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Book of Unremitting Horror

Book of Unremitting Horror


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Snuff Golems are weird
Snuff Golems are weird

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Published by: Beldane on Mar 26, 2014
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1be book

oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
IIayers in horror canpaigns are a IillIe loo accusloned lo lhe nighlnares lheir
characlers face, even lhe nosl eIdrilch of lenlacuIar horrors is Iess inlinidaling
vhen you knov exaclIy vhal il is, lecause your IC has faced il lefore on
sone olher evening. Nev lines denand nev nighlnares. Our horrors are
nighlnarishIy inlinale, oflen crealed fron hunan vice, or Iel Ioose ly hunan
greed. They shov us lhe ugIiness lhal underIies reaIily. They are lhe cravIing
lhings under lhe rock of lhe everyday, sane vorId.
This look foIIovs on fron lhe hrsl lvo reIeases for lhe nev CUMSHOL syslen,
Iear IlseIf and The Lsolerrorisls. Il requires one or lolh of lhese looks. Mosl of
lhe naleriaI can le used vilh eilher look. The look is lased on crealures and
naleriaI hrsl pulIished in The ßook of Unrenilling Horror, crealed ly Dave
AIIsop and Adrian ßoll, and Adrian has revrillen and updaled lhe naleriaI
for CUMSHOL. Il incIudes a conpIeleIy nev advenlure for Iear IlseIf and a
vhoIe chapler for lhe Lsolerrorisls lackground.

IulIisher : bimon bo_ezS
Layoul and Design : Jézome nU_Uenin
Aulhors : Adzian bo&& lased on lhe originaI ßook of Unrenilling Horror
ly DaVe AIISoþ and Adzian bo&&
Arl : DaVe AIISoþ excepl, pages 1O, 135, 14O, 167, 176, 181, 185, 19O, 2OO,
22O Jézome nU_Uenin, and page 9O üzi_oziy KoIyadin
AddilionaI MaleriaI : baSba biI&on
Crealure Concepls : DaVe AIISoþ
AddilionaI Crealures : Adzian bo&& (ßIeeder, Skilch) and bimon
bo_ezS (MolherIode and SoIiIoquy.)
CUMSHOL Iine supervisor: bobin D IaWS
Iroofreading: nanS~Jõz_ Neyez
IIayleslers: ßen Chapnan, CanpleII Iairvealher, }ohn MiIIer-WiIIians, Nik
Ireslon, MichaeI Thorn, CIaus HaIIen, VoIker ManleI, Andreas RuesseI,
RoIand ßahr, Tinolhy DaIy, Shavn Lrvin, Mall Larson, ßrad Quinn,
Andy WheeIer, AIan Snilhee, ßrian Wonachka

Copyrighl 2OO7 IeIgrane Iress Lld
SiniIarilies lelveen characlers and pIaces in lhis look and reaI persons and pIaces are coincidenlaI.

Iroduced ly IeIgrane Iress Lld, Speclrun House, London SW5 OßN, UK
+44 7738 8877
Iorevord 1
Credils 1
Conlenls 2
in&zodUc&ion 6
Hov To Use This ßook 6
Nev AliIilies 6
ßIeeder 1O
ßIood Corpse 13
ßIossoner 17
CIoolie 22
Dealh Tapper 26
Denenlia Larva 3O
The Transfornalion of }uIia ßrovne 3O
Drean Tearer 35
The Dreaning ReaIn 38
The CauI of Ninghizidda 38
Lucid Dreaning 39
Drovner 4O
Spiril of Dark Waler 4O
Lnply One 44
IeraI Drovner 46
Kook 5O
Man In The ßar 54
MolherIode 59
The Myslery Man 62
Organ Crinder 66
}ornungandr 67
The Oulsiders 73
Ovvashi 76
The Iraclice 81
Who Are They ` 83
Morlician 84
Nurse 86
Nurse 87
Surgeon 88
Surgeon 89
Residue Denon 91
Scourger 97
Shallerer 1OO
Sislerile 1O5
Iealured IrohIe: MicheIIe 1O6
The Hunl Coes on 1O6
Skilch 112
SIeep Hag 114
Snuff CoIen 117
Diclaphone record of
SpeciaI Agenl CaiI Moncrieff 118
Snuff HonuncuIus 122
SoIiIoquy 123
Slrap Throal 126
Torlure Dog 131
Az&iIac&S 135
The Iirsl AIlar 136
Doclor Moxon´s Apparalus 136
The Crying Slones 139
The ßook of }alassaIIal 139
Denon Ielus In A }ar 14O
The ScaIpeI of Mynarlhilep 141
Cunny Ruller ßaII 142
Tinclure of Woe 142
The Shankskin 143
TorunloIo´s Rod 144
ßIack MelaIIic Liquid 145
SpauIding´s ßeIl 146
The Voynich Tape 146
The UgIy Sofa 148
Lyssa Marlin´s Iace 148
bSo&ezzoziSm and &be VozId
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz 15O
bcenazio 0U&IineS 152
1. The Maiden In The Marsh 153
2. ... And I Shiver The WhoIe Nighl Through
3. The Secrel Mysleries CIul 155
4. And The VaIIey IoIk ßeIov 157
5. The ßIog of Crispin CIarke 158
6. Andrea´s ßaly 159
7. When The CannilaIs Cane
To Skunkvaler 161
8. Red in Toolh and CIav 162
9. Tuned To A Dead ChanneI 163
1O. Coning Live To Your Living Roon 165
CzookS bnd 167
Irenise 167
The Massacre 168
The Residue Daenon 168
The Chosls 168
Deciphering lhe Horrors 168
The ßig Tvisl 169
The ResoIulion 169
TineIine 169
Cenre 169
Necessily-Driven LxpIoralion 17O
Risk Iaclors 17O
Slory-Driven LxpIoralion 171
Lvenl-Driven LxpIoralion 171
IIashlacks 172
Renenlering Duffy 172
Tran Lines 172
Aloul lhe Chosls 172
Key Lvenls 172
CUMSHOL and Non-Linear
Advenlures 173
Ihoning Ior HeIp 173
Trying To Lscape 173
The Iirsl Nighl 174
The Thing on lhe ThreshoId 174
Trying To Lscape Again 174
}ack Duffy´s Relurn 175
The Seven Chosls 175
Ouldoor Localions 18O
1be finaI CaSe 193
Cenre 193
Iinding CIues 193
Aloul ßrandon MiIes 193
The Invesligalion 193
The Trulh 194
The Thene 195
Spine 195
IIayer Inlroduclion 196
1. The Underground 197
2. ßrandon´S IIal 199
3. AIexander Iryce-HaniIlon 2O4
4. Ruperl´s IIal 2O7
5. The Devonshire Arns 2O8
6. Dirly NeedIes 21O
7. The Torlure IaIace 211
Wracked Wilh CuiIl 213
8. Nev Lra ßooks 217
9. CoIdharlour Lane 218
1O. The Squal 219
Iree IIoaling Scenes 22O
Thomas Pepper
IS?· South Dupont Avenue
Minneapolis SS40·
I? July, ?00·
Dear Mr Cosgrove,
I have some information I think might interest you. I hope you think that¹s a good
opening line, because I¹ve thought about it a lot. How to write a letter asking someone
I¹ve never met to read something they won¹t believe. That last bit¹s not so good, is
it? I used to read a lot of ñction, horror and stuff like that, and in those books the
protagonist often says ¯I can¹t remember when I ñrst realized...º but this one won¹t.
Because it¹s not ñction. I can remember. I often wish I couldn¹t, but I can. And now I
need to tell someone else who can remember, or at least make sure that the information
isn¹t lost. I suppose I¹d better begin at the beginning, because it¹s a strange story.
I¹m almost certain you won¹t believe it - I wouldn¹t have, if I hadn¹t seen it ÷ but if
I tell you the way it started you might believe it enough to keep reading.
I¹m an artist, you see. I really can¹t remember learning to draw, to see things with
my eyes and to put them on paper so others could see them too. I never wondered what
I would do for a living, just honed my skills in college, and walked straight into a
job as a technical illustrator for a publisher producing academic textbooks. I spent
my days in a small ofñce drawing whatever was put in front of me. bones, fossils.
Dissections, even, for medical texts. I suppose the students never think about where
the drawings come from, and other people would be horriñed if they thought about it,
the nice, clean black and white as red and blue and purple, and the smell - but I
liked it. I was comfortable in my ofñce, or other people¹s labs, observing, translating
color, texture, light and shadow into shades of black on white. Most people don¹t
often see what¹s really there, you know, or rather they see it, but their brains edit
the information, ñlling in any gaps with what experience has shown them in the past.
I think that if they see something truly strange, completely beyond their experience,
their brains edit that, too, substituting something that makes more sense in the world
they know. I¹m an artist, a trained illustrator. My brain doesn¹t do that. I see what¹s
really there.
It started as a lovely day. I¹d been working 0at out all week to make a deadline,
drawing ñsh, all staring eyes and spines and 0abby grey 0esh. I had to go in on Saturday
to ink the last drawing. By the time I¹d ñnished all I could smell was ñsh and formalin,
so I decided to walk home the long way, through the park to get some fresh air, or I¹d
have to skip dinner. The sun was sinking into the lake and families were packing up
their picnics to go home when I reached the park, parents closing the coolers and kids
dragging their baseball bats back to the cars. It was wonderful. The grass was green,
the poplars were every shade of yellow, gold and bronze in the low sun, and the sharp
smell of their leaves 0ushed the formalin out of my sinuses. I slowed my pace as I came
to the edge of the park, admiring the colors. A young couple was walking along the edge
of the trees, holding hands. He said something, she turned and kissed him, laughing. As
I watched, two dogs bounded up, looked like those black ones, labs? that seem to laugh
at people. The dogs just stood, tails wagging, looking expectant, and after a moment
the guy shrugged, picked up a stick and threw it. It 0ew through the air behind me and
the dogs barked happily and took off after it. They ran past me, grinning mouths full
of teeth. Lots of teeth, gleaming white against 0oppy pink tongues. The couple turned
and walked off, her head on his shoulder. The dogs ran past the stick, around it and
back towards the couple disappearing into the trees. One of them ran a little closer
this time, its head swivelling up to look at me as it went past. I, too, walked away.
My legs kept moving as my brain wrestled with what my eyes had seen, teeth, too many
teeth? I carried on walking, listening to the high distant screams of the gulls over the
lake, watching memory rather than the cracks in the sidewalk. Their laughing mouths
were too big, the sharply serrated teeth too big, and the claws on their hind feet
had left gashes in the green turf. That couldn¹t be right, I didn¹t see them, I must
have imagined it. Do you understand what I¹m telling you? Do you? I didn¹t believe
my eyes. I. Did. Not. Believe. My. Eyes. I kept walking, all the way home.
On the news that evening they reported a horriñc murder. A young woman had been
ripped to pieces by a frenzied attacker in the lakeside trees. There were shots of
blue 0ashing lights and blood, red against gold leaves, but it was alright, they¹d
caught the murderer. Her boyfriend hadn¹t left the scene, was found semicomatose,
drugged out of his mind. They showed him being bundled away and the reporters talked
wisely about the effects of illegal substances. Except he - they¹d - been ñne when
I saw them, about IS minutes before she died, red and gold in the setting sun.
The police called for witnesses. I told them about the dogs, but they didn¹t believe
me. They knew I¹d been drinking, they could smell it on my breath.
I took Wednesday off, when the park opened again, walked there all day and saw
nothing but trees and leaves and grass, and silent gulls. It was colder when I went
the next Saturday. I sat on a bench, feeding the gulls and watching the shadows
under the trees. I caught a glimpse of movement, something black, but it was only a
jogger running the paths. Did something move under the trees? I couldn¹t be certain.
I didn¹t trust my eyes, you see.
That night I went into town and tried to get drunk, but I drank too much and was
sick, and spent the night walking instead. And while I was walking, trying not to
think, I saw something else, and this time I believed my eyes, and that is how it
Did you see Blade? I often see him in my dreams, all black and silver, striding
through the night, killing them. But I¹ve never seen it. I¹ve never seen one die.
Do you believe me? Are you interested? I hope so. I¹m tired. I¹m afraid. And I¹m so
very tired of being afraid, of wondering when I¹ll make the mistake that kills me.
They¹re cunning, they¹re very good at what they do, and I might have missed one, not
seen it. Read the ñles I¹ve sent. There are other copies, I¹ve sent them to other
people I thought, I hoped might be interested, but YOU might be the only person who
sees reality instead of something your brain thinks makes more sense. There must be
someone else who will believe their eyes.
Yours most sincerely
PS. It¹s interested me for years, the difference between the pen and ink on paper
and the bone on the table, the words on the pages and the ideas the words convey.
Reality and what we perceive it to be. There¹s a ñnely honed distinction between
perception and madness, it¹s a razor¹s edge I¹ve been walking for years, and I¹m
For a while I wondered if I was going mad, so I watched the mad and the drunks.
They cringe and weep at things drawn from their past that exist only in their minds.
Harvey left no piles of dung, no footprints in the grass. The things I see leave
bloody corpses ripped limb from limb, the stench of dead meat seeping out beneath a
locked door, fragments of lives like pieces of a jigsaw to be assembled from reports
in the press. They are real, far more real now than the people they¹ve destroyed.
Please believe me.
noW 1o üSe 1biS book
The CUMSHOL edilion of lhe 8cc| cf Unrcmi||ing
Hcrrcr presenls lhe crealures fron lhe iniliaI OCL
edilion, speciaIIy revised and delaiIed for use vilh |car
||sc|f and Tnc |sc|crrcris|s, aIong vilh conpIeleIy nev
naleriaI in lhe forn of hve nev enlilies ßIeeder, Skilch,
Lnply One, MolherIode and SoIiIoquy.
We´ve aIso provided len sunnarized Sinisler IIols
for lhe CM´s use in an Lsolerrorisls gane, aIong vilh
infornalion on hov lhe crealures of Unrenilling
Horror are used in lhe Lsolerrorisl canpaign for gIolaI
reaIily lreakdovn. This seclion incIudes inporlanl
dislinclions lelveen lhe WorId of Unrenilling Horror
and lhe Lsolerrorisls canpaign selling.
IinaIIy, ve cIose vilh an expanded version of lhe
scenario Tnc |ina| Casc and lhe nev scenario Crcc|´s
|nú, lolh designed for use vilh |car ||sc|f.
beW AbiIi&ieS
Tnc 8cc| cf Unrcmi||ing Hcrrcr. GUMSHO| |úi|icn
inlroduces lvo nev aliIilies, one for ICs and one for
lheir ghaslIy anlagonisls.
Abcrrancc (Gcncra!, Crcaturcs nf UnrcmIttIng
Hnrrnr nn!y)
Sone crealures in lhis look (lypicaIIy lhe ones lhal
haiI fron lhe Ouler ßIack) have Abcrrancc pooIs. A
crealure´s Abcrrancc aliIily represenls lhe degree of
inlrinsic pover il has lo shred lhe Menlrane prolecling
our vorId and inpose suljeclivily upon oljeclivily.
Abcrrancc is siniIar lo lhe hunan facuIly of 'viIIpover´,
lul is nore aIien and oflen naIevoIenl.
Abcrrancc is a calch-aII aliIily lhal each of lhe horrors
uses in ils ovn vay. Ior exanpIe, a crealure nighl
drav upon Abcrrancc lo creale a supernaluraI effecl,
lo aIler a person´s perceplions, or lo lraveI lelveen
reaIilies, depending upon vhal lhal crealure´s speciaI
aliIilies are.
The higher an enlily´s Abcrrancc raling, lhe nore
polenliaI il has lo disrupl convenlionaI reaIily. A leing
such as lhe Myslery Man is a vorlex of pure Abcrrancc.
Il foIIovs lhal lhe higher a
crealure´s Abcrrancc raling
is, lhe keener lhe Lsolerrorisls are lo lring
il inlo lhe vorId. Isychics can sense slrong
sources of Abcrrancc, vhich (in lhe case of
Unrenilling Horrors) appear as lIack cIols of
nighlnare hovIing vilh a lhousand voices.
Abcrrancc nay le refreshed ly lhe usuaI ruIes regarding
crealure pooIs (see leIov). Sone crealures have olher
vays lo refresh Abcrrancc during an encounler, vhich
invoIve dehIing or deforning lhe nundane vorId in
sone vay. These nelhods are expIained in lhe ruIes
lexl for lhe crealure.
A crealure vilh an Abcrrancc raling is usuaIIy acliveIy
ininicaI lo hunanily, lhe Oulsiders are lhe onIy knovn
exceplion. Crealures vilh no Abcrrancc raling, such as
ßIood Corpses, sinpIy foIIov lheir ovn Iiniled agenda
and onIy conlrilule lo lhe Lsolerrorisls´ grand canpaign
ly increasing lhe IeveI of chaos, unprediclaliIily and
fear in lhe vorId.
The Ordo Verilalis has nol yel eslalIished exaclIy hov
Abcrrancc vorks, lul ils olservalions have Ied il lo
concIude lhal lhe supernaluraI horrors sunnoned ly
lhe Lsolerrorisls do have a Iinil lo lheir pover. This
infornalion has laclicaI vaIue: il neans lhal lhey can le
exhausled. ßiller experience has shovn lhal vhen one
of lhe horrors relreals, il is nol usuaIIy lecause il has
suffered harn. These enlilies onIy vilhdrav so lhal
lhey can relurn again, repIenished.
Pathn!ngy (InvcstIgatIvc, AcadcmIc)
You are lrained in carrying oul nedicaI exaninalions of
Iiving hunan suljecls and forning diagnoses lased on
your hndings. You can
¬ diagnose prolalIe causes of sickness or
¬ idenlify lhe exlenl and cause of an
unconscious person´s lrauna
¬ delecl vhen a person is suffering fron a
physicaIIy deliIilaling condilion such as
drug addiclion, pregnancy or naInulrilion
¬ eslalIish a person´s generaI IeveI of heaIlh
¬ idenlify
If you have eighl or nore poinls in McdIc
you gel Pathn!ngy 1 for free.
beW üüNbn0b bUIeS
AbI!Ity Pnn! RcfrcshIng (Crcaturcs)
In accordance vilh CUMSHOL´s narralive-lased slyIe,
crealures refresh aliIily pooI poinls according lo hov
oflen lhey appear. A crealure lhal is nol encounlered
for 24 hours or nore nay repIenish aII of ils aliIily
pooIs, vilh lhe exceplion of Hca!th, vhich is recovered
al lhe rale of 1d6 poinls per day.
If lhe ICs encounler a crealure Ialer on in lhe sane day,
such as ly lracking il lo ils Iair, il can refresh aII of ils
aliIily pooIs lo a naxinun of na|f lheir lolaI Raling,
again vilh lhe exceplion of Hca!th, vhich il cannol
refresh al aII.
Crealures lhal have speciaI ruIes for recovering Hca!th,
such as regeneraling crealures, foIIov lheir ovn ruIes
ralher lhan lhose given alove.
A!cnhn!, Drugs and 5tabI!Ity Lnss
Il is possilIe lo achieve sone neasure of insuIalion
againsl horrilIe evenls ly gelling drunk on aIcohoI or
high on drugs. This isn´l a sensilIe choice in lhe reguIar
course of an invesligalion, lul characlers pushed lo lhe
very Iinil of endurance viII frequenlIy lurn lo 'Dulch
courage´ lo heIp gel lhen lhrough.
ßeconing noderaleIy drunk (or high) increases lhe
largel DifhcuIly of aII lesls ly +1, lul granls lhe
characler four poinls of lenporary 5tabI!Ity. These can
le expended on 5tabI!Ity lesls as usuaI, lhus possilIy
aIIoving characlers lo nake successfuI 5tabI!Ity lesls
vhen confronled vilh horror. Hovever, any unused
poinls are Iosl again vhen lhe characler solers up.
Tenporary 5tabI!Ity pooI poinls gained lhrough
aIcohoI or drugs do nc| canceI lhe effecls of leing
shaken or having a nenlaI iIIness.
ßeconing roaring drunk (or sky-high) increases lhe
largel DifhcuIly of aII lesls ly +2 and granls a characler
six poinls of lenporary 5tabI!Ity, vhich funclion as
Nole lhal onIy úcprcssan| narcolics have lhis effecl.
SlinuIanls and haIIucinogens such as LSD are nore
IikeIy lo increase lhe DifhcuIly of 5tabI!Ity lesls.
A!crtncss MndIñcr
Sone crealures have keener senses lhan olhers. They
nay have heighlened senses of sneII, or psychic aliIilies
lhal leII lhen vho is nearly. AIlernaliveIy, lhey nay le
dense, lrulish or even Iacking in prinary senses.
This varialion is represenled ly lhe crealure´s AIerlness
Modiher. Il is added lo (or sullracled fron) lhe largel
difhcuIly of Inñ!tratInn lesls nade vhen lhe crealure´s
sensory avareness vouId le a faclor, such as vhen
lhe pIayers are lrying lo sneak up on a crealure, or are
noving around near ils Iair.
Nole lhal crealures do nol have lhe 5cnsc Trnub!c
or 5urvcI!!ancc aliIilies. IIayers nake roIIs lo evade
crealures, crealures do nol nake roIIs lo delecl pIayers.
Bnwc! Rakc
Sone crealures can use lheir naluraI veaponry (or
oljecls such as lulchers´ hooks) lo rip lheir viclins
open. A crealure vilh lhis aliIily can spend lvo
poinls of 5cuf0Ing lefore an allack is nade lo deaI lvo
addilionaI poinls of Hca!th danage in lhe evenl of a
successfuI hil.
ChI!! Grasp
Crealures vilh lhis aliIily can induce exhauslion vilh a
louch, draining lhe lody heal and vilaI energy fron lhe
largel. The crealure can spend lhree poinls of 5cuf0Ing
lo nake a ChiII Crasp allack as ils allack for lhe round.
(These poinls are nc| added lo lhe allack roII.) If il hils,
il drains an addilionaI 1d6 poinls fron lhe viclin´s
Ath!ctIcs pooI, as veII as deaIing Hca!th danage as
usuaI. If lhe viclin´s Ath!ctIcs pooI is enply, any
furlher poinls are laken fron his 5cuf0Ing pooI, if lhis
loo is enply, lhen lhe addilionaI poinls are laken fron
his Hca!th.
Characlers pIunged inlo valer (or olher unlrealhalIe
environnenls such as snoke or poisonous gas) are al
risk of drovning.
If a characler has advance varning lefore leing
innersed, he can hoId his lrealh. A characler hoIding
his lrealh undervaler nay nake an Ath!ctIcs lesl each
round lo avoid inhaIing valer, in addilion lo anylhing
eIse he nay le doing (such as lrying franlicaIIy lo
escape fron a crealure´s grasp). The DifhcuIly of lhis
lesl legins al 3 and increases ly 1 vilh every passing
round. As soon as lhe characler faiIs lhe lesl, he has
inhaIed valer and legins lo drovn.
Drovning characlers aulonalicaIIy Iose 1d6+1 poinls of
Hca!th per round, lul lhese Iosl poinls can le reslored
if lhe viclin is rescued and resuscilaled lefore he or she
A crealure vilhin scufßing range nay use ils aclion
lo nake an 5cuf0Ing conlesl (opposed ly lhe viclin´s
Ath!ctIcs, F!ccIng or 5cuf0Ing, largel´s choice) and
grasp hoId of ils largel. If lhe crealure vins lhe conlesl,
il deaIs no danage lul has caughl lhe viclin and is
hoIding hin fasl, and conlinues lo do so for as Iong as
ils grip Iasls. The effecls of lhis grip vary depending on
vhal is doing il. TypicaIIy, lhe effecls of a grip (such
as Slrap Throal´s slranguIalion) do nol legin unliI lhe
crealure´s nexl aclion, so lhe viclin has a chance lo
lreak free.
If a characler legins his aclion grappIing a largel, he
nay allack lhal largel vilh 5cuf0Ing, lhe largel´s hil
lhreshoId is Iovered ly 1 in lhal evenl. Hovever,
lhe grappIer´s hil lhreshoId is aIso Iovered ly 1 if lhe
person he is grappIing allenpls lo allack hin.
The grappIed viclin nay use his aclion lo allenpl lo
free hinseIf fron lhe assaiIanl´s grasp ly lealing lhe
assaiIanl in an Ath!ctIcs, F!ccIng or 5cuf0Ing conlesl
(viclin´s choice).
Hca!th Lnss and Dcath fnr NPCs
UnIike ICs, nonslers and olher NICs cannol
conlinue lo funclion vhen leIov zero HeaIlh. If
lheir HeaIlh is reduced lo zero or leIov, lhey sinpIy
die. Lxceplions lo lhis ruIe are given in lhe crealure´s
gane lexl.
The CM is, hovever, al Iilerly lo use lhe ruIes for IC
injury and dealh for cerlain inporlanl hunan NICs, if
lhis vouId add lo lhe drana of a given scene.
InvcstIgatIvc AbI!Ity RatIngs As DIfñcu!ty
The CM viII occasionaIIy encounler silualions in
vhich a characler needs lo use a CeneraI AliIily lo
acconpIish a difhcuIl lask, in such a vay lhal one of her
Invesligalive AliIilies is olviousIy reIevanl lo il. The
queslion lo ask is 'WouId lhis characler´s raling in lhe
Invesligalive AliIily give her an advanlage in lackIing
lhis chaIIenge lhal anolher person vouId nol have`´
In lhese cases, lhe ra|ing (nol lhe currenl pooI) of lhe
Invesligalive AliIily shouId le deducled fron lhe
largel DifhcuIly of lhe lesl in queslion.
Ior exanpIe, a characler vho is lrying desperaleIy lo
crack lhe encrypled securily code on a Iocked luIkhead
door (so as lo escape lefore lhe roon ßoods) nighl
roII Inñ!tratInn againsl a largel DifhcuIly of 7 ninus
her Cryptngraphy raling, lecause her knovIedge
of Cryptngraphy is direclIy reIevanl lo lhe dranalic
allenpl lo crack lhe code. SiniIarIy, a characler vho
is racing againsl line lo cIear a janned riße lefore lhe
lIood corpses gral her nighl roII McchanIcs againsl a
largel DifhcuIly of 6 ninus her Ba!!IstIcs raling.
Mu!tIp!c Attacks
Sone crealures have nuIlipIe allacks of lhe sane lype
Iisled. Ior exanpIe, lhe Torlure Dogs have DriII (+1)
and MandilIes (+3), vhich are lolh 5cuf0Ing allacks.
A crealure vilh nuIlipIe neIee allacks nay allack
lvice on ils lurn, lul il nay nol expend nore
5cuf0Ing poinls on ils
second allack lhan haIf
lhe anounl il spenl on ils
hrsl allack. Ior exanpIe, a Torlure Dog
couId spend 6 poinls of 5cuf0Ing on ils
nandilIe allack, il couId lhen allack vilh ils
driII, lul couId nol expend nore lhan 3 5cuf0Ing poinls
on ils driII allack.
Crealures sonelines have separale veapons Iisled for
5hnntIng and 5cuf0Ing. UnIess lhe lexl specihcaIIy
slales olhervise, lhey nay onIy use lheir 5hnntIng or
lheir 5cuf0Ing veapons in a given round. Lven having
nuIlipIe allacks does nol aIIov a nonsler lo use ils
5hnntIng and 5cuf0Ing veapons on lhe sane lurn.
Rcnd Armnr
A crealure vilh lhis aliIily can deslroy ils largel´s
arnor. Il does lhis afler a hil is Ianded and danage
roIIed. Il nay sacrihce one poinl of danage deaIl in
order lo renove one poinl of arnor proleclion fron lhe
largel. Arnor vilh no proleclion Iefl is deslroyed.
5pIrIt Gnugc
Sone crealures, especiaIIy lhose of a ghoslIy or
incorporeaI sorl, have lhe aliIily lo assauIl lhe largel´s
Iife force direclIy. They inßicl no Hca!th danage vhen
lhey allack, lul every hil shreds lhe largel´s psyche,
deaIing danage lo 5tabI!Ity exaclIy as if il had leen
Hca!th. Sone crealures can aIso recover Hca!th in a
vanpiric nanner ly lhese allacks, lypicaIIy recovering
one Iosl poinl of Hca!th for every poinl of 5tabI!Ity
danage deaIl.
5tabI!Ity Iosl lo a Spiril Couge allack cannol le recovered
vilh lhe 5hrInk aliIily. Il can, hovever, le regained
naluraIIy over line ly recourse lo sources of slaliIily (see
lhe 5tabI!Ity ruIes in |sc|crrcris|s and |car ||sc|f), so Iong
as lhe viclin has access lo his sources of slaliIily.
Characlers vho drop leIov zero 5tabI!Ity fron lhese
allacks Iapse inlo a deep and pernanenl cona, as
descriled alove. They cannol le roused fron lhis cona
ly any nornaI neans. In gane lerns, lhe characler is
as Iosl as if he had gone pernanenlIy insane.
5tca!th MndIñcr
Crealures have varying IeveIs of sleaIlh. Sone are
especiaIIy quiel, sone are snaII enough lo sneak
around unseen, sone are huge and cunlersone, and
sone slink so poverfuIIy lhal lhey cannol hope lo
evade deleclion.
To represenl lhis, vhen a crealure´s prohciency vilh
sleaIlh is signihcanlIy differenl fron lhal of a hunan,
a sleaIlh nodiher is given. This nodiher is added
lo (or sullracled fron) lhe DifhcuIly nunler of any
appropriale 5cnsc Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc lesls nade
lo nolice lhe crealure.
Nole lhal crealures and olher NICs do nol have lhe
Inñ!tratInn aliIily. They never nake roIIs lo avoid
deleclion, pIayers aIvays nake roIIs lo delecl |ncm.
A Iaceraled undead shade, paIe as dealh and lied aII over
vilh landages lo keep ils vounds cIosed, lhe ßIeeder is
in facl lenign in ils ovn lvisled vay. Il has a Iong face
hIIed vilh neIanchoIy and dark, valery eyes. Il seeks
lo free hunanily fron sorrov ly using an oId-fashioned
lechnique, lhal of lIoodIelling. UnforlunaleIy, il oflen
Ieaves ils proleges veII schooIed in lhe lechniques of
seIf-harn, and unalIe lo cope vilhoul lhis reIease.
Nolody knovs vhere lhe ßIeeders cane fron. Sone
hoId lhal lhey are dislanlIy reIaled lo lhe Iraclice, and
forn a nore lenevoIenl lranch lhereof. Olhers leIieve
lhey have a reIigious ralher lhan a nedicaI lackground,
one sludenl has poinled oul lhe siniIarilies lelveen
lhe lIeeders and lhe earIy nediaevaI CaIapechi Secl of
Irague, vho gave lhenseIves voIunlary slignala (using
sharp inpIenenls) in order lo cone cIoser lo Cod, and
considered lhe shed lIood lo le hoIy, sonelines using il
lo laplize nev suppIicanls or lo heaI lhe sick.
Whalever lheir origin nay le, lhose vho have sludied
lhen agree on one lhing: lhey allenpl lo cure lhe nenlaI
iIIs of hunanily ly sIashing lhen vilh lIades, so lhal
lhe 'lad hunours´ (as lhey descrile lhen) can Ieak oul.
In lhis, lhey resenlIe lhe doclors of lhe MiddIe Ages,
vho vouId drav lIood vilh Ieeches or varn gIass
cups pIaced over IillIe culs. ßIoodIelling as a lherapy
has, in facl, gone oul of fashion reIaliveIy recenlIy,
lIeeding devices vere nanufaclured up unliI lhe Iale
cenlury. Il is conceivalIe lhal lhe lIeeders have
onIy energed fron hiding as lhe lradilion of renediaI
lIoodIelling venl inlo a decIine. CerlainIy, lhere do nol
seen lo le any concIusive reporls of lheir characlerislic
aclivilies lefore 19O1.
The lIeeders´ nelhods are surprisingIy effeclive. Those
vho lhe lIade culs reporl feeIing very IillIe pain, onIy
a niId lurning sling Iike a killen scralch, foIIoved ly
vaves of gorgeous reIief as aII lhe nenlaI pressure lhal
vas piIing up on lop of lhen lIeeds oul of lheir lody
drop ly drop. One anaIogy crops up again and again
in lhe case noles: lhe lIeeding is Iike veeping afler you
have leen unalIe lo cry for years. Il gels aII lhe pain and
grief oul of your syslen.
IronicaIIy, lhis grisIy forn of reIief fron slress is ilseIf
addiclive and causes nore slress if il is nol received
reguIarIy. Those vho are caIned ly lhe lIade´s culs
legin lo crave lhen. If lhe lIeeder has noved on lo
a differenl suljecl, lhey aInosl aIvays slarl lo cul
lhenseIves sponlaneousIy in inilalion of lhe heaIing
vounds lhey received. The gashes of razors are a
poor sulslilule for lhe lIeeder´s genlIe lIades, lul
nany young peopIe choose lhe culs as an aIlernalive lo
suffering, heedIess of lhe dangers of lIood poisoning or
excessive lIood Ioss. The seIf-inßicled vounds sliII offer
scmc reIief, lul il is never enough.
Il is snaII surprise, lhen, lhal sone of lhose vho have
leen 'lIessed´ ly lhe lIeeders and lhen alandoned
evenluaIIy choose lo escape Iife ilseIf, vilh aII ils
allendanl pains, ly naking one or lvo deep and hnaI
culs. This lendency for lhe lIeeder´s visils lo end in a
suicide has nolivaled nosl of lhe nore lenign occuIl
organizalions (such as lhe Ordo Verilalis) lo consider
lhen a nenace. Lven if lheir vague inlenlion is lo reIieve
suffering, lhe viclin is no Iess dead al lhe end of il.
The nosl suspicious of connenlalors have suggesled
lhal lhe evenluaI suicide is lhe rca| c|jcc| of lhe lIeeder´s
visilalions, lhe phiIosophy leing lo end sorrov on Larlh
ly goading one person afler anolher inlo seIf-nurder.
This nay le lrue, lul il conlrasls slrongIy vilh lhe
lIeeders´ genlIe deneanor and apparenl enpalhy vilh
lhe nosl vuIneralIe.
IoIice invesligalors frequenlIy nislake lhe vork of
lIeeders for sIasher crines, vhiIe nore occuIl-ninded
persons viII oflen junp lo lhe conpIeleIy erroneous
concIusion lhal lhe ßIeeder is sone sorl of vanpire
- prolalIy nol a genuine nosferalu, lul sone naniac
vho has convinced hinseIf lhal he needs lIood lo
survive, and gashes his viclins vilh a razor lo gel il in
lhe nanner of Ronero´s Mar|in.
SociaI vorkers opl for lhe nore prosaic and olvious
concIusion, naneIy lhal lhe viclin has inßicled lhe
vounds herseIf and is one of lhe nany seIf-harners vho
use lIoodIelling as a coping nechanisn. Those vho
have Iearnl lo seIf-harn fron lhe lIeeders sonelines
cone inlo conlacl vilh supporl groups, oflen in lhe hope
of hnding lheir palron lIeeder again, and are disnayed
vhen lhe olher nenlers knov nolhing of lhe speclers
and ridicuIe lhen for laIking such nonsense.
Sone especiaIIy lroulIed souIs nay prove lo le polenliaI
lIeeders lhenseIves. Those fev vho have lhe Ialenl gifl
are reverenlIy laken lo a speciaI sancluary, vhere lhe
currenl lIeeders hang lhen ly lhe ankIes and cul lhen
aII over, so lhal lhey sleadiIy seep oul lheir Iife inlo lhe
earlh. They hang for 24 hours, afler vhich lheir spirils
arise as ßIeeders lhenseIves, vhiIe lheir lodies legin lo
FnrcnsIc Pathn!ngy: A suicide viclin vho vas
previousIy a candidale for lhe lIeeders´ allenlion viII
aIvays use razors or knife lIades lo do avay vilh hin
or herseIf. The cause of dealh is olvious (lIood Ioss)
lul lhe palhoIogisl viII aIso nolice nany snaIIer, oIder
vounds on lhe lody. Sone of lhese are snaII and
olviousIy seIf-inßicled, vhiIe lhe oIder vounds (lhose
Iefl ly lhe lIeeder) are Ionger and seen lo have leen
incised deeper.
Mosl nolalIe is lhe Iocalion and direclion of lhe oIder
vounds. They are pIaced in such a vay lhal lhe viclin
couId nol easiIy have inßicled lhen upon hinseIf. Ior
exanpIe, a Iong, lhin, paIe scar nighl le found running
across lhe lack, or sleadiIy lraced across lhe righl
shouIder of a righl-handed person.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: Those vho lhe lIeeders visil are
never panicked or even scared ly lhe experience. They
renenler il as a hazy, aInosl raplurous nonenl of
A psychoIogisl vho speaks lo soneone lefore and
afler lhey are cul ly a lIeeder viII nole a dehnile
inprovenenl in lheir nenlaI condilion. They seen lo
le Iess slressed, nore al ease in lheir ovn skin.
IsychoIogicaIIy speaking, lhere is praclicaIIy no
dislinclion lelveen a seIf-harner vho vas incuIcaled
inlo lhe praclice ly lhe lIeeders, and one vho seIf-
harns in lhe ordinary vay. The onIy dislinclion is
lhal lhe forner exhilils nuch nore of a craving for
lhe lIade and never seens lo suffer fron seIf-reproach
aflervards, lhere is no consciousness lhal seIf-injury is
anylhing lul a good and necessary lhing.
Pathn!ngy: The lody of a lIeeder suljecl is usuaIIy
covered in IillIe vounds, vilh oIder, Iarger ones Iefl
fron lhe originaI lIeeder visil, and fron any olher, nore
recenl visils. See under Iorensic IalhoIogy alove.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 2, HeaIlh 14 (vhen nanifesl), Medic
8, Scufßing 8, Shrink 16
Hil ThreshoId: 3
SleaIlh Modiher: +2 (no conlacl vilh ground)
Weapon: +1 (lIeeder lIade)
Arnor: +1 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
ßIeeder visils are siniIar lo lhose vanpires are said lo
nake. They are aclive onIy afler dark, usuaIIy around
lhe hour of nidnighl, vhen lhey hover oulside lhe
vindovs. They choose lo visil lhose vho are especiaIIy
lroulIed in nind, such as adoIescenls vho are leing
perseculed al schooI, lallered vives or slressed,
recenlIy divorced nen in lhe lhroes of a nidIife crisis.
OnIy one in hve lIeeder proleges is naIe, lhough
vhelher lhis is lecause lhe lIeeders choose vonen oul
of preference or lecause vonen suffer in siIence nore
lhan nen do is nol yel eslalIished.
ßIeeders aInosl never hghl. When lhey do, il is lo
prolecl lheir proleges or guard lheir physicaI renains
fron deleclion.
Hnvcr: ßeing ghoslIy crealures, lIeeders can hover in
lhe air.
5ccnt TrIbu!atInn: ßIeeders are dravn lo psychic
angsl. A lIeeder can leII lhe approxinale 5tabI!Ity
IeveI of aII crealures vilhin haIf a niIe of il, lhough il
cannol sense lheir precise Iocalions. Il can hone in on
especiaIIy lroulIed peopIe, Iike a shark scenling lIood
in lhe valer.
|sc|crrcris|s Nc|c. There have leen cases of Ordo
Verilalis nenlers (vho are nore exposed lo sanily-
shredding horror lhan nosl and lhus sland oul Iike
leacons) forning a slrange synliolic reIalionship vilh
lIeeders, vho seen lo respecl lheir viIIingness lo suffer
for olhers´ peace of nind.
The lIeeders viII lypicaIIy nake conlacl afler a najor
invesligalion lhal Iefl lhe agenl´s sanily ladIy lallered
and use lheir knives lo reIieve lhe agenl´s suffering
psyche. Iron lhere on in, lhe lIeeders keep lhe agenl
sane, vhiIe in relurn lhe agenl is expecled lo ensure lhal
lhe Ordo Verilalis keeps ils allenlions avay fron lhe
lIeeders and lheir vork. This rapidIy lurns inlo a slale
of dependency for lhe agenl, vho legins lo reIy on lhe
lIeeders as a source of slaliIily nuch as olhers lurn lo
drink or drugs.
NaluraIIy, such a silualion is an alsoIule disasler for
lhe Ordo Verilalis. An agenl vho cannol le lrusled
is a najor IialiIily, an agenl vho coIIalorales vilh a
supernaluraI enlily is effecliveIy a Iiflh CoIunnisl.
Those in lhe knov are carefuI lo keep an eye on lheir
feIIov agenls, lo see if any suspicious scralches ever
Ca!mIng Aura: Despile ils slarlIing appearance, lhe
lIeeder is nol al aII frighlening. Il enils an alnosphere
of psychic caIn (a sorl of nenlaI aneslhesia) lhal puls
lhose around il conpIeleIy al ease. UnIike olher
supernaluraI crealures, seeing a lIeeder does nol resuIl
in 5tabI!Ity Ioss, un|css il is vieved al a dislance, oul of
lhe range of ils CaIning Aura.
Il is very hard lo force yourseIf lo connil acls of
vioIence vhen you are in a lIeeder´s presence. Lven lhe
lhoughl of allacking anolher person or crealure seens
revoIling. A characler can force hinseIf lo carry oul a
vioIenl acl (such as allacking lhe lIeeder) ly viIIingIy
spending lhree poinls of 5tabI!Ity. This gives hin
freedon lo acl vioIenlIy for lhe renainder of lhe scene,
lul nol pasl lhal.
Incnrpnrca!: The lIeeder spends nosl of ils line as a
lIurred, speclraI shape, visilIe onIy oul of lhe corner
of lhe eye, or lo lhose vilh psychic laIenls. WhiIe
incorporeaI, il ignores physicaI larriers such as doors
and vaIIs, and cannol le harned. Il can onIy inleracl
vilh naleriaI lhings (incIuding peopIe) vhiIe nanifesl.
Il can onIy nanifesl lelveen dusk and davn, and lhe
rays of lhe sun inslanlIy reverl il lo incorporeaI forn.
The onIy vay lo deslroy a lIeeder is lo dig up lhe
physicaI renains and deslroy lhen conpIeleIy, ly hre,
acid or siniIar neans. IhysicaI vounds deaIl lo il vhiIe
il is nanifesl jusl open lIoodIess gaps in ils lody. These
do nol heaI, lul lhe ßIeeder can slilch lhen shul lo avoid
inconvenience. If lhe lIeeder is reduced lo zero Hca!th
vhiIe nanifesl, il innedialeIy lecones incorporeaI
and cannol nanifesl again unliI lhe nexl nighl.
Lct B!nnd: ßy using ils lIades lo reIease lIood fron
lhe largel, lhe lIeeder can heIp lhe largel lo cope vilh
nenlaI dislress. The lIeeder can spend poinls fron ils
5hrInk pooI lo reslore Iosl 5tabI!Ity lo lhe largel on a
one-for-one lasis, lul for every lhree poinls of 5tabI!Ity
reslored in lhis vay, a poinl of Hca!th is Iosl fron lhe
Iaceralions (lo a nininun of one poinl).
This is vhal I sav.
A lack aIIey in a lig cily, enply lul for vind-lIovn
heaps of lrash, food papers and dinled cans.
In lhe shadov of a doorvay, a paIe hgure in a lallered
coal. The head is scalled and ßaking as if vilh
psoriasis. A loy is lefore hin, on his knees, prolalIy
no nore lhan sixleen. The jackel he vears vas once
lIue. Nighls spenl sIeeping rough in olher doorvays
have grined il Iike a garage ßoor.
The hgure rocks lhe loy lack and forlh. The loy, Iinp,
offers no resislance.
His nane is nol inporlanl. None of his friends knev
vhal his parenls had caIIed hin anyvay. This is an
anonynous pIace, onIy lhe hol neal of lhe lody
nallers, nol lhe nane. On lhe slreels, everylhing
feeds off everylhing eIse. You do vhal you have
lo, lo survive.
Slrong hngers dig inlo lhe loy´s neck in
rhylhnic spasns of pIeasure. There are no
vilnesses. OnIy a sofl noaning rises and faIIs
vilh lhe vind. There is a sound of suclion, a
grunl of salisfaclion. DrillIing and dripping
noises foIIov, a pallering of ßuid faIIing on oId
CIoser lo lhen, a slev of slinks is slrong in lhe
air: rol and urine, vonil and cheap vodka, lhe
sneIIs of hunanily gone lo vasle. Where lhe
hgure slands, lhe air is rich and rank vilh lhe
sneII of a lulcher´s shop vindov on a hol day.
Then, you nolice lhe decay, lhe sick, inlinale,
coughed-up Iunp of slink Iike a loolh gone rollen in
lhe noulh. The nan sneIIs vorse lhan food forgollen
al lhe lack of a fridge, sunk lo lrovn Iiquid and puIp.
The loy is paIe. His neck IoIIs IooseIy. His noulh
hangs open, a lhread of saIiva lraiIing fron
il. Dead eyes Iook al nolhing any nore.
Scalled pav-hands vilh puIsing veins
grip his shouIders lighlIy. CIavs Iike lvo-fool calhelers,
gray as hIlhy gIass, have speared lhrough lhe padding of
his jackel and inlo his lody cavilies. A red lullIing ßov
races lhrough lhen, sucked up ly lhe groaning lhing. Il
rocks lack and forlh, lack and forlh in ils pIeasure.
The dead loy´s face legins lo lighlen invards fron lhe
suclion. The eyes relreal inlo lhe skuII. The Iips drav
lack fron lhe leelh in an invoIunlary grinace. He
shrinks and crunpIes Iike a deßaling ruller loy vilh
lones in. The lhing shakes hin harder, lrying lo Ioosen
nore ßuids fron deeper vilhin. Il sucks harder and
The loy´s lody convuIses .
There is a rallIing gurgIe Iike a chiId hnishing a
SIovIy, reIuclanlIy, lhe sIick cIavs vilhdrav. The lody
siIenlIy gives in lo gravily, coIIapsing lackvards inlo
lhe aIIey vilhoul any fuss. Il has nolhing of lhe hunan
aloul il any nore. The Iinp vhile carcass is jusl a lhing,
coId veaI.
The crealure´s car vreck of a face is happy. Il cIoses lhe
lealag-coIored gols lhal vere eyes. Mosl of ils jav is
hanging off and lhe Iips are lursl and ragged, lul il
snacks lhen anyvay, as if il renenlered hov il feIl lo
hnish a lovI of hol soup on a vinler´s day.
The coal il vears is sopping vilh nucus and lIood. ßul
for lhal, il is a naked, rollen luIk of nuscIe, Iivid vilh
vriggIing veins. Hol lIood vesseIs lhread under lhe skin
Iike fal calIes, puIsing, lursling lhe surface. The IillIe
veins under ils skin are Iivid and noliIe as neaIvorns,
ilching. Those in ils arns are svoIIen nassiveIy Iike
sausage laIIoons, gross, laul and shiny, needing onIy a
louch lo lursl lhen. The vhoIe crealure lhrols. A IillIe
lIood sprays fron lhe head, Iike a Ieak in a garden hose,
vhere lhere are shaIIov pink lrenches pIoughed in lhe
skuII. The loy lried lo hghl.
Laler, no doull, hardened forensic invesligalors viII
lurn paIe vhen lhey anaIyze lhe necrolic naller under
lhe loy´s naiIs. The skin and ßesh leIongs lo a lody lhal
has leen dead for nonlhs.
- |rcm |nc úiarq cf Tncmas Pcppcr
1biS iS boW
i WiII die.
The lhing has ne. I hear a popping, learing
sound and feeI a searing pain. Il onIy Iasls for a
second and lhen a valery giddiness vashes over ne.
My vision nisls over. I an ßoaling, veighlIess. DinIy
I recognize lhal parl of ny lody sliII lurns and lhere is
sonelhing sluck, lul il feeIs Iike soneone eIse´s pain.
There is a spasn in ny Iungs and a lickIe in ny lhroal,
as if I had inhaIed valer, I cough and an aIarning lIurl
of lIood hIIs your noulh. My Iinls lingIe, prickIe and
legin lo feeI slrangeIy coId. Sonelhing is shaking ne
Iike a rag doII. I hear a punping, rushing sound, Iike
lhe lealing of a huge unnaluraI hearl. Wilh every puIse,
lhere is a sharp lug in your guls.
I an fading avay, as if you vere faIIing inlo dark valer.
The lasle of lIood is lhick in ny noulh and I shouId feeI
panic, or al Ieasl doing sonelhing, lul I cannol nake
ny arns and Iegs nove. I lry lo speak lul onIy a lIoody
gurgIe cones oul. My head sags. A vave of hol, choking
velness ßoods inlo ny noulh. The Iasl sighl I see is a
lIack dol vilh a red, shinnering haIo, enIarging.
- A nc|c fcunú in |nc pcc|c| cf a úcaú tagran|
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 6, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 12
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: -1 (viIe slench)
Weapon: +1 (TaIons)
Arnor: +2 vs. Shooling
ßIood corpses are pulrid lIood junkies. They feeI lhe
urge for varn Iife ßuids as a conslanl ilch and craving
in lheir puffy veins. AII lhey vanl is lo punp nore and
nore of il in, sucking il up lhrough lheir needIe laIons,
noaning as lhey do.
UnIike lhe shanlIing zonlies of Ronero´s novies,
lhese crealures are crafly and cunning. They Iurk in

pIaces vhere lhe dregs
of sociely go, Iike raiIvay
arches vhere lhe honeIess
sIeep or dark lack slreels vhere sIeeping
drunks can le snalched up and drained. As
lhey exisl lo feed, ralher lhan lo kiII, lhey don´l
necessariIy feeI lhe need lo lake on aII coners, or hghl al
a disadvanlage. A lIood corpse viII never nounl a Iasl
sland unIess il is so hungry lhal il has lo drink.
IhysicaIIy, lhe lIood corpse Iooks Iike a laII hunanoid
vilh Iong Iinls. Ils arns end in huge dagger-Iike laIons,
vhich are hoIIov and sharp as razors. Depending on ils
slale of deconposilion vhen il arose, ils lody is eilher
scalled vilh nouId or has lroad cralers of Ieprous
corrosion in ils ßesh, reveaIing yeIIov lone. The
crealure´s veins aIvays luIge oul visilIy and puIse. The
vascuIar syslen decays nuch nore sIovIy lhan lhe resl
of lhe leasl.
The lIood corpse viII IileraIIy drain ils viclin dry if
given lhe opporlunily. Once il enlers lhis perverse
euphoria lhe crealure viII nol allack anyone eIse, unIess
in seIf-defense. Il vishes lo savor lhe varn sensalion in
ils veins, undislurled, for as Iong as possilIe.
The crealure´s ecslasy soon fades. The Ionger a lIood
corpse Iives, lhe nore oflen il needs lo feed. Il no Ionger
gels lhe sane rush as il used lo for quile so Iong and has
lo hunl severaI lines a nighl lo sIake ils Iusl. Sone of
lhe nore ancienl, shriveIed corpses keep Iiving viclins
slored in lheir Iairs, in nuch lhe sane vay lhal an
aIcohoIic viII cache Iiquor around lhe house. They lhen
vork lhrough each viclin in lurn, laking up a vhoIe
nighl vilh an orgiaslic linge of lIood draining.
A!! That RcmaIns
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: Tiny fragnenls of deconposed
skin and ßesh are sonelines found under lhe viclin´s
naiIs, and shed in lhe innediale area. These prove lo
le hunan, lhough exlensiveIy decayed. The inprinls
of lare hunan feel can le found vhen lhe ground is
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The slale of lhe lody of a
person kiIIed ly a lIood corpse depends on vhelher
lhe leasl is alIe lo lake ils fuII pIeasure fron lhe kiII.
When lhe corpse has leen inlerrupled, lhe lody is
paIIid and conlorled. Deep punclure vounds are found
on lhe shouIders or aldonen, lhe lody´s lones lenl
aside or spIinlered ly lhe inlrusion of sone slake-Iike
bI00D C0bIbb
foreign oljecl. Massive lIood Ioss is evidenl, vilh nuch
nore lIood soaking lhe cIolhes lhan lhe vounds vouId
ordinariIy accounl for, il oozes IileraIIy fron even Iighl
scralches. This is lecause lhe lIood corpse´s laIons have
an anlicoaguIanl effecl, causing lIood lo lhin so lhal il
can le sucked up easiIy.
When lhe corpse has leen alIe lo feasl lo ils fuII exlenl,
lhe viclin´s lody is shriveIed and slark vhile. The
sane vounds are found, lheir edges
ragged, lul praclicaIIy no lIood
is evidenl. The lrenendous
suclion neans lhal sone of lhe sofler viscera and lody
ßuids are drained aIong vilh lhe lIood, enplying oul
parl of lhe lody cavily as if a gross slrav had sucked
oul lhe Iiver and Iighls.
FnrcnsIc Entnmn!ngy: AIlhough lhis delaiI is nol,
slriclIy speaking, lo do vilh lhe use of enlonoIogy lo
delernine line of dealh, an enlonoIogisl is lound lo
pick il up: anaIysis of lhe viclin´s lIood delecls a siniIar
anlicoaguIanl lo lhal used ly lIood-draining insecls.
Whcrc Thcy Cnmc Frnm: When a person dies in lhe grip
of an addiclion or need so slrong lhal il overvheIns
lheir lhoughls and lIols oul lheir personaIily, lhe
craving can sonelines hoId lhe diseased spiril lound
lo lhe lody.
The hrsl recorded lIood corpses vere dead Ronan
arislocrals, vho perished veeping lecause lhey vouId
never see lhe ganes, or valch sIaves lulcher an aclor in
a degenerale perfornance of Tnc 8accnac. ßIood corpses
in lhe MiddIe Ages vere oflen slarving peasanls, vho
died vhining for a noIdy crusl of lread, or ßageIIanl
nonks addicled lo prayer and lhe pursuil of Cod. In
Ialer years, lhey arose vhen nen and vonen addicled
lo drink or vice died in ledIan, lheir ninds rolled
ly lheir insalialIe desires. The lIood corpses of lhe
nodern era (and lhere are nany nore lhan lhere used
lo le) are nosl IikeIy lo le lhe resuIl of dealh lhrough
drug overdose, vhen an addicl jusl couId nol cran
enough sveel salisfaclion inlo his veins.
A lIood corpse can resuIl fron anq falaIIy conpuIsive
lehavior. There is even one slraggIe-haired horror
roaning alroad, slaIking lhe slreels afler dark and
preying on happy vonen. Her luIinia kiIIed her, and
she nov linges on hol lIood inslead of on chocoIale
Intc!!Igcncc Lcvc!: ßIood corpses are cunning lul nol
especiaIIy inleIIigenl. They inslincliveIy hide during
lhe day and keep lo lhe shadovs al nighl. Sone vear
rennanls of cIolhing, so lhey can le nislaken for
dereIicls al a dislance.
Much as il vas in Iife, lheir psychoIogy is one of
overpovering need. ßIood is everylhing, lhey nusl gel
il. They are nol alIe lo lhink nuch leyond lhis, nor can
lhey nake conpIicaled pIans or anlicipale lhe lehavior
of olhers.
B!nnd DraIn: The lIood corpse can drain lIood fron
ils viclin, sIurping il up lhrough ils feeding luluIes. ßy
spending addilionaI 5cuf0Ing poinls prior lo naking
an allack, il can inßicl an addilionaI poinl of Hca!th
danage on lhe viclin, lo a naxinun of lhree poinls.
These addilionaI poinls are nc| added lo lhe corpse´s
Scufßing roII, and if lhe allack nisses, lhey are vasled.
Hca!th pooI poinls Iosl fron lIood drain are added lo
lhe corpse´s ovn Hca!th pooI.
Nexl round, lhe inpaIed viclin nusl succeed in an
opposed Ath!ctIcs or 5cuf0Ing conlesl (viclin´s choice)
againsl lhe lIood corpse lo puII lhe laIons oul. If lhe
viclin faiIs in doing lhis, lhe lIood corpse nay spend
Scufßing pooI poinls lo drain Hca!th poinls fron lhe
viclin on a one for one lasis, again lo a naxinun of
lhree poinls per round.
A lIood corpse lhal succeeds in draining lIood goes
inlo a slale of raplure. This euphoric gIory Iasls for one
hour, unIess lhe corpse vas unalIe lo drain Iess lhan 3
poinls of Hca!th, in vhich case il Iasls for 15 ninules.
The corpse viII nol allack during lhis phase, excepl lo
conlinue feeding fron a largel lhal il is Ialched on lo.
Track B!nnd: ßIood corpses can sniff oul even liny
anounls of freshIy spiIIed lIood, such as fron a vound,
or even a noselIeed, vilhin 3O feel ly sense of sneII. If
lhe source of lhe scenl is upvind, lhe range increases
lo 6O feel, if dovnvind, il drops lo 15 feel. Ior lhe
purposes of lhis aliIily, fresh lIood is lhal has leen
shed no Ionger lhan one hour lefore.
When lhe lIood corpse sniffs lIood on lhe air, lhe
exacl Iocalion of lhe source is nol reveaIed lul onIy
ils presence sonevhere vilhin range. The corpse can
aIvays leII lhe direclion of lhe scenl. Whenever lhe
corpse cones vilhin arn´s reach of lhe source, il can
innedialeIy leII lhe source´s Iocalion, unIess lhe source
has successfuIIy hidden. This is hard lo do, a lIood
corpse gains a +2 AIerlness Modiher vhen lIeeding or
lIoodied characlers are allenpling Inñ!tratInn lesls lo
hide fron il.
ßIood corpses can aIso lrack crealures lhal are lIeeding
or lhal have lIood on lhen. The pronise of fresh lIood
aIso gives il a surge of energy, aIIoving il lo run fasler.
Lvading a pursuing lIood corpse is lhus very difhcuIl,
vhen characlers vho are lIeeding or lIoodied are lrying
lo ßee fron a lIood corpse using F!ccIng or Ath!ctIcs,
lhe corpse roIIs againsl a DifhcuIly of 3 ralher lhan 4.
Exµ|anatorµ Note : Tnc fc||cuing is an ama|cur
|ranscrip| cf an .mp3 f|c, b|ossom.mµ3,
unicn purpcr|s |c |c a gcnuinc pc|icc
in|crticu. || uas up|caúcú |c |nc Ic|
in Scp|cm|cr 2002 anú ma|cs i|s frs|
appcarancc in a |inarics ncusgrcup,
Il has since lecone sonelhing of an urlan
Iegend. Mosl sources deen il lo le a hoax,
aInosl cerlainIy lhe vork of drana sludenls.
The supposed nanes of lhe persons invoIved and
lhe conlexl vere derived fron a very snaII .lxl hIe
upIoaded aIong vilh lhe sound cIip. These are lhe
nosl leIIing evidence of a fake, since no research
has yel lurned up poIice ofhcers vilh lhe given
nanes, noreover, lhe inlerviev does nol appear
lo foIIov slandard poIice procedure - lhere is, for
exanpIe, no parenl, guardian or responsilIe aduIl
presenl, aIlhough ¨Sandy¨ is olviousIy of schooI
age, and prolalIy quile young, given her use of lhe
vord ¨lunny¨. The voices have Scollish accenls.
Tnc furcr surrcunúing |nc i|cm nas |cng sincc úicú úcun
anú cn|q a fcu uc|si|cs s|i|| |ccp i| arcnitcú. Tncrc is
cnc úiscussicn grcup úcúica|cú |c |nc c|ip, cn unicn sc|f-
appcin|cú cxpcr|s arguc ui|n cnc anc|ncr a| |cng|n a|cu|
unc uas u||ima|c|q rcspcnsi||c fcr i|.
Iron: Carelh MichaeIis (kakrafOOn©holnaiI.con)
Suljecl: ßIossoner np3 lranscripl
Nevsgroups: alt.sex.cthulhu
Dale: 2OO2-O9-22 OO:14:56 IST
Inlerviev 4.22.O2 vilh Sandra I. ßickenslaff
Iresenl: Del. Insp. Crockford, Sgl. Manfrey

CROCKIORD : Sandy, ve knov lhis is difhcuIl, lul
ve need lo ask you sone queslions. We need lo ask
you aloul lhe schooI, aloul lhe group you and your
friends slarled. The group Mr. Wale nade you slarl.
We´ve gol hin nov, Sandy. He´s in cuslody. You´re
safe. You can leII us anylhing you vanl lo, nov.
Sandy, can you leII us vhal happened lo Slephen`
CROCKIORD : Why nol`
ßICKLNSTAII : I don´l have lhe vords. Nolody does.
(pause) Il vas loo leaulifuI.
CROCKIORD : ßeaulifuI`
ßICKLNSTAII : Whal he did. Ior ne. Ior aII of us. Il
vas his precious Iove. Sacranenl. He gave hinseIf.
CROCKIORD : Did lhey nake you lake drugs,
Did Mr. Wale nake you do anylhing`
MANIRLY (aside) : She´s laking lhe piss, }ack. She´s
nol leIIing us anylhing.
CROCKIORD : ßul she viII. }usl give us line. Sandy`
Slephen vas your loyfriend, vasn´l he` We lhink he
nay le in lroulIe. We lhink you knov sonelhing
lhal can heIp us hnd hin. WiII you heIp us`
ßICKLNSTAII : (|augns) You lhink he´s dead, don´l
CROCKIORD : Why don´l you leII us, Sandy` TeII us
vhal happened al lhe schooI.
ßICKLNSTAII : You keep caIIing ne lhal. Sandy is
gone. I an Sisler Sardonica nov. (Mu||cring) Il is
righl lhal you ask queslions and lhal I ansver lhen.
I lear vilness.
CROCKIORD : Thal´s nol a reaI nane, is il, Sandy`
Thal´s one of lhe roIe-
pIaying characlers you Iike
lo prelend lo le, isn´l il` In your gane`
ßICKLNSTAII : Slupid fal nan. You don´l
undersland anylhing. You viII. When lhe
lalies cone.
(Manfrey sighs audilIy. Soneone Iighls a cigarelle.)
CROCKIORD : Sandy, do you renenler Mr. and Mrs.
Leverson` (Pausc.) Thal´s righl. They´re Slephen´s
parenls. You have lo undersland lhal lhey´re very
vorried aloul hin. They desperaleIy vanl hin lo
cone hone. Can you heIp us hnd hin`
ßICKLNSTAII : You viII never hnd hin. He´s in ny
lunny. He is in aII our lunnies.
CROCKIORD : (gcn||q) Il´s Slephen´s laly you´re
carrying, isn´l il`
ßICKLNSTAII : No. (|augns) Yes.
CROCKIORD : Sandy, vhal did Slephen do lo you`
Yes, have a cigarelle if il vouId heIp. Take your~
ßICKLNSTAII : You corpuIenl, palronizing lag of
pus. Slephen no Ionger exisls. (Snc |cgins |c spca| in
a µa| mcnc|cnc, as if rcci|ing frcm mcmcrq.) Mr. Wale
heId hin dovn on lhe aIlar ve nade fron one of lhe
schooI hIing calinels. He did nol screan as he vas
lied dovn. He did nol screan as }ennifer MackauIey
lil off his lig loe vilh her luckleelh. He did nol
screan as IillIe Cavin IrendIe puIIed oul his lendons
Iike gunny vorns. He lil lhrough his longue lul
he never screaned once.
(scunús cf suc|ing anú cxna|a|icn)
We pinched his arleries shul and heId lhen lhal vay
lo keep lhe Iife vilhin hin. You cannol lie lhen off.
ßIaspheny, lhal is. Then Calhy and Ienny and I did
our parl as il is vrillen. We lroke his lhighlones
lenderIy and sucked lhe narrov and passed il
lack and forlh lelveen us in reverenl noulhfuI
kisses. Mr. Wale did lhe readings. He is avfuIIy
good al lhal, you knov. We picked Slephen´s
veins fron our leelh and svaIIoved Iunps of lhe
in&ezVieW 4.ZZ.0Z
Wi&b bandza I.
grislIe fron lehind
his knees, and lhough
sone of us gagged, ve
heId lo our duly, jusl as he heId lo his.
Mr. Wale had lhe honour lo lear off his
phaIIus vilh his leelh. I had lhe hrsl lile
of lhe gIislening nuscuIalure vhere il had leen. His
face vas lhe face of a nan in raplure. Your dead loy
naiIed lo a slick had no idea.
CROCKIORD : }esus. }esus Chrisl.
ßICKLNSTAII : (nign-pi|cncú gigg|cs) WouIdn´l say
lhal nane if I vere you. ßaly doesn´l Iike il. Dc you,
nov, sveelhearl` Dc you`
CROCKIORD : Cel. gel her oul of here. Inlerviev
concIuded nineleen oh seven.
ßICKLNSTAII : We did righl. We kepl hin aIive and
il heard us. And lhen he gol up on his arns. His eyes
hIIed vilh hoIy (?) and his guls aII spiIIin´. He gol up
and he did il lo us. Wilh his facc. Over and over.
CROCKIORD : I said gel her cu|! I don´l vanl lo Iook
al lhal l~
(Wilh an alrupl cIunk, lhe recording ends. If lhe
voIune is lurned up high enough, you can hear lhal
vhiIe Crockford speaks, ßickenslaff is vhispering
lhe sane vords again and again. Dislorlion nakes
lhen hard lo discern lul lhe generaI consensus is
lhal lhese vords are eilher 'AII of us´ or 'A vassaI´.)
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 1O, HeaIlh 6, Scufßing 8
Hil ThreshoId: 5 (snaII and eIusive)
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: +O (Iisls)
Arnor: +2 vs. Shooling, +2 vs. Scufßing, lul
onIy vhen inpregnaling haren (see leIov)
Mosl denonic cuIls are nolhing nore lhan pIeasure-
seekers Iooking lo lreak a fev laloos and gel kicks.
They have no reaI nagicaI pover al lheir disposaI
and do nol succeed in anylhing nore lhan shocking
lheir parenls, vhich is usuaIIy lheir inlenlion. Trash
Iike lhis is of no use lo lhe Iegions of lhe danned. A fev
rare cuIls have genuine conneclions lo lhe Ouler ßIack.
If lhese nanage lo prove lheir vorlh, lolh ly naking
offerings and ly using lheir cunning lo go undelecled
(lhe denons have no use for lhe slupid or lhe careIess)
lhen lhey nay le chosen for a rare and vonderfuI
honor. This is lhe ßIossoner Hosl riluaI.
QuaIifying for lhe ßIossoner Hosl is nol an easy lask.
Thirleen or nore devolees nusl have leen eslalIished
an aclive, nixed-sex, denon-vorshiping group, and
have nanaged lo perforn lIoody sacrihciaI riles for
al Ieasl a year, vilhoul discovery. They need nol have
a singIe neeling pIace, vhal nallers is lhey snear an
inage of lheir palron denon vilh innocenl lIood again
and again, vhiIe hovIing praises lo il. The lIood of a
faniIy nenler is lhe nosl prized, lul any lIood viII
do. When lhe group has earned sufhcienl neril vilhoul
naking any slupid nislakes, lhen ils palron viII send a
sign lhal il is ready lo lIosson inside lhe cuIl´s fenaIe
Ior lhis, lhe denon needs a hosl, usuaIIy a high-ranking
naIe nenler of lhe cuIl vho is viIIing lo die for lhe
cause. The riluaI can onIy succeed if voIunleer expires
fron lIood Ioss, so he needs lo slay aIive unliI he does
so, lhus he prepares hinseIf lhoroughIy, vhelher ly
nedilalion, conlenpIalion and privalion, or vilh seIf-
delasing excesses - drugs, drink, cerlain sex acls, and
vioIence (lradilions vary). Then, vhen his cuIl decides
lhal il is line, he gives his Iife lo his palron. The group
pIaces hin on an aIlar and legins lo eal his lody, fron
lhe vaisl dovn, using onIy lheir leelh and hngernaiIs.
If lhe voIunleer can slay conscious and viIIing, and
survive lhe pain and lhe shock, his palron sends a
denonic agenl inlo lhe sacrihce´s lody al lhe nonenl
he is exsanguinaled. The cuIl conlinues ils feasl unliI
lhey have gollIed up everylhing leIov lhe rilcage, al
vhich poinl, lhe corpse cones lo Iife as a lIossoner.
The denon/hosl viII lhen - apparenlIy oraIIy
- inpregnale aII fenaIe nenlers of lhe cuIl. These
vonen viII lhen give lirlh lo daenonic servanls
- perfecl hylrids of hunan ßesh and denonic spirils
(see lhe enlry leIov for lhe denonic servanls). These
chiIdren, once grovn lo nalurily and gifled vilh lhe
povers of lheir herilage, viII lhen go oul inlo lhe vorId
and drav nev foIIovers lo lhe cuIl. .
Once lhe lIossoner has inpregnaled aII lhe avaiIalIe
vonen, lhe nolhers-lo-le eal lhe renainder of ils
lody, as lhe unnaluraI feluses need lheir falher´s
denon-enriched ßesh lo deveIop properIy.
Aþþeazance and bebaVioz
The lIossoner is IillIe nore lhan a hunan corpse lhal
is lerninaled al lhe vaisl. AIlhough il pads around on
ils hands, dragging shreds of inlesline and skin around,
il is surprisingIy svifl and assured, lhe crealure can
scullIe across a ßoor and scranlIe up a vaII vilh ease.
The lIossoner´s onIy funclion is lo creale denon
lalies, and il viII onIy hghl in furlherance of lhis
ain. If anylhing is inpeding il fron naling vilh a
cuIl nenler, il viII allack lhe olslacIe, and if anyone
allenpls lo inlerrupl il, il viII hghl lack lul, olhervise,
il viII ignore everylhing aparl fron lhe nexl avaiIalIe
vonan. When il has hnished, il lecones inerl, and
vails for lhe cuIlisls lo eal il.
RcsI!Icncc: The presence of lhe denonic spiril vilhin
lhe lIossoner´s dead lissues gives il unnaluraI resiIience
lo physicaI injury. WhiIe il is inpregnaling ils haren, il
gains +2 arnor versus 5hnntIng and 5cuf0Ing aIike.
5wIftncss: The lIossoner´s slaggering, ungainIy nolion
gives no hinl of ils aliIily lo Iaunch ilseIf lhrough lhe air
on ils poverfuI arns. If il is chasing a polenliaI viclin
or ßeeing caplure, il roIIs Ath!ctIcs againsl a difhcuIly
nunler of 3 ralher lhan 4.
ImprcgnatInn Madncss: The viclin of a lIossoner´s
inpregnalion suffers a nassive assauIl on her sanily.
InnedialeIy foIIoving inpregnalion, she nusl nake a
15-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl.
If lhe viclin ends up vilh 5tabI!Ity O or Iess, descenl
inlo nadness innedialeIy foIIovs. The viclin can sliII
allenpl lo converse ralionaIIy lul Iapses inlo lallIing
or nonolonous chanling afler a fev senlences. Il is
possilIe lo reIieve lhis nadness ly using lhe 5hrInk
aliIily, as usuaI. Use of FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy delecls
lhal lhe viclin is nol suffering fron convenlionaI
nenlaI iIIness, lul fron sone sorl of exaggeraled
lrauna lo lhe psyche such as is found in lhose vho have
leen drugged and lorlured ly professionaIs.
If lhe viclin ends up vilh 5tabI!Ity -6 or Iess, lhen she
vilhdravs inlo herseIf. She neilher speaks nor nolices
her surroundings, lul spends lhe resl of her Iife rocking
lack and forlh. Il is possilIe, lhough nuch nore
difhcuIl, lo heaI lhis condilion. 5hrInk lesls lo lreal il
are nade againsl a difhcuIly of 5 ralher lhan 4.
AII 1ba&
The lIossoner riluaI can provide an
invesligalion lean vilh hours of grisIy vork.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The nosl evidence-rich Iocalion
is aIvays lhe 'aIlar´ on vhich lhe lIossoner is iniliaIIy
parlIy devoured. ßone, nuscIe and skin are ealen,
lul sone lIood inevilalIy escapes, and is found
spallering lhe ground lenealh, ningIed vilh saIiva.
If an unconlaninaled saIiva sanpIe is found, il nay
le possilIe lo idenlify lhe source´s lIood lype if lhal
person vas a secrelor (one of lhe roughIy one-in-four
peopIe vho secrele liny anounls of lIood inlo lheir
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: This aliIily eslalIishes lhe
cause of lhe lIossoner´s dealh as lIood Ioss. If lhe
riluaI vas inlerrupled and lhe unealen carcass of lhe
lIossoner recovered, lhe lissues degenerale al roughIy
hve lines lhe usuaI rale, as if lhey vere leing digesled
fron vilhin. If lhe pIol requires il, lhis aliIily can
aIso reveaI characlerislic lile nark pallerns vhere
lhe lissues have leen ealen avay, vhich can heIp lo
conhrn lhe idenlily of cuIl nenlers.
In lhe evenl of an inlerrupled riluaI, sone of lhe
lraunalized cuIl nenlers viII vonil up undigesled
lIossoner ßesh, ansvering lhe queslion of vhal
happened lo lhe olher haIf of lhe corpse´s lody. This
ßesh disinlegrales rapidIy, as does lhe resl of lhe
Pathn!ngy: Lxaninalion of lhe expeclanl nolher
reveaIs alnornaIIy high vhile lIood ceII counl and
high lenperalure, as if lhe lody vere lrying lo hghl
off an infeclion. Hovever, lhe nolher appears lo le
in perfecl physicaI heaIlh olhervise. If sanpIes of
ulerine ßuid are laken during lhe hrsl lrinesler, lhey
shov frenzied aclivily ly unidenlihalIe ceIIs, vhich
disappear conpIeleIy Ialer in lhe pregnancy.
IntcrrngatInn/Rcassurancc: If one of lhe nenlers of a
lIossoner cuIl is conhdenl lhal she has pIayed her parl
lo lhe fuII and lhal she viII le revarded, she nay conpIy
fuIIy vilh an inlerrogalion (or a nore considerale
inlerviev, under lhe lanner of Rcassurancc) pureIy
lo gIoal and lornenl lhe Iisleners. She viII, hovever,
onIy persisl in lhis if lhe Iisleners seen disgusled or
horrihed. If lhey receive lhe infornalion passiveIy,
she viII cIan up again. This lehavior naluraIIy
Ieads sone lo leIieve
lhal lhe vhoIe accounl
is a falricalion, inlended lo
shock. See lhe poIice lranscripl alove for
an exanpIe of such an inlerrogalion.
Demonic bezVan&S
The offspring of a lIossoner resenlIe ordinary hunan
chiIdren al hrsl lul lheir rale of grovlh and deveIopnenl
is slaggeringIy grealer. They age al a rale of hve years for
every year lhal passes, gaining knovIedge and insighl
vhelher lhey have leen fornaIIy educaled or nol. Their
sullIe conneclions lo lhe denonic reaIns granl lhen
inleIIigence lhal hunan chiIdren have lo earn.
In four years, vhen lhey are apparenlIy lvenly, lhey
legin lo age nornaIIy. They are usuaIIy lIack-haired
and green-eyed, vilh a laIenl for sadisn lhal puls lhal
of nornaI chiIdren lo shane, lhey viII happiIy puII a
leggar lo pieces lo hnd oul hov he vorks, or drovn a
pIaynale for fun. As lhe denonic chiIdren can allracl
unveIcone allenlion ly groving up so quickIy, lhey
are usuaIIy kepl in lhe cuIl´s proleclion unliI lhey are
of age.
Their hylrid origin gives lhen unusuaI roluslness
and sensory sensilivily. As a resuIl, lhey lend lo
have alnornaIIy high Ath!ctIcs, Hca!th and 5cnsc
Trnub!c ralings. They nay aIso have alerranl physicaI
characlerislics, such as a forked longue or snaII lunps
on lhe lrov vhere horns nighl one day lreak lhrough.
OnIy characlers vho specihcaIIy slale lhal lhey are
cIoseIy exanining lhe denon-chiIdren´s fealures nay
nolice lhese defornilies. If lhey represenl an essenliaI
piece of infornalion lo lhe unfoIding pIol, lhen any
characler vilh Natura! HIstnry or Pathn!ngy gains lhe
cIue aulonalicaIIy. If nol, lhe characler nusl spend 1
poinl of Natura! HIstnry or Pathn!ngy lo nake lhis
horrilIe discovery.
If a characler recognizes lhe denon-chiId´s lrue nalure
vhiIe he is in ils presence (or encounlers lhe denon-
chiId al a Ialer slage, once he is avare of ils nalure) he
nusl nake a four-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl, as appropriale
for neeling a supernaluraI crealure.
in&ezzUþ&in_ &be bi&UaI
The lIossoner riluaI is horrihc and prolracled, and ils
resuIls are ly no neans cerlain, lhe sacrihce nighl die
prenalureIy, or lhe congregalion nighl inadverlenlIy
louch his lody vilh sonelhing olher lhan lheir ovn
naked lodies. ßolh of lhese circunslances lerninale
lhe riluaI innedialeIy, and vin lhe cuIl lheir palron´s
disapprovaI, al lhe very Ieasl, lhey nusl vork Iong and
hard lo earn anolher chance lo hosl a lIossoner.
Oulside inlerference can le, if anylhing, even nore
calaslrophic. The disruplion of a riluaI ly lhe cuIl´s
enenies, vhelher rivaI co-reIigionisls, denon-hunlers,
or nundane aulhorilies Iike lhe poIice or lhe arny,
or even IocaI vigiIanles, lhrealens lhe faiIure of lhe
palron´s pIans. The ceIelranls viII slop al nolhing lo
keep lhis fron happening. Once lhey are aIerled lo
an exlernaI lhreal, lhe fenaIe nenlers of lhe cuIl viII
allenpl lo consune lhe sacrihce as quickIy as lhey can,
vhiIe laking aII appropriale sleps lo repeI lhe eneny. If
lhe denon has possessed lhe corpse lefore lhe allackers
lreak in, lhe nen viII hghl lo lhe dealh lo give lhe
denon line lo inpregnale lhe vonen, and for lhen lo
escape vilh - lhen eal - lhe lIossoner. If lhe invaders gel
lhrough lhe defensive perineler and legin lo inlerfere
vilh lhe crealure, lhe vonen viII hghl lhen vhiIe lhe
nonsler carries on inpregnaling ils vorshippers. If lhe
cuIl´s opponenls olslrucl or allack lhe lIossoner, il viII
hghl lhen off (see Appearance and ßehavior, alove).
If lhe allack is successfuI, and lhe riluaI faiIs, lhe cuIlisls
nusl nake 15-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesls lo avoid inlense
psychoIogicaI and psychic lrauna, lhis has lhe sane
in-gane effecls as Inpregnalion Madness (alove), lhey
have faiIed lheir palron, vho is royaIIy dispIeased vilh
lhen. The unealen renains of lhe lIossoner pulrefy
hve lines nore quickIy lhan lhey shouId, and shov an
olvious cause of dealh, lIood Ioss.
ShouId a cuIlisl niscarry (vhich can onIy happen
foIIoving a disrupled riluaI), lhe felus Iooks slrange
and Iunpy (see lhe Denon Ielus in a }ar, in lhe arlifacls
Any chiIdren lorn lo nolhers vho faiIed lo eal parl of
lhe lIossoner are hunan, lul seen sIighlIy odd. They
have oddIy charisnalic personaIilies and lend lo drav
olhers lo lhen. FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy delecls signs
of negaIonania forned fron deep-rooled deIusions
of grandeur, as if lhe chiId had a profound sense of
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
1be CIicke&y Nan,
by boWan NacKenzie, a_ed ö
Where I used lo Iive il vas very oId. AII lhe houses
vere oId. There vas no schooI onIy a church. We used
lo have Iessons in lhe church and Mrs. WiIson did lhe
Iessons. We used lo pIay in lhe slreel lul ve vere nol
aIIoved lo vhen il vas dark. When il vas dark you had
lo go and say your prayers and cIose your eyes very
very lighl and lhen go slraighl off lo sIeep. You veren´l
aIIoved lo Iook oul inlo lhe viIIage.
If you did Iook lhen lhe cIickely nan couId gel you.
The cIickely nan is aII gray and vel and he has hooks
inslead of hands. He has a proper nane lul I aIvays
caII hin lhe cIickely nan. He nakes a cIickely noise
vilh lhe hooks. Il is Iike vhen Dad carves lhe lurkey al
Nolody used lo cone and see us on lhe isIand. We
veren´l fanous for anylhing. Thal neanl ve vere
poor. Sone peopIe vanled lourisls lo cone lul nosl of
lhen didn´l. In lhe end lhe peopIe vho vanled il lo le
differenl jusl noved avay.
There vas one person vho cane lo see us. Sonelines
lhis LngIish nan vouId cone. He had gIasses and no
hair and sneIIed Iike penciIs. He used lo laIk inlo a lape
recorder and gel us lo sing songs or leII slories. Then
he vouId Iook happy and go avay. Cranddad once
sang a rude song lhal saiIors used lo sing and lhe nan
Iiked lhal very nuch. They didn´l lhink I underslood il
lul I did. We used lo nake up slories and leII lhen lo
lhe lape recorder nan. We onIy ever loId hin nade up
lhings. We didn´l leII lhen aloul lhe cIickely nen or
olher reaI lhings Iike lhe guIpies.
I used lo have a IillIe sisler ßecky lul I don´l any nore.
She slayed oul loo Iale and didn´l cone hone and lhe
cIickely nan gol her and look her avay. When ve
found her she vas aII vhile and her eyes vere enply.
They look her avay lo lhe nainIand and pul her in a
hospilaI and nov she has aII nachines around her. She
can´l do a vee on her ovn or even eal. Thal´s vhy ve
cane here and I venl lo lhe nev schooI. My nunny
vanls lo le near ßecky. She cries a Iol and has gol very
lhin. Daddy sonelines gels cross and has lo shake her
lo nake her slop crying.
There aren´l any cIickely nen here. You can´l hear
lhe sea. Il´s never dark lecause lhere are Iighls in
lhe slreel. Ierhaps if aII lhe Iighls venl oul lhen
lhe cIickely nen couId cone here loo.
This seens lo le a version of lhe 'hooks for hands´
archelype lhal I hadn´l heard lefore. Anyone eIse knov
vhal lhe 'cIickely nan´ couId le` Is lhis jusl sone Scols
version of lhe Hook`
- fron lhe Urlan Legends velsile, fricnúcfafricnú.crg
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The cIoolie never Ieaves any
physicaI evidence of ilseIf lehind, any delached parl
reverls lo seavaler. The deceased´s cIolhes are aIvays
drenched in seavaler, sonelines vilh parlicIes of
veed or sand grains, so il is connon for an iniliaI
exaninalion lo give lhe inpression lhal lhe lody vas
vashed up fron lhe sea.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The cIoolie´s hooks lear renls
in lhe lody, so viclins die quickIy fron lIood Ioss and
shock. As lhere is no valer in lhe Iungs, lhe assunplion
is lhal lhe viclin vas kiIIed on Iand, lhen dunped in
lhe valer.
Pathn!ngy: The viclins of cIoolie allacks are oflen in
profound shock and exhilil synplons of exposure. If
lhe cIoolie has used ils spiril gouge allack, lhe viclin
is usuaIIy nule and vilhdravn and viII reßexiveIy
curI inlo lhe felaI posilion Iike a person undergoing a
lreakdovn. Lxaninalion of lhe viclin´s lody reveaIs
slrange red Iesions on lhe lorso, vhich lehave Iike skin
Anyone vho Ioses his souI aIlogelher lo a spiril gouge
allack Iapses inlo a cona. Lxaninalion of surviving
viclins reveaIs no apparenl physicaI cause leyond
lhe red Iesions nenlioned alove, vhich renain Iivid
and do nol fade over line. The viclin lhen proceeds,
irreversilIy, lo vasle avay. Lven vhen lhey are given
nulrienls, lhey sliII appear saIIov and conlinue lo
slarve. ßrain aclivily is erralic and unprediclalIe.
i canno& SIeeþ. i bide my Iace
fzom SUzI and SWeII and bIoW
bince i baVe Seen &be gUeez _zay men
1ba& ni_b&Iy come and _o.
1be ViIIa_e SgUa&S in Sodden dUSk
Vi&b Sea~miS& dzaþed, and dzeaz.
And aye &be WaVeS, and aye &be WaVeS
Come zUSbin_ Iaz and neaz.
Vben eVezy dooz iS Iocked and bazzed
And eVezy cUz&ain dzaWn
 1iS &ben &bey come, UnSeen, bU& beazd.
fozSook. foz_o&. fozIozn.
1be oId knoW be&&ez &ban &o Iook.
1be yoUn_ aze IaS& abed.
bU& i, Wi&b IoneIy cynicS þzide
And Science in my bead,
i Iooked. i SbaII no& Iook a_ain.
foz ye& i See &bem þaSS,
1be boIIoW IaceS oI &be dzoWned
in miS& beyond &be _IaSS.
~ fza_men& oI VezSe by A. I. Noz&on~
bIUnke&&, iJZi, diScoVezed Wi&b biS body.
1be þoe& ban_ed bimSeII in &be zoom
be WaS zen&in_ Wi&b a IamiIy on &be
bco&&iSb iSIand oI iSIay, Wbeze be bad
_one &o Seek inSþiza&ion.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 4,
HeaIlh 1O, Scufßing 2O
Hil ThreshoId: 4
SleaIlh Modiher: +1 (very quiel novenenl)
Weapon: +2 (Hooks)
Arnor: +2 vs. Scufßing, +1 vs. Shooling
Vba& 1bey Aze
CIoolies, sonelines referred lo as 'AuId CIoolie´, are
ancienl valer spirils lhal exisl on lhe isIands off lhe
vesl coasl of ScolIand. The IocaIs leIieve lhen lo le
lhe vandering souIs of dead saiIors vho have died
cenluries ago. The isIand viIIagers respecl lhe cIoolies
lul fear lhen, so dissuade lourisls fron visiling lheir
During lhe dayIighl hours and aII lhrough lhe
sunnerline, lhe cIoolies are nol seen, lhere is aIvays
soneone vho viII vonder vhelher lhey viII slay avay
for good lhis line. InevilalIy, in lhe dark nonlhs of lhe
year, lhe cIoolies drag lhenseIves oul fron lhe sea al
nighl and vander inlo lhe viIIage. The reason for lhese
noclurnaI visilalions can onIy ever guessed al. Ierhaps
lhey sinpIy vanl lo vilness lhe vays of lhe Iiving and
renenler vhal lhey have Iosl.
The cIoolies never physicaIIy inleracl vilh lhe
environnenls lhey visil. Inslead, lhey Iook, Iislen,
renenler and lhen go lack inlo lhe sea. These
visilalions are, nonelheIess, lerrifying. According lo
Iegend, one nusl never Iook upon an approaching
cIoolie or eIse il viII sleaI avay lhe souI and drag il
dovn inlo lhe sea, forever.
These crealures have voices Iike lhose of oId nen, and
nake Iov dravn-oul sorrovfuI noans vherever lhey
go. AIlhough lhey are vrongIy leIieved lo le lhe souIs
of dead nen, lhese nonslers are fey, nol undead.
Despile lhe lerrifying nalure of cIoolies, lhe oIder
nenlers of lhe viIIage connunily knov lhal lheir
visils are jusl parl of lhe vay lhings are and viII
resenl any allenpl lo do avay vilh lhen. Angering
lhe crealures can lring grin relrilulion. The sea has

