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Starting May 09 20l4, 09:00 AM Ending May ll 20l4, 04:00 PM

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The 20l4 Trinational Conference to Defend Public Education joins teachers and
education activists from Mexico, Canada and the US, to review the struggle to defend
public education since NAFTA in l994, and to plan for the future. Hosted by the
Chicago Teachers Union.
! Friday Daytime: SchooI and union visits to Kl2 or higher education institutions
! Friday Evening: PubIic diaIogue on public education and movements in 3
! Saturday: 9:00l0:l5 a.m.PIenary discussion on the Trinational struggle
! Workshops (Choose Two, l0:30am-l2:30pm, l:30pm -3:30pm):
! Standardized testing & EvaIuationits effects, and campaigns in
! Precarious empIoyment in K-l2 and higher education
! Student organizing on rights, funding, and other student issues
! AIternative education programs and pedagogy
! Teaching in minority communities
! BuiIding democratic, activist unions
! TechnoIogy and education
! Social Activities in the evenings