatting.ench =ress Jan . it)s nice and simple !it out all t e extra unnecessary %ells and ! istles ot er sites ave P pretty muc like t e programme itself I guess P simple. '00lbs.

EDad. but "rogressive loading.ut when you hear. youQre really strongF that is what ma/es it all worthwhile$ My son doesnQt care for washboard abs and to be honest neither do I$ I feel stronger than I did. commenting in other logs. threads and com"etitions /ee"s you motivated$ I have what I would class as some good friends at Stronglifts$ IQve never met and "robably am unli/ely to meet most of them.ench 11'$5/g B'50lbsC and =ress #0/g B'00lbsC. but thatQs not the "oint$ 9i/e most things. I+m not cut. the correct food and good quality rest$ It is also about consistency$ -here is so much information on the whole site and the way it is all "ut together a""ealed to me then as it continues to do so now$ I "rogressed well with Stronglifts$ I bought a "ower rac/ and eventually and olym"ic bar and weights$ I started Strong9ifts 5!5 on ) Man 0($ 9ife gets in the way sometimes and for one reason or another my lifting too/ a bac/ seat$ I lost a lot of weight L fat and muscle through this but Stronglifts was always there to return to and get me bac/ u" to s"eed$ %aving had a 4 month or so brea/. follow Stronglifts 5!5 consistently. but I feel strong$ -hatQs really down to com"ound lifts and Stronglifts 5!5$ S9 Member Simon a/a EMouseF. "eo"le always /now best$ Stronglifts 5!5 wor/s$ I canQt "ut it any sim"ler than that$ IQm from the chubby side of lifting. weQll see$ -he whole community at Stronglifts is what ma/es it wor/ for me$ Kee"ing a training log. if you are too and you want this to wor/. &). maybe more. IK$ 149 . wor/ hard with "rogressive loading and get a good ( hours slee" each night$ It can be challenging though and I+m far from good all the time$ 9ac/ of slee" is my bugbear L but thatQs the "erils of a H year old sonJ . it is anything but sim"le$ It is not 5ust about lifting the bar. by Muly '00# my deadlift was u" to 1('/g B400lbsC$ Since then I had an unsuccessful run at 5<&<1 L again my "ersonal life got in the way somewhat L but I missed squatting & times a wee/ as well$ I returned to lifting in the new year with Strong9ifts &!5 to get my numbers u" again before focusing on my squat$ My main goal remains a '')/g B500lbC deadlift and a 1(0/g B400lbC squat$ Secondary goals are . use the Strong9ifts Diet and donQt go mad on starchy carbs. my advice is. I feel better inside and I feel within myself I loo/ better$ IQm not massive.In reality though.

trice" e!tensions. started using the same bodybuilding tem"late but cut out the e!ercises that I felt caused the shoulder im"ingement$ So. deloading and so on$ 9oo/ing bac/. nada$ I wor/ed hard to get results but ultimately got s/inny and wea/er not bigger and stronger$ I started my current 5ob in the beginning of 1##( and I didn+t do lifting of any /ind until Dec$'004 when I decided that I was out of sha"e and this was not going to continue$ I "rinted out a bodybuilding$com wor/out log titled P-hree day Dor/out for Mass$P It called for 1 set of 1& different Bhalf isolation<half com"oundC e!ercises but didn+t give guidelines on form.y March '00#. as well as changing the order of the e!ercises from wor/out to wor/out$ . "rogression. e!ercise variation every few wor/outs and so on$ So I felt it was a better "rogram than the bb$com one I had been using$ I had been doing this routine for around a year and wasn+t seeing gains$ My numbers were "lateaued and my love handles<belly were getting bigger which I found alarming$ I was loo/ing for barbell s"ecific routines and Strong9ifts$com came u"$ * reassessment of what I was eating by reading the articles here on nutrition and calorie counting for a cou"le of 150 . leg e!tensions. "rogression. rows. but I wante" to see how far I coul" go with it.. ignorantly. ' single 5oint e!ercises Bcurls. it was "oorly thought out but it was better than what I was doing before. squats and deadliftsC. '00lbs and I have no idea what my body fat is$ I+m from Sas/atchewan. "ress. I was doing things li/e dumbbell squats. leg curls. chinu"s and cable rows$ I slowly changed the routine and started crossing out the stu"ider isolation e!ercises and added ' more sets to what I was doing. calf raises.“I<" never trie" pushing myself as har" as !/ 474 calle" for. nothing$ My "rintouts go to mid ?ct '005$ I hurt both shoulders Brotator cuff in5ury li/ely from using the "ec dec/ and benching with im"ro"er formC and sto""ed lifting again until Man$'00#$ I was very gunshy about re in5uring my shoulders$ I. &)yrs old. I started following a & day full body routine off nation$ 4 com"ound e!ercises Be!$ bench.itness bac/ in 1##5 and was given a machine routine to follow$ >o advice on diet. calf raisesC. 7anada and I wor/ at a satellite trac/ing station$ It+s mostly a des/ 5ob so I don+t do a lot of "hysical activity outside of my weight training$ I got suc/ered into a 1yr membershi" at '4hr . H+0W. /ee"ing a logboo/.

set u" a cou"le of saw horses and started lifting S9 5V5 on .H@4 &)y H+0P &)P 1#)lbs 150lbs 1'0lbs Jul)/H@4 &)y H+0P &5. eat lots of "rotein<veggies<fruit and try to get a decent night+s slee"$ S9 Member 6olf a/a EMoving-argetF. etc$ -here is a bit of self image too$ I won+t deny it. I do chec/ myself out sometimes in mirrors I wal/ "ast$ 9ifting weights and eating healthy can im"rove one+s quality of life and body com"osition better than boring cardio or a bodybuilding style of wor/out$ 9ift heavy using com"ound movements and do it consistently.5P R&lbs R1)0lbs R#5lbs I+m ha""y with the results$ My older brother has commented off handedly about my PbigP arms$ I 5ust chuc/le and sha/e my head$ Strength wise.olf:s Gains *ge %eight Daist . my niece gets a /ic/ out of me carrying her around li/e a sac/ of "otatoes and easily "ressing her overhead$ My shoulders are much better than they were when I hurt them$ I thin/ a combination of more overhead "ress wor/ and broomstic/ stretches hel"ed rehab them$ I haven+t been conscientious about mobility wor/ on my /nees but I don+t have any ma5or /nee issues from doing the lifts so no worries there$ I did get some tendonitis in my right hi" fle!ors and a sore lower bac/ from losing good form on my squats but it+s healed$ I+ve been more diligent with /ee"ing my /nees from going forward and /ee"ing a tight bac/ when coming u" out of the hole$ =eo"le don+t li/e to get out of their comfort 4one so starting something li/e barbell training is daunting and dangerous to them$ -hat is a "ity because strength is so readily a""licable to everyday life$ %ell. &). drastically increased my "rotein inta/e.ody weight Deadlift B]C Squat B]]C 5e(). Sas/atchewan 7anada$ 151 .started eating more fruits and veggies as well as reducing my refined carbohydrate inta/e$ I was a little bit worried about hurting myself with Strong9ifts 5!5 Bright /nee was badly twisted while s/iing 5yrs "reviously and the aforementioned bad shouldersC but decided to give it a try anyway$ I+d never tried "ushing myself as hard as linear "rogression called for but wanted to see how far I could go with it$ I bought a chea" &00lb ?ly weight set.5P '00lbs &'0lbs ''5lbs Gains so far))) 1. un5un/afied a room in my basement. carrying grocery bags to<from the car.eb$''<10$ ..wee/s gave me a sla" u"side of my head$ My diet as it turns out was too low in "rotein and too high in carbohydrates$ I read and followed the Strong9ifts Diet. o"ening a can of anything Bno cheating with hot water under the ta" 5</C effortlessly after someone else struggles with it$ =lacing a bo! on a high shelf in the closet.

y the time I was 1) in 1#(# I began training three times a wee/. Dednesday and . a barbell. following a routine very similar to S95!5 adding a little weight each time until you stall$ I had the usual success with linear "rogression Beven though I didn+t /now to call it that thenC that you can e!"ect$ .y 1# years old I weighed 14 stone B1#HlbsC and was determined to deadlift 500lbs$ I started "owerlifting and hit the PmagicP numbers of 400lbs Squat.ench and 500lbs Deadlift.“If you can impose your will over a col" heavy lump of iron an" it<s accomplice gravity then you can overcome all sorts of problems. My first name is 6ichard but I "refer to use my middle name Mames or Mim$ I+m a 3or/shireman and wor/ in the IK 7riminal Mustice System. .. bench and a "air of flimsy squat stands$ I used sim"le linear "rogression on the Squat. I only had basic equi"ment. and then got stuc/ at those weights for a cou"le of years$ Aventually I+ve made it to elite numbers in all the big lifts and some more obscure lifts$ *t one "oint I could "ress a "air of 150lb dumbbells for & re"s and a "air of 100lb dumbbells for '0 re"s$ *t my biggest I weighed '55lbs and too/ a si4e 54 in suit 5ac/ets and had a 40 inch waist$ I could Deadlift over H00lbs. and .ench =ress and Deadlift. too clumsy I su""ose$ I had a run in with a cou"le of lads late at night getting off a bus who randomly "ic/ed a fight with me$ I wasn+t doing very well defending myself when I was hel"ed out by a local bodybuilder who ran across the road and saw off the two lads$ I decided to start lifting weights so I+d stand a better chance in situations li/e that$ I started lifting at home in the basement of my "arents house using an old weight set belonging to my father$ . these days behind a des/$ I "layed the usual s"orts at school.ench over 450lbs$ ?nce in 152 . cric/et and then rugby. although I+ve never been bothered about football. &00lbs . Monday.riday$ I weighed 1' stone B1H(lbsC and wore '( inch waist 5eans which seems very s/inny these days$ My first years of training were sim"le. Squat in the high 500lbs area.

so I had a loo/ around the site at the other information$ -he mission of S9 was a real change from all the "oorly written.a bench only show I benched &15lbs for 15 re"s$ -he biggest mista/e I ever made was when I started training at a bodybuilding gym and began lifting with a grou" of bodybuilders$ ?ver a "eriod of months they "ersuaded me to abandon my traditional training routine and start following a multi"le body"art s"lit ty"e routine$ . 5+#W. a man in his H0s who was still benching &00lbs. it+s sim"ly become who I am$ My lifetime long battle with the iron has forged a /ind of mental strength though that is as useful as the "hysical "ower$ If you can im"ose your will over a cold heavy lum" of iron and it+s accom"lice gravity then you can overcome all sorts of "roblems$ *ll it ta/es to ma/e me ha""y now is the love of a good woman. this routine was a full body wor/out three times a wee/. again com"ound lifts using 5!5 li/e Strong9ifts 5!5$ %e told me to worry about my numbers and the body would follow$ %e as/ed me if I+d ever seen a man how could squat 405 who loo/ed wea/$ It made "erfect sense$ I decided to quit the body"art ty"e training and 5ust go bac/ to "owerlifting. so I+ve been trying a new a""roach with Squats$ My goal is still H00lbs but I+m more interested in getting more re"s with a lighter weight than an all out ma! lift$ -hese days I can+t imagine not being a weightlifter in some ca"acity$ *nyone who /nows me thin/s of me as PstrongP before they consider any other quality I might have. I sto""ed /ee"ing a training diary and began to focus on the body "arts I was training$ I actually began to care about the difference between an incline bench "ress and a dumbbell fly$ -hen I moved gyms again and met an old "owerlifter. and squatting and deadlifting 405lbs$ -his old guy was following a routine used by 6eg =ar/. &H inch trousers$ ?ne other goal I+m chasing is a seated "ress behind the nec/ with &15lbs$ I+ve come close in '010 but I thin/ with some hard wor/ I can get there$ I failed with H00lbs on the Squat recently and in5ured a rib. &(y. 1H stones B''4lbsC.or about & years I com"letely stalled.S a""roach was very welcome$ I+ve not tested my ma!es for a while as I+m more concerned with staying in5ury free these days although I am still going for increased weights$ I too/ several months recently to fi! my bench after hurting my shoulder$ *fter months of slowly tin/ering with weights and form I 5ust got bac/ to benching that magic four "lates last Mune '010$ I+m now aiming to "ush "ast 405lbs again$ 7urrent stats. this was "erha"s in '000$ I found Strong9ifts$com one winter night in '00( by googling PdeadliftP and saw an article written by Mehdi about correct deadlift form$ I+d been stalled on the deadlift for some time and found the article very interesting$ It was one of the most straight forward "ieces on the lift I+d seen. my lifts stayed more or less static and my bodyweight stayed the same$ Dorse still I didn+t even loo/ li/e a bodybuilder$ My second mista/e was to sto" measuring my "erformance. which set me bac/ a little. a belly full of beer and "ies and a half ton of iron$ My wife has been training longer than me Babout '& years nowC she was a natural bodybuilder for many years$ She started training after being told she was too s/inny for the first years of her life$ ?nce she started training she was bitten by the bug and it became 153 . badly researched and fran/ly misleading stuff I tended to see on the internet$ -his no .

big com"ound lifts with increasing measured effort$ . &(.inally I+d 5ust li/e to add that in the time I+ve been a member. which is now almost three years. 3or/shire IK$ 154 . I 5ust say to you they do$ *ll my early "rogress can be attributed to the same methods that you+ll find on Strong9ifts and all my later "rogress grew out of those methods$ I+ve been very luc/y over the years to train with some incredibly strong men including some "rofessional strongmen and com"etitive bodybuiders$ -he one thing they have in common is that both grou"s go into the gym to "rogress in some way. most accessible "rogram available for that I+ve seen$ -o anyone who says these methods don+t wor/. since Manuary '00(. they don+t understand the effort involved Band aren+t really interested anywayC$ %ere there are "eo"le I may never meet and they actually want me to get that big lift. the Strong9ifts 7ommunity is "olite and everyone seems to really want to hel" the other S9 members reach their goals$ *lso we all have similar goals. it+s been good to see the number of Strong9ifts Members who+ve increased their lifts$ S9 was mainly full of beginners when I 5oined but now there are quite a few elite lifters here$ -he system obviously wor/s$ S9 Member Mim a/a PMim SladeP.one of the central interests of her life$ -hese days she+s doing olym"ic lifting after deciding to learn the clean and 5er/ in '00# to re"lace her 7: wor/$ She 5ust fell in love with the challenge$ I+ve en5oyed /ee"ing a training log at Strong9ifts as "eo"le seem to en5oy my ranting and also it+s nice to have someone care what you+ve actually lifted and understand what that means$ Dhen I tell a non lifting friend I+ve benched 400lbs it doesn+t really mean anything to them. we all want to im"rove and be stronger$ I wish I+d had access to Strong9ifts$com when I first "ic/ed u" a barbell '0 years ago$ Strong9ifts 5!5 is "robably the best. and a in a way they can measure$ *lso when you actually watch them train they actually use very similar methods. 5ust li/e I want them to im"rove and get as strong as "ossible$ I+ve been lifting for over '0 years and love all the strength s"orts I li/e S9$com as it encourages "eo"le to reach their goals and give them the tools that will hel" get there$ If I can hel" my s"ort in some small way by "osting the odd bit of advice here and there it ma/es me ha""y$ I+m &( and don+t have much time for the usual carry on on internet forums.

ut '0 years of doing nothing undid everything$ I became fat and wee/$ I still had a self image of being athletic. 10 muscle u"s and a single one arm "ull u" with my right hand$ I was "articularly very "roud of my one arm "ull u" because I was able to totally humiliate my bodybuilding buddies by doing that Bthey would try and 5ust hang on the bar not being able even to bend their armC$ Dhen I decided to study seriously at a university BI was 1) at that timeC. until one and a half years ago.ut it did not wor/ 1002 and whenever I would do something PstrenuousP. the hardest e!ercise I had ever done during the "revious '0 years of my life was stri/ing /eys on a com"uter /eyboard all day long$ %owever. I am &# years old now and being a scientist. should be added for com"letenessC and once got to a final at a national level$ I was also quite strong. shoulders. *chilles tendonC$ I tried to avoid doing anything involving "hysical activity. +ow that I can "o that I feel much younger. I started thin/ing about how to get rid of the "ain$ I found a boo/ about soft tissue wor/ and trigger "oint massage hel"ed a lot in getting rid of the "ain in my 5oints$ .“I once thought that I was Bust too ol" to "o these things.ut I did not start doing Mehdi+s Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram right away because I had Plots of reasonsP to believe that this was not a "ro"er way to train$ -his was of course based on the information I got from a huge number of other internet sites that advertised bodybuilding style training$ 155 . also lost a lot them. bit it 5ust did not wor/$ -he "ains I had did not become better. I quit s"ort and never did anything "hysically related seriously in the following '0 years$ I was quite athletic for some time$ . but that was 5ust an illusion$ I came to a "oint when I was not able to do a single "ro"er "ush u" and doing "ull u"s was totally unthin/able for me$ I develo"ed "ain basically everywhere B/nees.. elbows. I was quite active$ I trained as a s"rinter and was com"etitive in my home country BSoviet Inion at that timeC$ I won lots of regional com"etitions B?K. an" I "on<t consi"er myself ol" anymore. but they were getting worse and worse actually$ So about & years ago. the "ain would return again$ -he author recommended to combine soft tissue wor/ with e!ercises in order to get rid of the "ain "ermanently$ So I started searching what to do$ I searched the web and found many sites with loads of contradicting information$ I found Mehdi+s Strong9ifts$com very hel"ful because it had very nice descri"tions of how to do the various e!ercises$ . lower bac/. in my early teens.

lifting heavy ob5ects$ >o need for a warm u" before doing this$ Must a cou"le of years ago.ody weight BH+&C Deadlift Squat . but in 5ust one year of training was ca"able of lifting weights I could only dream about at that time$ *nd I am actually 1) years younger than 7has$ My only concern was that I had "ain in the /nees and shoulders$ *nd how can you squat and "ress li/e that & times a wee/G -his was really a big concern for me$ . and I en5oyed these months quite a lot$ -raining with Mehdi taught me the real secret of getting stronger.. consistency$ -hat was sim"ly because he "ut so much energy into analysis of my training that I would feel very embarrassed if I did not show u" for the ne!t wor/out$ *fter about H months of doing S95!5. and then I did ' cycles of the Strong9ifts *dvanced "rogram$ 3lad:s Gains *ge .5/g 100/g )5.5/g R(0/g R55. running when I wish.ench =ress Jan .ut at that time. Mehdi and I decided it was time to switch to an intermediate training "rogram$ I trained using the Strong9ifts Intermediate "rogram for another H months. it was too hard for me to follow the "rogram and I was about to deviate from it BI actually deviated for a few wee/sC$ . and I don+t consider myself old anymore$ My bodyweight is the same as when I started. trying to do any of those things could lead to an immediate in5ury$ 156 .5/g Gains so far))) R141/g R14'. "ull u"s.ut I had to ta/e a lea" of faith and I never regretted$ I 5oined the S9 7ommunity in Manuary '00# and started to train as laid out in the Mehdi+s boo/. who was basically in the same boat as me before starting to train. "ush u"s. starting with the em"ty bar everywhere. Mehdi launched his coaching "rogram and I 5oined it$ Mehdi "ut me bac/ on the S9 "rogram and changed my diet$ I started to follow the S9 Diet. and my training became much better right away$ I was getting stronger and losing fat at the same time$ Mehdi also im"roved my lifting technique substantially$ I trained under Mehdi+s su"ervision for 4 months. but over time my /nees were getting slowly better$ In about two months.5/g I once thought that I was 5ust too old to do the above things$ >ow that I can do that I feel much younger than before. and I can do a lot things which I could not do before. e!ce"t for the deadlift$ My bodyweight was about 100 /g BI am 1#0cm tallC with about 1( '02 bodyfat$ Squatting & times "er wee/ did not ma/e my /nees worse$ I still had to do a lot of soft tissue wor/. 5um"ing with my son from 1 meter height when we "lay without ris/ing any in5ury Bmy & year old son li/es to 5um" a lotC.44< &)y 100/g H0/g '0/g '0/g '0/g July .4@4 &#y 100/g '01/g 1H'. but you can see on the "ics that I lost fat and gained muscle$ I am basically free now of any chronic "ain. 7has B"age 1(&C.ut I /e"t an eye on Strong9ifts$com because it had a nice 7ommunity where Members "osted their training logs and I could see for my self if this training method wor/ed or not$ @radually I was more and more inclined to try the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram sim"ly because many "eo"le were getting great results$ I was "articularly im"ressed by a 5& year old guy.