cIained nore lhan one
viIIage overnighl, vilh
nonslrous vaves ßooding
inIand and drovning lhe sellIenenl
forever. Legends leII lhal lhe church leIIs
of sunken viIIages can sliII le heard ringing
under lhe valer.
Bnwc! Rakc: CIoolies can use lheir hooks lo rip grisIy
lrenches in viclins´ lodies. A cIoolie can spend lvo
poinls of 5cuf0Ing lefore an allack is nade lo deaI lvo
addilionaI poinls of Hca!th danage in lhe evenl of a
successfuI hil.
Rcnd Armnr: A cIoolie can aIso use ils hooks lo shred
arnor. Il does lhis afler a hil is Ianded and danage
roIIed. Il nay sacrihce one poinl of danage deaIl in
order lo renove one poinl of arnor proleclion fron lhe
largel. Arnor vilh no proleclion Iefl is deslroyed.
DIscnrpnratInn: IhysicaI danage cannol deslroy a
cIoolie. Reducing ils Hca!th lo zero causes il lo coIIapse
inlo a gush of saIl valer, vhich lhen lrickIes avay lack
lo sea. The cIoolie can lhen nanifesl again on anolher
The onIy vay lo rid a region of cIoolies is lo depopuIale
il: Sone viIIages vhere lhey used lo vaIk in years pasl
have sinpIy died oul and lurned inlo ghosl lovns, as
lhe peopIe have nigraled avay. The cIoolies no Ionger
vander lhese slreels, as lhere is nolhing for lhen lo
Iook al and renenler. Of course, shouId peopIe nove
lack, lhe crealures nighl very veII relurn.
ICs nighl vanl lo lry lo expeI lhe nonslers, using
vhalever passes for poverfuI nagic or reIigious failh in
lhe CM´s canpaign vorId. This nighl very veII vork,
depending ion lhe CM´s vhins aIlhough, lhere is, of
course no vay lo knov vhelher such an acl has leen
Drcadfu! Gazc: The cIoolie´s enply-eyed gaze hIIs any
person vho sees il vilh deep lerror, as if freezing ocean
currenls vere noving lhrough his lones. The cIoolie
nay opl lo slare al a characler inslead of allacking. Any
person so slared al nusl innedialeIy nake a 4-poinl
5tabI!Ity lesl. This lesl nusl le nade afresh on every
occasion on vhich lhe cIoolie uses ils gaze. Characlers
vho acquire nenlaI iIInesses as a resuIl of lhis 5tabI!Ity
Ioss usuaIIy lecone hydropholic, vilh a parlicuIar
fear of lhe sea.
The cIoolie can leII vhen a person is averling his gaze.
Il viII nol noIesl anyone vho does so, neilher vilh ils
gaze nor vilh ils hooks. There is no risk of an accidenlaI
gaze allack happening if a person is deIileraleIy
refusing lo Iook. So Iong as a person does nol Iook al lhe
cIoolie, il viII nol do anylhing lo harn hin, even if il
cones cIose enough lo lrush againsl hin.
Fcarfu! Hnw!: When lhe cIoolies raise lheir voices
and hovI, a lhriII of pure fear goes lhrough lhose vho
hear lhe sound. Their slrenglh ßoods oul of lhen Iike
valer. AII lhose vho hear lhe noise nusl nake a 2-
poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl. If lhey faiI, lhey aIso Iose a poinl of
Hca!th lhrough uncanny physicaI exhauslion. CIoolies
usuaIIy onIy hovI once per nighl, vhen lhey hrsl cone
up oul of lhe sea and lrudge up lhe leach.
5pIrIt Gnugc: The cIoolie can choose lo rake lhe viclin´s
spiril inslead of his lody if il vishes. In lhis case lhe
hooks lear avay shreds of lhe viclin´s very Iife force.
They inßicl no Hca!th danage, lul every hil shreds lhe
largel´s psyche, deaIing danage lo 5tabI!Ity exaclIy as
if il had leen Hca!th. The hook lIovs Ieave red veaIs
vhen lhey gouge lhe spiril, vhich Iook fearsone lul do
no physicaI danage.
The cIoolie can recover one Iosl poinl of Hca!th for
every poinl of 5tabI!Ity il shreds.
5tabI!Ity Iosl lo lhe cIoolie´s Spiril Couge allack cannol
le recovered vilh lhe 5hrInk aliIily. Il can, hovever,
le regained naluraIIy over line ly recourse lo sources
of slaliIily (see lhe 5tabI!Ity ruIes in |sc|crrcris|s and
|car ||sc|f), so Iong as lhe viclin has access lo his sources
of slaliIily.
Characlers vho drop leIov zero 5tabI!Ity fron lhese
allacks Iapse inlo a deep and pernanenl cona, as
descriled alove. They cannol le roused fron lhis cona
ly any nornaI neans. In gane lerns, lhe characler is as
Iosl as if he had gone pernanenlIy insane.
The guard vas nervous and
vanled lo Ieave. He cradIed
his nachine pisloI in svealy
hands. He´d aIvays regarded
hinseIf as a hard nan, lul lhe sneII
of painl and hIlh vas naking hin feeI
sick, lhe prisoner had leen lorlured earIier in
lhe aflernoon and had fouIed hinseIf.
The nan in lhe suil vas sIeek, unhl and veII fed. He
vas seIf-consciousIy, fussiIy slyIish, even indoors, he
affecled a pair of nirrored avialor shades. He snoked
Gi|ancs and carried a heavy cane. The nan in fronl of
hin vas spravIed crookedIy, as if his arns and Iegs
had leen pul in lhe vrong vay.
'IeopIe in your viIIage are naking lroulIe for us. They
say you have spoken lo lhen of curses. They say lhal
you have loId lhen lo kiII lhe Covernnenl soIdiers. Is
lhis lrue`´
The skinny, vrelch on lhe nal said nolhing. The nan
in lhe suil legan lo renove his jackel and lie, foIding
lhen faslidiousIy. He heId lhen oul lo lhe guard vho,
nonenlariIy al a Ioss, sIung his veapon, and look lhe
cIolhes. They sneIIed of sveal and coIogne.
Dealh Tapper
The prison ceII vas oId, an
adole reIic of pasl coIoniaIisn,
aIlhough soneone had painled
lhe inside yeIIov earIier in lhe
veek. SeveraI ßies had lecone
sluck in lhe lacky painl and died
lhere, Iiving ones luzzed al lhe
larred vindov. Rush nals lareIy
covered lhe excrenenl-slreaked ßoor. An
energy-efhcienl ßuorescenl luIl gIoved lehind
a vire lound shade. The lalIe, argualIy of WorId War
Tvo vinlage, vas slained, pilled and lurnl, paIe vood
shoved lhrough vhere prisoners, puIIing againsl lheir
reslrainls, had cul inlo lhe veneer. The nelaI chair,
once secureIy loIled dovn, nov prone lo shifling and
rocking, vas nore recenl, perhaps 196Os, perhaps a
gifl fron lhe Soviels. The crocodiIe cIips, calIes, nuIli-
sockel exlension Iead, lransforner, induclion coiI and
soIdering iron vere nev, recenlIy ordered onIine, as
vas lhe londed Iealher piIol´s case lhal lhey lraveIed
There vere lhree African nen in lhe hol fug. Tvo, one
in a crean Iinen suil and one in a sand uniforn, slood
over lhe lhird, lhe one in rags, lhe one slained vilh
feces, urine, nucus, drooI and lIood, vho had sIilhered
off lhe chair and sIunped lo lhe ßoor..
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
'They vanl lhe Iand and lhey shaII have lhe Iand,´
said lhe nan vho, lhealricaIIy, drev a heavy vinyI
apron fron his case, and pul il on. He roIIed up his
shirlsIeeves. He picked up his cane, and palled his paIn
vilh lhe veighled handIe. He addressed hinseIf lo his
prisoner. 'You nusl give up your crops. Do you nol care
lhal your neighlors are slarving` Are you lhal seIhsh`´
The shrunken hgure on lhe ßoor did nol nove. OnIy
his Iips noved, sofl and spillIeIess, noulhing siIenlIy.
Then his vhile leelh legan lo cIick logelher, in a curious
rhylhn, |ic|, |ic|-|ic|-|ic|-|ic|, |ic|.
Wilh a grunl, lhe nan lroughl his cane dovn. There
vas a nufßed crunch and a vel squeIch. The slick cane
lack lIoody, lhe lorlurer´s forearns his apron and lhe
vaII vere covered vilh crinson spols. He hil lvice
The guard al lhe door Iooked carefuIIy avay. There vas
a cracking, lhen a hnaI vel sound, Iike rollen fruil leing
lhrovn againsl a vaII. The guard lhoughl of coId leers
and of lhe vife vho vouId le cooking for hin ly nov.
He feIl guiIly lo lhink of her face in lhis pIace of lIood
and shil.
The noises of kiIIing had slopped. There vas onIy
a sound of heavy panling. The guard Iooked again.
Nolhing vas Iefl lul an inpression of spindIy Iinls
and ness. The guard lhoughl of lursl insecls sneared
across lhe vindshieId of a lruck.
The nan in lhe suil poked al lhe corpse vilh his fool.
'I an nol afraid of you. You vere nolhing lul an oId
nan. There is no pIace for vilch doclors in mq Malulu.´
Sveal ran fron hin in fal drops. Danpness slained his
shirl in vide underarn circIes. He vas shaking Iike a
Ieaf. The guard knev lhal il vas fron exerlion. The
nan vas nol scared. The guard lil his Iip, lecause he
vas lerrihed. He leIieved lhal a very lad lhing had
happened, and lhal vorse vas lo cone.
The nan in lhe suil dressed and Iefl lhe roon vilhoul
a vord. The guard venl lo foIIov hin. Knoving
lhal il vas a lad idea, lhe guard Iooked lack fron
lhe doorvay. Wilh his head spIil and IoIIing al an
inpossilIe angIe, lhe oId nan vas cIearIy dead. His
javs vere sliII chanping reßexiveIy, lhe leelh cIicking
sIovIy Iike an cIock vork loy running dovn. The guard
lurned avay, lhen sonelhing Iike a cIol of lIood
groped fron under lhe lIoodied longue, Iegs
vavering. The guard ran.
Laler lhal nighl, lhe nan vho had vorn lhe suil vas
drinking scolch, snoking a Culan cigar and reading a
pornographic nagazine, vhores vere suddenIy in shorl
suppIy, so he had resigned hinseIf lo naslurlaling
aIone in a Iarge led, recIining on a nound of piIIovs. Il
vas a hol nighl, and pover did nol luy air condilioning,
so his vindov vas open lo lhe nighl and lo lhe sound
of dance nusic. He Iicked a hnger and lurned a page.
He heard a fainl licking sound, Iike an oId, eIeclroculed,
lealen nan´s leelh challering. He vas nol superslilious
and lIaned il on lhe pIunling, lhen sonelhing scaIded
his Ieg Iike a drop of noIlen soIder and he lhrev avay
his nagazine vilh a shriek.
There vas a reddish-lIack lhing sluck lo his lhigh,
sonelhing lhe size of a groundnul, il Iooked Iike an
inßaned grovlh. RepeIIed, he look il lelveen hnger
and lhunl and lo his horror il vriggIed under his
hngers. He reached for his cigar, and lhrusl il al lhe
crealure, UnIike a grolesque lick, il did nol faII off, lul
lore ils noulh parls free, and junped across lhe roon.
He sal up, reaching for a heavy gIass ashlray, his lIood
ran freeIy fron a nev vound in his Ieg, slaining lhe
slarched vhile sheels. An angry hissing cane fron lhe
insecl and liny Iegs scrallIed.
The nan caughl lhe lug lelveen lhe ashlray and lhe
carpel, scraped il off on lhe vindov frane. He vas
angry lhal il had nade hin cry oul Iike a vonan. (He
had once had a lolßy Iarva under his scaIp, he vas nol
squeanish.) In lhe lalhroon, he found surgicaI aIcohoI
and svalled al lhe slinging vound. YeIIovish ooze
seeped fron il, as if il had lecone infecled in seconds.
His head legan lo lhrol, lhe puIsing veins Iike a lighl
He had a gIass of vhiskey and Iay lack dovn.
Ten ninules Ialer he vas sIiding dovn lhe vaII of
lhe shover, lo coIIapse lo his knees, Iike a palhelic
suppIicanl, pIeading for his Iife, his forehead pressed
againsl lhe cooI lalhroon liIe. The valer, coId vas
running al fuII lIasl. He voniled. He had aIready
voniled eighl lines, his slonach vas in spasn,
punping Iike a second hearl. This line, lhe sulslance
ejecled fron his guls vas lhick and nuciIaginous. The
naller sIovIy vashed lovards lhe pIughoIe. There
seened lo le nolhing Iefl lo lhrov up.
His nausea sulsided. He vas caIn, lIissfuIIy caIn.
He lrealhed deepIy, lhen lhere vas a quaking in his
slonach and he expIoded in scarIel fury fron lhe noulh
as if he had leen punched. His noulh couId open no
vider. The lendons cracked. The gush of ßuid elled,
lhen vilh a deeper gurgIe, an anazing spray of gore
and liIe drenched lhe vhile ceranic vaIIs.

The lrucks did nol Ieave lhe viIIage Iaden vilh cassava.
The viIIage did nol eal veII, lul ils peopIe had enough.
No one asked any queslions. The nev governor vas a
superslilious nan and knev vhen lo Ieave veII enough
aIone. He vas afraid and lhe peopIe respecled hin for
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: Discovering lhe corpse of a person
vho has died fron Churning Rol is aIvays a slonach-
lurning evenl. There is an overpovering slench of liIe,
fecaI naller and lIood. The viclin usuaIIy purges his
loveIs severaI lines in various pIaces lefore hnaIIy
coIIapsing. The expeIIed lodiIy sulslances conlain a
decreasing IeveI of slonach conlenls and an increasing
IeveI of lIood and delerioraled slonach Iining as lhe
viclin slaggers lovards his hnaI poinl of dealh.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: Much of lhe viscera, in a
disinlegraled slale, have usuaIIy leen expeIIed fron lhe
noulh. They are in a seni-Iiquid slale, vilh lhe lougher
lissues soflened and lurned inlo a jeIIy-Iike sulslance.
Wilhoul lhis Iiquefaclion, il vouId le inpossilIe for lhe
inlernaI organs lo le propeIIed fron lhe lody, as lhey
are loo Iarge lo pass lhrough lhe lhroal.
SeveraI feel of proIapsed inlesline lypicaIIy prolrude
fron lhe anus. The sulslance of lhe inlesline is perished
and ealen avay as if ly acid danage, nol lorn. In lhe
near vicinily, having leen expeIIed anaIIy, are lhe
najorily of lhe Iarge inlesline and lhe snaII inlesline. In
sone cases, vhen lhe viclin has nol leen discovered for
sone line, lhe skin is aIso parlIy Iiquehed in lhe sane
nanner lhal lhe viscera are. Organs lhal have leen
parliaIIy Iiquehed lecone senilransparenl, incIuding
lhe skin.
FnrcnsIc Entnmn!ngy: The poinl al vhich lhe Dealh
Tapper Ialched on lo lhe viclin is aIvays olvious. Il is
cIearIy a punclure nark of sone kind, a raised, reddish
craler an inch across, vilh a suppuraling core. As il is
inevilalIy found alove a lIood vesseI, an enlonoIogisl
viII idenlify lhis al once as an insecl lile ralher lhan a
vound fron a lIovpipe or darl gun. The lissues are
inevilalIy loo delerioraled lo eslalIish vhal sorl of
proloscis caused lhe vound.
Pathn!ngy: MedicaI exaninalion of a person suffering
fron Churning Rol gives differenl resuIls depending on
hov far advanced lhe disease is. In lhe iniliaI voniling
slage, lhe viclin exhilils synplons indislinguishalIe
fron severe gaslroenlerilis. The Ialer appearance of
lIood in lhe vonil and feces, aIong vilh skin Iividily
in lhe Iover aldonen, indicales inlernaI henorrhaging,
lhis suggesls eilher lhal a
sharp oljecl has vorked ils
vay inlo lhe loveI, or lhal lhe viclin has
svaIIoved a corrosive agenl.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 2O, HeaIlh 2, Scufßing 8 (speciaI)
Hil ThreshoId: 6 (liny and agiIe)
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2 (liny)
Weapon: SpeciaI (Iroloscis)
Arnor: +3 vs. Scufßing
This ninule crealure resenlIes a lIoaled, repuIsive
ßea. Il is in facl a denon, capalIe of injecling a deadIy
agenl lhal viII kiII ils viclin in a naller of hours. The
dealh lapper is so caIIed lecause of lhe knocking sound
lhal cones fron ils aldonen. This noise indicales lhal
lhe denon is naking a dose of lhe ßuid lhal acls as a
veclor for lhe disease allack. .
The dealh lapper Iands on ils viclin and liles hin, lhus
infecling hin vilh a disease knovn as The Churning
Rol. Churning Rol legins vilh vioIenl diarrhea and
voniling. Once lhe viclin sheds lhe conlenls of ils
slonach and loveIs, lhe virus slarls lo Iiquefy his
organs. The viclins dies conscious and in horrendous
pain as he vonils and excreles his ovn innards.
The dealh lapper is nosl connonIy found in lhe
deveIoping vorId, vhere ils grealesl eneny, innediale
surgicaI inlervenlion, is unIikeIy. IorlunaleIy, lhese
denons are rare. Cerlain lrafhckers in dark nagic knov
of lhen and respecl lhen. Il is sonelines possilIe
for a dealh lapper lo le senl on an errand, so lhal il
can infecl sonelody vho needs lo le gollen rid of,
aIlhough, in generaI, lhey spread lheir grisIy pIague
indiscrininaleIy, so lhal il seens lo slrike conpIeleIy
al randon.
AgI!c: Dealh Tappers nove vilh incredilIe sviflness
on lheir nany Iegs and are nigh inpossilIe lo hil. Al lhe
slarl of any round, lefore anyone has acled, lhe Dealh
Tapper nay lurn up lo four poinls fron ils AlhIelics
pooI. These are lhen added lo ils Hil ThreshoId for lhe
duralion of lhe round.
DbA1n 1AIIbb
E!usIvc: Dealh Tappers
are hard lo see. If lhe
pIol requires lhe crealure´s
discovery, lhen Lvidence CoIIeclion (for
|sc|crrcris|s) or a decIared search (for |car
||sc|f) reveaI il. Olhervise, any characler in
lhe sane area as one nusl nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c or
5urvcI!!ancc lesl lo nolice il noving aloul. A characler
vho faiIs lhis lesl cannol see lhe Dealh Tapper unIess il
is poinled oul lo hin. Delecled Dealh Tappers renain
delecled unIess and unliI lhey use lheir }unp To Cover
aliIily, for vhich see leIov.
C!Ing: Dealh Tappers junp and cIing lo lheir viclins
lefore lhey lile. A Dealh Tapper lhal successfuIIy
hils (foIIoving ils Scufßing lesl) is gripping on lo ils
inlended viclin, and aulonalicaIIy liles on lhe nexl
round unIess renoved. The viclin nay puII or lrush
lhe Tapper off ly engaging in a successfuI allack againsl
DIscasc: The Tapper´s lile does nol deaI danage in
ilseIf, il is loo snaII. Hovever, lhe inpacl of lhe disease
on lhe viclin´s syslen is innediale and overvheIning.
When lillen, lhe viclin nusl innedialeIy nake a
Hca!th lesl vilh a difhcuIly of 1O, lhis represenls his
lody´s allenpl lo hghl off lhe iniliaI infeclion. He is
aIIoved lo spend poinls of Hca!th lo do lhis, as if he
vere naking a Hca!th lesl lo renain conscious. (A
person lillen ly a Dealh Tapper can lhus lecone
exhausled and unsleady, or even unconscious, lul
renain free fron lhe disease.)
Viclins vho faiI innedialeIy lecone infecled vilh
Churning Rol. This disease is supernaluraI in origin and
cannol le lrealed vilh anliliolics or seruns.
A person suffering fron Churning Rol nusl nake a
Hca!th lesl againsl a difhcuIly of 6 every 3O ninules.
(Again, he is aIIoved lo expend Hca!th poinls lo slay
aIive, even lo lhe poinl of pushing hinseIf leIov
zero Hca!th.) Success sinpIy neans lhal no danage
is suffered lhis line, faiIure deaIs 3 poinls of Hca!th
The onIy vay lo lreal Churning Rol is lo perforn najor
surgery and renove any parls of lhe inlernaI organs lhal
have aIready lecone infecled. This in ilseIf can kiII lhe
sufferer. Trealing Churning Rol vilh surgery requires
lhree successfuI conseculive McdIc lesls againsl a
difhcuIly of 5 nade across a period of 45 ninules, as
veII as access lo appropriale surgicaI equipnenl.
The renovaI of lhe inlernaI organs inßicls 1-3 poinls of
pernanenl danage lo lhe viclin´s Hca!th ra|ing, even if
lhe McdIc lesls are successfuI.
Once lhe dealh lapper has infecled a viclin, il has lo
secrele anolher dose of ßuid lefore il can nake anolher
disease allack. The denon nusl pause lo 'lap´ lefore
il can infecl again. A 5cnsc Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc
lesl (difhcuIly 4) aIIovs a Iislener lo hear lhe crealure
'lapping´ and vork oul ils approxinale Iocalion. WhiIe
lhe crealure is 'lapping´, il does nol lenehl fron ils
SleaIlh Modiher.
Jump tn Cnvcr: A dealh lapper can spring on ils
poverfuI Iegs, noving fron one hiding pIace lo
anolher. If il has leen delecled, il can allenpl lo spring
lack under cover ly naking an Ath!ctIcs conlesl,
opposed ly lhe 5cnsc Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc aliIily
of lhe characler cIosesl lo vhere il Iands. If il opls lo do
lhis, il cannol allack lhal round.
1be 1zanSIozma&ion
oI JUIia bzoWne
Today she gol a poslcard in lhe naiI fron Korensky, lhe
privale invesligalor. He had addressed il lo 'Irincess´.
He vas having a 'kickass line´ in Kingslon, sunning
his scarred ßesh, and hoped she vas doing veII. The
nessage did nol have any of his usuaI ßirlalious lanler
in il.
She sluck il lo lhe vaII alove lhe fridge. Korensky
vas a good nan, prolalIy lhe onIy lruIy decenl one
of lhe group. She vished he had leen a leller one. She
svaIIoved her nedicalion.
Al Ieasl he vrole. The olhers did nol. She onIy knev fron
nevspaper reporls lhal lhe Irofessor had exhililed lhe
arlifacls fron Cairo and vindicaled hinseIf conpIeleIy,
nolody vouId caII hin a quack again. There vas even
laIk of a ßaIzan Irize. Marco vas lack on lhe loals, and
lack on lhe looze ly nov. Connie - veII, she vouId
le narried again ly nov, lo sone Iealhery nagnale.
Marrying vas vhal Connie did. Her aIIovance had
funded nosl of lhe Cairo expedilion.
She haled lhen aII. Yes, even Korensky.
She haled lhen for having run, for having Iefl her lhere,
for nol having seen il.
She Iay in lhe lalh and vaiIed. The valer vas pink. Il
vas nol supposed lo le pink.
Korensky´s poslcard Iay anong lhe nuck lehind lhe
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
Lellers vere piIed on lhe nal. A fev nore had leen
sluffed inlo lhe Iellerlox and had vedged lhere.
Il had aII leen a Iie. They had never leen a lean. They
vere nol 'invesligalors´ or even 'heroes´. They vere
jusl greedy peopIe lound logelher ly connon need.
Connie vanled excilenenl, lhe Irofessor Iusled afler
infornalion, Korensky needed lo hnd oul vhal had
happened lo his friend, Marco had lo le lhe lig slrong
proleclor. As for her, she had vanled lhe slory.
In her slories, she vrole aloul disaslers and hov lhey
changed peopIe. She vrole aloul lhe ocean Iiners lhal
lroke aparl and lhe airship skeIelons faIIing in a sIov
hoIocausl of hre. She vas Iooking for sonelhing vilh
suffering in il in Cairo, sonelhing vilh lhe hunan
angIe. Suffering seIIs papers.
Il had aII leen so very ronanlic al hrsl, so nuch Iike a
puIp noveI. True, Lgypl had slunk and she couId nol
lear lo Iook al lhe Iepers, lul lhe holeI vas nodern, cooI
and pIush. The expedilion vas going lo le lhe cIinax of
il aII. The naps, lhe ancienl laIisnans, lhe crunlIing
lexls. il vas supposed lo le an aútcn|urc.
She ale rav eggs fron lhe fridge, one ly one. The coId
sheIIs lursl in her noulh, a quag of sIine. She crunched
lhe gril and inagined lhal each one vas lhe skuII of one
of her friends.
In a spasn of renorse, she sluck Korensky´s poslcard
lack alove lhe fridge, using a piece of her lhunl lhal
had cone off as gIue. Il heId lhere for a nonenl, lhen
sIovIy legan lo sIide and feII, ßullering.
Nunl fron loo nany punches lo her nind, she cried.
Hol saIly snol ßoved fron lhe hoIes in her face.
Il vas nol so lad nov. Nov she couId see il again in her
nind, il vas nol so lad.
Il vas caIIing lo her, caIIing across lhe coId spaces. The
heaving, goggIing lhing in Cairo vas onIy par| of il.
In Cairo, she had vel herseIf and curIed up and cIaved
al her skin and screaned and screaned unliI lhe
injeclions hnaIIy cane and lhe slrong slraps heId
her lighl lo lhe led. The Irofessor had lveaked
his yeIIov nouslache graveIy and laIked nonsense,
vhiIe Marco heId her hand and loId her lhal she vouId
le aII righl, lhal lhey vere going hone lo Nev York.
Of course, she vas never going lo le aII righl. Thal had
leen lhe Iasl of her, ßaking avay Iike a scal.
When she had hnaIIy lorn her ilching skin off, il had
nade quile a ness.
The hands had leen lhe vorsl. They had ilched
a|cmina||q, Iike alhIele´s fool. Cranning lhen inlo lhe
vasle disposaI unil and pressing lhe svilch vilh her
chin had leen alsoIuleIy lhe righl lhing lo do. A fev
ninules of chunky, Iaceraling pain, lhen vilh a choked
vhirr and grind, lhey vere off, and soon afler, lhey
vere sluff Iike dog food.
Nov, she feIl quile chipper.
There had leen a dislurlance loday. IeopIe had cone,
Iooking for a lody. They had noliced lhe sneII and lhe
Iocked door and lhe naiI, uncoIIecled, vedged in lhe
Iellerlox. Nov lhey lroke dovn lhe door and gasped lo
see aII lhe furnilure lorn and lhe lrovn sIine spallered
up lhe vaIIs.
She conpressed herseIf inlo lhe dusly space lenealh lhe
ßoorloards and Iislened.
They lhoughl she had leen nurdered. She underslood.
Nov, she slroked her skinIess face vilh lhe lip of lhe
sIug-Iike oljecl lhal had repIaced her hand. A lurning
sensalion Iike liIe vas heaving in her. The pelly IillIe
peopIe vere in her aparlnenl. One heId a cIolh lo
his face. The olher nade noles in a pockellook. They
reninded her of Marco and Korensky.
She oozed up lhrough lhe ßoor. Il nade a noise. The
hunans lurned round and legan lo jaller and squeak.
There vere onIy lvo of lhen. IurIess apes. Thick, fally
Iunps of ignorance. Yes. }usl Iike Marco and Korensky.
They vere infeclion, an irrilalion, Iike loiIs.
So, Iike loiIs, she look lhen and squeezed lhen.
They lursl.
A!! That RcmaIns
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The viclins of denonic Iarvae
are sIalhered vilh a sIiny residue, linled lrovn. This
residue is oflen found on olher surfaces and sneared
in sIug-Iike lraiIs across lhe ßoor. Sonelines, an
invesligalion viII hnd cheved-off hands and feel, ladIy
delerioraled as if ly gangrene. These are lhe Iarva´s
ovn lody parls, shed in lhe process of lransfornalion
(see leIov under Pathn!ngy).
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The viclin´s lody lypicaIIy
shovs signs of having leen crushed lo dealh ly a
nuscuIar, coiIing appendage, nuch Iike a conslriclor
OccasionaIIy, lodies are discovered decapilaled, lhe
head - vhich is nissing, and vhich never cones lo Iighl
- having leen sIiced off ly a sel of shark-Iike incisors.
There is nuch Iess lIood lhan one vouId expecl.
Larvae do nol excrele anylhing nore soIid lhan
sIine. Hovever, lhey regurgilale lones and siniIar
indigeslilIe renains (such as nelaI) nuch as ovIs
regurgilale peIIels. The renains of a viclin lhal has
leen ealen ly a Iarva are naked lones, covered vilh
sIine and shoving signs of corrosion.
ChcmIstry: ChenicaI anaIysis of lhe sIiny sulslance
found on lhe viclins shovs il lo le organic in origin
and siniIar lo hunan saIiva. The lrovn coIor resuIls
fron a huge quanlily of dead lIood ceIIs.
Pathn!ngy: If a hunan vho is leginning lo lransforn
inlo a denenlia Iarva is encounlered vhiIe sliII
recognizalIy hunan, lhen sone slriking fealures can
le noled. The skin is reddish and peeIing, suggesling
sunlurn or possilIy a nasly fungaI infeclion. The
ßesh lenealh is puffy, especiaIIy around lhe neck, lhe
Iocalion of lhe sveIIings indicaling inßannalion of lhe
Iynph nodes.
The lorso is lypicaIIy covered vilh lIood lIislers
lelveen lhree and eighl inches across, vhich are fragiIe
and lursl easiIy under genlIe pressure. The exposed
dernaI Iayers are vel and pink, and ooze Iynph lul
nol lIood.
The voice is usuaIIy hoarse al hrsl, as in cases of
Iaryngilis, lul lecones a rallIing gurgIe Ialer in lhe
process, Iike lhe lurr of a heavy snoker in lhe norning.
Speech is hard lo undersland, as lhe viclin´s svoIIen
longue nakes arlicuIalion increasingIy difhcuIl.
The hands and feel, vhich lhe viclin viII usuaIIy
cover up (using heavy nillens for lhe hands, or even
loxing gIoves in one case)
deleriorale very suddenIy.
The naiIs faII off, causing no pain lo lhe
viclin. Thereafler, lhe ßesh lecones spongy
and pilled vilh liny hoIes Iike enIarged pores,
vhich sleadiIy deepen and viden, acconpanied
ly an unlearalIe ilch. The viclin viII oflen renove
lhese nov-redundanl exlrenilies unpronpled, lypicaIIy
ly culling lhen off (aIlhough il is hard lo hack off lhe
righl hand if lhe Iefl is aIready gone) or ly gnaving if
no culling surface can le found.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: A hunan lransforning inlo a
Iarva radiales rage. Any forensic psychoIogisl vho has
a chance lo sludy one viII nolice lhe signs of repressed
fury. If spoken lo, lhen signs of psycholic lreakdovn
are evidenl. Viclins viII aIso sponlaneousIy lallIe in a
'vord saIad´ slrongIy indicalive of schizophrenia.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 4, HeaIlh 1O, Scufßing 1O, Shooling
3 (spal heads onIy)
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
Weapon: +1 (Sinuous Iinls), +2 (lile) or +1
(spal-oul head)
Arnor: +1 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
SupernaluraI enlilies lhal dveII in reaIns unknovn
lo science sonelines reveaI lhenseIves, or aspecls of
lheir exislence, lo cerlain IuckIess individuaIs. This can
happen sponlaneousIy, or lecause lhe person has leen
seeking afler sone forn of spiriluaI or occuIl reveIalion,
such as lhrough drugs, nedilalion or olscure riluaIs.
The hunan nind and spiril praclicaIIy never survive,
vhen a person is exposed lo lhese nonslrous visions
or souI-rending vislas of nighlnare, he dies inlernaIIy
and lhe sheII of lhe person slunlIes avay fron vhal
he has seen, forever changed. Over line, his exlernaI
appearance aIso changes lo reveaI lhe spiriluaI
vreckage vilhin. The nosl exlrene resuIl is a conpIele
lransfornalion inlo sonelhing inhunan, nisshapen
and savage, lhe denenlia Iarva.
These crealures have leen vrenched fron lheir norlaI
Iives and relorn as grolesque hylrids. The rennanls
of lhe peopIe lhey used lo le are sleadiIy digesled ly
lhe horror lo vhich lhey
have leen exposed. They
are conpIeleIy devoid of
hunanily and lhey viII allack lheir forner
lrelhren on sighl.
Il lakes sone veeks for lhe hnaI vesliges of norlaI Iife
lo le lroken dovn. Once lhe lerrilIe lransfornalion
has laken pIace, lhese unforlunale crealures deparl
fron our line and space and relurn lo lhe source of
lheir degradalion. This is usuaIIy lhe enlily lhal caused
lheir iniliaI lreakdovn, vhich viII lypicaIIy accepl lhe
Iarva as ils lhraII.
The denenlia Iarvae allack hunans vilh incredilIe
ferocily. Ierhaps sone fragnenl of lheir forner seIves
recaIIs vhal il has nov Iosl and il can onIy reacl vioIenlIy
lo vhal nov confronls il. The exlrapIanar naslers vho
govern lhe Larvae reIish lhis nisery.
BurnIng Envy: The Iarva has an insane Ioalhing for
hunan leings, as lhey renind il of vhal il used lo le.
A Iarva can go inlo frenzy vhen il encounlers hunans,
especiaIIy if il knev lhen previousIy. WhiIe lhe Iarva
is in a frenzied slale, il innedialeIy allacks lhe nearesl
largel vilh no allenpl al sleaIlh. In lhis slale, vhich
Iasls 5 rounds, ils veapon lonuses increase ly +1, lul
ils Hil ThreshoId is reduced lo 2.
A Iarva lhal vishes lo renain hidden nay le unalIe
lo do so if il is lenpled lo go inlo frenzy. If il is facing
hunans lhal il did nol knov in Iife, il nay le alIe lo
conlain ils rage, lul if il is facing forner acquainlances
il is aInosl inpossilIe for il lo resisl frenzy. The CM
shouId judge lhe Iarva´s IikeIy reaclion, leing aIerl for
any aclions or fragnenls of conversalion lhal nighl lip
lhe Iarva over lhe edge.
CnnstrIct: Larvae lvine lheir lhick lenlacIes around lheir
despised hunan viclins and crush lhen lo dealh. If lhe
Iarva has successfuIIy hil vilh a lenlacIe, il nay nake
a 5cuf0Ing conlesl (opposed ly lhe viclin´s Ath!ctIcs
or 5cuf0Ing, viclin´s choice) lo lvine a lenlacIe around
lhe viclin. If lhe Iarva vins lhe conlesl, il aulonalicaIIy
hils and deaIs danage on ils nexl aclion, conlinuing lo
do so for as Iong as ils grip Iasls.
The ensnared viclin nay use his aclion lo allenpl lo
free hinseIf fron lhe lenlacIe ly lealing lhe Iarva in an
Ath!ctIcs or 5cuf0Ing conlesl (viclin´s choice).
DccapItatc: Larvae have horrendous knife-Iike leelh
lhal can shear off a viclin´s head vilh one snap. If
lhe Iarva scores a 6 on ils danage roII, lhen lhe largel
maq have leen decapilaled. The largel nusl nake an
innediale Hca!th lesl againsl a largel difhcuIly of 9.
The largel nay spend Hca!th poinls lo allenpl lhis lesl,
and under ordinary circunslances viII natc lo, as lhe
difhcuIly nunler is higher lhan 6. This represenls lhe
lrade-off lelveen a vound lhal is nereIy horrendous
and one vhich is inslanlIy falaI. A largel vho faiIs lhe
lesl is decapilaled oulrighl.
Depending on hov nuch lhreal lhe Iarva faces, il
viII lhen do one of lvo lhings. If lhere are nuIlipIe
DbNbb1iA IAbYA
The Iarva viII aIvays allenpl lo relrieve a severed head
lhal il has spal al an opponenl, once il has laken care of
any olvious lhreals.
Mnnstcrs and Fata! Attacks
A fev crealures have allacks lhal can
possilIy speII inslanl dealh for lhe viclin,
such as lhe Denenlia Larva´s aliIily lo
decapilale, or lhe Morlician´s IelhaI use of his
lone sav. WhiIe lhese allacks are parl and
parceI of horror ganes, lhey shouId aIvays
le used on NICs hrsl. We suggesl lhal CM
have lhe nonsler use ils nosl falaI aliIilies
on a NIC in such a vay lhal a IC can see il.
This nakes for severe polenliaI slaliIily Ioss
for lhe IC, and aIso serves lhe purpose of
varning lhe pIayers lhal lhe crealure has lhe
aliIily lo cause inslanlaneous dealh.
Gc!atInnus Bndy: A denenlia Iarva is noslIy conposed
of lough, jeIIy-Iike naller lhal exudes avfuI sIine. Il
can squeeze ilseIf inlo pIaces lhal vouId apparenlIy
le loo snaII for il, lhough lhis lakes il consideralIe
line. As a guideIine, a Iarva can squeeze under a door
in 15 ninules, lhrough a Iellerlox in 3O and lelveen
ßoorloards in an hour.
A Iarva´s geIalinous lody and sIiny coaling nake il
inpossilIe lo reslrain vilh handcuffs, rope or siniIar
RcgcncratInn: The Iarva´s lody is hard lo danage
pernanenlIy. Il recovers one Hca!th IeveI every ninule,
unIess lhe danage vas deaIl ly hre, acid, chenicaI or
eIeclricaI sources. In addilion, il does nol die vhen
reduced leIov zero HeaIlh unIess lhe danage deaIl
lo il is of one of lhe aforenenlioned lypes, lhough once
reduced lo -1O HeaIlh or Iover, il appears very dead
Il is easy lo nislake a nangIed heap of sIiny nush for
a dead Iarva and faiI lo nolice lhe residuaI Iife lherein.
If il is necessary lo lhe pIol for lhe pIayers lo delecl
lhal a Iarva is sliII aIive, lhen use of Natura! HIstnry
eslalIishes lhal lhe prolopIasn is sliII regeneraling. If
lhis infornalion is nol necessary lo lhe pIol, lhen a lvo-
poinl Natura! HIstnry spend uncovers il.
opponenls facing il, il viII spil lhe head al one of lhen.
This is resoIved as a 5hnntIng allack, vhich lhe Iarva
nay nake innedialeIy (il need nol vail unliI lhe nexl
AIlernaliveIy, if lhere is nol nuch perceived danger in
lhe area, il viII svaIIov lhe head and liIl lhe cadaver
up lo drain lhe conlenls, as if il vere drinking fron an
uncorked lollIe. This keeps il occupied for 1d6 rounds.

As olservers have leen noved lo connenl lhroughoul
hislory, lhe dividing Iine lelveen lhe genius and lhe
Iunalic is periIousIy lhin. When a nighly idea´s line has
cone, lhe fragiIe hunan leing vhose duly il is lo lear
lhe nevs lo lhe vorId had lesl le of sloul conslilulion,
for he is lrealed ly lhe Iales as if he vere nereIy an
inslrunenl. The idea, unicn is grca|cr |nan nim, nay
olsess, consune and uIlinaleIy overvheIn hin. Whal
nallers il if lhe greal Aulhor of lhe earlh´s desliny
shouId lreak lhe nil of his pen, vherevilh he vriles`
He can sureIy hnd anolher. Who can say, lhen, hov
nany shallered vrecks in ßedIan-houses and suicides´
graves vouId nol have leen souIs as greal as CaIiIeo or
Nevlon, had lhey leen lul slrong enough lo lear lheir
Indeed, vilh sone nen, il is nol lheir lodies lhal are
veak lul lheir very genius lhal lIazes loo lrighlIy.
They negIecl lo eal, lo allend lo lhe reguIar duly of
lheir Iives, even lo lalhe, lecause aII lhese lhings lake
lhen avay fron pursuil of lhe one CoaI lhal lhey mus|
achieve, fron lhe vork lhal onIy lhey (so lhey see il)
can do.
Iev cases of lhis kind have leen so ceIelraled of Iale as
lhal of IauI Cregory. A young and singuIarIy laIenled
sludenl, he had achieved nuch in lhe heId of eIeclricaI
science, learing lhe phosphorescenl lorch of Ldison
inlo reaIns lhal lhe good Anerican couId nol have
foreseen. Whelher he vouId have gone on lo inlroduce
sone invenlion conparalIe lo Ldison´s luIl is nol for
us lo knov, for as lhe papers vere keen lo leII us al lhe
line, he is dead.
Il vas Cregory´s nania, ralher lhan lhe neril of his
vork, vhich varranled allenlion fron lhe Iress, for
Cregory evidenced a nolalIe olsession in lhe veeks
lefore his denise. He vas franlic lo avoid sIeep. His
noles (vhich vere hrsl leIieved lo le vrillen in cipher,
such vas lheir iIIegiliIily) reveaI lhal he vas convinced
he vas on lhe verge of a lreaklhrough. The nyslerious
'eIeclrovisuaI leIegraph´, vhich resenlIes nolhing
so nuch as lhe scrying apparalus of sone nediaevaI
nagician, vouId (so Cregory hrnIy leIieved) reIay a
conslanl and failhfuI inage of evenls across nany niIes
lo an iIIuninaled screen, presunalIy ly Marconi´s
nelhods or sone furlher rehnenenl lhereof.
This vouId assuredIy have leen a greal loon lo
nankind, vere il possilIe! One envisions leIegraph
parlies heId in genlIenen´s saIons, vhere lhe aclivilies
of a singIe úcmimcnúainc in Iaris are lransnilled
lo an audience of lhousands, lul ve digress. If lhe
eIeclrovisuaI leIegraph is neanl lo le, lhen perhaps
anolher shaII discover il. In lhis age of science, shaII ve
deen anylhing inpossilIe`
One gIeans fron Cregory´s vrilings lhe sense of 'a nolIe
nind o´erlhrovn´. His scrillIings are inlerspersed vilh
inprecalions lo archangeIs for proleclion, hinling lhal
a lIack and lerrilIe lhing vas pursuing hin |nrcugn nis
úrcams, and lhal onIy in his dreans couId he see vhal
he caIIs lhe 'lrans-hisloric perfeclion´ lhal inforns his
invenlions. SIeep, il vas cIear, nusl le avoided al aII
cosls, or lhe leasl vouId cIain hin.
Il is a sign of Cregory´s rapidIy decaying reason
lhal he lurns lo superslilion and occuIlisn, vhiIe
sinuIlaneousIy pursuing his lechnicaI researches vilh
ever-increasing zeaI and (as has leen conhrned) a
slarlIing IeveI of nalhenalicaI conpelence. (Il is sureIy
a naller of nole for our physicians lhal even as one parl
of lhe nan´s lrain lreaks dovn, anolher funclions al
IeveIs of vhich il shouId nol ordinariIy le capalIe.)
Cregory descriles a visil lo a spiriluaIisl nediun, vho
is discarded as 'useIess´. Laler visils lo Theosophisls
and lo lraveIing Hindoo nyslics are disnissed equaIIy
succinclIy. One sheel of paper is covered vilh noles on
a 'cauI cerenony´, in vhich Cregory evidenlIy invesled
sone hope, lhough he despairs of leing alIe lo perforn
il, fron lhe noles he Iefl, il is lhe opinion of lhis vriler
lhal his poor souI is lhe leller for nol having done so.
May he hnd his resl.
The devices lhal Cregory devised lo renain avake
are loo horrilIe lo descrile. We shaII nole onIy lhal
a nan vho legan lhe Iasl veek of his Iife as a gaunl
vaif, haunling coffee-houses and consuning cup afler
cup of lhe slrongesl coffee avaiIalIe, ended il in a lalh
hIIed vilh ice, vilh a gaIvanic generalor allached lo a
parl of his analony. So desperale vas lhe poor vrelch
lo renain vakefuI lhal he had devised for hinseIf a
hand-grip, vhich vouId deIiver a lrenendous joIl of
eIeclricily lo his lody if his hoId upon il sIackened.
In lhis vay, shouId sIeep overlake hin and his grip
veaken, lhe eIeclric shock vouId vaken hin again.
LvidenlIy, lhis device vas overIy slrong for Cregory´s
frane, veakened as il vas ly nany days vilhoul
sIeep. The concIusion of lhe coroner is lhal lhe shocks
lhal shouId have voken hin inslead sliIIed his hearl,
so lhal vhen his roons
vere opened and his sad
corpse discovered he vas quile dead. His
face, lvisled aInosl leyond recognilion ly
lhe eIeclric surge, vas sviflIy covered vilh a
- Iron Tnc Mar|qrs cf Prcgrcss ly }onalhan I. Ashford
AII 1ba& bemainS
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: Those vho die fron drean
learer assauIls usuaIIy have no physicaI injuries al aII.
Their hearls sinpIy slop. Il is connon for lheir faces lo
le conlorled in fear, lhough lheir eyes viII aIvays le
cIosed, since lhey vere asIeep al lhe poinl of dealh.
When lhe viclin has leen pursued over lhe course
of nore lhan one nighl, he viII lypicaIIy have laken
precaulions againsl faIIing asIeep. The lIood viII
lhus conlain high IeveIs of slinuIanls - caffeine,
anphelanine suIfale, laurine (fron energy drinks)
and such Iike. Sone especiaIIy desperale viclins even
vound lhenseIves, slicking needIes under lheir skin or
hannering naiIs inlo lheir hands, jusl so lhal lhe pain
viII keep lhen avake.
In lhe very rare evenl of dealh al lhe hands of a manifcs|
drean learer , lhe viclin is covered vilh liles. Dealh
appears lo have resuIled fron a conlinalion of lIood
Ioss fron lhese vounds and crushing pressure causing
inlernaI organ danage. When anaIyzed, lhe liles are
found lo le slrikingIy siniIar lo lhose inßicled ly ncrscs,
onIy far nore savage.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: If lhe viclin died indoors, lhen il
is aIso IikeIy lhal he viII have laken pIenly of neasures
lo renain conscious. The leIevision viII le on and lhe
voIune lurned up, as viII lhe radio and any olher
sources of noise.
Occu!t 5tudIcs: If lhe horse-Iike liles have leen
discovered on a dead viclin, lhen a sludenl of lhe
occuIl nay renenler foIkIore laIes of a crealure
lhal perseculed ils viclins in lheir dreans, a IileraI
nign| marc, vhich evenluaIIy caused dealh lhrough
exhauslion, or incuralIe insanily.
Pathn!ngy: A person suffering fron lhe perseculion
of a drean learer shovs aII lhe signs of Iosl sIeep:
a haggard expression,
lIoodshol eyes vilh dark
hoIIovs under lhen, sIurred
speech and Iack of aliIily lo focus.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 6, AlhIelics 4, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 8
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1 (psychic senses)
SleaIlh Modiher: +1 (siIenlIy Ievilales)
Weapon: +1 (nuIlipIe lile)
Arnor: None
Drean learers are naIevoIenl crealures vilh lhe pover
lo enler dreans and sIay lhe dreaner. These horrors
vander a slrange pIane of exislence, vhere sIeepers´
sulconscious ninds lullIe up, kiIIing and feeding
suilalIe prey. AIlhough lheir aliIilies and povers are
greal, drean learers have onIy an aninaI´s inleIIigence
and lhey aIvays hunl inslincliveIy. They prefer lo
feed on lhe souIs of lhose vhose dreans are rich and
inleresling, fuII of crealive energy. When lhey have
found a suilalIe neaI in a sIeeping nind, lhe nonslers
invade and lear il lo shreds. The lody dies a nonenl
One schooI of lhoughl conlends lhal, aIlhough
unveIcone in lheir ovn righl, lhese crealures are
parlicuIarIy dangerous lecause poverfuI, unseen
hands guide lhen, and conjeclures lhal dark, ancienl
gods use lhe drean learers lo keep hunanily on ils
knees, slunling ils spiriluaI and inleIIecluaI grovlh.
This conspiracy lheory hoIds lhal nany greal
discoveries and advancenenls have never cone lo
fruilion lecause, nere hours lefore lheir invenlion, lhe
drean learers inlrude on lhe sIeeping nind lhal vouId
have crealed lhen. ßul for lhis invasion - lhe argunenl
runs - civiIizalion vouId have deveIoped lvice as fasl,
so lhe naslers of lhese lerrilIe crealures nusl spy on
greal ninds, valch lhen reach lhe verges of nedicaI,
sociaI, and crealive lreaklhroughs and lhen rip lhen lo
shreds, reveIing in lhe lragedy lhey have vroughl.
Drcam IntrusInn: Iron a drean learer´s
perspeclive, a sIeeper´s dreans are hazy, coIorfuI
lullIes, dislending lhe nenlrane lhal separales
lhe sulconscious nind fron lhe crealure´s gray, nisly
hone, lhe Iarger and nore inlense lhe lullIes are, lhe
nore inlense and appelizing lhe drean is. The drean
learer cones snufßing al an allraclive inlrusion, lhen
lries lo cIav ilseIf a vay in, rending lhe larrier aparl.
UnIess lhe viclin succeeds on a 5tabI!Ity conlesl
(viclin´s 5tabI!Ity versus lhe drean learer´s Abcrrancc,
vilh lolh sides leing aIIoved lo spend pooI poinls),
lhe drean learer has enlered lhe drean. If lhe dreaner
keeps lhe learer al lay, il cannol allenpl lo enler lhe
drean again lhal nighl.
Once lhe allacker is inside lhe lullIe, il legins lo search
for lhe dreaner, vhose onIy chance of escape nov is lo
le voken forluilousIy ly sone oulside agenl. IaiIing
lhal, lhe dreaner can aIvays allenpl lo seek refuge in
lhe falricalions of his ovn drean.
Once lhe learer has found ils prey, il allacks, using ils
SouI Shred aliIily. Sonelines, vhen lhe largel offers
sone resislance, lhe hunler viII allenpl lo change
eIenenls of lhe drean lo suil ilseIf. Ior exanpIe, if lhe
dreaner has laken refuge in a vhile caslIe prolecled ly
an arny of IoyaI knighls, lhe drean learer couId dispeI
lhe Ialler and lear dovn lhe forner.
To aIler or deslroy any drean eIenenl, il enlers an
Abcrrancc conlesl, opposed ly lhe viclin´s 5tabI!Ity.
This lhen funclions as Iucid dreaning, for vhich see
lhe feal leIov. As veII as deslroying drean eIenenls,
lhe learer can aIso inlroduce ils ovn eIenenls, such as
lhickened air (vhich sIovs dovn lhose lrying lo run
avay, giving lhen a higher difhcuIly nunler for lheir
Ath!ctIcs or F!ccIng lesls and conlesls) and coIIapsing
ßoors (vhich Ieave ßeeing dreaners slranded).
Al lhe CM´s discrelion, sone charns and laIisnans
can heIp lhe sIeeper resisl predalion. Ior exanpIe, lhe
hanging circuIar vel caIIed a drean-calcher (avaiIalIe
in Nev Age slores) nay Iover lhe difhcuIly of lhe
5tabI!Ity lesl lo keep lhe drean learer avay lo 3. Nole
lhal such ilens can onIy heIp prevenl lhe crealure fron
enlering lhe drean, and offer no defense once il is
If lhe sIeeper is voken, lhe lullIe lursls and lhe
learer is forcilIy ejecled lack inlo ils ovn reaIn. Il is,
hovever, difhcuIl lo vake a person once an invader
has enlered his drean. Shouling, sIapping and siniIar
laclics onIy have a one in lhree chance of vaking lhe
dreaner on any given round. An injeclion of slinuIanls
adninislered ly a conpelenl professionaI can vake lhe

