Russia has snatched a great victory from the very evil jaws of the fascist powers and the

fascists are now reduced to muttering threats and voicing useless talk of hitting back by leveraging on sanctions while pushing out tons of very dirty goebbellian propaganda. Today, the chief of the fascists is name-calling Russia and proclaiming that Russia is merely acting out of weakness. Far from it, Russia has shown extreme patience and supreme tolerance in the face of very bra en and continuous fascist shenanigans all over the globe. The world, including Russia, watched helplessly as the fascists tore open !ugoslavia, then "osovo, followed by #fghanistan, $ra%, &ibya, and now 'yria. (ut when the fascists made their latest move inside )kraine, Russia had to put its foot down. *oscow was aware and very confident the fascists would taste defeat on their latest move. #nd it proved to be extremely correct. +rimea was freed of the fascist threat without a shot being fired. Russia possesses the ability to turn western ,urope into a pile of nuclear rubble, and the fascists are aware of it. Thus, Russia has won a great victory due to fascist weakness in the face of Russia-s ability.

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