staying "ositive. was off wor/.an =age$$$$ EMental Strength S Strong9ifts. &#.?67I>@ myself to hit the weights when I felt li/e giving u" has made me a much stronger "erson =hysically and mentally$ I+ve landed a good "aying 5ob with wonderful su"ervisors and co wor/ers. and great benefits was my "aydayJ KI7KA6. 7olorado$ EKen.aceboo/ . My new 5ob almost didn+t manifest because I was going to s/i" the interview because I was so discouraged$$$$Strong9ifts hel"ed my mental strength to give it one more shot. had s"inal surgery in >ovember 0#$ %ad a whole host of "ain "roblems still to this day$ 7ould not lift regular for some time. and got the 5ob and am en5oying lifeJJJ -%*>KS MA%DI 3?I -%A M*>JJJF Ken 9ucas. 4). . it did wonders for my mental outloo/$ 7ould not find a 5ob for the longest time. but when I was able to resume on a steady basis. and it+s a very sim"le "rogram as well. lose fat and gain muscle and get stronger at the same time$ ?ne can "ut a lot of science into why this "rogram is su""osed to wor/. Kansas$ 157 . and guess whatG I nailed the interview.I would really recommend the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram to any individual who wants to get bac/ in sha"e. Denmar/$ ' quic/ success stories "osted on the Strong9ifts . *urora. I loo/ed for wor/ and couldn+t get a callbac/$ My savings was being de"leted and there seemed no way out$ -he mental disci"line of going to the gym when I+d rather curl u" in bed and feel sorry for myself was "riceless$ 6efusing to eat 5un/ food. your "ost could have been written by me$ I in5ured my bac/ last year. which ma/es it quite easy to stic/ to and follow$ S9 Member :ladislav a/a E:ladF. who wants to hire a guy 4) years old with a history of bac/ "roblems$ 6ecently was hired into a career "osition and life is now loo/ing good$ 9ifting and the su""ort networ/ with /ee"ing a log has /e"t me focused and determined to never give u" in life$ My log is yochim5&1. if you care to see some more of what I have been through$ 7ongrats to you in your successJF David 3ochim. I am so than/ful for Strong9ifts because It has hel"ed me through the toughest financial and emotional crisis I+ve had in years$ Day after day. but the most im"ortant thing is that this "rogram also wor/s great in reality Bnot 5ust in theoryC. 9eavenworth. afterall.

“!trength training effects more than your bo"y. with light bone structure BI can gri" my thumb and middle finger around my o""osite wristC$ . I got u" to about 1H0lbs$ I started doing research on the internet. and continued throughout college$ I graduated high school at 1( weighing 1&' lbs at 5+ #$5P and then college at '1 about 150 lbs$ I have an ectomor"h build. leg curls. I used to lift weights to train for s"orts$ I returned to resistance training around . and wor/ed u" to '5 &0 miles a wee/$ Dith running and then training for a marathon. bice"s. IS*$ I am self em"loyed as an insurance bro/er$ I started running to train for s"orts in middle and high school. then family. trice"s$ *fter each wor/out. and came across Strong9ifts$com around the beginning of ?ctober '00#$ -he success stories were motivating but I was s/e"tical whether they were real and not "ure hy"erbole$ . I am 40 years old and live in Denver. and smith machine seated overhead "ress$ My strength did not increase. I ran from &0 H0 minutes$ I now reali4e that this was a body builder routine1$ I did all the ty"ical stuffN leg "ress..ebruary '00($ My wor/out routine came from an old P@old+s @ym boo/P which I+ve had since the eightiesJ I wor/ed out with a four day s"litN alternating between legs. I got bac/ into running to stay in sha"e and ward off weight gain.osu ball with light dumbells on the theory that this would strengthen my Pcore$P I feel that this was 5ust a rehash of the club+s flavor of the day in wor/out theory$ I also did Bgas"C smith machine Squats and lunges. bac/. shoulders. My name is Meff. and on other websites$ I wasn+t sure I+d be able to stic/ to the S95!5 routine doing the same e!ercises for a long "eriod of time$ I had been told that it was necessary to Pconfuse musclesP by changing routines every ( 1' wee/s$ I was also worried that I+d become bored doing the same e!ercises$ *nd I was concerned about Squats because "rior trainers and gym goers told me Squats can hurt your /nees1$ I li/ed that Mehdi didn+t try to sell me a su"er secret "atented wor/out "rogram only 158 . 7olorado. I gained no muscle si4e. I became lean$ I weighed 15(lbs$ -hen I decided that I needed to get strong again$ In my teens and early twenties. leg e!tensions. "reacher curls and other machines$ -he only thing I did with a barbell was bench "ress$ I did this basic routine until the end of '00( with no real results$ In '00#. then chest. it also transforms your attitu"e an" outloo&. that I became one dimensional and sto""ed e!ercising$ In my late thirties.rom my mid twenties to mid thirties I sto""ed running$ I was so focused on wor/. you read a lot of useless stuff in fitness maga4ines. and I did not receive any advice about diet$ I also did way too much cardio which wor/ed at cross "ur"oses to my goal of getting bigger and stronger$ I was frustrated by my lac/ of muscle and si4e gains after a year and a half of wor/ing out on machines and running$ I had little to show for my effort other than being defined$ I thought I had Pbad geneticsP since I+ve always been small boned and thin$ Dhile running I weighed15(lbs$ *fter resistance training for almost 1( months.ran/ly. I switched gyms and hired two different PtrainersP$ I did more machines and e!ercises li/e squats while standing on a .

44< &#y 1H0lbs 1&5lb 115lb 115lb (5lb 6ec .P the website$ Mehdi "erformed the hard wor/ of distilling a large and confusing body of information into a form that anyone could assimilate and learn at their own "ace$ I found myself s"ending hours reading the boo/. some magical su""lements to ma/e me huge in ' months. or require "urchases of s"ecial equi"ment for large outlays of cash$ I also was attracted to the fact that S95!5 was a sim"le "rogram that would ta/e me through many months of "rogress without steroids and s"ending hundreds of dollars a month on su""lements$ -he best "art was that Mehdi gave his S95!5 "rogram for freeJ >othing was secret. I gave myself a deadline of & months. '00#$ I had a base of strength from my resistance training on machines between . and then I would reassess whether Stronglifts 5!5 was effective$ I decided to sto" running and focus on weight and muscle mass gains with the com"ound e!ercises and by im"roving my diet$ I started Stronglifts 5!5 on ?ctober '). and stronger than I have ever been in my life$ My chest and shoulders have grown$ My medium si4ed shirts stretch across my chest and bac/. PDow.inally. and I was willing to try something different$ -he metric I would measure the "rogram by were the results$ If I didn+t get results then I would sto" and try something else$ So. and don+t have a gut$ I+ve gotten bigger. and blog "osts about e!ercise form and nutrition. whereas before Stronglifts 5!5 they were loose$ -he biggest change in my "hysique is that I+ve grown a butt and big thighs$ Dhile running 5 days a wee/. but really was a runner$ I had not done Squats since college Babout '0 years ago. and with what I now /now was terrible formC and had never done deadlifts or ?verhead =ressesJ Jeff:s Gains *ge . I can still see my abs. thoughts about S95!5 and e!ercise "hiloso"hy. I remember you$P %e said.ench =ress Oct . and motivations$ Dhat got me on board to try the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram was that if it didn+t wor/ Pas advertisedP I could always sto" whenever I chose$ I wasn+t loc/ed in$ I also /new that the bodybuilder routines and machines weren+t wor/ing for me. my arms have also become larger$ * trainer at my first gym switched last month to my new gym$ %e hadn+t seen me in 1) months$ I wal/ed u" and said P%i. and his website gave you everything you needed to /now to do his "rogram$ Mehdi made it easy$ *ll you needed was Punder one roof.available for 10 "ayments of 0^.ody weight B5+#$5FC Deadlift Squat . and logs of S9 Members which described their struggles. I had a flat butt and s/inny legs$ My "ants have gone from &0 inch waist while running to a si4e &4 inch waist sim"ly because my legs no longer fit into the smaller si4es$ My si4e &4 &H inch cotton bo!er shorts stretch around my thighsJ . P3u".4@4 41y 1()lb &40lb &15lb ''0lb 150lb Gains so far))) R')lb R'05lb R'00lb R105lb RH5lb I have gained ') "ounds in ( months$ I am not fat. ') "ounds$P It gives me added 159 . I barely recogni4ed you$ 3ou+ve gotten so much biggerJP My re"ly was.ebruary '00( and ?ctober '00#.

but less$ *lso. diet is even more im"ortant than e!ercise. long distance running "lus dieting wor/s but does nothing for strength. I li/e the si4e and strength much more$ It is a tradeoff that I am willing to ma/e to achieve my si4e and strength goals$ I started doing S95!5 in ?ctober '00#. and e!ercise+s im"act on his own life$ A!ercise effects more than your body. and "robably reduced my overall strengthJ In fact if you+re loo/ing to lose weight. and adherence to the routine as described$ I+d recommend that you try it for & months$ 6eally commit to the Strong9ifts "rogram for & monthsN both the e!ercise *>D the diet$ Sto" running for the & months$ *fter that you can 5udge the results for yourself$ It wor/ed for meJ ?nce I started ma/ing strength and si4e gains I wanted to continue$ S9 Member Meff a/a P=anglossianP. but started my training log in May. and it is addicting$ I+ve always felt small$ I don+t any more1$ Mehdi made observations about his e!"eriences with e!ercise. and suggestions in his "osts$ I reali4e that I+m not alone in wor/ing out.confidence$ I have a feeling of accom"lishment every time I grab the bar and "ush or "ull more weight than the last time$ -he weight room is Pmy s"ort$P It+s my hobby. although e!ercise /ee"s you on the right "athJ %owever. even though I have no training "artner and don+t sociali4e much at the gym$ I loo/ forward to going online and "osting my training results. 7olorado$ 160 . if your goal is to run a marathon then long distance running is the "rogram to reach that goal$ I was always a long distance runner$ ?ne of my life goals was to run a marathon. and more confidence with the si4e gains that Strong9ifts 5!5 gave me$ -he most im"ortant thing is to define your goal$ -he "rogram you choose needs to align with the results you need to meet your goal$ If your goal is strength increases and weight gain. Denver. then you need a different a""roach from the "erson loo/ing to solely lose weight$ -o lose fat and weight. I feel I+ve lost some s"eed due to running while my legs are still recovering from Squats and Deadlifts$ I am totally fine with losing some running "rowess. and "atience$ It requires faith. and reading about other S9 Member+s concerns and ideas$ It hel"s /ee" me motivated$ -he only PdownsideP is that Strong9ifts 5V5 ta/es fortitude. the com"ound lifts. disci"line. '010 when I hit ')5lbs for 5!5 on Squats$ I was worried that I wouldn+t succeed so I didn+t want to go "ublic until I had something significant to re"ort$ I now regret that decision$ I should have started the training log earlier$ I+ve been ama4ed at how hel"ful other S9 members have been in the two months I+ve logged$ %olvoetn has really hel"ed me a lot$ %e has been generous with his time. 40. which I did$ I still run now. as "er my training log. it also transforms your attitude and your outloo/$ I /now it may sound "ollyannaish but I believe it is true$ Must loo/ u" the definition of my member name inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity P=anglossianJP I regret not finding S95!5 when I was in my teens$ I wish I had these strength and si4e results bac/ in high school and college$ I graduated high school at 1( weighing 1&' lbs Bat my current height of 5+ #$5PC and then college at '1 about 150 lbs$ I feel I would have had more success in s"orts with greater strength.

my wife was >?.russels or *ntwer"$ ?n such days I am usually only home after 1(h00$ -hat schedule does not 161 . 9ou can not avoi" "ifficult circumstances in life but you can change the way you han"le them. my name is >ico.“/ifting taught me to push through har" moments.. so I am not what you ty"ically would call a couch "otato$ *t age &1 I sto""ed s"orting since there was too much demand from wor/ combined with the fact I was "laying in a team which was at national level. I wanted to do something I could do on my own$ I am a "ro5ect manager for an I.consulting firm which means I go from "ro5ect to "ro5ect with various clients. also /nown as S9 Member P%olvoetnP or 5ust P%P+$ I am a 4' year old male of 1(0cm<5+11P$ I live in the same country as Mehdi. I was growing a serious belly and was already tired from going u" 1 flight of stairsJ I started dieting and going for long wal/s with our dog Bover 1hrC$ -hat already resulted in a dro" of . sometimes multi"le "ro5ects running at the same time$ In "ractice this means I frequently have to get u" very early B05h00C to avoid traffic 5ams when going for . . %i.D from ((/g to (0$5/g over 4 months$ -he consequence of this was that all my costume "ants had to be ta/en in ' si4es."leased about that at allJ -hough you can imagine I was$ %aving done a lot of s"ort earlier but not having the time nor commitment anymore to engage in a team activity. resulting in sometimes games ta/ing the better "art of a Saturday or Sunday only because of trans"ortation and having to wait for the reserve team doing their game Bmain team and reserve team always travelled togetherC$ So I went bac/ to school for ' times ' years on Saturdays to get some additional degrees$ Aarly '00( I decided things were not "rogressing to my li/ing as far as my "hysical condition and a""earance was concerned$ I mean. uh G I have done com"etition bas/etball from ) to 14 and volleyball from 14 to &1.elgium$ My family consist of a lovely wife. a son of 1' and two ste"hdaughters of ') and &0$ -he youngest daughter also has a son now so that ma/es me actually a grandfather$ >ot bad at 4'.

the Strong9ifts 7ommunity was very su""ortive and unli/e some other "laces I have seen$ I started on ?ct 10th '00( with the Stronglifts 5!5 "rogram and was immediately sold$ 'ico:s Gains *ge . others see it as well$ =eo"le I haven+t seen in quite some time have commented on this so I /now it shows$ -he funny thing is that I have never been this heavy in my life and nobody believes me when I am being as/ed how much I weigh$ *s long as my "ants still fit.ody fat Deadlift Squat .4@4 4'y #'/g 1)2 ''0/g 1(0/g 105/g Gains so far))) R#/g 102 R1(0/g R140/g R)5/g *s you can imagine end of '00# I was bac/ at the same weight of early '00(. I did the usual cardio stuff Btreadmill and bicycle for 45 minutes.44G 40y (&/g ')2 40/g 40/g &0/g June . then some machine stuff for arms.ody weight B5+11FC . I did . bac/ and legsC$ -he days I was unable to go to the gym.rom a logical "oint of view I figured free weights should be more beneficial than using machines.D e!ercises at home$ I was getting a bit stronger over the ne!t months BI could leg "ress 150/g for ( re"s by Se"tember '00(C but was wondering why those other guys were lifting free weights in the corner of the gym$ I mean.52 1)0/g 155/g )5/g 'o" .at the gym told me it was still too early for me when I as/ed him about free weights$ %e did add some side and front delt raises to my "rogram but that was the most he wanted to give in$ So I decided to search for myself and thatQs how I ran into Stronglifts$ I googled EStrength training barbellF and seem to recall Stronglifts$com was "retty high on the list Btoday it is b1C$ -he "rogram was logical. sim"le and straightforward$ -he reviews were good. more muscle around shoulders and bac/ and a lot stronger$ I can see it. yet I did not /now e!actly why at that "oint in time$ ?n the other hand it did not ma/e sense to me why so many "eo"le where occu"ying the cardio machines and so little using the free weight area$ -he =.44< 41y ()/g ''. not all of them loo/ed that much stronger then me yet I did not see them doing the same stuff I was doing$ . I can feel it.leave too much time for a team activity /nowing there are also other things to be done at home$ >o disres"ect to those en5oying it but I already figured out a long time ago running or cycling were not my thing$ It+s too boring to my li/ing$ *round *"ril '00( I started going to the gym but not /nowing better. but with a huge difference$ * lot less fat around the belly Bthere is still some but I am not focusing on getting rid of thatC. I am "lanning to continue on this road getting heavier and stronger$ I dare to say starting lifting has changed my way of thin/ing in a "ositive way$ ?ne of the things it definitely did was ma/e me aware about eating the right things and ta/e care of myself$ >ot that I wasnQt doing that already in the "ast but I am so much more aware now and it "ayed off$ ?n the diet "art my wife made a comment early on why I suddenly had seen +the light+$ It made me feel good since it indicated to me she was also seeing why I 162 . I even added some weight. chest.loor =ress Oct .

I will now loo/ a lot more for alternatives. while starting a set of 5!1#0/g deadlifts. I "ulled a muscle in my lower bac/$ I waited some days and then started Starr+s rehab "rotocol using deadlifts to ma/e the muscle wor/ and allow it to heal$ ?n day & I was deadlifting )0/g with e!tremely bad form Ba bad combination when your bac/ is already fatigued from all the "revious wor/C and I busted a disc between 95<S1$ I have the M6Is to "rove it$ I had nerve "roblems$ *s in sciatic "ain /ee"ing me from wor/ for almost & wee/s$ * "ain shooting from the buttoc/ down to the /nee ma/ing it im"ossible to use that leg$ Same "ain which resulted in me being unable to slee" without aid of "ain /illers for 5 to H wee/s$ *fter ' months I restarted with weights. I have 163 . mid .or other 40 year old guys in a similar situation I can highly recommend Strong9ifts 5!5$ -he /ey is to be very consistent about lifting and to "ut in the wor/$ Do the "rogram as scheduled. find ways to ma/e it ha""en$ Andurance wise things also have im"roved for the better$ I did do some cardio early in the "rogram Bmainly rowing after the lifting sessionC but soon sto""ed doing that because of time issues$ >ot doing cardio did not cause that much ill effects$ * flight of stairs is now ta/en ' ste"s at a time without leaving me "anting$ My wife mentioned some time ago I was getting a real : sha"e$ I can tell you. that comment really made my dayJ She is still in doubt about me lifting that frequently but I guess it is her uncertainty acting u" since she is quite a bit older than I am$ She is always in fear that I will run off with someone younger but from my side there is absolutely no reason for her to be afraid of that ha""ening$ It does indicate though that she thin/s my +mar/et value+ is increasing$ . less than 502 for some of the lifts$ I used the Strong9ifts Intermediate scheme since it allowed to /ee" the intensity of the weight more or less constant over the wee/$ I did however increase the weight from wee/ to wee/ based on my feeling$ 9oo/ing bac/. I had to wor/ my way bac/ u" because I wanted it$ -his went on until end of May '010 when I was almost at my "revious strength levels again$ I was able to advance even further. don+t change anything$ -here will be hard times.was doing this$ Dhat lifting also thought me was to be consistent and "ush through hard moments$ 3ou can not avoid difficult circumstances in life but you can change the way you handle them$ -his even transfers into real life$ Dhereas before I could easily acce"t someone saying some things could not be done. it was not really a slow ram"$ ?ne "oint which had changed was that I was a lot more cautious about form$ As"ecially deadlifting gave me a lot of mental an!iety in the beginning$ .ebruary '010. there might even be in5uries and other setbac/s but this also ha""ens in real life$ 3ou need to learn how to deal with it and to carry on$ S"ea/ing of in5uries.ut I had to "ush through these hard moments. something which has been confirmed since all of my =6s of '00# have been im"roved since$ Dith the e!ce"tion of some occasional nagging feeling.

and I was glad to acce"t to hel" the Stronglifts 7ommunity$ Dor/ing with Mehdi ma/es you see an angle which is not always shown in his blogs or on the forum$ %e is very humoristic and can acce"t some 5o/ing around within the mod team but he can come bac/ down to business in a sna"$ %e is a guy with a very defined set of "rinci"les and he can be very hardheaded about it Bwhich can wor/ both "ositive as negativeC.to say there is no "ain anymore$ Stats Deadlift Squat .elgium$ 164 . 4'. as/ our questions$ I have said it various times.4@4 ''0/g 1(0/g 105/g -he Strong9ifts 7ommunity has been very su""ortive when things got rough$ I got good "ointers on technique from various Members B"lease forgive me for not listing your names but I am afraid I will forget some and that would not be fair$ 3ou /now who you areC$ It was also very rewarding to "ost about a good wor/out and get the congratulations from others$ It sort of /e"t me going. an incentive to ma/e sure I would do my best the ne!t session$ Somewhere in '00# I was as/ed by Mehdi if I was willing to "artici"ate more as a Strong9ifts Moderator$ I was doing a similar thing on another board. .loor =ress Before inJury '10/g 1)0/g #0/g 'o" . this community is for a large "art reason of the success of the Stronglifts "rogramJ Strong9ifts Member >ico a/a P%olvoetnP. raise our concerns. so I had some e!"erience already. IQll say it again. though he is the first one to admit if something needs to be changed in order to im"rove certain things$ In my "rofessional career I have not encountered that much "ersons of his age showing the same level of "rofessionalism$ -han/s again Mehdi for the S95!5 "rogram and the "lace you offer where we can share our e!"eriences.