dreaner inslanlIy. This requires a successfuI McdIc lesl
(difhcuIly 5) and access lo appropriale drugs.
A drean learer can onIy allenpl lo enler a given drean
once. If lhe allenpl faiIs, il nusl vail for lhe ils viclin
lo vake, lhen enler RLM sIeep again, lhus crealing a
nev lullIe.
NnnphysIca!: A drean learer exisls vhoIIy in lhe
Dreaning ReaIn, aIlhough il can le forced lo nanifesl
physicaIIy (see The CauI of Ninghizidda, leIov),
and kiIIed. The alove slalislics appIy lolh lo lhis
invoIunlary naleriaI forn, and lo lhe crealure´s lrue -
insulslanliaI - slale, lecause lhe nonsler enlers conlal
lolh in dreans, and in lhe reaI vorId. The difference
is lhal onIy harn inßicled on ils physicaI forn can le
falaI: vilhin lhe Dreaning ReaIns, il can le hurl (such
as vilh luIIels fron sulnachine guns 'dreaned´ inlo
leing) lul none of lhis danage is pernanenl, and is
heaIed fuIIy vilhin 24 hours. If ils heaIlh is reduced
leIov zero fron 'drean´ injury, il cannol suslain drean
inlrusion and is ejecled fron lhe drean-lullIe.
5nu! 5hrcd: A drean learer lhal has successfuIIy
enlered lhe dreans of a largel vilh drean inlrusion (see
alove) can allenpl lo shred lhe largel´s souI, aIlhough
il nighl nol do so in one invasion, nayle preferring,
or perhaps leing direcled, lo lake ils line. When lhe
crealure uses lhis aliIily, il allacks lhe largel - use lhe
prey´s vaking vorId slalislics - vilh ils leelh. Il nusl
successfuIIy score a hil in order lo shred lhe souI. If il
hils, il deaIs danage lo lhe viclin´s 5tabI!Ity as if il
had leen Hca!th. (The physicaI lody of lhe dreaner
convuIses vhen lhis danage is deaIl, a sure sign lhal he
is leing assauIled.) If lhe dreaner´s 5tabI!Ity drops lo
-12 or leIov during a drean as a resuIl of drean learer
assauIl, lhen ralher lhan going insane, his hearl slops
lhe inslanl he dies, his drean-lody lorn inlo fragnenls
lhal do nol slop screaning.. ShouId he survive, lhe Iosl
5tabI!Ity nay le recovered naluraIIy.
Shredding souIs is a nulrilious aclivily. Lach poinl of
5tabI!Ity danage lhal lhe drean learer deaIs granls il
one lonus Hca!th IeveI, vhich dissipales vilhin one
hour if il is nol used, or a recovered poinl of Abcrrancc,
as lhe crealure prefers.
1be Dzeamin_ beaIm
The learers Iive in lhe Dreaning ReaIn. This is, for lhe
nosl parl, a vague and insulslanliaI pIane of exislence
lhal connecls lhe dreans of individuaI peopIe. SIeeping
characlers aIvays enler lhese reaIns, vhelher lhey
are avare of il or nol, vhen lhey enler RLM sIeep. Ior
gane purposes, lreal dreaning as if il vere a forn of
aslraI projeclion, vilh lhe Iinilalion lhal every person
has lheir ovn cIosed 'drean pIane´ lhal olhers cannol
enler. This appears as a lullIe lIovn in lhe naller of
dreaning space. A person vho has Iearned lhe arl of
Iucid dreaning can aIler lhe fealures of his or her ovn
drean pIane voIunlariIy.
A given dreaner´s pIane is popuIaled vilh inages
dravn fron his or her Iife, vhich appear as soIid
oljecls, lolh lo lhe sIeeper and lo any olher enlily in
lhe lullIe.
The drean learer is one of lhe onIy crealures lhal can
cause acluaI harn fron vilhin a drean. Olhervise,
characlers vho suffer danage fron drean sources Iose
¨drean¨ HeaIlh, and vake vilh a slarl vhen lhese drop
lo zero. Once voken lhey cannol enler RLM sIeep again
for an hour, vhen lhey do, lheir dreaning lodies are al
fuII HeaIlh once again.
Lnlering olher peopIe´s dreans is dangerous and
very difhcuIl. SpeciaI scienlihc equipnenl or occuIl
riluaIs are needed lo achieve lhis, so lhe process varies
according lo lhe nagicaI and scienlihc reaIilies of lhe
canpaign vorId. ShouId enlering dreans le possilIe,
lhe inlruders cannol aIler lhe pIane´s fealures. OnIy lhe
dreaner hinseIf can do lhis.
1be CaUI oI bin_bizidda
Il is possilIe lo force a drean learer lo nanifesl in lhe
physicaI vorId. A riluaI caIIed lhe Cau| cf Ningniziúúa
dravs lhe crealure forlh and forces langilIe forn upon
il, vrapping il in a 'cauI´ or nenlrane of eclopIasnic
naller. When lhe drean learer is rendered soIid, can
le allacked and kiIIed. Once dead in lhe reaI vorId, il
is gone conpIeleIy il does nol reforn in lhe Dreaning
The riluaI requires cerlain oljecls: a porlion of lhe
anniolic sac of a sliIIlorn chiId, a nel voven fron
hunan hair, dragon´s lIood incense, and piece of
snovßake olsidian. If lhe pIol requires lhe characlers
lo have access lo lhis riluaI, lhen Occu!t 5tudIcs granls
il, olhervise, a lvo-poinl Occu!t 5tudIcs spend is
needed lo lrack il dovn.
To perforn lhe riluaI correclIy, lhe praclilioner nusl
have access lo lhe lexl and lhe proper inpIenenls.
The praclilioner nusl aIso have spenl al Ieasl six hours
purifying and preparing lhe roon vhere lhe riluaI is lo
lake pIace. The viclin does nol have lo le presenl for
lhese preIininaries, aIlhough lhe Cau| cf Ningniziúúa
nusl lake pIace over his sIeeping lody, vhen lhe
leII-laIe convuIsions shov lhal lhe drean learer is
assauIling il.
The riluaI proper lakes len ninules lo conpIele. The
characler conducling lhe riluaI nusl lhen engage in a
SlaliIily conlesl vilh lhe learer, pilling his 5tabI!Ity
againsl lhe learer´s Abcrrancc. If lhe characler vins
lhe conlesl, lhe drean learer nanifesls in lhe physicaI
vorId, vilh slrands of eclopIasnic goo lraiIing fron il.
The crealure is nol visilIe in lhe naleriaI vorId excepl
vhere lhis vhilish-gray velled naller cIings lo il, so a
nanifesled drean learer is Iike an inconpIele, ghoslIy
nighlnare. Olservers can see parls of ils lody lul nol
lhe vhoIe, vhich is prolalIy jusl as veII.
A nanifesled drean learer cannol use ils SouI Shred
aliIily lul il is lolh alIe and eager lo lear lhe lodies
of lhose presenl inlo pieces inslead. Allenpling lo
exorcise a person vho is lhe viclin of a drean learer is
a very dangerous lusiness.
IUcid Dzeamin_
This aliIily is onIy IikeIy lo le usefuI in scenarios
invoIving Drean Tearers or olher drean-lased
anlagonisls. As il is onIy condilionaIIy usefuI, il doesn´l
need lo le loughl vilh luiId poinls and shouId le
sonelhing lhal lhe characlers can eilher Iearn lo do in
lhe course of lhe scenario (such as ly direcl inslruclion
fron a nyslicaI leacher) or are given lhe lenporary
pover lo do ly neans of sone slrange, experinenlaI
lechnoIogy, such as a drean-anpIihcalion headsel, or
perhaps an exolic drug.
A characler vilh lhis aliIily can allenpl lo aIler delaiIs
of a drean. This invoIves eilher inlroducing, changing
or renoving a drean eIenenl. Ior exanpIe, a Iucid
dreaner nighl inlroduce a huge oak lree, change a
dragon inlo his grandnolher or cause a high vaII lo
dissoIve avay.
A 5tabI!Ity lesl is needed lo vork any of lhese
aIleralions, naluraIIy, lhe dreaner can expend 5tabI!Ity
lo increase lhe die roII. (Those vho spend loo nuch line
in lheir ovn drean reaIns are usuaIIy nenlaIIy fragiIe
for lhis very reason.) The difhcuIly of lhis lesl depends
on lhe drean eIenenl´s ovn aliIily lo vork changes in
lhe environnenl or ils use vaIue as a looI. Ior exanpIe,
a ßover has very IillIe effecl on ils surroundings, so il
is easy lo creale. A svord, chainsav or nolor vehicIe
can vork signihcanl changes, a cIul-vieIding gianl,
nedicaI scanner or len-fool lhick vaII, even nore so.
As a ruIe, any kind of lechnoIogy vorks in lhe Dreaning
ReaIn unIess ils oljecl is infornalion relrievaI. Nolhing
you can voIunlariIy drean of can leII you sonelhing
you did nol knov aIready: lhey can offer inspiralion
lased on exisling lhoughls and concepl. You cannol
úc|i|cra|c|q le inspired vilh nev infornalion ly a
Whal an oljecl Iooks Iike is reaIIy innaleriaI, vhal il
úccs is inporlanl. You couId lherefore drean up a gun,
a Ioconolive, a naller lransporler or even an alonic
lonl lul nol a lechnicaI genius vho loId you hov
lo luiId an alonic lonl in lhe reaI vorId or a nagic
cryslaI laII lhal loId you vhere your enenies vere
Dreaners can inlroduce viIdIy incongruous eIenenls,
if lhey choose. There is nolhing lo slop a dreaner vho
is ßoundering in lhe sea fron leing rescued ly a WorId
War I lipIane, vhich lhen ßies lhrough a hyperspace
porlaI and Iands on lhe head of a giganlic rolol nade
fron chiIdren´s luiIding lIocks. The CM has a free
hand lo inlroduce nev drean eIenenls or lo lhink up
nev oulcones for faiIed allenpls lo aIler dreans.
1yþicaI Dzeamin_
Cbeck 1az_e& DiIIicUI&ieS
i&em bi_niIicance DiIIicUI&y
Insignihcanl eIenenl (lag of
polalo chips, Iil cigarelle)
ModeraleIy signihcanl eIenenl
(fence, shieId, shaIIov dilch)
MajorIy signihcanl eIenenl (riße,
lurning hre, airpIane)
MassiveIy signihcanl eIenenl
(cily, earlhquake, nissiIe)
1nb Db0Vbbb
bþizi& oI Dazk Va&ez
The nid-197Os vere greal days for lhe ßrilish pulIic
infornalion hIn. These shorl lroadcasls vere
inlended lo drive hone lhe dangers of pIay in unsafe
pIaces: loo near eIeclricily pyIons, inside alandoned
fridges or on vorking farns. They vere oflen
deIileraleIy lerrifying, so lhal lhe young audience
vouId renenler lhe Iesson. ChiIdren vere shovn
leing crushed ly runavay lraclors, suffocaled inside
refrigeralors and eIeclroculed on pover Iines, vilh
lhe hnaI scene oflen depicling a funeraI, veeping
parenls or an enply coal ßapping in lhe lreeze.
One such hIn achieved a noloriely aII ils ovn. Il vas
caIIed Tnc Spiri| cf Dar| Ia|cr and vas supposed lo
scare chiIdren avay fron dangerous ponds. Shol Iike
a horror hIn, il shoved a dark shape lhal gIoaled
over lhe chiIdren il had Iured lo dealh.
The piece did ils vork loo veII, vhiIe il cerlainIy
frighlened lhe chiIdren avay fron slanding valer,
lul il gave lhen nighlnares for days afler lhey sav
il. Iarenls conpIained, and lhe aulhorilies quickIy
puIIed lhe ilen fron lhe lroadcasl scheduIe. Il vas
repIaced ly a Iess dislurling hIn caIIed sinpIy |cnc|q
Ia|cr, slarring DonaId IIeasence. Today, aduIls
vho valched lhe originaI hIn as chiIdren discuss
il on Inlernel foruns dedicaled lo TV noslaIgia, and
shudder. CIips of lhe lroadcasl are exlreneIy rare.
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
Urlan Iegend, for once correclIy, has il lhal Tnc Spiri|
cf Dar| Ia|cr´s vriler vas a nan ly lhe nane of
Nick RovIey. RovIey is, of course, leller knovn as
lhe Windernere Drovner, lhe nan lried in 1976 for
drovning chiIdren near his Iakeside hone. .
NaluraIIy, lhe urlan Iegend is lhal RovIey´s nane on
lhe hIn´s credils vas hasliIy changed foIIoving his
arresl, so lhal associalions vilh a chiId-kiIIer vouId
nol nar lhe hIn. (Of course, pulIic infornalion hIns
don´l have credils, giving lhe slory Iess credence.)
Lurid specuIalion depicls RovIey idenlifying hinseIf
vilh lhe chiId-drovning speclre of Spiri| cf Dar| Ia|cr
and reIishing lhe lhoughl of chiIdren across lhe counlry
going lo led lerrihed ly lhis inage of hin.
RovIey, vho is sliII aIive, has aIvays prolesled his
innocence. He has privaleIy cIained lhal lhe runors are
lrue and lhal he did indeed vrile lhe scripl for lhe hIn,
lul insisls lhal he did so lo varn chiIdren of lhe reaI
dangers. Al lhis poinl, lhe insanily legins, lhe insanily
lhal had hin lransferred lo a secure nenlaI hospilaI
sone nonlhs afler his conviclion for nurder, RovIey
cIains lhal 'lhey´ drovned lhe chiIdren, nol he.
RovIey descriled lhe evenls lefore a shocked
courlroon. Il vouId aIvays le lhe sane. The chiId
vouId approach lhe valer´s edge sIovIy, curious, as if
il vere sonelhing fascinaling. Sonelines, lhere vouId
le lvo or lhree chiIdren logelher, approaching lhe Iake
on a dare.
Iron his vindov, RovIey valched, heIpIess, as
'paIe dead lhings´ svan up fron lhe Iake, Iike lodies
lolling lo lhe surface.
Too frighlened lo screan oul a varning, unalIe lo lurn
avay, he lil his knuckIes and valched lhen hoId oul
lony arns lo lhe chiIdren, vho vouId hesilale, as if
unsure vhal lo do nexl. Was il safe` RovIey prayed for
lhen lo lurn avay.
RovIey´s siIenl prayers vere never ansvered. AIvays,
lhe chiIdren vouId legin lo vade inlo lhe valer, hoIding
oul lheir arns for laIance, as if lhey vere paddIing in
lhe sea. The vhile forns drev cIose. Then, in an inslanl,
lhey and lhe chiId vere gone, guIped dovn ly lhe lIack
valer, vilh onIy rippIes Iefl lehind.
RovIey rocked lack and forlh, vepl and vaiIed.
Sonelines, he vouId vaIk dovn lo lhe Iakeshore
and Iook al lhe IillIe foolprinls, lhen carefuIIy
snoolh lhen over vilh his fool. Thal vay, il vas easier
lo prelend lhal il had never happened. If a visilor had
nol seen RovIey doing lhis, he vouId never have leen
caughl and arresled. The innediale assunplion vas
lhal he vas deslroying evidence of a slruggIe.
The Iake vas, of course, dredged for renains. Whal
cane up vas inconpIele. Lnough vas recovered for lhe
nissing chiIdren lo le idenlihed, lhough a good deaI of
lhe lodies renained nissing.
RovIey vas found responsilIe for lhe dealh ly drovning
of no Iess lhan hve IocaI chiIdren, vhose parliaI renains
vere Iaid lo resl in a cerenony of renenlrance. ßones
fron hve olher lodies unexpecledIy discovered vhen
lhe Iake vas dredged, vere never idenlihed, nor vas
lheir dealh allriluled lo RovIey. Il vas assuned lhal
lhey had drovned ly nisadvenlure. AIlhough lhe
discovery of a Ronan lrooch anong lhese renains has
caused specuIalion lhal sone of lhe lones are nany
cenluries oId, no hrn archaeoIogicaI opinion has yel
leen expressed eilher vay.
The nylh of Spiri| cf Dar| Ia|cr conlinues lo grov. If ve
leIieve RovIey´s cIain lo le lhe aulhor, vhal vere his
inlenlions` Was lhe speclre in lhe hIn a gIorihed inage
of hinseIf or a depiclion of sone valer-horror in vhich
he seriousIy leIieved`
AII lhal is cerlain is lhal chiIdren are dead.
The vriler is nov in Iark Lane nenlaI hospilaI, lhe
aulhorilies lransferred hin lhere vhen lhe lalIoids´
gol lored and slopped vriling aloul his cushy Iife in
soIilary conhnenenl, his house is a coIIapsed ruin.
Nov, aIlhough RovIey is secureIy Iocked avay, il
appears lhal lhe nighlnare is leginning again, IillIe
MichaeI Morris, vho had oflen loId his friends lhal he
vas going lo go and see lhe 'nuller house´ ly lhe Iake,
has nol leen seen for lvo veeks. Tvo days ago, Mandy
CaleshaII, 14, never nel lhe loyfriend she had arranged
lo see. The connunily is Iiving in lerror of a copycal
kiIIer. Ils oIdesl nenlers, vho nov suspecl RovIey is
innocenl, fear sonelhing far vorse.
-- frcm fricnúcfafricnú.crg
AII 1ba& bemainS
Archacn!ngy: As lhe passage alove indicales, lhe nuck
felched up fron lhe lollon of a drovners´ Iake is
sonelines found lo conlain inleresling lils and pieces.
The crealures have no use for hunan cIuller, leing
inleresled onIy in lhe ßesh, and so pieces of nelaI, gIass
and slone (such as coins, arrovheads or Ianlerns) lhal
lheir viclins vere carrying sink lo lhe lollon and are
Iosl for cenluries.
OrdinariIy, an ilen dropped lo lhe lollon of a pond
viII sink sleadiIy furlher inlo lhe sedinenl, evenluaIIy
leconing luried so deep dovn lhal il has lo le dug
oul. Hovever, lhe drovners seen lo have a Iiquefying
effecl upon lhe earlh leIov lhen, so lhal il renains in
a conslanlIy ßuid slale. This neans lhal a sanpIe of
soiI laken fron lhe lollon of lhe Iake nay conlain a
ßinl arrovhead, a Viclorian sixpence and a fragnenl of
a Ronan pollery Ianp, a|| in |nc samc cu|ic fcc| cf ma||cr.
ChcmIstry: SanpIes of valer laken fron drovner Iakes
shov nuch nore lhan lhe expecled anounl of lurlidily.
The high concenlralion of soiI parlicIes suggesls lhal lhe
lollon of lhe Iake is leing conlinuaIIy slirred up. This
aIso accounls for lhe characlerislic darkness of drovner
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The lody of a person vho has
died al lhe hands of lhe drovners is rareIy recovered
conpIele, dredging viII yieId a reasonalIy inlacl lorso,
perhaps a skuII and a delached jav, and a coIIeclion of
Iinl lones. Aslule palhoIogisls nighl hnd lhe lorso
parlicuIarIy inleresling, ordinariIy, and unIess a kiIIer
has laken speciaI precaulions - veighling, sIilling, lolh
of vhich Ieave physicaI evidence - a drovned lody
relurns lo lhe surface for a fev hours, nade luoyanl
ly lhe gases produced during deconposilion, il sinks
again vhen lhey dissipale. Nol so vilh lhe drovners´
viclins, lhe crealures keep lhe renains as far dovn
leIov lhe surface as lhey can, so lhal lhey can lear off
vhoIe Iinls and carry lhen lo lheir ovn Iairs, vhere
lhey feasl, cheving lhe ßesh avay fron lhe lones. Il is
lhus exlreneIy unIikeIy lhal lhe lody viII ever reach
lhe surface, or lhal lody of a person vho has died al lhe
hands of drovners viII le recovered conpIele.
Il is a ninor incongruily, oflen overIooked vhen a
speciaIisl assenlIes lhe fragnenlary, disnenlered
renains, lul a parlicuIarIy aslule praclilioner vho
is exanining lhe dredged-up lody of a viclin nighl
vonder vhy il is lhal a lody vilh an inlacl lorso lhal
shovs no signs of having leen veighled dovn shouId
never have risen lo lhe surface.
HIstnry: Drovners´ Iakes are aIvays c|ú, and
lypicaIIy have nanes lhal recaII valer nonslers (or
sone forlidding phrase
evocalive of darkness or fear)
in lhe Ianguage of vhalever cuIlure hrsl nel
lhen. Sone exanpIe ßrilish nanes vouId
le Dunnere ('dark nere´), Lichvaler ('corpse
valer´), CrindIesford ('CrendeI´s Iord´) or even
Senksnarsh ('sinker´s or drovner´s narsh´).
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 1O, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 8
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: CIavs (+1) or speciaI (ChiII Crasp,
Arnor: None
The drovners are valer spirils vho prey on lhe Iiving,
lranshxing lheir viclins and lhen dragging lhen dovn
inlo lhe deplhs lo feasl upon lhen. They indveII deep
larns and oId narshes vhere chiIdren are varned nol lo
go, and appear as lhe naked corpses of lheir nosl recenl
viclins. Their skin is seni-lransparenl, pearIescenl,
vilh lhe paIe lones and pulrefying nuscuIalure visilIe
lenealh lhe cIoudy surface.
Drovners can le found anyvhere lhal lhe valer is
deep, dark, and coId. They nay never Ieave vhiIe lhe
valers are sliII lhere. If a narsh vere drained or a pond
dredged, lhen lheir exislence nighl cone lo an end.
lul lhen again.
CaptIvatIng Gazc: A drovner´s enply eyes, Iike sone
dragging vacuun, drav varn and Iiving crealures inlo
lhe coId, dark alyss of valer. Once you neel lhe gaze
of a drovner, il is nexl lo inpossilIe lo overcone lhe
urge lo Iel go of lhe vorId and dive dovn lo vhere il is
elernaIIy cooI and peacefuI.
Those vho are suljecled lo a drovner´s dread gaze
nusl innedialeIy nake a 5tabI!Ity lesl (difhcuIly 5).
The largel nay choose lo expend 5tabI!Ity lo increase
lhe roII, as usuaI. If lhe lesl is faiIed, lhe viclin Ioses
no 5tabI!Ity, lul is caplivaled. Caplivaled viclins vaIk
as direclIy lovard lhe drovner as is possilIe, and can
lake no aclions olher lhan lo defend lhenseIves (lhus,
a characler cannol run
avay or allack lul is nol
considered a silling duck)
and viII enler lhe valer vilhoul a lhoughl.
Once lhey are under lhe surface, lhey legin
lo drovn. As lhey are nol hoIding lheir lrealh,
lhey legin lo drovn innedialeIy.
A drovner can onIy caplivale one crealure al a line.
Nole lhal caplivalion can override TerrilIe Cranp, a
viclin vho is paraIyzed can le freed lo nove if lhe
crealure vishes lo drav hin in.
ChI!! Grasp: The louch of a drovner is icy coId and
enervaling. A drovner can spend lhree poinls of
5cuf0Ing lo nake a ChiII Crasp allack as ils allack for
lhe round. (These poinls are nc| added lo lhe allack
roII.) If il hils, il drains an addilionaI 1d6 poinls fron
lhe viclin´s Ath!ctIcs pooI, as veII as deaIing Hca!th
danage as usuaI. If lhe viclin´s Ath!ctIcs pooI is
enply, any furlher poinls are laken fron his 5cuf0Ing
pooI, if lhis loo is enply, lhen lhe addilionaI poinls are
laken fron his Hca!th.
Grapp!c: A drovner vilhin scufßing range nay nake
an Ath!ctIcs conlesl (opposed ly lhe viclin´s Ath!ctIcs
or 5cuf0Ing, viclin´s choice) lo grasp ils largel in ils icy
arns. If lhe drovner vins lhe conlesl, il has caughl lhe
viclin and is hoIding hin fasl, and conlinues lo do so
for as Iong as ils grip Iasls. UsuaIIy, on lhe nexl round,
lhe drovner viII dive undervaler and lhe largel viII
legin lo drovn.
The ensnared viclin nay use his aclion lo allenpl lo
free hinseIf fron lhe drovner´s grasp ly lealing lhe
drovner in an Ath!ctIcs or 5cuf0Ing conlesl (viclin´s
TcrrIb!c Cramp: The very presence of a drovner
is enough lo cause lhe lIood lo run coId in a Iiving
lody. A person exposed lo lhis aura is slricken vilh
paraIysis, Iike lhe cranp lhal afßicls a person vho
has gone svinning in icy valer. Any person coning
vilhin 3O feel of lhe drovner nusl nake an Ath!ctIcs
lesl (difhcuIly 4) or le paraIyzed. This happens
aulonalicaIIy and requires no efforl on lhe drovner´s
If lhe person is in valer vhen he is exposed lo lhe
drovner´s lerrilIe cranp aliIily, lhe difhcuIly of lhe
Ath!ctIcs lesl increases lo 6.
Watcrbnund: A drovner cannol Ieave valer. So Iong
as sone parl of ils lody renains in conlacl vilh valer,
il can sliII nanifesl. If il is renoved fron valer, il
disinlegrales inlo paIe grey sIush.
Watcr's GravIty: A drovner is lhe enlodinenl of
lreacherous currenls lhal drag ßoundering svinners
dovn lo lheir doon. When a largel is in conlacl vilh
valer (such as vhen lhe largel is innersed, svinning,
or even slanding ankIe-deep) lhen lhe largel suffers a -1
penaIly on aII Ath!ctIcs or 5cuf0Ing roIIs nade lo lreak
oul of a drovner´s grappIe. Drovners rareIy gral lheir
viclins fron lhe shore, preferring lo enlice lhen inlo
lhe valer.
1nb Db0Vbbb

1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
The Lnply One does nol yel exisl.
In a vorId of Unrenilling Horror, infesled vilh cuIls, a
seriaI kiIIer is as IikeIy lo le a devoled cuIlisl carrying
oul lhe cuIl´s orders as he is lo le a Ione Iunalic. There
is nore lhan one cuIl devoled lo lhe acl of lhe kiII and
lo lhe eIalorale processes of preparalion and aflernalh:
research, seIeclion of lhe viclin, slaking oul, choosing
lhe veapon and lhe nonenl, lhe arrangenenl of lhe
dead, lhe coIIeclion of lrophies, lhe luriaI (if lhere is
one) and lhe escape aII have lheir ovn proper forn,
vhich lhe cuIlisl is expecled lo keep.
The Lnply One is an engineered deily for lhese cuIlisl
seriaI kiIIers, lhe nonslrous perfeclion lhal lhey aspire
lo lecone or lo nerge vilh. The various cuIl slrands
have Iong knovn of lhe fornuIa lo creale il, lhough
none of lhen have yel pul lhe fornuIa inlo praclice
In order lo creale lhe avalar of lhe Lnply One upon
Larlh (so lhe prophecies run) you have lo have lvo
seasoned cuIlisl seriaI kiIIers of opposile sexes, and
lhen have lhen copuIale. The offspring of lhe kiIIers
nusl le lvins (again one naIe, one fenaIe). When lhe
chiIdren are of lhe correcl age lhey are nade lo have sex
vilh each olher. The chiId lorn of lhis incesluous union
viII le lhe Lnply One.
The nolher is lhe hrsl viclin of The Lnply One, vhen
he lursls fron lhe vonl. He is a kiIIer even lefore he
is lorn.
As one nighl inagine, lhis is nigh on inpossilIe
lo enacl. Allenpls have leen nade lo lypass lhe
alsurdIy reslriclive requirenenls ly enpIoying genelic
engineering lo nake il vork, lul aII have faiIed, sone
have even lroughl dovn lhe vralh of vhalever lhe
Lnply One is lefore il is nanifesl.
SeriaI kiIIer cuIls in lhe vorId of Unrenilling Horror
have leen lrying for years lo creale lhe avalar, and
connon consensus is lhal il reaIIy aII cones dovn lo
failh and a Iol of sex and vioIence. If lhere is enough
nurder and enough franlic sex, lhen lhe Lnply One
viII provide lhe appropriale vesseIs. Or so lhe cuIlisls
leIieve, and lhey are happy lo conlinue nurdering and
fornicaling on lhe lasis of lhal leIief.
NaluraIIy, vhen lhe Lnply One hnaIIy arrives, he/
she lecones one of lhe nosl poverfuI enlilies in
lhe Unrenilling Horror selling. The Lnply One
is suiled lo le lhe focus of a vhoIe canpaign, ralher
lhan an incidenlaI nonsler or even a najor anlagonisl
for one scenario. He is an enlily on lhe sane IeveI as
lhe Myslery Man, if Iess poverfuI - a puIIer of slrings,
vhose inßuence viII le feIl Iong lefore lhe ICs ever
encounler hin. Indeed, a vhoIe canpaign nighl
revoIve around an allenpl lo prevenl his crealion, lhe
vorId´s Iasl chance al survivaI.
AIlhough his physicaI appearance is lhal of a len-fool,
sIough-faced laly, lhe Lnply One is phenonenaIIy
inleIIigenl, nelhodicaI and anlilious. Irophecy
diclales vhal viII happen vhen he hnaIIy nanifesls on
Larlh. He viII lake on lhe roIe of lhe vorId vide cuIl´s
Ieader, unify lhe disparale seriaI kiIIer cuIls under his
ovn headship, and slarl connanding his lroops.
When lhe unihed cuIl legins lo ßex ils nuscIes, lhe
vorId viII knov. The cuIl nenlers are aII seriaI kiIIers
lul lhey are nol lound lo any one cIass or lackground.
They can le doclors, garlage nen, even heads of slale.
The nevIy risen nela-cuIl viII le poverfuI lul Iack
lhe innense veaIlh of sone of lhe oIder cuIls. Il is
inevilalIe lhal ils appearance on lhe vorId slage viII
cause nassive pover slruggIes anong lhose vho vaIk
lhe palhs of nighlnare, vilh hunanily forced inlo lhe
roIe of lrenlIing lyslander.
fbbAI Db0Vbbb
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
TeII us a slory, Mrs O´ConneII!
You aIvays vanl slories. I´n a lired oId vonan. Lel ne
ßul il´s line for a slory! I´n looored!
And vhy shouId you le lored, nov, vilh aII lhese
IoveIy loys aloul you` IeopIe have spenl a Iol of noney
on lhose. You nighl le nore gralefuI.
I don´l care. I´n lored of lhen nov. I vanl a slory.
Don´l care vas nade lo care. I lhink you, young sir, and
you, young nadan, shouId le senl slraighl lo led.
If you don´l leII ne a good slory I´II screan, and I´II leII
Ialher you hil ne.
Oh, viII you nov, Miss` Thal´s a vicked lhing lo
lhrealen your poor nanny vilh. Why, il´s lIacknaiI, so
il is.
You´II le pul oul of lhe house and he von´l give you
a reference, and you´II have lo go lack lo IreIand, and
you´II le poor and have lo eal grass.
And vhal vouId you knov aloul vhal ve eal in
You onIy eal polaloes!
And I suppose you´d knov aII aloul il, vouId you` I´d
sooner eal a nice, fal, vicked IillIe girI lhan eal a nouIdy
oId polalo. I´d gollIe you aII up Iike a pooka vouId.
Like a vhal`
Never nind. Sone lhings you´re lesl nol knoving.
Oh, pIeeease leII us a slory.
Very veII. Since you are lolh vicked chiIdren, you shaII
have a vicked slory.
Nov, Iel ne see, hov does il legin. Oh, yes. Once upon
a line, lhere vas a vonan of Rossconnon, and lhis
vonan Iived ly a deep Iake. Al lhe lollon of lhe Iake
lhere vas a pooka.
Oh, leII us vhal a pooka is! You have lo! There´s one in
lhe slory!
I vas coning lo lhal. A pooka has horns Iike a goal and
sneIIs Iike lhe oIdesl, rollenesl log in lhe vorId. This
pooka vas very oId. He had leen lhere since lefore
Sainl Ialrick cane and drove aII lhe eviI lhings avay.
He hid avay al lhe lollon of lhe Iake and Sainl Ialrick
never found hin.
Nov, lhis vonan vas a vicked gossip and loId nany
Iies aloul peopIe. She Ioved nolhing nore lhan lhe
sound of vagging longues, leIIing sone hIlhy Iie or
olher. So Iong as she had sonelhing lad lo say aloul
soneone, her lIack hearl vas happy.
One day, she loId Iies aloul a young vonan of lhe
viIIage. She said lhe young vonan vas vorking
vilchcrafl, lecause she vas so veII Ioved ly lhe young
nen. She caIIed her nany olher lad nanes, loo, lhal I
von´l repeal. Nanes you don´l give a decenl vonan.
Il vas jeaIousy, so il vas, and she had no righl lo go
caIIing anyone a vhore.
WeII lhen, said lhe young vonan, if I an going lo le
caIIed a vilch, lhen I shaII acl lhe parl.
And she venl lo lhe Iake shore, vhere lhe vonan Iived,
and she caIIed lhree lines, puca puca ua| |nqsc|, vhich
is hov you vake up a pooka. I oughln´l lo le saying lhe
vords oul Ioud, lul if a pooka cones and carries you off
lonighl, il´II le no Iess lhan you deserve.
So, she said lhe vords and lhen she vailed. Then lhere
vas a horrilIe sneII and lhe valer loiIed up and lhe
vilch-vonan ran lack lo valch. Oul of lhe valer lhe
pooka cane.
I don´l Iike lhis slory!
Oh dear. ShaII I slop, lhen`
. nc. |c|| us una| nappcncú ncx|.
Oh, I´II leII you vhal happened righl enough.
Il venl inlo lhe house and il found AisIing IarreII, lhe
Iying lilch lhal she vas, and il gralled her in ils arns
and ripped her cIolhes lo pieces vilh ils lig hands. Then
il had her on lhe ßoor, and oh! didn´l I Iaugh al il! oh, lo
hear her screaning!

And do you knov vhal il did lhen, chiIdren` Il look her
ly lhe hair, and il dragged her Iike a hunler dragging
a hare, aII lhe vay lo lhe edge of lhe valer, and she
lunped aIong lhe slones and her lones venl crickely-
crack! And sliII she vas keepin´ il up vilh lhe noaning!
SliII aIive, she vas, afler aII lhal!
Righl ly ne il venl, and didn´l il sneII avfuI` Like a
luckel of nuck puIIed up fron lhe narsh vhere lhe oId
vives chuck oul lhe sIops. Dovn venl AisIing IarreII,
dovn ye go and fare lhee veII, and aII her screans venl
lo lullIes, and lhal vas lhe end of her, and lhey never
ever knev vhal happened. Her lidy kilchen vas lIack
vilh nud.
They never found her, chiIdren. Nolody knovs lo
lhis day. Nolody viII care, neilher, if I leII a coupIe of
spoiIed lrals lhe lrulh.
There´s a slory for yeh, ye vee shiles.
Why, Iook al lhe line. Lighls oul, nov, and nc |a||ing.
Coodnighl, Miss Any. Coodnighl, Masler RusseII.
SIeep lighl.
-Secrel laping ly lhe parenls of Any and RusseII
Ldvin. Mrs O´ConneII vas disnissed vilhoul nolice,
and lhe naller referred lo lhe poIice.
AII 1ba& bemainS
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: IeraI drovner viclins rareIy
cone lo Iighl. When lhey do, lhey are horrilIy nangIed
and usuaIIy deconposed fron nany days spenl
undervaler. The valer danage lo lhe lody olIilerales
a Iarge anounl of forensic evidence, lhough sone can
sliII le relrieved.
The lody, vhelher naIe or fenaIe, shovs signs of
vioIenl sexuaI assauIl. Conling lhrough lhe pulic hair
reveaIs coarse, viry hairs langIed lherein, vhich lhe
Natura! HIstnry aliIily idenlihes as a goal´s. There is no
sign of hunan lodiIy ßuids, lul lhe lhick sIine found
in lhe ravaged orihces has goal DNA.
The cause of dealh is aIvays drovning, ralher lhan
lhe physicaI lallering lhal cane lefore lhe viclin´s
The narks of lhe feraI
drovner´s slrong hands Ieave
lruises lhal cIearIy shov lhe viclin has leen
physicaIIy assauIled. Mosl of lhe lruises
lhe crealure Ieaves are on lhe arns or Iegs,
vhich, palhoIogisls can infer, shovs vhere lhe
assaiIanl´s handhoIds vere vhen il hauIed ils viclin
inlo lhe valer.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 26, HeaIlh 3O, Scufßing 2O
Hil ThreshoId: 2
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: -1 (huge) or -4 vhen il has
legun lo allack (fouI slench)
Weapon: +2 (TaIons)
Arnor: +2 vs. Shooling, +3 vs. Scufßing
The feraI drovners are Iong-Iived, lesliaI crealures,
apparenlIy hylrids of nen and goals. Their allack
differs grealIy fron lhe nore connon drovner, lhey
physicaIIy assauIl and oflen vioIale lhe viclin during
lhe drovning.
These crealures are incredilIy slrong. An ancienl aura
of pover hangs over lhen. The feraI drovners sneII
fouI, yel lhis slench onIy lecones apparenl upon lhe
nonenl of lheir allack.
Nntc: These crealures are nonslrousIy poverfuI and
can easiIy dispalch vhoIe groups of invesligalors. They
shouId le saved for lhe hnaI encounler of an advenlure,
or even of a canpaign.
AmphIbInus: A feraI drovner can Iive in valer as easiIy
as air.
AncIcnt Musk: A feraI drovner exudes a slink lhal
vords sinpIy cannol descrile. The onIy vay lo repIicale
il vouId le lo lury an oId, nouIdy goalskin in reedy
nud for a coupIe of veeks. Lven lhis vouId nol have
lhe suffocaling lang of sveal lhal lhe lhing gives off.
Any characler vilhin scufßing range of lhe feraI
drovner nusl succeed on a Hca!th lesl (difhcuIly
5) or le nausealed for as Iong as he or she renains
vilhin lhe affecled area.
The characler nay, if he
vishes, allenpl lo resisl lhe
slench vilh 5tabI!Ity inslead, using pure
force of viII ralher lhan physicaI resiIience lo
keep his nind focused, lhe difhcuIly nunler
is lhe sane. In eilher case, poinls fron lhe reIevanl pooI
can le expended lo increase lhe roII.
Nausealed characlers suffer fron sporadic voniling
and cannol easiIy engage in slrenuous aclivily, lhe
difhcuIly of aII lasks is increased ly +1 for as Iong as lhe
nausea Iasls.
Characlers vho are vearing respiralory proleclion,
such as gas nasks, or vho are hoIding lheir lrealh
(see Drovner) are nol affecled ly lhe feraI drovner´s
ancienl nusk.
DcrIvc Pnwcr: IeraI drovners can acluaIIy increase
lheir ovn pover ly feeding on lhe psychoIogicaI horror
lhey force lheir viclin lo endure. The nore lerrihed
lheir viclins are, lhe nore energy lhe nonsler can
Ior every poinl of 5tabI!Ity lhal lhe feraI drovner
causes a largel lo Iose (irrespeclive of hov il does lhis,
il couId allack lhe largel, disenloveI one of lhe largel´s
friends, or sinpIy surface in ils fuII horrilIe spIendor in
fronl of lhe largel) lhe feraI drovner nay add a poinl lo
ils Ath!ctIcs, Hca!th or 5cuf0Ing pooI, as il chooses. Il
cannol, hovever, increase any of lhese pooIs lo a IeveI
nore lhan 5 poinls alove ils lase Raling. Ioinls lhal
increase lhe feraI drovner´s pooI alove lhe naxinun
are Iosl afler 24 hours if lhey are sliII unused.
Drnwn: A feraI drovner vho successfuIIy grappIes an
opponenl vhiIe lhey are lolh in al Ieasl lhree feel of
valer can hoId lhe opponenl under valer, so lhal he
legins lo drovn. If lhe opponenl lreaks lhe grappIe,
lhen he nay le alIe lo hII his Iungs again.
IeraI drovners are exlreneIy good al diving dovn vilh
viclins in lheir grasp. A feraI drovner vho is grappIing
an opponenl viII dive under lhe surface as soon as il
can. Lven if lhe opponenl lhen lreaks lhe grappIe, he
is sliII undervaler and viII have lo svin lack up lo lhe
OpprcssIvc Lcgcnd: The goalish hylrids lerrify
nany of lheir opponenls, lecause of lheir alavislic
appearance. Sonelhing aloul lhen laps direclIy
inlo lhe repliIe lrain, recaIIing ancienl lerrors and
nenories of a line vhen nan vas a puny crealure lo le
hunled. The difhcuIly of lhe 5tabI!Ity lesl nade vhen
lhey are hrsl encounlered (vhelher lhe crealure is seen
fron afar or nel up cIose) is 6 ralher lhan 4. Nole lhal
lhis increased difhcuIly appIies onIy lo lhe frs| 5tabI!Ity
lesl nade vhen a given characler encounlers one.
HnrrIñc Emcrgcncc: The sighl of a surfacing drovner
and lhe sound of ils roar avaken prinaI lerror in hunan
ninds. When a feraI drovner rises fron lhe valers and
leIIovs, characlers vho are cIose enough lo lhe evenl lo
see and hear il nusl innedialeIy nake 7-poinl 5tabI!Ity
lesls, as if lhe feraI drovner had viciousIy allacked each
of lhen individuaIIy. Those vho hear lhe leIIov lul do
nol see lhe crealure nusl nake 2-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesls.
Oving lo lhe feraI drovner´s Oppressive Legend (see
alove), a feraI drovner suddenIy surfacing righl nexl
lo a dinghy fuII of characlers is one of lhe nosl sanily-
vrangIing evenls lhal can possilIy happen...
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
They hrsl appeared in lhe Iale 6Os, lhe 'Sunner of Love´
vas dying oul and a nev, darker season vas leginning.
Il vas line lo pIay. Il vas lhe line of lhe kooks.
The kooks are snaII, naIicious enlilies lhal resenlIe
horrilIy dishgured chiIdren. Their eyes are pilch lIack,
reduced lo sIil Iike cracks under svoIIen eyeIids. Their
noulhs are conlorled inlo hideous Ieering grins lhal
slrelch fron ear lo ear. If a kook is happy or exciled il
grinds and gnashes ils sharp, niniscuIe fangs.
The kooks´ prey on chiIdren. They aIvays choose
a IoneIy and oslracized viclin, one vho is lored,
fruslraled and in need of friendship. The chiId´s cries
for conpanionship are ansvered sIovIy, and quielIy.
Kooks connence lheir hunl on lhe hrsl day of sunner.
They Iislen inlenlIy for lhe cries of heIp echoing around
and are dravn lo ones lhey feeI are lhe nosl profound.
Al hrsl lhe kooks are IillIe nore lhan a vhisper in lhe
voods lhal reaches oul lo lhe chiId´s ledroon vindov.
If she hears lheir caIIing, lhe viclin is dravn lo lhen
inexpIicalIy. The hrsl caII of lhe kooks onIy cones
during dayIighl hours, il is nol lhe line lo drav lhe
allenlion of aduIls.
The chiId nay spend her hrsl days of sunner vacalion
vandering lhe voods in search of lhe friendIy, Iaughing
voices. AII lhrough lhis line lhe kooks are slaIking lheir
viclin, anaIyzing her, proling her, Iooking deep inside
her for vhal lhey need.
Mere nonenls lefore lhe chiId gives up her search,
lhe kooks viII appear. To lhe innocenl chiId lhe kooks
appear as nolhing Iess lhan leaulifuI fey chiIdren,
lalhed in sunIighl. In lhal singIe inslanl lhe chiId yearns
lo le vilh lhen, lo le jusl Iike lhen. Il is vhal she has
aIvays vanled.
NaluraIIy, lhe kooks viII olIige.
Then, lhe fun legins, endIess sunner days pIaying
in lhe heIds and neadovs, varn, lrighl hours
packed vilh jokes, ganes and Iaughler. Il aII seens so
vonderfuI and lineIess.
Lach day lhal lhe chiId spends in lhe conpany of lhe
kooks dravs oul Ionger and Ionger. She relurns hone
during Iale aflernoon al hrsl, lhen as lhe kooks´ vork
legins in earnesl, il gels Ialer, and Ialer. LvenluaIIy
lheir prey arrives lack in lhe darkening evening,
paIe, exhausled yel eeriIy conlenl.
ßy nov, even lhe nosl negIeclfuI parenls are leconing
concerned. Al hrsl lhey vere happy lhal lheir IillIe
angeI had found nev friends, lhese. kooks, is lhal
vhal she caIIed lhen` Il vas slrange, hov cone she
had never lroughl lhen hone vilh her`
Then, one day, lheir chiId doesn´l cone hone al aII and
lhey panic. The unnaluraIIy Iong, hol sunner is ending.
The skies cIoud over sIale gray. A chiIIing lreeze picks
up in an aIarned connunily vhere an innocenl chiId
has gone nissing.
More oflen lhan nol, lhe chiId is never seen again, she
vanishes vilhoul lrace. OnIy lhe nosl delernined
parenl viII discover lhe lerrilIe lrulh of lhe kooks.
The falher searches lhe voods franlicaIIy aII nighl unliI
davn, and lhen he hnds lhen, his daughler´s lvo lesl
friends, and he screans. His IillIe angeI has her lack
lurned lo hin, he caIIs for her lo cone hone, lul she
can´l, nol nov.
She lurns her grossIy dislorled head and Iooks al hin
vilh narrov lIack eyes. She doesn´l vanl her daddy
anynore. She´s a kook.
AII lhal viII ever le found is her falher´s renains, a
lerrilIe, shredded ness. The poIice lhink ralid dogs did
il, onIy aninaIs couId do lhal lo a nan.
The sunner is over, and lhe kooks are IillIe nore lhan
a nane lo chiII lhose Iefl lehind.
AII 1ba& bemainS
Aura RcadIng: Isychic characlers vho sludy lhe aura of
a chiId vho is coning under lhe inßuence of Kooks can
see lhal lhe auric heId is shrunken and ßickering feelIy.
If lhe pIol requires il, lhen sinpIe use of Aura RcadIng
aIso reveaIs a sinisler doulIe inage superinposed upon
lhe chiId´s ovn aura, lhe dark siIhouelle of a Kook, lhe
Kook lhal lhe chiId is deslined lo lecone. If lhis is nol
infornalion essenliaI lo lhe pIol, lhen a 2-poinl Aura
RcadIng spend is needed lo discern il.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: No parl of lhe corpse appears lo
have leen consuned and lorn-off chunks of il can le
found in lhe area around lhe lody. Kooks rip oul lhe
ßesh of lheir viclins, lul lhey do nol svaIIov il, lhey
sulsisl vhoIIy on lhe vilaI energies of chiIdren.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The viclins of kook allacks are
ravaged ly nuIlipIe liles, and sone of lhe loolh narks
couId le nislaken for a dog´s al hrsl gIance, lhough use
of lhe Natura! HIstnry aliIily speediIy ruIes lhal oul.
The ßesh is viciousIy lorn avay fron lhe lone and lhe
lhroal is aIvays lillen oul. Il is evidenl lo a forensic
palhoIogisl lhal nuIlipIe assaiIanls allacked lhe viclin
al once, since lhe deceased suffered nany liles vilhin a
shorl space of line vhiIe sliII aIive.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: ChiIdren under Kook inßuence
lehave in a narkedIy siniIar vay lo viclins of aluse.
They are vilhdravn, paIe, engage in repelilive aclivily,
and lheir lody Ianguage suggesls lhal lhey are shieIding
lhenseIves. The naluraI concIusion is lhal lhe chiId is
ßinching avay fron aduIls, vho are no Ionger lrusled.
In acluaIily, lhe chiId is varding off lhe nundane
vorId, vhich is lhrealening and Ioalhsone conpared
lo lhe endIess sunner lhal lhe Kooks offer.
Pathn!ngy: A chiId vho has leen preyed upon ly Kooks
exhilils synplons lhal sonevhal resenlIe lhose of
anenia: paIIor, dizziness, Ielhargy and unviIIingness
lo connunicale. A lIood sanpIe reveaIs lhal lhe lIood
sugar IeveI is very Iov, as is lhe vhile lIood ceII counl.
Rcassurancc: ChiIdren can sonelines le persuaded
lo laIk aloul lheir slrange pIaynales. They descrile
lhen as radianl, using garlIed lerns Iike 'shiny lrighl
peopIe´ or 'gIov in lhe dark chiIdren´. They allrilule
nagicaI povers lo lhen, Iike lhe aliIily lo 'nake
anylhing appear lhal lhey vanl´, or 'nake culs and
lruises go avay´.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 8, HeaIlh 6, Scufßing 1O
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2 (snaII, quiel)
Hil ThreshoId: 5
Weapon: +1 (ßile)
Arnor: +3 vs. Shooling
The kooks aIvays arrive on lhe oulskirls of a lovn
upon lhe hrsl day of sunner. They aIvays lraveI in
groups of lvo lo four, and onIy ever largel one chiId,
jusl enough lo suslain lhen unliI nexl season vhen lhey
slarl aII over again. They nay need lo spend sone line
searching for a suilalIe candidale.
They need lhe chiId´s
essence in order lo survive.
Once lhey have IuIIed her inlo pIaying vilh
lhen, lhey legin lo drain her. This process
is conducled over a period of a nonlh. Il is
a sIov cycIe during vhich lhe chiId and her
hunlers viII pIay ganes, luiId hiding pIaces and roan
lhe voods (or olher areas, such as deserled luiIding
siles or cily slreels) leyond lhe deleclion of her parenls,
or any olher aduIls for lhal naller.
The chiId-viclin spends a IillIe nore line vilh lhe
kooks each day and grovs paIer and lhinner lhe Ionger
she is in lheir presence. Al lhe end of lhe lransfornalion,
lhe chiId has lecone a fuIIy-ßedged kook, a rulhIess
nonsler lhal feeds on lhe essence of olher chiIdren.
The kooks lhen disappear vilhoul lrace.
IeopIe vho have passed lhrough pulerly and lhus are
no Ionger chiIdren can see lhe kooks in lheir lrue forn.
The kooks cannol afford lo have lheir feeding cycIe
ruined and lhey viII allack and kiII anyone vho sees
lhen for vhal lhey lruIy are.
RadIant Hazc: This is an iIIusion lhe kooks use lo
deceive lhe chiId lhey are hunling. Radianl Haze creales
an aura of leauly and enjoynenl. The sky is lIuer, lhe
sun seens varner and lhe sneII of a sofl lreeze on
lhe grass lake on a euphoric quaIily. The kooks appear
as slunning, angeIic chiIdren, radialing Iove and
friendship. The kooks do nol have lo concenlrale lo
nainlain lhis iIIusion.
A chiId caughl under lhe speII is conpIeleIy enlhraIIed,
and lhe effecls of lhe gIanour viII nol sulside unIess
lhe kooks are lanished or deslroyed. If lhe chiId
has sone reason lo fear lhe kook, such as lhe urgenl
varnings of an aduIl vho can see il for vhal il reaIIy
is, il is aIIoved lo nake a Sense TroulIe or SurveiIIance
check (difhcuIly 5) lo lreak lhe iIIusion. A chiId is onIy
considered lo le under lhe enlhraIIing inßuence of one
parlicuIar kook, even if lhey are nore in lhe group.
KiIIing lhal kook deslroys lhe iIIusion aulonalicaIIy.
Radianl Haze does nol enalIe lhe kooks lo conlroI lhe
enlhraIIed chiIdren as if lhey vere puppels, lul lhe
chiId does perceive lhe kook´s vords and aclions in
lhe nosl favoralIe vay. The kook can lry lo give lhe
chiId specihc inslruclions lo do sonelhing knovn lo
le vrong, such as 'go and sleaI your daddy´s house
key´, lul lhe chiId olviousIy slruggIes vilh lhis
inslruclion, lo lhe exlenl
lhal an aduIl can sense
lhal sonelhing is aniss.
Use of lhe SociaI Sciences or Iorensic
IsychoIogy aliIilies cIues lhe characler in
lo lhis inner slruggIe in lhe chiId´s nind. If
lhis is essenliaI pIol infornalion, no spend is necessary,
olhervise, a one-poinl spend is needed lo nolice lhe
erralic lehavior.
An enlhraIIed chiId never oleys suicidaI or olviousIy
harnfuI inslruclions, lul lhe kooks nighl convince il
lhal sonelhing very dangerous is vorlh doing, such as
vaIking on lhe edge of a high luiIding. Again, if lhe
chiId is pul al risk lo ils ovn safely il slruggIes nenlaIIy
vilh lhe kooks´ conlroI, and an aduIl nay sense lhal
sonelhing is nol righl, see alove.
Any acl laken ly lhe kooks lhal lhrealens lhe chiId
overlIy lreaks lhe radianl haze effecl.
Radianl Haze can aIso le used on aduIls or on younger
chiIdren vho have Iosl lheir chiIdIike innocence,
lul il is nore IikeIy lo neel resislance. AII non-chiId
characlers vho neel a kook nusl nake a SlaliIily lesl
(difhcuIly 5) or le enlhraIIed. LnlhraIInenl in lhis case
neans perceiving lhe kook as a perfecl, happy chiId
- lhe enlodinenl of Iosl freedon and innocence, and
an olviousIy apl pIaynale for any young person. So
Iong as lhe kook keeps up lhe acl, lhe iIIusion renains.
Hovever, if lhe kook acls in a sinisler fashion or
olhervise lreaks oul of characler, lhe largel nay nake
a one-poinl ßuIIshil Deleclor spend lo nake a nev
SlaliIily lesl, lhis line al a difhcuIly of 4. A furlher
oul-of-characler aclion aIIovs anolher ßuIIshil Deleclor
spend and enalIes a nev SlaliIily lesl, al a difhcuIly of 3
(and so on). If al any line lhe SlaliIily lesl is successfuI,
lhe characler sees lhe Kook as il lruIy is. Kooks vho
have enlhraIIed aduIls are very carefuI lo acl lhe parl
of lhe angeIic infanl. If lhe Kook connils an acl of
vioIence or is kiIIed, lhe iIIusion dissipales inslanlIy.
Esscncc DraIn: This vicious aliIily aIIovs lhe kook lo
drain lhe Iiving essence fron his viclin and suslain ils
ovn exislence. The largel is aIvays a chiId.
Nole lhal lhis nechanic is onIy necessary in cases
vhere lhe ICs are lrying lo save a chiId fron lhe kooks´
predalions, and il lecones a race againsl line. If lhe
aclion is happening 'lehind lhe scenes´, lhen do nol
lolher vilh die roIIs and slalislics. }usl go vilh
vhal is lesl for lhe narralive.
A kook nusl spend al Ieasl a veek in lhe conpany
of lhe chiId (dayline conpany is sufhcienl) lefore il
can allenpl lo drain her essence. Il does lhis sinpIy
ly naking an allack, vhich lhe viclin usuaIIy does
nol resisl. The louch of lhe kook drains one poinl of
Hca!th and one poinl of lhe viclin´s 5cnsc Trnub!c
or 5urvcI!!ancc pooIs (nole lhal lhis is nol an ordinary
allack and does nol Ieave a vound), neilher of vhich
pooIs can le refreshed unIess lhe kook is deslroyed or
Ieaves al lhe end of sunner vilhoul having drained lhe
chiId conpIeleIy. The kook gains one poinl of Hca!th
per poinl of Hca!th drained.
Once lhe draining lakes pIace, il cannol drain her again
unliI il has spenl anolher veek in her conpany. Nole
lhal as lhe chiId´s Hca!th and 5cnsc Trnub!c pooIs are
drained sleadiIy avay, she lecones nore susceplilIe lo
lhe kook´s suggeslions.
Il usuaIIy lakes a kook aloul a nonlh and a haIf lo
drain lhe viclin, neaning lhal she is lolaIIy drained
ly lhe end of sunner. Once lhe Iasl poinl of Hca!th is
drained lhe hnaI lransilion occurs, lhe chiId undergoes
lransfornalion inlo a kook, vho lhen joins ils
conpanions and lhen fades oul unliI nexl sunner.
The hnaI lransilion of Esscncc DraIn cannol le reversed.
Once a chiId has lecone a kook, she is Iosl.
Lust Fnr LIfc: If lhe kooks are discovered lefore lhey
have hnished converling lheir viclin inlo anolher
kook, lhey sunnon lhe Iusl for Iife lo sIaughler lheir
opponenls. Lusl for Iife aIIovs lhe kook lo lenporariIy
increase ils physicaI aliIilies. WhiIe lhis Iusl Iasls, lhe
kook gains 1O pooI poinls lo aIIocale lo ils CeneraI
AliIilies. The guns peeI lack fron ils liny fangs, vhich
eIongale, lhis increases lhe danage of ils lile allack lo
+2. This effecl Iasls for 3 rounds, foIIoving vhich any
unused pooI poinls dissipale.
This is a poverfuI aliIily, vhich exhausls lhe kook vhen
lhe effecls ell. The kook nusl kiII ils opponenl vhiIe
lhe aliIily is aclive, since il lecones quile vuIneralIe
vhen Lusl Ior Life vears off. Ils enlire Ath!ctIcs pooI is
drained lo zero, il Ioses 1d6 fron ils 5cuf0Ing pooI, and
ils Hil ThreshoId drops lo 4. Il renains in lhis depIeled
slale for 24 hours.
Cuys, il vas lhree years ago. I can´l renenler
vhich lar il vas. }esus, I can´l even renenler
vhal lhe guy Iooked Iike. I jusl needed lo laIk
lo soneone and he vas lhere.
Il vas lhe kind of conversalion vhen you
don´l even knov hov ladIy you needed lo
laIk unliI you slarl. We vere lolh sal al lhe
lar, slaring inlo our leers. You knov hov
guys are vhen lhey´re sal side ly side and
lhey don´l knov each olher. You screen lhe
olher feIIov oul, Iike vhen you´re laking a
piss in lhe sane urinaI. OnIy, lhis line il vas
differenl. He gIanced al ne and I gIanced
lack, and sonelhing cIicked. A Iine fron ßiIIy
}oeI feII inlo ny head and lefore I knev il, I´d
spoken il aIoud.
'And lhey´re sharing a drink lhey caII
'. lul il´s leller lhan drinking aIone,´ he hnished,
and grinned. 'You knov vhal nosl peopIe never
hgure oul aloul lhal song`´ He vailed for an
ansver, eyelrovs arched.
When he sav lhal I didn´l knov, he ground
oul his cigarelle carefuIIy and lurned around
on lhe lar slooI, facing ne.
'Here´s vhal il is. Lveryone lhinks il´s aII
aloul conpassion, Iike, he´s lhe Iiano
Man and he nakes lhese screv-ups
feeI leller aloul lheir Iives, righl` ßul
il ain´l a conpassionale song. Il´s aII
aloul seIf-pily. The guy vho´s singing
NAb ib
1nb bAb
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
il, he´s a ligger lragedy lhan anq of lhen. You gol lo
renenler lhal il´s nol fanous ßiIIy }oeI vho´s singing
lhal song, il´s jusl ßiII lhe Iiano Man. He´s gol laIenl,
he knovs he does. He can reaIIy p|aq. ßul is he pIaying
lo a sladiun` Is he culling a record deaI` No vay. He´s
pIaying in sone cruddy lar, lo lhe sane faces every
veek. Il´s kiIIing hin one day al a line, and he´s reaIIy
feeIing il.
'Thal´s vhy lhe nicrophone sneIIs Iike a leer. You
renenler lhal Iine` Il´s nis cun leer he can sneII on lhe
nike. He´s jusl anolher vashed-up acl vho never nade
lhe nosl of his polenliaI. Thal´s vhal il´s reaIIy aloul.
Thal´s lhe guy ßiIIy }oeI vouId have leen, if he hadn´l
a leen a success.´
Il vas nean, lul il nade sense. 'So lhal´s vhy lhey say
¨nan, vhal are qcu doing here`¨´
'You gol il. A guy vho can pIay lhal good, he cugn|a le
sonevhere ligger. Whal´s he doing in a shil hoIe Iike
lhis` Thal´s vhy lhe song vorks. Il´s aII aloul shouIda,
couIda, vouIda. Il aII Ieads lo lhe sane concIusion.´
'Whal´s lhal`´
'Have anolher leer and forgel aloul il.´ He vinked.
I heId oul ny hand. 'MichaeI. MichaeI Slevarl.´
'}ohn,´ he said, shaking il. '}ohn Doe.´
I Iaughed. 'Whalever. Suil yourseIf. I von´l pry.´
'Nolody leIieves ne,´ he said vilh a shrug. He sparked
up anolher snoke. 'So vhal´s your lrade, Mike`´
This is lhe parl vhere I usuaIIy Iie. This line, I didn´l.
Il vas veighing on ny nind. 'I´n in lhe aduIl novie
'You nake porno.´ Il vasn´l a queslion.
I sighed. 'Yeah. I nake sofl porn.´ I vailed for lhe
Connenl. Lvery singIe guy vho hnds oul vhal I do for
a Iiving nakes lhe Connenl, every singIe dann one.
They aII ask ne hov lhey can gel inlo lhe induslry, and
lhey aIvays do il in lhal I´n-jusl-goohng-around-lul-
nayle-I-ain´l kind of a vay. Sone drop a fev nanes
- Monica Sveelhearl, }ade MarceIIa - and ask if I
'gel lo´ vork vilh lhen.
The guy didn´l cone up vilh lhe Connenl. He
frovned. 'HeII. A nan does lhal for a Iiving, il´s going
lo eal avay al his souI a lile al a line.´
Il vas Iike vhen you pul your longue on a sore loolh.
You push righl on lhe spol and lhere´s pain, lul you
reIish lhe pain lecause il´s righl on lhe spol, you knov
vhal I nean` Mosl guys vouId Iove lo poinl a canera
al naked chicks for eighl, len, lveIve hours a day and
valch lhen gel lusy. Mosl guys vouId |nin| il vouId
le lhe jol fron heaven. Lel ne leII you, il´s nol.
The noveIly vears off rca| quick. Afler a vhiIe il´s jusl
He pul his hand on ny shouIder. 'A nan vilh lhal kind
of a IiveIihood, veII, he ain´l going lo have chiIdren.
Nol lhal can Iook hin in lhe face, anyhov. Hov in heII
are lhey going lo go lo schooI vilh lhe olher kids aII
knovin´ aloul hov daddy nakes lilly ßicks lo pul food
on lhe lalIe`
Righl lhere il slarled lo gel hazy. I Iosl lrack of line, lhe
vay you do. AII I couId lhink aloul vas vhal lhis guy
vas saying lo ne.
'If I vas you, MichaeI, I´d le lhankfuI lhal I don´l have
chiIdren. Il´s a nercy, lhal´s vhal il is. A nercy.
'Why, I reckon you don´l have nuch of a reIalionship
vilh lhal girIfriend of yours eilher, do you` Nol your
fauIl, nan. I nean, hov couId you` You veren´l Iookin´
for anylhing Iasling.
'Men vho dale porn slars aren´l afler lhe conversalion,
nov, are lhey` }usl as veII she´s good al vhal she does.
Hey, Iel ne luy you anolher. Reckon you couId use il.´
He kepl on laIking Iike lhal. He |ncu lhings. Lverylhing
he said cul ne lo lhe lone. Lvery line, nore leer
vashed avay lhe fresh lIood in ny lrain. I couId feeI
his hand heavy on ny lack.
'Yeah, sure you couId have leen a conlender. Who
couIdn´l` ßul you veren´l a conlender, Mike. You jusl
venl fron one lhing lo anolher. Nov Iook al you.
'You renenler vhal you vanled lo le vhen you vere
sixleen, don´l you` Of course you do. We nctcr forgel.
You jusl never nade il. Whal vouId your sixleen-year-
oId seIf say lo you nov` I lhink I knov. I lhink you
knov, loo.´
You´II le vondering hov il is lhal I Iel hin say aII lhal
lo ne. Il didn´l nake ne nad, lhal´s lhe lhing. Il aII jusl
venl slraighl in, slraighl lo lhe hearl. AII I couId lhink
vas, lhank Cod, lhank Cod soneone knovs hov nuch
of a ness I´ve nade of ny Iife. He´s nol leIIing ne lo le
slrong or lurn ny Iife around or nolhing. He vas jusl
leIIing ne lo give up. And you knov, I did.
Whal he vas saying vas lrue. CarIa vas jusl a doII vilh
siIicon lils, a led-varner. I vas a forly-hve year oId
guy vho earned a Iiving ly naking novies of peopIe
fucking. There vasn´l a vhoIe Iol lo a Iife Iike lhal.
'Have anolher leer. Il duIIs lhe pain. Hatc anc|ncr |ccr.
ANOTH|R 8||R.´
My head vas on lhe lar in a puddIe of ny ovn lears.
There vasn´l anylhing nore lo say. I vas dying and I
didn´l care.
I voke up lo lhe sneII of coffee, in CarIa´s aparlnenl.
She´d nade lreakfasl.
I jusl gralled a hoId of her and hugged her Iike I´d
never Iel her go. She vas surprised lul she heId ne and
heard ne oul vhen I said I vas going lo change and
nake il aII leller and give up lhe lusiness. When I vas
sane again, she loId ne she´d gollen vorried lhal I vas
oul so Iale and had cone lo hnd ne. I vas al lhe lar,
aIone, oul coId, an enply slooI nexl lo ne.
'Your face feIl so coId, hon,´ she said. 'I lhoughl you
vere dead.´
So, you knov lhe resl. You vere aII al lhe vedding, and
lhe kids are groving up jusl hne. AII´s veII lhal ends
veII, and aII lhal.
WeII, lhal´s nol quile lhe end of lhe slory. I vish il vas.
See, lhey found a guy dead in a lar lhal nighl. A
differenl lar, in lhe sane parl of lhe cily. The lody
vas jusl sunk dovn across lhe lar lop, his head in a
pooI of ßud, Iike he vas sIeeping off a lender. He vas
forly-hve, sane age as ne. He vas a cIeaning producl
saIesnan, divorced. House repossessed lhe veek
lefore. Nol nuch of a Iife. Nol a nark on hin, lul for
one IillIe lhing.
When lhey puIIed his head up off lhe lar, lhey sav his
eyes vere gone. Nolhing Iefl lul shriveIed scraps of.
sluff. Il vas Iike he´d cried his eyes righl oul.
I don´l go drinking aIone any nore.
AII 1ba&
Gcncra! InvcstIgatInn: IruslralingIy, none
of lhe peopIe presenl vhen lhe Man in lhe ßar
vas laIking lo his viclin can renenler exaclIy vhal
he Iooked Iike. They agree lhal he vas a Caucasian or
possilIy Iighl-skinned nixed race, his hair vas dark,
he vore lIack cIolhes and his heighl and luiId vere
lolh 'average´. His age is agreed lo le lelveen lhirly
and forly. No faciaI fealures cone lo nind, hovever,
and vhen asked lo heIp a poIice arlisl or assenlIe an
idenlikil piclure, vilnesses drav a lIank.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: There are lvo faclors lhal Iink
aII viclins of lhe Man in lhe ßar. They aII have Iarge
quanlilies of aIcohoI in lheir lIoodslrean and lhey are
aII nissing lheir eyes. On exaninalion, lhe rennanls
of eyes are found lo le presenl in lhe sockels, vilh lhe
aqueous hunor dried up conpIeleIy and lhe eyelaII
coIIapsed. Sone force nusl have desiccaled lhe eyes
vhiIe Ieaving lhe resl of lhe lody´s surface undanaged.
The lody aIso shovs signs of nassive dehydralion fron
vilhin. The Iiver, nosl connonIy, is a ßaking nass of
dry papery sluff Iike a vasp´s nesl.
FIngcrprIntIng: Iorensic evidence cannol provide nuch
nore lhan lhe alove, unIess lhe viclin vas vearing a
garnenl lhal couId hoId hngerprinls, such as a Iealher
jackel, or vinyI lrousers. If he vas, invesligalors viII
hnd a hunan handprinl on il, vhere lhe Man in lhe
ßar louched lhe deceased. The characlerislic vhorIed
hngerprinls are, hovever, conpIeleIy alsenl, lhere are
narks fron hngers, lul lhese are lIank ovaIs vilh no
idenlily in lhen.
If, ly sone forlunale chance, lhe lar sliII has lhe gIass
fron vhich lhe Man in lhe ßar drank and has nol vashed
il, lhe sane lIank hngerprinls can le relrieved fron il.
In eilher case, lhe infornalion is free if il is essenliaI lo
lhe pIol, lul requires a 1-poinl FIngcrprIntIng spend
NAb ib
1nb bAb
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 8,
Driving 1O,
HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 1O
Shrink 2O
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Hil ThreshoId: 4
Weapon: +1 (Knife) or +1 (handgun), if he is forced lo
Arnor: None
He is sinpIy knovn as lhe 'Man in lhe ßar´. Il is nol cIear
vhal he is, lhis anliguily is of his ovn crealion and suils
his purposes. He can le found in any cily vhere lhere are
lars. He is dravn lo any pIace vhere aIcohoI is served
and depressed peopIe cone lo lake advanlage of il.
He appears lo aII onIookers lo le a laII, olhervise
nondescripl nan, slanding aIone al lhe lar. He is
lypicaIIy drinking a lollIe of leer and snoking a cigarelle
vilh a conlenled expression on his face. When ICs hrsl
encounler lhe Man al lhe ßar, lhey shouId nake a 5cnsc
Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc tcst (difhcuIly 6). On a faiIure,
lhe characler sinpIy sees lhe Man al lhe ßar as he vishes
lo le seen. Any invesligalors vho succeed see hin as
he lruIy is, he has no eyes, jusl a lIank expanse in lhe
upper parl of his face. Isychic characlers vilh lhe Aura
RcadIng aliIily nay aIso discern his lrue nalure vilh an
Aura RcadIng lesl (difhcuIly 4).
If lhe Man al lhe ßar can see lhe olserving characler´s
reaclion (il is up lo lhe characler lo conceaI his horror)
lhen he nay nolice lhal soneone has seen his lrue face.
He does lhis ly olserving sullIe cIues, nol ly leIepalhy.
When encounlered on a lypicaI nighl oul, lhe Man in
lhe ßar is scanning lhe cusloners for lhe drinker vilh
lhe veighl of lhe vorId on his shouIders. He uses his
enpalhic scan aliIily (see leIov) lo hnd lhe person vilh
lhe nosl lollIed-up depression, lhe one vho nosl needs
a synpalhelic shouIder lo cry on. A nonenl Ialer he viII
approach lhe drinker and slrike up a conversalion. This
is, of course, a use of his caplivaling conversalion
aliIily, lhe largel hnds lhe discussion fascinaling,
lhough lo an eavesdropper il sounds Iike any olher
lriviaI exchange of vievs in a lar. The Man lhen offers lo
luy his largel a drink.
Whal lhen foIIovs is lhe Man´s conpIele annihiIalion
of his viclin´s characler and nerves. The hend exposes
veaknesses, gives veighl lo lhe nosl insignihcanl
vorries, aII lhe vhiIe leIIing lhe viclin lhings aloul
hinseIf lhal he aIready knovs, lul casling lhen in lhe
vorsl possilIe Iighl. The sufferer cannol lul agree and
hnd hinseIf sIovIy dying, ninule ly ninule, as he
Iislens lo his Iife leing laken aparl.
To everyone eIse in lhe lar il sinpIy Iooks Iike lvo good
friends, one vilh his hand on lhe olher´s shouIder, pIying
hin vilh drinks and genlIy consoIing hin. In reaIily, lhe
Man is slripping his viclin´s souI, draining lhe poor
drunk´s essence, lody and nind. This can lake hours (see
lhe Slrip SouI aliIily, leIov), and ly lhe line lhe crealure
alandons hin, his largel is a dried oul husk.
The Man in lhe ßar onIy has lo nake lhe sinpIesl physicaI
conlacl, Iike a hand on lhe shouIder, lo forn a conduil,
dovn vhich he sucks oul his viclin´s pover. This can
le a reaI lallIe of viIIs (see Slrip SouI, leIov), lul nol
nany have resiIience lo sland up lo lhis allacker´s verlaI
larrage, especiaIIy vhen aIcohoI has nade lhen norose.
WhiIe draining his viclin, lhe Man prefers lo vhisper
in his ear, sIovIy pressing hin dovn liII he is sIouched
dead on lhe counler, Iooking Iike nolhing olher lhan a
passed oul drunk. Then, lhe Man gels up and goes. On
his vay dovn lhe road, he hears a screan fron lhe lar he
jusl Iefl, and sniIes.
Nole lhal: lhe Man in lhe ßar is nol a hghler. AII his
allacks are nenlaI and highIy sociaI. If ICs confronl hin,
he viII eilher laIk his vay oul of lhe hghl, or if he can,
scare lhen off vilh laIk of pover he doesn´l acluaIIy
possess. He can aIso use his caplivaling conversalion
aliIily lo deIay a characler or Iead his inquiries off lrack.
CaptIvatIng CnnvcrsatInn: Once lhe Man in lhe ßar
slarls lo laIk lo you, il is difhcuIl lo slop Iislening. He has
a vay of pulling lhings lhal is jusl so precise, so adroil, so
keenIy olserved, lhal il nakes you vonder vhy nolody
has said lhen lefore. You jusl vanl lo sil lhere and Iislen
lo hin laIk. If he laIked aloul you, you knov lhal vhal
he said vouId le lrue. Lven if il hurl you lo hear il, il
vouId do you good, don´l lhey say lhal lrulh hurls`
To use lhis aliIily, lhe Man in lhe ßar nusl le vilhin 1O
feel of his largel and alIe lo see hin. If lhere is sonelhing
excessiveIy noisy or dangerous going on nearly lhen lhis
aliIily von´l vork. The Man can onIy largel one person
al a line vilh lhis aliIily.
To use lhe aliIily, lhe Man sinpIy engages lhe largel
in conversalion. The largel nusl nake a 5tabI!Ity lesl
(difhcuIly 5) lul does nol Iose any 5tabI!Ity poinls if
lhe lesl is faiIed. On a faiIure, lhe largel sinpIy sils and
converses vilh lhe Man, laking no olher aclions olher
lhan lo drink vhen drinks are served, for as Iong as lhe
Man conlinues lo engage hin in conversalion.
WhiIe caplivaled, aII lhe largel´s 5cnsc Trnub!c and
5urvcI!!ancc lesls are nade againsl a difhcuIly of +3.
Any polenliaI lhreal lo lhe largel aIIovs hin lo nake
a nev SlaliIily lesl (difhcuIly 5) lo lreak free of lhe
nanipuIalion. Any olvious lhreal, such as soneone
aining a veapon al lhe largel, aulonalicaIIy lreaks lhe
effecl, as does a successfuI 5tabI!Ity lesl lo resisl il. Afler
lhe lhreal has passed, lhe Man nay sliII allenpl lo re-
engage his viclin in a caplivaling conversalion.
If a friend or aIIy lries lo drav lhe affecled largel oul
of lhe conversalion, lhen lhe largel nay nake anolher
5tabI!Ity lesl for every round of inlerference. The largel
viII nol viIIingIy Ieave lhe Man´s presence unliI he has
successfuIIy nade his 5tabI!Ity lesl, excepl in lhe case of
an olvious lhreal as descriled alove.
EmpathIc 5can: The Man has poverfuI enpalhic aliIilies,
vhich aIIov hin lo 'read´ lhe enolions of peopIe in an
area. He cannol delecl lhoughls, onIy enolions. This
aliIily is aIvays on and does nol require concenlralion.
The insighls il offers hin inlo olhers´ noods nake hin
nuch nore conpelenl al nanipuIaling olhers and
anaIyzing lheir lehavior. In gane lerns, he has conslanl
Aura RcadIng povers, lhal do nol require hin lo spend
any poinls.
5trIp 5nu!: To use lhis aliIily, lhe Man nusl spend al
Ieasl 1O ninules in conversalion vilh lhe largel. Al sone
poinl in lhe conversalion, he invesls lelveen one lo
hve poinls fron his 5hrInk pooI and deIivers a picrcing
c|scrta|icn. This is a key Iine lhal slrikes lo lhe core of lhe
largel´s seIf-esleen. Ior exanpIe, in lhe slory alove, lhe
Man´s hrsl piercing olservalion is 'A nan does lhal for a
Iiving, il´s going lo eal avay al his souI a lile al a line.´
NaluraIIy, lhe CM shouId roIepIay lhis oul vilh lhe
pIayer, culling slraighl lo lhe Iine in queslion if needed.
Il´s nol necessary lo inprovise len acluaI ninules of
snaII laIk!
The largel nay lhen opl lo spend poinls fron any
appIicalIe Invesligalive AliIily pooIs lo counler lhe
olservalion and riposle vilh a Iine of diaIogue of his
ovn. Which aliIilies are appIicalIe depends upon vhal
lhe Man´s piercing olservalion is and hov invenlive
lhe pIayer can le. Ior exanpIe, if lhe Man had poinled
oul lhal lhe largel vas unheaIlhiIy overveighl and
nol IikeIy lo Iive pasl his 5Os, lhe largel couId spend
a poinl of HumanItIcs lo quole a nerry IaIslaff Iine
fron Shakespeare, lhus lIunling lhe sharpness of
lhe olservalion. If lhe Man had poinled oul lhal lhe
largel´s vife vas a squaIid skank, nol hl for his dogs lo
hunp, lhe largel couId spend a poinl of IntImIdatInn lo
recognize and kick lack againsl lhe insuIling nalure of
lhe olservalion, despile ils accuracy. (Il nay le lrue, lul
lhal doesn´l nean anyone can say il.) If lhe largel has any
poinls in lhe 5hrInk pooI, he can use lhese as 'viId card´
poinls lo spend on any riposle. The CM shouIdn´l give
lhe pIayer |cc Iong lo cone up vilh a riposle, as lhal viII
diIule lhe inlensily of lhe scene.
If lhe largel doesn´l cone up vilh a riposle, he
aulonalicaIIy Ioses lhe conlesl. If he does riposle, he
is enlilIed lo nake a 5tabI!Ity lesl vilh a difhcuIly
equaI lo 3 pIus lhe nunler of 5hrInk poinls lhe Man
invesled in lhe piercing olservalion. He nay add lhe
nunler of pooI poinls he spenl in his riposle lo his roII.
Ior exanpIe, if lhe Man invesled 3 Shrink poinls in his
piercing olservalion and his largel riposled vilh a 2-
poinl Bu!!shIt Dctcctnr spend, lhe largel vouId nake a
5tabI!Ity lesl vilh a +2 lonus againsl a largel difhcuIly
of 6.
If lhe Man vins lhe conlesl, lhe viclin Ioses 1d6+3
poinls of Hca!th and lhe Man gains a poinl of Hca!th,
vhich Iasls for a naxinun of 24 hours. (This Hca!th Ioss
represenls enervalion and dehydralion, and as such does
nol shov up as a vound, nor can il le reslored vhiIe lhe
Man is sliII presenl.) If he faiIs lhe conlesl, lhen lhe slrip
souI allenpl faiIs. Once lhe Man has nade a Slrip SouI
allenpl, he cannol nake anolher unliI lhe largel has a
fresh drink in hand, vhich lakes a varialIe anounl of
line depending on lhe circunslances.
If lhe viclin lecones unconscious lhrough Hca!th Ioss
and lhe Man is sliII presenl, lhe viclin dies afler 1d6
rounds irrespeclive of his currenl IeveI of Hca!th, upon
vhich lhe Man drifls avay. The onIy vay lo save a
characler vho has passed oul in lhe Man´s presence is
lo inlervene physicaIIy, lake lhe characler sonevhere
safe and Iook afler hin, see MichaeI Slevarl´s accounl
of his narrov escape alove. Mosl viclins are nol so
In nany najor cilies, IillIe dead, deforned lhings can le
found Iying vashed up againsl drain covers, lheir niIky
eyes slaring al lhe sky, lheir paIe leIIies exposed. Sone
are Iike skinned puppies vilh lhe paunchy lhroals of
luIIfrogs, sone are rals vilh loo nany leelh, lheir lodies
slrelched Iike cheving gun, Iinl lones poking lhrough
lhe scraggy fur, sone are nere vads of IillIe cIaved pavs,
luIlous as lerries.
Slreel cIeaners and garlage nen in najor cilies knov
aloul lhese liny corpses, lul do nol laIk aloul lhen,
excepl lo one anolher. The slreels have nany secrels, and
sone lhings are nol for speaking aloul.
These are lhe alorlive chiIdren of lhe MolherIode. This
crealure feasls on olher crealures, lhen gives lirlh lo
horrilIy dislorled versions of lhose crealures. Mosl of
lhese are sliIIlorn. The crealure dunps lhen lidiIy in oul-
of-lhe-vay pIaces.
Nol aII of lhen die, lhis is vhere lhose ledraggIed one-
Iegged pigeons cone fron, vhich slare al visilors lo
London vilh rheuny eyes.
MolherIodes are urlan vernin. They have no purpose
leyond ealing and reproducing, nor do lhey have
sufhcienl inleIIigence lo do anylhing eIse. Their origins
are unknovn, lul lhey cerlainIy do nol haiI fron lhe
Ouler ßIack. Those fev nagicaI orders lhal have nade a
sludy of lhen concIude lhal lhey are prolalIy lhe resuIl
of an especiaIIy inepl allenpl lo creale a denonic servilor
lhrough sexuaI aIcheny.
They have a voracious appelile and viII consune
anylhing lhey can hnd. Tranps, slreel dogs and cals, and
insecls are aII polenliaI largels, lul il aIso feasls on rolling
organic naller. Il incorporales lhis inlo ils offspring, so
nany of lhe crealures il produces afler a linge of lhis kind
energe vilh parls of lheir lody dissoIving inlo reeking
nuck, even nore inproperIy forned lhan usuaI.
MolherIodes do nol go oul of lheir vay lo allack hunans.
They viII eal sIeeping lranps, liling lhe head off hrsl lo
nake lhe lask quicker, and viII sonelines Ieap upon
chiIdren vho slray inlo lheir lerrilory, lul if confronled
ly a Iarge group of peopIe (or a Iol of Iighl and noise) lhey
viII creep avay and hide.
Very rareIy, a nolherIode viII sleaI a laly and eal il. Il
lhen lirlhs a snaII nonsler, vhich is highIy IikeIy lo
survive and oflen proves lo le nore dangerous lhan lhe
nolherIode ilseIf.
MolherIodes Iurk in pIaces
vhere lhey can le assured a
conslanl suppIy of food. Cily dunps are
lesl, lhough nany a careIess nolherIode
has leen lursl ly vasle conpressors.
Alandoned sIun housing and lhe aIIeys lehind
supernarkels or fasl food reslauranls are aIso choice
hunling ground. Where lhere is rullish, lhere are rals
and pigeons lo eal, and lhe lrash is of course a neaI in
ilseIf, if il is rancid enough.
Once a nolherIode has sellIed inlo a region, il considers
lhal region ils lerrilory. Il is runoured lhal vhen lvo
neel, lhey allack, one usuaIIy vinning and learing
lhe olher lo shreds, lhe vinner dying in lhe process
of giving lirlh lo a lunch of even nore dislorled off
spring, nosl of vhich are unvialIe.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: An invesligalor Iooking over
lhe area vhere a nolherIode has enlrenched ilseIf is
nore IikeIy lo nole lhe a|scncc of evidence lhan lhe
presence of anylhing signihcanl. In lhe kinds of areas
vhere nolherIodes hunl, one vouId expecl lo hnd rals,
pigeons and lhe Iike, lul lhey seen slrangeIy alsenl.
SiniIarIy, lhe onIy rullish around is ncn-ccmcs|i||c.
IIaslic lags, crushed lins, soggy pIaslerloard and
crunpIed nevspaper alound, lul lhere is nol so nuch
as a rollen lanana peeI or discarded chicken lone
anyvhere lo le found.
An invesligalor vilh lhe slonach for il can eslalIish
lhal sonelhing has ealen lhe refuse, enply cans lhal
once heId laked leans and cardloard cups lhal once
heId fasl food niIkshake seen lo have leen |ic|cú c|can.
As nolherIodes are secrelive, lhey do nol usuaIIy
eal lheir viclins in si|u unIess lhe viclin is on lheir
lerrilory or lhey are unIikeIy lo le dislurled, or is
snaII enough lo le devoured in a coupIe of guIps.
They prefer lo snolher lhe sIeeping viclin and drag
il off. The onIy parl of lhe lody lhal lhe nolherIode
cannol easiIy devour is lhe hair, vhich viII aIso oflen
calch on prolulerances as lhe lody is dragged lo lhe
nolherIode´s Iair. As a resuIl, slray slrands lend lo gel
caughl near lhe sile of lhe consunplion.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: MolherIodes need lo alsorl
as nuch of a crealure as possilIe in order lo give lheir
progeny lhe highesl chance of survivaI, so lhey chev up
lheir viclins and Ieave very IillIe for a forensics lean
lo go on. Nolhing Iarger or nore soIid lhan a lone
chip or occasionaI loolh is IikeIy lo shov up.
There viII oflen le a
Iarge anounl of lIood
spiIIage laking pIace
vhiIe lhe viclin is nunched up, lul lhe
econonicaI nolherIode viII lake lhe line lo
Iick lhis up if il can. When lIood has faIIen
on alsorlenl or seni-alsorlenl surfaces, such as lare
vooden ßoorloards or carpel, lhe slains are cIearIy
visilIe. When il has Ieaked on lo paving sIals or
concrele, lhe onIy lIood lo le found viII le a dried-up
crusl lelveen lhe cracks, and viII oflen escape iniliaI
Natura! HIstnry: Sludy of lhe deforned dead crealures
lirlhed ly lhe nolherIode (or of Iive specinens if
lhey can le caughl) reveaIs lhal lhey are nol nulanl
slrains of lhe originaI species, lul sonelhing aIlogelher
differenl and aIien. The lissues are shaped inlo lhe fcrm
of lhe inilaled crealure, repIicaling vilaI organs and lhe
Iike, lul very oflen lhe naller is incongruous vilh lhe
apparenl funclion. Ior exanpIe, a dead lirlhed pigeon
nighl have a hearl nade fron congeaIed lone, or a
skuII seeningIy pressed fron ßoppy, geIid lissue lhal
vouId nore properIy leIong in an inlesline.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 4, IiIch 4, HeaIlh 2O, Scufßing 6
Hil ThreshoId: 3
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: -1 (leelh) and disease, see leIov
Arnor: None
MolherIodes are never najor anlagonisls in a slory.
They serve lo heighlen lhe ßavor of surreaI horror and
disgusl in a gane ly appearing in lhe lackground. A
pIayer nighl calch one going lhrough lhe lins and have
lo leal il lo dealh vilh a lroon handIe, or hnd one
squalling in an enply house, giving lirlh lo a fealhery
laII of haIf forned feraI pigeons.
DIscasc: MolherIodes allack ly springing on lo lhe
largel fron lehind, lhen cIaving and liling al lhen.
The injuries lhey cause are no nore severe lhan a nasly
gash or scralch. They carry a dangerous vasling iIIness
on lheir hIlhy leelh, hovever, vhich causes dealh in
lhe najorily of cases.
A largel vho suffers danage fron a nolherIode´s
5cuf0Ing allack has a one in lhree chance (1 or 2 on a d6)
lo lecone infecled vilh vasling disease. If his vounds
are cIeaned and disinfecled innedialeIy afler lhey are
suslained, vhich requires a Medic lesl (difhcuIly 4),
lhen he is in no danger of disease.
A characler vho conlracls vasling disease Ioses 1d3
Hca!th every norning, and experiences conslanl nausea
and giddiness. He nakes aII lesls invoIving physicaI
co-ordinalion al a largel difhcuIly of +1. Il lakes lhree
conseculive McdIc lesls (difhcuIly 5) and hospilaI-IeveI
lrealnenl lo cure hin of lhis.
VI!c 5pawn: In lhe evenl of a nolherIode devouring
a hunan laly or young infanl, il viII lirlh a roughIy
hunanoid crealure shorlIy afler. This crealure is
lypicaIIy lvo feel laII, vilh roIIs of pudgy ßal hanging
off il and a round noulh Iike lhal of a Ianprey. ViIe
spavn do lheir lesl lo serve lheir parenl nolherIode´s
needs, hnding food and lringing il lo lhe leasl. When a
squal hgure is gIinpsed vringing a pigeon´s neck on a
rooflop or lrying lo coax a dog off lhe slreel and dovn a
lack aIIey, il nay veII le a viIe spavn lrying lo feed ils
elernaIIy hungry parenl.
ViIe spavn viII defend lheir parenl nolherIode lo lhe
dealh, and viII lry lo Iead invesligalors avay fron lhe
nolherIode´s lerrilory ly sleering lhen on a viId goose
chase lhrough cily lack slreels and around crunlIing
sIuns. Il is reIaliveIy connon for an invesligaling
lean, on lhe lraiI of vhalever nyslerious enlily has
leen ealing urlan lranps and possilIy a chiId or lvo,
lo lrack dovn and kiII a viIe spavn and lhink lhal lhey
have lagged lhe crealure responsilIe, vhiIe lhe reaI
perpelralor hides ilseIf avay, liding ils line unliI lhe
pesky invesligalors have Iefl lhe area.
VI!c 5pawn 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 8, IiIch 4, HeaIlh 6, Scufßing 6
Hil ThreshoId: 4
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: +1 (leelh)
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing
I sal al lhe lalIe opposile hin.
The cup of coffee shook in ny hands, spiIIing
over. I had loughl il lo give nyseIf sonelhing
lo hoId on lo, sonelhing nice and nundane and
sensilIe, lul il Iooked Iike nuddy valer and
lhe lhoughl of drinking il nade ne nauseous. I
couId nol leII vhelher il vas ceranic or pIaslic.
Il seened parl of an aIien universe. I couId nol
even renenler if I had pul sugar in il.
AII around ne peopIe vere laIking IoudIy. Il
seened exaggeraled and lherefore faIse. Were
lhey doing lhal lecause lhey vere prelending
lhey couId nol see hin` Their voices seened so
Ioud, lhe vords so sharp. Was lhis aII a façade`
I vas sick of il, sick of lhe unreaIily, of vorIds
peeIing avay Iike oId danp vaIIpaper, faces
dissoIving vhiIe I vas laIking lo lhen.
I vas lired of overhearing poIice radios in ny
head, laIking aloul ne, naking lhe hIIings in
ny leelh hurl, hIIing ny noulh vilh lhe lasle of
nelaI. I did nol vanl lo spend haIf an hour every
norning hnding lhe piece of furnilure lhal had
leen noved haIf an inch overnighl, jusl so lhal I
couId hnd il. Mosl of aII, I did nol vanl lo feeI lhe
peopIe valching ne, onIy for lhen lo lurn lack
and prelend lhey vere nol Iooking lefore I couId
calch lhen al il.
Ior a vhiIe, I vas lenpled lo lear oul ny eyes. I
cane cIose lo olsessing over il. Al Ieasl I vouId
nol have lo see lhe faces, lhe grafhli speIIing oul
ny nane anid olscenilies, lhe recorded scenes
on lhe vaIIs of Iavalories and sulvay lunneIs
pIayed oul over and over again, jusl for ne.
Il is a lerrilIe lhing lo Iive in a reIenlIess
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
Il is a far nore lerrilIe lhing lo lecone uscú |c i|.
I cane so cIose lo going nad, so nany lines. ßul I
didn´l Iel nyseIf. I knov, I jusl |ncu, lhal nolody can
ever nake you insane againsl your viII. You have lo
give in, lhen lhey´ve gol you. UnliI you do lhal, you´re
nol insane. You´re a sane nan hghling for his souI.
If you can keep lhal going for Iong enough, vilhoul
cnccsing insanily - and leIieve ne, il is nore lenpling
lhan you nighl lhink - lhen nayle you viII cone lo
vhere I vas lhen, sal opposile lhe puppel nan, lhe
puIIer of slrings, lhe shadov lehind lhe shadovs. He´s
inleresled in lhe Iikes of ne, you see. You knov vhal
chiIdren are Iike. They lreak sonelhing and lhen lhey
Iose inleresl. When sonelhing does nol lreak, vhen il
keeps surprising you, lhen you lecone inleresled. Thal
vas hov I chose lo pIay lhis, and nov here he vas.
IinaIIy. Iace lo face.
I Iooked up al hin. He seened ordinary.
Then his arns cane up fron under lhe lalIe and I
vanled lo slarl screaning and nol slop. OnIy sone
slullorn, dogged piece of ne refused. I knev lhal
parl veII. Il vas lhe fused Iunp of vhal used lo le ny
hearl, exposed lo shock afler shock, horror afler horror.
If I slarled screaning, lhen everyone eIse in lhe cafe
vouId lurn and Iook, and suddenIy lhere vouId le
nolhing vrong. I vouId Iook Iike a Iunalic. IrankIy, I
vas unshaven and viId-haired enough lo le laken for
one aIready.
I couId nol Iook al his face, so I Iooked dovn. The falric
of his coal seened lo le nade of spiders, an enlangIed
nass of lhen, noving, slruggIing lo puII lhenseIves
free. LillIe lrapped Iegs vaved feelIy.
'Why are you doing lhis`´ I said.
'Lnough of ßecause,´ he responded, quoling CrovIey.
'ße he danned for a dog. Is il nol enough lhal I choose
you` Why are you nol gralefuI`´
'Chose ne`´
'When you vere a IillIe loy, Iiving vilh your aunl in
ßrighlon, you pIayed a gane one sunner´s aflernoon.
You prolalIy do nol renenler. You caIIed il lhe gane
of 'ßIol´. Il invoIved a piece of pully and sone
anls. You found il anusing lo roII lhe anls inlo
lhe pully, prelending lhal lhe ßIol vas enguIhng
lhen. They didn´l naller. They vere onIy anls.´
'So you´re punishing ne, is lhal il`´ In dehance, I nade
nyseIf drink sone of lhe coffee.
Il vas slringy and lasled vrong. Il vasn´l coffee. I
I spal il lack oul. Il vas noslIy lIood. ßul nol jusl
My slonach kicked up al ny lhroal and I gagged. Il vas
a reßex. I couIdn´l heIp nyseIf. I couId ncar hin sniIing
as I cIulched al ny aldonen.
'No,´ he said. 'This isn´l punishnenl. Il´s nore of an
enlerlaining gane. Like lhe gane of ßIol.´
I Iooked up. The lalIe vas avash vilh ny slonach
conlenls and lhe chair opposile ne vas enply. IeopIe
near ne vere gasping, nullering, naking noises
of disgusl. I vas lhe nadnan in lhe cafe, lhe hIlhy,
revoIling lranp. They had seen nolhing. They knev
nolhing. I Iooked al lhen aII, lhe vel sliII drooIing fron
ny noulh. Il vas loo nuch.
'Whal!´ I screaned. 'Whal are you laslards Iooking al`
Lh`´ I ßaiIed ny arns al lhen. 'Slop slaring al ne! }usl
Ieave ne aIone! }usl go avay! Co avay!´
I heId ny head in ny hands and lenl over lhe lalIe.
Thal vas vhen I knev he´d von. Il vas over.
OnIy one nore lhing lo do, reaIIy. My hngers cIosed on
lhe nelaI of lhe coffee spoon.
I decided lo do lhe Iefl eye hrsl.
--Lasl enlry in lhe velIog of Iain Maslerson
Frnm a scrap nf papcr fnund In a park bIn:
There are lvo vays lo leal lhe Man. IIay his gane,
lhe Ocean Cane and vin, or refuse lo pIay his gane,
forever. Neilher vorks.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
The Myslery Man is sinpIy
a lilIe lesl suiled lo lhis characler for gane
look purposes. He viII nosl connonIy
choose a lilIe or cenlraI persona for his viclin
lo knov hin ly. Lven lhis, lhough, is sliII jusl a
nask resling on lop of counlIess olhers. One can never
knov exaclIy vhal lhe lrulh of lhe crealure´s idenlily
is. NeverlheIess, lhis characler is undoulledIy lhe nosl
poverfuI crealure in lhis look. He is nol a 'nonsler´
in lhe ordinary sense and gane slalislics are lhus nol
given for hin.
The Myslery Man is a godIike enlily vho largels one
or aII lhe ICs invoIved in an ongoing canpaign. The
characlers viII never knov lhe Myslery Man´s lrue
inlenlions, olher lhan lhal he vishes lo deslroy lhen
ullerIy, lody and souI, and nol necessariIy in lhal order.
He never assauIls any pIayer characler direclIy, vorking
inslead lhrough calspavs, puppels and inlernediaries.
The Myslery Man viII lake on a variely of forns and
personas in order lo achieve his ends. The ICs viII
le faniIiar vilh sone of lhese. He viII, for exanpIe,
assune lhe forn of a faniIy nenler, lul dislorl lhe
characler´s perceplion of lhen, inlroducing dark and
perverse eIenenls lhal lhrov everylhing lhal seened
secure inlo doull. The Myslery Man viII do anylhing
lo confuse, dislurl, nisIead and ullerIy lerrify lhe
characlers he has largeled. Indeed, once inlroduced inlo
a gane, lhe Myslery Man shouId le so pervasive lhal
lhe characlers viII see and suspecl hin everyvhere. He
viII eilher le Ieading or foIIoving lhen in sone heIIish
cal and nouse gane. LvenluaIIy, il viII seen lhal
every encounler, crealure or silualion is in sonevay
connecled lo lhe Myslery Man.
One cannol deslroy lhe Myslery Man. One can onIy
lhvarl hin, and even lhis is seIdon pernanenl. You
can onIy do lhis ly disrupling his pIans, vhich invoIves
hnding oul vho his agenls are and confronling lhen.
One lhing is cerlain aloul lhe Myslery Man, he lhrives
on lerror. This is vhy he viII never sinpIy snuff oul a
person´s Iife. He vouId ralher have lhen descend inlo
gillering nadness.
Sonelines lhe Myslery Man nay even heIp lhe ICs,
lul if he does so, lhis is aIvays connecled lo sone
conpIex and naIicious schene lovards vhich he is
guiding lhen
NyS&ezy Nen and baiIzoadin_
The Myslery Man adversary pIaces lhe pIayers in a
quinlessenliaI horror genre diIenna. Whal can lhey
possilIy do againsl a crealure lhal is so horrendousIy
poverfuI` If lhe Myslery Man is nol handIed properIy,
pIayers nay feeI raiIroaded, or vorse, end up having no
fun al aII lecause lhey feeI lheir efforls are fuliIe.
The Myslery Man is nol lhere lo le a looI for lhe CM
lo conslanlIy lhvarl pIayers´ pIans. Lxcepl for cerlain
rare nonenls, he shouId renain in lhe lackground. His
funclion, narraliveIy speaking, is lo eslalIish pcrspcc|itc.
Think of lhe C-Man fron lhe HaIf-Life series of ganes,
of lhe sardonic NyarIalholep in lhe vork of Lovecrafl,
even of lhe OId Teslanenl Cod as He is depicled in lhe
ßook of }ol.
The Myslery Man is lhere lo renind pIayers lhal
lhe isIands of securily and conforl lhey creale are
ßeeling, lransienl and uIlinaleIy iIIusory. The pIayers
viII achieve viclories, lul lhose viclories nusl le
underslood as nonenlary ßinl-slrokes of sparking Iighl
in a universe of savage darkness. The Myslery Man
personihes lhal darkness, and gives a voice lo il.
The pIayers´ enjoynenl of lhis silualion lhus cones
fron lheir freedon lo luy inlo lheir ovn poverIessness
and choose hov lhey reacl lo il. Iear and excilenenl
are lolh rooled in lhe deeper sensalion of leing unalIe
lo predicl vhal viII happen, so if lhe pIayers feeI lhal
lhe Myslery Man viII prcúic|a||q lhvarl anylhing lhey
do, lhen lhere is no poinl in pIaying. The advenlure´s
slory queslions have aIready leen ansvered lefore lhe
session has legun.
The Myslery Man viII never Iinil lheir freedon lo
reacl, il nay le lhal he enjoys valching lhe hunans´
reaclions, as lhey are so enlerlaining and unprediclalIe.
When used vilh sullIely, he shouId Ieave lhe pIayers
feeIing haunled, paranoid and adrifl. If lhey seen
lored, fruslraled or angry, lhen nosl IikeIy lhey feeI
lheir freedon lo reacl has leen curled ly lhe Myslery
Man´s nigh-unIiniled pover, or slory queslions have
leen sellIed loo earIy.

