THE HON JOEL FITZGIBBON MP Shadow Minister for Agriculture Member for Hunter

26 March 2014

Parliamentary Statement on Alex McKinnon
The horrific and tragic injury suffered by NRL player Ale Mc!innon re"inds us of the dangers of body contact sports# The young Ne$castle !nights for$ard hails fro" Aberdeen in "y electorate and of course% is a local hero and a great role&"odel for younger players# The tac'le $hich led to Ale (s injury $ill no doubt spar' a debate about rule changes% particularly the so&called )three "an tac'le*# That(s a $elco"e thing% it(s a debate $e should ha+e and ,(" confident the NRL $ill act to ensure the ga"e is as safe as it can be% $ithout under"ining the e cite"ent and attracti+eness of the code# -ur thoughts and prayers are $ith Ale Mc!innon and his lo+es ones# , 'no$ all "e"bers $ill join $ith hi" in $ishing a full reco+ery and a long and happy life#

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