. rather than s/i" yet another gym session$ Some wee/s I made it to the gym & times$ Most wee/s were less than that. fitness for me was going to a ty"ical fitness center and doing a random amount of machine weights with treadmill or elli"tical wor/ until I randomly decided I was done$ My aim was to /ee" myself healthy and reasonably fit$ -hese wor/outs felt unsatisfying. an" far better results. but now I didn+t feel I was even holding constant on strength$ I was beginning to go bac/wards. I could not have told 165 . It woul" have been time better spent-far more satisfying.“ I regret all the waste" time. es"ecially on leg e!ercises$ ?ne e!ercise I would do frequently the leg "ress was becoming difficult to do because my /nees were beginning to bother me$ -his dissatisfaction then became alarm and anger$ I was only &#$ -he idea of having bad /nees and giving u" on maintaining even the modest level of strength I had was unacce"table to me$ . I thin/ the dissatisfaction was "artially mas/ed by being ha""y I managed to find the time to do something. I first found Stronglifts via google$ I was &# years old and s"ending most of my day on a chair in front of a com"uter doing database design and system security wor/$ I have fond memories of '0 years earlier in life doing grueling but en5oyable wrestling training$ -hese were bodyweight and wrestling only sessionsN we didn+t do weight training then$ In the decades that followed my teens and very early '0s. so it wasn+t a "roblem I ever thought about finding a solution for$ In retros"ect. though I didn+t /now why$ I didn+t thin/ about it much. and not much "rogress to s"ea/ of with strength$ -his dissatisfaction came to a head when I was &#$ I remember going to the gym fairly consistently for awhile. an" that I "i"n<t come across !/474 sooner. really. I ha""ened to notice someone doing squats in the one "ower cage my gym had$ I watched this guy for awhile$ I don+t thin/ he was doing anything s"ecial sets with 1(5 on the bar Bor something close at the time.or the first time. and I needed to do something about it$ Dhile stewing on this mid wor/out. it hit me that what I was doing was not wor/ing. and sometimes I+d go wee/s without setting foot in the gym$ I seemed to find it easier to s/i" the older I got$ -here was only modest "rogress in fitness.

Mehdi said that it+s unusual for someone new to the "rogram to miss sessions$ -he motivation to see the weight go u" on the bar "rovides a "owerful incentive$ -his was absolutely true in my case$ *t that time. the only way I could get to the gym to do this was to get u" at 5$&0am. clear and no nonsense$ >one of my usual internet Pthis is bullshitP detectors were going off$ So the ne!t day. I didn+t even reali4e there was a Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram$ I was s"ending all my time reading articles about "ro"er form$ -he language was direct.rom *ugust +0( to December of +0(. I /new not only what I was going to do the ne!t time in the gym. deadlifts and bench$ Aven with little to no weight on the bar.oo/$ I decided to start it immediately$ aul:s Gains *ge . S95!5 made com"lete sense$ It seemed the right amount of wor/ done in a structured way$ -he idea of /nowing e!actly what I was going to do before I was even in the gym was new to me$ *ctually.you how much weight was loaded on a barbell from a glanceC$ I thought bac/ to vague memories from my youth of some /ids tal/ing about how free weights were PbetterP.ench Aug .4@4 41y ')0lb H55lb 545lb &H5lb Gains)) R550lb R445lb R')5lb . I tried doing some squats with 5ust the barbell in the gym$ It felt greatJ ?ver the ne!t two wee/s. though it was never e!"lained why$ I+d always dismissed free weights$ Deight is weight$ *nd the machines seemed easier to learn and safer to do$ I was ready to try anything. and I went out of my way to find gyms on the road where I could get in a by the boo/ S9 session$ My weight has continued to cree" u" since I started Strong9ifts 5!5$ -he vast ma5ority of 166 . I felt this could lead somewhere with strength$ I+d also learned from the S9 site how to do all these e!ercises safely. things felt right$ >ot only was my body wor/ing. but these lifts weren+t boring$ I never reali4ed how utterly bored I was with the machine training$ .44G &#y 100lb 100lb #0lb 6ec . but for the ne!t wee/ or three$ I /new I could measure "rogress and evaluate the "rogram by seeing the weight increase$ *ny question I could thin/ of was answered in the . figuring out new things on every single session. as the ineffectiveness of what I was doing was undeniable$ I came home and began googling anything related to PsquatP I could thin/ of$ I don+t recall the e!act search terms. but I fortunately ended u" on the Mehdi+s website$ *t first. then get into wor/$ I was traveling more then. I reali4ed$ *nd even from the few sets I had done at this "oint. from benching to squatting$ I no longer had safety as an e!cuse in my mind for not bothering with barbells$ I then discovered the Stronglifts 5!5 . get a session in. I didn+t miss a single S9 session$ I loved seeing the weight go u" on the bar$ I loved wor/ing on form.44< &#y '40lb '#5lb ')5lb ''5lb 40y 'H0lb 550lb 500lb &15lb Oct . I felt li/e my body was wor/ing in a way it had not wor/ed in years$ *s someone who trusts his own gut feel.ocusing on balance and technique felt so much more alive.oo/. I added in overhead "ress. more com"lete$ -his was the PbetterP of free weights. slowly but surely going from terrible to decent form$ ?ne thing I remember from the .ody weight BH+&FC Deadlift Squat .44G 6ec . get bac/ to ma/e brea/fast for the family.oo/ and "rogram$ I read that several times$ @iven how my e!"erimentation with barbell lifts already felt.

I+ve had the o""ortunity to see several "eo"le I /now "ersonally around my age try S95!5 as a result of my "ositive e!"erience$ *ll of them. as someone "assing the 40 year mar/. and loose around the middle$ My clothes seemed to fit better$ My /nees no longer hurt.*99 bac/ when I first started Strong9ifts 5!5 in '00($ It was really over a year of solid effort before I first began some modest attem"ts to change things u" and figure out what wor/ed best for me$ In retros"ect. how to read myself and set my own "rogram to ma/e further "rogress$ -his would not have been "ossible *. slowly but surely. if I was setting out to do something. I always found myself on the S9 site the most.or whatever reason. even as a /id when wrestling$ If I can do it starting at nearly 40. I never too/ a thoughtful and considered a""roach to training. because it had the best overall forum tone as well as being largely free of ego or other absurd hy"e. it was snug in the shoulders and arms.that weight must be muscle and boneN I certainly have less fat on my stomach than when I started$ I never cared much about body weight I wasn+t trying to lose body fat$ I+ve worn the same si4es for 10R years$ I+ve had the same leather motorcycle 5ac/et for 15 years$ It used to be snug in the stomach and loose in the shoulders and arms$ >ow. dogma or trash tal/$ In the nearly ' years that have "assed since I+ve first started Strong9ifts 5!5.ollow the "rogram. when I hear "eo"le insist that squatting is bad for the /nees. rather than into my 40s$ I discovered a number of fantastic resources and numerous other websites$ %owever. have had the same or even better results$ I+m nothing s"ecialN I 5ust decided to ta/e this training stuff seriously$ . . based on random comments and bro science tidbits I had "ic/ed u" over the years$ I regret all the wasted time. and far better results$ I wonder what /ind of "rogress I could have made if I was training this was in my '0s. without e!ce"tion. I was also much more regular$ B%ey. until I discovered Stronglifts 5!5$ It was random stuff I slung together. I am very li/ely to read u" and study about whatever I was going to do$ . and above all wor/ hard$ I+d never done barbell wor/ before. 7* 167 . and that I didn+t come across Strong9ifts 5!5 sooner$ It would have been time better s"ent far more satisfying. where every cowor/er was suc/ing air for the ne!t & minutes$ My "osture was better$ I was slee"ing betterN I was wa/ing u" without an alarm cloc/$ My concentration for my wor/ was im"roved$ *t ris/ of too much information. what I thin/ is most "eculiar about all this is in *>3 other area of life.I^AD my /nees. this stuff starts to matter as it is often an indicator of overall health$C '00# was the year I was learning. thin/ about it. I cannot even be bothered to res"ond to them anymore$ Study the anatomyN try squatting "ro"erly$ Squatting . so can any other 40R year old$ S9 Member =aul a/a PMuddyP 41. at all$ -hey felt solid again$ In fact. com"letely$ I could bound u" 4 flights of stairs and not be winded.er/eley.

squats were something I always avoided because of all of the horror stories and because I didn+t /now how to do them correctly$ .ut let+s bac/ u" a bit$ Dhen I first wanted to lose weight I tried u""ing my cardio but that got me nowhere$ I was reading about this diet that included 5ust meat and veggies and thought I might as well give it a try$ It wor/ed and it wor/ed well$ I managed to lose a cou"le of inches the very first month$ I continued on this diet and did some really sim"le circuit ty"e training Bdeads. I decided to ma/e a change to my life and correct my body com"osition$ I went on a really strict eating "lan and ended u" over '0lbs lighter but really s/inny$ In the meantime I was learning more about strength training and became interested in squatting$ See.ast forward to today and I+ve got a 4'5lbs squat. etcC to get my heart rate going$ I li/ed the results of losing fat but I wanted to get stronger too$ I had already been doing some reading about sim"le strength training and sim"le "rogression and the weight loss really boosted my desire to get strong$ I+m not totally sure what drove that desire 5ust that I suddenly felt this urge to get stronger$ 168 . IS*$ I+m 4' and I+ve got an office 5ob which means a lot of sitting$ I+ve always been active and first started lifting weights when I was about 15 bac/ in high school$ .ut I never did an actual "rogram$ I s"ent a lot of time doing random lifts and following what I read in the latest maga4ines but nothing really ever made that much of a difference$ .“2y 4(4lb $ea"lift woul" not have been possible ha" I not starte" !trong/ifts because I woul" not have learne" about how simplicity is goo". a 515 deadlift. and who is big but not necessarily muscular$ -his is all from eating whatever I wanted to eat and not really having a good "lan Bor any "lanC when I hit the gym$ I mean I would go into the gym but I didn+t have a "lan on how to advance$ ?f course I couldn+t figure out what I was doing wrong because nothing I was reading told me to /ee" it sim"le and "rogress on a regular basis$ Dell. and a '&5 ?%=$ . squats..ast forward several years to a guy who+s in his mid &0+s. bench. 7alifornia. a &15 bench. has a 4' inch waist at ''5. I+m Mames @rant from San Diego.

and ''5$ My waist went u" two inches to &) inches but my other measurements are also above where they were when I had a 4' inch waist so my chest loo/s that much bigger as do my glutes$ IQve received comments about "eo"le donQt recogni4e me anymore after not seeing me for a while$ I constantly get as/ed if I am a "ersonal trainer or an athlete$ ItQs been 1) years since "eo"le have made those ty"es of comments to me$ My wife and family love the new me and love that IQm ta/ing much better care of myself$ I feel much more confident than I ever did and am much more willing to do things li/e tal/ to total strangers$ -hereQs a certain amount of confidence that you get as you get older but when you combine getting stronger along with getting older and it really boosts your confidence$ >one of these lifts would have been "ossible had I not started Strong9ifts because I would not have learned about how sim"licity is good$ I would not have learned about how im"ortant consistency is or how im"ortant it is to really hit the main lifts$ -here is so much PnoiseP in other "laces that it becomes quite hard to focus on the im"ortant stuff and forget about the stuff that+s there to get in your way$ It+s also hel"ed me tremendously with my mobility$ Must today I was at the "ar/ with my son on my shoulders and I went into a full squat to "ic/ u" a tennis ball and I could easily 5ust sit there in that "osition$ -here+s no 169 .ench =ress Jan .44< 40 '00lb 1&5lb 1&5lb '&5 145 'o" . how often to do it.or squats I started with 1&5 as I had been training on and off for so long and wor/ed my way u" to &15$ I did suffer quite a bit of "ain in my hi" fle!ors and I attribute that to a combination of sim"ly not being accustomed to all of that wor/ and a lac/ of mobility$ It too/ me a long. and what to do if you stalled$ Mehdi wasn+t trying to sell anything or "ush his ways on anyone and I totally res"ected that$ My only concerns revolved around my age and being able to do the lifts that often while adding weight on continually$ . 4' years old.ody weight BH+'FC Deadlift Squat .44< 41 '05lb 4)5lb &50lb &15lb '15lb 'o" .4@4 4' '&0lb 515lb 4'5lb &15lb '&5lb Gains so far))) R &0 lbs R &(0 lbs R'#0 lbs R(0 lbs R)0 lbs So today I+m H+'P BI haven+t gotten shorterC. long time to really get to the "oint of not having mobility issues$ Dhen I say long time I mean over two years really$ My bench went u" but slowly as did my rows$ My deadlift really im"roved though as I get better at squatting$ It too/ a while for my form to get to where it needed to be there too and that was due to a lac/ of mobility$ I got to where I could deadlift &15 or so for 5 re"s with good form doing S9 though$ James: Gains *ge . and how to get better$ -here were also "lenty of ti"s on how to im"rove mobility. how to "erform the lifts.Dell.ut I was getting nowhere with what I was doing for strength and I had already made one big change so why not change the way that I lifted weightsG . I literally stumbled u"on Strong9Ifts$com and really li/ed the sim"licity of it and the no nonsense a""roach that Mehdi "rovided$ Dhat really attracted me to Strong9ifts was that it was sim"le and easy to follow$ It s"elled out what to do.

ut IQm a moderator because I believe so much in the "rogram and in the community that Mehdi created$ -his "rogram really wor/s and it really sets the stage for the mindset that you need to get stronger than the average "erson$ Mehdi might be a bit hard headed and stubborn but he really nailed this "rogram and the need for consistency and sim"licity$ So if you+re mid to late &0+s or early 40+s and thin/ that you can+t get anywhere I+m here to tell you that you can$ Aven if you have e!"erience in the gym already the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram can really hel" you$ I would start "retty light and really wor/ on your mobility$ -he odds are that you+re tight even if you don+t thin/ that you are$ 6ead u" on the mobility drills and do them daily$ -hen do the "rogram as written for as long as you can$ It+s "ossible that you will stall earlier than others who are younger will but that+s ?K as it+s still a great way of getting you stronger$ Ma/e sure you start a training log as I have found those to be very motivational and really hel" to "ush me in the gym even when I don+t feel li/e it$ Knowing that you+re going to have to write it down is quite ins"irational$ It+s also really handy to have something to refer bac/ to after some "eriod of time$ Mames @rant a/a Eaty"ical1F. 4'.way I could have done that three years ago and it is something that I+m quite than/ful for$ I should disclose that IQm a moderator on the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ . San Diego IS*$ 170 .

The mental an" physical benefits from !trong/ifts 474 are truly life-changing. about 1# years later$ I didn+t sign u" for >autilus Bof courseC and wasted time on unfocused weight machines once or twice a wee/. but I can<t argue with the results. !e. a gra"hic artist living in :ancouver. and sugar was li/e heroin$ Aven with a lot of eating. and weight 5ust falls off me if I don+t /ee" u" my calorie inta/e$ I was a vegetarian for 1) years. the trainer grabbed a cli"board and said. 7anada$ I+m H+1W and holding at around 1#5lb$ I+m quite the ectomor"h. !ell. not /nowing what to do or how to do it$ -hat lasted about two months$ I s"ent a lot of time at a des/ and nursing my wife bac/ from terrible in5uries Bshe was hit by a car in Man ##C$ My lifestyle was both stressful and sedentary for too long$ 9ac/ of aerobic fitness and a flabby mid section told me I needed to get bac/ into strenuous e!ercise$ It was my Plast chanceP to attac/ this long standing issue before turning 40 in Se"tember '00)$ @oals were unclear$ I 5ust wanted to be able to do re"eated sets of "ush 171 . =Okay. My name is Keith$ I+m 4'.re not going to see a lot of progress %ecause of your %ody type=$ -hat misconce"tion about my body and what I could "otentially achieve with strength training stayed with me until I started getting "rogress with S95!5. additives and Pbad fatP in meat I concluded that cutting out meat from my diet was 5ustifiable from both moral and health stand"oints$ I never felt unhealthy on a vegetarian diet. due to a mi! of idealism and health concerns$ I was shoc/ed at the difference in the environmental im"act between "roducing a /ilo of meat and "roducing a /ilo of vegetable "rotein$ -he questionable ethics of the meat industry were Band areC hard to ignore$ %earing what I wanted to hear in news re"orts about the hormones. although I was always hungry due to an active lifestyle. with high scores of 155 for a few days at a time now and then$ In university I thought I+d try to increase my u""er body muscles since my legs were getting strong from mountain bi/ing$ I got u" enough courage to go loo/ at the school+s brand new >autilus centre$ Dhen I as/ed for a tour and introduction to the "rogram. from 1#(# until '00H. I stayed s/innyN 150lb was normal..“It<s not what I imagine" myself "oing at this age.