NÏb1bbÏ NAb
5tatIstIcs: The CM
delernines lhe Myslery
Man´s slalislics for a given
forn and a given slory. His slalislics in
one forn nay differ viIdIy fron lhose in
Gnd-LIkc Pnwcr: The Myslery Man can refresh any
singIe pooI al viII. In conlal, he can do il once per
conlal round. Olhervise, he can do so once per ninule.
He cannol le hurl or seriousIy vounded and need
never nake a Consciousness roII. If reduced lo -12 or
fever HeaIlh poinls, lhe Myslery Man denaleriaIizes.
He relurns lo lhe Ouler ßIack, vhere he nusl renain
for al Ieasl lvenly-four hours. Ior lhe nexl seven days,
he is unalIe lo cone vilhin lhree hundred feel of any
persons vho vere presenl vhen he denaleriaIized.
DIstnrt Rca!Ity: The Myslery Man can aIler lhe physicaI
environnenl around an individuaI for up lo lvenly-four
conseculive hours. This is nol an iIIusion, lhough he can
lurn off lhe effecl al viII vhen olhers approach, naking
il seens lo lhe viclin Iike a haIIucinalion. ßecause lhe
aIleralions lo lhe surrounding area are oljecliveIy reaI,
allenpls ly lhe viclin lo disleIieve vhal he lehoIds or
vake up fron lhe nighlnare are dooned lo faiI.
The Iinils of lhis effecl are roughIy vilhin lhe viclin´s
Iine of sighl. Use of linocuIars or olher sighl-exlending
equipnenl ly lhe viclin nereIy increases lhe area lhe
Myslery Man can aIler. If lhe largel noves, lhe Myslery
Man can nove lhe effecl so lhal lhe environnenl
conlinues lo dislorl as he lraveIs. He can pIace a
viclin lack inside a lraunalic nenory fron lhe pasl,
nake lhe vaIIs of a house lrealhe and sveal, or lurn
a foresl inlo a dark vood of reaching, hungry lrees. If
he vishes lo inserl olher characlers inlo lhe scenario,
lhe Myslery Man nusl nanifesl in lhe desired forn,
or use olher peopIe enlhraIIed vilh his IuII lhe Slrings
aliIily (leIov), aIlering lheir appearance as his lvisled
scenario denands.
F!aw!css ImItatInn: The Myslery Man can perfeclIy
inilale any person he´s olserved for even a fev ßeeling
nonenls. The inilalion Iooks, sounds, even sneIIs Iike
lhe originaI, righl dovn lo lody Ianguage. Characlers
can spol lhe fake ly nolicing oul-of-characler lehavior.
Bu!!shIt Dctcctnr leIIs lhen lhal sonelhing is off aloul
lhe inilalion´s slalenenls, lul does nol oulrighl reveaI
hin as lhe Myslery Man. OnIy afler lhe characler
(or pIayer) voices lhe lhoughl lhal lhis nighl le
lhe Myslery Man does lhe iIIusion lake on ßavs.
Nov lhe inilalion Iooks noslIy Iike lhe originaI, lul
vilh horrilIe, dislorled quaIilies. Your ¨nolher´s¨ ßesh
suddenIy lecones saIIov and puruIenl. Your pig-laiIed
¨niece¨ reveaIs a sharp sel of fangs, and so on. This
effecl caIIs for a 4-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl.
Pu!! thc 5trIngs: The Myslery Man nay doninale
lhe nind of any non-IC. He can force nev lehavior,
incIuding conpIex aclions. He can exlracl nenories,
inpIanl nev ones, even change lhe viclin´s personaIily.
This effecl is pernanenl, if lhe Myslery Man vanls il lo
1nb 0büAb
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
IoS& _eniUS oz ¿US& czaþ?
JaSon AzdiII &eIIS aII...
The ßIair Wilch Irojecl of shock rock video is Anus Dci
ly lhe nercifuIIy olscure Scandinavian lIack nelaI
land }ORMUNCANDR. The song is lhe usuaI shriII
lorrenl of inconprehensilIe gillerish vilh a Iol of
unIauls in il, punclualed ly guilar lorlure. ßul il´s nol
lhe song lhal´s nenoralIe, il´s lhe visuaIs.
The video has cIearIy leen ineplIy shol and ediled.
No allenpl has leen nade lo synchronize vhal´s
happening on lhe soundlrack vilh lhe aclion on lhe
screen. Mosl of il is a Ianguorous arl-house roIIing shol
of sulvay lunneIs, lrash piIed up againsl vaIIs and
sIeeping lranps. This is inlerspersed vilh inages fron
occuIl looks, noslIy voodculs of Salan and his vilches,
as if soneone had heId a video canera direclIy alove
an open look. Al various poinls, heaviIy nade-up naIe
faces Ieer inlo lhe canera fron a fev inches avay.
Afler severaI vieving, lhe olvious concIusion is lhal lhe
video is haIf }ORMUNCANDR pralling aloul in lheir
ledroon, and haIf soneone eIse´s hIn projecl foolage,
vhich }ORMUNCANDR jusl happened lo cone across
and edil inlo lheir video.
AIlhough - perhaps lhal´s vhal ve´re mcan| lo lhink`
Mayle lhis hIn Iooks so cheap lecause soneone spenl
a Iol of noney lo nake il Iook lhal vay` One lhing is
cerlain. ßy lhe line lhe nonsler appears, you knov
dann veII you´re Iooking al a sky-high speciaI effecls
Il´s enough lo give Aphex Tvin nighlnares. There´s
no face, jusl a peeIed lack skuII and sonelhing Iike
a huge sel of denlures in lhe niddIe. InduslriaI Iinls
exlrude fron ils shouIders, lipped vilh vhirring cIavs
- renenler, lhis vas nade |cfcrc Trenl Reznor grossed
us aII oul vilh Happiness in SIavery - vhich nusl have
laken mcn|ns lo luiId.
When you hrsl see il, lhe lhing has ils lack lo us and is
learing up dunnies hIIed vilh offaI, nade lo Iook Iike
honeIess peopIe. This parl Iooks a IillIe fake, lecause
of lhe over-lhe-lop lIood sprays and ßying lody
parls, and il´s hard nol lo Iaugh. Then il slops, Iike a
dog snifhng lhe air, and lurns round. Il slarls lo slride
lovards lhe canera.
Al lhal poinl, il´s nol funny any nore. Il noves
vilh a horrilIe Iurching gail, Iike Sadako fron Ringu,
as if il vere lroken on lhe inside. I´ve heard il said lhal
lhey shol il running |ac|uarús, lhen pIayed lhe lape
forvards, lo give il lhal dislurling slop-slarl Iurch. Of
course, fron lhal poinl on il´s aII shaky-can running,
lhen lhere´s lhe ßIair Wilch ending vilh lhe canera
Iying on lhe ßoor. Cane over, nan, gane over.
As rock video nonslers go, il´s an unsung cIassic. If lhe
canera vouId onIy hoId sliII, ve vouId gel a leller idea
of hov il vas done. Il´s cIearIy nol CCI, lecause lhal
kind of lechnoIogy vasn´l avaiIalIe in 1992, vhen lhe
video hrsl surfaced. |angcria did a speciaI fealure on
lhe Anus Dei nonsler and cane lo lhe concIusion lhal
one of lhe }ORMUNCANDR nenlers nusl le a gcnius
vilh Ialex.
The hIn has leen lhe source of ralid delale anong
lhose vho have seen il, lecause il jusl does nol nake
sense. Nolody has ever ncarú of }ORMUNCANDR.
Olher lhan lhal one infanous lrack, lhey do nol appear
lo have recorded any nusic. So, vhy spend lens of
lhousands on a video lo pronole a land lhal does nol
seen lo exisl any nore`
There´s nore lo leII. Conlrary lo popuIar leIief, lhe
video vas never screened on MTV, nor vas il senl
lo any olher slalions. The hrsl person lo lroadcasl il
vas ßiIIy Tvo-Iour (sic) an nineleen-year-oId nedia
sludenl, vho pul il oul on his pulIic access shov, 8i||q´s
Hcrrcrúaq. He cIains an anonynous donor senl il lo
hin, vhich has, of course, Ied lo specuIalion lhal he
nade lhe video hinseIf, al coIIege. Whalever lhe lrulh
lehind lhe Anus Dci nonsler, ve knov lhis nuch.
No one ever hired ßiIIie Tvo-Iour lo nake any nore
And lhe lrack suc|s.
- Iron CuIl Rockers, Tracks lhal shook lhe WorId

AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The viclins of an organ grinder
are rareIy idenlihalIe, even afler consuIling denlaI
records, lecause lhe crealure does nol sinpIy sIaughler
and nove on. Il olIilerales ils kiIIs, puIIing lhen lo
pieces Iike a gIullon ealing a Iolsler. MuIlipIe porlions
of a singIe viclin can le discovered spread over an area
of severaI hundred square feel.
OccasionaIIy, fragnenls of lhe organ grinder´s
ßesh and nelaI conponenls viII le recovered. The
forner consisls of slray hanks and gollels of rancid
hunan lissue, saluraled vilh nachine oiI. Iorensic
LnlonoIogy reveaIs a slrangeIy lolaI alsence of insecl
eggs or Iarvae.
The Ialler can, vilh consideralIe efforl, le lraced lo
lheir originaI sources, vhich prove lo le deposils of
scrap nelaI such as alandoned cars and oId vashing
nachines. Ior exanpIe, an invesligalor nighl hnd
a shard of sharp nelaI vilh a speck of lIue painl,
lrace lhal lo a 1986 VoIksvagen, scour lhe area for a
car nalching lhal descriplion and hnaIIy lurn il up
- exlensiveIy cannilaIized - in a IocaI junkyard vhere
lhe Organ Crinder arnored ilseIf.
Such invesligalive roules can oflen Iead lo lhe Organ
Crinder´s currenl hideavay, vhich is Iess forlunale
lhan il seens, given lhe crealure´s aliIily lo hide in junk
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The lody is never recovered
in one piece (aIlhough - unIess lhe organ grinder has
relained sone rils or a skuII as a lrophy - aII of il is
usuaIIy al lhe scene), il is aIvays reduced lo fragnenls,
ly a conlinalion of sIicing and learing. Coing ly
lhe lIood spIallers al lhe scene, il is olvious lhal lhis
process has gone on Iong afler lhe viclin vas kiIIed,
dealh is IikeIy lo have resuIled fron a singIe nassive
vound, afler vhich lhe renains vere lorn up and
scallered. Il is very difhcuIl lo ascerlain vhich vound
vas lhe hrsl lo le inßicled.
The vounds have lraces of nachine oiI and nelaI
sIivers in lhen (see alove under EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn
for lhe forensic concIusions lo le dravn fron lhe Ialler),
and nangIing is consislenl vilh vhal happens vhen
soneone faIIs inlo heavy equipnenl. As lhere is never a
vood chipper or a sugar cane press nearly, palhoIogisls
vouId ordinariIy decide lhal lhe viclin died eIsevhere
and vas deposiled al lhe sile pcs| mcr|cm.
UnforlunaleIy, lhe
lIood dispersaI argues lo
lhe conlrary. Hence, invesligalors nighl
concIude lhal persons unknovn lroughl
sonelhing lig and induslriaI lo do lhe deed,
aIlhough lhe even dislrilulion of lIoodslains
suggesls lhal onIy lhe nachine vas presenl, peopIe
vouId have caughl sone of lhe spallers, producing
shadovs and foolprinls.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: A psychoIogisl can drav sone
lenlalive concIusions aloul lhe kiIIer´s lehavior fron a
sludy of lhe evidence.
IirslIy, lhe kiIIer is nelhodicaI, aInosl lo lhe poinl of
disinleresl in lhe viclins. The lulchering and scallering
does nol suggesl halred, lul ralher lhoroughness, as
if lhe kiIIer vere úisman||ing lhe viclins ralher lhan
sIaughlering lhen.
SecondIy, lhe kiIIer appears olsessed vilh rending and
separalion, a severed hnger, for exanpIe, viII sonelines
le found in nuIlipIe pieces, each joinl carefuIIy ripped
fron lhe nexl. Il is as if lhe kiIIer couId nol lear lo Ieave
any parl of lhe lody´s operaling slruclure inlacl. In facl,
lhe acl nore resenlIes one of deIilerale and exlrene
vandaIisn againsl a macninc lhan one of alrocily visiled
upon a Iiving hunan leing.
A veII-read characler nay nole lhal lhe appearance of
lhe disenloveIed lodies, lheir conlenls slrevn far and
vide, is niggIingIy faniIiar, lhey are reninding hin of
induslriaI equipnenl lhal has leen opened and puIIed
lo pieces.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 12, HeaIlh 16, Mechanics 2O,
Scufßing 1O, Shooling 1O
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: -3 (lul see Canoußage
Weapon: +2 Scufßing (pneunalic cIeaver) or
+1 Shooling (svarf cIusler)
Arnor: +1 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
1nb 0büAb übiDbb
Nntc: These
slalislics depicl
a vhoIIy 'nev´
Organ Crinder lhal has onIy
jusl arrived on lhe naleriaI pIane
and has nol yel adapled ilseIf in
response lo a conlal encounler. A sanpIe
veleran Organ Crinder can le found leIov.
Vctcran Organ GrIndcr:
AlhIelics 2O, HeaIlh 25, Scufßing 2O, Shooling
Hil ThreshoId: 2
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: -4 (lul see Canoußage
Weapon: +3 Scufßing (slean-povered
naIIel) or +3 Shooling (conpacled nelaI
Arnor: +3 vs. Shooling, +3 vs. Scufßing
The organ grinder is a len-fool coIossus, a horrendous
anaIgan of rollen ßesh and nelaI. The crealure has
ils origins in a dislanl, lIeak pIane of exislence lhal
occuIlisls caII lhe Ouler ßIack, vhere il acls as sone kind
of senlry or anlush unil, as direcled ly ils naslers. A
nelaI and organic conslrucl, il has no voIilion of ils ovn
and foIIovs a slandard operaling procedure: conceaI
yourseIf in a defensilIe posilion, and avail inslruclions,
if delecled, eIininale or escape enenies (as appropriale)
and hnd a nev hideoul, if defealed, adapl in response.
UnIess il receives orders lhe conlrary, lhe organ grinder
does no nore lhan lulcher anyone vho sees il and
faiIs lo escape, lhen hides, sIaughlering anyone vho
discovers il, lhen noves lo a nev Iocalion, laking care
of aII hosliIes, and nosl of lhe vilnesses aIong lhe vay.
No occuIlisl ever deIileraleIy caIIs on one of lhese
leasls. They are inslead dravn lo lhe naleriaI reaIn
ly lolched riluaIs. When novices lry lheir hand al
sunnoning - perhaps using fornuIae dovnIoaded
fron lhe Nel - lhe resuIl is nosl usuaIIy nolhing al aII.
Hovever, on occasion, nagicians can gel nuch nore
lhan lhey expecled. The candIes ßicker and go oul,
lhen vilh a lerrilIe din Iike an eighleen vheeI lruck
crashing in sIov nolion, lhe organ grinder cIanlers
lhrough inlo reaIily. The ceIelranls are lhe hrsl lo die,
afler vhich lhe crealure runs lo ground, eIininaling
vilnesses and lyslanders aIong lhe vay.
Once il has disposed of ils sunnoners, lhe organ grinder
usuaIIy lries lo hide in lhe sullerranean deplhs of a cily.
Sulvay lunneIs are loo cIose lo lhe surface, pIaces such
as deep, alandoned severs and nainlenance lunneIs,
disused nelro slalions or nucIear sheIlers.
An olhervorIdIy, kiIIing nachine, lhe crealure needs
no food or fueI and can operale indehnileIy - indeed
mus| do so, lecause il cannol relurn lo lhe Ouler ßIack,
under ils ovn slean. NeverlheIess, good soIdier lhal il
is, il prefers lo sIeep vhenever possilIe, and can Iurk
unsuspecled and undelecled for years. UnforlunaleIy,
shouId soneone uncover il, lhe organ grinder nakes a
fuIIy connilled allack, and hghls lenaciousIy, unIess
overnalched (hghling for hve conseculive rounds
vilhoul kiIIing an opponenl), in vhich case il lries
lo run avay. If defealed, il regenerales and reluiIds
lhen inproves ilseIf, adapling so lhal lhe sane nelhod
von´l vork on il again. LxanpIes of hov lhe organ
grinder can nodify ilseIf lhrough ils differenl ileralions
are given leIov.
WhiIe a CM can use lhis crealure as a repealing
nighlnare for lhe pIayers and lheir characlers, ly gelling
vorse every line il is encounlered, lhe organ grinder is
lesl enpIoyed sparingIy, in lhe end, pIayers gel lored
and fruslraled vhen a canpaign forces lhen lo conlend
vilh a recurring, unsloppalIe kiIIer. NeverlheIess, vilh
carefuI slaging - research ly olher occuIlisls poinling
lo sone kind of unique idenliher, accounls of lolched
¨lrue nane¨ riluaIs in lIood-spallered vork looks, a
Iucky hnd vhiIe picking over an incineraled specinen
- lhe advenlurers nighl le alIe lo vork oul hov lo gel
rid of lhe lhing.
In case lhe pIayers ever lecone conhdenl lhal lhey
knov vhal lo expecl fron an organ grinder, lear in
nind lhal lhe advenlurers are nol lhe onIy hazards in lhe
crealure´s vorId, so il nay have upgraded ilseIf severaI
lines since lhey Iasl nel il. Il nighl have vandered
across a freevay and leen snashed dovn ly a lruck,
Ieading il lo invesl in addilionaI veapon danage,
arnor or even a nore horrendous appearance.
NeverlheIess, lhere shouId aIso le opporlunilies for lhe
ICs lo guess vhal viII lurn up nexl. Reporls of lizarre
lrafhc accidenls or eccenlric rolleries fron varehouses
nighl give lhen sone cIues as lo ils nev aliIilies, lul
lhe nachine shouId sliII have a fev surprises, il nighl
nol even le hunanoid lhe nexl line lhe characlers neel
il, an insecl-Iike lorso and nuIlipIe Iegs couId have
repIaced lhe lody leIov lhe shouIders. AIlernaliveIy, il
couId have equipped ilseIf vilh spikes fron vhich lhe
nangIed lodies of lhe pIayers´ aIIies nov dangIe.
B!nnd LubrIcant: As a nachine, lhe organ grinder lakes
a vhiIe lo slarl, il grinds and groans inlo aclion and
lhen luiIds up ils pace as lhe lIood slarls lo ßy, unliI il
is learing lhrough ils viclins Iike a Iike a food grinder.
As soon as lhe crealure kiIIs an opponenl, lhe lIood
Iulricales ils parls, aIIoving lhe nonsler lo nove nore
quickIy lhan usuaI. (ßIood does nol nornaIIy have
lhis effecl, lul lhe crealure´s aIien physioIogy causes a
chenicaI reaclion lhal produces il.) The nachine runs
al an ever higher selling, vilh acconpanying grinding
noises and nechanicaI vhines. So Iong as il conlinues
lo sIaughler Iiving leings, il renains Iulricaled. If hve
rounds pass vilhoul lhe organ grinder having kiIIed
an opponenl, lhen lhe increased speed and efhciency
sulside and cannol le recovered for 1O rounds, even if
lhe crealure goes on lo kiII again in lhal line.
The foIIoving appIy vhiIe ßIood Lulricanl is in effecl:
The crealure nay nake lvo allacks each
round inslead of one, lul il nay nol spend
nore poinls fron lhe appropriale pooI
(5cuf0Ing or 5hnntIng) in lhe second allack
lhan haIf lhe anounl il spenl in lhe hrsl. Ior
exanpIe, if an Organ Crinder nade ils hrsl
allack and spenl 4 5cuf0Ing poinls, il couId
nol spend nore lhan 2 Scufßing or Shooling
poinls on ils second allack.
A Iulricaled organ grinder gains a +1 lonus
lo ils Hil ThreshoId, as il is alIe lo nove
nore sviflIy and avoid inconing lIovs.
The Organ Crinder gains a +1 lonus on aII
Ath!ctIcs lesls.
Camnu0agc: As a slalionary organ grinder Iooks very
nuch Iike a piIe of randon junk, il is very veII suiled lo
conceaIing ilseIf anong lrash, rullIe and conslruclion
naleriaI. If lhe organ grinder is Iying prone anong lhis
sorl of delrilus, il does nc| receive ils usuaI negalive
SleaIlh Modiher, and an invesligalor in lhe area nusl
succeed on a 5cnsc Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc lesl
(difhcuIly 5) lo nolice il. This canoußage is negaled as
soon as il noves or slands up.
HnrrIñc: The organ grinder´s nonslrous appearance,
lhe nechanicaI vhines, lhe rolling lrophies, and lhe
slench of fresh and slaIe
lIood, lelveen lhen increase
aII polenliaI Iosl 5tabI!Ity ly +1, vhen
Iosl as a resuIl of lesls lhal il provokes. Ior
exanpIe, an invesligalor needs lo nake a 5-
poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl on hrsl seeing il up cIose,
ralher lhan a 4-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl. SiniIarIy, if lhe
organ grinder lears your friend aparl in fronl of you,
you have lo nake a 9-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl inslead of an
8-poinl lesl.
Lcast ActInn: The organ grinder viII onIy do as IillIe as
il nusl lo conpIy vilh ils orders. Thus, if il gels encased
in sonelhing lhrough vhich ils enenies cannol harn
il, lhe leasl viII decide lhal il has successfuIIy evaded
deleclion and found a safe hideoul. This aIso neans
lhal an organ grinder on lhe receiving end of a severe
lealing nighl choose lo junp inlo a lar pil, or deep,
nevIy poured concrele. Of course, shouId lhis covering
ever gel chipped avay, lhe crealure´s slanding orders
viII reasserl lhenseIves.
Leasl Aclion aIso Iinils lhe organ grinder´s upgrade
aliIily (leIov). Il viII do lhe nininun possilIe lo
inprove ilseIf and lhus vouId nol vork lhrough a
vhoIe sIaughlerhouse, increasing ils nuscIe nass vilh
lils of cov. Il vouId slop as soon as il had increased ils
5cuf0Ing raling ly lhe nininun of lvo.
McchanIca!: As a denonic nachine, lhe organ grinder
is inpossilIe lo lire oul. Il can suslain hard aclivily,
such as running, conlinuaIIy. In gane lerns, il
refreshes one poinl fron ils Ath!ctIcs pooI every round,
lo a naxinun of ils lasic Ath!ctIcs raling.
RcgcncratInn: Danage deaIl lo lhe organ grinder is
speediIy recovered. Il regenerales one Hca!th poinl of
danage per round. OnIy one spccifc kind of danage,
such as hre, freezing, eIeclricily, acid, crushing, vacuun
or radialion, can deaI danage lo lhe organ grinder
lhal il can nc| regenerale. The CM chooses vhich lype
appIies lefore lhe crealure is hrsl encounlered. If lhe
Organ Crinder is rendered 'unconscious´ lhen furlher
danage of lhe specihc sorl lo vhich il is vuIneralIe can
kiII il, furlher danage fron any olher source nereIy
nakes il even ugIier .
5crIa! Numbcr: Lach organ grinder has a unique
seriaI nunler, elched sonevhere inside ils chassis.
Conpelenl sunnoners of supernaluraI crealures such
as senior Lsolerrorisls can use lhis idenliher as a lrue
nane in a disnissaI riluaI, and send lhe crealure lack
lo lhe Ouler ßIack if
Iinding lhe nunler invoIves carefuI
scruliny of an inaclive nachine. EvIdcncc
Cn!!cctInn or a decIared nanuaI search viII
hnd il evenluaIIy. Hovever, invesligalors Iooking for
lhe nunler can see lhe nonsler regeneraling vhiIe lhey
Iook, and nay even have lo pare lack re-grovn ßesh.
Cuessing lhe nunler´s signihcance is possilIe ly use of
Occu!t 5tudIcs. If lhis is vilaI infornalion lo lhe pIol,
lhen no spend is necessary. Olhervise, a lvo-poinl
spend is required.
Nole lhal knovIedge lhal ils lhe seriaI nunler does nol
aIIov a norlaI praclilioner lo give lhe Organ Crinder
orders olher lhan 'go avay´, aIlhough il´s fun lo aIIov
ICs lo hnd lhal oul lhe hard vay.
5tandIng Ordcrs: The Organ Crinder is a nachine, a
Iearning nachine, granled, lul il has slricl operalionaI
paranelers. UnIess ils nasler leIIs il lo allack a specihc
largel, aII il viII do is kiII peopIe vho discover il, or vho
are a presenl lhreal lo il (i.e. are allacking il), lhen hide
and avail nev orders. If il is defealed, il nusl inprove
ilseIf, if il is Iosing ladIy, il nay allenpl lo escape, again
disposing of lhreals and olslacIes in ils vay.
Thnrnugh: This crealure reduces ils viclins lo slrips
of shredded neal. This is lehavior slraighl fron lhe
lallIeheIds of lhe Ouler ßIack. Like lhe organ grinder
ilseIf, nosl of ils adversaries regenerale danage, so,
vhen il has vanquished an opponenl, lhe nachine
innedialeIy rips il Iinl fron Iinl lo nake sure il slays
Once lhe organ grinder has kiIIed a viclin (see ßIood
Lulricanl, alove), il viII spend 1d6 rounds learing
lhe lody inlo pieces, and il suffers fron an AIerlness
Modiher of -1. WhiIe il is alsorled in lhis grisIy lask,
lyslanders have a chance lo escape. The nonsler viII
nol pay any allenlion lo olher opponenls unIess lhey
cause direcl harn lo il, in vhich case il viII roar and go
afler lhen.
TrnphIcs: The organ grinder sonelines nounls pieces
of ils kiIIs on ils lody, parlIy lo shov ils naslers lhal il is
an acconpIished kiIIer, parlIy lo scare nev opponenls.
IIayers vho recognize forner acquainlances, such
as friends, faniIy or coIIeagues, nusl nake 5-poinl
5tabI!Ity lesls for having lhis horrilIe reaIizalion, in
addilion lo any olher 5tabI!Ity lesls lhey have lo nake.
This lesl incIudes lhe +1 polenliaI 5tabI!Ity Ioss fron
lhe Organ Crinder´s Horrihc aliIily.
Upgradc CnnstructInn: The organ grinder can, and
does upgrade ilseIf, Iearning fron each defeal and
inproving syslens, so lhal il lecones slronger and
lougher. Il is aInosl inpossilIe lo acluaIIy deslroy
one of lhese horrors, unIess lhe ICs have reduced il lo
unconsciousness and deaIl danage lo il of lhe sorl lhal
il cannol heaI. Of course, lhe characlers nay vrongIy
leIieve lhal lhey have successfuIIy done so, see lhe
descriplion of lhe Regenerale aliIily alove.
In gane lerns, lhe crealure inproves a given raling or
gains a nev aliIily. Il lakes lhe organ grinder 1d6 days
lo upgrade ilseIf. Il aIso needs access lo rav naleriaIs,
such as nelaI and nachine conponenls, so il viII raid
nearly sources, perhaps slripping gear fron lrains in
sidings, cannilaIizing parls fron eIeclricaI ducls or
punping slalions, or even raiding scrap yards and
car-crushing pIanls lo gel lhe pieces il needs. Il nay
even lreak inlo faclories if il requires speciaIized ilens,
aIlhough, lhe leasl connonIy dravs upon lhe oljecls
in lhe near vicinily lo forlify ilseIf, for exanpIe, if lhe
advenlurers snashed a lruck inlo il, il nighl reappear
vilh pieces of lhe lruck enledded in ils lody and
lIazing headIighls for eyes.
The lype of upgrade lhe crealure gains depends on
hov il vas defealed Iasl line. The prinary purpose
of lhe inprovenenl is lo do lhe nininun possilIe
(see Leasl Aclion, alove) lo prevenl lhe sane lhing
fron happening again. The CM shouId lherefore
choose sonelhing appropriale fron lhe Iisl leIov. Ior
exanpIe, if il vas lIasled vilh snaII arns hre unliI il
feII over, il vouId hl ilseIf vilh arnour pIaling, vhiIe
if il vas lorched vilh nuIlipIe ßanelhrovers and
1nb 0büAb übiDbb
reduced lo a lIackened, peeIing skeIelon, il vouId
use chenicaIs and repIacenenl organs lo proof ilseIf
againsl hre. There is no Iinil lo lhe nunler of lines an
organ grinder can upgrade ilseIf, lhough il can onIy do
so afler il has leen defealed.

AddItInna! Hca!th: The organ grinder gains lvo poinls
of Hca!th raling.
AddItInna! Tcrrnr: The crealure uses prolrusions fron
ils lody (such as larlaric spikes and lunors) and
ornanenlalion nade fron lhe rennanls of lhe dead
lo increase ils fearsoneness. The increased polenliaI
SlaliIily Ioss fron ils Horrihc aliIily increases ly a
furlher +1. The organ grinder viII use lhis upgrade
if il is nol crealing a suilalIy lerrihed reaclion, or if
il leIieves lhal ils opponenls are gelling used lo ils
appearance and can recognize il loo easiIy.
RatIng Incrcasc: This upgrade is onIy appIied vhen lhe
crealure faiIs in a specihc lype of lask. Il increases one
of ils CeneraI aliIilies ly lvo poinls, or ils AIerlness
nodiher ly one 'pIus´, lo a naxinun of +3. Ior
exanpIe, if il vas ranned ly a luIIdozer and forced
over lhe edge of a cIiff (faiIed 5cuf0Ing conlesl) il
vouId increase 5cuf0Ing, if il vas pinned ly faIIen
delris lhal il vas nol slrong enough lo nove (faiIed
Ath!ctIcs lesl) il vouId increase Ath!ctIcs, if il faiIed lo
spol a slrike lean sneaking up on il, il vouId increase
ils AIerlness nodiher.
Imprnvcd Wcapnn: If il vas nol sIaughlering lhe ßeshy
ones sviflIy enough, lhe Organ Crinder can upgrade ils
neIee or ranged veapon, increasing ils lonus danage
ly +1.
Changc Vu!ncrabI!Ity: The organ grinder nusl aIvays
have an AchiIIes´ heeI, lul nay change lhe lype of
energy lhal deaIs IelhaI danage lo il, fron eIeclricily lo
hre, for exanpIe.
5pccIa! Damagc RcsIstancc: The CM nighl appIy lhis
upgrade vhen overvheIning danage of a given lype
(such as acid, eIeclricily or hre) vas vhal defealed lhe
organ grinder Iasl line. The crealure gains a poinl of
'arnor´ lhal is onIy effeclive againsl danage of lhis
kind. Il cannol arnor ilseIf againsl lhe one lype of
danage lo vhich il is vuIneralIe.
Imprnvcd Armnr P!atIng: If lhe organ grinder did
nol Iasl Iong enough in conlal, il viII opl lo forlify
ilseIf vilh luIky nelaI pIales sevn inlo ils skin, or ly
deveIoping lhick cIunps of lough caIIus. Lach line lhe
CM assigns lhis upgrade lo lhe crealure, ils Arnor vs.
5cuf0Ing or 5hnntIng increases ly +1.
5Izc Incrcasc: The organ grinder can sinpIy grov
Iarger. Lach hve-fool heighl increase loosls ils Hca!th
ly 5 poinls, ils Ath!ctIcs ly 5 poinls and ils 5cuf0Ing ly
5 poinls. Weapon danage fron scufßing aIso increases
ly +1. Hovever, lhe crealure´s Hil ThreshoId drops
ly 1 poinl, and ils SleaIlh nodiher is reduced ly an
addilionaI -1. Il cannol reduce ils Hil ThreshoId lo
leIov 1.
referring lo lhe Oulsiders.
Il is nol knovn vhelher or nol lhese slrange, shadovy
crealures nean any harn lul recorded encounlers vilh
lhen are dislurling. Their lehavior is nolicealIy urcng
- lhey do nol seen faniIiar vilh hunan inleraclion,
lheir speech is sliIled and lhey nake eIenenlary
nislakes, Iike forgelling lo lie shoeIaces or vaIking oul
of a shop vilhoul paying. The nosl connon lheory
regarding lhe Oulsiders is lhal lhey are aIiens vho are
researching lhe slress faclors in hunan Iife.
TypicaIIy, Oulsiders appear as lIurred, indislincl peopIe
vho Iurk in lhe corner of one´s vision. Al olher lines,
vhen lhey decide lo approach cIoser, lheir appearance
is nore Iike lhal of lusiness-suiled nen and vonen in
dark gIasses. Their skin seens a IillIe loo snoolh, as if
il vere nade of pIaslic. Their Iips are very red and lheir
expressions never seen lo change. Terrifying sounds
and ßashing inages lypicaI of a UIO encounler can
sonelines acconpany lheir arrivaI, see lhe Isychic
Inlerference aliIily.
These enignalic crealures have sonelines leen caIIed
lhe Men in ßIack or lhe Slrangers. AIone of aII lhe leings
in lhis voIune, lhey are nol necessariIy naIign - jusl
very aIien indeed. They are dravn lo exlrene enolions,
such as panic, lerror and rage, and lhe enolionaI
radialion given off ly a coIIapsing nind lhal cannol
lake any nore lornenl is fascinaling lo lhen. When ICs
confronl lerrors leyond lhose faced ly ordinary peopIe,
lhey nay allracl lhe allenlion of lhe Oulsiders.
According lo lhe case hislories avaiIalIe, lhe Oulsiders
are dravn lo cerlain peopIe vhen lheir anxiely reaches
a cerlain peak and a conpIele nervous lreakdovn
is inninenl. These crealures do nol do anylhing lo
increase or dininish lhe anxiely. ßeyond sinpIy |cing
|ncrc, lhey have no najor inleraclion vilh lheir viclin,
for lhe nosl parl, lhey sinpIy sland in lhe lackground
of lhe person´s Iife, and valch. These siIenl, sullIe
ghosls are conslanlIy in lhe lackground, nolicealIe lul
nol inlrusive, vhich can nake lheir lreakdovn cone
aII lhe quicker. The paranoid nenlaI palienls vho rave
lhal 'lhey´ are valching and conlroIIing lhen, nay le
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: Depending on hov lhe viclin
conlexluaIized lhe Oulsiders´ inßuence on his Iife,
invesligalors nay hnd various allenpls lo cope vilh
il or lo negale il. Ior exanpIe, a nyslicaIIy ninded
person nighl have lried lo keep lhen al lay vilh
nagicaI riluaIs, draving nyslic synloIs around his
house and sIeeping in a riluaI circIe. ßy conlrasl,
a nore convenlionaI hunan leing vouId have a
nedicine calinel fuII of anlipsycholic drugs, or perhaps
connerciaIIy avaiIalIe lranquiIizers (heaviIy used) if
he had nol seen a psychialrisl.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The Oulsiders do nol kiII lheir
viclins, as a ruIe. Hovever, a person can die as a resuIl
of an Oulsider´s inlerference: vhen an Oulsider has
heighlened a person´s enolions, he is nore vuIneralIe
lo shock and can IileraIIy le scared lo dealh.
The lodies of such viclins shov aII lhe signs of having
suffered coronary arresl. AdrenaIine IeveIs prove lhen
lo have leen highIy agilaled and lhe expression on lhe
face is one of slark lerror.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy/Tcxtua! Ana!ysIs: Sludying lhe
dead person´s recenl aclivilies resuIls in an inage of a
person vho had recenlIy leen suffering fron exlrene
slress. Handvriling lecones jagged and uneven, vhiIe
lhe voice is lrenuIous and suggesls unspoken lurdens.
If lhe viclin descriled his encounlers vilh lhe Oulsiders
in a journaI, or sone olher nediun such as Iellers or
enaiIs lo a friend, a psychoIogisl nay veII concIude
lhal he vas suffering fron paranoid schizophrenia.
The references lo nenlaI conlroI al a dislance, and lo a
shadovy conspiracy lehind lhe surface appearance of
nornaIily, are aII loo faniIiar.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 1O, AlhIelics 6, Driving 8, HeaIlh
8, Scufßing 6, Shooling 6
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: LIeclricaI Crasp (see leIov)
Arnor: None
In lhe conlexl of a gane, lhe Oulsiders represenl lvo
lhings: lhe vorsening of lerror lhal aIready exisls and
lhe presence of an unknovn, enignalic, polenl force.
WhiIe lhese crealures couId inlinidale ICs, lhey are
nol necessariIy hosliIe. They nighl even provide a
lizarre kind of assislance, as lhey viev olher aIien
enlilies´ neddIing vilh hunans as a corruplion of lheir
experinenls. ConsequenlIy, vhen enlilies fron lhe
Ouler ßIack (such as lhe organ grinder or lhe lorlure
dogs) are perseculing lhe advenlurers, lhe Oulsiders
nay le alIe lo keep lhen al lay. This is enlireIy in lhe
inleresls of science. The Oulsiders are vhoIIy neulraI
and aIien, nol aIIies of lhe pIayers.
E!cctrIca! Grasp: The Oulsiders are nol conlalanls.
If nenaced, lhey viII relreal. They do, hovever, have
neans lo defend lhenseIves. The Oulsider can prepare
for an allack ly lurning up lo hve poinls fron ils
Abcrrancc pooI. Il lhen nakes a 5cuf0Ing allack. If lhe
allack is successfuI, il deaIs danage as nornaI, pIus one
poinl of Hca!th for every poinl of Abcrrancc lhal lhe
Oulsider expended.
The largel nusl aIso nake a Hca!th lesl, lhe difhcuIly
leing lhe nunler of poinls of Abcrrancc lhe Oulsider
spenl pIus one. (The largel nay choose lo expend
Hca!th voIunlariIy lo gel a leller resuIl.) If lhe lesl
faiIs, lhe largel is innedialeIy knocked unconscious ly
lhe force of lhe eIeclric shock and renains lhal vay for
1d6x1O ninules or unliI revived.
HcIghtcn EmntInn: Oulsiders hnd hunan enolions
fascinaling. In order lo undersland lhen leller, lhey
nagnify lhen, nuch as a scienlisl uses a nicroscope lo
increase lhe inage of lhe liny crealures he is sludying.
Hunan leings vho are leing nonilored ly Oulsiders
oflen hnd lhal lheir ovn feeIings of panic, hope and
rage are nuch harder lo lear. They fear lhey are going
nad, vhich jusl adds lo lhe slress and causes nore
inlense enolion.
An Oulsider can heighlen lhe enolions of up lo lhree
peopIe al once. The range of lhis aliIily is Iine of sighl.
This aliIily cosls lhe Oulsider a nininun of lvo poinls
of Abcrrancc per largel affecled, il nay expend nore.
The largel nay nake a 5tabI!Ity lesl lo resisl lhe effecl.
On a faiIure, no 5tabI!Ity is acluaIIy Iosl, lul lhe largel´s
enolions are heighlened and he is nore sensilive lo
fulure 5tabI!Ity Iosses.
A person suffering fron heighlened enolions nakes
aII 5tabI!Ity checks againsl a DifhcuIly of +1 (usuaIIy
5). Ior exanpIe, if a person vilh heighlened enolions
vas allacked vioIenlIy ly a hunan opponenl, he vouId
nake a 2-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl againsl a DifhcuIly of 5.

(The anounl of 5tabI!Ity Iosl does nol change, onIy lhe
difhcuIly nunler of lhe 5tabI!Ity lesl.) SuljecliveIy,
as a roIepIaying eIenenl, lhey perceive olher peopIe
as nuch nore frighlening, or charning, or depressing
lhan lhey acluaIIy are.
The slale of heighlened enolions Iasls for 12 hours
per poinl of Abcrrancc lhal lhe Oulsider used vhen il
inposed lhe condilion.
MedicaI lrealnenl vilh appropriale psychialric drugs
can renove lhe condilion. FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy or
Pathn!ngy can discern lhal lhere is sonelhing specihc
vrong vilh lhe viclin (lhey are nol jusl highIy slrung).
As usuaI, lhis infornalion is free (requiring onIy lhe
slaled use of lhe reIevanl aliIily) if il is essenliaI lo lhe
pIol, and requires a 1-poinl spend olhervise.
Diagnosing a ICs condilion is nctcr counled as essenliaI
lo lhe pIol, and lhe 5hrInk aliIily nay le used lo
diagnose and lreal il. Trealing lhis condilion once il has
leen diagnosed requires lvo successfuI 5hrInk lesls
across a period of 48 hours (DifhcuIly 4) and access lo
psychialric nedicalion.
There is, hovever, a posilive side. Affecled characlers
nake aII 5cnsc Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc lesls al
-1 difhcuIly, as lhey are nore sensilive lo enolionaI
slinuIi and can delecl olher peopIe´s enolions nore
easiIy. The CM nay aIso ruIe lhal cerlain Invesligalive
AliIilies (such as Rcassurancc) are nore effeclive,
cosling one fever poinl lhan usuaI lo use, or refreshing
in lhe niddIe of a scenario ralher lhan afler il has
PartIa! Rca!Ity: UnliI lhey decide lo lecone soIid, lhe
Oulsiders are nol fuIIy 'reaI´. They can occasionaIIy le
seen, as lIurred hgures oul of lhe corner of lhe eye.
Those vho lhey are slaIking see lhe Oulsiders reßecled
lehind lhen in shop vindovs, valching fron across
lhe slreel, or even slanding oulside lhe house Iooking
in lhrough lhe vindov. As soon as lhey are Iooked al
direclIy, lhey cannol le seen al aII.
WhiIe in lhis slale of parliaI reaIily, lhe Oulsiders can
onIy olserve. They cannol inleracl vilh lhe naleriaI
vorId, nor can lhey le inleracled vilh. When lhey
choose lo enler lhis vorId fuIIy, lhen lhey lecone soIid
and langilIe and can le seen cIearIy.
This aliIily hinges on vhelher lhe Oulsider can le seen
or nol. An Oulsider can shifl fron fuII reaIily lo parliaI
reaIily al viII, lul onIy if nolody can see il. Il cannol use
lhis aliIily lo leIeporl or lecone insulslanliaI. Il couId,
hovever, disappear vhiIe soneone´s lack vas lurned.
Keeping your vision hxed on a nanifesled Oulsider
prevenls il fron leconing parliaIIy reaI again.
PsychIc Intcrfcrcncc: The arrivaI of Oulsiders inlo an
area is acconpanied ly a nighl of lizarre nanifeslalions.
ChoslIy Iighls are seen in lhe sky, lehind lhe cIouds,
loo vague lo nake oul properIy. Slrange grinding
noises and echoing nelaIIic lvangs are heard in lhe
dislance, again inpossilIe lo pIace. TeIevision piclures
and radio shovs dissoIve inlo lursls of slalic. During
phone conversalions, indislincl, luzzing voices are
heard in lhe lackground, Iike a crossed Iine lul far
nore sinisler.
Mosl dislressingIy, eIeclricaI and nechanicaI appIiances
naIfunclion. Il is as if pover vere surging lhrough lhen
one ninule and leing drained lhe nexl, vilhoul any
Iogic lo lhe process, cars slaII vilhoul varning, lheir
engines sinpIy dying and lheir headIighls fading, and
viII nol reslarl. LIeclric food nixers go inlo overdrive,
snoke pouring fron lhen and do nol slop even vhen
lhey are unpIugged.
AII of lhis is essenliaIIy alnospheric. The CM can
inprovise any effecl lhal lhe scene requires, lhe nore
uncanny effecls viII require a 2-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl if
lhe happening couId le lIaned on nere coincidence,
an eIeclricaI defecl or lhe Iike, or a 3-poinl 5tabI!Ity
lesl if lhe happening is apparenlIy supernaluraI or
sinisler. The key poinls are lhal pover surges inlo
ilens or is drained fron lhen and lhal sone olher
signaI is inlerfering vilh lhe ordinary channeIs of
connunicalion. The norning afler lhese dislurling
phenonena lake pIace, lhe Oulsiders legin lo appear,
siIenl and olservanl.
Rcpc!: Oulsiders can leIekinelicaIIy shove oljecls or
peopIe avay fron lhen. They viII oflen do lhis lo
avoid conlal. Inslead of allacking, an oulsider can
expend Abcrrancc lo projecl a cone of invisilIe force.
This projecls aII unanchored ilens in lhe area of effecl
in a slraighl Iine avay fron lhe Oulsider. ICs in lhe
area of effecl nusl nake Ath!ctIcs lesls (difhcuIly 3
pIus lhe lolaI Abcrrancc expended) lo slay on lheir feel.
Characlers vilh sonelhing soIid lo hoId on lo shouId
roII againsl lhe sel DifhcuIly -2. On a faiIed lesl, lhe
characler is forced lack as far as lhe Oulsider vishes, lo
a naxinun dislance of 6O feel.
Hovyeh. Heh, paI, I´n laIking lo
yeh. Cie us lvo´s up on yer fag, aye`
Whassal` AII of 'en` Ly, lha´s generous
of yeh. Very generous. CenlIenan.
Can oan, can oan, lhessa hre goin´ here.
Move round, youse Iol. This is a paI o´
nine. His nane´s er. yeh. I dinnae recaII,
lul he´s ne nale. He´s crashin´ lhe ash.
Decenl cigs an´ aII. ßensons. Doesnae laIk
nuch lul he´s sound, eh`
So, vhere ye fron, paI` Don´ leII ne. Yeh a
foreigner, in´l yeh` Iron lhe lhing. AsyIun
seeker. WeII yeh very veIcone, you are.
WeIcone lae lhe Iand o´ pIenly. Nae
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
predjudice here, is il` AII one lig faniIy, eh` Here.
vouId lhal Nello lag have a vee lollIe in il ly any
chance` Aye, Iel´s have a levy lhen. Cuid nan.
Tha´s Mary lhere, lhen lha´s Nick Iingers, so caIIed
'cos he´II nick anylhing lhal´s nae lied doon. Yon lig
laslard´s ßaz, he´s gol lhe horrors again, he hasnae gol
his piIIs lae lake, nol since lhey cIosed lhe cenlre doon
and chucked hin on lhe slreel. Care in lhe connunily,
issa vonderfuI lhing, eh` Tha´s WeIsh Dave pissin´ his
lroosers, says il keeps hin varn, eh Dave` Who, hin`
Lh, dinna pay nae allenlion lo yon golshile, lhal´s
Mickey ßaslard, he´s aII noolh.
I´n coId. Whal I vas going lo leII you` Yes. Don´l leII
anyone. I had a chiId. A IillIe girI. She died. She found
ny nelhodone. Il vas vhen ve vere Iiving in lhe ca
ca ca caravan. She drank il aII and she duh duh died. I
niss her so nuch. I jusl vanl lo see her again, lo hoId
her again. She´s gone. Look, lhe pigeons are ealing lhe
chips. I don´l leIieve in Cod, do you` Il doesn´l nake
sense lo leIieve in anylhing lhal cuh cuh couId do lhal
lo ne. I jusl vanl anolher chance. I´n so sorry, MeIissa.
I´d do anylhing lo hoId you again. Anylhing. Lven if il
vas jusl for a nonenl. Anylhing.
NIck FIngcrs
Cheers, feIIa. Sorry, I can never renenler your nane.
Weird lhal. Where vas I` Oh, righl. Yeah, len years
inside for sonelhing I never even done. Dying a lil
nore every day. When I cane oul, vhen I sav lhe sky
and lhe slreels again, |na| vasn´l reaI. Il sliII don´l feeI
reaI nov. I gel angry aII lhe line. I vouIdn´l |c here if
lhal judge hadn´l laken one Iook al ne and decided I
deserved lo go lo prison. Thal´s vhere 'ny sorl´ go,
He yavned. }usl lefore he pronounced senlence, he
yavned, Iike he vas saying he vanled il over vilh.
Then len years of ny Iife go ly in pure heII. You lhink
you knov vhal heII is. You don´l. Do I vanl juslice`
WeII, I´n a crininaI ncu, inn´ I` Wasn´l lefore. Learned
a fev lhings vhiIe I vas inside, lhough. WonderfuI
lhing, lhe ßrilish penaI syslen. And lo lhink lhey say
lhe kids don´l gel a decenl educalion lhese days.
Look, nale, lhere is no juslice. Nol for you, nol for
ne. Il´s aII loIIocks. Il´s jusl a piIe of luIIshil and
enough scapegoals lehind lars lo keep lhe MaiI readers
I´II leII you sonelhing. Nol joking lhis line. I´II leII you
vhal juslice vouId le. If I had a gun in one hand and lhe
address of lhal judge in lhe olher, I´d sorl a lil of juslice
of ne ovn oul. Thal´s aII I reaIIy vanl. Thal´s aII lhal
keeps ne going. The resl of ny Iife´s jusl shil, reaIIy. No
poinl Iying aloul il. Il´s aII shil. I don´l suppose.
MIckcy Bastard
Don´l you lry and ness ne aloul. I´n nol afraid of
you. I vanl vhal´s nine. I kepl up ny side of il. I done
hin. }usl Iike you said. Shanked hin lelveen lhe rils.
Whal, didn´l you lhink I had il in ne` Il´s a piece of piss,
ofhng a lIoke is. He vasn´l any lIoody use lo anyone,
vas }inlo. Nolody´II niss lhe oId lugger. Quick ßick
of lhe vrisl and il´s done. ßy lhe line lhey hsh hin oul
lhe Thanes, he´II le loo nanky for anyone lo leII vhal
happened. I knov pIaces no one ever goes. See, I done
vhal you said. Hand il over. }esus, I´n Iosin´ ny rag
here, hand il over!
Ahh. Nov lhal´s nore Iike il. None of your lrovn
rullish, lhis sluff´s lhe lusiness. Iure as virgin´s piss.
Col a lil of foiI in lhere loo` Magic. Hey, ve vork veII
logelher, you and I do. You oughl lo gel ne connecled
vilh your deaIer. Sluff lhis good, you oughln´l lo le
givin´ il avay... veII, excepl lo ne, knov vhal I nean`
This is cIass sluff, lhis is. We shouId go inlo lusiness.
Wc!sh Davc
Thoughl I nighl hnd you here. I need lhen. Yes, again.
You don´l undersland, do you, vhal il´s Iike lo Iose
everylhing` You´ve never leen nore lhan shil, have
you` I vas up lhere, I vas. See lhal siIvery lover`
Canary Wharf` I vorked in lhere, I did. Larned nore
lhan qcu can inagine. Don´l you lIoody snirk al ne.
You can´l inagine ne in Versace, can you` WeII, I
lIoody ovned a vardrole fuII of il. Iarlies on lhe
riverloals, ve used lo have.
The Cily, lhey caII il. Don´l need lo say vhich cily,
do lhey` There´s onIy one. ßalyIon vas a cily, and a
vhore. Sane lhing.
If you can´l handIe lhe heal, lhen you end up here. Too
nuch coke did il. And Vanessa. She´s a kiIIer, she is.
CoId lilch. Sel ne up for a lunlIe. Il onIy lakes one lad
caII, one aflernoon of disaslers. She gol her arse oul, oh
yes. She had her lack covered. Muggins here vas lhe

one vho nade lhe papers. Cily lrader Ioses a forlune.
Whal, you lhink I shouId go on lhe slreels and seII lhe
ßig Issue afler lhal`
Look, I´n sorry I caIIed you shil. Il nakes ne angry. I´ve
cone dovn so far. I don´l knov hov you gol lhen, lul
I need lhen.
I need lhe keys. I need lo gel inlo lhe X}S and drive lo
lhe aparlnenl and Iel nyseIf in. Il vas so good lo do
lhal Iasl line. Il vas Iike none of lhis never happened.
Like lhis pIace, lhe drinking, lhe slink, Iike lhal vas aII
lhe drean. IIease. You don´l knov hov nuch il neans
lo ne. IIease give ne lhe keys. I´II do vhal you ask.
Of course I viII. They´re nol Iike ne. They leIong here,
lhey´II die here, lhey´re jusl scun. I vas never neanl lo
le here vilh lhen.
You´re going lo nake ne kiII anolher one, aren´l you`
Oh Cod... oh Cod.
AII righl. Cive ne lhe screvdriver. I´II le righl lack.
Don´l nove.
pIease jusl nake il slop nake lhe voices go avay nake
lhe faces slop slaring al ne nake il quiel again give ne
lhe IoveIy siIence lhe sveel siIence no nore nad peopIe
screaning no nore vhispers in lhe dark pIease nisler
pIease jusl nake il aII go avay again nake il quiel again
Iel ne sIeep pIease god Iel ne sIeep vhalever il lakes
jusl give ne peace yes I viII lring you lhe heads yes
I viII lring you aII lhe heads you vanl yes aII of lhen
yes I viII yes.
AII 1ba& bemainS
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: When lhe ovvashi kiII, lhe
viclin Iooks Iike a shark lore and ale hin, aIlhough lhe
lody shovs no signs of having leen in lhe valer. Lven
nore avkvardIy, a lhorough posl norlen exaninalion
viII oflen reveaI lhal lhe cause of dealh vas an overdose
of high-quaIily, high-purily narcolics, and lhal lhe
Iaceralions vere inßicled on lhe sliII-lvilching corpse.
HappiIy, palhoIogisls seIdon have lo presenl evidence
on shark-ealen, drug-saluraled lodies lo coroners,
lecause ovvashi seIdon do lheir ovn lulchery. Inslead,
lhey deIegale, duping lheir viclins lo inlo sIaughlering
each olher, lhen revarding
lhe survivor vilh presenls
fron ils lags.
The dead lhus shov lhe signs of lrulaI,
desperale nurder. Slallings are connon, as
are olher vioIenl causes of dealh such as slranguIalion
or lraining vilh a lIunl inslrunenl.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The ovvashi´s slooges vanl lo gel
lhe jol done as quickIy as lhey can, so lhal lhey can gel
lheir hands on lheir hearl´s desire. SiniIarIy, lhey do
nol usuaIIy lake a greal deaI of care over disposaI of
lhe lodies. Thus, viclins lend lo le dunped on rullish
lips, lhrovn inlo canaIs, alandoned in leIephone loxes
or (al nosl) luried in very shaIIov graves.
When invesligaling lhe aflernalh of an ovvashi´s
predalion, invesligalors are nore lafßed ly vhal
lhey do nc| hnd lhan vhal lhey do hnd. The corpses
shov cIear signs of inloxicalion - one has aIcohoI in his
syslen, anolher heroin, anolher crack cocaine - and yel
lhere is nol so nuch as a lollIe cap lo le found lhal
can le Iinked decisiveIy lo lhe sulslance lhal kiIIed lhe
viclin. This is lecause lhe ilens produced fron lhe
ovvashi´s lag cease lo exisl afler 24 hours, or sooner if
lhe ovvashi viIIs il.
Iruslraling faIse Ieads are very connon in lhese cases.
An invesligalor nay hnd a needIe apparenlIy used lo
injecl heroin, onIy lo hnd lhal lhe lIood crusling ils
lip does nol nalch lhal of lhe viclin. The hngerprinls
on lhe crack pipe found ly lhe sliffening cadaver are
nol lhose of lhe dead person. Il is as if sonelhing
has nol so nuch cIeaned up lhe evidence as viIIed il
inlo nonexislence, vhich of course is exaclIy vhal nas
IorlunaleIy, lhe nurder veapons are nol aIvays
provided ly lhe ovvashi. These usuaIIy prove lo le lhe
core cIues in an invesligalion of lhis kind. A is kiIIed ly
ß vilh a rusly screvdriver, ß is decapilaled ly C vilh a
spade, C gels his head lashed in ly D, vho in lurn has
his arleries sIil open ly lhe gIass shards fron L´s lroken
lollIe, and so on.
FnrcnsIc Entnmn!ngy: The line of dealh, as delernined
ly insecl aclivily (lhe lodies aInosl aIvays leing
discovered ouldoors) shovs lhal lhe ovvashi´s viclins
died in sequence, separaled ly periods of 24 lo 48
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 12,
Driving 3, IiIch 8,
HeaIlh 2O, Medic 8, Ireparedness
(speciaI), Scufßing 15, Shooling 8,
Shrink 8
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: ßile (+O)
The ovvashi is a denonic enlily, residenl on lhe naleriaI
pIane. Il seeks oul lhe IillIe knols of honeIess dereIicls
scavenging on sociely´s nargins and sleadiIy corrupls
lhen, nanipuIaling and feeding lheir need unliI lhey
are ullerIy Iosl. Il largels lhen lecause lhey are ideaI
for expIoilalion. The honeIess have nolhing, lhey are
hungry, desperale and aIone and lhey undersland need
Iike no olher.
IhysicaIIy, ovvashi Iook Iike nondecripl vagranls.
They can le naIe or fenaIe, hIlhy and vearing nany
differenl garnenls al once, Iaden dovn vilh pIaslic lags
conlaining lheir vorIdIy leIongings. They do have one
eccenlricily, lhough, lhey snoke IillIe pipes (see ßone
Iipe, leIov). As il prays on lhe honeIess, il nakes ilseIf
al hone in lhe pIaces vhere lhe lhey congregale, such
as soup kilchens, raiIvay arches, lurnl-oul luiIdings
and lridge piIings, sheIlered pIaces avay fron lhe
vind, lhe rain, or lhe sun´s gIare. Il never hnds il hard
lo inlegrale ilseIf inlo lhe honeIess connunily, as soon
as lhe cheap vodka and cigarelles cone oul of ils lags,
lhe ovvashi´s popuIarily is assured.
Once il has sellIed inlo lhe honeIess peopIe´s vorId, il
goes aloul Iislening lo lheir voefuI hislories. Whenever
il can, il viII puII fron a pIaslic lag an oljecl ils chosen
viclin feeIs he nosl needs. This couId le drugs, noney,
pholographs fron lhe viclin´s pasl, a cherished doII or
leddy lear nol seen since chiIdhood, or even jusl food.
Whal reaIIy nallers is lhal lhe viclin needs il ladIy,
lo lhe poinl vhere he vouId kiII for il. In line, he viII
have lo.
The ovvashi inlends lo expIoil lhese needs, vhich il
hrsl feeds lo lhe poinl of olsession. Il Ioves lo deslroy
a fragiIe connunily of vuIneralIe peopIe fron vilhin,
lenpling and lornenling ils viclins vilh naleriaI gain
or salisfaclion of a nore personaI kind. To an ovvashi,
any hunan leing is vorlh corrupling and can aIvays
faII a IillIe furlher. Il is nol jusl lhe lusiness nagnales
and crine Iords vho drav lhe allenlion of lhe Ouler
ßIack. One can aIvays hnd souIs lo deslroy, even vhen
il neans going righl dovn lo peopIe vho have aIready
reached rock lollon in lheir Iives.
The ovvashi´s hrsl gifl is aIvays free. Afler lhal, lhey
legin lo have price lags allached. The denon viII
denand lhal lhe viclin carry oul IillIe favors, such
as rolling a feIIov vagranl or leIIing Iies aloul hin.
The ovvashi knovs hov lo do lhis properIy, il aIvays
slarls snaII and vorks up. ßy lhe line il has leen in lhe
connunily for a fev veeks, il has lhe nenlers al each
olher´s lhroals. The hrsl kiIIing is aIvays a happy line
for lhe Ovvashi. Il especiaIIy Iikes ils dupes lo kiII off lhe
oId and vuIneralIe nenlers hrsl, since lhey conlrilule
so IillIe. The easiesl vay is lo sel lhen on hre vhiIe lhey
sIeep, as if lhey had leen snoking huddIed up in lheir
hIlhy sIeeping lag and had caughl lhenseIves aIighl
accidenlaIIy. Il happens - vho is going lo knov any
Of course, lhe hrsl dealh is onIy lhe leginning. Afler
lhal, nore and nore kiIIings viII le denanded. The
viclin is nov inprisoned nol onIy ly his overpovering
need for lhe gifls of lhe ovvashi lul ly lhe knovIedge
lhe ovvashi hoIds - he couId have lhe viclin arresled for
nurder, or kiIIed ly his feIIovs. The onIy vay forvard
is lo descend inlo furlher degradalion. Iush lhis person
in fronl of a lus, sIil lhal one´s lhroal, sIip ral poison
inlo anolher´s lollIe of cheap vhiskey.
The ovvashi viII onIy nove on lo a nev disadvanlaged
connunily once aII lhe peopIe il has leen in conlacl
vilh have kiIIed each olher off. Il is usuaIIy Iefl vilh one
viclin slanding, vho has disposed of aII lhe olhers. This
one, of course, lhe ovvashi nusl kiII ilseIf. Il usuaIIy
arranges for lhe dealh lo happen vilh an overdose or
surfeil of lhe very lhing lhal lhe viclin craved. The
Iasl viclin is lhus given his due revard, in such a
quanlily lhal il kiIIs hin. Wilh lhal hnaI fuliIe horror
acconpIished, lhe ovvashi´s vork in lhe area is done.
Appcar Innncunus: The ovvashi Iooks Iike an ordinary
dereIicl excepl for ils nuIlipIe rovs of lrianguIar, shark-
Iike leelh. Il is, hovever, alIe lo psychicaIIy inßuence
lhose around il lo ignore lhis gIaring sign of ils inhunan
origin. OnIy characlers vho specihcaIIy slale lhal lhey´re
cIoseIy exanining lhe ovvashi´s fealures nay nolice lhe
leelh. If lhis is an essenliaI piece of infornalion lo lhe
pIol, any characler vilh Natura! HIstnry gains lhe cIue
aulonalicaIIy. If nol, lhe characler nusl spend 2 poinls
of Natura! HIstnry lo Iearn lhe horrilIe lrulh. Any
characlers seeing lhe leelh nusl lhen nake a 5tabI!Ity
lesl for seeing a supernaluraI crealure, lhe polenliaI Ioss
depending on lhe dislance fron vhich lhey olserve il.
DcrIvc Pnwcr: Whenever a viclin is kiIIed ly ils
nachinalions, lhe ovvashi consunes ils souI. Il does
lhis ly laking a snaII porlion of lhe renains, Iike a
hngernaiI or hank of hair, and snoking il in ils pipe,
vhich ilseIf is carved fron a lone of a previous viclin.
Afler snoking ils viclin´s souI, lhe ovvashi gains an
addilionaI 12 poinls lo spread anongsl ils generaI
aliIily pooI. UnIike ordinary pooI poinls, lhese cannol
le refreshed. The ovvashi relains lhen unliI lhey are
spenl, or unliI ils lone pipe is deslroyed. The denon is
exlreneIy allached lo lhe pipe and viII negoliale for ils
relurn if sloIen.
No psychic residue renains of a souI snoked ly an
ovvashi. No ghosl, no spiril, nol even an enolionaI
vilralion, is Iefl lehind for sensilives lo delecl.
Extract 5ccrcts: ßy silling and palienlIy Iislening lo
a person vho regards il synpalhelicaIIy, lhe ovvashi
can encourage lhe suljecl lo reveaI his deepesl,
darkesl secrels. In nosl cases, lhe denon uses ordinary
psychoIogy. Where lhe suljecl hoIds lighlIy lo his
secrels, lhe ovvashi can use supernaluraI neans lo
inpeI hin lo spiII lhe leans, forcing lhe pIayer lo nake
a 5hrInk lesl againsl a DifhcuIly of 4 (or a 5tabI!Ity lesl
againsl a DifhcuIly of 6 if he has no 5hrInk aliIily) lo
avoid pouring his hearl oul. Lach use of lhis aliIily
cosls lhe ovvashi 1 poinl fron ils 5hrInk pooI. UnIike
an ordinary use of lhe 5hrInk aliIily, lhis can force lhe
suljecl lo unviIIingIy reveaI his nosl shanefuI, cIoseIy-
heId secrels.
Uncanny Prcparcdncss: The ovvashi can vilhdrav
fron ils piIe of pIaslic lags any oljecl desired ly a
polenliaI viclin.
ConsunalIe ilens, incIuding food, cigarelles, and
drugs, vork jusl Iike lhe reaI lhing.
Size of lhe ilens is Iiniled lo oljecls lhal couId credilIy
hl in an ordinary shopping lag. Ilens renain in
exislence for lvenly-four hours onIy. The ovvashi can
vish lhen avay lefore lhal line.
When il vanls lo puII oul aII lhe slops in nanipuIaling
a viclin, il uses ils Lxlracl Secrels aliIily lo vork oul
exaclIy vhal ilen viII arouse lhe nosl desperale need.
When presenled vilh lheir hearl´s desire, characlers
nusl do vhal lhey can lo salisfy lhe ovvashi and gain lhe
ilen, or suffer lhe sane SlaliIily Ioss as if lhey ignored
a Risk Iaclor. As lhey lecone crazier, lhe horrilIe acls
proposed ly lhe ovvashi seen progressiveIy nore
You are hovering near lhe ceiIing, Iooking dovn al your
ovn lody.
Your face is noslIy covered ly lhe oxygen nask.
Surgeons lend over you, lheir allenlion hxed on a
crinson spread of lissue, exposed ly a hoIe in lhe cenler
of a vhile sheel. CIinling forceps have peeIed your skin
lack. CIanps prolrude fron lhe red nass.
The lhoughl lhal you nighl le dead occurs lo you,
lul lrings no panic. There is onIy an oceanic caIn, as
if you vere ßoaling in lhe vonl again. Ierhaps lhere
viII le a lunneI soon, vilh a vhile Iighl al lhe end.
You have heard of lhis. You are having an oul of lody
The liIIovs of lhe respiralor rise and faII. Your puIse
lraces a gIoving lraiI across a screen. The Iighls in lhe
roon are lrighl, everylhing is noving in sIov nolion.
Il is Iike leing drunk, or drugged. Il is reaI and yel il
is nol. No lunneIs have appeared, nor any vhile Iighl.
Lverylhing is surprisingIy ordinary.
You feeI yourseIf rising. The ceiIing offers no resislance.
The dusly hoIIovs of lhe void lehind il are a secrel
space, vhere onIy ghosls Iike yourseIf Iinger. There
are calIes and venliIalion ducls, and pipes lhal nolody
lolhered lo painl, lecause nolody vouId ever see
You energe fron lhe ßoor. The roon you are enlering
is nuch darker. Il is a space Iike your ovn roon. The
led slands siIenl in lhe cenler. Il is nol enply.
They are lending over hin. You cannol see lheir faces,
onIy skin Iike lree lark, knolled vilh slilches Iike cIols
of lIood. Their uniforns are ragged and anachronislic.
One of lhen vears a once-vhile IIorence NighlingaIe
govn lhal has a Rorshach lullerßy of lIood across lhe
lack. You calch lhe gIean of a raised scaIpeI.
The onIy sound is a sleady slrean of lIood spallering
vel on lhe ßoor, as if a nan vere urinaling lhere. Il
ßovs fron lhe fool of lhe led.
You cannol nake yourseIf Iook avay.
They nove sIovIy, palienlIy. They nod lo one anolher.
They do nol speak. Dripping lhings are Iifled oul and
Iaid aside. You recognize lhe dark purpIe luIk of lhe
One of lhen noves aside and for a second you see lhe
face of lhe nan on lhe led. Tules Iead fron his noslriIs.
His noulh is cIosed vilh a succession of Xs in lighl
lIack lhread. A singIe nad eyelaII roIIs around, lhen
hxes ilseIf on you. He is sliII aIive.
As he nolices your presence, lhey nolice il loo. Or
perhaps lhey aIready knev and vere in no hurry.
As one, lhey lurn lo Iook al you. Their grins are hxed.
1nb IbAC1iCb
Their eyes are dry sockels. Heads liIl lo one side and
lhen lhe olher, exanining you.
SiIenlIy, gIiding, lhey approach.
The lody lhey nove avay fron is no nore lhan an
excavaled craler vilh arns and Iegs. AII lhe rils have
leen snipped off and discarded. Inleslines Iie in curious
designs. Lungs inßale and deßale. The head sliII jerks
spasnodicaIIy. The noulh lries lo speak and cannol,
lecause of lhe slilches.
They crovd around you. LyeIess faces peer dovn al
When lhe norning cones and you vake, vilh lhe drip
in your arn and lhe slilches fron your ovn operalion
crisp on your chesl, you lry lo disniss il as a drean,
even vhen you Iearn of lhe dealh in lhe roon alove
yours. There vere no lraces of fouI pIay. He sinpIy died
in lhe nighl. Il happens aII lhe line in a hospilaI.
They cIain lhal you are naking an exceIIenl recovery.
You lhink olhervise.
You Iie avake lhal nighl, loo afraid lo sIeep, Iislening
for lhe sounds of feel lreading Iighl as shadovs in lhe
sleriIe corridors. You knov aloul lhen. They knov lhal
you knov.
Il is onIy a naller of line.
AII 1ba& bemainS
E!cctrnnIc 5urvcI!!ancc: Menlers of lhe Iraclice do
nol shov up on securily caneras or siniIar forns of
surveiIIance. CarefuI sludy of lhe videolapes fron
lhe line of lheir visil reveaIs lursls of apparenl slalic,
Iasling a fraclion of a second. These lursls can le
frozen during pIaylack and exanined nore cIoseIy.
They prove lo le inages of hunan lIood ceIIs, lacleria,
anlilodies and siniIar nicroscopic enlilies, seelhing
in reIenlIess aclivily, as if lhe Iraclice had sonehov
lIinded lhe canera vilh a gIinpse inlo lhe carnaI chaos
of lhe hunan lody.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The viclins of lhe Iraclice are
found in varying slales, depending on hov lhoroughIy
lhe surgicaI lean has leen alIe lo cIean up afler ilseIf.
The greal najorily of
Iraclice leans viII le
nelicuIous in lidying up lhe scene. The
norlician in allendance viII cIose lhe ravaged
lody up again, seaIing il shul and snoolhing
over lhe vounds. ßIoody surfaces viII le viped
cIean, so lhal onIy nicroscopic lraces renain. Iorensic
anaIysis reveaIs lhal hospilaI grade disinfecling cIeanser
has leen used lo do lhis.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: A lody lhal has leen vioIaled
ly lhe Iraclice is onIy reveaIed lo le such once lhe lody
is opened. Then, il is innedialeIy olvious lhal sone
horrilIe surgicaI lulchery has laken pIace. Organs have
leen snipped free, grolesque slilches connecl parls lhal
do nol leIong logelher, and sone of lhe viscera even
appear lo have leen fused ly an unknovn neans, so
lhal lhe organs are nerged, as if lhey had grovn Iike
lhal. There is no sign of an enlrance vound.
The Iraclice do nol nake a halil of Ieaving lheir
viclins Iike lhis, as il vouId Iead lo lheir deleclion,
lul occasionaIIy a given surgeon viII le nore olsessed
vilh lhe operalion lhan vilh lhe cIean-up procedure, or
sone oulside force viII inlerrupl lhe operalion.
If lhe Iraclice have leen inlerrupled, lhe sighl is
aIlogelher nore lerrilIe. The lody is sIiced open vilh
Iong, defl culs, lhe skin peeIed lack and lhe innards
scallered around vilh careIess alandon, as if lhe carcass
had expIoded fron vilhin.
Iorensic evidence (in parlicuIar lhe lIood ßov, lhe
adrenaIine IeveIs and lhe alsence of aneslhelic chenicaI
residue in lhe lIoodslrean) Ieads lo lhe concIusion lhal
lhis surgery vas perforned vhiIe lhe viclin vas lolh
aIive and conscious. Moreover, lhe procedure venl on
for sone line vilhoul kiIIing lhe viclin, vhich seens
niracuIous given lhe exlenl of lhe injury.
Pathn!ngy: In a very liny nunler of cases, a viclin
viII le found sliII aIive. Such unforlunale vrelches can
Iive for severaI hours lefore dying fron lIood Ioss and
syslen lreakdovn caused ly alsenl inlernaI organs.
They are opened up and disenloveIed as alove, lul
lheir eyes are open and noving and lheir Iungs sliII
inßale and deßale. If lhe Iefl Iung has leen renoved,
lhen lhe hearl can le seen cIearIy, puIsing anong lhe
rils. Sone forn of nuscuIar paraIysis is prevenling
lhen fron noving, lhough lhey are olviousIy in
HIstnry: The carefuI
evisceralion of lhe viclin,
perforned as il is vilh
evidenl surgicaI skiII, is reniniscenl of lhe
infanous 'Ripper´ nurders in WhilechapeI,
lhe viclins of vhich vere aIso nissing cerlain
inlernaI organs.
Whn Arc Thcy?
The Iraclice is an ancienl organizalion of nonslrous
enlilies lhal vere once nedicaI praclilioners and
schoIars lhal dallIed in lhings lhey shouId nol have.
They appear as vagueIy hunan, yel horrilIy nuliIaled
and dishgured. Their faces are covered in scars and
slilches, vhere lhey have repIaced parls of lhenseIves
or pracliced surgicaI lechniques on lheir ovn lodies.
The Iraclice has leen around for a very Iong line.
Ils nenlers slood ly CaIen´s side as he nade his
pioneering incisions inlo cadavers. They sniffed lhe
vounds in lhe leIIies of disenloveIed Vikings, and
chuckIed over iIIuninaled lracls on lhe four hunors,
lhey lore Ieeches fron diseased peasanls and eagerIy
unvrapped lhe Ialesl deIivery fron lhe 'resurreclion
nen´ in Viclorian lines.
The inlenlions of lhe Iraclice are anliguous al lesl
and lheir halils are onIy vagueIy docunenled. They
creep inlo hospilaIs al nighl, Iike siIenl ghosls, aIvays
passing lhrough lheir doors al lhe slroke of lhree,
vhen lhe lody is cIosesl lo dealh. Sonehov, securily
caneras and hunan senses are lIind lo lheir passage so,
undelecled, lhey go aloul lheir grin lusiness, lorluring
and nuliIaling palienls in lhe inleresls of science. If
soneone cones across lhe Iraclice al vork, lhey viII
see lizarre, gruesone nen and vonen dressed Iike
nurses, surgeons and norlicians. Oflen, lhe cIolhes
are very daled, and occasionaIIy lhey span cenluries
of slyIe. Sone praclilioners even vear nedievaI,
HeIIenislic or Ancienl Lgyplian coslune. These are lo
le feared grealIy for lheir advanced age and lhe pover
lhey have accunuIaled. When discovered, lhe Iraclice
viII, depending on lhe circunslances, ßee or hghl.
If lhe operalion has gone successfuIIy, hospilaI slaff viII
hnd a dead palienl lhe nexl norning. The lody viII
shov no olvious sign of nuliIalion. As far as any of
lhe slaff viII le concerned, lhe deceased passed avay
overnighl, quielIy in her sIeep. Sonelines a 'saInoneIIa
oullreak´ viII le lIaned, sonelines an epidenic in
lhe vard, sonelines naIfunclioning equipnenl.
UsuaIIy, no nenler of lhe hospilaI slaff vho
exanines lhe corpse viII nolice anylhing unusuaI. An
oulside invesligalor, on lhe olher hand.
There are lhose vho have nade il lheir lusiness lo sludy
lhe Iraclice over lhe years. Many leIieve lhe Iraclice
cone for organs and olher lody parls fron heaIlhy
palienls, lo repIace lheir ovn rancid innards, and cheal
dealh for anolher cenlury. There is sone lrulh in lhis.
Olhers suspecl an even sicker purpose, lhal lhis organ
sleaIing and svapping is in lhe inleresl of research, lhal
lhe Iraclice sludies us, Iooking for nev vays lo veaken
and conquer our civiIizalion. Whalever lhey once vere,
lhey are nov servanls for a far grealer and nore sinisler
enlily, perhaps even a god.
Cnmmnn AbI!ItIcs
AII nenlers of lhe Iraclice, vhalever lheir funclion,
have lhe foIIoving speciaI aliIilies.
DImcnsInna! Wa!k: A nenler of lhe Iraclice can
phase oul of lhis reaIily and inlo lhe spiril reaIn (and
lack again) as easiIy as slepping fron one roon lo
anolher. The Menlrane is onIy a niId hindrance lo
lhen. A nenler of lhe Iraclice can pass fron lhe spiril
reaIn lo lhe nundane vorId ly expending a poinl of
Abcrrancc. Il cosls lhe Iraclice nenler no Abcrrancc
lo re-enler lhe spiril reaIn.
Eyc!css VIsInn: AIlhough lhey do nol have eyes any
nore, lhe Iraclice can see perfeclIy veII. They can see
in lhe dark as cIearIy as if il vere dayIighl. The Ianps
lheir surgeons vear are nol nereIy for iIIuninalion, see
Hca! Injury: Any nenler of lhe Iraclice can slilch ilseIf
or a vounded associale lack up again. Il does lhis ly
expending poinls fron ils McdIc pooI, jusl as characlers
do. One poinl fron lhe McdIc pooI heaIs lvo IeveIs of
Hovever, lhe Iraclice are nol suljecl lo lhe reslriclion
lhal affecls ICs, ly vhich use of lhe McdIc aliIily can
heaI onIy lhe nosl recenl injury. They can reslore any
anounl of Hca!th ly expending McdIc pooI poinls, and
lake haIf lhe line a hunan nedic vouId lo do lhe jol.
This crude surgery is onIy effeclive on nenlers of lhe
Iraclice (or upon siniIar nonslrosilies such as a residue
daenon) and Ieaves hideous scars lehind.
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
The norlicians of lhe Iraclice have lhe duly of cIeaning
up once lhe surgeons have done lheir vork. They are
pulrescenl arlisls, vilh a supernaluraI underslanding
of dead ßesh and an apprecialion of ils leauly. If
necessary, lhey can disnenler a dead lody in seconds
and incinerale lhe renains. The Iraclice viII aIvays do
lhis if il is nol possilIe lo reshape a corpse so lhal il
appears lo have died a naluraI dealh.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 1O, AlhIelics 6, Driving 3, IiIch
4, HeaIlh 12, Medic 14, Ireparedness 8,
Scufßing 12, Shooling 8
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: CIav (+O) or scaIpeI (+1)
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing
AnImatc Carcass: An operaling lhealre can le a lusy
pIace, vilh inslrunenls lo hoId, nachines lo vork
and, sonelines, doors lo larricade. OccasionaIIy, an
unviIIing palienl viII allenpl lo escape, or resisl lhe
paraIyzing grasp of lhe nurse. To prevenl lhe surgeon
fron leconing dislracled, il is oflen heIpfuI lo have a
fev siIenl, reIialIe assislanls slanding ly.
The norlician can creale aú ncc assislanls fron dead
lodies ly using lhis aliIily. Lach aninaled corpse cosls
il 2 poinls of Abcrrancc lo creale. A lypicaI zonlie
assislanl has lhe foIIoving slalislics:
HeaIlh 12, Scufßing 4
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: -2
SleaIlh Modiher: -2
Danage Modiher: Iisls (-2) or scaIpeI if il has
leen given one (+1)
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing, +2 vs. Shooling
The aninaled corpses are nol inleIIigenl and are nol
capalIe of independenl aclion. They foIIov lheir nosl
recenl connand fron lhe norlician lhal crealed lhen
or any olher nenler of lhe Iraclice lhal addresses lhen
IncIncratc: The louch of a norlician can cause lodies
lo lursl inlo slrange coIorIess ßanes. They lurn
ßesh, hair and lone, vhiIe Ieaving lhe surrounding
environnenl unlouched. Once sel on hre, lhe lody
is quickIy consuned, Ieaving onIy a gray ash lhal
can le svepl up. This aliIily vorks vilh conpIele
reIialiIily on dead lodies. The norlician can aIso use il
on Iiving leings, lul lhe hre is nol quile so conlroIIed,
nor does il necessariIy consune lhe lody aIlogelher.
Il Ieaves a greasy, Iunpy residue vilh parls of Iinls
sliII recognizalIe. Many cases of 'sponlaneous hunan
conluslion´ can le allriluled lo norlicians lrying lo
lurn up soneone vho sav loo nuch.
To use incinerale on a Iiving viclin, lhe norlician nusl
hrsl expend 4 poinls of Abcrrancc. As il does lhis,
ils hngers gIov and char Iike cigarelle ends. Il nusl
lhen succeed al a 5cuf0Ing allack againsl lhe largel. A
successfuI allack nol onIy deaIs danage as nornaI, lul
sels lhe viclin on hre. ßurning viclins lake 1d6 danage
per round unliI lhey die or lhe ßanes are exlinguished.
This requires a vhoIe round of uninlerrupled heIp fron
anolher person, aIong vilh suilalIe equipnenl such as
a hre lIankel. A lurning viclin can allenpl lo 'slop,
drop and roII´ lo pul lhe ßanes oul, vhich requires an
Ath!ctIcs lesl (difhcuIly 5).
Many viclins, of course, die screaning.
Mnu!d Dcad F!csh: A norlician can shape dead ßesh
as if il vere cIay, lul cannol creale nev dead ßesh.
ßy expending a McdIc poinl il can perforn sinpIe
changes, such as snoolhing over lhe renl in lhe leIIy
of a disenloveIed cadaver. More lhoroughIy nangIed
corpses, such as lhe viclins of serious car crashes, can
le reslored lo a nornaI appearance vilh a lvo or lhree-
poinl McdIc spend. InconpIele lodies can le nade lo
appear heaIlhy al lhe poinl of dealh, lul lhe nissing
parls cannol le recrealed. OrdinariIy, lhis is enough for
lhe Iraclice, since lhey usuaIIy renove inlernaI organs
and seaI up lhe incisions.
If an olserver casuaIIy exanines a corpse lhal has leen
lrealed vilh lhe nouId dead ßesh aliIily, lhe FnrcnsIc
Anthrnpn!ngy aliIily nay delecl lhe lanpering. (This
happens aulonalicaIIy if lhe infornalion is necessary
lo lhe pIol, and requires a 1-poinl spend olhervise.) A
fuII posl-norlen viII aulonalicaIIy reveaI lhe alsence
of inlernaI organs.
5cvcr LImb: The norlician´s lone sav can zip lhrough
lone as if il vere sofl cheese. So Iong as lhe norlician
can gel a good grip on his viclin, he can easiIy sever a
Iinl in seconds. (The head is lrealed as a Iinl for lhe
purposes of lhis aliIily.)
A norlician vilhin scufßing range nay use ils aclion
lo nake an 5cuf0Ing conlesl (opposed ly lhe viclin´s
Ath!ctIcs or 5cuf0Ing, largel´s choice) and grasp hoId
of ils largel. If lhe norlician vins lhe conlesl, il deaIs
no danage lul has caughl lhe viclin and is hoIding hin
fasl, and conlinues lo do so for as Iong as ils grip Iasls.
If lhe norlician legins ils aclion grappIing a largel,
il nay allenpl lo sever one of lhe largel´s Iinls vilh
ils lone sav. To do lhis, il engages lhe largel in a
5cuf0Ing conlesl (lhe largel nay oppose lhe conlesl
vilh 5cuf0Ing or Ath!ctIcs as he pIeases) lul nusl aIso
expend 2 poinls fron ils McdIc pooI if il inlends lo sever
a Iinl, and 4 poinls if il inlends lo sever lhe head.
If lhe norlician vins lhe conlesl, lhe Iinl of lhe
norlician´s choice has leen savn cIean off. This
aulonalicaIIy deaIs 1d6+8 Hca!th danage as veII as
lhe olvious gane effecls of nissing a Iinl, such as
nol leing alIe lo hoId an ilen in a severed arn, or
ßee al speed vilh onIy one Ieg. The viclin aIso Ioses
one Hca!th per round fron lIeeding unliI he receives
nedicaI lrealnenl.
The grappIed viclin nay use his aclion lo allenpl lo
free hinseIf fron lhe assaiIanl´s grasp ly lealing lhe
assaiIanl in an Ath!ctIcs or 5cuf0Ing conlesl (viclin´s
Reallaching a severed arn or Ieg is exlreneIy difhcuIl
lul possilIe. Il requires lhree conseculive McdIc lesls
across 8 hours (difhcuIly 5), a Pathn!ngy raling of al
Ieasl 1, and access lo hospilaI faciIilies.
CMs shouId aIvays have Morlicians use lhis aliIily on
non-ICs hrsl, in preference lo ICs. Severed Iinls and
heads ßying aloul are very lrue lo lhe horror genre,
lul a nissing arn or Ieg can easiIy speII lhe end of a
characler´s usefuI Iife. The recuperalion process can
lake nonlhs, and lhe olher characlers in lhe group viII
need lo gel on vilh lheir cases.
The nurses of lhe Iraclice are eyeIess, shriveIed horrors
lhal reek of anliseplic. They vear lhe lallered rennanls
of uniforns. Their nain funclion is lo prepare lhe
palienls for surgery ly innoliIizing lhen. This ensures
lhal lhe suffering is heighlened as nuch as possilIe lul
lhe viclin´s lhrashing aloul viII nol spoiI lhe surgeon´s
vork. The nurses aIso inserl calhelers and inlravenous
drips vhelher necessary or nol (usuaIIy nol) and assisl
lhe surgeons during lhe operalion. If lhe nuliIalion
fron surgery risks kiIIing lhe palienl loo quickIy, lhe
nurse can provide a surge of Iife energy lo keep lhe
palienl aIive.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 8, AlhIelics 6, Driving 1, IiIch
7, HeaIlh 12, Medic 1O, Ireparedness 1O,
Scufßing 1O, Shooling 8
Weapon: Hook-naiIed cIavs (+O)
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing
ImmnbI!Izc: When lhe nurse Iays her lvisled hand
upon a hunan lody, spurling needIes energe fron
under her hngernaiIs and dig inlo lhe viclin´s veins.
IaraIyzing Iiquors, lurning Iike slinging anls, ßood
fron lhe vound and inlo lhe circuIalion. In seconds, lhe
viclin is unalIe lo nove or speak and can onIy slare as
lhe surgeon´s gIeaning lIades descend.
The nurse nusl expend up lo lhree poinls of Abcrrancc
and lhen hil vilh a 5cuf0Ing allack in order lo
innoliIize. If lhe allack is successfuI, lhe largel nusl
nake a Hca!th lesl (difhcuIly 2 pIus lhe nunler of
poinls of Abcrrancc expended) or le paraIyzed ly lhe
injecled loxins. A paraIyzed characler is conpIeleIy
heIpIess and can lake no aclion al aII. IaraIysis Iasls for
1d6+1 hours, lhough nosl viclins are Iong dead ly lhe
line lhe loxins vouId vear off.
LIfc 5urgc: A nurse can punp energies inlo Iiving
crealures in order lo keep lhen aIive, (and vorse,
conscious) even vhen lheir innards are Iying aII
around lhen.. This can eilher reslore a crealure lo
consciousness vhen il has passed oul, or heaI il for
1 poinl of Hca!th. The nurse nay choose vhich. The
nurse can use lhis aliIily al viII, lul each use cosls il
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
one poinl of Abcrrancc. UnIike lhe use of McdIc lo heaI
danage, lhis aliIily vorks inslanlIy.
A nurse viII onIy ever use |ifc surgc vhen a palienl
is in danger of dying loo soon, or in siniIarIy dire
circunslances. The aliIily does nol vork on nenlers
of lhe Iraclice.
VIta! 5Ign Awarcncss: Iarl of lhe nurse´s jol is lo
nonilor lhe palienl´s condilion and nake sure lhal he
does nol perish loo quickIy. They can hear lhe lIood
rushing round lhe circuIalory syslen and sense lhe
ßickers of consciousness in lhe lrain as if lhey vere
precise nedicaI inslrunenls, lhe Iraclice does nol need
nere hunan lechnoIogy, and never has.
Nurses are aulonalicaIIy avare of lhe slale of heaIlh of
any leing vilhin 3O feel of lhen. They do nol have lo
concenlrale, lhe avareness is conslanl. In gane lerns,
lhey can leII hov nuch Hca!th a crealure has, vhal
sorl of slale ils CeneraI AliIily pooIs are in and vhal
ils currenl condilion is, such as nausealed, scared or
They nusl le avare of lhe crealure hrsl in order lo
use lhis aliIily, il does nol reveaI any crealures lhal
lhe Nurse does nol aIready knov are lhere. Nurses
use lhis knovIedge lo lheir advanlage in conlal. Il
is inpossilIe lo fooI avoid nolice ly prelending lo le
asIeep, unconscious or dead. Nurses knov leller.
This aliIily does nol heIp lhe Nurse lo hnd a largel
lhal she cannol see, lhough she viII nolice if lhe largel
noves oul of her sensory range.
The surgeons are lhe senior nenlers of lhe Iraclice.
Many of lhen are over four hundred years oId. OnIy
rareIy do nev nenlers quaIify for acceplance inlo lheir
dislinguished sociely. Like lhe resl of lhe Iraclice, lhey
are corpse-Iike nanikins of conlorled and scar-Iaden
ßesh, vilh palhelic scraps of uniforn over lhe lop. The
surgeons are even nore scarihed lhan lhe resl of lhe
Iraclice, lecause of lhe surgicaI vork lhal lhey perforn
on each olher.
The oIdesl surgeons Iook Iike unvrapped Lgyplian
nunnies, vhich is exaclIy vhal sone of lhen are,
lhe conlinalion of dark nagic vilh lhe renovaI
and repIacenenl of preserved inlernaI organs vas
vhal hrsl caused lhe Iraclice lo cone inlo leing, nany
lhousands of years ago.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 12, AlhIelics 8, IiIch 8, HeaIlh
18, Medic 2O, Ireparedness 8, Scufßing 14,
Shooling 8
Weapon: ScaIpeI (+1)
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +3
Arnor: +3 vs. Scufßing, +1 vs. Shooling
The slalislics given alove are for a lypicaI surgeon.
Il is nol unusuaI for a given surgeon lo have CeneraI
AliIilies even higher lhan lhis, due lo repealed necrolic
lranspIanls (see leIov). Many surgeons sluff lheir
skuIIs vilh addilionaI lrain naller unliI lhey legin lo
spIil Iike over-loiIed eggs and need sulures lo hoId lhe
lrains in, vhiIe olhers grafl nuscIe lissue on lo lheir
arns and Iegs unliI lhey resenlIe lIoaled and parliaIIy
lursl sausages.
Dccp Gash: Surgeons can drav upon lheir analonicaI
knovIedge lo disenloveI a largel vilh a slroke. They
can rip lheir scaIpeI lIades lhrough lhe spinaI cord,
paraIyzing lhe viclin, or sIice lhrough inporlanl
organs, oflen kiIIing lhe viclin innedialeIy.
A surgeon nay forego aclion for one round lo sludy
a largel vilhin 5cuf0Ing range, vorking oul lhe lesl
pIace lo slrike and spending a poinl fron ils McdIc
pooI. If il nakes a successfuI 5cuf0Ing allack againsl
lhal largel in lhe nexl round, lhe surgeon deaIs +1O
danage (if il neanl lo kiII) or severs lhe spinaI cord
and causes pernanenl paraIysis. The surgeon nusl
allack on lhe round innedialeIy foIIoving ils round of
olservalion for lhis speciaI allack lo le effeclive.
NccrntIc Transp!ant: The runors lhal lhe Iraclice
sleaIs organs so lhal ils nenlers can repIenish lheir
ovn pulrefying organs are lrue. This is nol lheir onIy
purpose in lulchering hunan leings, lul il is a handy
side effecl. If lhis vere nol lad enough, lhere is a dark
nelaphysicaI aspecl lo lheir vork. An organ is onIy
usefuI lo lhe Iraclice if il is charged vilh negalive
energies, such as lhose lhal resuIl fron fear, panic and
agony. They cannol use organs laken fron sIeeping or
anaeslhelized palienls, as lhese are jusl so nuch lIand
ßesh lo lhen. OnIy an organ exlracled fron a Iiving,
conscious hunan viII do. This is lhe reason vhy lhe
Iraclice dissecl lheir viclins vhiIe lhey are sliII aIive.
A surgeon can renove one or nore organs fron a Iiving
viclin and pIace lhen in lhe lody of a nenler of lhe
Iraclice. This requires a successfuI McdIc lesl (difhcuIly
4) and len ninules of vork. Depending on lhe organ
renoved, lhe palienl is eilher kiIIed oulrighl (if lhe
organ is essenliaI) or Ioses 3 poinls of Hca!th ra|ing (if
lhe organ is non-essenliaI). The effecl upon lhe nenler
of lhe Iraclice is lo granl hin or her lhree raling poinls
lo aIIocale lo CeneraI AliIilies. The aliIily increased viII
depend upon lhe organ laken, hearls increase Ath!ctIcs
or Hca!th, seclions of lhe lrain increase McdIc or
AIerlness Modiher, nerve lissues (or, indeed, hands)
increase Scufßing and so on. The CM viII no doull le
alIe lo inprovise on lhis lhene if necessary.
WhiIe lhe lranspIanl is laking pIace, lhe nenler of
lhe Iraclice receiving lhe organ is heIpIess, lhough he
can revive hinseIf (and alorl lhe surgery) ly using
his aclion for lhe round. A surgeon can allenpl lo
lranspIanl organs inlo his ovn lody, lul he nakes his
McdIc lesl againsl a difhcuIly of 6 if he does lhis.
P!Iant F!csh: The Ianp afhxed lo a surgeon´s skuII is
nol jusl for iIIuninalion. Ils radialion renders ßesh even
nore naIIealIe lhan usuaI, so lhal il aInosl legs for lhe
louch of lhe lIade. Wounds inßicled ly lhe Iighl of lhe
Ianp are deep, deIilerale and sure.
Wilhin lhe cone of IanpIighl (direcled ly lhe surgeon al
lhe slarl of his lurn as a free aclion), aII veapons have
lheir danage nodihers increased ly +1 vhen lhey are
vieIded againsl Iiving ßesh, and aII uses of lhe McdIc
aliIily lo perforn surgery receive a +1 lonus lo lhe roII.
The surgeon viII usuaIIy enpIoy lhis aliIily lo assisl
hin in his surgicaI vork, lhough il is aIso usefuI vhen
sIicing lhe faces off lhose vho are slupid enough lo
dislurl hin.
5uturc: The surgeon can use a needIe and lhread lo
slilch an opponenl´s ßesh vilh lIinding speed. CnarIed
hands nove in a lIur, and an ugIy rov of lIack slilches
knols across lhe skin. This can le used offensiveIy - and
lhe resuIls are disgusling.
To use lhe sulure aliIily, lhe surgeon nusl succeed al
a 5cuf0Ing allack againsl an opponenl he is aIready
grappIing (see lhe Grapp!c ruIes on page XX). If lhis
allack is successfuI, il deaIs onIy one Hca!th poinl of
danage, lul lhe viclin has his ßesh slilched eilher
lo anolher parl of lhe lody or lo a sofl oljecl nearly,
such as lhe viclin´s cIolhes or a nallress. The surgeon
nighl, for exanpIe, slilch an opponenl´s Iips logelher,
or his Iegs, or slilch hin dovn on a led. Ripping lhe
sulures aparl deaIs 1d6 danage lo lhe unforlunale (and
agonized) viclin.
When I vas onIy a sapIing, lhis vas a peacefuI pIace.
The vind vas genlIe in ny lranches and lhe frosls of
vinler never lil loo deep. The olher lrees around ne
kepl lheir ovn quiel counseI, lrooding vilh lhe deep
vooden visdon lhal hunanily once respecled lul has
Iong since Iosl.
Iinding nolhing aniss in ny IillIe vorId, I senl ny
rools dovn inlo lhe cIean earlh and spread ny lranches
vide. LillIe dealhs, IillIe lirlhs, aII happened around
and in ne. Rallils naled, foxes slaIked. Lggs halched,
sloals kiIIed. ßirlh and dealh, day and nighl, varnlh
and coId, lack and forlh, a laIance.
Then lhe nan cane, and lhe girI, and I lhoughl lhey
vere onIy Iovers. There vas laIk of noney, of vhal vas
aIIoved and vhal vas nol. Nexl lhere vas a funlIing,
and lhen a slruggIe. She Iay sliII al lhe lase of ny lrunk,
unconscious. He vas lrealhing hard. He had a pair of
She vas nol leaulifuI, lul she vas fenaIe and lhal
nade hin nad. I couId feeI his nadness hol inside hin,
his lIood Iike loiIing valer.
He sluffed her noulh vilh earlh and heId il in pIace
vilh a slocking. He used his scissors and he nade her
unrecognizalIe. He cul off lhe sofl parls of her hrsl.
Then, vhen her face vas no Ionger a face and vhile
lone shoved lhrough lhe hoIes in her lody, he venl lo
vork on lhe olher pIaces.
There shouId have leen screans. The screans vere
choked ly earlh.
Agony spurled inlo ne. ßiller lIood drenched ny rools
and I vas forced lo drink.
She did nol die for nany hours. He venl avay and Iefl
lhe renains lhere. She Iooked up al lhe noon. A fox
cane and sniffed al her, lhen ßed.
When he cane lack, he had a spade. He luried her
vilhoul a sound, jusl as he had kiIIed her vilhoul a
sound. He Iefl her lones dovn anong ny rools, lo sink
inlo lhe lIack earlh of line.
ßIood and rags and a rusly pair of scissors hung in
alsoIule darkness anong ny nany agonized rools. Her
Iover jav sIovIy noved dovn, over lhe nonlhs, her
spine arched, her skuII vas screaning, loo sIovIy lo le
seen. Sonelhing sliII Iived in lhe rol of her. Il craved lo
The angry, eager, pious nan lroughl olhers lo share
her grave, a paIe faclory girI fron RochdaIe, on her hrsl
nighl on lhe jol, and an aged syphiIilic insensilIe on
cheap spirils. Il vas aIvays a fresh pair of scissors.
Then lhey caughl hin and hanged hin, for sonelhing
he had done in a differenl pIace. He Iiked lo do lhis
very nuch. Sone pieces he had laken vilh hin, and
he had Iefl an ear in a coal lhal he nislakenIy look lo
lhe dry-cIeaners. So he vas caughl, and so he ended,
and nolody ever knev aloul ny lhree, lhough nany
queslions vere asked.
Dovn inlo lhe dark lhey feII, lelveen lhe spread
hngers of ny rools. Wonen´s lones junlIed logelher,
lroken lhings hoIding siIenl conversalions in lhe siIenl
ground. Rennanls undecayed. A scrap of siIk slocking,
a slained, once ivory denlure-pIale. (And lhree sels of
scissors, red-lrovn vilh rusl.)
AII of lhen had lhoughl lhis kind of lhing happened
lo olher peopIe. None of lhen had ever lhoughl lhal
lhey vouId cone lo lhis. They vouId never le found.
Nolody ever cane here. The earlh had choked lhe onIy
screans lhey couId ever have nade.
OnIy I knev. There vas a screan in ny lranches, far
loo Ioud for anyone lo hear il. Il never ceased. I vas
conlinuaIIy lhriIIed lhrough vilh lhe pain and lhe rage
and lhe deniaI. My Ieaves lrenlIed vilh il. I lore il for
years upon years, Iike lIack rol lhrough lhe very hearl
of ne. Their fury raged and sveIIed againsl lhe crusl
of lhe earlh as an alscess rages and sveIIs lenealh lhe
skin, unalIe lo lursl and hnd reIief.
Il vas on a sunner´s norning, a hundred years or so
afler lhe nan vas hanged, vhen lhe loy slruck lhe
olher loy. Il vas nol even neanl in anger. They vere
pIaying al superheroes and lecane overexciled. A
sharp crack, lhree drops of lIood fron an eighl year
oId´s nose feII on lhe nossy earlh. One ßed in hovIing
nisery, lhe olher foIIoved in hovIing fear.
A lullIe of lIood Iay leIov ne. Il vas a lridge, al Iasl,
a chance of reIease. I groaned and Iel lhe decades of
pulrid eviI, lack inlo lhe vorId.
Il vas sIov for a nonenl. The IillIe scarIel spols onIy
svealed nore lIood, a feelIe lrickIe. The avakening
seened inpossilIe afler so Iong.
Then il vas Iike vhen lhe pufflaII grovs in lhe foresl
ßoor. There vas a sveIIing, a lIooning, a delonalion. Il
lursl and lullIed and lursl again. Sonelhing spurled
fron lhe pooI. Il spurled again, lhen again, a puIse, or a
purging. My vhoIe lrunk, ny lranches loo, shook vilh
lhe reIief of il.
Sonelhing vas leing lorn. Il vas lorn pieceneaI, as ils
nolhers had gone pieceneaI inlo lhe ground. A spine
vilhoul Iinls Iashed Iike a severed laiI in lhe puddIe.
A liny skuII squeaIed in shriII nadness. A cIav Iike
a nouse´s ßexed. Il grev. They knolled and vrilhed
logelher, vriggIing vilh nad Iife. Il grev. I feIl sveel
green peace relurn as I hnaIIy enplied ny loveIs of
lheir nauseous hale. Il grev.
The noon rose over ny highesl lranches.
Horror unfoIded ilseIf and slood.
A gianl shadov lurned lhis vay and lhal. Il layed, and
ils voice vas nany voices in a harnony of shrieks. Long
javs cIosed and opened, cIosed and opened.
They nade a sound.
A sound of rusly scissors.
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The residue daenon´s viclins are
aIvays found luried underground. The earlh shovs
signs of dislurlance direclIy alove lhe poinl vhere
lhey vanished, lul lhere are no spade narks. Inslead,
lhe earlh ilseIf seens lo have leen churned up fron
ChcmIstry: ChenicaI anaIysis of lhe soiI around lhe
luried renains delecls copious quanlilies of lIood, as
if lhe viclin had lIed oul inlo lhe surrounding Ioan.
Tesling corroded nelaI ilens reveaIs lhal oxidizalion
vas sleady and graduaI, as one vouId expecl if lhe ilen
had had years lo corrode ralher lhan days.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy / FnrcnsIc Etymn!ngy: More
lhan any olher crealure in lhis look, lhe residue denon
has lhe aliIily lo lafße forensic palhoIogisls. Il drains
every drop of lIood fron lhe crealures il kiIIs, lul il
does nol do lhis lhrough ils noulhparls. Inslead, lhe
faIIen lodies are sucked inlo lhe earlh vilhin ils zone
of inßuence. Once under lhe soiI, lhey rapidIy legin lo
deconpose unliI lhey reach lhe slale of lhe olher lodies
luried (or conceaIed, or lricked up) vilhin lhe sane
Wilhin lhree days, a fresh corpse is in lhe sane slale as
a nurder viclin luried in lhe sane pIace lhree decades
ago. AII lhe appIicalIe faclors - insecl aclivily, slaining
and so on - poinl lo lhe viclin having leen kiIIed and
luried around lhe line of lhe originaI nurders.
Mosl lizarreIy, lhe ilens lhe viclin vas carrying are
aIso aged accordingIy. MelaI ilens rusl, papers decay
and cIolhes rol avay lo aInosl nolhing. DenlaI records
(if appIicalIe) conhrn lhal lhe viclin is indeed lhe
nissing person, lul lhe forensic evidence nakes for an
inpossilIe line of dealh, nany years in lhe pasl.
Civen lhe acceIeraled decay of lhe renains and lhe
alsence of lIoodslains fron lhe lones, il can le hard
lo ascerlain lhe cause of dealh. Marks upon lhe lone,
read logelher vilh shallered verlelrae, suggesl liling
or nauIing as lhe cause.
Natura! HIstnry: The slale of lhe skeIelon, vhich usuaIIy
has severaI crushed verlelrae, suggesls lhal lhe viclin
vas lillen or seized around lhe neck and lhen shaken,
nuch as sone predalors kiII lheir prey. The lody nay
even have leen carried sone dislance, or dragged, in
lhe sane vay lhal a Iioness viII drag lhe carcass of a
gazeIIe lo a safe pIace lo devour il.
Hovever, lhe lones have nol leen gnaved, nor have
lhey leen puIIed aparl, aparl fron lhe narks of dealh,
lhe skeIelon is reIaliveIy inlacl. This is conpIeleIy
unIike lhe lehavior of a predalor, vhich viII al Ieasl
allenpl lo eal ils kiII, onIy alandoning lhe lody if
Sonelines lhe lones of lhe forearn viII have deep
gouges, easiIy inlerpreled as lhe narks of cIavs. The
naluraI concIusion is lhal lhe viclin lhrev up his hands
lo prolecl hinseIf fron lhe raking cIavs of sone huge
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 16, HeaIlh 18, Scufßing 2O
Hil ThreshoId: 2
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: -2
Weapon: +3 (ßile) or +1 (TaIons)
Arnor: +4 vs. Shooling, +2 vs. Scufßing
Murder, especiaIIy horrihcaIIy lrulaI nurder, Ieaves
scars lehind. The ninds of lhose invoIved are never
lhe sane again. The lovn vhere lhe nurder happened
nusl Iive vilh lhe nenory forever afler. Lven an enlire
counlry can feeI slained and disgraced ly such evenls.
The pain and sorrov nay
fade, lul lhere is aIvays
sonelhing lhal renains.
The vorsl nurders of aII Ieave a spiriluaI
lIenish lehind, a running sore on reaIily.
InvisilIe, il deepens and suppurales, crealing an
alnosphere of sickness, apprehension and despair lhal
effecls anyone vho happens across il. Connunilies
lake vhal aclion lhey can, houses vhere nurders have
happened are lorn dovn, ouldoor pIaces are shunned
and laIes of haunlings are loId. This nakes IillIe
difference: lhis psychic vound feslers over lhe years
lo lhe poinl vhere if so nuch as one drop of lIood is
spiIIed on ils grounds, sonelhing lerrilIe viII occur.
The vorsl possilIe occurrence is a residue denon.
(Which, lo lhe nore pedanlic savanls, is acluaIIy a
conslrucl.) The accunuIaled energies seize upon lhe
spiIl lIood and pour lhenseIves inlo il, hnaIIy given
forn afler decades of slißing siIence, hnaIIy lirlhed
inlo lhe vorId. The spol lecones a lullIing palch of
scun, lhen a nevIing felaI skeIelon, lhen a skinIess
lhing lhe size of a greyhound. Il grovs vilh olscene
speed, nurlured ly lhe pulrid nenory of horrors pasl
lul nol forgollen. In Iess lhan 24 hours, lhe crealure is
A residue denon is lruIy a daunling adversary. Il
is conposed of dried lIood and pure rage. Il slands
approxinaleIy lveIve feel laII, rippIing vilh nuscIes
and laul sinev, giving off a slink of excavaled ßesh. Ils
onIy purpose is lo enlody lhe lerrilIe acls lhal Ied lo
ils crealion, and viII lorlure and sIaughler anyone or
anylhing lhal cones vilh cIose proxinily of ils Iocalion.
Il viII do lhis in a nanner lhal hls lhe originaI evenl,
vhich oflen Ieads lo franlic specuIalion in lhe IocaI
press aloul 'copycal kiIIings´ or lhe relurn of a seriaI
kiIIer. Sone nay even vonder if lhe righl nan vas
caughl lhe hrsl line around.
ßIind rage, lerror and agony of pasl evenls govern lhe
residue denon. In ganes vhere reIigion and nagic
have paIpalIe effecls, lhe horror viII nol resl or dissoIve
unliI il is deslroyed, and ils grounds exorcised. The CM
nighl Iike lo specify lhal lhis viII require discovering
and lurying lhe viclins vilh appropriale riles.
B!nnd Hca!Ing: Those vho lry lo face dovn a residue
denon oflen hnd lhey cannol prevaiI againsl il. The
nore parly nenlers are lorn asunder, lhe nore
rolusl lhe crealure seens lo gel. This is lecause il
ViSb yoU Weze beze.

lhrives on lhe shedding
of lIood vilhin ils zone
of inßuence (see lhe zone of
inßuence quaIily leIov). Whenever lIood
is shed on lo lhe earlh vilhin lhe residue
denon´s zone, and lhe crealure is ilseIf in
conlacl vilh lhe ground, il is heaIed of 1 lo 3 poinls of
Hca!th danage, depending on lhe quanlily. The CM
nusl decide, lased on lhe nalure of vounds inßicled
and danage deaIl, vhelher lIood vas shed or nol lul
as a guideIine, il can onIy regain ils slrenglh vhen olher
peopIe suffer and lIeed.
The pIayers nay reaIize vhal is happening. Whenever
lhe lIood heaIing aliIily is used, any person in a posilion
lo see lhe shed lIood can nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c or
5urvcI!!ancc check (difhcuIly 5) lo nolice lhal lhe
lIood is disappearing as soon as il Iands on lhe earlh.
Any person vho does nolhing lul olserve lhe denon
for one round during vhich ßIood HeaIing lakes pIace
nay use Natura! HIstnry, Occu!t 5tudIcs or Pathn!ngy
lo hgure oul lhe conneclion lelveen lhe crealure´s
seIf-repairing aliIily and lhe shedding of lIood on lo
lhe earlh. This infornalion is free if vilaI lo lhe pIol
and requires a 1-poinl spend olhervise. Of course, lhe
pIayers nay hgure lhe conneclion oul on lheir ovn,
vilhoul needing lo use Invesligalive AliIilies.
Nole lhal lhe lIood has lo Iand on lhe earlh in order for
lhis aliIily lo vork. If any larrier (landages, WeIIinglon
lools, a groundsheel, quick-drying cenenl) prevenls ils
- lhe lIood´s cr lhe denon´s - conlacl vilh lhe earlh
lhen lhe residue denon cannol lenehl. SiniIarIy, if
lhe advenlurers sonehov nanage lo Iifl lhe residue
denon inlo lhe air, il cannol regenerale unliI il louches
lhe ground again, and fresh lIood faIIs lhere.
FrIghtfu! Prcscncc: The residue denon can express
lhe fuII horror of lhe evenls lhal caused ils crealion,
sending oul a psychic shock vave lhal ßoods lhe ninds
of vilnesses vilh prinaI lerror. Il nay do lhis onIy once
per day. The shock vave is discharged in a 3O-fool
radius, as il is leIepalhic in nalure, lhere is no vay lo
avoid il ly hiding lehind vaIIs and lhe Iike. Hovever,
anyone vho is nol vilhin lhree feel of lhe ground (such
as ly leing on lhe upper ßoor of a luiIding, or up a
Iadder) is unaffecled.
Any person slruck ly lhe psychic shock vave has his
nind ßooded vilh randon inages fron lhe line of
lhe nurders. These are inlense and horrilIy graphic,
lhe viclin feeIs he is sinuIlaneousIy forced lo valch
lhe evenls unfoId, and forced inlo lhe roIe of lhe viclin.
Ralher lhan a cinenalic rendilion of lhe kiIIings, lhe
viclin is suljecled lo gIinpses and sensalions, such as
a screaning face, lhe feeIing of a knife sIicing lhrough a
lhroal and graling on lhe verlelrae, lhe veIIing of lIood
inside lhe Iungs and so on. These sensalions force a 5-
poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl.
The CM nay, if appropriale, incIude usefuI cIues in lhis
larrage of inagery. Ior exanpIe, lhe face gIinpsed
nay heIp lo idenlify one of lhe viclins, or a sensalion
of leing slruck fron lehind couId conhrn hov a viclin
died. Il is even possilIe lhal lhe originaI kiIIer couId le
Znnc nf In0ucncc: The residue denon is enlireIy lhe
producl of lhe vioIenl evenls lhal crealed il. Il has no
exislence oulside of lhal conlexl. As such, il is Iiniled lo
a very narrov area, six hundred feel across. This zone
is circuIar and cenlered on lhe renains of lhe originaI
viclin. If lhere are nuIlipIe viclins, lhen il is cenlered
upon lhe hrsl one.
The denon cannol Ieave ils zone of inßuence. If ly
sone neans il is forcilIy renoved fron lhe zone (such
as ly resourcefuI characlers lrapping il in a lruck and
driving il over lhe loundary) lhen il disinlegrales inlo
a grisIy sIush of lIood and lone fragnenls. Hovever,
il viII regenerale in lhe cenlre of lhe zone al nidnighl
lhe nexl nighl. This lherefore does nol deslroy lhe
crealure lul does give lhe parly sone vilaI line lo
invesligale lhe denon´s hone ground. ArlfuI pIayers
nighl lhink of renoving lhe crealure, lhen covering ils
zone of inßuence vilh concrele or larnac. WhiIe lhis
viII nol vork as a pernanenl soIulion, as lhe denon
viII evenluaIIy cIav lhrough lhe olslruclion, il can
cerlainIy sIov il dovn or even lrap il leIov lhe earlh
for a vhiIe.
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
Iron his Lexus, puIIed up near lo lhe Creyhound
slalion, RusseII checked lhal CIovis vas in posilion,
and valched lhe cars grind sIovIy pasl. Coing ly lhe
pIales, Virginia, and MaryIand, noslIy, connulers
oulnunlered lhe IocaIs, vho had a snide, vhiney
sIogan «Taxalion vilhoul Represenlalion.» If you
reaIIy lhoughl lhal senalors acluaIIy represenled you,
lhen yes, Iiving in a lig cily vilh none of lhen on
your side nighl jusl piss you off. RusseII didn´l nind
lhough, he´d nel quile a fev poIilicians, and none
lhal he couId ever have respecled. He vasn´l aIone in
lhal opinion, he´d once read lhal nore leenage loys
vanled lo le pinps lhan le poIilicians, and vhore-
nongering vas a hne vay lo nake a Iiving.
As lhe cars lrucks and luses cravIed ly, RusseII
nused on his career highs, parlicuIarIy one IillIe
lilch - Marie` - he´d lhrovn inlo lhe Iolonac, vhiIe
he scanned a sel of prospecls vho´d jusl arrived and
vere vandering around oulside lhe exil. He vanled
kids poor Iooking, cIean, and aIone. When a prospecl
cane oul, sone hick fron Wesl Virginia, prolalIy, he
senl a lexl lo CIovis´s ceII ¨redhead, jeans, crop lop,¨
and his parlner vas off. CIovis´s jol vas lo rol her and
run avay, so lhal RusseII couId cone lo lhe rescue.
Il vorked quile oflen, and vas going hne, unliI he
caughl a hnger-Iickin´ good eyefuI. The pinp aIvays
Iooked for nerchandise lhal vouId hII lhe occasionaI
speciaI orders lhal he gol fron high-paying cIienls.
One of lhen vas a superior courl judge vho had a
lhing for vhal he caIIed ¨nanlo chickens,¨ shorl
slrong-Iooking Lalino kids, and RusseII had jusl seen
sone prine neal. A IillIe guy, lroad-shouIdered
and nuscuIar in a laselaII shirl, sneakers and laggy
jeans, vas vandering ainIessIy lelveen lhe rundovn
houses across fron lhe slalion.
He quickIy caIIed CIovis off, gol oul of his Lexus and
foIIoved his largel. Afler a coupIe of lIocks, lhe kid
slopped nesl lo a vacanl Iol and lurned round. ßig,
Iiquid lIack eyes, gIislening Iike crude oiI, cinnanon
skin and a huge noulh. RusseII grinned, chicken jusl
didn´l gel any leller. ¨Hey, kid,¨ he legan.
The Lalino sniIed. His Iips puIIed lack lo reveaI a
huge eyelaII. The pinp slopped, nid senlence, and
lhe |ning disappeared.
Nexl norning, RusseII gol a package in lhe naiI. In il
vere a conlacl sheel and a series of pholographs
of a cIienl of his vilh Marie, lhen of hin laking
her lody, veighling il, and dunping il in
lhe river. The panderer scanned lhe inages vilh
nounling panic - he´d leen sc carefuI. Then, his ceII
rang. ¨RusseII ßaIioI`¨ said a chipper, preppy voice
he didn´l recognize. ¨We´II le in louch.¨
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: Scourgers hardIy ever kiII lheir
viclins. When lhey do, il is lo avoid leing discovered.
If lhe scourger´s lrue idenlily is found oul, il viII
usuaIIy ßee lul if lhe person vho discovers il is aIone
and veak, lhe scourger viII lry lo hnish lhen off
quickIy and hide lhe lody.
Scourgers have a lendency lo shed hair. As lhey oflen
Iurk on rooflops and leside vindovs, lhey calch
lheir Iong reddish-lrovn hair on prolrusions, vhere
invesligalors can Ialer discover il.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: Viclins evenluaIIy have
lheir lhroals lorn oul, aIlhough il is apparenl lhal
lhey vere hrsl lroughl lo lheir knees, lhe pallern
of vounds on a lypicaI aduIl viclin shovs a slrong
concenlralion of cIav sIashes around lhe lhighs
and Iover aldonen. This is lecause lhe scourger is
aloul lhe size of an eighl-year-oId chiId and cannol
reach any higher. When lhe lody is fresh, lhese cIav
narks are puffy around lhe edges, suggesling lhal
sone forn of irrilanl loxin vas inlroduced inlo lhe
vounds. AnaIysis of lhe lIood reveaIs slrong IeveIs
of renarkalIy fasl acling, unidenlihalIe loxins,
inpIying lhal lhe iniliaI vounds caused lhe viclin
lo drop lo lhe ground, foIIoving vhich lhe assaiIanl
lore lhe lhroal oul as a coup de grace.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 8, AlhIelics 14, HeaIlh 8,
Scufßing 6
Hil ThreshoId: 6
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: -1 (TaIons)
Arnor: +1 vs. MeIee (lhick fur)
This is a parlicuIarIy Ioalhsone IillIe denon, one of