cruising down the sidewal/ in a scooter$ S95!5 5ust seemed Ptoo muchP somehow$ I didn+t /now anything about barbell e!ercises and it seemed li/e a foreign 172 . and eventually began to loo/ into weight lifting$ I had a chin u" bar in my house in Ma"an bac/ in #& #5 to hel" with my roc/ climbing$ I installed one in my :ancouver house in '00' but it didn+t get used much$ I decided to start body weight training B"ush u"s.rom 1##0 until my wife+s accident in 1###. thin torsoC$ I thought that heavy ?lym"ic style lifts were for young athletes with coaches$ I+d had some weird bac/ "ain in the "ast from "oor "osture and moving furniture and was scared of going through my old age with a terrible bac/ in5ury. I+d try that for a while$ I was clearly loo/ing for answers. my activities included foot bag. Mehdi had his boo/ available$ I thin/ I loo/ed around at some training logs and saw the other Strong9ifts Members increasing their weights each wee/$ I figured that if I started light I wouldn+t get into trouble right away and could sto" if it got PheavyP$ I decided to give it a shot and commit to the "rogram$ I figured I+d try until the summer came and then maybe "ic/ u" some outdoor activities$ -his is :ancouver. mountain bi/ing. roc/ climbing. I had no time for e!ercise for years$ I started "laying badminton once or twice a wee/ in '00' but it wasn+t enough to get fit$ I had always wanted to get a bigger u""er body. "ull u"s. but I was in the right frame of mind when I found Strong9ifts 5!5 in my boo/mar/s again later that month$ . due to my age B40C and my body ty"e Blong. hi/ing. Seated 9eg =ress machine. or something$ I /e"t going with the weight machines and increased my eating$ I started gaining a bit of weight$ I must have learned something from Mehdi. . but I didn+t /now anything about re"s. vague notion of Pwanting a bigger u""er bodyP$ . returning to school in 1##(.ice" 7urls.ench =ress Machine. I 5oined the local community center and began to dabble on the weight machines$ 9i/e most "eo"le who 5oin a gym. . after allN we move inside when it rains and outside for the other two days$ *t first I was worried about "otentially in5uring something. but I didn+t /now how to as/ the right questions$ Some time in the summer of '00) I saw S95!5 mentioned on a blog and read a few "ages of Mehdi+s "osts$ I didn+t start the "rogram. and windsurfing$ Most of these activities altered. sto""ed or were reduced due to life changes Bcareer changes. because I started /ee"ing trac/ of my wor/outs$ %ere+s a sam"le wor/out from Manuary &. etcC at home in March '00)$ It was a good sweat and my numbers increased.ent over 7able =ull downs$ Dhat the hell was I doingGJ I was wasting time.ut the machines were easy to understand. but I learned about the need to have a "rogram and to eat "ro"erly$ I thought I should get a PbaseP of strength before moving to barbells. "rograms or eating to grow muscle so my gains were limited$ I was still the same weight and had no "lan on how to get significantly stronger or bigger$ Dith my 40th birthday looming. :ertical . marriage. assisted di"s. etcC$ *fter my wife+s accident. chin u"s and a single di"$ I had my "er"etual. nor was I interested in 5oining the Stronglifts 7ommunity. sets. so I 5ust did sets of 10 re"s on machines that wor/ed "arts I wanted to be stronger$ ?f course. '00(. when I saw someone doing something PcoolP or interesting.y then. es"ecially my bac/. 9eg A!tensions.u"s. ?verhead =ress Machine. moving. I was intimidated by starting into the free weights and ?lym"ic bars$ I didn+t /now what to do or how to do it$ . in line s/ating.

ench. I+d have wondered whom you thought you were tal/ing to$ It has honestly been one of the biggest achievements of my life$ It is weird to be a""roaching 4& and to be in the best sha"e ever$ I+ve never been stronger or bigger. and new "ants to fit over my squat butt$ I was a vegetarian when I was in Italy. healthy "erson$ Imagine thatJ -he only thing it has cost me is more food. yet somehow I have managed to stay a moral. but I started to feel that I was missing out on once in a lifetime culinary e!"eriences$ . but nothing has had the same effect on 173 .ut li/e learning any language. conscientious.efore returning to Italy in Se"tember '00H. but as any Stronglifter /nows. @reece and the Middle Aast in '004 05$ I had no "roblem with others eating meat around me. very ha""y about this$ I+m 40 "ounds heavier than when I was a vegetarian. I decided to start eating meat again$ 9ife is a one time thing. a gym membershi". your understanding increases quic/ly$$ Eeith: Gains *ge .ody weight BH+1FC Deadlift Squat . the weights increase quic/ly$ I "ea/ed at '0Hlb in March '010$ If you+d told me when I started S95!5 that I+d weigh over '00lb and Squat &H5lb. and I ate a lot. once you get started. newbie mista/eN I didn+t /now you were su""osed to include the weight of the bar in the total$ I thought lifting '0/g meant adding two 10/g "lates to the bar$ I wouldn+t do that again. it was time to start saying PyesP to interesting things while I had the chance$ I reali4ed that I+d stuc/ to my beliefs Bin the face of sometimes very strong resistanceC and made my "oint$ I loved what I ate as a vegetarian. I+m still high from that$ I started with heavier weights than recommended due to an honest. but I still have the same old &&P waist$ I+m very.ench Jan .4@4 4' 1#5lb &)0lb &H5lb ''5lb Gains so far))) I started out thin/ing I+d sto" when it got heavy$ >ow I can+t sto" because it+s heavy$ -wo "lates .language$ . although I don+t remember struggling$ It was /ind of embarrassing to be starting off so light in a busy gym.@D . and after 1) years of saying PnoP.44G 40 1)&lb 1&5lb ((lb ((lb July .

not being sure of myself and being a bit shy about commenting on others+ logs when I didn+t /now much about lifting$ . but that+s because I ignored the "ain in the fourth set and went for the fifth$ Avery in5ury that has ha""ened has been because of something I did wrong and could have "revented with "ro"er form and concentration$ My training log inside the Strong9ifts community has been /ey.. animal welfare. tongue and chee/C in -unisia and it was fantastic$ I still eat vegetarian sometimes because I li/e it$ I+m very ha""y with my decisions to both sto" and re start eating meat$ I can+t say my family has been e!actly su""ortive. but I don+t live near them so it hasn+t affected me$ My father is com"etitive and can+t stand my weightlifting Bhe dismisses it on the "re5udice that it requires no intellectC$ %e weighs 1H5 and says things li/e Pwell. essential$ I was a bit reluctant to start one at first. I+m going to have to remember to e!"ect a very different "erson when you wal/ in the roomP and Pwell. but I+d say you better @?M*D and "erha"s should not e!"ect the same /ind of strength gains as if you were eating meat$ Since starting to eat meat again I haven+t regretted it for a moment$ -here are still difficult issues regarding sourcing. going through setbac/s.ut the best is my wife. who bites my chest and says Pmmm1 Mama li/eJP My new strength shows u" in some sur"rising ways in daily life$ My badminton bac/hand sends the birdie out "ast the o""onents+ baseline a lot more often$ My tennis serve has doubled in s"eed$ -he confidence is something I didn+t really e!"ect$ I move with a lot more ease. if only you+d done this 15 years agoJP ?ther Bmore im"artialC "eo"le have said. but that healed in two wee/s and hasn+t come bac/$ *nd I did get a com"ression "inch in my u""er right bac/ after a year and three months of squats but that was because I was rac/ing the bar unevenly Bone hoo/ at a timeC$ *nd I did get some hamstring trouble when going for my 5V5 =6 in March this year. but when you see "eo"le 5ust li/e you getting stronger. you loo/ different.my growth as returning to a meat centered diet$ I wouldn+t say P1002 noP to being a vegetarian on S95!5. questions and observations in my log$ It+s li/e any on line community. brain. from all around the world. including things that I would have missed if I+d stayed vegetarian$ I ate a shee"+s head Beye. more than that. I did do some heavy . were dro""ing su""ortive comments.6 with "oor lower bac/ form in my second or third month.ut suddenly members I didn+t /now. less tension. but he has never said PcongratulationsP about any of my =6s. saying Poh.P P%oly cra". grounded and solid in a way that "leases me very much$ -hat imaginary bac/ in5ury that I was so afraid of when I started out didn+t ha""en$ Dell. it seems you have undergone a ma5or transformationP$ . struggling and achieving new =6s as you do the same. no. chemicals and additives. P3ou loo/ e!actly the sameP$ My mother+s first comment was of regret. Pwhoa. and 5ust feel comfortable in my own s/in in a way that is new to me$ In recent family "hotos there is a big difference between the others and meN I loo/ substantial. and "aid the "rice. it+s a very bonding and encouraging e!"erience$ I was su""osed to meet u" with S9 Member Mouse in *ugust '00# for a beer when I was 174 . and I+ve made him watch the videos$ I hadn+t seen my sister in 10 years and when she saw me she said. etc$ but I live in a region where there are o"tions available to address these issues$ In the meantime I have sam"led some of the world+s best food. 5ust don+t in5ure yourselfP and Pwhen are you going to sto"GP %e+s a good guy and he+s ha""y for me.

but I wanted Mehdi and the other Strong9ifts members to /now how dee"ly transforming S95!5 can be$ Aither start the "rogram or don+t$ Dhen you really want to ma/e a change. do the wor/. and soon they sto""ed "osting$ Sim"le$ -he growth of Stronglifts since '00) has been astounding. "ainful continues still$ She fought hard to get well enough to leave her wheelchair. other than to tell others that Mehdi+s "rogram "ays off in real results$ My hat is off to you. changing bodies and changing lives$ 9oo/ around at any training log with &0 "ages inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ 9oo/ at "age 1. the "rogram will be here. the less "ain she feels$ She can tell her own story some time. es"ecially com"ared to the recently 5oined 40 year old guy who wants to start S95!5 but is worried about hurting his bac/$ Strong9ifts has given me focus and information that I have found to be too difficult to get elsewhere$ It was the right thing at the right time for me. some senior and some around the same level$ -here are some names I recogni4e from the earliest days on S95!5 and lots I+ve never heard of$ Averyone is going through the same "rogram and it is startling to reali4e that I+m getting to be one of the senior members. 7anada$ 175 . and to this day I feel worse about it than if I+d touched the bar while s"otting someone on a new . balance and confidence in ways that ama4e her doctors$ She has reduced or eliminated all her medications. and I can+t believe how good I feel on this "rogram$ It+s not what I imagined myself doing at this age. but I can+t argue with the results$ -he combination of mental and "hysical benefits from this "rogram are truly life changing. Mehdi$ 3ou have created something very "ositive and unique$ I want to add a quic/ bit about my wife in here.ut he+s been there every time I+ve made a "ost in my log. to quit her crutches. offering su""ort and encouragement and "ushing me on to my ne!t =6$ -he S9 community is a crucial "art of S95!5$ I+ve seen some "eo"le dro" out because they never got into the community. . some 5unior.traveling in the IK$ I had to cancel because of family commitments. 5ust someone on line$ . never "artici"ated by as/ing questions and encouraging others$ Aventually S9 members sto""ed going to chec/ on their logs. since she has been doing S95!5 for almost two years now$ In Manuary 1### a s"eeding car hit her while we were wal/ing home$ %er recovery has been difficult.P. 4'. she has never loo/ed bac/$ She has built strength. but I+ve never felt it affected the sim"le truths of the "rogram$ =eo"le still trac/ their "rogress and that of the ten or so other members they follow. and I don+t /now what /ind of than/s is really a""ro"riate for that.ench =6$ Dho is this Mouse guyG I don+t /now. and to eventually wal/ without her cane. then S95!5 is not for you$ * huge "art of life is 5ust showing u" and doing what is e!"ected of you$ Moin S95!5. then loo/ at "age &0$ If you don+t see results that you would li/e to have for yourself. show u". and when your log is &0 "ages long you+ll wonder why you didn+t start sooner$ Strong9ifts Member Keith a/a PKI.7. has beaten de"ression and is shedding unwanted fat$ -he stronger she gets. and once she got on Stronglifts and started squatting.

. concerned about my shoulder$ >ever squatted below "arallel with weights before.“ I remember my "ays prior to strength training an" can@t help but marvel about the simple yet powerful approach !trong/ifts has provi"e" me. I 5ust went along$ & months "assed.44G 41 54.5/g R#0/g R(0/g R&5/g R&5/g Since then IQve come a long way$ . somehow decided that I was quite strong and "ut me on to a & day s"lit . only about 1' /gs at most$ I was stunned and that was my wa/e u" call$ I decided better late than never and 5oined a gym$ I was almost 41 yr old that time$ -he gym did a "hysical assessment. but there was no real im"rovement and I started doubting my own decision$ -hen I suddenly develo"ed a wea/ness in my left arm$ *fter waiting for a cou"le of wee/s.or the first time in my life I crossed 55 /g . itQs natural for us IndiansC and held him close. I ran to him. sat down Bsquatting. 1H0cm B5Q&WC tall with 5#/g . I found that I couldnQt$ My legs buc/led$ I had to ta/e su""ort of the wall to get u". comforting him$ Dhen I tried to get u" holding him. and heQs real s/inny. slightly underweight Bnot s/innyC but never really strong$ In Mune '00( my H yr old son hurt his fingers in a doorframe and started crying$ Since wife was busy coo/ing.D$ I have continued with strength training thereafter$ It is li/e an addiction getting stronger$ -he lift figures s"ea/ for themselves$ -he ?%= may seem smallish. routine$ Since I didnQt /now much about lifting at that time.. never did a barbell "ress before$ Guru: Gains *ge .D$ I have always been a fit "erson.5/g &5/g '0/g &0/g 10/g 6ec . "ress L but no "ain$ 176 . %i.ench =ress 'o" .44< 4' 5#/g 1'5/g 100/g H5/g 45/g Gains so far))) R&. IQm @uru from India$ IQm 4' years old. I went to a doctor who said it was a minor shoulder in5ury S "rescribed com"lete rest$ *fter about a monthQs rest. not overweight. but itQs over 0$)5. I was ready again to hit the gym$ In the meantime I had been reading articles on the internet about lifting S came across Strong9ifts 5!5$ Initially I was a bit ta/en bac/ by the conce"t of squatting & times a wee/ and wor/ing your full body every time$ %owever. I read the "osts in the S9 7ommunity S some of the training logs of Stronglifts Members L the "rogress some of the guys had made was ama4ing$ >ow the decision was crystal clear L If I had to gain strength I needed to get on Stronglifts 5!5$ -hat was end >ovember '00($ Initially it did feel funny L starting with em"ty bar on the Squats S Deadlifts$ ?n the "resses I even started lower.ody weight B5+&FC Deadlift Squat .D S fran/ly I would never have thought that I could lift 45/g overhead$ *nd I never had any issue with my shoulder again$ I do feel that my lifts are a bit low where the shoulder muscles are involved L bench.

I had to carry my younger son u" S down a tre/ Babout a /m u"hill S & /m downhillC since he got tired$ It was quite manageable$ *t wor/.est thing that ha""ened during this was that I got my technique nearly "erfected for squat S bench. but othersQ as well$ I can recall quite a few occasions when I was feeling down S then I went through someoneQs training log and felt my attitude com"letely changed$ My wife is not anti lifting. eggs are available. Mehdi im"ressed u"on me that when the weight gets to your ma!. Mumbai. even if it seems ridiculous$ 7oncentrate on "erfecting your technique B-he S9 community is awesome in this regard L "ost your videos S youQll get so many constructive commentsC$ Increase weight "er wor/out till you fail$ In short L follow the "rogram to the letter$ Dhen you canQt "rogress anymore. "ictures.I can now get u" from squatting "osition with both my sons sitting on my shoulders$ ItQs very easy$ I do not have a "hysical 5ob. I remember my days "rior to strength training and canQt hel" but marvel about the sim"le yet "owerful a""roach Strong9ifts S "articularly its community has "rovided me$ Must get in the gym and start with an em"ty bar. and so is mil/$ Dorst difficulty that I faced is that itQs almost im"ossible to get chal/ here$ 9uc/ily my brother is in IK S I as/ed him to bring some when he came on a vacation$ I cannot em"hasi4e enough the contribution of the Strong9ifts community S the S9 Members in the im"rovement in my strength$ I found so many friends in this community$ More are in the ma/ing$ Most of this is due to my training log. body measurements. I canQt discuss my gym time with her nor share my small trium"hs$ So the only "lace to share them is inside the S9 community$ If youQre in a doubt that it is too late to gain strength. diet S the ob5ectives$ %e sure has a very systematic a""roach to the coaching$ . but does not share my interest or enthusiasm about it L meaning. India$ 177 . 4'. e!ce"t that whey is e!"ensive and being a vegetarian I have to resort to whey$ *nother thing is non availability of cottage cheese$ %owever. I 5ust tal/ed almost everyday about how good it felt to wor/ out$ In March '00# I enrolled for MehdiQs coaching "rogram for ' months$ -he first thing that im"ressed me was the amount of information he as/ed from me$ 7urrent lifts. I ins"ired two of my colleagues to start wor/ing out$ I didnQt tal/ them into it. and it was reassuring to /now from Mehdi himself that my deadlift technique was already quite good$ Aarlier I had develo"ed a tendency to deload at the first signs of failure$ %owever. last 5 wor/outs. but recently when we went on a vacation. switch to &V5 first and then o"t for an intermediate routine li/e Madcow$ Strong9ifts Member @urunath a/a E@uruF. slight com"romises are to be acce"ted S tried to im"rove u"on$ %e made me increase the weight every time I got all the re"s$ 6eally hel"ed move my bench S "ress u"$ @etting "rotein is not an issue in India. which I started right in the beginning$ ItQs a great source of motivation L not only my own log. there are am"le e!am"les to the contrary$ I am 5ust one of them$ Aven today when I squat with 100/g across my bac/.