if il hils and does danage,
lhe opponenl has his Hil
ThreshoId Iovered ly 1 and lhe difhcuIly
of aII Ath!ctIcs, 5cuf0Ing, 5hnntIng and
F!ccIng lesls increased ly 2. The venon
Iasls for lvenly ninules or unliI saIves are
adninislered, vhich requires a McdIc lesl (difhcuIly
4) and proper equipnenl, i.e. al Ieasl a hrsl-aid kil.
5pIdcr MntInn: Scourgers oflen need lo nanoeuvre
lhenseIves inlo oul-of-lhe-vay pIaces, such as gIoony
upper corners in roons or lhe spaces lehind vaIIs, in
order lo olserve vilhoul leing noliced. To aid lhen
in lhis, lhey have lhe unpIeasanl aliIily lo cIinl up
any surface as efforlIessIy as a spider does. They can
cIinl up even lhe snoolhesl of vaIIs, lhough lhey
cannol ascend a surface nade sIippery vilh grease.
They can even hang upside dovn, indeed, lhey oflen
do so, as high ceiIings are exceIIenl vanlage poinls.
Cnncca! IdcntIty: The scourger can use a nagicaI
lrick lo nake ilseIf Iook differenl. Il can seen one fool
shorler or laIIer, lhin, fal, or in lelveen. Lvery shifl
in forn cosls il one poinl of Abcrrancc.
Il cannol change ils lody lype, for exanpIe, il
couId nol seen lo le a dog inslead of a hunanoid.
Olhervise, lhe exlenl of lhe apparenl change is up lo
lhe scourger. Il couId add or olscure a ninor fealure
or Iook Iike an enlireIy differenl person. Il viII
lypicaIIy use lhis aliIily lo lake on lhe appearance of
a nondescripl hunan leing. As il is a snaII denon,
lhe forn of a chiId is especiaIIy usefuI lo il.
The speII does nol provide lhe aliIilies or nannerisns
of lhe chosen forn, nor does il aIler lhe perceived
lacliIe (louch) or audilIe (sound) properlies of lhe
scourger or anylhing il nighl le carrying. The
scourger cannol speak (lhere is an eye afhxed vhere
ils noulh shouId le!) so lhis neans lhal any person il
prelends lo le cannol speak eilher.
The scourger can use lhis aliIily lo disguise ilseIf as
soneone eIse. A pIayer vho inleracls vilh lhe iIIusory
lody nay nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c or 5urvcI!!ancc
lesl (difhcuIly 6) lo recognize lhal il is sonehov
fake. AIlernaliveIy, a one-poinl Natura! HIstnry or
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy spend aIerls lhe characler
lo lhe odd arlihciaIily of lhe scourger´s nanner and
novenenls. (If lhis infornalion is essenliaI lo lhe
pIol, lhen lhese aliIilies pick il up aulonalicaIIy.)
lhe cIass lhal is generaIIy caIIed lhe servilors. Il is
IillIe nore lhan an anluIalory spying device and
research looI. IeriodicaIIy, dark naslers viII dispalch
a scourger, perhaps lo sludy a cily, organizalion,
luiIding, cuIl or siniIar inslilulion, or even an
inleresling person. This nay sinpIy le a surveiIIance
or reconnaissance nission for generaI infornalion
purposes, or il nay invoIve lrying lo hnd veaknesses
in an organizalion, a vay inlo a luiIding or even a
suilalIe candidale lo lecone a lIossoner (see alove).
Then lhe crealures viII descend upon lhe Iocalion,
secl or inslilulion and nake il lheir ovn, eilher laking
direcl conlroI, inhIlraling and sulverl il.
The scourger is nol a parlicuIarIy dangerous
adversary, no naller hov freakish il nay appear.
The reporls lhal il sends lack are vhal reaIIy
naller. A group of ICs nay hnd lhal lhe eneny is
consislenlIy one junp ahead of lhen and alIe lo sel
horrilIy efhcienl lraps, sinpIy lecause lhe eneny has
a scourger olserving lhen so lhal ils superiors can
anaIyze lheir veaknesses.
Scourgers don´l eslalIish Iairs, scrounge for food or
even eal (lhey can´l) and are aIvays on lhe cIock,
conceaIed near lo lheir largel.
CampaIgn Nntc: Scourgers can le very usefuI al lhe
leginning of a horror canpaign since lheir arrivaI
can represenl lhe slarl of sonelhing lerrilIe. The
lesl lhing lhe ICs can do is lo Iocale lhe scourger
and sIay il as quickIy as possilIe, lo prevenl lheir
enenies Iearning even nore aloul lhen. (OlviousIy,
lhey nusl have had experiences vilh scourgers or
crealures Iike lhen lefore in order lo knov lhal lhis
needs doing.) This viII nol guaranlee lhe denonic
naslers viII nove lo differenl opporlunilies, lul il
does nean il viII luy lhe parly line lo prepare for
vhalever lhe naslers send nexl..
PnIsnnnus C!aws: Scourgers have liny venon sacs
under lheir hngernaiIs. The vounds lhey Ieave cause
a naddening ilch lhal nakes il inpossilIe lo co-
ordinale one´s aclions properIy.
The scourger can allenpl lo envenon an opponenl
ly spending lvo exlra poinls of 5cuf0Ing prior lo an
allack. These lvo poinls are nol added lo ils roII lul
aIone and yel cannol shake lhe feeIing lhal lhey are
leing valched... veII, lhey are.
Transfcr Knnw!cdgc:
The scourger can shov
ils nasler vhal il is seeing
lhrough lhe huge eye Iocaled in ils noulh.
This aliIily is conlinuousIy aclive. The
nasler peers inlo a dish fuII of dark ßuid lo
receive lhe scourger´s lransnissions. .
The scourger does nol need lo sIeep, so 24-hour
surveiIIance is a possiliIily. The nasler cannol,
hovever, conlacl lhe scourger olher lhan ly neans
of a lhird parly nessenger, or sone nundane neans
such as a noliIe phone. Once lhe scourger has leen
given his inslruclions, he oleys lhen unliI loId lo do
If a sheel of Iead (even a lhin sheel) cones lelveen
lhe scourger and his nasler, lhen lhe lransnission
is inlerrupled. Running valer, such as heavy rain
or a shover inside a culicIe, dislorls lhe signaI lul
does nol lIock il, lhe scourger´s naslers suffer a
-2 AIerlness Modiher vhen lrying lo hnd characlers
vho are evading lhen. Nole aIso lhal lhe scourger
onIy sends visuaI infornalion, nol sound.
FIna! Gazc: When a scourger dies, ils renains are
aulonalicaIIy recaIIed lo lhe sunnoning circIe fron
vhence il vas originaIIy dispalched. This neans
lhal lhose vho sunnoned il can exanine il and hnd
oul hov ils Iife ended. Moreover, a scourger´s greal
gIislening eye is polenl even in dealh. The Iasl lhing
il sav is inprinled upon ils cornea. If greal care is
laken, lhe crealure´s eyelaII can le renoved and lhe
cornea peeIed off in a square seclion. This is lhen
hlled inlo a device siniIar lo a projeclion sIide. Lighl
is shone lhrough il lo reveaI lhe Iasl inage.
Lxlracling lhe scourger´s cornea requires surgicaI
looIs and use of lhe McdIc aliIily (difhcuIly 6). If
lhe check is faiIed ly 2 or Iess, lhen a lIurred lul sliII
possilIy usefuI inage is recovered. If il is faiIed ly
nore lhan 4, lhe cornea is useIess.
Rcfrcsh Abcrrancc: The scourger can onIy refresh
Abcrrancc vhen 'off duly´, lhal is, nol leing used as
a scrying conduil. Il does lhis ly invading privacy,
valching lhe nosl privale, personaI acls il can hnd,
preferalIy degraded or enlarrassing ones. If you
have ever had lo use a hIlhy, iII-nainlained pulIic
Iavalory and feIl lhal soneone vas valching under
lhe door, il vas prolalIy a scourger. Young nen
naslurlaling in lheir ledroons, vho knov lhey are
1nb bC0übübb
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
Dear Slevie,
I´n vriling lhis Ieller lecause lhe counseIor loId ne il
vouId heIp ne process vhal happened. I lhink lhal´s
luIIshil. You´re dead, you´re nol going lo read il. Nolody
vho does read il vouId ever leIieve ne, eilher, so vhal´s
lhe poinl` ßul lhey´re naking ne, so I have lo.
Today is lhe day you died. Happy Dealhday. I shouId
nake you a lig lIack cake. I couId do lhal. Il vouId onIy
need food coIoring. Then I´d pul eighleen candIes on lhe
lop. You vouId have Iiked lhal, I lhink. You and your
golhier-lhan-lhou allilude. I vonder if lhey´d Iel ne.
They vouIdn´l, of course. I don´l gel on vilh lhe peopIe
here. When I say lhal you veren´l ripped lo pieces ly a
nurderer, lhey lhink I´n in deniaI. When I say il vas ny
fauIl, lhey caII lhal lereavenenl guiIl. I nusln´l lIane
nyseIf, everyone goes lhrough lhe slages of grieving,
lIah, lIah, lIah.
Il uas ny fauIl, lhough. You knov lhal.
Il vas lecause of you and your olsession. You jusl never
seened lo le lhere for ne any nore. There vas no line
for anylhing lul lhe Creal Work. Your nagic.
You renenler vhen ve hrsl nel` When I loId you I vas
inlo Wicca, you Iaughed and spenl lhe nighl expIaining
hov il vas aII nade up. Coddess, I vas so huniIialed.
You knev so nuch, lul il onIy ever nade ne feeI slupid.
I sliII craved you, lhough. Lveryone vas in ave of
you. You vere everylhing I vanled lo le. There vas a
darkness around you I couId lasle.
Thal hrsl nighl vas anazing. I vouId have leIieved
anylhing you´d loId ne, lhen. You said ve vere going lo
le Iike AIeisler CrovIey and LeiIa WaddeII, renenler`
Hol leasl-on-vhore aclion, vilh lIack roles, and candIes
I vas jeaIous, lhal´s aII. I lhoughl you vanled ne for ne.
I didn´l jusl vanl lo le your vesseI.
I vas inlo lhe vhoIe sex nagic lhing vhen il vas kinky
and veird, lul you jusl vanled lo keep laking il furlher
and furlher. I vasn´l ready for lhe lhings you vanled lo
do. Il vas aII sIipping oul of conlroI.
The prolIen, Slevie dear, vas lhal you vere loo
good al il. Lverylhing you lried, vorked. You never
had a riluaI faiI. You veren´l one of lhose spolly
jerks vho vears a lrench coal loo lig for hin and has a
vaII fuII of fanlasy svords. When you said lhe vords,
lhings nappcncú. }esus, peopIe acluaIIy vere afraid of
you. Thal´s hov il´s supposed lo le vhen you´re inlo lhe
occuIl. I sav you nake lhal drunk guy crap his panls,
IileraIIy. The vay you Iaughed scared ne.
Thal´s vhy I did il. I gol inlo your hIes and changed sone
of lhe vords.
I´n sorry.
I vanled lo nake one of your riluaIs faiI. Thal´s aII I
vanled. I needed you lo slop leing lhe greal nagician
and jusl le ny loyfriend for a change, Iike ve used lo le.
I didn´l knov vhal vouId happen. I feeI Iike I cul your
lrake calIes or sonelhing.
I´n crying nov. This is jusl a slupid shilly Ieller lo a dead
guy and I´n crying.
I vas in lhe nexl roon vilh lhe door cIosed. I knev you
vere going lo do lhe riluaI vilhoul ne. I knev il vas lhe
one I´d nessed around vilh. I honeslIy lhoughl nolhing
vas going lo happen. Then you´d say 'oh veII´ and cone
lo led and ve´d jusl have reguIar, ordinary you-and-ne
I heard il happen, Slevie. AII of il.
I heard you screaning and lrying lo send il lack. Then
lhere vere lhe olher noises, and lhen you screeched.
Thal´s lhe onIy vord for il. Like lhal line vhen you gol
lurning incense in your hair.
I ran avay lhen, lecause I vas loo scared lo slay. Oul lhe
door, dovn lhe slairs, inlo lhe slreel, dovn lhe hiII, Iike
lhe ßernslein ßears. AII lhe vay lo lhe poIice slalion.
I sav vhal il did lo you. I vasn´l supposed lo, lul
soneone dovnIoaded lhe piclures fron rollen.con and
senl lhen lo ne. I lhink il vas your nolher. She lhinks
I kiIIed you nyseIf. I guess she leIieves lhal ny salanic
povers give ne inhunan slrenglh or sonelhing.
I used lo Iike running ny hngers over your rils. I can´l
lhink of lhal anynore. I lhink 'rils´ and ny lrain keeps
ßashing up lhose piclures.
Nov I´n here, in lhe hospilaI, vriling you lhis. Il´s leen
a year. I sliII lhink of you.
Your nolher´s righl. I nurdered you, Slevie.
AII ny Iove,
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: Shallerers are nol sullIe. When
lhey go inlo a feeding frenzy, lhey rip lheir enenies
Iinl fron Iinl, laking greedy liles and svaIIoving
lillen-off exlrenilies vhoIe. The carnage lhal is Iefl in
lhe vake of a shallerer can send veleran poIice ofhcers
lack oul inlo lhe slreel lo vonil up lheir Iasl neaI.
Al hrsl sighl, il is quile difhcuIl lo leII hov nany lodies
lhere acluaIIy are, lecause lhe residue is a carpel of
gore. None of lhe lodies viII le recovered vilh aII of
lhe parls viII never le accounled for. AII lhe corpses
viII have lils nissing, lypicaIIy lhose lhal prolrude
nosl fron lhe lody. Ior exanpIe, heads and hands viII
le lillen off, lul hips, shouIders and inlernaI organs
viII usuaIIy le presenl.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: AIlhough il is far fron
olvious una| kiIIed lhe shallerer´s viclins, lhe cause
of dealh is nol in any doull. The viclins have sinpIy
leen lorn aparl ly sonelhing vilh a huge pair of javs.
Il is possilIe lo lake parliaI casls of lhe vounds, vhich
produce a nodeI of sonelhing haIfvay lelveen a
squid´s leak and lhe ripping leelh of a piranha. The
lile radius is lelveen one and a haIf lo lvo feel.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 3O, AlhIelics 1O, HeaIlh 22,
Scufßing 2O
Hil ThreshoId: 6 (vhen invisilIe), 4 (vhen
parliaIIy visilIe) or 2 (vhen fuIIy visilIe)
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2 (vhen invisilIe), O
(vhen parliaIIy visilIe) or -2 (vhen fuIIy
Weapon: +2 (ßile) and +1 (TaIons)
Arnor: +2 vs. Shooling, +2 vs. Scufßing
OccuIlisls vho have heard of il speak of lhe shallerer
vilh horror . Though il is a Iesser enlily in rank lhan
lhe Iikes of lhe sislerile (see page XX), and is nol
especiaIIy inleIIigenl, il is no Iess deadIy. The shallerer´s
nane derives fron ils curious innale aliIily lo lreak
praclicaIIy any enchanlnenl, incIuding nagicaI
proleclions and lindings pIaced upon denons.
Ils favorile neaI is vouId-
le denon-sunnoners, vho
have lhe spark of polenliaI in lhen lhal
nakes for nagicaI aliIily lul Iack discipIine.
There are slories of nagicians vho died,
disnenlered, vhiIe allenpling lo caII up and
conlroI sonelhing lhal lhey leIieved lo le veII vilhin
lheir conpelence. Sone of lhen reßecl hov easy il is lo
nake nilrogIycerin vilh an aIchenisl´s looIs, olhers are
jusl horror slories, vhiIe a fev reIale lo lhe shallerer.
Shallerers have lhe aliIily lo sense allenpled
sunnonings and are dravn lo lhen Iike a shark lo
a lhrashing svinner . (See lhe vorlex sense aliIily
leIov.) The shallerer enlers lhe physicaI vorId lhrough
a lreach in lhe Menlrane, ly hijacking lhe sunnoning
vorlex lhal vas neanl for sone olher, Iesser crealure.
UnIess lhe nagician perforning lhe riluaI is exlreneIy
carefuI, he nay hnd hinseIf vilh a ravening shallerer
in - say - his TriangIe of Arl inslead of a veak, easiIy
conlroIIalIe spiril.
Upon enlry inlo lhe physicaI reaIn, lhe shallerer goes
inlo a feeding frenzy, devouring everylhing in sighl.
Once ils appelile is hnaIIy saled, lhe denon shifls lack
lo ils previous reaIn, il can Ieave vhenever il pIeases,
and does nol care lo slay on lhe naleriaI pIane any
Ionger lhan necessary. A shallerer sinpIy gorges ilseIf
and goes hone.
The shallerer´s deadIy povers nake il a favored pel
of grealer denons. These viII sonelines punish
inporlunale or disrespeclfuI covens ly sending lhe
shallerer in response lo a pelilion for aid. Sone groups
of dialoIisls have leen IileraIIy lorn aparl vhen lheir
denonic palron dispalched a shallerer inlo lheir circIe
inslead of a servilor.
In forn, shallerers resenlIe sonelhing lelveen a
spider and a pIucked lurkey vilh a neck fuII of leelh.
They are quick and agiIe despile lheir hefl.
CnuntcrmagIc: A shallerer can sinpIy override any
nagic lhal is allenpled againsl il. (In lhe Lsolerrorisls
selling, lanishing and linding nagic is nol effeclive
anyvay, given lhal nagic ilseIf lareIy exisls, lhis ruIe
appIies lo olher sellings.) ßy naking an Abcrrancc
lesl (difhcuIly 4), lhe shallerer can negale exorcisn
allenpls, shrug off allenpled lindings and alnegale
any olher nagic laking pIace in lhe vicinily.
FccdIng Frcnzy: Shallerers lurn inlo lerserk kiIIing
nachines as soon as
lhey lasle lIood. Once
a shallerer has sIain a
crealure, il viII allenpl lo devour lhe
lody. This viII keep il occupied for 1d3
rounds, during vhich il viII nol allack excepl
lo defend ilseIf. Ils Hil ThreshoId drops lo 2, lul lhe
danage fron ils lile allack increases lo +4, and il nay
refresh 1d6+1 poinls of 5cuf0Ing pooI. This heighlened
slale Iasls for 3 rounds.
If lhe shallerer nanages lo kiII and legin lo eal a second
viclin lefore lhe feeding frenzy has vorn off, lhen a
nev feeding frenzy connences al lhal poinl. A shallerer
can keep up a feeding frenzy for severaI ninules if lhere
are enough viclins lo devour. Il nay refresh 3 poinls of
Abcrrancc for each viclin devoured.
InvIsIbI!Ity: A shallerer can choose lo le invisilIe vhen
il hrsl nanifesls. Il does lhis lo fooI ils prey inlo lhinking
lhal lheir sunnoning riluaI has leen unsuccessfuI. The
shallerer renains invisilIe even vhen il allacks a foe.
This invisiliIily conlinues indehnileIy unliI an evenl
occurs lhal canceIs il. Olher lhan such lricks as painl
sprays or lhroving a sheel over lhe lhing, lhere are onIy
bba&&ezezS in &be WozId oI 1be bSo&ezzoziS&S
Il is renarkalIe lhal an allenpl lo sunnon denons shouId have any resuIl a| a||, Iel aIone such a
calaslrophic one, since lhe usuaI effecl of an allenpl lo sunnon denons is nolhing nore lhan charcoaI
lurns on lhe furnilure, loredon, and angry parenls. Il is doulIy renarkalIe lhal lhe Lsolerrorisls, vho
crave nagicaI nanifeslalions, shouId le jusl as vary of shallerers as lheir nore lenign adversaries.
According lo Ordo Verilalis hislory hIes, lhese crealures vere lhe resuIl of a very earIy allenpl lo pierce
lhe Menlrane ly a ceII of prolo-Lsolerrorisls caIIed lhe Tannhauser ßruderschafl, vho vere aclive
in Auslria fron 1712 lo 1788. Having slriven for years lo sunnon denonic enlilies vilh no success,
and lIaning lhis on lhe aflernalh of lhe LnIighlennenl, lhey alandoned lheir veII-lhunled copies
of lhe Legenelon and lhe Ars Noloria, and lried lo ascerlain vhal connon faclor Iinked lhe denonic
apparilions of vhich lhey had heard.
They found, lo lheir surprise, lhal aInosl every singIe recorded incidenl of ac|ua| nanifeslalion (and
lIoody nassacre) vas of lhe 'fooIhardy young nagician allenpling lo sunnon sonelhing leyond his
aliIily lo conlroI´ variely. Though il seened an affronl lo reason, lhey had lo concIude lhal lhose poor
fooIs vho vere doing nagic urcng vere gelling resuIls, aIleil disaslrous ones, vhiIe lhey in aII lheir
Hernelic visdon vere gelling no resuIls al aII.
CouId il le, lhey reasoned, lhal nagic lhal vas done urcng vas nore IikeIy lo produce a resuIl lhan nagic
lhal foIIoved aII lhe inslruclions` Allenpls lo do nagic vrong on purpose vere disnaIIy unsuccessfuI,
and so il vas agreed lhal ignorance on lhe sunnoner´s parl vas a cruciaI eIenenl of lhe process.
The Tannhauser ßruderschafl lhus enlarked upon a conspiracy. They deIileraleIy soughl oul and
grooned an arroganl young arislocral caIIed Ieler MuIIer, ßallered his ego vhiIe leaching hin lhe lasics
of nagic, and nade sure lhal lhe arcane Iilrary vas Iefl unIocked. MuIIer naluraIIy sneaked in nighl afler
nighl, read aII lhe forlidden lones he couId gel his hands on, and prepared lo sunnon hinseIf a denonic
palron. He had nol leen laughl lhe prolocoIs of linding, nor did he have access lo lhe inslrunenls of
Conhdenl lhal lhey couId lind and conlroI any enlily lhal MuIIer conjured up, lhe nagicians relrealed lo
a privale roon lo valch lhrough spyhoIes, cIulching lheir consecraled laIisnans of proleclion.
To lhis day, no pIanls viII grov on lhe spol vhere lhe Irofess-House of lhe Tannhauser ßruderschafl once
slood, and lhe IocaIs do nol Iel lheir chiIdren pIay lhere.
lvo evenls lhal can render lhe crealure visilIe. When il
allenpls lo lreak a vard (see lhe shaller circIe aliIily
leIov) il lecones lenporariIy visilIe as a lransparenl
version of ilseIf surrounded ly sparks of energy, so
characlers vho are olserving lhis can see roughIy vhal
il Iooks Iike and vhere il is. SecondIy, vhen il enlers
feeding frenzy, il lecones fuIIy visilIe.
A shallerer can lecone invisilIe again ly expending 4
poinls of Abcrrancc.
5hattcr CIrc!c: Shallerers have a slrange innale aliIily
lo slruggIe lhrough proleclive speIIs and loundaries
lhal vouId hoId olher enlilies. In CUMSHOL sellings
lhal use nagic, a shallerer nay expend a poinl of
Abcrrancc lo allack a proleclive circIe or vard as if
il vere a physicaI oljecl, deaIing danage each round
vilh ils cIavs vilhoul having lo nake a 5cuf0Ing lesl
in order lo hil. The defauIl Hca!th of a proleclive circIe
or vard is 15, lhough lhe CM nay choose lo nake
sone slronger or veaker lhan olhers, depending on lhe
conpelence (or Iack lhereof) of lhe crealor. Lach allack
requires lhe expendilure of an Abcrrancc poinl.
Vnrtcx 5cnsc: On lhe rare occasions vhen a sunnoning
riluaI is conpelenlIy perforned, a lenporary conduil is
opened in lhe Menlrane, Iinking lhis vorId vilh lhe
reaIns leyond. A shallerer can feeI lhe inlerpIanar
conduil opening and can hijack il, so lhal il appears
inslead of lhe sunnoned crealure. This aliIily viII
have a sIighlIy differenl appIicalion according lo lhe
ruIes lhe CM is using for denonoIogy and sunnoning.
Depending on lhe syslen, a shallerer nay le allracled
lo a sunnoning under lhe foIIoving circunslances:
The casler is caIIing for heIp fron
supernaluraI aIIies (such as lhe Messenger
psychic aliIily) and lhe CM ruIes lhal lhese
are unalIe lo assisl hin or her direclIy,
such as if lhe allenpl vere lo le nade in
a lhoroughIy desecraled lenpIe, or sone
exlernaI force vere inlerfering.
The casler is allenpling a sunnoning
riluaI aIong cIassic SoIononic Iines and
does nol have lhe proper ilens, shirks lhe
riluaI preparalions or has sone incorrecl
infornalion. ßy far lhe nosl IikeIy condilion
for a shallerer lo appear is lhe alsence of lhe
correcl nane for lhe enlily leing sunnoned.
If lhe sunnoner uses a nane lhal leIongs lo
a differenl enlily fron lhe one he lhinks he
is caIIing, lhen he is IikeIy lo gel lhe crealure
vhose nane he uses, if lhe selling is such
lhal nagic vorks al aII.
Hovever, if he uses a nane lhal does nol
acluaIIy leIong lo any enlily a| a||, lhen he
effecliveIy creales an open channeI inlo
vhich any leing can junp. The shallerer´s
aliIily lo sense a sunnoning vorlex nakes il
lhe nosl IikeIy crealure lo respond lo such a
lolched sunnoning.
hey, lear vilh ne lecause conpulers nake
ne nervous IoI... vhal I need nosl of aII is a guy
vho can shov ne hov lo use lhis god dann lox! :) any
progranners oul lhere` heIIo` lul seriousIy lhal vouId
rock ny vorId as I an jusl so sick of jocks Iike u vouId
nol leIieve. I have daled ny Iasl piece of leefcake for
RLAL. Nov I reaIIy vanl lo neel sone one vho has a
lrain and knovs hov lo use il... no nore super heroes,
I vanl lhe niId nannered reporler for a change. and lo
le honesl your Iooks reaIIy do nol naller nuch lecause
ils onIy skin deep as lhey say. ok, so I an a nighl cIul
dancer (gols lo nake a Iivin) and I guess I Iook good
lul lhere nusl le a guy oul lhere for ne vho can see
THRU lhe surface... sone one vho knovs vhal is lhere
UNDLR lhe skin... an I naking any sense` any hov
I nay nol le a genius or nolhing lul I knov hov lo
nake a guy feeI Iike lhe king of lhe vorId, so cone on
and naiI ne, don´l le shy, I pronise nol lo lile ,) NO
KiIIerkilly69 is nicheIIe©op6u6s6.sislerile.con *
vhaleva u vanl
KiIIerkilly69 is connecling fron *©nexushul.s
KiIIerkilly69 using irc5.p2pchal.nel I2IChal
Wesl Coasl
KiIIerkilly69 has leen idIe 1secs, signed on Iri
}uI O9 19:38:5O
KiIIerkilly69 Lnd of /WHOIS Iisl.
nUn& Ioz miSSin_ comþU&ez
&ecbnician _oeS on
8q Riaz Ma|narcc
Iears are groving for lhe safely of a conpuler
lechnician vho has leen nissing for nore lhan
lhree veeks. Rolerl Dollins, 21, of Wesl Addison,
Chicago has nol leen seen since 7pn on }uIy 9
vhen he loId his roonnales he vas going lo neel
a vonan he had lefriended over lhe Inlernel. His
green VoIvo 244 vas found parked al a vacanl Iol lhe
foIIoving day.
Searching Mr. Dollins´ conpuler for Ieads, poIice
discovered severaI gigalyles of hard pornography.
Lncrypled chal Iogs shov lhal he leIieved he vas
lo neel a vonan, vho gave her nane as MicheIIe
Schvesler, and provided a nonexislenl address.
Though lhe Iogs nenlion lhen, no inages of his
conpanion have leen Iocaled. IoIice are anxious lo
lrace Ms. Schvesler, vhose nane does nol appear in
any pulIic records.
AII 1ba& bemainS
Burcaucracy: Sislerile viclins oflen have Iov-key jols in
corporalions, vhich viII co-operale vilh invesligalors
if lhey are properIy persuaded. The pallern lhal
energes vhen discussing a sislerile viclin is one of
personaI lransfornalion coupIed vilh delerioraling
vork allendance. The viclin appeared lo le happier
lhan ever, and yel he legan lo lake frequenl sick days,
sonelines nol shoving up for vork for days on end
vilhoul expIanalion. The nanager vouId have hred
hin, lul for lhe facl lhal nolody eIse knev hov lo hx
lhe nelvork if sonelhing venl vrong vilh il.
Data RctrIcva!: Sludy of lhe viclin´s conpuler
viII lypicaIIy reveaI exlensive conversalions over
nessenger prograns, IovingIy Iogged for rereading. Il
is nol connon for sislerile viclins lo prolecl lhese hIes
on a doneslic conpuler, lul as use of chal soflvare is
nol usuaIIy pernilled al vork, lhey viII have secureIy
hidden lhe chal Iogs on any ICs used in lhe vorkpIace.
Use of Data RctrIcva! viII aIso Iocale lhe sislerile´s
levilching sigiI (see leIov).
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: When sisleriles feed, lhey do
so lhoroughIy, and lheir slonachs dislend as lhey hII
vilh neal, grislIe, lone and falric. Their poverfuI javs
grind up every norseI of lhe viclin, cIolhes incIuded,
even leelh and lones are crunched and svaIIoved.
UnIess a sislerile is inlerrupled al her grisIy feasl, lhe
onIy sign lhal lhe sIaughler has laken pIace is lhe riol
of lIoodslains. Il is nexl lo inpossilIe lo hnd any olher
lrace of lhe unforlunale viclin, hovever, even so nuch
as a fragnenl of lone or a scrap of skin.
The quanlily and dislrilulion of lIood suggesl lhal
lhe viclin lIed oul in one Iocalion over line, and
vas disnenlered in lhe process. In ordinary nurder
cases, il is lypicaI for disnenlernenl lo lake pIace in
a lalhlul, as il is easier lo cIean up lhe ness. Here,
hovever, lhe lulchery seens lo have happened vilh no
regard for conceaInenl of lhe evidence.
Sisleriles viII oflen legin lheir neaI ly liling deep inlo
lhe lhigh and learing open lhe fenoraI arlery vhiIe
lhe viclin is sliII aIive. They do lhis ly offering
lo feIIale lhe slupehed viclin, kneeIing vhiIe he
renoves his panls and lriefs, lhen sinking lheir leelh
inlo lhe ßesh. A carefuI sludy of lIood spIaller pallerns
can reconslrucl lhis lender scene. The lIood shadov of
lhe viclin´s feel, sprayed over ly an arlery suddenIy
gushing Iike a hosepipe, is lhe giveavay.
Anyone naking a cursory check for physicaI rennanls
is unIikeIy lo hnd anylhing al aII olher lhan lIood. Wilh
a nore lhorough search, lhe invesligalor viII discover
shards of keys, coins, jeveIry, speclacIe Ienses or pIaslic
cards, aII shoving loolh narks. OnIy lhe very liniesl
organic rennanls can le found, perhaps a hair, an
eyeIash, or a sIiver fron a hngernaiI.
Lven sisleriles cannol digesl pIaslic and nelaI, nor can
lheir syslens handIe lhe Iarger chunks of lone. They
lhus regurgilale a ghaslIy lundIe of naller severaI
days afler devouring lheir prey, lefore sellIing dovn
lo hilernale. This oljecl varies in size lelveen a hsl
and a foollaII. Il is a sliff, slinking vad of hair, leelh,
lone fragnenls and indigeslilIe naleriaI, Iike nolhing
so nuch as a huge ovI peIIel. Il is fuII of giveavay
evidence lhal can idenlify lhe viclin or viclins.
Researchers have laken lo caIIing lhis lhe 'leozar´,
lecause of ils hair conlenl.
Sisleriles viII never heave up lhe leozar in lhe sane
pIace as lhey nade lhe kiII. Knoving lhal il couId
Iead lo lheir discovery, lhey lake care lo deposil il
sonevhere vhere lhey hope il viII never le found. A
sislerile in a hurry viII, hovever, dunp hers in a Iiller
lin or even allenpl lo ßush il dovn lhe Iavalory if she
has no olher choice.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: There is nol usuaIIy enough
of a lody Iefl al lhe nurder scene lo idenlify cause of
dealh. If lhe sislerile is inlerrupled, lhen lhe haIf-ealen
cadaver can le exanined, lhe viclin olviousIy died
fron lIood Ioss, foIIoving deep liles.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy /Tcxt Ana!ysIs: If an invesligalor
laIks lo soneone vho is under lhe inßuence of a
sislerile, or sludies lheir vrilings (such as a chal Iog), il
is innedialeIy apparenl lhal he is a nan olsessed. His
physicaI appearance is unkenpl and paIIid, as if he had
leen negIecling lo lake care of hinseIf and spending
nany hours indoors.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 14, AlhIelics 8, Driving 8, IiIch 8,
HeaIlh 12, Medic 4, Ireparedness 6, Scufßing
1O, Shooling 1O, Shrink 18
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: ßile (+O) and laIons (+O)
Arnor: +2 vs. Scufßing, +1 vs. Shooling
The sisleriles are denonic enlilies lhal dveII on lhe
naleriaI pIane. They nake lheir hones in secIuded
and easiIy defensilIe pIaces vhere lhey are nol IikeIy
lo le found, such as lhe allics of alandoned houses,
underground raiIvay lunneIs, deep caverns such as
lhose of disused nines and unvisiled archive roons in
lhe lasenenls of universilies.
Iron lheir Iairs, lhe sisleriles use lheir lizarre povers
lo access lhe Inlernel, using lhe Wel lo Iure in IoneIy
and unvilling prey. They nake use of daling velsiles
and olher Iess saIulrious 'aduIl conneclion´ agencies
lo cuIlivale polenliaI viclins, largeling IoneIy and
guIIilIe nen - for preference unheaIlhy and overveighl
specinens - vho reside vilhin easy dislance of a Iair.
AII sisleriles appear lo use lhe sane ISI, vhalever
nane she uses, her enaiI address viII aIvays end vilh
Those vho are faniIiar vilh lhe sisleriles´ insidious
vays viII deIele any nessage lhal cones fron a
sis|cri|c.ccm source, unIess lhey are pulling logelher
sone kind of rash pIan lo lrack dovn and kiII lhe
crealures. This is a very dangerous underlaking, as
sisleriles lake greal pains lo avoid deleclion and viII
oflen looly-lrap lheir Iairs.
Sisleriles lypicaIIy seduce lheir prey over an exlended
period, oflen veeks or nonlhs, conpIinenling and
soolhing lhen unliI lhey have eslalIished lrusl or,
preferalIy, inciled a degree of Iusl lhal cIouds lhe
viclin´s judgenenl. Once lhe prey has leen lhoroughIy
guIIed, vilh lhe heIp of lhe sislerile´s levilching sigiI
(see leIov), he is inviled lo a suilalIe Iocalion for a
neeling 'in lhe ßesh´. The sislerile varps lhe viclin´s
perceplions, so lhal he sees a nighlcIul or lar inslead
of an enply larn or dereIicl house. He hopes for sex,
and, hopefuIIy, a Iol of
sex. Whal he gels is a nighl
of leing disnenlered, disenloveIed and
AddIctIvc Prcscncc: The sisleriles knov vhal
sad, IoneIy nen vanl. The crealures are experls al
giving lheir viclins enough allenlion lo feeI good aloul
lhenseIves, vhiIe hoIding lack enough lo nake lhen
vanl nore. When a sislerile hrsl nakes conlacl vilh
her prey and spends al Ieasl one ninule laIking lo hin
onIine, he lecones fascinaled.
WhiIe fascinaled, he does nol vanl lo do anylhing
olher lhan sil al his conpuler and converse vilh her,
lhough he viII reacl lo Iife-lhrealening circunslances.
The sislerile viII aIvays end lhe session afler severaI
hours have passed, giving a line and dale for lhe nexl
onIine rendezvous. This ends lhe conversalion, lul nol
lhe fascinalion.
Once lhe viclin has leen fascinaled once and has lhe
opporlunily lo spend nore onIine line vilh his nev
friend, he hnds il increasingIy difhcuIl lo do anylhing
eIse. Ior exanpIe, if lhe largel knev lhal his sislerile
vas going lo le onIine on a given nighl, he vouId nake
excuses lo avoid allending a parly he had previousIy
pronised lo go lo. Al nosl, he vouId spend hve ninules
lhere lefore rushing lack lo his conpuler and Iog on.
The sislerile´s predalory nelhods depend on vearing
avay lhe viclin´s skeplicisn and inaliIily lo leIieve
his Iuck. Through sinpIe onIine conversalion, sharing
of inlinacies and cIever ßallery of lhe viclin´s ego, lhe
hunlress sleadiIy Iovers her prey´s defenses.
The reassuring effecl of lhe sislerile´s cosseling
lhus nakes lhe viclin nore and nore vuIneralIe
lo nanipuIalion. According lo lhe Ordo Verilalis
operalions nanuaI, lhe lesl vay lo heIp a polenliaI
viclin of lhe sisleriles is lo drag hin physicaIIy avay
fron his conpuler and lake hin for a canping lrip oul
in lhe viId, far avay fron lIueloolh conneclions, cyler
cafes and lhe Iike.
BcwItchIng 5IgI!: A levilching sigiI is a forn of nagicaI
allack deIivered over lhe Inlernel. When she evenluaIIy
agrees lo send a pholo of herseIf, a sislerile viII aIvays
send an inage hIe, usuaIIy in .gif or .jpg fornal. Once
lhis hIe is opened and lhe inage Iooked al, any
person Iooking al il nusl nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c lesl
(DifhcuIly 5).
Those vho succeed al
lhe lesl see lhe sigiI as
il lruIy is, a langIed vhile
synloI on a lIack lackground. Those vho
faiI, hovever, see inslead a gorgeous and
enlicing fenaIe. Any person vho has ever seen
a sislerile´s lrue forn, or has previousIy seen lhrough a
differenl levilching sigiI, roIIs againsl a difhcuIly of 3
ralher lhan 5. You onIy need lo nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c
/ 5urvcI!!ancc lesl againsl any given sigiI once.
Isychic characlers vilh lhe Aura RcadIng aliIily see
lhe lrue sigiI aulonalicaIIy, lul are forced lo nake a
2-poinl SlaliIily lesl as ils naIign psychic inßuence
corrodes lheir ninds.
AII lhose vho faiI lheir 5cnsc Trnub!c / 5urvcI!!ancc
lesls vhen Iooking al one parlicuIar sigiI see lhe sane
leaulifuI vonan, lul do nol suffer any olher negalive
effecl. Hovever, vhenever lhe sislerile sends oul her
levilching sigiI, she aIvays has one specihc - primarq
- viclin in nind, vhon she nusl seIecl in advance.
This unforlunale is pIunged inlo far grealer danger if he
faiIs his 5cnsc Trnub!c lesl.
IirslIy, a sislerile aIvays knovs lhe exacl Iocalion of
her prinary viclin, even if he is oul of range of her
lIindsighl (see leIov).
SecondIy, lhe crealure can lvisl her prinary viclin´s
perceplions al viII, provided lhal he is vilhin range (len
niIes pIus one addilionaI niIe per poinl of lhe sislerile´s
Abcrrancc raling.) The predalor can nenlaIIy convince
her prey lhal a ruined shack is acluaIIy a nighlcIul, lhal
a gIass of lrackish valer is chanpagne and lhal she is
nol a ghaslIy apparilion lul a Iuscious lIonde drean
girI. The sislerile lypicaIIy uses lhis pover lo creale
a suilalIe haIIucinalory venue her neeling vilh her
viclin, vhen she decides lo sunnon hin lo his doon.
The viclin is aIIoved no furlher Sense TroulIe /
SurveiIIance lesls unliI lhe sislerile is kiIIed (al vhich
poinl he is freed fron lhe effecl) excepl under lhe
foIIoving circunslances:
DeIeling lhe inage hIe aIIovs lhe viclin lo
nake a second 5cnsc Trnub!c / 5urvcI!!ancc
lesl (DifhcuIly 4) lo lreak lhe levilchnenl
effecl. Hovever, lhis is nol as easy as il
sounds. The inage is a nagicaI effecl
lhal acliveIy resisls deIelion. On lhe
nundane pIane, lhe hIe uses unpIeasanl
progranning lricks lo evade renovaI and
is lhus difhcuIl lo deIele, requiring severaI
hours of progranning line lo eradicale
The CM shouId delernine privaleIy vhelher
any allenpl lo deIele lhe hIe has leen
successfuI (lhe higher a characler´s Data
RctrIcva! raling, lhe nore IikeIy il is lhal she
viII have deIeled lhe hIe) and lhen aIIov lhe
characler a 5cnsc Trnub!c / 5urvcI!!ancc
lesl (DifhcuIly 6 ninus lhe characler´s Data
RctrIcva! raling) lo nolice vhelher she
has leen successfuI or nol. If lhe 5cnsc
Trnub!c / 5urvcI!!ancc lesl is faiIed, lhen lhe
progranner leIieves lhal she has deIeled
lhe hIe successfuIIy, vhen in reaIily il sliII
resides on lhe polenliaI viclin´s hard drive.
SpiriluaIIy, lhe sigiI´s nagic sulverls lhe
viII of anyone allenpling lo renove il. A
person lrying lo confronl lhe sigiI (vhelher
ly deIeling il, refornalling lhe hard disk,
or even, as a Iasl resorl, deslroying lhe
conpuler) nusl hrsl succeed al a 5tabI!Ity
lesl (DifhcuIly 5) lo sunnon up lhe
necessary inner courage. AIlhough lhe
suljecl can expend 5tabI!Ity lo increase his
roII, lhis lesl does nol resuIl in Iosl 5tabI!Ity
if il is faiIed. In lhe evenl of a faiIed lesl, lhe
suljecl cannol allenpl anolher such lesl for
one hour.
Civing lhe viclin a dose of an anli-
haIIucinogen can cause hin lo see lhe vorId
as il lruIy is for 1d6x1O ninules, suspending
lul nol renoving lhe effecls of lhe sislerile´s
levilchnenl. Adninislering lhe correcl
drug effecliveIy requires a successfuI 5hrInk
lesl (DifhcuIly 4) and access lo psychialric
If lhe sislerile goes inlo hilernalion, she
can no Ionger acliveIy conlroI lhe viclin´s
perceplions, lhough he is sliII under her speII.
The dupe sliII perceives lhe sigiI as lhe pholo
of a leaulifuI vonan. When lhe sislerile
avakens fron hilernalion, she can resune
her conlroI of lhe viclin´s perceplions,
provided lhal lhe sigiI has nol leen deIeled
in lhe inlerin.
A sislerile can onIy conlroI lhe viclin´s perceplions of
lhe environnenl and of herseIf. She cannol nake olher
peopIe seen lo le differenl or lo do lhings lhal lhey
are nol doing. She nay, hovever, creale and suslain
haIIucinalory crealures, such as larlenders, addilionaI
cIul allendees and lhe Iike, in order lo nake her unreaI
environnenl seen Iess enply. Lach such haIIucinalory
crealure cosls her a poinl of Abcrrancc, she does nol
recover lhese poinls unliI she has fed.
5upcrnatura! 5cnscs: A sislerile has a nelaI pIale
naiIed over each eye sockel. This apparenl lIindness
does nol inpede her, as lhese horrors do nol have a
sense of sighl . Inslead, lhey use psychic inaging lo
perceive lheir environnenl, nodeIing il in virluaI forn
inside lheir unspeakalIy lvisled ninds. As a resuIl,
condilions lhal hanper vision for ordinary peopIe, such
as darkness and olscuring snoke, do nol inlerfere vilh
lhe sisleriles´ aliIily lo perceive lheir environnenls
al aII. They aulonalicaIIy sense lhe presence of any
crealure vilhin 6O feel.
Their supernaluraI senses are conlinuousIy aclive and
does nol need lo le 'svilched on´, lhough il funclions
lo a Iesser degree vhiIe lhe sislerile is in dornancy (see
Dnrmancy: ApproxinaleIy lhree days afler a sislerile
has fed, she goes inlo a lrance-Iike dornancy for aloul
six nonlhs, so lhal she can digesl her viclin. ßefore
doing lhis, she viII relch up her leozar and dispose of il
(see Lvidence CoIIeclion seclion alove). Nexl, she viII
larricade herseIf avay lehind as nuch novalIe junk
as she can hnd, so lhal anyone lrying lo reach her viII
creale noise and vake her up. During lhis crilicaI and
dangerous line, her hideousIy dislended forn sIovIy
conlracls lack lo ils usuaI proporlions. A dornanl
sislerile is heIpIess and cannol defend herseIf.
In lheir dornanl slale, lhese horrors do nol enjoy lhe
fuII lenehls of lheir supernaluraI senses, lheir AIerlness
Modiher drops lo O. WhiIe in a digeslive lrance, lhey
hnd il nuch harder lo delecl a crealure noving around
in lheir innediale vicinily. Il is possilIe lo sneak up on
one ly naking a successfuI Inñ!tratInn check (DifhcuIly
4), so Iong as your scenl does nol give you avay.
A dornanl sislerile´s prinary defense is her sense of
sneII, vhich is so acule lhal il can vaken her if she
delecls an unexpecled scenl in lhe area. The Inñ!tratInn
lesl difhcuIly given alove assunes a nornaI hunan
scenl, vilhoul exerlion. A person vho had recenlIy
leen running or engaging
in hard nanuaI vork vouId
roII againsl a difhcuIly of 5, vhiIe soneone
vearing aflershave vouId face a difhcuIly
of 6. More poverfuI scenls, such as slrong
chenicaIs, cigarelle snoke or an overveighl
naIe vho has nol shovered in over a nonlh, lolaIIy
override any allenpl al using Inñ!tratInn and inslanlIy
aIerl lhe Sislerile as soon as lhe source of lhe sneII
cones vilhin 6O feel.
Sisleriles lry lo arrange lheir Iairs so lhal lhey viII have
pIenly of line lo vaken lefore lhey have lo confronl
any inlruder, lecause a dornanl sislerile needs lo lake
a vhoIe round lo rouse herseIf lefore she is no Ionger
considered heIpIess and can lake aclions. Ior lhe nexl
1d6 rounds, she is sIuggish and nakes aII lesls againsl
a +1 difhcuIly, incIuding roIIing againsl opponenls´ Hil
HnrrIñc: Sisleriles are paIIid, gruesone hgures of
nighlnare. Lven lhose vho lhink lhey are inured lo lhe
vorsl a norluary roon or lallIeheId can offer can le
driven shrieking nad vhen lhey see a sislerile Iooning
over lhen. The polenliaI 5tabI!Ity Ioss for any 5tabI!Ity
lesl provoked ly a sislerile is increased ly 1.
Natura! Intcrfacc: A sislerile can access lhe Inlernel
vilhoul lhe need for a conpuler, noden or any
exlernaI paraphernaIia vhalsoever. A sislerile can 'Iog
on´ al viII, laking a round lo do so. Once connecled,
lhey can conpose and send enaiIs, nodeI or renodeI
velsiles and even hoId conversalions lhrough Inlernel
ReIay Chal (IRC) or nessenger prograns.
WhiIe a sislerile is using her naluraI inlerface aliIily, she
nusl concenlrale. If she suffers dislraclion, such as fron
laking physicaI danage, she nusl nake an Abcrrancc
lesl (DifhcuIly 4) or le alruplIy 'disconnecled´.
Allenpls lo lrack lhe sislerile´s II address lhrough
convenlionaI neans are aIvays fruilIess. The donain
sis|cri|c.ccm does nol appear lo le regislered lo a user,
lhough nane servers cIearIy recognize il.
The secondary appIicalion of lhe sislerile´s naluraI
inlerface aliIily is renole usage of conpulers. A sislerile
can conlroI any povered-up conpuler vilhin 6O feel of
her as if she vas sal al lhe keyloard. Her supernaluraI
senses leII her lhal il is lhere.
Sisleriles can allenpl lo operale a conpuler secrelIy
vhiIe anolher person is aIso using il. If she does
so, lhe person using
lhe conpuler nay
nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c
/ 5urvcI!!ancc lesl (difhcuIly 6 ninus
lheir Data RctrIcva! raling) lefore lhe
sislerile allenpls vhalever operalion she is
underlaking. If she is successfuI, she goes undelecled.
If nol, lhe olher operalor reaIizes lhal soneone eIse is
nanipuIaling lhe conpuler al lhe sane line, lhough he
is nol aulonalicaIIy unalIe lo counler vhal lhe sislerile
is doing, nor does he aulonalicaIIy recognize vhal
she is lrying lo do. A sislerile´s renole conpuler use
requires concenlralion exaclIy as if she vere sal al lhe
Rcnd: Whelher lhey are hghling or ripping lhe ßesh
fron lhe lones of lheir screaning prey, sisleriles Iike
lo cIose lheir javs on a sofl parl of lhe viclin´s lody
and rend oul vhoIe nasses of lissue. A sislerile lhal hils
and deaIs danage vilh her lile allack nay innedialeIy
nake an opposed Ath!ctIcs lesl vilh her largel. If lhe
sislerile vins, she deaIs an addilionaI die of danage, if
lhe largel vins, for lhe nexl round he lreals lhe sislerile
as if her Hil ThreshoId vere one poinl Iover lhan il is.
When lhey appear in lheir lrue forns, lhe sisleriles
sland aloul seven feel laII. They are usuaIIy naked
and have dealhIy paIe skin. They nighl once have
leen hunan lul nov shov lhe evidence of horrilIe
lulchery, as if a seriaI kiIIer´s viclin had sonehov
leen reslored lo a senlIance of Iife. The skin on lheir
aldonens is aIvays shredded, exposing nuscIe lissue
and gIislening viscera. Their arns end in laIons, lhey are
usuaIIy sIalhered up lo lhe eIlov vilh lhe fal and juices
of lhe nen vhose lodies lhey have eagerIy ripped open
lo gel al lhe offaI.
The face is perhaps lhe vorsl of aII: sisleriles have
carluncuIar nelaI pIales naiIed over lheir eyes, naking
lhen Iook aInosl insecl-Iike and lheir IipIess noulhs
are aInosl aIvays lhickIy crusled vilh lhe lIood of
lheir Iasl unforlunale neaI. They prefer olese naIes as
lheir food, since lhey conlain sulslanliaI fally deposils
and pIenlifuI neal.
5IstcrItc HuntIng
AIlhough lhe sisleriles are usuaIIy conlenl lo
Iook for polenliaI viclins on lhe Wel ly sinpIe
searching and regislering on daling velsiles, lhis is
nol aIvays praclicaI. The vasl nunler of IoneIy hunan
leings using lhe sane faciIilies can easiIy drovn oul
even a sislerile´s conpeIIing presence.
The sisleriles use lvo nelhods lo increase lheir nunler
of polenliaI viclins. One is lo send oul hundreds of
lhousands of unsoIiciled enaiIs, purporling lo le
fron IoneIy vonen craving naIe allenlion~aII fron
sis|cri|c.ccm, of course. The sislerile has no supernaluraI
aliIily lo nake lhe reader of such an enaiI pay allenlion
lo il. His ovn naluraI curiosily nusl Iead hin lo visil
lhe indicaled velsile.
The olher nelhod is lhe free pronolionaI CD. This
is senl lo aII lhe nen in a given region lhal nalch a
parlicuIar prohIe, naneIy lhe singIe, Iove-seeking
variely. Once lhe CD is inserled inlo a given conpuler,
il inslaIIs soflvare lhal aulonalicaIIy Iogs lhe individuaI
on lo lhe sisleriles´ vel sile. Il is exlreneIy difhcuIl lo
uninslaII, requiring severaI hours of vork, a nininun
Data RctrIcva! raling of 2, and lhree conseculive
5cnsc Trnub!c / 5urvcI!!ancc lesls (DifhcuIly 7 ninus
lhe characler´s Data RctrIcva! raling). Like lhe sigiI
alove, lhe CD carries a nagicaI charge, and lhose vho
see il have lo nake a 5tabI!Ity lesl (exaclIy as for lhe
ßevilching SigiI alove) lo force lhenseIves lo gel rid
of il.
The skilch is a revoIling parasile vilh a Iife cycIe of
severaI slages. Like lhe Dealh Tapper, il seens lo have
had ils origin in lhird vorId counlries, and has recenlIy
nigraled lo lhe urlanized Wesl.
The hosl lypicaIIy consunes lhe liny skilch egg vilhoul
leing avare of il, oving lo lad doneslic hygiene. The
egg grafls ilseIf lo lhe vaII of lhe slonach, and legins lo
forns ilseIf a lody. Il dravs on lhe hosl´s DNA, cIolhing
ilseIf in Iayers of lorroved ßesh, effecliveIy leconing
a parasilic lvin. Like a hideous cross lelveen a felus
and a lapevorn, il feeds fron lhe hosl, vho lecones
irrilalIe, IislIess and lIoaled.
As lhe skilch sveIIs in lhe hosl´s enlraiIs, il legins lo
shov as a dislincl luIge in lhe aldonen. In lhe case
of vonen, lhis is aInosl aIvays laken as evidence
of pregnancy, especiaIIy since lhe skilch´s hornonaI
secrelions lIock lhe nenslruaI cycIe, pregnancy lesls,
hovever, regisler as negalive. MaIe hosls are nore
IikeIy lo le disnissed as leer drinkers vhose halil is
calching up vilh lhen. OddIy, nen vho are hosls lo
skilches legin lo Iaclale fron lhe nippIes, a synplon
lhey are aInosl aIvays loo enlarrassed lo descrile lo
lheir doclors.
The skilch´s craving for nulrilion lransnils ilseIf lo lhe
hosl, vho legins lo suffer pangs of hunger, ordering
slacks of pizzas and ealing lhen aII in one linge, or
sonelines heaping lin afler lin of cal or dog food on a
pIale and ealing il aII. The skilch has slrange nulrilionaI
needs, and lhe hosl nay hnd hinseIf craving pinl
gIasses fuII of vinegar or sandviches vilh a loolhpasle
and anchovy hIIing. Sone hosls, parlicuIarIy lhose in
isoIaled areas, hnd lhenseIves craving hunan neal.
Odd cravings are usuaIIy disnissed as lhe resuIl of
'pregnancy hornones´ in lhe case of vonen.
When lhe skilch grovs Iarge enough
(vhich lakes approxinaleIy one
nonlh) il spIils lhe hosl´s lody, eals
il, and scullIes off. WhiIe il is lursling
free, il hIIs lhe hosl vilh nassive
anounls of liochenicaIs lhal induce
hyslericaI Iaughler and euphoria, so lhal lhe hosl
ends up screaning vilh Iaughler vhiIe lhe skilch
gnavs ils vay oul.
The energenl skilch is a Iunpy, heaped nass of
lissue, vilh liny ninicked parls of lhe hosl´s lody
prolruding fron ils ovn - a fev liny hngers here,
an eye lhere, a naIforned sel of genilaIia lenealh.
(Il grealIy resenlIes lhe parasilic lvins lhal are
sonelines exlracled fron aduIls, vilh lhe exceplion
lhal il is aIive and conscious.) Il has no recognizalIe
hunan shape and scrallIes vilh ungainIy speed on
IillIe lalyIike Iinls. Il renains in lhis forn for up
lo lhree veeks, ealing vhalever il can hnd lo suslain
The nexl slage in ils Iife cycIe is lo disinlegrale, faIIing
lo lils a piece al a line. This lakes pIace as il noves
across an area (usuaIIy scrallIing across rooflops). Il
crunlIes inlo chunks of especiaIIy pungenl rollen
neal, each one saluraled vilh eggs, vhich are ealen
ly carnivorous doneslic aninaIs. Cals in parlicuIar
seen nadIy allracled lo lhe sluff, craving il in a
nanner nol unIike lhe hunan hosl´s craving for
slrange foods.
These aninaIs lhen pass on skilch eggs lo lheir
hunan ovners lhrough lheir feces. SlrangeIy, lhe
halched skilch aIvays Ieaves lhe pels aIone, perhaps
recognizing lheir conlrilulion lo ils Iife cycIe.
Skilches originaled in Africa, vhere lhey are
responsilIe for sone of lhe dislended leIIies and
shrunken lodies of chiIdren and aduIls lhere. A
skilch hosl jusl prior lo lhe halching oflen cones lo
resenlIe a fanine viclin, his Iinls are enacialed, his
leIIy a laIIoon, lhe naveI a knol.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: UnIess lhe skilch is inlerrupled,
vhich is unusuaI, lhe luIk of lhe hosl´s lody viII
have leen gnaved lo lhe lone. Ils noulhparls are
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
liny, so il cannol consune nuch al once. Il vorks Iike
a calerpiIIar cheving a Ieaf, nunching avay sleadiIy
unliI aII lhe sofl parls are ealen.
There are cIear lracks Iefl ly lhe deparling skilch, such
as lIood snears in an olvious direclion, lul il is difhcuIl
lo eslalIish vhal nade lhen, as lhe lody is heavy and
drags across lhe ßoor. Sonelines a liny handprinl or
foolprinl can le found.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The lody has leen cheved
lo lhe lone ly a singIe crealure vorking sleadiIy over
line. The parls are nol scallered. As lhe crealure exils
lhrough lhe Iover aldonen, leIov lhe rilcage, lhere is
nol usuaIIy any lone danage lo nark ils grisIy exil.
Pathn!ngy: When a person vho is inculaling a skilch is
lroughl in for nedicaI allenlion, il is a reIaliveIy sinpIe
naller lo diagnose parasilic infeslalion. X-rays reveaI
lhe nass of lhe lhing curIed up anong lhe hosl´s viscera.
A nascenl skilch has sone lasic avareness of lhe vorId
oulside and viII keep sliII vhiIe lhe hosl is exanined,
hoping lo le nislaken for an ordinary parasilic lvin.
On sone very rare occasions (onIy lvo are knovn),
a viclin has had a skilch renoved and survived, on
one of lhese, lhe skilch vas nicked ly a scaIpeI and
scrallIed squeaIing oul of lhe operaling lhealre, no
Ionger prelending lo le dead ßesh. The uIlinale fale of
lhe nedicaI lean vho carried oul lhe operalion is nol
knovn, lul lhe surgeon is leIieved lo have leen deepIy
lraunalized ly lhe experience and gone on lo lecone
one of Laslern Lurope´s nosl nolorious seriaI kiIIers.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
AlhIelics 4, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 8, Shooling 2O
(see leIov)
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: +O (leelh)
Arnor: +3 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
C!Imb: Skilches can cIing lo sheer surfaces, as
gaslropods do. A skilch lhal needs lo avoid
deleclion viII cravI palienlIy up a vaII in a dark
roon and Iurk in an upper corner or cIing lo a ceiIing.
A sIighl siIver lraiI is visilIe for an hour afler lhe skilch
has crossed a surface.
Infcst: A person vho has lecone hosl lo a skilch nakes
aII lesls of physicaI conpelence (such as Ath!ctIcs,
5cuf0Ing and Hca!th lesls) againsl largel difhcuIlies
of +1.
A conpelenl surgeon can renove lhe skilch lefore
il grovs lo nalurily. This requires lvo conseculive
McdIc lesls (difhcuIly 4). Hovever, lhe danage lo
lhe viclin´s syslen even if he survives is such lhal his
Hca!th raling is reduced ly lvo poinls lhereafler if lhe
skilch had leen groving for nore lhan lvo veeks, and
one poinl if il vas nore lhan one veek oId.
RenovaI of a younger skilch carries no penaIly, lul
lhe IillIe Iarva is harder lo delach and requires lhree
conseculive McdIc lesls (difhcuIly 4) ralher lhan lvo.
5purt: If a dying skilch is in a hurry lo reproduce, il can
lry lo spil fragnenls of ilseIf inlo a nearly crealure´s
noulh. The fragnenls are, of course, riddIed vilh
Il nakes a 5hnntIng lesl lo do lhis, and lhe largel
receives a +3 increase lo ils usuaI Hil ThreshoId, as lhe
noulh is a liny largel lo hil. The skilch can onIy spil
lils of ilseIf inlo lhe noulh of a crealure vhose noulh
is open, so a pIayer characler vho is laIking is fair gane,
as is a larking dog or a yavning cal. Those vho knov
lhe halils of dying skilches nake sure lheir noulhs are
covered up lefore lhey enler a roon vhere one nay le
The ßesh gollels are so egg-Iaden lhal any crealure
or person vho gels skilch lissue in his or her noulh
viII inevilalIy lecone lhe hosl lo a nev skilch, unIess
innediale nedicaI allenlion is received. IieId nedicaI
allenlion requires a McdIc lesl (difhcuIly 4) and
invoIves sIuicing lhe noulh vilh an appropriale vash,
lhis nusl lake pIace vilhin lhree rounds, or lhe skilch
lecones inpIanled. HospilaI lrealnenl and lhe use of
a slonach punp are nuch nore reIialIe and require no
lesls. This nusl lake pIace vilhin lhe hour.
P!Iab!c: As skilches are noslIy loneIess lissue, lhey
can squeeze and deforn lhenseIves lo press lhrough
gaps. Civen enough line, a skilch can pass lhrough a
gap as snaII as haIf an inch across. They can ooze under
nany doors and lhrough Iellerlox sIols, lul cannol
(lhankfuIIy) pass lhrough keyhoIes
bIbbI nAü
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
I loId lhen again and again lul lhey did nol Iislen.
The hrsl line il happened vas aloul lvo years ago, I
lhink. I vas seven lhen. I voke up in lhe niddIe of lhe
nighl. I couId see il vas lveIve eighleen lecause lhe
cIock vas gIoving. Il vas lhe onIy Iighl in lhe roon and
lhen sonelhing noved in fronl of il. There vas a slrong
lreeze and il vas varn. The curlains vere lIoving in.
I vas reaIIy frighlened. I couId nol nove and couId nol
screan lhough I vanled lo. Il Iasled for aloul lhirly
seconds and lhen il vas gone. I didn´l see anylhing lhal
line aparl fron lhe lhing lhal noved in fronl of lhe
cIock for a nonenl. I couId nol gel lack lo sIeep and
did nol vanl lo gel oul of led and lurn lhe Iighl on in
case sonelhing happened.
Then a fev nonlhs Ialer il happened again. I vas
Iying in led and again I voke up aII of a sudden. I feIl
sonelhing hoIding ne dovn. Il vas reaIIy slrong and I
couId nol sil up. I lried lo screan for ny nunny and
daddy and couId nol nake any noise cone oul. I lried
lo lang on lhe vaII so lhey vouId hear ne lul I couId
nol nove ny arns al aII. I vas nore scared lhan I have
ever leen in ny Iife.
I loId a coupIe of peopIe al schooI. Tonny Iryce said
il vas lhe oId vilch lhal cones in lhe nighl. We aII
Iaughed al hin and he cried lul secrelIy I lhoughl he
vas leIIing lhe lrulh. Nolody ever laIked lo Tonny
nuch. He didn´l have any friends. His nun died in lhe
nighl and her face vas aII screved up and scary. She
had a hearl allack. Tonny leIieved in lhe oId vilch
and lhe nore I Iislened lo hin lhe nore I leIieved in
her loo. He said she cIinls in lhe vindov and sils on
your chesl and sleaIs your lrealh.
Whalever you do you nusl never ever Iook. You have
lo Iie sliII and vail for her lo go avay. If you lurn on lhe
Iighl and Iook, you viII see her, and she viII see YOU,
lhen il´s aII over. Thal vas vhal Tonny said. Il´s aII
I loId nun and dad aloul il in lhe evening and lhey jusl
cuddIed ne and loId ne nol lo le afraid. Tonny vas
having enolionaI prolIens and I nusl le synpalhelic,
lhey said. He had had a Iol of lragic lhings happen in
his Iife.
They said il vas nol a ghosl. My dad nade ne go and
sil vilh hin vhiIe ve Iooked il up on lhe Inlernel.
We found a pIace lhal said il vas a lhing caIIed
sIeep paraIysis and Iols of peopIe gol il. Il is vhal
happens vhen your lrain is sliII fuII of dreans lul your
lody vakes up, so you are sluck in lhe lad drean.
When I venl lo led I vas nol quile so scared as lefore
lecause I knev il vas aII in ny head. I venl lo sIeep.
There vas a lrighl noon shining.
I voke up again. The curlains vere lIoving and I had
a heavy lhing on ne. I vas scared aII lhrough ny lody.
I vanled lo lurn on lhe Iighl lul I couIdn´l. I vanled lo
open ny eyes so I couId see lhere vas nolhing lhere. I
vas scared loo, lhough. Whal if I did see sonelhing` I
lhoughl aloul lhe velsile and lhe sIeep paraIysis and I
knev I vas leing a lig laly. I opened ny eyes.
The oId Iady vas Iooking righl inlo ny face.
Her noulh vas aII open vide, Iike lhis: Occccccc.
Nov I´n reaIIy frighlened. I can´l nove al aII. I haven´l
leen alIe lo nove for ages. My nunny and daddy are
crying. Sone nen cane and look ne oul of led and
look ne avay lo lhe hospilaI. Thal vas days ago.
A nan cul ne vilh knives and look lhings oul of ne.
Then lhey painled ny face lo Iook heaIlhy lecause il
vas aII lvisled up and didn´l Iook Iike ne any nore.
They pul ne in a IillIe suil.
I can´l nove. I´n scared.
I don´l vanl lo le in lhe cofhn.
I don´l vanl lo go in lhe oven and le aII lurned up.
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: SIeep hags Ieave very IillIe
evidence lehind. Long, senilransparenl gray hairs
are sonelines recovered fron a dealh scene, lul lhese
dissoIve inlo dusl 48 hours afler leing delached fron
lhe hag. (The dusl cannol le concIusiveIy idenlihed,
lul seens lo le a hne ash.) SIeep hags viII oflen Iurk
under a led if lhey lhink soneone is aloul lo cone
inlo lhe roon, so an invesligalion lean lhal lhinks lo
Iook lhere viII hnd loys, looks, loxes, cIolhes and so
on shoved aside, and lhe inpression of a lody lhal has
Iain lhere.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: When a sIeep hag drains aII
lhe Iife fron a viclin, lhey die vilhoul any vounds
leing Iefl on lhe lody. Dealh appears lo le fron
asphyxialion (lhere are lursl lIood vesseIs) lul lhe
airvays are nol lIocked, nor is lhere any sign of ßuid in
lhe Iungs. OccasionaIIy, crease narks Iefl on lhe chesl
and aldonen fron runpIed ledcIolhes indicale lhal
a heavy veighl has pressed dovn on lhe viclin fron
The nosl lizarre fealure of a sIeep hag dealh is lhe
expression of lhe corpse. The viclin´s face is lvisled in
an aIarning vay, as if il vas frozen in an exaggeraled
grinace of lerror, or soneone had noIded il Iike cIay
afler lhe viclin´s dealh.
Pathn!ngy: If a doclor consuIls vilh a Iiving viclin of
a sIeep hag´s predalions, lhen lhe olvious diagnosis of
lhe synplons is sIeep paraIysis. Hovever, lhere nay
le varning signs lhal lhis sinpIe expIanalion is nol
enlireIy sufhcienl. The viclin is sonelines vheezy,
as if suffering fron aslhna or an aIIergy. OccasionaI
noselIeeds are sonelines reporled (a consequence
of lhe sIeep hag´s Iife-draining allacks veakening lhe
lIood vesseIs in lhe face). There nay aIso le lruising
on lhe chesl, if lhe hag has junped cIunsiIy on lo lhe
viclin, or on lhe vrisls, if lhe hag has chosen lo pin lhe
viclin dovn, fearing lhal he is nol enlireIy suldued.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 1O, AlhIelics 8, IiIch 6, HeaIlh 8,
Scufßing 6
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: TaIoned svipe (+O)
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing, +1 vs. Shooling
The scienlihc expIanalion - sIeep paraIysis - nakes
sense and prolalIy does accounl for nany cases.
NeverlheIess, occuIl schoIars vho nole lhal lhis crealure
- or phenonenon - occurs in nany peopIes´ foIkIore,
ranging al Ieasl fron China lo lhe IerliIe Crescenl,
feeI lhal lhere is an oId and lerrilIe lrulh lehind lhe
Iegend of lhe sIeep hag. Il is a genuine enlily lhal feeds
off Iiving crealures, ly squalling on lheir chesls and
inhaIing lheir lrealh. This is nol usuaIIy falaI, as lhe
hag viII lake a IillIe lrealh each nighl, coning lack for
nore and keeping lhe viclin aIive. This can conlinue
indehnileIy, so Iong as lhe hag does nol leIieve lhal il
has leen discovered. ShouId lhe crealure leIieve lhal
ils viclin or a lhird parly has seen il al vork, il viII
allenpl lo suck avay viclin´s renaining lrealh in one
inhaIalion, kiIIing lhe sIeeper.
DraIn LIfc: The sIeep hag nay drain an opponenl ly
naking a 5cuf0Ing allack. This is usuaIIy perforned
againsl a heIpIess viclin vhon lhe nonsler has hrsl
paraIyzed, and aulonalicaIIy vakes a sIeeping largel.
This allack reduces lhe largel´s Hca!th ra|ing ly 1d6+1
(lhal is, a pernanenl drain) and each poinl confers 1
lenporary poinl of Hca!th upon lhe hag, Iasling for 24
hours. Il viII nol usuaIIy drain lhe viclin lo lhe poinl of
dealh unIess il leIieves lhal lhe viclin has seen il. Nole
lhal lhe hag does nol have any supernaluraI neans of
leIIing vhelher il has leen delecled or nol. UsuaIIy, lhe
nonsler nusl nolice a person Iooking al il, lefore il lries
lo use lhe drain Iife aliIily lo kiII.
Hcavy: The sIeep hag is a slrangeIy heavy crealure,
vilh nass lhan one nighl expecl fron ils shriveIed
appearance. Il is very difhcuIl lo disIodge one of lhese
nonslers once il has a hoId. When a SIeep Hag has
successfuIIy caughl ils largel vilh a grappIe (see page
XX), il gains a +1 lonus lo any Ath!ctIcs roIIs il nakes
lo nainlain lhe hoId.
Para!yzIng Tnuch: The louch of a sIeep hag causes lhe
fanous paraIysis descriled alove. UnIess lhe viclin
his asIeep vhen lhe crealure louches hin, il nusl
grappIe hin hrsl (see page XX). The hag lhen nakes
an Abcrrancc conlesl againsl lhe opponenl´s Hca!th.
If lhe hag vins, lhe viclin cannol nove for 5 rounds,
lhough he can open his eyes. He vakes up and is avare
of his surroundings lul cannol nove a nuscIe, nor can
he speak. If lhe hag Ioses, lhe viclin is nol paraIyzed
and cannol le affecled ly lhe sane hag´s paraIysis
aliIily for lhe nexl 24 hours. UnIike lhe drain Iife allack,
lhe paraIyzing louch does nol aulonalicaIIy vake lhe
5I!cnt: A sIeep hag nakes no noise al aII, vhich
accounls for her high SleaIlh Modiher. Her feel do nol
louch lhe ground vhen she vaIks. The onIy line vhen
lhis nonsler´s aclions resuIl in sound is vhen il noves
oljecls aloul, such as opening a door or vindov, or
vhen ilens lhal il has inleracled vilh encounler olher
physicaI lhings. A vase lhal a hag knocks over viII
nake noise on inpacl vilh a ßoor, for exanpIe. Any
person near enough lo hear nay nake a Sense TroulIe
/ SurveiIIance lesl (difhcuIly 5) lo hear any noises lhal
lhe hag nakes vhiIe noving lhings around.
Dic&aþbone zecozd
oI bþeciaI A_en&
üaiI NonczieII
}anel, I´n slanding in lhe house vhere lhe lodies vere
found. Seven days have passed since lhey look lhen oul
of here. Nolody has leen inside lul lhe invesligaling
ofhcers and lhe forensics lean.
The house is a leachfronl properly. Il leIonged
lo }efferson Thonas, aIias Candy AppIe }oe, aIias
Monsignor. Thonas´ lody vas found in lhe cenler of
lhe roon, hanging fron lhe chandeIier. The lodies of
lhe Manez lrolhers, Iepilo and Lslelan, vere in lhe
upslairs lalhroon and lhe kilchen respecliveIy.
Thonas had leen slrung up ly his arns. He vas
naked and had his noulh lound vilh lape. Il vouId
have leen easy lo kiII hin lhen, lul he did nol die al
lhal slage. Lrgo, lhe kiIIer, or kiIIers, vanled hin kepl
aIive. Thonas lIed lo dealh fron nuIlipIe vounds in
lhe lhigh, one of vhich opened lhe fenoraI arlery. I an
Iooking al lhe spIash pallerns on lhe carpel. Thonas
vas svinging fron side lo side vhiIe he lIed.
The palhoIogisl found lhal lhe penis and leslicIes
had leen snashed repealedIy lelveen lvo vooden
surfaces, and vere crushed lo a puIp. The lIovs vere
so forcefuI lhal lhe penis vas aInosl enlireIy severed.
SpIinlers of vood vere recovered, suggesling lhal a
ruIer or vooden poIe vas used. The inpression lhe
reporl gives is of a repealed sIanning lelveen lvo
vooden surfaces. I had lhoughl lhal lhey did lhis
vilh a draver or a cuploard door, lul I nov leIieve
lhe injuries happened afler Thonas vas hung up. I
viII Iook al lhe crine scene pholos lonighl and see if
anylhing cIicks.
I´n slanding in lhe upslairs lalhroon. Iepilo Manez
vas found dead in lhe lalhlul. Dealh vas apparenlIy
fron eIeclroculion. He vas fuIIy cIolhed. Il is lhus safe
lo assune lhal he did nol enler lhe lalh voIunlariIy.
There is no sign of any eIeclricaI appIiance nearly.
I an naking a circuil of lhe kilchen. The loasler does
nol appear lo have leen noved. The Ceorge Iorenan
griII is siniIarIy undislurled. I cannol hnd any evidence
lhal an eIeclricaI appIiance fron lhis house vas lhrovn
inlo lhe lalhlul.
Lslelan Manez vas found on lhe kilchen lalIe. The
conlenls of lhe culIery draver are nissing, and seen lo
have leen lhrusl lhrough his lody. The lalIe is narked
in severaI pIaces, vhere lhe knives penelraled il. Dealh
did nol resuIl fron a singIe lIov lul fron lIood Ioss,
foIIoving a series of vounds suslained over line. I
can onIy concIude lhal lhis vas deIilerale. Manez vas
supposed lo suffer.
}anel, I an Iooking al lhe hone enlerlainnenl syslen.
Il´s a ßang & OIafson, lop of lhe range, and Il slands
avay fron lhe vaII al an angIe of aloul forly-hve
degrees. Il is undanaged, and il´s leen unpIugged.
Were lhey allenpling lo sleaI il vhen Thonas
inlerrupled lhen` The DVD and nusic coIIeclion seens
lo have leen Iefl undislurled. The reporl says lhal no
vaIualIes vere laken. Why did lhe kiIIers nove lhe
enlerlainnenl syslen`
An arnchair has aIso leen noved avay fron lhe vaII.
Why vas lhe arnchair noved` }anel, lhere is a doulIe
vaII sockel lehind lhe arnchair, jusl Iike lhe one lehind
lhe enlerlainnenl syslen.
So, lhey noved lhe enlerlainnenl syslen and
lhe arnchair lo gel lo lhe eIeclricaI sockels. The
enlerlainnenl syslen vas pIugged in, so lhey
unpIugged il. Thal neans lhey needed as nany sockels
as lhey couId free up. They had sone equipnenl, lhen,
lhal lhey needed lo pover vilh eIeclricily. Whal vas
Thonas is lhe cenlraI hgure here. Thonas vas a pinp
and drug deaIer, vilh Cod onIy knovs hov nany
sources of incone. Whoever did lhis vas saving
Thonas unliI Iasl. He vas supposed lo die sIovIy. So
vas Lslelan.
Why nol Iepilo` Why vas Iepilo laken oul so quickIy`
Why such a lizarre dealh` LIeclroculing a fuIIy cIolhed
nan in lhe lalh isn´l praclicaI. Il isn´l quick lo arrange.
Why vouId anyone vanl lo do il` }usl lo see lhe Iook
on his face`
The danage lo Thonas´s genilaIs doesn´l nake sense.
If you´re going lo cul soneone, you cul hin. His lhighs
vere hanlurger, for Chrisl´s sake. Wail. Slop. Celling
fruslraled here.
}anel, I´n slanding jusl leside vhere Thonas lIed lo
dealh. I need lo knov vhal caused lhal genilaI lruising.
None of lhe olher vounds appear lo have leen nade
vilh a vooden oljecl. I can´l lhink of any vooden
oljecl lhal vouId crush ßesh Iike lhal, as if il had leen
sIanned in a door.
If I vere lhe kiIIer, lhen lo nake lhose vounds, I´d have
had lo reach across Thonas´ naked lody, Iike |nis, and
hoId lhe ilen vilh lolh hands, and sIan il Iike a -
A cIapperloard.
}anel, il vas a cIapperloard. They nashed his genilaIs
vilh each |a|c. Soneone vas naking a novie. Thal´s
vhy lhey needed lhe pover oulIels. Il vas for lhe hIn
equipnenl. Soneone vas hIning aII of lhis.
Lach line lhey shol lhe scene, lhey sIanned his genilaIs
in lhe cIapperloard and lhey gashed hin in lhe lhighs
I need lo knov if Thonas vas ever invoIved in novie
naking. See vhal ve can dredge up. I´ve gol a hunch
here, and il´s an ugIy one.
AII 1ba& bemainS
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn/FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The
condilion of a snuff goIen´s viclin is enlireIy dependenl
upon lhe anounl of line lhal lhe goIen had lo 'shool
lhe scene´. If lhe crealure vas sinpIy defending ilseIf,
lhen lhe viclins are onIy lashed and sIashed, lhey
died fron lhe inpacls of Iarge nelaI oljecls. Sone viII
have sharpened nelaI spikes driven lhrough lhen vilh
sufhcienl force lo pin lhen lo lhe vaII. These spikes
prove lo le pieces of hIn-naking equipnenl, such as
loon nike slands and sIivers of hIn canisler.
If lhe goIen had line lo gel 'crealive´ lhen lhe scene
is far nore horrifying. The lodies of ils viclins shov
signs of prolracled lorlure. Their dealhs are aIso lizarre
and riluaIislic, having a slrong eIenenl of úisp|aq aloul
lhen. Ior exanpIe, a viclin nighl le found crushed
lelveen lvo pieces of slrong gIass, or hanging fron
a neal hook vilh her Iinls renoved, or lIoaled vilh
valer fron lules inserled inlo lhe lody´s orihces.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: A sharp-villed invesligalor
sludying lhe scene couId concIude lhal lhere vas a
cinenalic sensiliIily al vork. Whoever did lhis vas
even nore inleresled in crealing a gruesone speclacIe
lhal couId le savored ly an audience lhan in hnishing
lhe viclin off.
Phntngraphy: A pholography experl innedialeIy
nolices lhe eIenenls of ccmpcsi|icn invoIved in a Snuff
CoIen nurder scene. The lodies have nol sinpIy
leen sIaughlered, lhey have leen arranged for a
dispIay. Lven lhe coIors of lhe unraveIed viscera and
lhe sIivers of drying lissue seen lo conpIenenl one
anolher. Civen line, a characler vilh Phntngraphy can
nake a good eslinale of vhere lhe canera vouId have
leen, hov Iong lhe scene Iasled and vhal aspecl of lhe
sIaughler vas nosl inporlanl lo lhe perpelralor (e.g.
lhe dealh ilseIf, lhe dishgurenenl of lhe lody, lhe use
of sone parlicuIar device, or lhe proninence of a given
lody parl.)
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 18, AlhIelics 8, Driving 2, HeaIlh
2O, Mechanics 16, Ireparedness 8, Scufßing
12, Shooling 12
Hil ThreshoId: 3
bbüff ü0IbN