''5lbs and I+m wearing &4 5eans$ My 5ourney started well before Strong9ifts 5!5 over &00lbs in the fall of '00)$ I thin/ I crested close to &15lbs but started dieting and wor/ing out at &0)lbs$ So I+m not far from a 100lb weight loss Bthat+s almost a Su"erModel$C 178 .. and couldn+t get u" a flight of stairs without getting winded$ My 5oints hurt and my 4' waist "ants were tight$ I was miserable and decided I had enough$ *t my wife+s insistence we 5oined a gym and started wor/ing out$ I changed my diet to >? fast food or "re made "rocessed foods$ I started eating brea/fast. ''5lbs$ Se"tember '00) I got on the scale and loo/ed down at &0)lbs$ I was fat. no bread. fish and dairy with a few berries and nuts$ >ot e!actly *t/ins. I was basically starting from scratch on Strong9ifts 5!5$ *fter 1 year and & months hard wor/ including H months on Strong9ifts 5!5 I feel greatJ I feel a hec/ofalot better at 44 than I did at &4$ Dhen I started S95!5 I was '&)lbs. * little about myself.“It wor&s for s&inny &i"s loo&ing to grow big an" it wor&s for mi""le age" guys nee"ing to get stronger an" healthier. but my own diet of no sugar. but without near as much muscle$ >ow I+m at 1)$H2 .. etc$$$but a lot more variety than a lot of low carbers with lots of cardio and machines$ I could barely do '0min on the treadmill and lift fairly low weights on the machines$ -here were a few machines I couldn+t even fit on$ My gym offered a circuit room with a similar setu" to a P7urves$P I s"ent a lot of time in building basic fitness while dro""ing "ounds$ Dhen I got to about 'H0lbs I reali4ed I wanted more from my wor/outs and needed to get to the free weights and wor/ a "lan with some goals rather than 5ust messing around with the machines I li/ed$ I did a lot of web surfing and followed a fairly common & day a wee/ body se"aration "rogram for a cou"le of months$ I discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 while surfing for information on squats$ I started squats on the Smith machine on advice from another gym buddy. which I used to s/i"$ I ate low carb with lots of veggies and meats. 44y old. but shortly reali4ed I should be doing full squats in a "ower rac/$ My squat and dead lift form suc/ed$ My lower bac/ was one of my wea/ "oints$ Aven though I came a long ways with my weight loss and I thought I had some fitness. no "otatoes. H+1P.

eventually you+ll start adding weight and moving forward$ Aven when you+re stuc/ and it seems all your doing is de loading. etc1 I+m not the 1( year old s/inny /id loo/ing to get stronger. here+s the cool "artN my original wedding ring does not fit$ It+s too big$ It falls off my finger$ It+s actually fallen off & times lately and I was luc/y to find it$ -hat says a lot about how my body has changed$ It+s cool to thin/ that I was lighter then but fatter than I am now$ I am no longer worried about the scale$ It+s all about body fat and measurements from here on out$ It+s been over two years since a found Strong9ifts 5!5 and I+m still following the "rogram and still getting stronger$ I can now Squat '(5lbs 5!5 and I started with the bar$ It+s not always been smooth and there have been a lot of challenges but if you can ta/e anything from my e!"erience it would be "ersistence$ My issues were not my age so much but my years of inactivity. it will wor/ itself out eventually$ I had a lot of wee/s of ' wor/outs or only did Squats once rather than & times$ I never gave u" on the "rogram$ I didnQt change it$ I didnQt add anything or substitute anything$ I 5ust struggled$ Several times I+ve let myself stic/ at a certain weight far too long rather than "ushing through$ -he thing is you really gotta add weight$ Aven if you 5ust grab those little '$5+s that+s still an increase$ 9oading u" the bar and watching other "eo"le in the gym can seem a daunting tas/$ -a/e your time$ @o at your own "ace but /ee" loading the bar$ 9isten to your body and do what you have to do but /ee" "ushing through$ Strong9ifts and its S9 7ommunity is one of the best things that+s ever ha""ened to me$ 6eading through the forum I+ve found a lot of other li/e minded Members that I could learn from and contribute to$ -han/s guys$ I thin/ what is difficult for "eo"le to gras" is the sim"licity of Strong9ifts 5!5$ Dor/out *. -ennessee IS*$ 179 . I+m the 4'. reallyG 6eally.ollow the "rogram and /ee" it sim"le$ S9 Member Scott a/a E7leaveF. now 44 middle aged family man wor/ing to regain control of my life and cure myself of years of sitting at a des/ and inactivity$ It wor/s for s/inny /ids loo/ing to grow big and it wor/s for middle aged guys needing to get stronger and healthier$ I believe it too/ me a year to get to Enormal$F * year to get to decent core strength and mobility levels that would actually allow me to move forward with strength gains$ It too/ me a while to 5ust get PhealthyP enough to lift$ If you+re really struggling and it doesn+t seem li/e you+re are ma/ing any headway reali4e that if you /ee" at it. if your /ee" at it. no s"lit routines.Dhen I got married about 1' years ago I was about '15lbs and wore si4e &( "ants$ I+m now bac/ down to ''5lbs and can wear &4 comfortably$ ?/. and it 5ust ta/es a short amount of time to com"lete$ @ranted. as you get to heavier weight you will need more time between sets. sitting at a com"uter all day. no leg day. being over weight. 5ust barbell com"ound e!ercises that use all your muscles all the time$ .. but that+s it$ >o machines. 5ust & e!ercises. wor/out . 44.

did a lot of swimming$ Deight was in the low '00Qs$ -hen after college I let myself go$ Ouit e!ercising$ ?ver the course of about the ne!t '0 years I ballooned u" to over &50 "ounds$ %ad no real concern to do anything about it$ * few attem"ts at weight loss with no success$ Mune &rd '00( changed all that$ -hat is the day I had a heart attac/$ Averything has changed and will never be the same$ My Dr$ told me to lose weight by any way that I could$ -he only diet I had any success with was the *t/ins Diet so that is what I went with$ . and recumbent cycle$ Dumbbells started at ) "ounds$ I was u" to 10 "ounds at the com"letion of rehab$ . dumbbells. but with method to my madness not really sure how I was "rogressing$ I remember though struggling to bench ''5 "ounds for H re"s$ I also remember attem"ting to squat in a smith machine$ I could not fit in the machine$ Did not li/e trying to squat in it at all$ In fact there were a lot of machines I could not fit into$ * "ress machine I would ma! out at 1'0 "ounds$ I discovered Strong9ifts 5!5 by doing a search on the internet$ I was loo/ing for something sim"le to follow$ I was not really interested in getting strong or gaining muscle$ My main concern at that time was still weight loss$ I read Mehdi+s boo/ and /new immediately this 180 . add more weight lift to failure$ 6e"eat for H sets or so$ Dould try to get in 5 e!ercises$ >o real "lan in "lace$ I was ma/ing some decent gains.y December of 0(Q I had my weight down in the '#0Qs$ Dinter "ut a dam"er on things as I wal/ outside and it was getting 5ust too cold$ @ained some weight over the winter. and rugby for ' years$ Das also an avid bicyclist and a lifeguard. soccer for eight years. “ I am >orman from @unter -e!as$ I am the Director of Information -echnology for a financial services com"any$ I do a lot of sitting at wor/$ Sedentary life style for '0R years was my biggest mista/e$ It almost cost me my life$ In my youth I "layed baseball for two years. I was fluctuating between '#' and &05 "ounds$ I decided I needed to add more than 5ust wal/ing to my routine$ * friend at wor/ got me into weightlifting$ I started out lifting a different body "art every day of the wee/$ =ic/ a machine that was available lift failure. I still have a har" time believing I can loa" up 4(4lbs onto my bac& an" squat.or e!ercise I chose wal/ing$ I wal/ed a lot$ 1R hours a day 5 to ) days a wee/$ I also com"leted si! wee/s of cardiac rehab which involved treadmill.“!trong/ifts too& my abilities to heights that I never woul" have "reame" possible. but once s"ring came around I started wal/ing again$ Deight came bac/ down.

hard to tell through all the hair though. weight is now around &'0 "ounds$ 3es.44< 4& &05lb 402 #5lb 45lb 45lb 6ecem(er . and 501lb dead lift for a 1'')lb total$ I am very "leased with this for my first meet$ It is a lot harder to lift in front of an audience with "eo"le 5udging you than at the gym$ I have "layed many s"orts in my life. lol$ &52 body fat going with the >avy measurement$ I am still not ha""y with my body fat. for sets$ I am sure that was quite a site$ I did bum" u" the weight a little more aggressively after that$ 'orman:s Gains *ge . for the first time in a very long time$ 9oo/s li/e I have added a lot of muscle to my bac/ and shoulders.was I wanted to do$ I donQt thin/ anything could be laid out any easier$ I did not have to /now any data about what my (02 of 1 re" ma! or how many times can I lift ^ amount of weight ( times. but now I feel li/e I am on the right "ath to do something about it$ My clothes are fitting good again$ . that will ma/e my ne!t com"etition even better$ I highly recommend anyone lifting to go com"ete$ 9ifting heavy weights does not increase blood "ressureN it has decreased blood "ressure for me.4@4 44 &'0lb &52 501lb 515lb &15lb Gains so far))) R15lb 52 R40Hlb R4)0lb R')0lb -his is before<during for me$ I am still on Strong9ifts 5!5$ Started at age 4&. it is time for rows$ I get most comments about squats and that I squat very low$ I 5ust com"leted my first "owerlifting meet$ It was both humbling and e!citing. calves. but it was easy$ I too/ first "lace for Masters 6aw S%D division$ It is very rewarding$ I also learned a lot in mista/es that I made. but I loo/ed at my bac/ the other day. ')5lb bench "ress. I can not wait to do another one$ I "ut u" a 451lb squat. same height.lood =ressure Deadlift Squat . even being obese$ My blood "ressure while I was sedentary was always 140Qs L 150Qs < #0Qs L 100Qs$ ?ver time my blood "ressure has been dro""ing as I e!ercise more and burn more calories$ * lot of wal/ing for a year then diving into Strong9ifts has allowed me to lower my blood "ressure to acce"table levels$ Dhile I was on blood "ressure 181 . 500 "ound one re" ma!$ . but because of what I can lift$ %ave a bar loaded to ''5 "ounds sitting on ground and someone wal/s by and as/s if it is deadlift day$ >o. with a guy yelling E"ut some weight on the barF. but not # times$ Start with an em"ty bar and go from there$ I started my first wor/out with an em"ty bar$ HQ4F &05 "ounds of me with an em"ty bar.ench "ress 5!5 '50 "ounds &15 "ound 1 re" ma!$ I still have a ways to go on Strong9ifts 5!5 these numbers are all going to go u"$ I get a loo/ of loo/s$ >ot because of my loo/s. even at over &00 "ounds I have managed to "ut on weight$ -his is not easy to deal with mentally.orearms.ody weight BH+4PC .ench =ress August . and shoulders are now "retty close to being fat free and I can see fat subsiding from other areas Squats 5!5 4)0 "ounds 515 "ound 1 re" ma!$ Deadlift &!5 445 "ounds. body fat was "robably around 402$ >ot a ha""y time in my life I really did not want to /now what it was$ -oday age 44. there was EonlyF 501lbs on the bar. but this is the first time I have individually "erformed in a com"etition$ Averyone there was very friendly$ -here was "lenty of "eo"le cheering me on and offering advice$ -he best com"liment I got was during deadlift.

ut. 44.inalSO9F. I want bigger muscles$ . li/e anyone else.medication for awhile I have been off of blood "ressure medication for over a year now$ *t my last chec/u" my blood "ressure was 1'5<)0 and in Mune my triglyceride to hdl ratio was less than '$ -his is without any medication$ *t the time of my heart attac/ my triglyceride to %D9 ratio was more than &<1$ %D9 was only in the &0Qs and triglycerides in the high 100Qs$ 9D9 and triglycerides can be controlled with food$ -riglycerides. consult with a Dr$ before doing any form of e!ercise. I waiting a year before lifting weights$ If you have had a heart attac/. when I do eat sugar they go u"$ 9D9 is tric/ier. I can wait on those to /ee" my vitals in chec/. almost '0 "oints higher since my heart attac/$ I got to cut bac/ on the carbs and sugar$ Sure. but it seems it follows triglycerides$ *s of late I have started eating more carbs<sugar and they are going u"$ %D9 on the other hand is very hard to control with dietN even drugs have a hard time with %D9$ -hat leaves actual body weight and e!ercise$ *s I have been e!ercising more and lately lifting very heavy my %D9 is going u". for me.ut. are directly tied it sugar$ Dhen I do not eat sugar they go down. to be able to ta/e my abilities to heights that I never would have dreamed "ossible$ I still have a hard time believing I can load u" 515lb onto my bac/ and squat$ I have never belonged to another community better than Strong9ifts+$ Averyone is very hel"ful and encouraging$ It is nice to be able to return the favor$ Kee"ing a training log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity ma/es all the difference$ 3ou can go bac/ and read what you have done$ Aven better other Members comment and cheer you on$ :ery "owerful motivationJ I went from heart attac/ Mune '00( to squatting 5!5 Z 4)0 "ounds in 5ust over ' years$ 1 year after starting Stronglifts 5!5$ -here is no "rogram out there that could have "ossibly got me further along than Stronglifts 5!5 did$ S9 Member >orman a/a E-he. what S9 5!5 let me see about myself. @unter -e!as IS*$ 182 . that really made my year$ -ruth be told I was a fairly strong individual before ever weight lifting$ . and I am not done with linear "rogression yet$ I was EfortunateF with my heart attac/ in that it was a minor one$ I did have angio"lastyN they run a tube into your femoral artery loo/ around with a video camera$ -hey find bloc/age and inflate a balloon to aide in fi!ing the bloc/age$ Mine was not e!treme enough to require a stint$ * stint would have slowed down my recovery and /e"t me on medication longer$ My Dr$ encourages me to lift weights$ My heart can handle it fine$ I have never had any heart issues lifting weights$ I did not rush into lifting weights after my heart attac/$ ?ther than the ) 10lbs dumbbells I lifted during cardio rehab. let alone weight lifting$ *s long as your Dr$ a""roves I say lift heavy$ I felt good enough that I 5oined a soccer league and "layed an entire season of outdoor soccer$ I had a lot of fun$ * remembrance of my youth.

waiting would be advisable as the outcomes would be better$ * few Psco"esP later do to cartilage tears and it was decided to go ahead with the *79 reconstruction B1###C$ =rior to the reconstruction I went thru at least three different bracing systems and always had issues with stability regardless of the amount of Pmachine trainingP I engaged in$ S/iing was out as was soccer.ut I+m more than confident he+d be ?K with the a""roach as he+s the team doc for the . I finally found an ortho"od who correctly diagnosed the issue and had me underta/e a""ro"riate "hysical thera"y and had me fitted for a brace$ 6econstructive surgery was "ut off for as long as "ossible as the state of *79 re"air was changing ra"idly and the doc+s o"inion was that ma5or advances in the field were coming.ootballC$ 183 . the water<s fine.9 *merican . I<m much stronger than I<ve ever been in my life.uffalo .ills B>. 7has Maloney a/a E. though I was a bad rehab "atient trying to do too much too soon and ended u" with wic/ed "atellar tendonitis in both /nees$ I found Strong9ifts 5!5 though an economist+s blog H months "rior to 5oining the S9 7ommunity$ I read and re read everything Mehdi had "osted and it seemed to ma/e a great deal of sense$ It certainly beat the hell out of what I had been doing "reviously$ I had no concerns in underta/ing the "rogram as I had gotten through the worst of my /nee issues$ I had been told to stay away from leg machines once I was through with =so I was already doing a lot of single leg . >ew 3or/ IS*$ Self em"loyed$ I started lifting on machines as that was the only equi"ment available$ >o "articular goal in mind other than to Pdo somethingP$ Dith "redictable results$$$ a lot of Ps"un wheelsP and wasted efforts$ 9ong term /nee issues stemming from a torn *79 suffered while "laying indoor soccer in the early 1#(0+s$ Due to any number of issues the in5ury was not adequately addressed for more than a year$ *fter suffering through numerous. minor traumas..D wor/$ I never tal/ed with my doc about S95!5 or Squats$ .uffaloF. any racquet s"orts were always touch and go$ -he surgery was a %I@A success.“2y a"vice for any 4)K yHo is to Bump in the pool.

vlad.riends have definitely noticed the changes whether at the gym. 55. ac/nowledged my attainment of "ersonal goals. aty"ical1. even with the e!tra weight.ody weight Bat H+&PC Deadlift Squat . foam roll and get a masseuse$ Don+t be afraid of the de load. "lan time off as well$ S9 is a 5ourney.H. >ew 3or/ IS*$ 184 . myscat. Mehdi and others whose logs I+ve lur/ed and or commented on over all these years$ My advice for any 50R y<o out there is to 5um" in the "ool.44< 55 '00lbs 405lbs '(5lbs '10lbs Gains So far))) R'5lbs R&15lbs R'40lbs R1H5lbs I+ve never had my bodyfat measured but I haven+t changed belt si4es$ I+m denser. "ay attention to mechanics. mouse.uffaloF. ma/e sure you have chec/ed with your doc that you+re good to go for any general "hysical activity and Squat "ast "arallel$ -he beauty of the S95!5 "rogram is that you don+t have to re create the wheel. %olvoetn. danmarmu. not a destination$$$en5oy your time under the bar$ Do not e!"ect overnight results$If you have /nee issues. solid as it were$ Shirt collars and bo!er short legs are a bit tight. grounds/ee"erwillie. guru. /ib. on the court or out casually and I really li/e the way I feel$ *nd certainly.I started 5!5 because I wanted to get stronger all over and "ut on some weight$ *ny benefits for my /nee were secondary$ I started with the em"ty bar as I had never used free weights$ My "rogress with S95!5 was far beyond anything I had e!"erienced on my own or thru rehab on any number of levels "hysically. accountability and information$ S9 Members have /e"t me going when I+ve gotten down on myself. but until then 5ust follow the "rogram$ S9 Member 7has a/a E. mac/anno$ adamr. I+m much stronger than I+ve ever been in my life$ I stalled early on the Squat and got a little frea/ed out$ I found a "owerlifting coach in the area and went to her for a cou"le of sessions to nail down form and 5ust tal/ through some technical things that I wasn+t able wor/ thru on my own$ Squatting has never been an issue with my /nees or hi"s once I nailed down the mechanics of a "ro"er Squat$ My /nees feel fine and are no longer a"t to swell after long encounters on the Squash court$ *nd by the way. bobu. I haven+t lost any foot s"eed$ -hat was something that the coach stressed$$$ how. rere. suit coats are definitely tighter in the shoulders$ . offered thera"y advice when I suffered a groin in5ury Bnon S9 related by the wayC. you can loo/ for alterations to Strong9ifts 5!5. baugm5/.44G 5& 1)5lbs #0lbs 45lbs 45lbs @. at home and at wor/$ Chas: Gains *ge . gave me "artners to com"ete with Balbeit electronicallyC$ Dho are they. Mehdi+s done all the "rogramming for you$ ?nce you "ut in the hours and that means a year or two. I might be quic/er off the mar/ due to all the leg and PcoreP wor/$ My mechanics of movement are much im"roved on the court lunging and recovering$ -he Strong9ifts community has been huge source of encouragement. mentally. the water+s fine$ =ut the ego aside and start with the em"ty bar. m5h. hel"ed me set realistic goals.ench =ress 4?H.

5ust smaller "ortions$ >ow that my weight is down it seems it+s going to be easier to maintain my new 185 .lood =ressure Deadlift Squat .44G H'y 1#Hlb &(F 1&H<(# #0lb 45lb 45lb .ench ..“I won the +9 !tate $ea"lifting 1hampionship in the 2asters G)-GL.44< H&y 1(5lb &4F 11)<)H &&5lb &10lb 1H5lb .ody weight B5+11FC Daist .4@4 H4y 1(0lb &4F 105<)5 410lb &45lb 1)5lb Gains)) 1Hlb 4F R&'0lb R&00lb R1'5lb *ll in all this has been a great e!"erience and I+m not "lanning on giving it u" any time soon$ My s"are tire is finally gone$ Strong9ifts 5!5 hel"ed me become more aware of my body and to change my eating habits$ I don+t necessarily eat healthier food. ?aw Amateur "ivision. I+m a self em"loyed veterinarian with a daily commute of 55 miles each way "lus I own and o"erate a &H head horse farm with 5ust my wife and I o"erating it$ I don+t have a lot of time leftover but I need to stay healthy and strong to continue what I+m doing$ Infortunately I li/e to eat and not healthy foods e!clusively$ 3ou young guys who want to gain weight 5ust get married$ I gained 50 "ounds in a year and have been trying to lose it ever since$ In the "ast I+ve tried cardiovascular and got bored$ .rom ?ct 0) thru *"r 0( I was doing su"er slow weightlifting but its not very rewarding to do e!ercises when failure is the end"oint of each set and I had not seen much results$ * local trainer had an article in the "a"er saying to lose weight you needed to add muscle and if you weren+t squatting your were wasting your time$ So I googled squatting and found Mehdi+s site$ I was e!cited about Strong9ifts 5!5 because of it+s sim"licity and the fact it used squats which was what I was loo/ing for$ ?ne of my reasons to start the "rogram was to find a way to /ee" a healthy weight without giving u" the foods I li/e$ My only concern was whether or not I would stic/ with it$ -he first ' wee/s I read thru Strong9ifts 5!5 and followed the "rogram e!actly as described$ Bo(:s Gains *ge .

IS* 186 .and I got myself into a over trained situation$ My blood "ressure and resting heart rate went u" dramatically$ *bout & 4 wee/s after sto""ing the cardio everything came bac/ to normal$ Deightlifting alone hasn+t caused it to go u"$ I stayed with 5!5 until Muly '010 and then I+ve dro""ed down to &!5$ In deference to my age and ability to recover I switched to a schedule of two days rest between sessions some time ago$ *lthough I consider myself still on the "rogram I+ve twea/ed it a little the last few months$ Dhen I increase my =6 on squats and deadlift by '0b I ta/e a wee/ off and automatically deload by '02$ I+ll "robably continue that until I can no longer regularly "roduce new =rs$ 9ast summer I won the >3 Sate Deadlifting 7ham"ionshi" in the Masters H0 H4.obuF.6aw *mateur division$ . H4yrs. gave me reinforcement and allowed me to loo/ bac/ and see where things went wrong and right$ *lthough I try to /ee" a "hysical log it /ee"s getting mis"laced or I forget to u"date it$ I "robably wouldn+t have succeeded without the online training log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ ?ver all I+m e!tremely ha""y with what Strong9ifts 5!5 has done for me$ *lthough I+m still limited for time since I+m not retired I seem to want to find time to lift and loo/ forward to every session$ I recommend S9 5!5 to anyone my age even with no history of weight training$ I had little e!"erience and I thin/ it was critical for me to follow the "rogram e!actly as the boo/ describes it$ ?ver com"licating things is "robably a big mista/e$ *ge shouldn+t be a reason to not start S9$ Starting at my age you are unli/ely to be Mr *merica but you can+t hel" getting stronger and that+s never a bad thing$ -he big thing now in nursing homes is to get the residents to do resistance e!ercises so why not start before we go into a nursing homeG Maybe you can "revent or at least delay the need for a nursing home by being "roactive with our health$ ?n to year & and 1 year closer to MedicareJ S9 Member .ob a/a E. and instead of going u" stairs slowly I tend to run u"$ In the morning there+s no stiffness at all when I get out of bed$ In my case the most im"ortant thing in getting my blood "ressure down was to get my weight down$ -he only time I had "roblems was when I was adding in %II.body with weightlifting$ I+m now actually needing to force myself to eat a little more 5ust to /ee" from losing more weight$ I feel better "hysically and thin/ I loo/ better$ I wouldn+t feel self conscious in a bathing suit$ Ouite a few of my clients have remar/ed about how good I loo/$ My wife isn+t big on the whole e!ercise thing but I thin/ she agrees I+m in better sha"e than I was & years ago$ Since I+ve started Stronglifts 5!5 I+ve seen a dramatic increase in strength and density of muscle$ I feel better and have more energy than I have in years$ >o 5oint and leg "ain.oth the results and the "ositive reinforcement from comments from Strong9ifts Members on my training log inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity /e"t me going$ -he log /e"t me honest. >ew 3or/.

that+s it$ I was 14 years old. so I "ut on about '0lbs in a cou"le months after starting Stronglift+s 5!5$ I reali4ed that maybe there was something to this$ Dhen I focused on 5ust gaining strength. but I slowly got stronger and "ut on weight$ . I remember going to the gym for the first time$ I was wea/ and weighed a s/inny 140 lbs$$$ to be honest I really didn+t li/e my life$ It was that bad$ I "layed a lot of lacrosse. my form suc/ed. In the summer of '00). 1) years old. HQ0F. but not many$ I had absolutely no confidence. I weigh a "retty ri""ed ''0lbs. I was afraid$ I was quiet and got "ic/ed on quite a bit that first year of high school$ I got "issed off and was really hitting the weights hard for H to ( months doing bodybuilding routines Bstuff out of maga4ines. I couldn+t really tal/ to "eo"le. an" gaining :4lbs in Bust over two years. no real structure to my wor/outsC$ -hat got me absolutely nowhere$ I gained 10lbs.ast forward to Se"tember '010.. . muscle started buildingJ -hen I was at the gym one day in the summer when I saw a guy moving some big weight around and as/ed if he was a "owerlifter$ %e said yes. but I didnQt really li/e lacrosse anymore$ I li/ed "ushing weight$ So when he as/ed me that question I re"lied that I wanted to com"ete in "owerlifting one day$ .or the start of school that year in Se"tember of '00( I thin/ I weighed 1)0 lbs. and "eo"le comment all the time on my si4e and strength$ I also Squatted a raw 501lbs. I stalled a lot. but I was even wea/ at that too$ In the early summer of '00( I came across Stronglifts$ . 5Q10F. 150lbs$ >o Squatting or DeadliftingJ I did a lot of curls and cra" li/e that. and said that I thought it would be cool to com"ete one day$ * few wee/s later I met another strong guy at the gym who as/ed me why I was training$ -hat really made me thin/$ I was currently on the "rovincial team for lacrosse Bstrength training hugely im"roved my gameJC. but wasn+t getting any better$ I had some friends.rom then on. this website has had a "rofound im"act on many areas of my life$ It wasn+t so easy at the start though. so I as/ed him a few questions.enched ')5lbs and Deadlifted 51&lbs in com"etition$ IQm currently aiming to win the 187 . I was good.“Getting my $ea"lift from (64lbs to 4L4lbs is the best thing I ever "i" for my confi"ence. That. and I was decent.

and built u" enough trust in Mehdi to try out his "rogram$ .ody weight Deadlift Squat . you start en5oying your time in the gym. 1). bice"s.ut I read every article on the site.44G 15y 5+10P 150lbs 1&5lbs 1&5lbs 1'5lbs Octo(er . /now what I meanG Inderstand that itQs not a quic/ "rocessJ Averyone wants to hear EH wee/s to a better body$F @uess whatG It doesnQt wor/ guys$ I s"ent years getting to the "oint IQm at now and I donQt yet consider myself strong or big$ Kee" wor/ing hard and youQll get where you want$ S9 Member Ma/e a/a EMa/eMcMillanF. .efore you /now it. or sociali4ing$ Don+t get me wrong I+m not the most social guy around. youQll "ut on muscle a lot faster$ 3ou need a good base to wor/ with. and you become smarter with your training$ .7 7anada$ 188 . absC but IQll tell you this. and wor/ on the so called Ebeach musclesF Bchest.4@4 1)y H+0P ''5lbs 545lbs 501lbs &05lbs Gains so far))) R)5lbs R410lbs R&HHlbs R1(0lbs -o sum it u". I+m larger than most of my "eers at 1) years old$ In 5ust over two years I brought my Squat from 1&5 lbs to 501lbs.ench =ress Summer . and Deadlift from 1&5 lbs to 545lbs$ I also strict =ress ''5lbs$ *lmost more im"ortantly.ast forward two years after starting Stronglift 5!5 and I+m a com"etitive "owerlifter weighing nearly (5lbs more than when I started$ I don+t consider myself strong or bigN however at ''5lbs and H+. youQre building slabs of muscles onto your body and you start to feel more confident$ 3ou might feel at some "oint that youQre better off 5ust going to the gym to isolate your muscles. itQs been long and hard to get to the "oint IQm at now. I didnQt thin/ it would do anything for me$ . bench from 150 lbs to &05lbs. if you build u" solid legs.7anadian >ational =owerlifting 7ham"ionshi"s in the 110/g class in *"ril '011$ Jake:s Gains *ge %eight . but I+m far better than before$ I also never get "ic/ed on because$$$ well. and gaining (5 lbs in 5ust over two years$ Starting to strength train suc/s. but a whole lot of fun$ I started out as a wea/ and insecure boy who 5ust wanted to "ut on muscle and gain confidence$ I did bodybuilding routines that did nothing for me$ Dhen I stumbled across Stronglifts. I thin/ most "eo"le /now better not to anymore$ I swear getting my Deadlift u" to 545lbbs is the best thing I ever did for my confidence$ -hat. I /now$ 3ou wal/ in there without much /nowledge on technique. youQre intimidated by the weights$ . you start to en5oy it$ -he results become addicting. that ta/es time. a solid bac/ and shoulders Bthe im"ortant stuffC. I+m confident and no longer have "roblems tal/ing to "eo"le.ut when you do something enough.

that I should gain weight or anything so I didn+t care$ -hen my "arents started commenting on how s/inny I loo/ed$ -his "ut me in a really bad mood a lot of the time$ -hen girls started saying the same. shoulder flies. calf raises. etc$ I trained alone in my flat$ I increased the weight by 5lbs every H wee/s or so$ I didnQt eat "ro"erly even though I thought I did$ I ate "orridge oats in the morning. dumbbell raises. "ec flies. I can@t actually believe I was that light. barely ever squatted. the usual eye test. and so did my friend+s "arents$ So I thought f]c/ it I+m going to "ut weight on and start lifting$ -here wasn+t much of a gym while I was at sea and barely /new body weight e!ercises so I "ut it off until I came bac/$ I reached 10$5 stone B14)lbsC around December '00# and basically "lateaued$ I couldnQt "ac/ on any more weight and was getting frustrated$ I" until this "oint I had been doing a 4 5 day bodybuilding s"lit. urine test etc$ -he doctor told me I was # stone B1'HlbC but he didn+t say anything about it. a sandwich for lunch and a "i44a for dinner and a "rotein sha/e after wor/outs$ *t the start of March '010 I met an old mate who was into lifting Bin one year he went from 10 stone and s/inny to 14 stone and lean and muscularC and he told me about Stronglifts 5V5 and @?M*D$ Dithin ' wee/s I got u" to 11 stone$ . I am Scottish and study marine engineering in @lasgow. forearm curls. and although I used a barbell I was doing isolation e!ercises such as bice" curls. messed around with it for a few months but didn+t eat "ro"erly or follow a "rogram and didn+t really see much gains so I gave it u" and let my weights gather dust in the shed$ Dhen I turned 1( in march '00# I went for a medical e!am 5ust before going to sea. long way from when I was (3Glb this time last year.“I am a long.ench =ress went from H0/g to )5/g and Deadlift from (0/g to 100/g$ In *"ril '010 I reached 11$5 stone B1H0$5lbsC and I was so ha""y to have made that much "rogress$ I set myself the target of getting to 1' stone before Mune '010$ 189 .. I am an engineering 7adet in the merchant navy$ I got a set of free weights for 7hristmas when I was about 1H.

and ha""ier$ It seems stu"id now but when I was still "retty s/inny I hated going into su""lement sho"s to buy big tubs of whey "rotein.4@4 Gains so far))) =(( routines> =? months SL/0/> 1#y 5Q#$5W 145lbs (0/g H0/g H0/g 1#y 5Q#$5W 1H5$5lbs 115/g 105/g (5/g &#. some of her male friends have as/ed my advice on bul/ing u" since they saw my results$ I love the S9 7ommunity and how su""ortive and li/e minded everybody is$ 3ou can tal/ to guys with similar goals and motivate each other$ I should than/ S9 Member KlimmilKSO here.romhellF. for the great "rogramme and friendly environment$ -han/s to the rest of the Stronglifts 7ommunity.44< =pre*training> 1(y 5Q#$5W 1'Hlbs < '5/g '5/g !arch . they can see it$ @uys at college who have been at the gym awhile now tal/ to me about weightlifting$ =eo"le I havenQt seen in months say I loo/ different$ Mostly I get commented on my bac/ or nec/ being thic/er than/s to Squats and Deadlifts$ My 5eans also no longer fit. I thought they would see me with it and laugh$ I used to hide the tubs of whey "rotein in my house in case my friends seen it and thought + you wor/ outG. 1#. even if I havenQt s"o/en to you. effective mass gainer. safer.Eurt:s Gains *ge %eight .5lbs R(0/g RH0/g I feel better$ I feel stronger. but I don+t want to be massive$ I thin/ 1(0 1(5 would be my ideal weight. bigger. the denim around my thighs and waist tightens when I wal/ than/s to Squats$ I am a long.4@4 June .ench =ress !arch . Scotland$ 190 . reallyG+$ >ow they don+t even have to as/. increased functional everyday strength. brave. trust me$ 7om"ound lifts are far su"erior to isolation e!ercises because L more muscles used. much more confident. she isn+t really into the big muscular loo/$ Since I reached my target weight of 1' stone she is ha""y for me to continue as long as I am ha""y. IQve "robably been reading your stories and it ma/es all the difference to /now IQm not alone$ If you are considering Strong9ifts 5V5 but are unsure of the benefits. she+s fine with that now$ In fact. long way from when I was 1'Hlb this time last year$ I canQt actually believe I was that light$ My girlfriend didn+t want me to get bigger than 1' stone.ody weight Deadlift Squat . strengthens 5oints$ -his "rogramme has been "roven to wor/ by myself and many others$ Moin the Stronglifts 7ommunity and ma/e a training log L other S9 Members can give you feedbac/ and you can trac/ your own strength "rogress$ See what wor/s and see what needs im"rovement by reading your own log$ I ho"e my story has ins"ired some "eo"le and "roven that it can be doneJ -han/ you Mehdi. for all their su""ort$ S9 Member Kurt a/a E. he hel"ed me a lot when I needed a question answered or 5ust somebody to tal/ about lifting with$ So than/s for all your hel" so far. less muscle imbalance.

and studying Information -echnology full time at college in =erth. Destern *ustralia$ . I lac/ed confidence tal/ing to "eo"le.efore I discovered S95!5 I was one of those /ids in the gym that didn+t have a clue what they were doing$ My routine consisted sim"ly of different variations of bice" curls in the ho"e that I would get big from "erforming such e!ercises$ I did that because that+s what I saw most "eo"le doing<tal/ing about. I+m Scott$ I+m 1( years old. big guns T bice" curlsJ My routine never had a consistent layout li/e Stronglifts 5V5$ I was training hard but wasn+t seeing the results I ho"ed for.4@4 1(y (0/g 14P #0/g (0/g )0/g Gains so far))) R15/g R'$5P R55/g R55/g R45/g 191 .“After following !tronglifts 474 I<m bigger than pretty much all of my frien"s who go the gym. rarely tal/ed to women and would never a""roach girls$ I had no real interest in s"ort.4@4 1)y H5/g 11$5P &5/g '5/g '5/g July . I had no gains at all$ I stumbled u"on Mehdi[s website while surfing in order to find a new wor/out routine$ I read some success stories and training logs from Strong9ifts Members$ *fter reading MehdiQs boo/ I decided S95!5 was the routine for me$ It seemed to be so sim"le yet effectiveJ *ll of my queries were answered within the boo/.ench =ress 5e(ruary . and those questions which I did have were "rom"tly answered by Members inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ Scott:s Gains *ge .efore starting Stronglifts 5!5 I was e!tremely s/inny although at the time I 5ust acce"ted my "hysique$ I thought you were either born big or you weren+t$ During this time I was unha""y with my a""earance and had a lac/ of confidence in everyday life due to this.ody weight BH+1FC *rms Deadlift Squat . having never really "layed much besides a few years of Soccer as a child$ -owards the end of high school many of my friends 5oined the gym. and u"on seeing their results I decided if they could achieve such things so could IJ .

I@$ S9 Member Scott a/a Esd0)0)W. you loo/ a lot differentF Balthough it+s winter so it+s not as noticeable but I+m loo/ing forward to summerC$ *fter following Stronglifts 5V5 and @?M*D I+m bigger than "retty much all of my friends who go the gym$ It was not until they as/ed what I was doing as my si4e began to ra"idly increase that they found out com"ound lifts and mil/ were far more effective$ Dhen "utting on the 15K@ via c @?M*D Badded '9 of full cream mil/ a day to my dietC I trained harder than I ever had before in order to minimi4e fat gains I was successful at this as the si4e of my waist did not change *.*99 Bstill &'F as when i startedC$ So a decent amount of the 15/g I gained was muscle$ I gained roughly HK@ in the first month with c @?M*D and had minimal fat gains$ *t first I found the form of the e!ercises to be my biggest concern L as in5uring myself would be the last thing I wanted to do$ *lthough after "osting form chec/ videos in the S9 7ommunity I was able to "erfect my technique$ . *ustralia$ 192 . =erth. lose weight or get big Bli/e meC$ *lthough remember. not 5ust in the gym but in my studies and all other as"ects of my life$ =rior to training when I was s/inny I was too embarrassed and shy to tal/ to "eo"le. motivation loo/ing at other Members logs and eventually motivation when Members were commenting on my before<after "rogress "ictures and the lifts in my 5^5 log$ . the routine is only one "art on the 5ourney to your goals lots of rest and a clean diet is essential if you wish to see the gains you desire$ 9ift big. whether that be to /ee" fit. as well as motivate you when you loo/ bac/ at how much stronger you have become over the last wee/ < month < year$ -he Stronglifts 7ommunity hel"ed me to reach my goals by "roviding answers to my questions when I was starting out.efore you question the effectiveness of S95^5 and @?M*D I highly recommend you give it a go. 1(.rom then on the weight I was lifting continued to increase1 I did in5ure myself a cou"le of times this was due to "oor deadlift form$ Dhen your starting out all you want to do is lift more and more and more$ I would recommend you start light and "erfect your form before you stac/ on the "lates this is essential$ If you use bad form li/e I initially did you will not see the gains you are ho"ing for and run the ris/ of severely in5uring yourself$ During one "oint of my training I was not ha""y with my Squat form Bnot going dee" enoughC so I reduced the weight and concentrated on hitting "arallel$ I don+t regret doing this as now I lift more than I was then and with much better form tooJ I thin/ everybody that underta/es S95^5 should /ee" a training log it+s a great tool in order to trac/ your "rogress. es"ecially women$ -oday I find I+m a lot better at this. eat big.-oday I feel more confident in every day life and a lot more disci"lined. rest big and you+ll get . I believe I+m living "roof that the routine is solid and guaranteed to give you the results you want. I+m having a lot more conversations and have a beautiful girlfriend too$ .efore I found concentrating at college hard but after a tough gym session in the morning I feel a lot better and therefore are able to focus more and e!cel at my studiesJ =eo"le often comment Ewow you+ve bul/ed u"JF or Ehave you started wor/ing out.

as I "ut on a little bit too much fat$ . but I got wea/er. I would not reinvent the wheel$ >evertheless. "ull day.ac/ then. 4 5 days a wee/ cardio. the way it was meant to be done$ I finally began A*-I>@ 4000 5000 calories a day$ IQm drin/ing more mil/ lately. I didnQt /now much about lifting and dieting for ma!imum results$ I was eating low calories. and I dro""ed to ''5$ -hat was the last straw$ *bout 5 months ago. in A:A63-%I>@1I was stuc/ in this cycle for months1 . I did control the volume and used only big com"ounds$ I shot u" bac/ to '40 in ) months or so$ I sto""ed eating a lot so my weight wouldnQt go higher. and I trusted it. I reali4ed I was scrawny and decided to bul/ u"$ I /new about Strong9ifts. always switching it u". I decided it was time to actually do something li/e Stronglifts 5V5 and eat big to gain bac/ my weight and then some.ront Squats as my lower body e!ercise$ I did a lot of different routines. and got sha"elier. 5 day s"lit$ *nd I thought I was muscular$ Intil one day in the summer of 0( one of my friends Bwho was "retty big and strongC found out I was giving lifting advice.“?eg 5ar& wasn@t B!ing anyone. if I could go bac/ in time. not enough food1 -hen I got the stomach flu.ig mista/e. never giving a routine even a whole & months$ . and he told me I am the last "erson to be giving that advice because I was so s/inny$ 7onfused. but with things li/e =ush day. *bout 1 year and ) months ago Bin that "icC.ad training. I weighed around 1#0lbs at HQ&F$ -his was after dieting down from '40 "ounds of all fat$ .rom there. legs day. but I didnQt follow S95!5 due to bodybuilder *DD$ I used all sorts of weird wor/outs that I tried to base off of Strong9ifts 5V5$ I used the ) main e!ercises. low fat. ' & on off days$ 193 . other than beginner gains. hy"ertro"hy re" ranges B5 ) re"sC$ I also tried doing everything &! a wee/$ It didnQt ta/e long for my lower bac/ to go cra4y in "ain$ I dro""ed Deadlifts for a while and did . H cu"s a day on training days. I bul/ed u" some good mass$ *fter all. it was hell$ I got stuc/ doing the bodybuilding stuff I wasnQt ready for$ I inflated a 9I--9A.