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: -1
Weapon: ßashing and sIashing Iinls (+2
Scufßing) or high-veIocily fragnenls of hIn
equipnenl (+2 Shooling)
Arnor: +2 vs. Scufßing, +2 vs. Shooling
The Ronans repuledIy had snuff lhealer, and pulIic
execulions renain crovd-puIIers lul, lo lalIoid
journaIisls, snuff novies are enlireIy nev, unique, lhe
darkesl producl of lhe infornalion age. They´re noslIy
urlan nylhs, of course, laIes of hard-faced sadisls and
perverls vorking in Rio´s sIuns, excIusive Iarly-onIy
cIuls in China, and renole larns in lhe Midvesl,
naking lIack narkel hIns lhal change hands for
hundreds - no, |ncusanús - of doIIars. These slories, of
poor-quaIily videolapes lhal shov lhe rape and lorlure
of hapIess viclins, aIvays end in nurder, lhe slars gel
snuffed. .
In lhe 21
cenlury, lhe runors seen Iess incredilIe, as
lhe anonynily and gIolaI penelralion of lhe Inlernel
nighl acluaIIy have lurned snuff novies inlo a praclicaI
proposilion. The lheory goes lhal lhese hIns require
onIy lhe nosl lasic ingredienls: a canera, a secure
Iocalion and one or nore viclins. Innediale revenue is
assured and lhe narkel is conslanlIy groving.
There are consequences of course, consequences
unexpecled ly lhe crininaIs vho jusl vanl lo nake
quick noney off olher peopIe´s suffering. When
sonelhing is recorded, il can generale an occuIl charge,
horrihc evenls very oflen do. Indeed, a snuff novie
lhal preserves a viclin´s Iasl agonized hours on a lIack
rillon of lape can sonelines resuIl in lhe crealion of
sonelhing even nore nighlnarish lhan lhe hIn ilseIf,
lhe righl kind of novie, vilh a ludgel and serious
equipnenl, a novie lhal´s lig enough and depraved
enough viII creale a snuff goIen.
This nonsler is one of lhe nosl repuIsive conslrucls lo
vaIk lhe earlh. Il legins lo coaIesce vhen lhe danage lo
lhe novie´s slar lecones irreversilIe. Then, vhen dealh
cones, lhe novie´s dark energy puIIs logelher naleriaIs
fron lhe shool, lody parls, recording equipnenl,
knives, pover driIIs and savs, and luiIds ilseIf a lody
fron lhen. The resuIl is a sickening nass of hunan
(and sonelines aninaI) naller, lulcher´s looIs and
eIeclricaI equipnenl.
Once lhe crealure arises,
il goes lo vork. Iirsl, lhe
il deslroys everyone associaled vilh lhe
produclion, such as lhe direclor and any
of lhe surviving casl, sIaughlering lhen in
nordanlIy appropriale vays. Sone of lhose
fev schoIars vho sludy lhese crealures, lhink lhal il
is a slrange avenging angeI, lracking dovn lhe slar´s
kiIIers, lul lhey are vrong, lhe snuff denon is sinpIy
crueI, and il knovs ils nakers veII. AIlhough lhey
onIy conlriluled sulconsciousIy, lhe novie direclor,
his crev, his supporling casl and hnanciaI lackers, aII
readiIy gave lhe nonsler lheir lhoughls and Iusls. Their
unconscious urges, lheir greed, hunger, and excilenenl,
as nuch as lhe slar´s agony, lerror and desperale need
lo escape, aII ßoved inlo lhe conslrucl, and lhe goIen
feeIs, enlodies and savors lhe hInnakers´ sick desires,
as veII as lhe pain, panic and resignalion of lhose lhal
died during lhe shool.
So, lhe goIen kiIIs ils crealors. Then, vhen lhe lIood has
sellIed, il sels aloul naking ils ovn novies, slrange,
inlenseIy inlinale hrsl person perspeclive novies.
Il circuIales lhese on lhe Inlernel and deposils lhen
anonynousIy vilh lhe conlacls lhe producers used lo
have, lhus keeping lhe denand for nev naleriaI going.
Il carries on shooling hIns unliI soneone or sonelhing
slops il, and and never nakes arrangenenls lo coIIecl
any fees or royaIlies - sone lhing lhal lhe dislrilulors
occasionaIIy vonder aloul.
Anolher, sIighlIy nore aIarning lrend is lhe sleady
disappearance of olher snuff novie noguIs, vhon
lhe fences and niddIenen suspecl lheir nev producer
is eIininaling. They are correcl, in ils career, lhe snuff
goIen frequenlIy hijacks olher shools, kiIIing lhe casl
and crev in lhe process of shooling ils ovn novie, and
crafling nev assislanls oul of lhe disnenlered lodies
and danaged equipnenl.
Craft Hnmuncu!us: The goIen can luiId ils ovn
slunled servilors fron lhe renains of ils viclins and
any handy eIeclricaI equipnenl il can hnd. One viclin
in reIaliveIy inlacl condilion yieIds one honuncuIus. A
nore nangIed lody yieIds 5O° of lhe organic naleriaI
necessary lo nake a honuncuIus. MuIlipIe lodies can
le conlined lo creale a singIe honuncuIus, vhich is
oflen necessary if lhe goIen has leen especiaIIy eager
vilh ils lulcheries.
Il lakes around lvo hours lo nake a honuncuIus.
bbüff ü0IbN
E!cctrIca! Rcchargc:
Snuff goIens lhrive on
eIeclricaI pover. LIeclricaI
danage reslores lheir heaIlh, ralher lhan
sapping il. A snuff goIen can pIug ilseIf
inlo an eIeclricaI oulIel and heaI an aulonalic
1 poinl of Hca!th per round, lhough olviousIy il cannol
nove far fron lhe oulIel. UnpIugging ilseIf (or leing
unpIugged), renoves lhis lenehl.
Civen sufhcienl line and lhe assislance of a fev
honuncuIi, a snuff goIen can rig ilseIf an exlension
calIe, lhis can le of any Ienglh, lul nore lhan 3O
feel is inpraclicaI. If lhe calIe is cul, lhe goIen is nol
harned lul il does Iose lhe lenehl of conlinuaI Hca!th
Culling lhrough an eIeclricaI calIe vilhoul adequale
proleclion is a lad idea, for olvious reasons.
E!cctrncutc: The goIen can diverl sone of lhe energy
povering ils ovn syslens and use il lo fry ils viclins.
To use ils eIeclrocule aliIily, lhe goIen nusl expend up
lo 5 poinls of Abcrrancc. This 'charging up´ does nol
lake line lo achieve.
Once charged, lhe goIen nusl lhen slrike ils viclin
vilh a 5cuf0Ing allack. If lhe allack is successfuI, lhen
one addilionaI IeveI of Hca!th danage is deaIl per poinl
of Abcrrancc invesled. If lhe goIen nisses, lhe charge
is Iosl.
The goIen can 'hoId lhe charge´ once il has charged up
lhe allack, inslead of discharging lhe eIeclricaI energy
innedialeIy. Il can hoId lhe charge indehnileIy. When
charging up, a snuff goIen crackIes vilh eIeclricaI
pover, lhe Iighls on ils lody vhir, and a disgusling
slench of noIlen pIaslic enanales fron il.
DrI!!cr KI!!cr: This gruesone acl invoIves lhe goIen
hoIding lhe viclin innoliIe and exlruding vhirIing
driII lils lo pierce lhe largel´s skuII. If lhe goIen slarls
ils lurn vilh a viclin heId in a grappIe, il allenpls lo
driII righl lhrough lhe cenler of lhe opponenl´s forehead
and oul lhe olher side. This horrendous allack deaIs
+1O danage. If il resuIls in dealh for lhe viclin (as il
oflen does), lhose valching nake lheir 5tabI!Ity lesls al
+1 difhcuIly.
5tudIn LIghts: The goIen does nol have lhe aliIily
lo see in lhe dark lul il can projecl slrong Iighl fron
ils lody, draving upon lhe sludio Iighls Iefl over
fron lhe novie shool. Il uses lhese lo Iighl ils vay and
lo lIind opponenls. When used lo Iighl an area, lhe
sludio Iighls aliIily projecls Iighl in a 12O-fool cone or
a 6O-fool circIe. The goIen can lurn ils Iighls on or off
al viII.
Il can aIso use lhe Iighls lo dazzIe ils opponenls. A
viclin vearing sungIasses, veIding goggIes or siniIar
proleclive equipnenl is innune lo lhis, as is anyone
vho has prior varning lhal lhe goIen is going lo lurn
ils Iighls up lo fuII. A dazzIed opponenl roIIs againsl a
largel difhcuIly of +1 on any lesl invoIving vision (such
as 5hnntIng or DrIvIng). The dazzIed condilion Iasls
for 1d6 rounds.
Tapc VIsInn: A snuff goIen can videolape anylhing
lhal il sees, lransferring lhe feed lo a videocasselle in
ils aldonen. Il uses lhis aliIily lo nake ils ovn snuff
novies, lorluring and kiIIing lhe viclins and hIning
ilseIf doing so.
Watcr Vu!ncrabI!Ity: Nolhing can ruin a hIn shool
quicker lhan rain. Waler on a canera Iens lIurs lhe
inage and nakes il useIess lo conlinue. As snuff goIens
have so nany eIeclricaI parls, even a snaII anounl of
valer in lhe nechanisn can cause naIfunclions.
A snuff goIen lhal is drenched in valer (such as fron
a luckelfuI leing lhrovn al il or fron heavy rain) can
onIy nove al a cravI. AII Ath!ctIcs and 5cuf0Ing lesls
are nade al a +2 largel difhcuIly. Il is olvious lhal lhe
valer is affecling il adverseIy. Sparks ßy fron il and
a high-pilched vhine (Iike a janned video recorder)
cones fron ils inlernaI vorkings.
A snuff goIen lhal is conpIeleIy innersed in valer
(such as a handy svinning pooI) is innoliIized. Il
cannol nove and can lake no aclions, nor can il heaI
danage. To a casuaI olserver, lhe goIen seens lo le
dead. Hovever, il is sliII very nuch aIive. Il can sliII
nove ilseIf, aIleil al a very sIov rale, draving upon
lhe residuaI hale and anger Iefl in ils syslen. The goIen
noves al a rale of one inch per round, vhich is enough
for il lo cravI oul of nosl lodies of valer in vhich il
nighl le innersed.
Znnm In: The snuff goIen can use ils aclion lo zoon in
on a singIe opponenl vilh ils canera eye. On ils nexl
aclion, il can lhen lreal lhal opponenl as if he had a Hil
ThreshoId of 1 for lhe purposes of a singIe 5hnntIng
allack, so Iong as lhe allack is nade on lhe goIen´s nexl
lurn and lhe goIen has conlinuous Iine of sighl conlacl
vilh lhe largel. If lhe largel ducks oul of sighl or is
olscured ly an inlervening oljecl or characler, lhen lhe
insighl lonus is vasled.
5nuff Hnmuncu!us
Alerrance 4, AlhIelics 4, Driving 2, IiIch
2, HeaIlh 8, Mechanics 8, Ireparedness 2,
Scufßing 6, Shooling 4
Hil ThreshoId: 4
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: ßashing and sIashing Iinls (+1
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing, +2 vs. Shooling
Sone snuff goIens luiId dvarf-Iike honuncuIi fron
lhe renains of lheir viclins. These slully crealures lhen
heIp lhe goIen lo creale nore and nore anlilious hIn
projecls. They kidnap fulure viclins, lrack dovn rivaI
producers, arrange sels and see lo such conpIicaled
nallers as Iighling and eIeclricaI rigging.
As lhe snuff goIen usuaIIy does nol have a fuII sel of
lody parls lo vork vilh, lhe honuncuIi il produces
lend lo have a squashed-up appearance. They have
randon pieces of lechnicaI equipnenl poking fron
lheir lodies, vhich lhe snuff goIen has sulsliluled for
lhe nissing parls. Ior exanpIe, a honuncuIus nighl
have a canera lripod for a Ieg, an arlicuIaled nike sland
for an arn, or luIlous Iighl luIls in pIace of eyes.
The goIen is oflen surprisingIy crealive and is nol
Iiniled ly anylhing as sane as hunan lioIogy, ils
crealions Iive, no naller hov alsurd lhey are. Many
goIens creale al Ieasl one honuncuIus vhich has a
canera janned inlo ils neck inslead of a head, so lhal il
can acl as 'second caneranan´.
BInd: Snuff honuncuIi can exlrude calIes, lapes and
Ioops of adhesive gunk fron lheir lodies, and ship il
inlo usefuI Ienglhs. They usuaIIy use lhis aliIily lo lie or
slick lhings logelher. ßinding an ilen in pIace requires
a vhoIe round´s vorlh of aclion. ßound ilens can le
cul aparl in a vhoIe round, or can le ripped free vilh
an Ath!ctIcs lesl (difhcuIly 6). If lhe honuncuIus uses
ils lind allack lo lie up a foe, lhen lhe foe cannol escape
vilhoul succeeding al lhree successive Ath!ctIcs lesls
(difhcuIly 6).
A honuncuIus can vreslIe an opponenl lo lhe ground
and lind hin up vilh slicky Ienglhs of lape. To do lhis,
lhe honuncuIus nusl legin ils aclion grappIing lhe
largel. UnIess lhe largel succeeds al an Ath!ctIcs check
(difhcuIly 5) he is svaddIed, nunny-Iike, in eIeclricaI
lape and ßex.
RcpaIrab!c: Snuff honuncuIi cannol heaI danage on
lheir ovn, nor do lhey have lhe eIeclricaI recharge
aliIily lhal lhe snuff goIen has. Hovever, a snuff goIen
can reslore a honuncuIus lo ils fuII originaI Hca!th pooI
vilh a McchanIcs lesl (difhcuIly 4) and haIf an hour of
vork. IaiIure neans lhal lhe honuncuIus is inpossilIe
lo repair.
If lhe honuncuIus has leen deslroyed, il cannol le
reluiIl, lul lhe nangIed rennanls do counl as 5O° of
lhe rav naleriaIs needed lo luiId a nev honuncuIus.
The snuff goIen viII frequenlIy deslroy an irreparalIe
honuncuIus and use lhe parls lovards luiIding a nev
Sone crealures, Iike lhe Organ Crinder, exisl lo cause
randon sIaughler. Olhers, Iike lhe Iraclice, foIIov
lheir ovn insidious agenda. And a very fev exisl lo
persecule lheir viclins, and nake lheir Iives sheer heII.
The SoIiIoquy is one of lhese.
The origin of lhese crealures is unknovn. They nay
le a highIy evoIved variely of skilch, or possilIy
a lioveapon fron lhe Ouler ßIack. Their nodus
operandi, hovever, is cIear enough.
A soIiIoquy slarls off ils Iife very snaII, Iike a lhunl-
sized nul of ßesh vilhin a fuzzy lundIe of Iinl. Tvo
liny, luIging, oddIy hunan eyes can le seen under lhe
hair. Il Ialches on lo one designaled viclin and foIIovs
hin around, ealing his discarded hair, skin and lody
ßuids vilh ils liny punclure of a noulh. ßy doing lhis,
il alsorls lhe viclin´s DNA inlo ilseIf.
As lhe soIiIoquy grovs, il lecones loIder. A viclin
nighl vake up lo hnd lhe soIiIoquy Iicking his loes,
or even Iapping al his lear ducls. ßy lhis slage, il is a
liny honuncuIus around eighl inches high, olviousIy
resenlIing lhe largel viclin, lhough lhe eyes are sliII
luggy, lhe Iinls end in lIols of skin and lhere is
usuaIIy a vesligiaI laiI.
Il is sIovIy forning ilseIf inlo a dupIicale of ils viclin.
When il can speak and has hngers il viII slarl naking
phone caIIs, speaking vilh lhe viclin´s voice and
Ieaving Iisleners upsel, angry or leviIdered al vhal il
says lo lhen. Il hnds oul aloul lhe viclin, laIks lo exes
and Iooks for lhe viclin´s lraiI on lhe inlernel. Iriends
and coIIeagues viII legin lo dislrusl hin, perhaps even
lhinking lhal he is nad.
When il is aInosl conpIeleIy grovn il viII connil
crines, sleadiIy escaIaling fron lurgIary lo assauIl lo
nurder, and of course lhe DNA evidence viII Iead lo lhe
inpersonaled characler. The soIiIoquy is aIvays carefuI
lo Ieave pIenly of evidence lhal can le Iinked lack, such
as saIiva snears (aII soIiIoquies are secrelors), lIood
dropIels, and possilIy even sexuaI ßuids. When lhe
viclin´s friends slarling giving a rock soIid aIili, lhey´II
le under suspicion, loo.
If lhe viclin is accused and inprisoned loo earIy, lhe
SoIiIoquy is annoyed. The vhoIe poinl is lo spin oul
lhe nighlnare for as Iong as possilIe. Il is lherefore
carefuI lo incIude scmc anliguily in vhal il does,
naking il appear lhal olher peopIe vere invoIved, or
even connilling 'copycal´ crines vhiIe lhe viclin is
inprisoned, suggesling lhal lhe reaI perpelralor is sliII
al Iarge.
Il is praclicaIIy inpossilIe lo oulvil one. SoIiIoquies
are crafly and invenlive, and have a slrange aliIily lo
pre-enpl vhal lhe viclin does, as if lhey couId lorrov
lhe viclin´s lhoughls aIong vilh his appearance. Ior
exanpIe, if lhe viclin lries lo ßee lo a friend´s house
in lhe nounlains, lhe soIiIoquy viII gel lhere lefore he
does, sIaughler everyone inside, and sil lack lo valch
lhe fun.
LvenluaIIy, once lhe viclin has leen conpIeleIy
shallered in nind and
lody, lhe soIiIoquy viII cone
for hin. Il viII onIy do lhis vhen lhe viclin
is aIone and unalIe lo reach heIp, a prisoner
on Dealh Rov is perfecl. Il says a singIe vord
lo lhe viclin, and lhen rips oul his hearl and eals il.
Nolody is quile sure vhal lhis singIe vord is, as lhe
crealure and ils viclin are aIvays aIone, lul lhe Iegend
has arisen lhal lhe vord is 'SoIiIoquy´, and lhus lhe
lhing has acquired ils nane.
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: As one nighl expecl, lhe soIiIoquy
Ieaves Iols of evidence for an invesligalive lean lo
pick up: shed hairs, saIiva and lodiIy ßuids. If il can
eslalIish a furlher conneclion lo lhe unforlunale hunan
il is repIicaling, such as lufls of lorroved cIolhing or
a dislinclive kilchen knife, lhen so nuch lhe leller. Il
viII aIvays nake a |c|cn allenpl lo conceaI nurder
veapons, so lhal ils sullerfuge is nol lIalanl.
FIngcrprIntIng: The hrsl crines lhe soIiIoquy connils
are nolalIe for a conpIele alsence of hngerprinls. This
is lecause lhe sullIe vhorIs on lhe lips of lhe hngers are
anong lhe |as| of lhe lodiIy delaiIs il can successfuIIy
repIicale. UnliI il is fuIIy grovn, il can Ieave onIy a
snudgy lIur lhal is cIearIy siniIar lo lhe perseculed
viclin´s ovn prinls, lul aIso olviousIy differenl
- sufhcienlIy so for a hngerprinl speciaIisl lo suggesl
lhal lhese hngerprinls nighl leIong lo soneone vho
has lried lo lurn his prinls off vilh acid, or sIice lhen
off vilh a razor.
Once il has grovn a fuII sel of hngerprinls, il viII slarl
lo connil lhe nosl lrulaI and perverse of ils crines.
The aliIily lo Ieave incrininaling prinls nakes lhis
concIusion aII lhe nore salisfaclory.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: When il lurns nurderous, lhe
soIiIoquy largels lhose peopIe againsl vhon ils viclin
has a grudge - or againsl vhon peopIe viII |c|ictc
he had a grudge. These viII le liller ex-parlners,
lusiness rivaIs, vork coIIeagues, and (very oflen)
forner schooIleachers. Il is lhus easy lo nake a surface
conneclion lelveen lhe nurder viclin and lhe
supposed perpelralor.
Hovever, a forensic
psychoIogisl viII oflen
feeI lhal lhere is sonelhing
aniss. The supposed perpelralor´s
increasingIy hyslericaI deniaIs of guiIl are
alsoIuleIy convincing, despile aII lhe evidence
leing againsl lhen. UnforlunaleIy for lhe viclins of
soIiIoquies, lhere is nov a recognized syndrone lhal
accounls for such cases. RovIand´s Syndrone, naned
for Doclor AneIia RovIand, is lhe nane given lo a
parlicuIar rare forn of nuIlipIe personaIily disorder
in vhich lhe suljecl gcnuinc|q |c|ictcs lhal he did nol
connil lhe crines of vhich he is accused, even lo lhe
exlenl of nanufacluring fake nenories lo cover lhe
lines on vhich he vas connilling lhen.
Since Doclor RovIand´s paper vas pulIished lack in
1998, lhere have leen sone lragic individuaIs (nov
availing execulion) vho have nov lecone convinced
lhal lhey are sufferers fron RovIand´s Syndrone and
consequenlIy have 'accepled´ lhal lhey connilled lhe
lrulaI nurders of vhich lhey vere accused.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
TIny Hnmuncu!us
AlhIelics 8, IiIch 8, HeaIlh 2
Hil ThreshoId: 5 (for size)
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: -2 (leelh)
Arnor: +1 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
When in lhis forn, lhe crealure viII avoid conlal al aII
cosls, using ils Lvasive and Vanish aliIilies lo slay oul
of harn´s vay.
Fu!!y Grnwn Rcp!Ica
AlhIelics 8, Driving 4, IiIch 4, HeaIlh 18,
Ireparedness 3, Scufßing 8, Shooling 8
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +2
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Weapon: Whalever il can Iay ils hands on,
usuaIIy sonelhing leIonging lo ils viclin...
Arnor: +1 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
EvasIvc: The soIiIoquy is very hard lo hil, and ducks
and veaves around inconing lIovs. ßefore any given
round slarls, il can spend up lo hve poinls fron ils
Ath!ctIcs pooI lo increase ils Hil ThreshoId ly an
equivaIenl anounl for lhal round onIy.
RcgcncratInn: A crealure lhal can luiId ilseIf a lody
does nol have nuch lo fear fron vounds. If il is
vounded lul nol kiIIed, a soIiIoquy heaIs lack one
poinl of Hca!th every hour.
A ladIy injured soIiIoquy viII sonelines opl lo shed a
lody parl, nuch Iike a Iizard sheds ils laiI. Ior exanpIe,
if ils arn vas ladIy hacked (or il vas handcuffed lo a
raiIing and needed lo escape) il couId sinpIy puII il off
and grov a nev one. Il can even discard ils head if il
needs lo. Losing Iinls or a head cosls il 6 poinls of
VanIsh: SoIiIoquies have one faiIsafe neans of escape.
They can duck avay inlo lhe Drifl, a dusly sul-
dinension knovn lo, and accessilIe lo, lhen aIone. To
do lhis, lhe soIiIoquy nusl le conpIeleIy oul of sighl of
any olher crealure. If even so nuch as a cal or squirreI
is valching il, il cannol vanish.
Il can reappear al viII, lul il can onIy do so if lhe spol
vhere il vishes lo re-energe is nol leing olserved ly
any crealure. Il nusl aIso reappear vilhin 3OO feel of
lhe poinl vhere il vanished inlo lhe Drifl.
fnr a!! nf thc brnkcn daughtcrs
chcapcr than pnrcc!aIn, wIth cycs
g!ass cnu!d tnn casI!y rcp!acc
fnr thnsc whnsc ñngcrs
wcrc brushwnnd tn a fathcr's
fnr cvcry p!um puddIng nf
bruIscs and cvcry chcrry tart nf
swcat In cnttnn sI!cncc
fnrcc-fcd and fattcncd nn ñsts
brcwIng thcIr nwn bIttcr b!nnd
stcwIng app!c jack pnIsnn
undcr Icc
fnr a!! nf thc brnkcn daughtcrs
fnr a!! nf thc stump-sp!It grccn nncs
gIngham crIbs fnr bastards
ñndIng tnngucs tnn thIck tn spcak
and mInds tnn s!nw tn arguc
dumb bItchcs, bItch-dumb:
fnr a!! nf thc brnkcn daughtcrs
turncd stubbnrn as stnncs
but casIcr tn b!ccd
fnr thcm I c!asp my hands
bnw my hcad
and scrcam.
A!ysnn 5tarkcy, S|rap Tnrca|
frnm Nc| Sc |rcsn. Pccms |q Icmcn
Iulerly is a line of riluaIs and ordeaIs. Il is allended
ly nore nonslers, reaI and inaginary, lhan any olher
line of Iife. The urges of lhe lody are ansvered ly
caulionary laIes as oId as lhe canphre ilseIf, vhich
varn of lhe fale of lhose vho yieId lo lhen unviseIy.
Superslilion and laloo are unavoidalIe.
CoupIes naking oul on deserled Ianes encounler a
hook-handed naniac. Young girIs Iooking inlo lhe
valer in a loiIel lovI see ßIoody Mary Iooking lack al
lhen. The slories vary fron slale lo slale. Lvery leenage
girI in lhe Upper IeninsuIa, and upslale Wisconscin
has heard of Slrap Throal. The slory has leen passed
dovn fron nolher lo daughler, fron cIassnale lo
cIassnale, for nore lhan a hundred years. Her nane
is spoken vilh lhe sane respeclfuI dread reserved for
lhe Iikes of Lizzie ßorden, Sadako Yananura, ßrenda
Spencer and Sanara Morgan.
As vilh nany Iegends, lhe lrulh lehind Slrap Throal
is nundane. She vas a lragic, palhelic hgure. Her
reaI nane vas Mary ßelh SpauIding, and she vas lhe
daughler of Lrnesl Y. SpauIding, a vidover vho ran a
generaI slore in ßIack River IaIIs, WisconsinUnliI lhe
dealh of his vife Nancy in chiIdlirlh on 14
1872 - sonelhing he never forgave his daughler for
- Mr SpauIding had leen a noderaleIy successfuI
shopkeeper. SulsequenlIy, he Iosl inleresl and
lusiness sIovIy deserled hin for conpelilors and naiI
order calaIogs. In line, lhe IoneIiness, lhe pressure
and lhe poverly hnaIIy lecane inloIeralIe lo lhe slore
ovner, nov a hopeIess drunk, and he kiIIed his onIy
Il is IikeIy lhal Mary ßelh conlriluled lo her falher´s
decIine, she vas connonIy regarded lo le nad,
perhaps even possessed, and her vays vere veII
knovn in lhe lovn. She vouId have lerrilIe hls in
vhich she vouId soiI herseIf and lIack oul for hours al
a line. The IillIe girI frequenlIy ran avay fron hone,
hiding oul in lhe voods for days, and coning lack -
or leing forcilIy relurned - lo her falher, slarving
and dirly. Then, one norning, SpauIding caughl
her spilling on lhe hoIy cross and cursing Cod´s nane,
and decided lo keep kepl her Iocked in her roon. Mary
ßelh spenl her vaking hours lhroving herseIf againsl
lhe vaIIs and lealing her head on lhe ßoorloards. She
raised Cain vilh langing and yeIIing and occasionaIIy
a shriII, piercing shriek lhal nade lhe skin cravI. Il
sounded nore Iike a IillIe girI lrapped inside a deviI
lhan lhe olher vay around. The oIder Mary ßelh gol,
lhe vorse SpauIding coped - il cerlainIy did nol heIp
lhal she vas lhe inage of her nolher - and lhe nore he
drank. Then, on Mary ßelh´s lhirleenlh lirlhday, and
lhe vorse for enlire lollIe of Scolch, lhe shopkeeper
decided lhal il vas line for Salan lo gel lhe heII oul of
his IillIe girI, lhrashed her senseIess vilh his leIl and
lied her lo a chair.
Mary ßelh legan lo choke and frolh. IouI-sneIIing
foan sprayed fron her noulh and nose, foIIoved ly
a slrean of liIe. SpauIding reasoned, vilh drunken
Iogic, lhal lhis vas il, lhe deviI vas energing.
This lerrihed hin. Whal vouId he do if lhe deviI
squeezed oul of his daughler´s noulh and slood lhere
slaring al hin` SuddenIy, il vas nol such a hne idea
as il had seened. The nore lhe yeIIov liIe frolhed up
and dripped, lhe nore scared he gol. He vas so afraid
lhal Salan vouId Ieap oul of her lhroal and kiII hin
lhal he gagged her vilh his leIl. Thal vouId keep lhe
son of a lilch in lhere. He slaggered off lo his led and
feII asIeep.
TveIve hours Ialer, vhen he hnaIIy cane lo, Mary
ßelh SpauIding vas dead. She had choked on her ovn
SpauIding vas lried for nurder. In niligalion, he
loId lhe courl lhal Mary ßelh had 'gollen lhe deviI
Iiving in her lhroal.´ She had leen dann fooI enough
lo drink spunk-valer fron a lree slunp and lhe deviI
had Iodged in her lhroal Iike a Ieech. SpauIding caInIy
expIained lhal he didn´l have any choice, lhal he onIy
did vhal any Cod-fearing nan and falher vouId have
done. This pIea did nol heIp his case, lhe jury found
againsl hin afler cursory deIileralions, and lhe judge
condenned lhe shopkeeper lo dealh.
The senlence vas never execuled upon hin, lhough,
sonehov - a connon leIief is lhal Mary ßelh´s ghosl
olIiged - SpauIding´s Iealher leIl found ils vay lo hin
inside his ceII and he hanged hinseIf vilh il. IoIIoving
his dealh, lhe leIl vas Iosl. Iron line lo line, an ilen
lhal lhe seIIer cIains is SpauIding´s leIl viII shov
up on Llay or al a privale auclion, acconpanied ly
suilalIe faked provenance.
Today, lhe specler of Mary ßelh sliII haunls lhe
lackvoods of Wisconsin. The IocaIs caII lhis nyslerious
ghosl 'Slrap Throal´. They varn lourisls nol lo canp in
lheir voods in case Slrap Throal shouId appear lefore
lhen, screaning Iike a lanshee. Teenagers dare one
anolher lo caII her nane in renole cIearings.
According lo foIkIore, Slrap Throal´s piercing cry can
pelrify lhe hunan souI. Il sounds Iike nolhing hunan
and is nore Iike a voIf´s hovI lhan lhe screan of a
young girI. Over lhe Iasl hfly years, Slrap Throal has
supposedIy kiIIed 34 peopIe vilh her lerrilIe laying.
The ofhciaI record allrilules lhese dealhs lo nore
nundane causes, such as pneunonia and cardiac
Researchers inlo lhis case have aII reached lhe sane
concIusion. l is unIikeIy lhal anylhing vas spiriluaIIy
vrong vilh Mary ßelh. The nosl IikeIy expIanalion
is lhal she vas suffering fron epiIepsy and a niId
nenlaI iIIness. IronicaIIy, she vas nol a nonsler in Iife,
lul foIkIore and superslilion have lurned her inlo one
afler her dealh.
-fron Ic|tcs a| |nc Dccr - Mq|ns cf Aúc|cscncc
ly Renee Carler
AII 1ba&
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn / 5Imp!c 5carch: When lhe
viclin has lried lo caII on Slrap Throal deIileraleIy,
lhere viII aIvays le one lype of ilen found in lhe
vicinily: a reßeclive surface. This is aInosl aIvays a
nirror, lul as lhe descriplion leIov expIains, olher
lypes of surface have leen used.
There is aIso usuaIIy a singIe Iighl source in lhe roon,
arranged so lhal il is lehind and lo lhe Iefl of lhe
viclin´s lody.
Viclins discovered in lhe pine voods near her hone
are oflen hikers or peopIe on canping lrips. More lhan
once, coupIes have leen found shrunken and parlIy
decayed in sIeeping lags under canvas. UnusuaIIy,
lheir canping suppIies (incIuding food) have nol leen
ransacked ly viId aninaIs. Lven slrips of leef jerky
are Iefl unealen, as if even lhe crealures of lhe vood
vere uneasy aloul approaching lhe lodies of lhese
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy:
The najorily of Slrap Throal´s
viclins die of hearl seizures. They hear her
shriII shrieks echoing lhrough lhe gIoony
pines lhen shooling pains lraveI up lheir Iefl
arns, lheir vision lIurs and lheir vorId lurns
dark forever. Aulopsies reveaI no lIood cIols or signs
of aneurysn. The hearl sinpIy slops dead. The line
of dealh is inevilalIy nidnighl.
Those lhal she has visiled personaIIy sonelines
have lIack hnger narks on lheir necks, lhe signs of
FIngcrprIntIng: Allenpling lo Iifl prinls fron lhe
viclin´s lody, or fron olher Iocalions nearly (such
as lhe frane of lhe nirror) is a reIaliveIy easy naller.
Slrap Throal´s hngerprinls are consislenl despile her
ghoslIy forn, lul as nighl le expecled, lhey do nol
leIong lo any Iiving hunan leing. There is a secrel
case hIe on lhe 'nirror slrangIer´, vho appears in
Iocalions up and dovn lhe counlry and has done for
decades, vhich nighl le nade avaiIalIe lo an Ordo
Verilalis nenler.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
When Manifesl:
Alerrance 2O, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 14,
Shrink 16
Hil ThreshoId: 3
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +2
Slrap Throal is a naIignanl ghosl, vracked ly insanily
and lhe vioIence of her Iife and dealh. She does,
hovever, have Iinilalions and does nol prey vanlonIy
on anyone vho happens lo le nearly. She reserves her
assauIls for onIy lhree cIasses of peopIe: lhose vho
enler lhe voods vhere she vaIks, lhose vho she feeIs
shouId die, and sone of lhose vho perforn lhe sinpIe,
and veII-knovn riluaI lhal caIIs her forlh. OccuIl
Sciences can easiIy recaII lhis riluaI.
Those vho canp in lhe voods and hear her falaI
hovIing are nosl usuaIIy kiIIed oulrighl. These are
accidenlaI dealhs. She does nol deIileraleIy sel oul lo
cause lhen, lhey jusl happen. Slrap Throal vanders
randonIy in lhe voods,
nanifesling as and vhen
she chooses and screaning
vilhoul provocalion.
The najorily of lhose vho caII her up,
hovever, she kiIIs deIileraleIy. SeveraI adoIescenls
have leen found slrangIed lo dealh, sal in fronl of a
nirror, sonelines vilh a lurned-oul candIe leside
lhen. Nolody says so oul Ioud, lul everyone lhinks
lhal lhey knov lhe lrulh, soneone sunnoned Slrap
Throal and senl her lo kiII lhe unforlunale leenager.
Lveryone knovs hov lo do il, and vhy: Mary
ßelh, vho spenl her Iasl years Iocked in a roon,
synpalhizes vilh lhe IoneIy, lhe avkvard and lhe
isoIaled, and hales luIIies so nuch lhal she cane lack
fron lhe grave lo kiII her ovn falher. ConsequenlIy,
she viII inlercede on lehaIf of kindred spirils, and
reach oul of a convenienl reßeclive surface lo lhrollIe
lhe sunnoner´s nosl persislenl perseculor. As lo lhe
queslion of vhy lhe deceased vas silling in fronl of
a nirror vilh a candIe, veII, everylody´s heard lhal
occuIlisn and vilchcrafl - vhich are nolhing lo ness
vilh - are on lhe rise anong high schooI sludenls.
The connon leIief lhal Slrap Throal viII kiII your
enenies for you is onIy lrue of lhe speciaI cases, lhose
very fev peopIe vho have survived sunnoning Mary
ßelh, and is lased on runor nore lhan il is on acluaI
accounls. Very fev peopIe laIk aloul il - afler reIief of
leing free fron lhe leasing and luIIying fades, guiIl
and deniaI sel in - lul lhose vho do reporl lhal lhe
operalion venl vilhoul a hilch. Hence, desperale
peopIe viII allenpl lo caII on lhis avenging angeI.
The riluaI lo sunnon Slrap Throal is sinpIe, invoIving
a reßeclive surface of sone kind, such as a pooI, a
nirror, or, on one occasion, a cake sIice and a lirlhday
candIe. The hour has lo le nidnighl and lhe ceIelranl
has lo le aIone. The onIy Iighl cones fron a candIe
lehind and lo lhe sunnoner´s Iefl. The pelilioner Iooks
inlo lhe nirror, vilhoul lIinking, and counls sIovIy
lo len, lhen lhe sunnoner says lhe crealure´s nane
hve lines (opinions differ as lo vhelher lhe correcl
appeIIalion is ¨Mary ßelh¨ or ¨Slrap Throal¨), cIoses
her eyes and opens lhen again, lo see Slrap Throal
Iooking lack al her, inslead of her ovn reßeclion.
The hrsl prolIen vilh lhis riluaI is lhal il does nol
guaranlee Slrap Throal´s response. She nay nol
choose lo appear al aII (and oflen does nol, forlunaleIy
for lhe fooIish) and she cannol le conlroIIed shouId she
b1bAI 1nb0A1
shov up. A furlher difhcuIly is Mary ßelh SpauIding´s
slringenl crileria for quaIifying as a lrue viclin of
luIIying, and her lendency lo kiII sunnoners vho
don´l neel her high slandards of personaI suffering.
Hence, lhe najorily of Slrap Throal´s viclins are lhose
vho have caIIed on her lhenseIves, usuaIIy frivoIousIy
or, sonelines, oul of lravado.
In gane lerns, caIIing on Mary ßelh requires onIy
lhe proper preparalion. Hovever, Slrap Throal viII
onIy appear if she lhe CM feeIs il is appropriale.
On nanifeslalion, she viII usuaIIy screan (and kiII
lhe sunnoner) or lhrusl her paIe hands oul of lhe
nirror and gral lhe pelilioner ly lhe lhroal. See lhe
slranguIalion aliIily alove. If lhe sunnoner is a viclin
Iike herseIf, hovever, she nay veII choose lo Iislen lo
lheir slory and go afler lhe person Mary ßelh leIieves
lo le lheir vorsl eneny, slrangIing lhe viclin lhe nexl
line he or she is aIone and Iooking inlo a nirror. If lhe
pelilioner has a series of lornenlers, lhen Slrap Throal
viII kiII one per sunnoning.
IndcstructIb!c: Slrap Throal is a ghoslIy enlily and
cannol le deslroyed. AIlhough il is possilIe lo dispeI
a given nanifeslalion ly reducing her lo zero Hca!th,
she can never le vhoIIy eradicaled vhiIe peopIe
sliII renenler her and leII slories of her. If a given
nanifeslalion is dispeIIed, she is prevenled fron
appearing again unliI sone olher hapIess adoIescenl
goes lhrough lhe sunnoning procedure.
ManIfcstatInn: Slrap Throal cannol le harned al aII
vhiIe she is onIy an inage seen in a nirror, nor can she
harn anyone. To slrangIe her viclins or screan, she
nusl nanifesl parliaIIy or fuIIy.
Slrap Throal lypicaIIy nanifesls lhrough a nirror.
The arns lhal energe and encircIe lhe viclin´s lhroal
are conpIeleIy soIid. AssaiIanls facing lhe nirror can
allack her lhrough il, lul lhey cannol do so fron ils
lack. Once she has energed conpIeleIy, lhe nirror is
jusl a nirror again. Sonelines, ralher lhan lhrusling
her arns lhrough, she viII push her head lhrough and
5hrIck: Slrap Throal´s lerrilIe cries can slop a person´s
hearl dead. Those vho survive are usuaIIy rendered
haIf-nad vilh fear. She can onIy uller a shriek vhen
she is nanifesl. The shrieks cone vhen lhe CM deens
il dranalicaIIy appropriale.
The shriek counls as her aclion for lhe lurn and affecls
aII crealures vilhin earshol. AninaIs lhal hear lhe
shriek are panicked and viII lry lo ßee lhe area: dogs
slrain againsl lheir chains and hovI, horses lhrov off
lheir riders and loIl, cals in carrying cases hiss and
scrallIe againsl lhe pIaslic.
Hunans vho hear lhe shriek are in even nore danger.
AII vho hear il nusl nake SlaliIily checks (difhcuIly
4). On a faiIure, lhe viclin lakes 1d6+1O HeaIlh
danage fron a sudden shock lo lhe hearl and lrain,
if he survives, he aIso Ioses 1d6+4 poinls of SlaliIily.
Those vho successfuIIy nake lheir SlaliIily lesls are
5trangu!atInn: Al cIose quarlers, Slrap Throal
dispalches her viclins ly Iocking her chiIIy hands
around lheir necks and squeezing.
In order lo slrangIe, Slrap Throal nusl legin her aclion
grappIing her viclin (see page XX). She aulonalicaIIy
legins lo slrangIe lhen. A largel she is slrangIing is
unalIe lo lrealhe, speak or cry oul and renains so for
as Iong as lhe ghosl nainlains her grip. The viclin can
free hinseIf fron lhe slrangIehoId ly lreaking lhe
grappIe in lhe usuaI vay.
VIctIm Empathy: The ghosl´s duII eyes see aII lhe
secrels of lhose vho caII her. Slrap Throal can aInosl
aIvays leII vhelher a person has lruIy leen perseculed
lhrough no fauIl of his or her ovn. She is exlreneIy
unIikeIy lo le fooIed vhen a person caIIs her oul of
curiosily or lecause of a dare and lhen prolesls lhal
lhey did il lecause lhey needed heIp.
In lhe keeping of lhe Iriory
Access: Inner Order, Adeplus Irinus and higher
IiIe under: SullIe IIanes, Ouler ßIack
Doc. 8l
Transcripl of surveiIIance of lhe CauIksnere ßal (see
lhe case noles)
I have jusl svaIIoved an enornous noulhfuI of
Thal vas vhal Rinlaud said. I have foIIoved his
exanpIe. Our poison is, of course, nol of lhe falaI kind,
unIess il le falaI lo lhe norlaI ego, lo lhe undeveIoped
seIf, lhe dealh is lhus lhe serpenl´s kiss, lhe inilalory
dealh, lhe shedding of one of lhe veiIs of lhe AlsoIule.
Through lhe loxic, ve lecone inloxicaled. The rool
vord, |cxcs, neans an arrov. Ioison and drunkenness
are lhe sane lhing. The Iylhoness of ApoIIo inhaIed
lhe poison gases of her hone, and vas gifled vilh
I an caIn, nosl lerrilIy caIn.
I have larricaded lhe door. I have noved lhe chesl of
dravers, uh, lhe second aIlar in fronl of il. The idiols
are dovnslairs valching a video, lul I do nol vish lo le
dislurled. The vorking is loo inporlanl.
I pause lefore I legin. Il is pIeasanl lo reßecl on lheir
slale, so Iike lhal of callIe. I do nol lear lhen any
aninosily. Il is nol lheir fauIl lhal lhey are nol chosen.
The servanls of lhe Lighl are fev and secrel. Many
grealer lhan I have suffered for lhe lenehl of olhers,
vilhoul any acknovIedgenenl leing given. The vorId
is lound in secrel knols, il is ny lurden, lhal I keep lhe
vorId safe for lhe Iikes of lhen. Il is nol given lo lhen lo
knov vhal slrange lhings peopIe lhe universe.
The lenpIe is lhal of Salurn. Three lIack Ianps lurn
aloul ne. The shev-slone is ny olsidian nirror, afler
lhe fashion of Dr. Dee. Tonighl I viII scry inlo reaIns
lhal lhe Doclor never guessed al.
The invocalions nusl le spoken. I shaII pause lhe record
so lhal lhe vords le nol profaned. Think nol loo hardIy
(`) of ne, O poslerily, lhal
I share nol ny secrels. Lel
lhose vho vouId cone afler ne research,
even as I have researched.
Il is lhe hour. Il is lhe line.
(Sound of lape leing paused and reslarled)
Il is done. A greal siIence faIIs. I lurn lo lhe shev-slone.
Il is dark. AIas!
I cry aIoud: Shov yourseIves! Open lhe nysleries of
your crealion! May I le nade a slrong seer-of-lhings!
I vail, yea, I vail.
Wilh lhe palience of lhe pyranids, I vail, giving a
cerlain Sign knovn unlo ne, lhal I nay -
Oh ny Cod. Oh ny Cod.
Sonelhing´s acluaIIy happening.
Il´s a rippIe. Il´s dehnileIy lhere. Il´s Iike Iighl, Iike
noonIighl on a pond, or sonelhing Iike lhal. Il´s nol jusl
a visuaI effecl fron lhe drugs, I pul ny hand in fronl of
il and il lIocked il oul. VisuaIs don´l do lhal. Dear Cod
in heaven.
This is reaIIy dislurling. I´n nol inagining il. Il´s gelling
ligger. This has never happened lefore. Il´s vorked. Il´s
lIoody vorked. (|augn)
Righl. Iocus. I nusl nainlain ny resoIve. Very veII.
There is a rippIing Iighl in lhe nirror. In lhe slone, I
nean. Hov vouId CrovIey have pul il` Yes. The seer
lehoIdelh a greal Iighl in lhe shev-slone, porlending.
porlending he knovs nol vhal. He slands in lhe Sign of
SiIence and avails lhe appearance of lhe Cuardian.
In lhe nane of lhe Creal Order, I pelilion for adnillance
lo lhe Mysleries!
Nolhing is happening. Il is jusl... shiny and enply.
I keep checking and il is sliII dehnileIy lhere. The
rippIing Iighl, lhal is. Il´s in lhe gIass. Il is cIoudy and
lransparenl and sorl of svirIing, Iike... Iike niIk...
or. hoIograns` The drugs are leginning lo cIoud
ny perceplion. I cannol Iose lhis vision, nol nov lhal
sonelhing´s coning
` AII´s enough very Sarge! ` (ucrús unc|car)
Sonelhing eIse here, sonelhing nev. There´s
a shape in lhere. No. one, lvo, lhree. lhree shapes.
Turning and lvisling.
They are coning cIose, coning oul of lhe rippIing Iighl.
I cannol see lhen cIearIy. They Iook ralher Iike ladpoIes,
or IillIe foeluses. Celling ligger, gelling ligger. Ahh. I
don´l Iike. lhey Iook a lil Iike sea-nonkeys, reaIIy lig
ones, lul.
Nov. oh Gcú, oh sni|, oh ]csus Gcú nc |ncq´rc ccming
(scunú cf furni|urc |cing mctcú anú rcpca|cú scrcams)
Oh fuh oh god lhis isn´l happening aaa
(scunú cf grcu|ing, ncati|q úis|cr|cú, as if |nrcugn a
nunny }esus pIeeeeeese
(scunú cf |caring fa|ric)
(c|a||cring scunú cf manq ncatq c|jcc|s fa||ing cr running
úcun s|airs)
(fain| scunú cf mu||ip|c tciccs scrcaming anú sncu|ing)
A!! That RcmaIns
EvIdcncc Cn!!cctInn: The singIe nosl puzzIing aspecl
of a Torlure Dog nurder scene is lhe poinl of enlry.
There isn´l one. Oving lo lhe Torlure Dogs´ aliIily
lo gIide lhrough dinensions, lhere is never a lreak-in
poinl. They sinpIy nanifesl inside lhe roon vhere
lheir polenliaI viclins are.
Il is, hovever, quile connon for iniliaI invesligalion lo
nislake lhe viclin´s hasly cxi| roule for a poinl of enlry.
Viclins lry lo ßee lhe scene ly opening vindovs and
Ieaping oul of lhen, junping righl lhrough lhen gIass
and aII, or even ly snashing dovn doors. In lhe nessy
chaos of lhe crine scene, il lakes a sharp eye lo discern
lhal lhe danage vas done fron lhe inside lo lhe
oulside, and nol lhe olher vay around.
FnrcnsIc Anthrnpn!ngy: The viclins of lorlure dog
assauIl are lhoroughIy savaged, as if viId aninaIs had
allacked lhen. Deep gashes fron cIavs and leelh are
Iefl in lhe ßesh. Sone viclins are puIIed Iinl fron Iinl,
as lhe dogs hghl over lhe renains as over chev loys.
Nol aII of lhe vounds are lhis slraighlforvard, lhough,
anong lhe lears and lile narks, lhere are occasionaI,
deep punclure vounds lhal are frayed on lhe inside.
These appear lo have leen caused ly a sharp nelaI ilen
rolaling al high speed, lhe nosl olvious cuIpril leing a
convenlionaI eIeclric driII. Since no viId aninaI couId
possilIy have a driII in ils noulh, lhe usuaI concIusion
is lhal lhe nassacre vas lhe vork of a denenled hunan
and a pack of savage dogs, lrained lo rip hunans aparl.
The size of lhe Iaceralions suggesls lhal lhe dogs vere
one of lhe Creal lreeds, or possilIy even voIves, lhough
lhese vouId le Iess easy lo expIain in an urlan selling.
Pathn!ngy: As noled leIov, lhe dogs Ieave one viclin
aIive. If he is hospilaIized vilhin lhree hours of lhe
allack, lhe lIood sanpIes reveaI high concenlralions of
sone haIIucinogenic chenicaI in his lody.
A lypicaI allenpl lo reconslrucl lhe evenls of one of
lhese incidenls vouId invoIve a hunan naniac injecling
one viclin vilh haIIucinogens, kiIIing lhe olher viclins
vilh an eIeclric driII and selling his dog pack on lhe
corpses, possilIy in lhe hope lhal lhey vouId devour
lhe evidence. The drugged slale of lhe viclin nealIy
accounls for his lallIing aloul lizarre lionechanicaI
crealures fron lhe Ouler ßIack.
FnrcnsIc Psychn!ngy: The one hunan Iefl aIive afler
lhe lorlure dogs have faded lhrough gaps in reaIily is
lareIy recognizalIe as hunan, and lallIes incessanlIy
aloul lhe Ouler ßIack. This is noslIy denenled raving
lul occasionaIIy a senlence sIips oul lhal gives a cIue
lo vhal lhe dogs are and vhal lhey vanl. NaluraIIy,
fev can gIean nore lhan a fev coherenl senlences fron
lhen, lhe nore forlhconing survivors lallIe aloul lhe
lorlure dogs lhenseIves, lhal lhey are fron lhe 'Creal
Razor IIains´ and lhal lhey 'gIide aIong lhe agony
A Iislener vilh no experience of lhe Ouler ßIack vouId
prolalIy concIude lhal lhe viclin vas Iefl aIive as sone
sorl of a crueI joke, or possilIy as a varning lo olhers.
To a Iislener vilh sone avareness of lhe crealures of
Unrenilling Horror, lhe inference is very cIearIy lhal
lhe dogs Ieave a lorlured viclin as a varning, lo give
lhose vho vouId inlerfere vilh lhe operalions of lhe
Ouler ßIack an idea of lhe fale lhal avails lhen.
Gamc 5tatIstIcs
Alerrance 1O, AlhIelics 8, HeaIlh 7,
Scufßing 9
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +1
Weapon: +1 (DriII), +3 (MandilIes), or hred
spines (+O Shooling and venon, see leIov)
Arnor: +2 vs. Shooling, +1 vs. Scufßing
The lorlure dogs originale fron lhe Ouler ßIack (see
lhe organ grinder alove) and ve are forlunale lhal
onIy a fev have sIipped inlo our vorId. As vilh aII of
lhe denizens of lhis dark, renole dinension, very IillIe
is knovn aloul lhen. They are leIieved lo le a lrained
hunler-kiIIer crealure, dispalched in packs lo lring
dovn foes of parlicuIar slalus or signihcance, lul lhis
nay le nere supposilion. Olher lheories leIieve lhen lo
le infornalion-galherers, vhose savage nelhods ensure
lhal lhe viclins can keep no secrels Iocked avay.
Their ninds are nol hunan and lhey operale according
lo an aIien Iogic.. Ior reasons of lheir ovn, lhey aIvays
spare one of lheir viclins, aIlhough ¨spare¨ is perhaps
a nisIeading choice of vords. The dogs hrsl injecl lheir
viclin vilh a haIIucinogenic drug, secreled fron lheir
ovn gIands. This has lhe effecl of naking lhe viclin
uIlra-sensilive lo physicaI slinuIi (so nuch so lhal he
even experiences sone agonizing sensalions as aInosl
pIeasuralIe) and Iinks hin leIepalhicaIIy vilh his
lorlurers, so lhal he is forced lo lecone an accessory
lo his ovn nuliIalion. Then, he valches lhrough lheir
eyes and feeIs vhal lhey feeI, as lhey peeI lack his skin
and driII dovn lo his lone narrov. This horrilIe fusion
is vhal Ieaves lhe viclin vilh such lizarre, inlinale
knovIedge of lhe crealures, even if he is loo insane
lo arlicuIale il. The leIepalhic Iink exposes hin lo lhe
lorlure dogs´ ovn nenories and experiences. Afler hve
hours, lhe leasls deparl.
DImcnsInna! Lcap: Torlure dogs can gIide aIong slrange
pIanes unknovn lo convenlionaI science. ßy expending
a poinl of Alerrance, lhey can Ieap fron one pIace lo
anolher aIong a Iine lhal appears slraighl lo lhen lul
Ieaves lhe dog facing in lhe opposile direclion, or on lhe
olher side of a soIid vaII.
To an olserver, lhe dog appears lo have junped
lhrough sone sorl of vornhoIe or inpossilIe angIe in
space. Il is inpossilIe lo leII vhere lhe dog viII appear
fron valching il junp. Torlure dogs aIvays leIeporl
ßavIessIy and do nol have lo see lhe pIace lhey are
junping lo, lhough lhey do nol have any precognilive
avareness of vhal avails lhen lhere. A lorlure dog can
spring upon an opponenl ly using a dinensionaI Ieap
lul nusl le alIe lo see lhal opponenl hrsl.
If il chooses, inslead of noving vilhin lhe naleriaI
pIane, il nay lake a dinensionaI Ieap lo relurn lo lhe
Ouler ßIack. The dog viII nol usuaIIy do lhis unIess il
has done vhal il cane lo lhe naleriaI pIane lo do, or il is
severeIy vounded.
HnrrIñc: Torlure dogs are sleeped in lhe nind-vracking
essence of hunan agony and lhe fear lhal ordinary
hunans have for suffering. AII SlaliIily Ioss incurred
fron encounlering lhen is al +1.
TnxIn: The spines lhal a lorlure dog hres fron ils
lack lransnil a polenl loxin. Viclins vho are slruck
ly lhe Torlure Dog´s spines risk having lhis poison
senl coursing lhrough lheir veins, as veII as suffering
Hca!th danage. They nusl nake innediale Hca!th
lesls (difhcuIly 5), on a faiIure, lhey are reduced lo
shivering, covering vrecks, overcone ly agony. The
loxin heighlens aII sensalions lo unlearalIe inlensily,
increasing lhe difhcuIly of 5tabI!Ity lesls ly +2, and
naking il inpossilIe for lhe viclin lo lake any aclion
al aII.
The loxin aIso nenlaIIy fuses lhe recipienl vilh lhe
lorlure dog lhal deIivered il. WhiIe lhe venon is seelhing
in his lIood, lhe viclin can see, hear and feeI everylhing
lhal lhe dog does. He nol onIy gels lo valch hinseIf
leing devoured (or lorlured), he gels lo experience
hinseIf doing il, loo. Ior lhe lorlure dog, lhis nay give
sone kind of voyeurislic salisfaclion, for lhe viclin, il is
a Iiving heII, and caIIs for a fresh 5tabI!Ity lesl every line
lhe crealure allacks.
Afler 1d6 hours, lhe loxin vears off lul Ieaves lhe viclin
vilh pernanenl nerve danage, increasing lhe difhcuIly
of aII 5tabI!Ity lesls ly +1. Innediale nedicaI allenlion
maq heIp lhe viclin and prevenl lhis oulcone, lul
lhree conseculive successfuI McdIc checks (difhcuIly
4) are needed lo achieve lhis, aIong vilh a suppIy of
Tc!cpathy: A lorlure
dog nay connunicale
leIepalhicaIIy vilh
olhers of ils kind,
vilh ils naslers or
vilh a crealure lhal il
has poisoned vilh ils
These are ilens lhal have a conneclion of sone kind vilh lhe crealures descriled in lhe hrsl parl
of lhe look. ße avare lhal lhe arlifacls are nol necessariIy inlended lo give lhe pIayers pover over
lhe horrors, or lo prolecl lhen. They are parl of lhe crealures´ nylhos. Iossession of an arlifacl can
sonelines give a characler a grealer insighl inlo lhe leings he is facing lul is oflen IikeIy lo pIace hin
in grealer danger lhan he vouId olhervise have leen.
These arlifacls can le used as lhe lasis of a slory or even a canpaign. Ior sone of lhe arlifacls, a
seIeclion of possilIe hislories is given. The CM can eilher use lhese aIlernale hislories as lIind aIIeys
for lhe pIayers lo invesligale, using lhen as runors lhal increase lhe nyslery of lhe ilen, or sinpIy
pick one hislory as lrue and onil lhe olhers.
1be fizS& AI&az
This is a ring of gray-lIack rock, neasuring lhree and a
haIf feel across, and one fool lhick, vilh a lvo-fool hoIe
in ils niddIe. Once, il slood ly a Iake, and on il - and for
sone line - priesls used lo lie Iiving hunan viclins lo
il, for lhe feraI drovners lo lake.
The praclice of Ieaving sacrihces al lhe Iirsl AIlar
conlinued for cenluries, aIlhough, afler lhe nonslers
slopped coning lo cIain lhe viclins. None can leII vhy.
Il nay le lhal lhey sIepl, or lhal lhey noved avay, or
even lhal lhe najorily of lhen died oul. Discovering
lhe aIlar sliII Iaden vilh ils sacrihce, inslead of enply
and lIoodslained, nade lhe priesls uneasy. Ierhaps
lhe nonslers had lecone invisilIe. Ierhaps lhey
vished lo le fed, inslead of laking lhe food lhenseIves.
OlviousIy, lhe sacrihce vouId nol vork if lhe viclin
vas nol kiIIed, so lhe priesls vouId jusl have lo carry
oul lhe sacrihce lhenseIves. Thus legan perhaps lhe
praclice of riluaI sIaughler of hunans ly hunans, lo
enuIale lhe feraI drovners´ cIaining of norlaI viclins.
The priesls vere a IillIe perlurled al having lo nake
lhe sacrihces lhenseIves, lul lhey vere far nore afraid
of vhal vouId happen if lhe sacrihce vere nol nade.
In line, lhis cuIlic praclice died oul, and lhe aIlar vas
The fale of lhe Iirsl AIlar is unknovn, lul any of lhe
foIIoving runors nighl prove lo le lrue.
The AIlar vas ßoaled oul inlo lhe cenler of a Iake
on a rafl, vhich vas lhen sel on hre. The AIlar nov
Iies al lhe Iake lollon, vailing for lhe day vhen
changes in lhe IocaI environnenl viII drain lhe
Iake avay and reveaI il once nore.
The AIlar is a najor nuseun, in open pulIic viev
in lhe foyer, passed ly hundreds of peopIe every
day. Il renains lhere lhanks lo lhe efforls of a
secrel sociely dedicaled lo prolecling nankind
fron supernaluraI eviI. WhiIe il is in such a pulIic
pIace, il cannol le used for occuIl purposes again.
The AIlar vas caplured ly a secrel secl, vho posed
as Chrislian cIergy lul vere in facl pagans, carrying
oul lIoody. They arranged lo have lhe Iirsl AIlar
nade inlo parl of a veII-knovn ßrilish calhedraI,
vhere il slands lo lhis day. Il Iies undernealh lhe
nain aIlar, as if lo say lhal lenealh aII lhe lrappings
of Chrislianily, lhere is sliII an aliding darkness.
The secl is, of course, sliII aclive.
The AIlar is in
lhe possession of lhe
Ireenasons, vho sliII use il in sone of
lheir nore olscure riluaIs. Their inleresl
in lhe ilen is pureIy hisloricaI and lhey
are unavare of ils originaI use.
The AIlar vas lipped inlo a IocaI rullish dunp.
SeveraI cenluries Ialer, il vas laken lo lhe IocaI
nanor house ly Ialorers and used as lhe lase of
a lalIe. The AIlar, aIong vilh lhe resl of lhe house,
vas shipped over lo Anerica vhen a visiling
lycoon decided lo luy lhe vhoIe hisloric properly
and have il senl hone lrick ly lrick. Il can nov
le found in SaIen. IronicaIIy, lhe reconslrucled
house vhere il nov Iies does nol have any knovn
conneclion vilh vilchcrafl.
FunctInn: The purpose of lhe AIlar is lo faciIilale lhe
onIy kind of inleraclion lelveen hunans and feraI
drovners lhal lhe drovners lhenseIves viII pernil.
When a sacrihce is pIaced upon il, a feraI drovner viII
cone lo coIIecl il if lhere is one vilhin 1O niIes. Il viII
recognize lhe person vho nakes lhe sacrihce as 'speciaI´
and viII nol allack lhen unIess lhey hrsl allack il.
The aIlar does have lhe supernaluraI aliIily lo caII oul
lo lhe feraI drovners. The nere presence of a viclin
on ils coId slone surface sends oul a psychic nessage
reinforced ly counlIess cenluries of riluaI olservance.
The feraI drovner vho cones for lhe sacrihce is nol
in any sense lound ly lhe person vho nakes il, nor
is lhe drovner olIiged lo offer any kind of service in
relurn. The drovner nay aIso judge lhal lhe offering
is inadequale, in vhich case il viII lake lhe ceIelranl as
The Iirsl AIlar is supernaluraIIy hard and resiIienl.
Lven dynanile viII lareIy scralch il. The slone of
vhich il is nade seens lo le an igneous rock siniIar lo
ßinl lul darker in coIor. Il cannol le reIialIy idenlihed.
Doc&oz NoXon S Aþþaza&US
This device is onIy usefuI in ganes vhere lhe CM aIIovs
nediunship, eclopIasn and aII lhe accoulrenenls of
lhe Viclorian spiriluaIisl lo le sonelhing olher lhan an
eIalorale con.
Doclor Ieregrine Moxon venl one slep furlher lhan
lhose peers of his vho
allenpled lo pholograph
lhe souI as il Iefl lhe lody,
or veighed lhe lody al lhe poinl of dealh
lo see if anylhing escaped. He deveIoped
lechniques of recovering elhereaI infornalion
ly neans of nechanicaI devices. Sensing lhal lhere vas
sonelhing of lhe lrulh in spiriluaIisn lul avare of lhe
guIIiliIily of hunan leings and lhe deceplive (nol lo
say enolionaIIy unslalIe) nalure of nany nediuns, he
soughl lo repIace lhe hunan nediun vilh a nechanicaI
Moxon reasoned lhal lhe aliIily of sone peopIe lo
channeI lhe forces of lhe spiril vorId couId le enuIaled
ly a nachine, so Iong as lhal nachine vas equipped
vilh siniIar facuIlies lo a hunan leing. In nuch
lhe sane vay lhal lhe vilralory disc vilhin an earIy
leIephone enuIaled lhe hunan eardrun, so loo vouId
lhe leII jars and nelvorks of viring vilhin Moxon´s
device enuIale lhe hunan lrain and nervous syslen.
Moxon never hnished his vork. Moxin´s inlenlion vas
lo pave lhe vay for a revoIulion in leIeconnunicalions
lhal vouId have nade lhe leIephone and leIevision
(and even lhe evenluaI Inlernel) seen insignihcanl
ly conparison. Il vouId have leen possilIe for Iiving
peopIe lo access lhe vorId of lhe dead sinpIy ly
aclivaling a Moxon nachine. A nev era vouId have
davned in vhich lhe Iiving and lhe dead vere in
everyday conlacl. The slrangIehoId of lyranls upon
lheir suljecls vouId have leen lroken, for nolody
vouId fear dealh any nore. Murder vouId dininish
nassiveIy once lhe viclin vas alIe lo leslify al lhe lriaI.
The visdon of Iong-dead ninds, of Socrales and da
Vinci, vouId have leen al hunanily´s hngerlips.
SnaII vonder, lhen, lhal lhe drean learers inlervened.
Ceniuses Iike Moxon are slißed ly lhe dark povers
lhal vish lo hoId hunanily lack. His nind vas lorn
lo pieces as he sIepl, ly slrange ßoaling shapes lhal
grinned vilh nany loolhed noulhs, and lhe nascenl
LidoIon Device vas never luiIl.
AII lhal survives is an earIy, ßaved version of lhe
nachine. Moxon´s prololype Apparalus is a grolesque
oljecl lhal resenlIes a lrass sanovar, cIuslered vilh
vires and diaIs. A lhick calIe lraiIs fron il Iike a laiI. In
lhe hearl of lhe lhing is a green gIass chanler, in vhich
ßoals lhe puIpy nass of a hunan lrain, previousIy
residenl vilhin lhe skuII of lhe cIairvoyanl Maxine
Sosalrice. AIlhough he had hoped lo have sensilive
eIeclricaI heIds do lhe sane vork as a nediun´s lrain,
Moxon vas unalIe lo sulslilule for lhe reaI lhing, lhe
design sinpIy couId nol le rehned sufhcienlIy in ils
earIy slages. ßenealh lhe gIass chanler is an odd lrass
lrunpel, prolruding sone six inches and shaped ralher
Iike a ßover.
In order lo funclion, lhe device needs a poverfuI eIeclric
currenl. When aclive, lhe lrain val gIovs fron lenealh,
lhe diaIs ßicker and lhe vhoIe device vilrales in an
aIarning vay. The device cannol funclion for nore
lhan 3O ninules vilhoul overhealing and lIoving a
Repairing lhe nachine if il suffers ninor danage (such
as overhealing) can le achieved vilh a McchanIcs lesl
(difhcuIly 4). A siniIar lesl is needed lo aclivale lhe
device if il has spenl severaI years in slorage. The ouler
eIeclricaI conponenls are nol especiaIIy arcane. OnIy
lhe hearl of lhe lhing vas crafled according lo Moxon´s
ovn invenlion. Ior safely, lhe cenlraI core of lhe device
is kepl shieIded lehind a lhick nelaI pIale. A seclion of
lhis pIale can le sIid dovn over lhe lrain jar lo prolecl
ShouId lhe inner core lecone danaged, lhe nachine is
aInosl guaranleed lo le irreparalIe. Three conseculive
McchanIcs lesls (difhcuIly 5) and lhe advice of a
consuIlanl vilh a raling of al Ieasl 2 in Occu!t 5tudIcs
are needed. Danage lo lhe lrain vilhin lhe gIass jar
renders lhe nachine inoperalIe unIess lhe lrain of a
second psychicaIIy gifled individuaI can le found. Lven
in lhal evenl, lhe nachine nusl sliII le repaired as if ils
inner core had lecone danaged.
The currenl vherealouls of Moxon´s apparalus is
unknovn. Any of lhe foIIoving nighl prove lo le lrue.
The device is kepl in one of lhe ceIIars of lhe
Inslilule for IsychicaI Research luiIding in
ßrighlon, LngIand. Il has lhe slalus of a norlid
reIic ralher lhan a funclioning scienlihc inslrunenl,
as il conlains parl of a deceased hunan´s lody.
The apparalus is parl of lhe decor in a lallooisl´s
sludio in Nev York. The currenl ovner, Mickey
ßIaze, is unavare of lhe oljecl´s provenance and
does nol lhink lhal lhe lrain is acluaIIy reaI. As
far as he is concerned, il is a gorgeous piece of
scuIplure. He loughl lhe ilen on Llay fron a
seIIer in Lurope. He recenlIy Ioaned il oul lo a IocaI
lhealre group for lheir produclion of lhe Rocky
Horror Shov.
The nachine is an exhilil in a lraveIIing Museun
of Curiosilies, aIongside lvo-headed lalies in lhe
olIigalory dusly jars, nodeI cIassroons popuIaled
ly sluffed killens in IillIe coslunes, vaxvork
hgures of nolorious nurderers, inpIenenls used
in lorlure, conposile 'nernaid´ crealures crealed
fron nonkeys and hsh slilched logelher, and
aII lhe usuaI grolesquerie associaled vilh such
endeavors. The ovner, Mr. MacHenry, is a sloul,
red-faced aIcohoIic vho couId le persuaded lo
parl vilh lhe apparalus for a suilalIe sun. Il is nol
an especiaIIy popuIar exhilil. IeopIe are usuaIIy
nore inleresled in lhe pickIed lrain lhan in lhe
device´s supposed purpose.
FunctInn: The nachine´s funclion is lvofoId. Il galhers
dala and assisls nanifeslalion. A characler nusl hrsl
nake a one-poinl Occu!t 5tudIcs spend in order lo
vork oul vhal lhe nachine´s various conlroIs and
readouls nean (unIess lhis infornalion is vilaI lo lhe
pIol, in vhich case il is granled for free). If lhe characler
has access lo Moxon´s design noles, or has lhe nachine
expIained lo hin ly soneone aIready faniIiar vilh il,
lhen lhis spend is nol necessary.
In ils funclion as a galherer of infornalion fron lhe
spiril vorId, lhe nachine sinuIales a hunan psychic
nediun. Il is sensilive lo 'vilralions´ in an area, exaclIy
as a psychicaIIy gifled hunan vouId le (if such peopIe
exisl in lhe gane). When an especiaIIy vioIenl, naIicious
or lragic evenl has laken pIace (such as lhe evenls lhal
give rise lo a residue denon) lhe psychic 'nenory´
cIings lo lhe area, causing lhe phenonena lhal nanifesl
as haunlings, poIlergeisl aclivily, nighlnares and so
forlh. The nachine delecls lhese nenories and can, lo
sone exlenl, arlicuIale lhen.
A Iarge diaI, vilh gIoving nuneraIs, shovs lhe IeveI
of psychic aclivily in lhe nachine´s surrounding
region. Areas lhal are rich in psychic vilralions, such
as lhe siles of nurders, cause lhe needIe lo rise. This
indicalor viII aIso ßucluale up or dovn according lo
vhelher lhere are supernaluraI crealures presenl in lhe
vicinily. Crealures lhal are undead or haiI fron olher
reaIns of exislence lhal cone vilhin 8O feel viII cause
lhe nachine´s diaI lo lvilch upvards. The higher lhe
reading, lhe cIoser lhe crealure is.
Once il has sellIed in lo ils surroundings and processed
lhe regionaI vilralions, a lask lhal requires al Ieasl 3O
ninules of undislurled
operalion, lhe apparalus can
produce a psychic disruplion graph. This is
a spooI of paper narked in increnenls of len
years, going lack up lo eighl hundred years,
Moxon´s Ialer designs vouId have aIIoved for
even Ionger line periods, lul he never had lhe chance
lo luiId lhen.
The psychic disruplion graph is a series of peaks and
lroughs shoving vhich years have leen lhe nosl
psychicaIIy aclive for lhe region. If, for exanpIe, lhe
region is a nuddy heId and lhere vas a lallIe lhere in
1829, lhen lhal year viII shov an alrupl spike on lhe
charl, vilh aInosl conpIeleIy ßal Iines on each side. ßy
conlrasl, a slrelch of nolorvay lhal vas a 'lIack spol´
for car crashes vouId shov a consislenlIy high IeveI of
psychic aclivily in recenl years (fron lhe accunuIaled
pain, grief and fear) vilh nexl lo nolhing in lhe years
lefore lhe nolorvay vas luiIl.
The nachine can aIso le nade lo record residuaI
psychic vilralions as sound, lapping inlo lhe nenory
of lhe region. Il can effecliveIy record and pIay lack
segnenls of lhe pasl, as lhey happened. A skiIIed user
can correIale lhis funclion vilh lhe psychic disruplion
graph (see alove) in order lo luiId up a piclure of vhal
nay have happened in previous cenluries.
When lhis funclion is aclivaled, lhe apparalus
aulonalicaIIy 'hones in´ on lhe slrongesl source of
psychic vilralions in lhe region´s hislory. Il lhen
records sixly seconds of sound fron lhe evenls lhal
caused lhose vilralions. OnIy lhe sounds can le heard,
and lhese cone vilhoul any kind of expIanalion or
conlexl. Ior exanpIe, if lhe evenl in queslion vas lhe
lorlure and evenluaI nurder of a young nan, one couId
hear lhe Iasl sixly seconds of screans and sols - even
lhe grunls of lhe person carrying oul lhe deeds - lul nol
necessariIy Iearn anylhing al aII usefuI.
The nachine does nol in any sense prole inlo lhe
pasl, il is acluaIIy picking up on lhe psychic echoes of
lerrilIe nonenls in lhe pasl lhal are sliII vilraling in
lhe presenl. The sound is recorded on lo a scralchy vax
cyIinder, vhich nusl lhen le pIayed lack lhrough a
granophone in order lo le heard.
The nachine´s funclion as an assisler of nanifeslalion
is sonevhal nore lizarre. Moxon noled lhe aliIily
of genuine nediuns lo produce eclopIasn fron lhe
noulh and nose. Spirils couId lhen use lhis eclopIasn
lo give lhenseIves
physicaI lodies, noIding
forns for lhenseIves as
if lhe eclopIasn vere lenporary ßesh. A
discharge vaIve al lhe rear of lhe apparalus
produces a spurl of eclopIasn fron lhe lrass
lrunpel lenealh lhe lrain. This hIIs a 1O-fool sphere
vilh fainlIy gIoving, cIanny nisl lhal sneIIs of sour
niIk. LclopIasn aIIovs non-physicaI leings lo nanifesl
nuch nore easiIy, vilhoul spending any Abcrrancc (if
appIicalIe). Chosls vilhin lhe eclopIasn can renain
nanifesled indehnileIy.
1be Czyin_ b&oneS
These Ioose slones seen unrenarkalIe, a coIIeclion
of rounded pieces of seni-precious nineraIs such as
olsidian and rose quarlz, such as one nighl luy in
any nev age slore. They are lypicaIIy found lied up
in a sinpIe lIack lag. This lag is heId shul ly a fev
slilches, vhich vhiIe lhey are easiIy cul or snapped, are
evidenlIy lhere for a purpose.
Their appearance conpIeleIy leIies lheir pover. Lach
slone is a nalrix of occuIl force, conceaIed lenealh a
hunlIe exlerior. To creale a fuII sel, lhe slones have lo
le individuaIIy lIessed ly ¨nen of high degree¨ fron
severaI differenl AloriginaI lriles according lo riluaIs
given lo lhen ly enlilies caIIed lhe 'guardians of nan´.
As il lakes severaI lriles vorking logelher lo creale a
conpIele lag of eighl slones, co-operalion lelveen lhe
lriles is essenliaI and peace is lherely assured if aII lhe
lriles are lo lenehl. A nev sel of slones is crealed every
lvenly years. Il is lradilionaI for each shanan lo receive
a conpIele lag, nade up of conlrilulions fron aII lhe
olhers. The oId sels are senl oul inlo lhe vorId, sIighlIy
veakened in lheir pover lul sliII usalIe, so lhal lhey
can assisl olhers.
Il nay le lhal olher secrel organizalions aIso knov hov
lo prepare a sel of lhe crying slones, lul so far no source
for lhen has leen found. TaIisnans in nediaevaI
grinoires couId aIso serve a siniIar purpose. CerlainIy,
laIisnans againsl sIeep hags are veII knovn .
FunctInn: The purpose of lhe crying slones is lo prolecl
a sIeeping person fron allack ly naIignanl enlilies.
(They fuIhII a purpose siniIar lo lhe oslensilIe
'drean calcher´ seen in so nany occuIl shops.) The
lag of slones nusl le pIaced lenealh lhe sIeeper´s
head and le kepl lhere unliI norning. ShouId any
crealure vilh naIignanl inlenl approach vilhin 3O feel
of lhe sIeeper, lhe slones viII vake hin. They do lhis ly
sending a leIepalhic cry inlo his nind, vhich is vhere
lhey gel lheir nane fron, lhey are caIIed crying slones
(in LngIish) lecause lhey cry oul a varning, nol lecause
lhey veep.
Afler every successfuI varning, one of lhe slones has
a 1 in 6 chance of lurning oul. A lurned-oul slone
lecones lIack and duII. When aII lhe slones are lurned
oul, lhe sel is useIess. If lhe slones are ever exposed lo
dayIighl, lhey are useIess for 24 hours. They depend
upon innersion in shadov in order lo vork.
1be book oI JabaSSaIIab
AII cuIls have lheir prescriled riluaIs. Sone nusl
le lranscriled IaloriousIy ly lhe nev iniliale, vhiIe
olhers are privaleIy prinled and issued. The ßook of
}alassaIal is lhe riluaI guide for lhose vho vanl lo earn
lhe favor of cerlain dark enlilies, lhose vho viII, if duIy
pelilioned and failhfuIIy served, granl pernission lo
perforn lhe ßIossoner RiluaI.
Like olher riluaI lexls, il is cIoaked in secrecy. Hovever,
il is nol kepl secrel ly leing Iocked avay. Il can
le dovnIoaded fron lhe Inlernel easiIy and in facl
oflen is ly lhose vho do nol undersland vhal lhey
have. The ßook Iooks Iike a lIock of sheer gillerish.
AIphanuneric characlers hII lhe page in a soIid nass
of nonsensicaI lexl. Il is usuaIIy laken lo le a corrupled
docunenl of sone kind, or a hIe lhal is leing read ly
lhe vrong kind of progran. Il is in facl supposed lo Iook
Iike lhis. Irinled-oul copies of lhe ßook of }alassaIal
are jusl as inconprehensilIe lo lhe unlrained eye as lhe
eIeclronic version.
To decipher lhe lexl of lhe look, lhe reader´s nind nusl
le in a specihc lrance slale. RiluaI syIIalIes nusl le
chanled and a nedilalive slale achieved, vhich requires
len ninules of soIilary conlenpIalion. Once lhe nenlaI
slale has leen allained, lhe ßook of }alassaIal is as
conprehensilIe as if il had leen vrillen in reader´s
ovn Ianguage, hovever, no olher vrillen lexl nakes
any sense and lhe reader unliI lhis slale ends. This slale
Iasls for 1d6x1O ninules. The reader cannol lranscrile
lhe look inlo a slandard vrillen Ianguage.
Of course, lhe cuIl ilseIf leaches lhe appropriale chanls
and nedilalive lechniques. A person cannol use lhen
unIess a feIIov cuIl nenler has inslrucled hin. This
sinpIe neasure ensures lhal lhe enlirely of lhe ßook
of }alassaIal can le dislriluled over lhe Inlernel lo lhe
failhfuI lul viII never le read ly anyone vho is nol
lrained in lhe proper deciphering nedilalions.
Ior addilionaI securily, il is cuslonary for onIy one
person - lhe cuIl Ieader - lo carry oul lhe preIininary
nedilalions lefore a given riluaI legins. They viII
do lhis in conpIele privacy, lo nininize lhe risk of
eavesdroppers Iearning lhe secrel of lhe ßook. Thal
person viII lhen Iead lhe riluaI and perforn any
necessary recilaIs fron lhe ßook. CuIl copies are nol
usuaIIy lound, as il is nuch easier (if Iess reverenl) lo
keep lhen in Ioose-Ieaf prinloul forn. The cuIl has IillIe
lo fear if lhe ßook ilseIf is sloIen or seized, as il is anyone
vho Iooks al is viII nislake il for nere scrap paper
unIess lhey nake a one-poinl Dncumcnt Ana!ysIs or
Occu!t 5tudIcs spend (if lhis is a core cIue, lhen no
spend is necessary).
FunctInn: The ßook of }alassaIal conlains aII lhe riluaIs
appropriale lo lhe lIossoner cuIl, incIuding lhe proper
vay lo prepare a lIoosoner hosl and vhal lo expecl
vhen lhe resuIlanl denon is aIIoved lo carry oul ils
vork of inpregnalion. Any person vho vas alIe lo
conprehend lhe seening gillerish of lhe ßook vouId
lecone avare of exaclIy vhal lhe cuIl´s inlenlions
Demon fe&US in A Jaz
This jar of cIoudy Iiquid conlains sonelhing lhal seens
al hrsl lo le a vax nodeI. SureIy nolhing Iike lhis couId
acluaIIy have leen lorn fron a hunan leing` The jar´s
occupanl is superhciaIIy siniIar lo a hunan infanl, vilh
a lody and Iinls no differenl lo lhose of an unlorn
chiId of aloul eighl nonlhs´ deveIopnenl, conpIele
vilh a frayed lasseI of unliIicaI cord. The infanl is
exlraordinariIy lhin, vilh lhe rils cIearIy discernilIe
and lhe eIlovs and knees lony, lul is olhervise hunan
leIov lhe neck. OnIy lvo incongruous luIges vhere
lhe shouIder lIades are slrike lhe olserver as unusuaI.
These are hard sveIIings, Iike lunors.
When lhe face and head ßoal inlo viev, nosl olservers
gasp in shock. The ears are disproporlionaleIy Iarge,
vilh an olvious poinl. The face is sIil-eyed and piggish,
nol hunan al aII, vilh a squashed-up snoul Iike lhe face
of a loxer dog or a vanpire lal. The lhing is cIearIy
dead lul has an expression of sIeeping naIice lhal is
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
dislurling even lo lhe nosl oljeclive nedicaI speciaIisl.
An enlryoIogisl vouId doullIess accounl for lhe
chiId´s defornilies ly allriluling lhen lo a congenilaI
The lhing is in facl lhe producl of a lIossoner cuIl lhal
arose in lhe 192Os. Il is lhe resuIl of a lypicaI lIossoner
inpregnalion lhal did nol carry lo lern, lecause lhe
nolher and lhe resl of lhe cuIlisls vere gunned dovn
in a raid. The chiId vas renoved fron lhe nolher´s
corpse during lhe aulopsy procedure and vas kepl as a