youQll be significantly bigger B6eg =ar/ wasnQt . 1#. com"ounds wor/. IS*$ 194 . a base strength is im"ortant and "erfect for relatively wea/ lifters to gain strength and mass$ Ma/ing a weird routine based off this will "robably yield better results than what most e!"erts in the gym are doing$ . but leaner since the last time I was '40lbs$ I believe I am HQ4F now too$ ?verall current goal is to be '40lbs at a leaner weight$ Dith some "ro"er effort and "lanning I ho"e to reach this goal within a year or '$ 5V5 wor/s. but I stuc/ to it$ Man. isos are not even close to being as im"ortant. it S-I99 wasnQt Strong9ifts 5V5 so I "lateaued$ -hen I 5ust did the damn routine itself$ It was a good decision$ -he results so farG It is li/e my second e!"erience of beginner gains$ • My strength is increasing "rogressively • My muscles are thic/ening u" • I finally have side and rear delts • -ra"s are loo/ing good • 7hest and arms bigger and harder • My abdominals are big • *nd I love my Estrongman gutF I learned how to use my "osterior chain in Squats and Deadlifts$ =osture is fi!ing itself$ I am stretching more often to "revent my lower bac/ rounding$ I am counting calories to su""ort my "rogress as needed$ I am '40lbs again. I am glad I smartened u" early on BI am still 1#C$ *nyway.ut following a "roven routine focused on linear "rogression is tough to beat$ I was really underestimating Strong9ifts 5!5$ Must because it says build u" you base strength doesnQt mean youQll get strong but not big$ .Sing anyoneC and most "robably more than satisfied with it$ I love the results so far and canQt wait to see how strong and big I get before advancing from S9$ S9 Member EKillerdudeF. 9os *ngeles.It was mentally tough.y the time the weights are too heavy for adding weight every wor/out. if you ate enough.

though$ %owever I lur/ed the forum a bit and came u"on a lot of "eo"le. and made e!tremely little gains$ My bench went u" only went u" '0 "ounds over that time. he said something along the lines of EDhich machine. and attending my last year of high school$ I am of *sian origin. as I was always a s/inny<scrawny /id being "ushed around$ %owever the main reason was self esteem. ?ntario$ I am 1). I would 5ust end u" going to the gym and "utting on whatever I felt li/e. such as S9 Member Mi/eD B"age '00C.ortunately I was doing some online reading regarding squat form and by chance came u"on the S9 website$ I read the "rogram and it sounded really good. the 4ero machineGF It was comments li/e that which were said frequently that at first brought me down. what was great was that the idea of E"rogressive loadingF is very sim"le and really clic/ed$ I doubted that only &! a wee/ wor/outs would wor/. My name+s Dei. and when some /id in the change room overheard me saying I ma!ed out the machine. and he made me reali4e that it was the big com"ound movements that were /ey to strength gaining$ %e ended u" giving me a decent "ush<"ull<legs routine.“ In 6 months I went from a guy who ha" to "rag himself into the gym every "ay to a guy loo&ing to compete in 5owerlifting. with alternating shoulders and bac/ every other day$ I trained li/e that for around 4 months. and for the last ' months I did the same weight for each e!ercise$ I then started tal/ing to my friend. I really got sic/ of always being called the s/inny /id. which was dro""ing some assistance e!ercises and going from 5!5 to &!5 to /ee" wor/outs shorter$ It wor/ed out well for me. however there was no log or "lanning to it. as can "robably be determined by my first name$ Many "eo"le thin/ that *sians are all genetically s/inny. which would usually be the same weight as a "revious wor/out$ . who had "reviously been my "ersonal trainer$ %e actually too/ the time to sit down with me and discuss training. and actually made good gains with it$ My 56M Squat had already gone u" &0lbs. and my deadlift 56M was u" 50lbs$ Infortunately due to my school hours and commute home. I+m currently residing in ?ttawa. I found that I was often not finishing S95!5 wor/outs$ I ended u" following one of MehdiQs suggestions in the e boo/. that had made great "rogress using it. I was on the verge on brea/ing my year ( month old bench "lateau. I was ma/ing good linear "rogression and finishing all my wor/outs$ 195 . or being made fun of whenever I loaded a barbell because it was not as much$ ?ne day I ma!ed out the calf machine. and that was the lift I had gained the most on$ I also "lateaud on "ractically every lift. and decided it was definitely worth a shot$ I gave S95!5 a shot for about & wee/s. and use this as an e!cuse$ %owever I gained all following about half a @?M*D$ -he ability to gain weight at a novice stage is limited only by the dedication of the trainee$ I used to be an avid bas/etball "layer since the age of ( and started to really get into lifting in the summer of '00#$ * small reason was to "erform better at bas/etball. however I eventually decided to channel it into training energy$ Infortunately I started out with a bodybuilding "rogram I got from a guy I met at the gym who was quite big Bwhich influenced his advice a lotC$ It was basically chest every day.

as well as seeing what has wor/ed and what hasenQt. and the least you can do after reading my story is to give it a shot yourself for & months$ If you find your not ma/ing "rogress BMost li/ely do to E3>D-=F symdromeC then you can dro" it and go bac/ to whatever "rogram you were "reviously doing$ S9 Member Dei a/a PD3SP. I find that I love weightlifting more right now. so they can re"licate success$ Aven though I do not follow the S9 tem"late. however now I find it easier to acce"t who I am and be more o"en with even random "eo"le. a necessary "art of someoneQs training$ I was s/e"tical when I first read about the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram. and whenever I had "roblems or was "issed off. I could cran/ out a heavy wor/out and feel better immediately$ I used to have low self esteem. and I find everything else in life a lot easier than a set of heavy bac/ squats$ Strong9ifts has hel"ed a lot by giving me a "lace to write a log.4@4 1)y 5+10P 1H5lbs 1&2 45'lbs &'0lbs 1(5lbs Gains so far))) R1F R15lbs R12 R'')lbs R115lbs R50lbs . to really see that "rogress has indeed ha""ened. which has really hel"ed me ma/e new friends$ It hel"ed that "eo"le at my gym are very liberal with com"liments. 1). ?ntario.ocused weight training has become a "assion for me. I still /ee" a log here to /ee" my own "rogress. 7anada$ 196 . as well as to receive feedbac/ from other "eo"le$ I would most definitely recommend a log to someone else.<D .ody fat Deadlift Squat . I love everything about it and in the s"an of & months I went from a guy who had to drag himself into the gym every day to a guy loo/ing to com"ete in =owerlifting in the near future$ -he gym became an esca"e for me.4@4 1)y 5+#P 150lbs 1'2 ''5lbs '05lbs 1&5lbs June . something I believe to be the most crucial "arts of training$ * log allows someone to loo/ bac/ u"on "ast training.ody weight . es"ecially during times of lac/ing motivation. because &! a wee/ with 5 e!ercises a wor/out does not seem to be s"ecific enough$ %owever me and "eo"le li/e me have achieved big results with S9 or similar "rograms$ It wor/s. and only "lay bas/etball as a s"are time hobby$ Deightlifting has carried over to everything else in my life though.Wei: sGains *ge %eight . for all of the above reasons$ -hey are. in my o"inion. not necessarily on my si4e but on how much IQm lifting. all you have to do is "ut aside any doubts and try it for yourself$ -here is no cost to trying a "rogram.ench =ress !arch GD . even if it isnQt even close to what a lot of them are lifting$ -hough I got into weightlifting for carry over to bas/etball.

1$ -he site was easy to navigate$ '$ It e!"lained D%3 it did things$ &$ -he information was in a easy to understand format$ 4$ %ad lots of success stories which motivated me to try it$ 5$ It straight away said you need to bust your a]] to get results$ I was a little worried that I was going to lose all the body weight strength s/ills I had develo"ed but decided I would give it a shot and see how I felt after a month$ *fter all.or the "ast 4 years I have "racticed "ar/our since a friend showed me a video$ -hrough this I develo"ed an interest in strength and conditioning$ I got a "ullu" bar. but they are nice. started with 5ust the bar to get a feel for technique. slow. as well as a very su""ortive family$ .y Mune '00# I had tried a variety of s"orts loo/ing for one that would have a carryover to =ar/our but none really held my attention$ I was browsing the net and saw "eo"le discussing weights$ I" until this "oint I was an advocate of body weight only training because I believed weights would ma/e you big. great friends. and infle!ible$ -his belief came from a lot of lies being "osted on various forums as well as things "eo"le said$ . and went for a month before the gym closed$ -he iron bug had got me and it would be & months till I got to satisfy it$ -he new gym too/ ages to o"en so I searched for one that was accessible and not e!"ensive$ I didn+t find any that filled my criteria$ 197 ... an ab wheel and dumbbells$ I wor/ed u" to a set of '0 dead hang "ullu"s. I wouldn+t lose much strength in the month if it didn+t wor/$ So I decided to give Strong9ifts 5!5 a shot in Se"tember '00#$ I 5oined my uni gym.iona. Scotland$ I+m 1# and 5ust finished my 'nd year studying =hiloso"hy at *berdeen uni$ I have an awesome girlfriend called . I+m Scott ?+>eill from *berdeen.ut after reading an article about why athletes can benefit from weights I reconsidered my views$ I went on a cra4ed search of the internet learning as much as I could and saw "eo"le tal/ing about Strong9ifts on multi"le sites$ *fter finding several strength training "rograms and com"aring them I decided to go with Strong9ifts 5!5$ DhyG Dell for a few reasons. could do & or 4 "istols and was able to hold the front lever for & H seconds$ I also ran s"rints and did circuit training involving bur"ees$ .“I "on<t train for the compliments .

circuit training & days a wee/$ Scott:s Gains *ge .4@4 1#y )'/g 110/g 55/g < 45/g July . ridiculous self belief$ If I want something I DI99 achieve it$ >ever doubt yourself$ -he dedication that consistently hitting the weights builds as well as the will"ower needed to finish heavy sets has carried over into my everyday life$ I feel way more confident in everything I do$ Dhen you /now you+re throwing around weights heavier than the average "erson you start to feel li/e a su"er hero$ Kinda hard to be daunted by anything when you have this feeling$ -he feeling of "ower you get when you brea/ a =6 is unbeatable$ *t these "oints I feel li/e a warrior and /now I can do anything I want$ I got multi"le com"liments since I started lifting$ -he other day when I was training "ar/our multi"le "eo"le said I was + too strong+$ -his ma/es me feel great because these guys can do some cra4y things$ . very ha""y guy$ -his is the best "resent I+ve ever had$ It has had such a "ositive effect on my life$ I also got a bench but there were "roblems delivering it which meant it too/ until late March '010 before I got it$ I thought I was strong but was humbled on 7hristmas day$ *s I had my month of e!"erience I wanted to test my ma!es on everything$ >ot the most sensible thing to do when I hadn+t touched a barbell in & months but I was curious$ *fter & months I changed from 5!5 to &!5$ . you got me.arbell.or the second & months I was doing =ar/our almost every Saturday$ In Mune '010 I dro""ed to ' strength wor/outs a wee/ and added conditioning L s"rints.. and s"otter catchers$ I was a very. so I /inda love it$ I+ve ri""ed ' "airs of 5eans cos my legs and ass have grown$ I have went u" a shirt si4e from medium to large$ -o"s that used to be baggy are now fitted$ I+ve had to throw out a lot of clothes$ *nd of course .ench =ress ?verhead =ress !arch . e looks like a !restler.ody weight BH+'FC Deadlift Squat . and gained muscle$ ?nly "roblem is she /ee"s trying to sna" "hotos of me now when she isn+t grabbing my bum$ ?/. K>?DI>@ that I could it with 1002 certainty$ -his is one of the most im"ortant things I develo"ed though lifting.iona has a to"less "ic of me which her brother saw$ %e said :Scott as a%s of steel. I can cheat and easily "ic/ them u" now$ ?ne "roblem is clothes$ ?/.C I can carry<move things around easily that other "eo"le struggle with$ It+s also good fun that when "laying s"orts with my mates.iona I told you she was awesome and my fol/s got me 1H5/g of weights.4@4 1#y ))/g 1(5/g 110/g #0/g )5/g Gains so far))) R5/g R)5/g R55/g R#0/g R&0/g I managed to "ull 1(5/g in H months$ I did this by thin/ing. I don+t train for the com"liments but they are nice .iona loves it I+m stronger.& months later and it+s 7hristmas time$ . fitter. a '0/g ?lym"ic . no. once again it+s not really a "roblem$ 198 .

I could get 10 15 fresh$ I also /noc/ed out 1' strict deadhang "ullu"s the other day after a intense session Bset my deadlift =6C$ 7ould easily get more if fresh$ .C but not in the same way as with "eo"le who train$ . I was only 5o/ingF $ Develo"ing my ma!imal strength has hel"ed my e!"losive "ower$ I have a much high vertical. ?%=.or me I thin/ it+s im"ortant to /ee" several body weight e!ercises in use as they seem to fine tune my strength and ma/e it su"er a""licable to =ar/our$ I now recommend the addition of heavy com"ounds to everyone I train with$ Dhen they as/ what I mean I give a brief e!"lanation and "oint them to Stronglifts$ If however they say that lifting will ma/e them bul/y. or unfle!ible I sla" them and give them such a long s"iel that they will never again as/ that question in case they receive another equally long tal/$ *lthough I don+t "ost a lot I do chec/ the Strong9ifts 7ommunity fairly often and everyone has hel"ed me "ush myself$ 6eading about everyone on there wor/ing to ma/e it ha""en is seriously motivational$ -han/s everyone$ It+s good tal/ing about training with "eo"le who actually train$ S9 Members share the same mindset and have had similar e!"eriences$ :ery few of my friends in real life get +it+$ I can tal/ about training with . deadlift. I+m now doing things that "eo"le suggest 5o/ingly when we are out$ I was hanging from a bar and someone suggested a e!"losive "ullu" to the higher bar$ I did it and he told me EDow. she /nows a lot about strength and fitness now . writing the articles.D strength$ . Scotland$ 199 . slow. and a larger broad 5um" L largest within the grou" of "eo"le I train with$ I can re" strict muscleu"s had to /i" before$ My front lever has gone u" without training it Balmost 10 seconds nowC$ =istols are easy now. 1#.ench$ 7onsistency is more im"ortant than anything else$ -here is no quic/ fi!.Dith regards to =ar/our my added strength has launched me to new levels. and /ee"ing the site u"$ S9 Member Scott ?+>eill a/a PScott?>P.or someone who doesn+t train my "ost might come off as elitist or me bragging but S9 Members who have been through this and /now how great it feels /now that I+m 5ust another guy who is "leased with what he has achieved$ Stic/ with the S95^5 "rogram for at least 4 months$ -his will give you a chance to learn the movements and e!"erience some awesome strength gains$ If you still don+t want to do the "rogram then at least use a "rogram that focuses on the basic com"ound lifts Squat. *berdeen. .iona which is great.asically the strength I+ve got from lifting has had awesome carryover to . you have to do the wor/ to get stronger$ If you wor/ hard the results will come$ *fter having such a great fun lifting I+m "lanning on entering a "owerlifting com"etition at the end of the year$ *fter I see how I stand against the other guys in my weight class I will then be going and training li/e mad till I deem myself ready to enter and win$ Mehdi than/s for ma/ing such an easy to follow "rogram.

higher volume. and I squatted u" on my toes Bbut went all the way down at least. it consisted of the squat. something I can<t say I ha" in any meaningful way before. some days 140$ It+s amusing to thin/ bac/ at that because my training now reflects the same need for e!cess.or years I couldn+t climb a foot u" the ro"e. whatever$ Made my arms big. hahaC$ I dabbled with wrestling and /ic/bo!ing. because it wasn+t easy$ *fter following the obsessive "ull u" regimen. in (th grade we did the ro"e test again$ >ot only was I the only "erson who climbed it in my class. but it was unfulfilling$ -he ro"e climb feeling 5ust wasn+t there. I+m 1#. and went at it$ I wasn+t concerned about the Squat volume or sets across.. but I+ll get to that$ * big thing for me was actually in gym class$$$I never was good or cared much about s"orts but any feats of strength there were I was eager to "erform$ . and got ro"ed into a lot of . wor/ing u" to around 100 a day B5 every & minutes for an hour.. bench and row &! a wee/$ -he strength gains were addictive$ My squat hovered a little over the '00 mar/. with ease$ -he clear relation between wor/ and results got in my head and never left$ So I used anything I hadN which sadly was my sister+s 10lb e 4 curl bar that had around (5lbs of weigh on them$ I curled BduhC. forced re"s. downloaded the boo/. but when I finally got out of it and also sto""ed wrestling BI was around 1)C I went bac/ to the weights loo/ing for something else$ I /new this was the only thing I li/ed$ I found Stronglifts through my sister actually. My name+s Mi/e. read it. strict restC. my bench around 1H5. but it was always a relief to come bac/ to the weights$ I finally got a bench and squat stands when I was around 1H. and a lot of times I felt I was dragging into the gym to 5ust Pget wor/ doneP and not be PfatP or something$ Aventually I got on a "rogram that I thin/ was some form of S9 Intermediate. and I thin/ my row wasn+t even 1&5$ *fter this there was a lull where I got into the /ic/bo!ing and such. ing stuff$ Dro" sets. I overhead "ressed Band I guess I cleaned it tooC.“I foun" something to "efine myself with.and this "issed me off$ *nd anyone who could do it had a certain esteem about them. not even with my legs. I live in >3 and I have a retail 5ob Bli/e most 5obs "eo"le get while going to schoolC$ I started training when I was 14. doing "ull u"s on a bar my dad had set u"$ I became obsessive with them and did too much "robably. but I did it was 5ust my arms. in fact I had wished the "rogram 200 .

but my body com" is changing still$ . I feel great$ Strong. which I feel was the lynch"in to my whole entry into this. but I never had a big a""etite and I had my eye on "owerlifting for awhile so I /e"t my weight similar$ I+m leaner and dense as hell. ma/ing me believe this was a Pgood thingP I was doing$ =eo"le mostly com"liment my strength. "retty much any clothing loo/s good on me. aside from the dress shirts that are too damn small for my nec/$ -he loo/s thing 201 .4@4 =Current> 1#y 1H5lb 450lb &H5lb '&5lb Gains R15lb R'50lb R1H5lb R)0lb I com"eted in a "owerlifting meet on on Mune 1&th '010 in >ew Mersey . where I hit a &50 squat.2 loo/s around 102 or less w< visible abs$ *ll I can say is after finding Stronglifts.44< =-nd SL/0/> 1(y 1H5lb 405lb ')5lbs '05lb July . hahaC$ I also feel li/e my character is stronger.. something I can+t say I had in any meaningful way before$ Dhat do "eo"le sayG I+ve always had the su""ort of friends<family. and now hover comfortably around 1H5.44G =Start SL/0/> 1)y 150lb '00lb '00lb 1H5lb !ay . haha$ If I had eaten more I+d be "retty damn big right now. because being a light weight guy you don+t e!actly cast a shadow over everyone with your mass. feeling aware of where I can "ush my limits$ I feel as if I found something to define myself with.I had done before was li/e that$ I li/e doing more rather than less$ !ike:s Gains *ge .ench =ress 6ec . and that I can deal with "eo"le more easily because of a greater sense of self worth$ *s for loo/s. ''5 bench Bmissed '40 on a technicalityC and a 450 deadlift in the 1H5lbs weight class$ I 5ust squatted &H5 in training and "lan to hit 405 in my ne!t meet in >ovember$ I was always a s/inny so my waist was always &0 &' inches$ I gained about 15lbs "urely by accident.ody weight B5+(FC Deadlift Squat . and the most useful guy most "laces I go when things need to be moved around Bwor/ing with mostly women<girls highlights this.

>3 IS*$ 202 . strong. get stronger. either$ ?ne ought to en5oy the "rocess of becoming strong and useful$ -o everyone who read this and 5ust started lifting. it means a lot to me so than/ you$ . good luc/J *im high but /ee" your head down and wor/. and I still saw great "rogress. muddy.or any /id loo/ing at S9 or heavy com"ound lift wor/ in general. strong4rugby. aty"ical. though halfway through the "rogram I began doing it as written$ If you+re smart about it and actually do it as written. but I "ut *99 of them in the se wor/out &! a wee/ for a good & months before I started burning out$ 3es. among many others who always give su""ort /ee"s me hungry to do better$ Sorry to not name all but to anyone "osting in my training log. and not have the overuse in5uries I accrued$ So the ta/eaway. lift heavy. 1#. and feels a bit s/e"tical$$$don+t be$ -his is the basis for becoming a big.never made me much more confident. es"ecially in a commercial gym where nearly >? ?>A is doing what you+re doing. it was 5ust something I feel li/e I didn+t worry about anymore$ -he accom"lishment of getting stronger carried over much more to my confidence out in the world$ -he Strong9Ifts 7ommunity thing was huge. and you+ll be seriously wrec/ing it if you give it time$ S9 Member Mi/e a/a EMi/eDF. and "ressed heavy. I went against the "rogram and didn+t alternate the lifts. use barbells. you+ll "robably do better. so it hel"s$ Seeing the strong "eo"le and other "owerlifters in the ma/ing hereN 5a/emcmillan. useful human being$ 3ou won+t overtrain from the wor/$ 6emember how I said I lli/ed e!cessG >ot only did I squat & times a wee/ and deadlifted. be 7?>SIS-A>-. connecting with li/e minded "eo"le Beven "owerliftersC was big for me. benched. wellhairedbeast. and wor/ very hard$ It wouldn+t hurt if you found a reason to do so that ins"ires you. Mim Slade. and getting more encouragement was great$ -his business of strength can get a bit lonely.

“2y !quat. so I decided to commit to the S95!5 "rogram and see what would ha""en$ Dhen I started lifting. I had a dis"ro"ortionately strong lower body. clearly wasn+t trying to scam me. I live in . and contained a wealth of information 5ust below the surface in the form of daily blog "ostings$ Dhat I li/ed was that everything Mehdi was saying. corres"onded with a lot of the other information I was researching inde"endently$ *fter reading through the main blog "osts. and never had a real "rogram$ I stumbled u"on Strong9ifts$com in *ugust '00).7=* '00( . I wanted to get bigger and stronger so I could /ic/ ass on the field$ I had lifted weights for a while. it was because I wanted to develo" the "hysical tools I needed to e!cel at rugby. My name is Myles. and absolutely loved it$ It was "ut together in a way that was easy to understand. I com"eted for the first time$ My 203 . $ea"lift an" total were all provincial recor"s in the sub Bunior category.5lbs 50Hlbs '0&$5lbs ?n >ovember '&. although I haven+t "layed com"etitively in about a year$ Dhen I began the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram in >ovember '00).44F 1)y 15#lbs 1(5 ''5 105 !arch . while doing research towards develo"ing an a""ro"riate strength training "rogram.ench =ress 'o"em(er .ritish 7olumbia. '00(. and everything about the "rogram. but s"ent most of my time on machines. good genetics. at the .44G 1(y 1(0lbs 4&4. which I attribute to good leverages.44G 1)y 1))lbs ')5 &05 145 'o"em(er . and am currently a student$ *s my user name might suggest. I am a rugby "layer. and lots and lots hill s"rints over the years$ !yles: Gains *ge . 7anada. everything started ma/ing a lot of sense to me.all 7lassic. and I go by 6ugger inside the S9 7ommunity$ I+m '0 years old.ody weight BH+0FC Squat Deadlift .

which I+m sure you can ma/e room for$ 7ommit to following the "rogram for three months. tree trun/ legs.squat. and may have encountered some of the same challenges you are facing$ 7om"eting with others online. 5ust frigging do it$ S95!5 is not the "erfect "rogram. they went away com"letely$ *fter gaining '0lbs and more than doubling my strength I feel li/e a com"etitor instead of 5ust a recreational athlete. and loo/ forward to a lifetime of s"orts and training$ -hroughout this whole "rocess I received a tremendous amount of su""ort from the Stronglifts 7ommunity. I have one thing to say.5/g • Deadlift '&0/g • . I didn+t sustain a single in5ury which "revented me from "racticing or "laying. the . who is maybe hung u" on some of the details.7 "rovincial records in the sub 5unior category$ • Squat 1#). because there is no "erfect "rogram$ %owever.5/g • -otal. and total were all . instead of 5ust bouncing off of them$ In the entire first season of rugby I "layed after strength training. you can always do something else$ .ench =ress #'. who has never strength trained with a "ro"er "rogram before. but after getting my deadlift and squat strong. and "osting your best lifts in the =6 thread is also a great way to stay motivated$ -o anyone who is considering starting Stronglifts 5!5. in contrast to being an in5ury "rone wrec/ in "revious years$ I always had issues with my lower bac/ and /nees. to loo/ing li/e an adult male in good "hysical condition$ In a relatively short "eriod of time I had acquired a broad bac/ and shoulder. deadlift. 115'lbs at 1)4lbs bodyweight -he difference in my body after my first si! months was night and day$ I went from a s/inny /id with a bit of a gut. that you can follow with consistency$ Must do it. and doing so on the S9 forum allows you to interact with other Member who have similar goals. and began to see the value of "utting consistent effort towards a goal$ My athletic "erformance also increased greatly. and a little bit of female attention$ -he whole "rocess of transforming myself "hysically changed me mentally as well. '0. I+ve develo"ed a "assion for "hysical fitness.AS. it+s only three hours a wee/. a lot of which was muscle. I could actually feel "eo"le move as they absorbed my momentum.7.est of luc/ with your training. I had gained around '0lbs. Strong9ifts Member Myles a/a P6uggerP. a wide chest. . 7anada$ 204 . whenever I went into a tac/le or hit a ruc/. an ass. but my s"eed had actually increased$ ?n the rugby field."rogram will always be the one that gets you in gym. then ma/e u" your mind$ If you aren+t convinced that training com"ound movements with heavy barbells is the way to go. I became generally more confident and outgoing. having /e"t a training log almost as long as I had been lifting$ Kee"ing a log is an absolute necessity for anyone serious about training.

weighs around 205 . he said he did and we both committed to doing so from that day forth$ De "urchased a 50/g . aggression and a strong com"etitive s"irit$ %e continued to increase his s/ills and was selected for 7ounty trials at age 1'<1&$ -he trials came as a bit of shoc/.arbell set and bench BStandard not ?lym"icC and began doing everything wrongJ . no consistency or real "lan$ So as you would e!"ect the results were negligible$ I then decided to research how successful athletes Bnot 5ust rugby "layersC "re"ared and trained for their s"ort and in "articular s"eed and agility$ -he one thing that came u" time and again was to get stronger$ -his then lead me on to sites such as Stronglifts$com *fter reading all the information and all the blogs<forum "osts Band I do mean *99C on Strong9ifts$com I decided that S95!5 was the way to go and we "urchased a "ower rac/ and 50/g more weight "lates off ebay$ %e started Strong9ifts 5!5 in the rugby off season in *"ril '00( and we both couldnQt be ha""ier with the results$ %e started with 5ust the bar Bstandard H foot bar.. I put this "own to !/474. I would li/e to start this off by saying a massive than/ you to Mehdi and the Strong9ifts 7ommunity who have hel"ed enormously$ I am writing this to tell you the success my son has had on the Stronglifts 5!5 system$ My son is an ambitious rugby "layer and has "layed in Angland since he was # years old$ %e was always blessed with the things that you canQt teach L courage. I as/ed him if he wanted to ta/e rugby very seriously and train li/e a "rofessional and use this set bac/ as a motivator to build a body that was so athletic that no selector could deny him. the selectors were not interested in the "laying ability but rather the athletic "erformance of the /ids$ My son was not selected$ *t this "oint.“2y son was selecte" for county rugby trials G months after being reBecte". Than& you.odybuilder ty"e s"lit routine with no linear "rogression.

he shouldnQt be lifting that much weight at his age. "rowler sled wor/ and tractor tyre fli""ing. friends other rugby "eo"le.ody weight .1/g '2 R1&'/g R14'/g R('/g R54. than/ you$ In the Anglish rugby youth set u" B*ge 1& L 1)C there are rugby academies lin/ed to =remiershi" clubs called A=D@s BAlite =layer Develo"ment @rou"sC$ 1 year after starting Strong9ifts 5!5 my son "layed for a team against the A=D@ and although the team lost. it was difficult to get & Strong9ifts 5!5 sessions in a wee/N sometimes this was done once or twice a wee/$ During the off season the "rogram was followed religiously along with & sessions a wee/ of hill s"rints. he im"ressed in the game and was invited to 5oin the A=D@$ %e continues to love rugby and still wants to "lay "rofessionally Bbut understands the li/ely hood of this ha""eningC but also now loves weight training with a "assion$ *s a father. collar bone.44G 1&y 5+4F 5'. who all seem to have an o"inion on my sonQs develo"ment$ -he usual views are often e!"ressed weight training will stunt his growth.)/g 1'2 140/g 150/g #0/g H'. 7ounty and A=D@ -eamsC he now "lays ma/es it very hard to do and recover from weight training$ %is current schedule is the following$ 206 .. although we count it as 5/gC on all lifts. s"eed wor/ etc for strength cardio$ Diet L -his has generally been an average teenager diet i$e "retty cra""yJ De have toyed with whey su""lements in "eriods but have 5ust tried to gradually increase the amount of calories consumed and "rotein "er day$ -his is the only area where my son has not been consistent$ -his changed this year when he made a conscious effort to consume 5000 calories a day using @?M*D$ %e has now done this for & months with im"ressive results$ So. it is sometimes difficult to hear dissenting voices from family.5/g (0/g 1H re"s Gains so 5ar))) RHF R&&.4@4 15y 5+10F (5. 5th metatarsal and torn his ac 5oint "laying rugby$ 3ou do the mathJ -he amount of rugby training and games B7lub. bro/en his wrist.H/g 142 (/g (/g (/g (/g (/g 0 Sep . its dangerous blah blah blahJ %e has >A:A6 once in5ured himself doing Strong9ifts 5!5 BI su"ervise every one of his training sessionsC and only "ositive things have come from it$ %e has however.ench =ress =ress =ower 7leans =ull u"s April .5/g R)'/g -raining L Due to the amount of rugby he "lays.(/g.ody fat Deadlift Squat . we re"laced . rows for "ower cleans Bonly change to the system we madeC$ Gains *ge %eight . school. the results Ba"art from the significant weight and strength gainsC are that he was invited after being seen "laying to another county trial where he was selected H months after being re5ected$ I "ut this down to strong lifts.

someone or something will /ic/ you in the ass$ If you have a son who is serious about his s"ort. "owerclean B5!5 lower re" "ower sessionC =M A=D@ rugby -raining Dednesday L 7ounty -raining -hursday L School rugby training . who doesnQt want thatG 3ou only get out what you "ut in and consistent hard wor/ will "ay off$ -han/s again Due the age of my son. chest. this /ee"s you motivated$ • -here is no such thing as a [%ard gainerQ L eat moreJ • Ignore what other "eo"le are doing and believe in the system$ • 7hase your dreams.-S Bstill trying to add '$5/gC Saturday L School Match or day off Sunday L 7lub match -he things we have learnt $ • 6ead *99 the information Mehdi has "rovided and follow itJ • .e consistent • -rac/ your "rogress • *ll ways try to beat your "revious lift.riday L Stronglifts L *99 9I.• • • • • • • Monday L School rugby training -uesday L *M L squat. I would highly recommend Stronglifts 5!5. he has learnt so much on his 5ourney so far that will ho"efully benefit him in adult life$ 6ugby and weight training are very similar in that they teach you self disci"line and control and that you should be humble and not have an inflated ego because if you do. they might 5ust come true$ Aven if my son doesnQt achieve his ultimate goal of being a "rofessional rugby "layer. you will add substantial muscle to your frame and develo" an athletic "hysique$ -his "hysique will greatly im"rove your strength. s"eed and "ower in the s"orting arena. the thought of him squatting anywhere near 100/g was a scary thought but now he squats 150/g and he is in com"lete control of the weight and I have no issue with it because of the way he has "rogressed$ -he myth that is still "er"etuated today is that weight training will stunt a young "ersonQs growth$ -he truth is that this is totally unfounded$ I did my own research before allowing my son to start and the evidence and now our e!"erience shows this not to be the case$ Deight training has no im"act on a childQs growth "lates and you are more li/ely to damage them "laying s"orts such as soccer. which in turn will im"rove your game$ -he system starts with low weight. rugby *merican football etc$ * sim"le Internet search li/e I did will show that this IS 5ust a mythJJ If you follow the Strong9ifts 5!5 "rogram as my son did. I have requested that we remain anonymous$ I am however more than ha""y to discuss any of what you have read here inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity$ * "roud father S9 Member Ewarrior###F. which allows for the technique of the e!ercise to be "racticed and develo"ed$ Dhen my son first started. Angland$ 207 . it is a safe and effective system which will enhance your athletic abilities.

.esources A.T 3 208 .

<<stronglifts$com<stronglifts 5!5< intermediate< advanced< ladder of strength< StrongLifts on 5ace(ookD T+itter and &outu(e =lease 5oin me on all the different Strong9ifts social media "rofiles to gain access to more strength and muscle building strategies.<<stronglifts$com<stronglifts htt".o+) • • • • • htt".<<www$youtube$com<user<stronglifts< StrongLifts latinum Coaching rograms • htt".#o+ to !aster TechniBue on the SBuatD BenchD 6eadliftD ress and Bar(ell .<<stronglifts$com<how htt".<<stronglifts$com<how to to to to to master master master master master the the the the the squat< bench "ress< deadlift< overhead "ress< barbell row< StrongLifts Training rograms • • • • htt".<<stronglifts$com<how htt".<<stronglifts$com<stronglifts htt".<<stronglifts$com<"latinum coaching< Bif availableC Comments and 5eed(ack • mehdi at stronglifts dot com 209 .<<faceboo/$com<stronglifts< htt".<<stronglifts$com<how htt".<<twitter$com<stronglifts< htt".<<stronglifts$com<how htt". ti"s and videos$ • • • htt".<<stronglifts$com<stronglifts htt".

everything is "ossible$ Members who have been where you are can "oint out "otential ha4ards. suggest way to im"rove them.ecei"e Support) 3ou can as/ questions to over '0. loo/ing bac/ at your own training log and seeing how far you+ve come will boost your motivation because success breeds success$ -hree. encouraging you to wor/ through "lateaus or challenging moments in life. most of my friends do not lift weights. ti"s to im"rove your diet. review of your technique videos. your virtual training "artners will as/ where you+ve been$ -his is very im"ortant if you train alone$ Skyrocket &our !oti"ation) -his comes & way$ ?ne you have Members following your log. genetics. ages. most guys are sim"ly holding me bac/$ Maybe that+s been your e!"erience too$ -his is the e!act same reason why my most accom"lished Strong9ifts Members claim that the Strong9ifts 7ommunity has been absolutely crucial for their success$ %ec/. encourage you and give in"ut based on what they see you doing and not doing$ *ll of this boosts your accountability because if you don+t u"date. ) days a wee/$ Ouestions about your training. and the handful who actually Squat aren+t as serious about it as I am$ -his is why I+ve trained mostly alone during the "ast ) years.$ %ere are 5ust some of the benefits they en5oy. for e!am"le for the Strong9ifts Strongest Man title$ Gain $nspiration) -he number 1 thing that holds guys bac/ is time and time again themselves L what they believe they can and cannot accom"lish$ Inside the S9 7ommunity you can connect with thousands of Members from similar bac/grounds. and congratulating you every time you hit a milestone li/e a =6$ -wo. then what I+m about to tell you will be of enormous benefit to you and your body$ >a"oleon %ill said in his bestseller T ink F 4ro! . • . facilitate good decision ma/ing. and it is the most essential "art of becoming successful Band staying that wayC according to >a"oleon %ill$ -he challenge is that strength training tends to be a lonely underta/ing$ =ersonal e!am"le.#o+ Often #a"e &ou Started a 'e+ Training rogram Only to 5all Off The Wagon Weeks Later And Gi"e 1p% If you ever identified with the above headline. those who do are into bodybuilding stuff. race$ 3ou can read over 'H00 training logs of guys who have transformed their body and life even though they had ElimitationsF$ *nd e!amining their transformation will give you a sla" over your head$ • • • 210 .000 Members from over 1() countries who have been in your "osition and achieved your goal. some have gone as far as calling it :integral to 5x5. and "rom"t you to action$ $ncrease Accounta(ility) 3ou can /ee" a training log visible to other Strong9ifts Members$ -hey can subscribe to your log to follow your u"dates. validate your good ideas. hold you accountable and with whom you can com"ete$ De call this a mastermind grou".ic that "ersistence was /ey to success$ -ruth is. the best training "rogram is the one you actually stic/ to$ -he secret is thus to ma/e Strong9ifts 5!5 "art of your lifestyle$ *nd one of the easiest ways to accom"lish this is to surround yourself with guys who /ee" you motivated. you can com"ete against other Members. bodyty"es. '4 hours a day. height.

211 . and free of all the bullies and meatheads then this will quic/ly become your new home$ . Stay strong. . Deadlifting 500lbs. guys who want to get no . crabs and other bullshitters that are so common on other online communities$ I+m a hard core success 5un/ie. and I li/e to be surrounded by guys who do not theori4e but who get things done$ -hat+s why the most active section inside the Strong9ifts 7ommunity is the training log category. but who doesn+t wal/ the wal/.a "lain vanilla forum$ De also do >?. 'H00 training logs.eady to Go% Click #ere to Join 1s I ho"e to hear from you soon. you won+t fit here$ -he Strong9ifts 7ommunity is for guys who are serious about accom"lishing their goal.a "lace where you+ll get flamed for as/ing the Eobvious questionF$ . bac/ed u" with in the trenches e!"erience from thousands of Members. I strongly believe that you have to 5oin us if you+re serious about achieving your goals$ If you are a guy who li/es mature and civili4ed discussions. and their continued "rogress as documented in their training logs has been sim"ly ama4ing$ Several Strong9ifts Members are Squatting 400lbs and even 500lbs.have any of those meatheads and armchair s"ecialists$ *nd it is certainly >?.Most im"ortant is that you will finally belong to a grou" of trusted guys who share your "assion for strength training and gaining as fast as "ossible in both strength and muscle$ It suc/s to wor/ in a vacuum$ 3ou need to air out your ideas in a "lace where you feel safe. who have overcome the challenges you+re dealing with at this very moment. and where you can receive honest in"ut from guys who you can res"ect$ 3ou will never get this /ind of usable in"ut from a bunch of drin/ing friends$ %ere you can interact with guys who bring years of e!"erience and savvy and "ro level s/ills to the table$ -his grou" might not be for you$ I do not have any "atience for bullies. of guys getting it done$ If you+re a guy who li/es to theori4e.ran/ly.enching &00lbs. the Strong9ifts 7ommunity is unli/e anything you+ve seen before$ Dhy do you thin/ it+s the biggest strength training community in the world counting more than '0. three even four years BI only started in '00) or I+d have older MembersC. trolls.$S$ answers to their questions from Members who have been where you are. almost 1)0. and who are where you would li/e to be$ It is >?. and their training logs are there for you to follow and e!amin$ De+re successful and I+d li/e to 5oin us$ *ctually.000 Members from 1() countriesG *nd /ee" in mind many of these Members have been with me for two.000 "osts. wiseguys.