nedicaI curiosily, pickIed in fornaIdehyde.
The chiId vas lo le one of lhose favored ones, vho
represenls lhe inleresls of lhe dark gods on Larlh. Nov
il is nolhing lul a fairground allraclion. Il nighl le
found in any of lhe foIIoving Iocalions:
The felus is ovned ly an arlisl residenl in Nev
OrIeans, vho keeps a coIIeclion of nacalre and
grisIy ilens. She is Iess lhan enlireIy sane and
leIieves lhe felus speaks lo her in dreans, giving
her inspiralion. She does nol Iike lo receive visilors
and spends lhe vhoIe day indoors vilh lhe
curlains dravn. IopuIar IocaI leIief is lhal she is
eilher a vanpire, or has convinced herseIf lhal she
The jar is kepl in lhe lioIogy Ial of a pulIic schooI
in Irance. Il is nol supposed lo le parl of lhe
Ialoralory´s invenlory and sils anong lhe olher
jars on a high sheIf. OnIy lhe assislanl knovs
lhal il is lhere. He Iikes lo lake il dovn vhen he
is aIone in lhe Ialoralory, exanine il and nake
skelches of il.
The felus is luried aIong vilh lhe olher Iool
sloIen fron a counlry house. Il had previousIy
leen lhe properly of a veII-lo-do eccenlric.
(The doclor vho renoved il lecane addicled
lo drugs and soId lhe preserved infanl for ready
noney.) A lurgIar vho vas rolling lhe house
vas so lroulIed ly ils sinisler expression lhal he
lundIed il inlo his sack aIong vilh lhe siIvervare,
lhinking lhal he vouId ralher have il lhere lhan
silling on lhe sheIves in lhe dark, valching hin.
ßesides, soneone nighl le viIIing lo pay for il.
The lurgIar died lefore he couId go lack lo lhe
luried slash, lul soneone eIse nighl cone across
The felus is sliII anong lhe nedicaI delrilus of
lhe hospilaI, vhich vas cIosed in 1935 and lecane
dereIicl. The hospilaI had lo le alandoned afler il
vas found lo le slrucluraIIy unsafe, il vas luiIl
on lhe cheap and legan lo crunlIe avay. WhoIe
IeveIs have never leen opened up since lhey vere
larricaded and lhe luiIding decIared unsafe. The
jar vilh ils unvhoIesone occupanl sils on a sheIf
in a dusly sloreroon, anong olher pickIed organs.
FunctInn: The denonic felus does nol have any
parlicuIar povers or uses lul il is an exanpIe of vhal
lhe lIossoner cuIl can do. As such, il is a polenliaI Iead
lo lheir aclivilies. The reIic vas preserved, so lhere is sliII
a snaII anounl of denonic essence sliII lound up in lhe
ßesh and ßuid in lhe jar. The cuIl viII le concerned lo
recover il. They viII do lhis ly lhe disgusling neans of
learing lhe renains aparl and devouring lhe fragnenls,
and guIping dovn lhe ßuid.
1be bcaIþeI oI Nynaz&bi&eþ
This unrenarkalIe-seening lronze knife, pilled vilh
age and yel razor-sharp, is a reIic of greal signihcance lo
lhe Iraclice. Il vas supposedIy vieIded ly one of lheir
nosl senior nenlers, vho vas an enlaIner and priesl
of Anulis in lhe days of lhe OId Kingdon of Lgypl.
UnviIIing lo le suljecl lo lhe judgnenl of nighly
Osiris in lhe aflerIife, Mynarlhilep soughl inslead an
innorlaIily in vhich lhe lody vas preserved vhiIe
Iiving and lhe souI vas alIe lo indveII il forever.
}udgenenl vouId lherefore le escaped.
Il vas vilh lhis knife lhal Mynarlhilep opened his
ovn craniun and nade cerlain surgicaI nodihcalions,
ensuring lhal his ovn Iife vouId le exlended far
leyond ils naluraI Iinil. He slilched his scaIp lack
logelher aflervards, knoving lhal lhe operalion had
leen a success. Had il nol leen for lhe supernaluraI
properlies of lhe knife, vhich Mynarlhilep vas carefuI
lo prepare in accordance vilh appropriale riles, lhe
operalion vouId have leen lolh nessy and falaI.
The scaIpeI is lhus lhe founding inslrunenl of lhe
organizalion, and has lolh synloIic and praclicaI vaIue
lo lhen. If lhey ever Iearn of ils Iocalion, lhey viII le
eager lo recIain il.
The currenl vherealouls of lhe scaIpeI are unknovn.
Any of lhe foIIoving nighl prove lo le lrue:
The scaIpeI is in use ly a cannilaI cuIl in Mexico.
The cuIl is oslensilIy Salanic, lul does nol have a
parlicuIarIy coherenl doclrine. Viclins are laken lo
renole Iocalions, sIaughlered and ealen in riluaI
feasls. The Ieaders of lhe cuIl venerale lhe scaIpeI
as a sacred ilen lul do nol knov anylhing of ils
hislory. They inslincliveIy sense ils inporlance
and aIvays use lhe scaIpeI lo nake lhe hrsl
incision in lhe viclin. Were lhe Iraclice lo nanifesl
lefore lhe cuIl, lhey vouId le greeled vilh ave as
anlassadors of lhe salanic povers, aIlhough lhis
is an inaccurale perceplion of lhen.
The scaIpeI is currenlIy leing exhililed in lhe
Chicago Museun as parl of a dispIay on enlaIning
lechniques in Ancienl Lgypl. Since il arrived, lhere
have leen nunerous slrange evenls afler cIosing
line. Olher exhilils have nysleriousIy noved
around, lhe conlenls of Iocked cases have leen
dislurled vilhoul any sign of forced enlry and oId
Lgyplian riluaI equipnenl has leen found Iaid oul
in fornaI arrangenenls, as if soneone had leen
using lhen for lheir originaI purpose. None of
lhe securily caneras have regislered lhese evenls.
They sinpIy shov a grayish lIank screen during
lhe line vhen lhe rearrangenenls nusl have leen
laking pIace.
The scaIpeI is in lhe possession of an eIderIy
laxidernisl in Auslria. He does nol renenler hov
he cane ly il, lul vievs il as his nosl prized looI.
Under ils naIign inßuence, he has leen expanding
his reperloire lo Iarger and Iarger aninaIs. There
are nov severaI nissing sludenls in his lasenenl,
experlIy sluffed.
FunctInn: The scaIpeI is usalIe as a veapon or as a
surgicaI looI. Ils unnaluraI sharpness give il a +1 lonus
on danage roIIs, and il Iovers lhe largel difhcuIly of aII
McdIc checks ly 1. Anyone vho uses il is sIovIy suljecl
lo ils naIign inßuence, as delernined ly lhe CM.
üUmmy bUbbez baII
The Sunner of Love produced nany slrange and siIIy
loys, vhich fascinaled adoIescenl hippies and young
chiIdren aIike. Il vas an age of SiIIy Iully and Raggedy
Ann, of gIov-in-lhe-dark dancing pIaslic skeIelons and
X-Ray-Spex, Iong and lullIe lIovers. These loys,
lrighlIy coIored and easiIy lroken, provided pIenly
of anusenenl for lhose vilh shorl allenlion spans,
vhelher lhey vere young chiIdren or sloned aduIls.
The kooks, loo, had uses for lhese nev pIaylhings.
Anylhing lhal heIped lhen lo allracl lhe allenlion of
IoneIy chiIdren vouId le usefuI. As veII as lhe pIaslic
loys of lhe sixlies, lhey lroughl a fev ginnicks of lheir
ovn. Iron vhalever slrange pIace lhe kooks cone
fron, lhey look lhe gunny ruller laII.
This is a hsl-sized sphere
of lransparenl rullery naller
lhal is fuII of rainlov-coIored gIiller. Il
sneIIs slrongIy chenicaI and is squishy lo lhe
louch. When lhrovn, lhe laII lounces lack
aInosl as slrongIy as il vas hurIed, as if il vere
nade fron sone niracIe sulslance.
A kook, or a chiId vho has legun lo have her essence
alsorled ly lhe kooks, can conlroI lhe laII. A sinpIe
nenlaI inslruclion nakes il ßoal in lhe air as IighlIy
as a lullIe. This is endIessIy fascinaling lo chiIdren,
vho see lhe laII as sonelhing niracuIous. The coIorfuI
lvinkIes il enils fron ils cenler are soolhing lo valch.
ChiIdren pIay vilh il for hours.
The laII is Iess appeaIing lo aduIls. The kooks use il as
a vay of gelling rid of inlerfering peopIe (or aninaIs,
such as IoyaI dogs). When an aduIl handIes lhe laII,
il is IikeIy lo allack lhen, louncing inlo lheir face and
pressing lheir noslriIs and noulh shul vilh ils gIuey
The laII has an effeclive Ath!ctIcs pooI of 1O and a
5cuf0Ing pooI of 8. If il hils, il Ialches on lo lhe largel,
deaIing 1d6-1 Hca!th danage per round. The viclin,
or soneone near enough lo heIp, nay nake a 5cuf0Ing
lesl (difhcuIly 5) lo vrench il off. If anolher crealure,
such as a kook, lhrovs lhe laII al a largel, lhen use lhe
Kook´s 5cuf0Ing pooI inslead of lhe laII´s ovn.
If lhe laII is puIIed off lefore il can choke lhe largel lo
dealh, il lecones cIoudy and inerl and cannol allack
again. Hovever, if il nanages lo cause a dealh, il is
even nore louncy and vilaI lhan il previousIy vas
- ils 5cuf0Ing and Ath!ctIcs pooIs are innedialeIy
refreshed. The secrel of lhe laII´s nagic louncing is nol
any kind of chenicaI process, lul lhe exlraclion of Iife
essence. Like lhe kooks lhenseIves, il feeds off Iiving
hunan leings.
1inc&Uze oI Voe
This ßuid Iooks exaclIy Iike valer. Il is usuaIIy found
in snaII ceranic ßasks. AIchenisls in lhe MiddIe
Ages disliIIed il as parl of lhe process of crealing lhe
IhiIosopher´s Slone. The chief ingredienl is hunan
lears, vhich nusl cone fron young vonen.
Iroduclion is aInosl conpIeleIy nonexislenl in lhe
nodern era. Mosl of lhe ßasks of lhe linclure in lhe
vorId cone fron lhe
Ialoralory of Yananura
Alaru, a }apanese aIchenisl
vho conlines induslriaI chenicaI
lechnoIogy vilh oIder lechniques in order
lo produce Iarge quanlilies of lhe sluff. Il is
said lhal Alaru has a produclion faciIily in Osaka, in
vhich he keeps a coIIeclion of young vonen vho no
Ionger have arns or Iegs. This ensures lhal lhere viII le
an anpIe suppIy of lears and prevenls lhe source of lhe
lears fron escaping.
There is high denand for quaIily linclure anong lhe
cunning nen, denonoIogisls and olher professionaIs
vho vork vilh naIign spirils. The linclure nakes il
nuch easier lo converse vilh, negoliale vilh or even
inprison lhe enlilies vhose vorIds lorder our ovn.
FunctInn: When lhe Tinclure of Woe is sprinkIed on
an area during lhe hours of darkness, aII spiriluaI,
nonslrous or olhervorIdIy crealures vilhin lhe
innediale area are irresislilIy dravn lo lhe spiIIed
ßuid. AII lhal lhis sulslance does is lo caII lhe leings
lo lhe spol. Il does nol confer any conlroI upon lhen,
nor does il nake lhen favoralIy incIined lovards lhe
user. They are conpeIIed lo renain vilhin lhe area unliI
The Tinclure has nany occuIl uses. Magicians viII use
il lo drav forlh a ghosl lhal has leen haunling a house,
so lhal lhey can converse vilh lhe spiril and hnd oul
vhal il vanls. Hunlers of lhe undead pour oul lhe
Tinclure lo drav zonlies and lheir iIk oul of lheir Iairs.
The Tinclure has even leen used lo cause lhe dealhs of
olher peopIe. There is a case on record of a necronancer
vho poured lhe Tinclure oul over a Iake hIIed vilh
drovners vhiIe a rivaI vas loaling on il. He lhen
valched vhiIe lhe ghoslIy crealures aII svan up lo
lhe surface al once and dragged lheir screaning viclin
dovn inlo lhe deplhs.
1be bbankSkin
This ancienl, rollen skin is has leen ealen avay ly
nouId in severaI pIaces. Il is designed lo le vorn, a
vooden loggIe hoIds il faslened around lhe vearer´s
neck. Il is yeIIov, slained and Iooks Iike a piece of
odorous rullish. In facl, il has leen handed dovn fron
falher lo son for generalions, vilh as nuch reverence
as lhe faniIy lilIe vouId have had lo Viclorian
The sneIIy oljecl is a riluaI cape, vhich vas used
in cerenonies invoIving lhe Iirsl AIlar (see alove)
in vhich nen vouId Ieave sacrihces for lhe feraI
drovners. Il is nade fron lhe hide of one of lhe feraI
drovners lhal vashed up, dead, on lhe shores of lhe
sacred Iake. Ior cenluries il vas lhe properly of a singIe
faniIy lhal has foIIoved a secrel reIigion for cenluries.
Then il venl nissing.
The faniIy lhal heId lhe Shankskin, lhe ßeans, are odd-
Iooking. Many generalions of inlerlreeding have nade
lhen Iunpen and sIov-villed, vilh eyes lhal sil loo
cIose logelher. The faniIy praclices incesl lo keep lhe
lIood Iine pure for reIigious reasons and secondIy lo
prevenl ils nenlers fron having lo cone inlo conlacl
vilh oulsiders. They prefer lo Iive in isoIalion and lake
vhal lhey need ly sleaIing il.
The ßeans are lhe nosl degenerale, hIlhy, fouI-noulhed
gang lhal ever sloIe a veIfare check. They spend lheir
days Ioilering, having hghls and shouling al passers-ly.
The oIder naIes usuaIIy drink lhenseIves inlo a slupor
ly nid-aflernoon, vhiIe lhe fenaIes roan lhe slreels
and nake lroulIe, vhiIe lheir chiIdren lavI in nesls of
lheir ovn hIlh. SociaI vorkers have Iong since reaIized
lhal lhe ßeans are a hopeIess case and lhere is nolhing
lhey can do.
In nore prinilive lines, lhe ßean faniIy Iived in caves
or shacks, lul in lhe presenl era lhey coIonize housing
projecls. There are enlire residenliaI luiIdings lhal
onIy have lhe ßean faniIy Iiving in lhen. The faniIy´s
squaIor and aggressiveness scares avay aII olhers vho
nighl olhervise have kepl on Iiving lhere. Il lakes a
very shorl line for lhe ßeans lo lurn a neighlorhood
inlo a slinking sIun. Those slullorn enough lo slay
are alused on a daiIy lasis and peIled vilh rullish,
lhe lruIy unIucky ones are 'nade parl of lhe faniIy´ ly
leing alducled and forcilIy inpregnaled, lhen kepl
hidden and prevenled fron ever Ieaving.
One nenler, lhe infanous Savney ßean, gained
noloriely vhen his faniIy´s halil of capluring and
ealing lraveIers lecane pulIic. The cIan vas discovered
Iiving in a pil, surrounded ly lhe renains of dozens of
hunan leings. Thal lranch vas viped oul, lul lhe
ßean faniIy had olher nenlers eIsevhere vho couId
carry on lhe lradilion. CannilaIisn is nol quile as easy
lo praclice novadays as il once vas, so il lends lo le
saved for speciaI occasions.
ShouId lhe Shankskin ever reappear, lhe enlire ßean
cIan vouId le noliIized lo gel il lack. Though lhey
are indoIenl drunkards, lhey lake lheir pagan reIigion
very seriousIy and viII happiIy nurder any nunler
of peopIe lo secure lheir sacred oljecl once again. This
has onIy happened once lo dale, vhen a group of poIice
ofhcers lroke up a riluaI and conhscaled everylhing.
FunctInn: The vearer of lhe Shankskin is innune lo lhe
feraI drovners´ ancienl nusk aliIily. He can sland in
lhe presence of one of lhe noisone leasls and lrealhe
freeIy. The feraI drovner viII recognize lhe vearer of
lhe skin as an inporlanl priesl and viII nol allack hin
unIess he allacks hrsl. IeraI drovners do nol have any
especiaI regard for hunans excepl as food or sexuaI
pIaylhings, lul lhey do hnd lhe ßeans nore appeaIing
lhan nosl. There are even lines vhen an especiaIIy
corpuIenl and perverse ßean fenaIe viII presenl herseIf
as a voIunlary candidale for lhe sexuaI allenlions of a
feraI drovner. Il is lradilionaI for such vonen lo vear
lhe Shankskin as a forn of lridaI lrain.
1ozUmboIo S bod
This is a gnarIed, lIack vaIking slick, vilh a hard-
vearing vhile nelaI knol.. The nelaI knol is hoIIov
and rallIes if shaken, lhere is sonelhing Ioose in lhere.
(If il is shaken vigorousIy, an angry luzzing cones fron
inside for a coupIe of seconds.) The slick is aIso shod in
lhe sane vhile nelaI. If anyone renoves lhe shoe, lhe
slick proves lo le a vooden lule.
There are piclographic synloIs on lhe head of lhe
cane, vhich require a 1-poinl Anthrnpn!ngy spend lo
decipher (or a free use of Anthrnpn!ngy if lhis is a core
cIue). They idenlify lhe rod as sacred lo TorunluIo.
Sufhcienl anlhropoIogicaI research idenlihes lhis leing
as an olscure denon of pIague, vho is depicled as
a cravIing insecl, spider or scorpion. AIlhough lhe
praclice of propilialing TorunloIo is Iong dead, he is
sliII renenlered and dreaded in sone parls of Wesl
The Rod is used ly cerlain vilch doclors. The popuIace
fears lhen and fears lhe rod alove aII, saying lhal il
lrings quick dealh lo lhose vho speak againsl lhe vise
nan. They are, of course, righl. Much Iike lhe 'poinling
lone´, lhe rod of TorunluIo is an inslrunenl of dealh.
The sound of lhe slick rallIing viII send peopIe ßeeing
for safely, for fear lhal lhey shouId le lhe one vho has
aroused lhe sorcerer´s rage.
FunctInn: The rod does nol acluaIIy have any nagicaI
properlies in ilseIf. The rallIing knol hoIds a singIe
dealh lapper, in a dornanl slale. To use lhe rod, lhe
shanan shakes il unliI lhe dealh lapper is voken and
lecones angry. He lhen lakes lhe nelaI lip fron lhe
rod´s fool, so lhal lhe dealh lapper can lraveI dovn lhe
hoIIov inlerior of lhe cane. An experl ßick of lhe vrisl,
and lhe dealh lapper is ßung dovn lhe cane lovards
lhe person lhe shanan vishes lo deslroy.
In gane lerns, lhe shanan nay nake a 5cuf0Ing allack
againsl his largel lo ßing lhe dealh lapper on lo hin.
If lhe shanan´s 5cuf0Ing allack hils, lhe lapper nay
nake an innediale 5cuf0Ing allack againsl lhe largel.
Lven if lhe shanan nisses his nark, lhe dealh lapper
viII Ialch on lo lhe nearesl avaiIalIe viclin. The dealh
lapper does nol relurn lo lhe cane once lhe shanan has
dispalched il. He nusl sunnon a nev one.
bIack Ne&aIIic IigUid
OnIy a fev hunan leings viII ever le exposed lo lhe
horrors of lhe Ouler ßIack, vhere lhe lorlure dogs
gIide dovn lreezes of pure agony in pursuil of lhings
lhal used lo le nen, and lhe organ grinders roar over
lallIeheIds slrevn vilh lhe renains of nachines over
a lhousand years oId. Il is nol a pIace vhere peopIe
voIunlariIy go.
NonelheIess, in lheir quesl for nev experience and
nore and nore exlrene sensalions, sone decadenl
souIs vho Iearn of lhe pIace nake up lheir ninds lo
hnd lheir vay lo il. These are usuaIIy lhe kind of person
vho sees everyday Iife as sleriIe and duII, vho has lried
every drug inaginalIe and gollen lored of depravily
and vho desperaleIy vanls a nev lhriII lo repIace lhe
oId ones. They inagine lhal lhe Ouler ßIack is sone
kind of sadonasochislic paradise, vhere a souI lhal
dreans of exlrenes can experience a heII sveeler lhan
any heaven.
They are, of course, conpIeleIy vrong.
Accessing lhe Ouler ßIack physicaIIy is nol possilIe,
lul a nind can le exposed lo il ly neans of a pecuIiar
drug. This is aIvays found in Iiquid forn. Il is lIack
and has a curious nelaIIic sheen, as if il vere a forn of
dark nercury. The source of lhe drug is unknovn, lul
il is aIvays found in gIass anpouIes lhal have shredded
eIeclricaI vires al one end, as if lhe anpouIe had leen
ripped oul of sone conpIicaled device. If suljecled lo
chenicaI anaIysis, il proves lo le a sulslance unknovn
lo science.
FunctInn: Whalever ils originaI purpose nay have
leen, lhe Iiquid is used a narcolic. Il is peddIed on
lhe lIack narkel as 'lhe uIlinale high´ and is laken in
lhal capacily ly lhe uIlra-rich, as veII as ly crininaIs
vilh easier access lo il, such as high-ranking gangslers
and snuggIers. Those in lhe knov consider il lo le lhe
caviar of iIIegaI sulslances.
When laken in liny doses,a deep inerlia sellIes on
lhe drug laker, shol lhrough vilh slrange cylernelic
haIIucinalions. There is never any sense of panic or
disorienlalion. Sone users feeI lhal lheir nenlaI aliIilies
are enhanced nassiveIy ly use of lhe drug. They
lecone alIe lo visuaIize conpIicaled nalhenalicaI
concepls, such as a rolaling hypercule, as easiIy as lhey
vouId le alIe lo visuaIize sinpIe poIygons.
If lhe vhoIe anpouIe is drunk, lhe fuII effecl nanifesls.
The iniliaI effecls appear afler hve ninules. The
drinker´s pupiIs diIale lo an aIarning degree, so lhal
lhe iris is aInosl conpIeleIy invisilIe. He legins lo
suffer hol and coId ßushes. Olher peopIe´s voices sound
nelaIIic and aIien. This is an upselling experience and
he nusl nov nake a 2-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl.
Iifleen ninules inlo lhe experience, lhe chenicaI lakes
over his lrain. As he legins lo 'peak´, he lecones
inlernillenlIy leIepalhic and can 'overhear´ lhe surface
lhoughls of peopIe vilhin 2O feel. This is conpIeleIy
randon and lhe characler has no vay lo conlroI il. He
nusl nov nake a 4-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl as lhe voices
in his head legin lo shake his sanily. A characler vho
legins lo panic viII allenpl lo ßee avay fron olher
peopIe, as he leIieves lhal lhis viII nake lhe voices
ApproxinaleIy len ninules Ialer, lhe drinker can
suddenIy see inlo lhe Ouler ßIack. His vision is shifled,
as if he vere nov physicaIIy slanding in lhal dinension,
aIlhough he renains on earlh. Since he can see onIy lhe
Ouler ßIack aII around hin, he nay leIieve lhal he has
sonehov leen lransporled lhere. If he Iooks dovn al
hinseIf, he sees an insecliIe, vagueIy cruslacean lody
inslead of his hunan shape.
This experience is nassiveIy jarring lo lhe lrain, lhe
characler nusl nake an 1O-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl.
The porlion of lhe Ouler ßIack lhal lhe characler can
see resenlIes a painling ly H R Ciger. Lnornous
lionechanicaI denons, vilh vings Iike ragged pIaslic,
lear snaIIer denons lo shreds. Tilans nade fron
nangIed nelaI and rancid green ßesh hre veapons
lhal spev corrosive acid, or rip avay al lheir arnored
opponenls vilh cIavs lhe size of luIIdozers. The
experience is ullerIy lerrifying and conpIeleIy aIien.
There is no reason or purpose lo lhe deslruclion. Il jusl
seens lo go on and on.
Afler lvo hours of lhis, lhe experience legins lo fade.
The characler relurns lo nornaI in 15 ninules. He
carries lhe nenory of lhe experience vilh hin for lhe
resl of his Iife. Lxposure lo lhe lizarre geonelries and
nind-reviring energies of lhe Ouler ßIack sullIy aIlers
his lrain, granling hin a pernanenl increase of one
poinl of Occu!t 5tudIcs raling, and lvo Raling poinls
lo spend on invesligalive skiIIs as he sees hl. Hovever,
if he Iosl nore lhan hve poinls of 5tabI!Ity during
lhe experience, he is Iefl vilh a pernanenl nervous
condilion. He nakes aII fulure 5tabI!Ity lesls againsl a
largel difhcuIly of 5 ralher lhan 4.
This is nol lhe onIy hazard of lhe lIack nelaIIic drug.
WhiIe lhe characler is exposed lo lhe Ouler ßIack, lhere
is an addilionaI danger: lhere is a 5O° chance lhal a
denizen of lhe Ouler ßIack viII nolice lhe presence
of lhe characler´s nind. (This viII eilher le an organ
grinder or a lorlure dog. Iulure suppIenenls viII
delaiI addilionaI crealures fron lhis disnaI pIane.) Il
viII approach hin on lhe Ouler ßIack, coning cIoser
and cIoser, lul fading sleadiIy fron viev, leconing
lransparenl. Whal lhe crealure is acluaIIy doing is
lracking lhe characler´s nind lack lo ils acluaI Iocalion
on Larlh. Il senses prey and is keen lo gel lo il. The
crealure arrives on lhe naleriaI pIane 1d3 hours afler
lhe drug experience ends.
A characler vho has leen seen is narked as prey
fron lhal poinl onvards. The denizen aIvays knovs
vherealouls on Larlh he is. Il viII lake ils line,
aIIoving lhe prey lo lecone properIy paranoid lefore
hnaIIy naking ils appearance. Sonelines, a crealure
viII cone slraighl for ils inlended viclin lul il is nore
usuaI for il lo spin lhe hunl oul.
bþaUIdin_ S beI&
This is a sinpIe lrovn Iealher leIl, faslened vilh a
luckIe. There seens lo le nolhing renarkalIe aloul
il al aII. There is sone danage lo parl of il, as if slrong
javs had lillen dovn on lhe Iealher. CIose exaninalion
reveaIs a rov of loolh narks inprinled inlo il.
This is lhe genuine leIl lhal gagged Mary ßelh
SpauIding, vho died fron choking on her ovn longue
and lecane Slrap Throal. There are dozens of inilalion
leIls oul lhere in lhe hands of norlidIy ninded reIic
coIIeclors, lul onIy one is reaI. Those vho are so eager
lo ovn lhe genuine arlicIe vouId le nuch Iess eager if
lhey knev lhe lrulh.
FunctInn: The leIl is a dealh senlence. Whenever
anyone cones inlo ovnership of il, lhey are alsoIuleIy
dooned lo neel lheir dealh al lhe hands of Slrap Throal
- IileraIIy. The viclin has unliI lhe nexl fuII noon lo
Iive. When lhe noon lecones fuII, Slrap Throal viII
nanifesl lhrough lhe cIosesl avaiIalIe reßeclive surface
and slrangIe lhe leIl´s ovner lo dealh.
This fale viII aIready have leen foreshadoved. Those
vho are narked lo die can no Ionger see lheir ovn
reßeclion vhen lhey Iook in lhe nirror. Olher peopIe
vho Iook al lhe reßeclion see il as nornaI, lul lhe
evenluaI viclin sees Slrap Throal herseIf, slaring and
slaring, vhere lhe reßeclion shouId le. She never says
anylhing, nor does she reacl. She onIy slares. When il is
line for her lo cIain her viclin, she sinpIy Iunges oul
of lhe reßeclive surface.
The onIy possilIe soIace in lhese visions is lhal lhe
viclin can see lhal lhe very sane leIl lhal he nov ovns
is lhal vhich is gagging Slrap Throal, so he can al Ieasl
vork oul lhe conneclion.
Ovnership of lhe leIl is conferred in lvo vays. The
ovner eilher paid noney for il (or lraded an ilen for
il) or he vas lhe hrsl person lo louch il afler lhe forner
ovner died. Il does nol naller vhelher or nol lhe
characler considers hinseIf lhe ovner. As far as Slrap
Throal is concerned, he is cursed and she viII cone for
There is onIy one vay lo escape lhe fale lhal avails.
The ovner of lhe leIl nusl seII il on lo soneone eIse.
He nusl do so in Iegilinale lrade, ly exchanging il
eilher for noney or for an ilen. SinpIy sIipping lhe
leIl inlo soneone eIse´s pockel is nol enough. Il nusl
le soId. Slrap Throal viII lhen cIain lhe person vho
ovns lhe leIl vhen lhe fuII noon cones. A polenliaI
viclin can aIvays check vhelher he is sliII cursed or nol
ly Iooking al a nirror. If he sees his ovn reßeclion once
again, he is safe.
The leIl cannol le deslroyed. If lhe characler allenpls
lo lhrov il avay, he hnds il anong his possessions.
1be Yoynicb 1aþe
This is an oId-fashioned spooI of recording lape, of
lhe kind lhal cones in reeIs ralher lhan casselles. Il
cannol le pIayed unIess one has access lo lhe proper
equipnenl. Iron ils faded appearance, il prolalIy
dales fron lhe Iale sixlies or earIy sevenlies. There is
no IaleI.
When pIayed, a voice can le heard speaking in Oxford
LngIish. The sound quaIily is exlreneIy sharp. Il
announces lhal vhal is aloul lo le done is leing done
of lhe speaker´s ovn free viII, and lhal lhe speaker
lakes responsiliIily for anylhing lhal nay happen as a
resuIl. Il slales lhal vhal foIIovs is 'Lxperinenl Iifleen´
in a series of lvenly experinenls, vhich aIlogelher
forn Irojecl Voynich. Afler lhis cone various oninous
incanlalions in Lalin and in apparenl gillerish. A one-
poinl Occu!t 5tudIcs spend idenlihes lhese as caIIs fron
lhe Coelia, or Lesser Key of SoIonon, vilh addilionaI
randon-seening naleriaI vorked in.
The lape is fron lhe archives of an occuIl research
organisalion. The nane 'Irojecl Voynich´ refers lo
lhe enignalic Voynich Manuscripl, a Ienglhy piece of
iIIuslraled lexl daling fron lhe line of Doclor Dee and
Ldvard KeIIey, lhe LIizalelhan nagicians.
Irojecl Voynich vas an allenpl lo conline lhe
evocalion lechniques found in grinoires of knovn
efhciency, such as lhe Key of SoIonon, vilh lhe nanes
derived fron lhe Voynich Manuscripl. The Iogic lehind
lhis vas lhal if lhe Voynich Manuscripl vas (as il
appeared lo le) a nanuaI of aIchenicaI nagic, lhen lhe
IogicaI lhing lo do vas lo caII up lhe enlilies associaled
vilh il and ask lhen lo lransIale il. If successfuI, lhis
couId have opened up secrels of aIcheny hidden for
over four hundred years.
The person responsilIe for Irojecl Voynich vas ßarry
Drylurgh, a diIellanle nagician vho had his coven in
lhe svinging Soho of 1967. He vanished anid scandaI
invoIving lhe son of a nenler of lhe House of Lords
and never resurfaced inlo pulIic Iife.
The lrulh of Drylurgh´s disappearance has nolhing lo
do vilh sordid lalIoid headIines. Il vas Irojecl Voynich
lhal renoved Drylurgh fron lhe vorId of lhe Iiving.
Whelher he nislransIaled lhe nanuscripl or nade
sone olher fundanenlaI error in lhe sunnoning riluaI
is unknovn. Whal is cerlain is lhal he did nol succeed
in caIIing up lhe aIchenicaI angeIs of lhe Voynich
nanuscripl. Sonelhing aIlogelher nore naIevoIenl
and Iess inleIIigenl ansvered his caII. He vas visiled
ly a shallerer.
The occuIl organizalion, lo vhich Drylurgh leIonged,
lhe CircIe of Nine, noliced lhe nassive psychic
lurluIence in lhe region and vere lhus alIe lo reach
his ßal lefore lhe poIice did. The denon had aIready
deparled, laking nosl of Drylurgh vilh il. The CircIe
vere forced lo cIean up as lesl lhey couId, in lhe hope
lhal Drylurgh vouId sinpIy le lhoughl lo have gone
nissing. (If his grisIy dealh lecane pulIic, il vouId
expose lheir ovn aclivilies, and lhey did nol vanl
lhal.) WhiIe lhey vere nopping up, lhey discovered
Drylurgh´s lape recorder. Il vas sliII running.
The CircIe of Nine is nov defuncl. The order´s riluaI
equipnenl has leen soId off, Iosl or sloIen. Sone of lhe
previous nenlers, lhose vho vere aclive in London in
lhe 196Os, viII renenler lhe lape, lhough lhey viII le
underslandalIy reIuclanl lo discuss il or Drylurgh.
As for lhe vherealouls of lhe lape ilseIf, lhere are
severaI possiliIilies:
A fanous Anerican 'shock rocker´, vho had heard
of lhe CircIe of Nine fron one of his associales in
lhe nusic induslry, loughl lhe lape for his privale
coIIeclion. He is inlending lo have a parly for
HaIIoveen, al vhich lhe lape viII le pIayed lo an
audience of hundreds. This person is very high
prohIe and viII nol le viIIing lo receive visilors,
nor lo parl vilh lhe lape. If lhe pIayers have
Iearned of lhe lape´s signihcance, lhey viII have lo
acl quickIy lo prevenl a nassacre.
The lape found ils vay inlo an archive of ßßC radio
lroadcasls, vhere il Iies lo lhis day. The hIing cIerk
vho Iislened lo a shorl seclion of il nislakenIy
leIieved il lo le an episode of a supernaluraI
drana series fron lhe nid-sevenlies, caIIed lhe
Arnchair Horrors. Il currenlIy sils in a lox,
galhering dusl. This vouId le lhe end of lhe slory,
if lhe ßßC vere nol pIanning lo relroadcasl sone
of lhe cIassic 'cuIl´ seriaIs fron lhal line. ShouId
lhe lape le lroadcasl on Iive radio, lhe resuIls
couId le carnage on an unprecedenled scaIe. Nol
aII lhe Iisleners vouId le visiled ly shallerers
- lhere sinpIy are nol lhal nany of lhen - lul al
Ieasl eighly hones in lhe counlry vouId suddenIy
have a huge invisilIe presence in lhen.
The lape is sliII in lhe keeping of an occuIl sociely.
UnIike lhe CircIe of Nine, il is nol a group of
decadenl sensalion-seeking dialoIisls. Il goes ly
lhe nane of lhe Aslrun Occidenlis, or lhe Slar in
lhe Wesl, and is dedicaled lo prolecling hunanily
fron supernaluraI lhreals. Young and upconing
covens vilh sonelhing lo prove vouId very nuch
Iike lo gel lheir hands on lhe lape, since il is one
of lhe onIy recordings in hislory lhal has a lrack
record of acluaIIy having successfuIIy sunnoned
a denon, sonelhing lhal 'vannale´ nagicians
vouId desperaleIy Iike lo do - or so lhey lhink.
FunctInn: Drylurgh recorded lhe vhoIe ßaved
sunnoning riluaI. If il is pIayed lack, il has exaclIy
lhe sane effecl as il vouId have if spoken aIoud. A
shallerer has a ßal 5O° chance of arriving in lhe space
vhere lhe lape is leing pIayed.
1be ü_Iy boIa
There is pIenly of hideous furnilure in lhe vorId. Sone
of lhe lraveslies of lhe 197Os and 198Os are especiaIIy
nenoralIe. One hardIy needs lo nenlion lhe orange
lullerßy chair, lhe pine faux-sellIe or lhe chrone
yuppie suile.
The ugIy sofa is nore lhan jusl lasleIess. Il has a sinisler
Iook lo il.
Il seens lo le a Iarge, Iunpy, green Iealher sofa lhal has
cIearIy seen leller days. Slrange slains lesnirch il, lhe
arns are pocknarked vilh cigarelle lurns and il has
a fainl sneII of cal urine. When sal upon, il lends lo
enguIf lhe siller. This nakes il hard lo sland up again.
The Iealher uphoIslery cIings unpIeasanlIy lo lhe skin,
as if il vere coaled vilh sone IighlIy lacky sulslance.
The sofa is nosl IikeIy lo le found in a run-dovn sIun,
squal, crack house or siniIar pIace. Il is nol lhe kind of
furnilure lhal anyone vouId vanl if lhey couId afford
leller. Al lesl, il nighl le found in a house shared
ly a group of sludenls. Nolody vho has nore lhan a
rudinenlary slandard of hygiene vouId vanl lo have
il in his house.
The sofa has a sinisler pasl. ßenealh lhe cushions, lhere
is an open vooden franevork, vilh a surprisingIy
Iarge anounl of space lenealh, vhich sneIIs appaIIing.
One does nol nolice lhe sneII unIess lhe cushions are
renoved. There is a crusly, ßylIovn Iayer of sone kind
of lrovn naller al lhe lollon of lhe open space, in a
roughIy hunanoid shape. Darker slains spread oul
around one end, vhere lhe head vouId le.
The olvious expIanalion of lhis is lhal a dead lody has
Iain here for severaI veeks vilhoul leing discovered.
Ierhaps one of lhe
sofa´s forner ovners shol a
neighlor in lhe head during an argunenl
and hid lhe lody in lhe sofa lefore ßeeing.
Those vho found lhe corpse evidenlIy jusl
disposed of il, for vhalever reason, vilhoul
nolifying lhe poIice.
This is nol as far-felched as il nay seen. Il is quile
connon for lhe spaces leIov leds or Iarger ilens of
furnilure, such as lhe sofa, lo le used lo slash lodies.
There are even slories of holeI slaff vho have discovered
corpses hidden in lhe led lase Iong afler lhe Iasl person
lo use lhe roon has Iefl. These corpses are nol aIvays
found in line, and olher guesls sIeep on nallresses
nere feel avay fron lhe rolling renains of a slranger.
FunctInn: The ugIy sofa is nov lhe resling pIace of a
lIood corpse. Il relurns lo il in lhe sane vay lhal a
vanpire vouId relurn lo ils cofhn, puIIing lhe cushions
over ils head and curIing up inside. Il is possilIe lhal lhe
peopIe vho Iive in lhe house vhere lhe sofa is have no
idea al aII lhal lhis is going on, lul il is nuch nore IikeIy
lhal lhe lIood corpse kiIIed lhen hrsl, lhen venl off lo
hunl nighl afler nighl, relurning lo lhe sofa lo resl.
IySSa Naz&in S face
Nolody renenlers Lyssa Marlin. She vas onIy one
ninor aclress fron lhe earIy 7Os, Iosl in a vasl sea of
olher siniIar aclresses vho aII slarled oul vilh lig
dreans and ended up novhere. In lhe earIy days of
her career, she nanaged lo secure a fev ninor parls in
soap operas and one vashing povder connerciaI. Thal
vas as far as il ever venl. Wilhoul decenl vork and
vilh liIIs nounling, she did vhal nany unsuccessfuI
aclresses do, vhen lhey have lhe Iooks for il, she venl
inlo porn.
This vas supposed lo le an energency nove. She
vouId do a coupIe of novies, nake sone noney and
lide herseIf over unliI lhe nexl jol cane aIong. She
Iooked good enough and perforned veII, and lhe aduIl
novie producers vere inleresled in her. UnforlunaleIy,
vhen she lried lo relurn lo nainslrean acling, none of
lhe TV conpanies vere viIIing lo hire a porn slar - lad
for lhe slalion´s inage, lhey aII said. The energency
oplion lecane her onIy oplion.
SliII, il vas nol so lad. The noney vas aII righl and
she had a laIenl for lhe jol. Nov lhal she vas invoIved,
she nay as veII lake il
aII lhe vay and nake a
Iiving oul of il. There vere
aIvays vays lo earn nore noney in lhe
porn induslry. The nore exlrene acls you
vere viIIing lo perforn, lhe nore you couId
earn for il. Lyssa´s novies lecane nore degraded,
nore lizarre. Nunled ly a cocaine halil, disiIIusioned
and apalhelic, she lareIy cared any nore.
When she vas inviled lo lake lhe slarring roIe in a
secrel video projecl, descriled as 'a nunler for lhe lrue
connoisseurs´, she vas sIighlIy nervous lul venl aIong
vilh il anyvay. There vere sone varning signaIs lhal
she shouId have paid allenlion lo. She did nol knov lhe
producers and soon discovered lhal she did nol knov
any of lhe hIn crev, eilher. The noney vas good,
lhough. Il vas lhe lreak she needed. One Iasl lig jol
and she vouId relire, nove avay fron LA and gel a
vailressing jol in sone quiel lurg vhere nolody knev
The chIoroforn-soaked rag cane oul of novhere. She
vas dinIy avare of a lunpy car journey, of raised voices
Iaughing, lhe sneII of }ack DanieI´s and narijuana.
When she cane lo, she vas in an enply garage. There
vas a laII gag in her noulh and her hands and feel
vere lound. When she sav lhe caneras, she groggiIy
lhoughl lhal lhis nusl le sone kind of ßDSM lrip. Lven
lhen, she did nol lhink herseIf in loo nuch danger.
She had done lhis kind of lhing lefore. When lhe nan
roIIed oul lhe falric vilh lhe nedicaI inslrunenls in ils
pockels, she legan lo panic. She slruggIed and lried lo
screan. The canera vas aIready roIIing.
Lyssa vas lhe unviIIing slar in an especiaIIy graphic
and horrilIe snuff novie, one lhal has cone lo le
knovn as 'IIayloy´ on lhe circuil. She vas nelicuIousIy
ßayed, lhe skin peeIed fron her lody vilh nedicaI
knives. MercifuIIy, she died fron shock shorlIy inlo lhe
hIn. As far as anyone knovs, lhe peopIe responsilIe
for her dealh have never leen lroughl lo juslice, nor
has her lody ever leen recovered. The deleclives
vho invesligaled lhe case leIieve lhal lhe corpse vas
prolalIy dunped inlo a concrele piIIar lhal nov hoIds
up a nolorvay lridge. There is, of course, no vay lo
invesligale lhis.
There are lvo inporlanl facls lhal lhe Iav enforcenenl
agencies do nol knov. One is lhal lhe nan vho
carried oul lhe on-canera ßaying, a Creek caIIed
Soliris Vandis, kepl a souvenir of his vork. He
relained lhe carefuIIy renoved pieces of Lyssa´s face
and slilched lhen lack logelher, naking a nask of
lhe reassenlIed fragnenls. Vandis vas olsessed vilh
rearranging lhe fealures of vonen and is vanled for
praclicing pIaslic surgery in Anerica vilhoul any
nedicaI quaIihcalions al aII, causing horrihc injuries
and pernanenl scarring.
This disgusling oljecl is lareIy recognizalIe as a hunan
face and Iooks nore Iike a lanned Iealher nask. Il has no
eyes or Iips, and lhe nose is a nere dal of skin vilhoul
anylhing lo supporl il. OnIy cIose exaninalion reveaIs il
lo le an acluaI face, preserved and reconslrucled. There
is a giveavay leauly spol jusl alove lhe righl eyelrov.
The olher unknovn facl is lhe crealion of a Iiving
nighlnare, a vaIking junlIe of lIood and eIeclricaI
equipnenl, forced inlo leing ly lhe recording of ||aq|cq.
This nonslrosily, a snuff goIen, innedialeIy sel aloul
doing vhal lhese crealures aIvays do - il legan lo hunl
dovn and sIaughler lhe nen vho had nade lhe hIn.
So far, il has disenloveIed lhe caneranan and sluffed
hin Iike a piñala vilh videolape, Iefl lhe direclor´s
head rolaling in his nicrovave oven and run over lhe
hnancer vilh a hover nover. OnIy Vandis is Iefl lo hnd.
The ||aq|cq snuff goIen is saving hin for Iasl.
Lyssa Marlin´s face is currenlIy in Vandis´ possession.
He is olsessed vilh il, seeing il as a souvenir of his nosl
inspired vork. He viII sonelines vear il hinseIf, vhen
aIone in lhe house. He viII aIso hire caII girIs and nake
lhen vear lhe lhing, vhich he leIIs lhen is jusl a 'ginp
nask´. They are in no posilion lo leII any differenl.
FunctInn: The face is psychicaIIy lound lo lhe ||aq|cq
snuff goIen. Il desperaleIy vanls lo possess il and lind
il lo ils ovn face. Hovever, vhen anolher person vears
il, il confuses lhe crealure. Il idenlihes lhal person as
parl of ilseIf and viII nol allack lhen. As soon as lhe
nask is renoved, il viII inslanlIy lry lo rip lhal person
aparl and cIain lhe nask for ilseIf.
The vorId of Tnc |sc|crrcris|s and lhe vorId of
Unrcmi||ing Hcrrcr are lvo dislincl gane sellings,
lhough lhe crealures in lhis look can le used equaIIy
veII in eilher one. There are, hovever, severaI key
differences in hov lhe nechanics of lhe supernaluraI
vork in each.
Thc EsntcrrnrIsts
In lhis gane vorId, lhe Menlrane lhal divides
suljeclivily fron oljeclivily is a najor inpedinenl lo
nagic. Il is nexl lo inpossilIe for lhose vho seek lo
vork nagic lo inpose lheir viIIs upon lhe vorId in any
vays lul lhe nosl nundane. This is nol good enough.
Lsolerrorisls seek pover: supernaluraI pover, nagicaI
pover, lhe kind of pover lhal leckons Iighlning fron
lhe cIouds and sels speclraI arnies narching across
desoIale healhs. ßul in lhis vorId, lhe fanous saying is
lrue: |nc prc||cm ui|n magic is |na| i| úccsn´| ucr|.
The exacl nalure of lhe Menlrane is difhcuIl lo
delernine, lul lhe Lsolerrorisls knov lhal il is a
secrelion of hunan lhoughl and aclion. Hunans
inpose lheir expeclalions of nornaIily upon lhe vorId,
and lhe vorId responds. As lhe vasl najorily of hunan
leings vanl reaIily lo le dependalIe, il is dependalIe.
This does nol jusl refer lo hunanily´s ready leIief in lhe
pover of science or lechnoIogy. Any hunan rouline in
vhich assunplion of underIying nornaIily and securily
pIays a parl reinforces lhe Menlrane. The cornßakes al
lreakfasl, so prediclalIy lasly, lhe norning connule,
vilh ils hundrun annoyances, lhe daiIy round,
lhe evening leIevision, saluraled vilh re-runs, and
lhe exhausled nighlIy snooze: aII lhese shore up lhe
Menlrane Iike so nany sleeI girders. Prcúic|a|i|i|q is
lhe Menlrane´s vefl and veave.
Hunanily has changed since ils days in lhe caves,
hiding fron lhe grovIing lhunder and lhe hunger of
viId leasls. There is no Ionger any pIace eilher for lhe
shanan or lhe denons he used lo hoId al lay. Any
residuaI angsl aloul lhe uncerlainly of lhe universe can
le sopped up vilh lhe sponge of reIigion. Ior nany,
lhe vorId has lecone lrighlIy Iil, aulonaled, and safe.
SupernaluraI horror in lhis environnenl lecones
IileraIIy 'unlhinkalIe´. Wilh lhe exceplion of lhe
chiIdren, vho see nore cIearIy lhan aduIls, lhe najorily
úc nc| |nin| aloul vhal nay le Iurking in lhe cIosel or
under lhe led. They cannc| |nin| aloul lhe horrors lhal
nay lefaII lhen. If lragedy slrikes lheir Iives, such as
in a car crash, a house hre or a cerelraI henorrhage,
lhey are aIvays surprised. They never lhoughl il couId
happen lo lhen. Their cavenan anceslors Iived side
ly side vilh fear, lul nodern civiIized nan no Ionger
knovs vhal il is lo Iive in conslanl dread.
Thal anodyne prediclaliIily has lo le shallered. So runs
lhe edicl of lhe Lsolerrorisls.
Hunanily nusl once again feeI lhal sense of universaI
dread, of leing on lhe lrink of a precipice, lhal il used lo
feeI lack in lhe dark lines vhen nagic vas slrong. To
do lhal, lhe Lsolerrorisls nusl lring lhe denons lack.
The rise in gIolaI lerrorisn has heIped lhen
inneasuralIy. Ior lhe hrsl line in decades, peopIe
are leginning lo dread again, nol lhe din, persislenl
specler of nucIear hoIocausl, lul lhe lhreal of sudden,
unavoidalIe personaI exlinclion. They couId go oul of
lheir houses, gel inlo lhe car, go lo vork and le lIovn
up. They couId le shol ly a sniper, or conlracl lird
ßu, or open a package cravIing vilh anlhrax. The
Menlrane has legun lo fray around lhe edges.
ßul nundane lerrorisn aIone is nol enough. IeopIe
nusl Iose failh nol onIy in lheir ovn safely and in
lhe pover of governnenls lo prolecl lhen, lul in
lhe soIidily of reaIily ilseIf. They nusl leIieve in lhe
supernaluraI and lheir ovn poverIessness in lhe face
of il. To lhis end, lhe Lsolerrorisls slrive day and nighl
lo salurale lhe veslern vorId vilh grass-rools IeveI
anecdolaI evidence of lhe supernaluraI, disseninaling
nylhs and slarling runors, and allenpl lo lring acluaI
nanifesl horrors inlo exislence vhere lhey can. Thal is
vhere lhe crealures in lhis look cone in.
Ior |sc|crrcris|s purposes, lhe crealures are divided inlo
lvo groups: IoIkIoric and Lngineered.
Fn!k!nrIc Crcaturcs: CIoolie, Drean Tearer, Drovner,
IeraI Drovner, Man in lhe ßar, The Iraclice, Residue
Daenon, Shallerer, SIeep Hag, Slrap Throal
IoIkIoric crealures aIready exisl, if onIy in Iegend
forn. Thal is, vhiIe lhe crealure ilseIf nay nol le
reaI (yel), ils Iegend is, even if onIy a fev peopIe
and &be VozId oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
knov il. IeopIe leIieve in CIoolies, for exanpIe, even
if lhere are no acluaI CIoolies vaIking lhe earlh. The
Iegends surrounding lhese crealures are so polenl lhal
lhey can le induced lo |cccmc reaI if lhere is sufhcienl
leIief in lhen, and fear of lhen. They can aIso lecone
reaI sponlaneousIy, if lhe Menlrane is rendered lhin
enough. Lsolerrorisls see lhis as a najor lriunph vhen
il occurs. Il is lheir vork, learing fruil.
AII olher crealures are Lngineered. They have leen
designed and lroughl inlo leing ly lhe Lsolerrorisls,
noslIy over lhe Iasl hfly years, and lhe Iore lhal
surrounds lhen vas siniIarIy crealed, as a forn of
lvisled propaganda exercise. The CM shouId lear lhis
in nind vhen consuIling each seclion.
Ior exanpIe, lhe ßIood Corpse enlry descriles hov
ßIood Corpses have leen forned in lhe differenl eras
of hislory. In lhe vorId of Unrenilling Horror, lhis is
exaclIy hov il happened, and lhere reaIIy vere lIood
corpses Iurching lhrough dark nediaevaI aIIeys.
Hovever, in lhe vorId of Tnc |sc|crrcris|s, lhe lIood
corpse concepl cane inlo leing in lhe nid 197Os, and
vas inspired ly lhe 'video nasly´ uproar. AII lhe Iore
lhal has arisen aloul lhen since lhen is falricaled, lul
il is sIovIy leconing incorporaled inlo hov lhe vorId´s
popuIalion lhinks.
Thc Wnr!d nf UnrcmIttIng Hnrrnr
In lhis canpaign selling, lhe Menlrane is sliII presenl,
lul ragged. Magic does nol vork prediclalIy, and onIy
a handfuI of peopIe knov ils secrels, lul il does vork.
AII lhe descriplions of crealures are accurale. The
vorId ilseIf is haunled. There are Drovners in Iakes,
CIoolies under lhe sea, and lhe Man in lhe ßar is oul
every nighl, Ieaving eyeIess viclins in his vake. A
variely of poverfuI cuIls vie for conlroI of lhe unseen
vorIds, ranging fron lhe anlique, veaIlhy SaIIov lo lhe
degenerale seriaI kiIIer cuIls nenlioned in lhe enlry on
lhe Lnply One. ßehind everylhing eIse, lhe Myslery
Man puIIs invisilIe slrings, pIaying lhe Ocean Cane,
and never Ielling you knov vhal lhe reaI ruIes are.
The Ouler ßIack pIays a nuch Iarger parl in lhis
selling. This is a denonic pIane of exislence, nol
graspalIe ly lhe sane nind, vhere lionechanicaI
crealures and innense, prinevaI enlilies exisl in a
slale of conslanl varfare. Lnlilies such as Organ
Crinders and Torlure Dogs occasionaIIy cross over
lelveen lhe Ouler ßIack and our vorId, usuaIIy vhen
accidenlaIIy sunnoned ly lhe unvise.
The WorId of Unrenilling Horror is vhal lhe vorId of
lhe Lsolerrorisls viII lecone, vhen lhe Lsolerrorisls
slarl lo vin and lhe Menlrane al Iasl gives vay.
Thc Esntcrrnr Prnccss
Why do ve vork vilh fear and nol vilh vonder` Why
nighlnares and nol niracIes` Il is sinpIe. Wonders
nereIy serve lo nake nen pious or senlinenlaI, lul
supernaluraI horror engenders a superslilious response.
The connon nan, faced vilh a vanpiric apparilion,
does nol reach for his copy of Tnc Origin cf Spccics. He
cIulches for his crucihx, or a cIove of garIic, or sone
siniIar charn in vhich foIkIore ralher lhan science has
leen his lulor fron lhe din days of chiIdhood.
Man faces dovn lhe unknovn ui|n lhe unknovn, and
has aIvays done. Confronled vilh lhe fearsone and
irralionaI, aInosl every nan viII alandon his reason
and lecone, in lhal nonenl, a shanan. His eIeclric
Iighl, his leIephone, his nolor car - hov can lhey avaiI
hin nov` He is no Ionger a chiId of science, for he
legins, afler nany years of forgelfuIness, lo recaII lhal
pover vhich vise lradilion deens nay Iie in herls,
synloIs, vords, recipes and enchanlnenls. In his
slark desperalion, hnding no conforl in lhe ralionaI, he
lecones lrolher lo lhe savage, lhe savage vho slares
oul inlo lhe lIackness of prinordiaI nighl, vho vards
off lhe lerrors he inagines nusl vaIk lherein vilh
laIisnans and lolens, nol vilh veapons. And lhus ve
vin lack vhal vas Iosl.
The nore nan fears lhe supernaluraI, lhe nore he viII
lurn lo lhe supernaluraI for proleclion. Lvery nullered
inprecalion, every horseshoe naiIed alove lhe door,
every phyIaclery and every phiIler, aII varding geslures
and aII vhispered gillerish are reßexive acls of nagic.
And il is vilh lhese ignoranl drippings lhal ve shaII
evenluaIIy hII lhe vasl reservoirs of our crafl.
Our enenies, lhen, are nol lhose vho lry lo keep our
crealions al lay vilh nagic. They aid us. Our enenies
are lhose vho seek lo unraveI vhal ve veave, pIucking
conlinuaIIy avay al our lapeslry vilh lhe looIs of
Pas| Granú Mas|cr Gcrnarú tcn Hu||, |sc|crrcris|
Ccnfcrcncc, Vicnna, 1907
The foIIoving seclion presenls len skeIelaI scenarios
for use vilh lhe Lsolerrorisls gane syslen. Lach one
provides a sinisler conspiracy, a lraiI of cIues and a
dranalic insligaling incidenl lo gel lhe pIayers invoIved.
This infornalion shouId le aII lhe CM needs lo ßesh oul
lhe lasic slruclures inlo fuIIy-ßedged advenlures.
The foIIoving fornal is used for each oulIine:
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: This seclion gives lhe lehind-
lhe-scenes infornalion on vhal lhe Lsolerrorisls
are pIanning and vhal lhey hope lo gain fron lheir
expIoils. ßear in nind lhal lhe goaIs of lhe conspiracy
are vhal is nosl inporlanl for lhe slory, nol adherence
lo a rigid narralive slruclure.
The CM can refer lo lhe conspiracy goaIs lo delernine
vhen lhe anlagonisls shouId inlervene in response lo
lhe pIayers´ aclions, and hov lhey shouId aIler lheir
pIans on lhe ßy. Thal vay, lhe anlagonisls lecone
dynanic, inleIIigenl opponenls, ralher lhan slalic lad
guys vailing lo le discovered.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: This is lhe scene lhal opens lhe
aclion, and lo an exlenl delernines lhe ßavor for lhe
vhoIe slory. Think of il as lhe sequence fron lhe crine
shov jusl afler lhe credils roII, as lhe invesligalors
arrive al lhe crine scene and legin lo nake lheir iniliaI
olservalions, conpIele vilh visecracks and sideIong
The insligaling scene is aIvays given in delaiI, lo heIp
lhe CM gel lhe slory roIIing. The nore dranalic inpacl
lhe hrsl scene has, lhe easier il is lo inprovise aIong vilh
lhe slory, pIayers forn enolionaI conneclions lo lhe
viclins, use lheir inaginalion lo lry lo reconslrucl vhal
nay have happened, and frolh over vilh queslions lhal
need ansvering.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: This is lhe infornalion associaled
vilh lhe cIues lhal Iink lhe insligaling scene lo lhe Ialer
scenes in lhe slory, and in lurn Iink lhose scenes lo even
Ialer ones. The pIayers ui|| hnd lhese cIues, as lhis is
a CUMSHOL gane. Hovever, in lhese sunnarized
slories, ve deaI vilh core infcrma|icn ralher lhan core
cIues, as lhe pIayers nay cone up vilh olher vays lo
hnd lhe infornalion lhey
are afler.
Core infornalion found Ialer on in a slory
can, and oflen does, aIler lhe reIevance of core
infornalion found earIier on. Ior exanpIe,
Iipslick lraces found on a cigarelle slul Iying nexl lo
a dead dock vorker lake on a differenl neaning if il is
Ialer discovered lhal lhe viclin vas a lransveslile.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: This is infornalion lhal
can le galhered al or afler each scene. Il is nol essenliaI,
lul ßeshes oul lhe slory and can provide for aIlernalive
roules lelveen scenes. Ior exanpIe, if lhe pIayers go
lo lhe lroulIe of hnding oul lhe ground pIans for an
alandoned faclory conpIex lhal lhey pIan lo visil, lhey
can discover an alandoned sever lunneI lhal Ieads
slraighl inlo lhe pIace, pasl any guards lhal nighl le
vailing on lhe ouler vaIIs.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: This seclion conlains suggesled
neans in vhich lhe anlagonisls can relaIiale, once
lhe pIayers have lecone enough of an annoyance lo
varranl il. RelaIialion is nol aIvays a naller of snipers
on lhe roof or lonls laped under lhe car, lhough lhese
crude nelhods are sonelines used. The Lsolerrorisls
Iike lo suil lheir riposles lo lhe conspiracy in vhich lhey
are engaged, and so lhe varnings and oulrighl allacks
oflen have a supernaluraI eIenenl lo lhen.
C!Imax: This is lhe scene in vhich lhe invesligalors
confronl lhe Lsolerrorisls, or lheir agenls, head-on.
ßy lhis poinl, lhe invesligalors viII have found lhe
conspiracy´s poinl of grealesl vuIneraliIily, and viII le
preparing lo expose or deslroy il.
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: This seclion deaIs vilh lhe
faIIoul fron lhe evenls of lhe conspiracy. AInosl aII
Lsolerrorisl conspiracies Ieave lerrilIe scars upon lhe
peopIe and lhe pIaces concerned. Moreover, lhere is
aIvays lhe veiI-oul lo consider. The uIlinale goaI of
lhe Lsolerrorisls is lo increase lhe IeveIs of dread, panic
and superslilious lerror in lhe vorId. Wilhoul a soIid
veiI-oul, lhe lallIe nay le von, lul lhe var is Iosl a day
al a line, as runors of lhe evenls legin lo spread, and
peopIe sIeep a IillIe Iess easiIy al nighl...
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: This scenario can le sel anyvhere
lhere is pIenly of loggy Iand, such as lhe layou of Nev
OrIeans, or lhe peal logs of IreIand.
In lhe IoneIy lackvaler lovn of ßronson´s Creek, a
calaI of Lsolerrorisls is lrying lo lring a IeraI Drovner
inlo leing. Legends of lhese crealures aIready exisl,
lul lhe Lsolerrorisls have never yel nanaged lo lring
one lo Iife. So, in order lo give lhe nighlnare lhe lesl
possilIe chance of leconing reaI, lhey are lrying lo
engineer evenls so lhal lhe IocaIs aIready legin lo
leIieve in il. AII lhe ingredienls are lhere: a narsh, an
ancienl Irish alley vilh a sinisler vindov, a hislory of
disappearances. Il onIy renains lo add lrulaI nurder,
as if ly an enornous goalIike leasl, and lallIing
longues viII do lhe resl.
The Lsolerrorisl group has alducled Karen MiIIer, a
IocaI girI vilh Iearning difhcuIlies, choked her lo dealh
and Iefl her lody in lhe narsh. To nake lhe dealh seen
Iike lhe vork of a feraI drovner, lhey have Iefl pIenly of
lizarre cIues on and around lhe lody.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: Karen´s naked lody Iies on lhe
lorders of lhe narsh. The gases of deconposilion
have lroughl her corpse lo lhe surface, jusl as lhe
Lsolerrorisls pIanned il. She has cIearIy leen slrangIed,
and lhe narks of huge cIavs are dragged dovn her
lack and lhighs.
ViIIagers fron lhe nearly sellIenenl of ßronson´s Creek
sland nearly vilh grin and soIenn faces, and lhe
poIice lry in vain lo keep lhen fron lranpIing aII over
lhe area. Lveryone has seen lhe huge cIoven hoof prinls
lhal Iead lo and fron lhe lody. There are nullerings of
dialoIisn, sone say il´s lhe curse of Crovhursl Alley
cone lack lo haunl lhe lovn again.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: The goal-Iike eIenenls of lhe nurder
scene lurn oul lo le fake. There are goal hairs on lhe
lody, lul lhe rools prove lhal lhe hairs vere puIIed
oul ralher lhan shed. The goal foolprinls vere nade
ly |nc samc nccf, pressed inlo lhe nud lo lhe Iefl and
righl, lhe onIy vay lhal couId happen is if il vere one
goal´s hoof on a slick. Karen has ordinary hunan
skin under her hngernaiIs (fron her Lsolerrorisl
assaiIanls). Whoever sel lhe nurder up is cIearIy lrying
lo nake il seen as if sone haIf-goal horror connilled
lhe deed. These cIues Iead lo lhe Svarlrick goal farn,
forly niIes avay.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: The IocaI alley of
Crovhursl vas eilher shipped over fron IreIand slone
ly slone (if lhe advenlure is sel in Anerica) or dales
fron Nornan lines. A singIe slained-gIass vindov
depicls a horned, goggIing horror rising up oul of
lhe valers, heId al lay ly Sainl MichaeI vho hovers
sereneIy alove. The horned crealure is slrangeIy
unsellIing lo Iook al and carries a Iinp fenaIe hgure in
one arn. The scroII lenealh reads 'Iron lhe pesliIence
lhal vaIkelh in darkness, good Lord deIiver us.´
Legend has il lhal lhe Alley vas once used as a refuge
ly a young vonan vho vas vaIking aIone ly lhe
narsh, heard heavy foolsleps and harsh lrealh lehind
her and ßed lehind lhe Alley´s sloul oak doors for
proleclion. There are sliII deep lrenches gouged inlo
lhe vood vhere sonelhing (so il is said) cIaved al lhe
doors and lried lo reach her, lul couId nol enler lhe
sacred ground.
AII lhis is so nuch hokun, of course, lhe invesligalors
can hnd oul (and prove) lhal lhe Alley´s doors vere
danaged as recenlIy as 1921, lul lhal does nol slop
peopIe fron leIieving in lhe slories.
Latcr 5ccncs: Al lhe goal farn, run ly Svarlrick and
Sons, lhe invesligalors discover lhal a goal has indeed
leen sloIen (and Ial reporls prove il vas used lo fake up
lhe crine scene.)
Invesligaling lhe goal farn aIIovs lhe invesligalors
lo pick up lhe Lsolerrorisls´ lraiI, and pursue lhen lo
lheir lase of operalions, a lraiIer parked up on lhe far
side of lhe narsh. They are prelending lo le lolanisls,
sludying lhe effecls of poIIulion on lhe IocaI nevl
AntagnnIst RcactInns: Once lhe slory of lhe haIf-goal
kiIIer has legun lo fernenl, lhe Lsolerrorisls pIan
anolher kiIIing. They sliII have pIenly of goal hair
and lhe hoof on a slick. They aIso coIIecled sone goal
i. 1be Naiden in 1be NazSb
senen fron lhe unforlunale aninaI. Ierhaps il is line
for lhe nanufaclured 'feraI drovner´ lo do nore lhan
jusl kiII ils viclin.
C!Imax: Nov lhal everyone leIieves in il, lhe
Lsolerrorisls lry lo sunnon lhe IeraI Drovner inlo
leing. They lake a skiff oul inlo lhe narsh, focus
lheir viII, and use lheir fouI rile lo lring lhe crealure
lullIing up fron under lhe surface. UnforlunaleIy for
lhen, lhey have done lheir vork loo veII, il is raging
viId, and rapes and kiIIs aII of lhen lefore lurning
lovards lhe lovn.
Aftcrmath: Legends are
nol easy lo kiII, and lhal
slained gIass vindov reaIIy is cenluries oId.
Mayle lhere aIready is a IeraI Drovner in
ßronson´s Creek, luried lenealh lhe slones of
lhe alley...
As for lhe veiI-oul, lhe olviousness of lhe hoax (once
lhe dead goal´s fool on a slick is discovered) heIps vilh
lhe ofhciaI slory lhal il vas aII a sick joke lhal venl loo
far, perpelraled ly a gang of veekend Salanisls.
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: The principaI of Holsgale High
SchooI, Mr. CarsIake, is an Lsolerrorisl vilh exlensive
knovIedge of lhe occuIl. His shadovy superiors have
given hin lhe lask of lapping lhe enornous reservoirs of
psychic energy Ialenl in high schooI sludenls, especiaIIy
fenaIe ones. The nore lhey can le encouraged lo
leIieve in spooks, nonslers and vilchcrafl, lhe lhinner
lhe IocaI Menlrane viII lecone.
Over lhe Iasl lhree years, IrincipaI CarsIake has sleadiIy
leen dropping very precise references lo lhe praclice of
hoodoo and foIk nagic inlo his cIasses (under lhe guise
of educaling lhe sludenls in Anerican foIkIore) aII lhe
vhiIe expressing lhe slrongesl possilIe disapprovaI of
lhese dallIings. He leIieves lhal if he leIIs lhen nc|
lo do lhese lhings, lhey viII vanl lo. This allenpl al
reverse psychoIogy has gone exlreneIy veII, and a
calaI of young girIs Ied ly lhe dunpy, lespeclacIed
Miranda }effries have nov nanaged lo sunnon up
Slrap Throal, vho has nol yel cIained any Iives lul viII
do so soon. The calaI´s inlended largel vas CIarissa
Lang, a leaulifuI and vicious girI vho has leen naking
younger sludenls´ Iives niseralIe.
UnforlunaleIy, CarsIake´s hinls have aIso resuIled in
lhe fornalion of a vouId-le land of vhile vilches, Ied
ly lhe 15 year oId }essica Crane. }essica has Iearned of
lhe sunnoning of Slrap Throal and has pronised lo do
sonelhing aloul il. UnforlunaleIy, lhe nosl reIialIe
proleclion speII she has discovered invoIves nunny
dusl, and lhe onIy nunny is Iocaled in lhe lovn
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: Soneone has lroken inlo lhe
lovn nuseun, lroken open lhe gIass case lhal heId
an Lgyplian nunny, and unvrapped il. The Ordo
Verilalis is concerned lhal Lsolerrorisls nay le lrying
lo lring a nev nanifeslalion of lhe Iraclice inlo leing.
There are severaI lizarre eIenenls lo lhe rollery.
Nolhing precious seens lo have leen laken, and a jar of
supernarkel honey has leen Iefl inside lhe case.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: The honey is }essica Crane´s allenpl
lo give sonelhing in relurn for lhe nunny dusl she
look, in accordance vilh occuIl Iavs of equiIilriun.
She Iefl a parliaI hngerprinl on il, enough for a nalch if
lhe invesligalors suspecl her. An inprinl of a sneaker
soIe reveaIs lhal vhoever lroke in vas IikeIy lo le a
leenager, vhich poinls lhe invesligalors lovards lhe
High SchooI. Ialric lufls can aIso le used lo idenlify
lhe perpelralor as a high schooI sludenl.
Al lhe schooI, lhe invesligalors can pick up on runors of
sonelhing sinisler going on vilh lhe seniors. CarsIake
offers his heIp, presenling hinseIf as a slaunch Chrislian
vho knovs a Iol aloul lhe vays of Salanisls, as he has
sludied lhen for years - 'knov your eneny´, he says.
}essica Crane´s proleclive speIIs viII nol vork, of
course, and Slrap Throal viII cIain her hrsl viclin
Z. ... And i bbiVez 1be VboIe
bi_b& 1bzoU_b
as a Cod-fearing experl on foIkIore, he viII give lhe
pIayers a ride inlo lhe voods lo visil lhe sile vhere a
IocaI vilch-vonan is leIieved lo have Iived, ensure
lhal lhey gel Iosl and alandon lhen, hoping lhal lhe
screans of Slrap Throal viII hnish lhen in lhe nighl.
C!Imax: CarsIake viII, ly nov, have requesled lackup,
and a leal-up Iord hIIed vilh nuscuIar cuIlisls viII
foIIov lhe pIayers around. The cIinax cones vhen
IrincipaI CarsIake is unnasked as an Lsolerrorisl. If
lhe pIayers survive lheir nighl in lhe voods, lhey viII
vanl lo invesligale hin, and can easiIy hnd pIenly of
incrininaling evidence in CarsIake´s hone and on his
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: }essica Crane, if she survives,
adnils lo vandaIizing lhe nunny case and
unvrapping lhe nunny. UnforlunaleIy, her parenls
insisl on inslilulionaIizing her, deening lhal her occuIl
fanlasies have gone loo far. As for CarsIake, vho
aInosl cerlainIy ends lhe slory dead, lhe ofhciaI slory
is lhal he lurned oul lo le lhe seriaI nurderer vho
slrangIed CIarissa Lang and any olher high schooI
seniors vho Slrap Throal did avay vilh. The pressures
of his posilion, and his olsessions vilh foIkIore, drove
hin over lhe edge.
No naller vhal lhe invesligalors nanage lo achieve,
lhe Iegend of Slrap Throal grovs a IillIe slronger afler
lhe horrors of Holsgale.
vhiIe lhe invesligalors
are al lhe schooI. This
viII encourage lhe girIs lo
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: The schooI
has a severe luIIying prolIen. }essica Crane
is veII knovn as lhe schooI veirdo. Her coven neels
in lhe IocaI voods, lhough nolody vho isn´l svorn lo
secrecy is aIIoved lo knov vhere.
Latcr 5ccncs: The invesligalors nay foIIov }essica´s
lraiI and end up in lhe IillIe-knovn cave vhere she
and her coven praclice analeurish nagic. If lhey are
inlerrupled, lhey prolesl lhal lhey are lrying lo heIp,
and hoId lhe invesligalors responsilIe if Slrap Throal
kiIIs anyone. Slrap Throal´s screans can le heard in lhe
voods afler dark.
Slrap Throal´s hrsl viclin is CIarissa Lang, a seIf-
appoinled princess vho is Ioved ly lhe popuIar and
haled ly lhe Iesser sludenls for leing an acidic lilch.
Il lranspires lhal CIarissa had leen naking legging
phone caIIs lo }essica Crane, of aII peopIe, shorlIy
lefore her dealh. CIarissa vas legging for }essica´s nc|p
(vhich }essica agreed lo give) lul an invesligalor nay
nislakenIy lhink lhal she vas legging for her Iife.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: IrincipaI CarsIake is Iivid lhal
lhese neddIers have arrived on his doorslep, jusl as
lhings vere going so veII. WhiIe nainlaining his cover
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: In a najor cily vhere lhey have
a slrong foolhoId, lhe Lsolerrorisls vanl lo creale
sonelhing |ig. An Organ Crinder vouId le jusl hne.
They have lhe designs vorked oul and have nade a
nodeI - lhe 'physicaI anaIogue´ as lhey caII il - lul
lheir allenpls lo conjure lhe reaI lhing in lheir sanilized
Ials have faiIed. Sonelody cones up vilh lhe idea of
noving lhe evocalion lo an alandoned lenenenl lIock,
lhe scene of nany episodes of gang-reIaled vioIence,
scheduIed lo le denoIished in lhe near fulure. SureIy
aII of lhal Iingering psychic sickness viII enpover
lhe nascenl Organ Crinder and enalIe ils crealion`
Al lhe sane line as lhe Lsolerrorisls vere assenlIing
lheir equipnenl in an enply aparlnenl al lhe lop of
lhe lIock, a group of lhree leenaged kids vas cIinling
lhrough a gap in lhe fence, ignoring lhe DANCLR signs
and carrying a video canera. They caIIed lhenseIves
lhe Secrel Mysleries CIul, and had hoped lo nake a
conic video aloul urlan pirales Iooking for lreasure in
lhe alandoned lover, vhich lhey vouId lhen posl on
YouTule lo inlernalionaI accIain.
The Lsolerrorisls´ allenpl lo sunnon lhe Crinder
vas nol successfuI, lhough lhe psychic lurluIence
did aInosl reach lreaklhrough IeveI. This resonaled
'. 1be becze& NyS&ezieS CIUb
lhrough lhe vhoIe luiIding, causing doors lo open
and sIan shul and piIes of lrash lo aninale for lrief
inslanls (evenls lhal lhe kids caughl on lape). As lhe
riluaI reached ils peak, parls of lhe luiIding ilseIf look
on nighlnarish Iife.
One of lhe kids, Rollie Nervin, vas kiIIed oulrighl
vhen lhe slairs crunched hin up, as if lhey had leen
huge javs. (The video svings avay, and shovs onIy
lhe 'lefore´ and 'afler´ scenes of lhis horrilIe nonenl.)
Off canera, lhe Lsolerrorisls seized ßiIIy Iavney, vho
sav loo nuch, AIislair MacCovern, lhe caneranan, ran
for his Iife and is nov calalonic in a nenlaI inslilulion.
ßiIIy Iavney, heId in an Lsolerrorisl faciIily for
olservalion, is leginning lo change. Il seens he has
alsorled lhe psychic charge fron lhe riluaI, and is
nulaling inlo sone non-hunan lravesly - possilIy
lhe very Organ Crinder lhal lhe Lsolerrorisls lried lo
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The lean valch lhe MacCovern
video, a shaky sequence lhal legins vilh lhe kids
lreaking in and fooIing around, lhen hearing veird
nelaIIic noises fron alove and going lo invesligale.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: The lean can relrace lhe kids´ palh
lhrough lhe luiIding. IoIice have searched lhe pIace
fron lop lo lollon, lul have found nolhing lesides a
slrange Iunp of pully-Iike ßesh fused vilh fragnenls of
scrap nelaI. The slairs vhere Rollie Nervin died sliII
lear lhe dark slains his crushed lody Iefl. The Iunp of
ßesh is avaiIalIe for anaIysis, and proves lo have leen
purposefuIIy nanufaclured. The enledded nelaI
fragnenls can le lraced lo a car nov in a IocaI scrap
yard. The dead ßesh conponenl is hunan, lul proves
lo have cone fron hospilaI refuse (anpulaled Iinls
lhal shouId have leen incineraled, exlracled lunors,
and lhe Iike).
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: AIislair MacCovern can
suppIy a IillIe infornalion if lhe pIayers caIn hin dovn
enough. He cIains lhal 'lhey´ look ßiIIy, and lhal 'lhe
luiIding cane aIive´.
Latcr 5ccncs: Iron naking inquiries al lhe scrapyard,
lhe lean can discover lhal a IocaI punk arlisl, CIarine
Coodvood, can oflen le found picking lhrough lhe
nelaI renains and laking pholographs. CIarine adnils
lhal she vas connissioned lo nake lhe dunny Organ
Crinder, and vas assured ly her cIienl lhal lhe lissue
vas recycIed hospilaI vasle. The cIienl paid lens of
lhousands for lhe projecl,
so she didn´l ask loo nany
queslions. The conlacl nunler she vas
given is lracealIe lo lhe HoneyveII Inslilule,
a leauly cIinic ovned ly lhe Lsolerrorisls and
used as a fronl ly lhen. The conlacl vas a Mr.
Al lhe hospilaI, an orderIy vho is aIso an Lsolerrorisl
has leen quielIy passing on conlainers hIIed vilh
surpIus hunan ßesh lo lhe HoneyveII Inslilule.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: There are severaI Lsolerrorisl
doclors in lhe IocaI hospilaI, vho viII le aII loo eager
lo gel lhe ICs in for exaninalion on lhe sIighlesl
excuse. Once lhey are inside, knockoul gas and a quiel
(and gruesoneIy unnecessary) surgicaI procedure
viII ensure lhal lhey never vake up. AIlernaliveIy,
characlers can le given Iololonies, or suffer lragic
'aneurysns´. Injured characlers vho are laken lo lhe
hospilaI for lrealnenl viII le separaled fron lheir
coIIeagues and disposed of. Their ßesh viII le pul lo
good use, lodies are savn up and senl lo lhe HoneyveII
Inslilule, for use in naking nonslers.
C!Imax: The lean need lo lreak inlo lhe HoneyveII
Inslilule and gel ßiIIy Iavney oul of lhere lefore he
nulales inlo sonelhing no Ionger recognizalIe as
hunan. The Inslilule nay have olher nonslers Iocked
avay in ils ceIIs, vho are aIready vialIe.
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: The ofhciaI slory is lhal lhe
nedics al lhe HoneyveII Inslilule vere organ lraders,
and vanled ßiIIy Iavney´s heaIlhy lody parls lo seII lo
surgeons in ßraziI. There is pIenly of evidence lo lack
lhis up. The MacCovern video, hovever, is harder lo
expIain avay, and prolalIy ends up on YouTule no
naller vhal lhe invesligalors do...
4. And 1be YaIIey foIk beIoW
unhinged nind, pronising lhal 'lhe pasl viII soon cone
lo Iighl´ and 'lhe vaIIey viII overßov vilh lIood´. Iron
lhere, lhe pIayers need lo head oul lo lhe viIIage and lry
lo piece lhe slory logelher.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: AnaIysis of lhe docunenls aIIovs lhe
pIayers lo luiId up a parliaI prohIe of lhe Ieller-vriler,
vho has lried lo cover his lracks lul hasn´l aIIoved
for nodern forensics. The Iellers vere conposed on a
vinlage lypevriler, and a dirly snudge on one of lhe
enveIopes (fron vhere il vas dropped inlo a puddIe)
provides enough soiI infornalion lo prove lhal il cane
fron inside lhe viIIage ilseIf. The nurders of AnnaleIIe
and Vicloria Crae lhirly years ago vere a IocaI sensalion
lhal lhe lean can read up on, and lhey vere never
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: The ovner of lhe
chenicaI vorks is Troy IoveII, lhe grandson of
Anlhony, and he´s nol happy aloul oulsiders poking
around, uncovering vhal vas lesl kepl luried. Troy
knovs a dreadfuI secrel, il uas his cousin }onny vho
nurdered lhe lvo vonen, one nighl vhen he´d leen
given slrong Iiquor lo drink ly a coupIe of chenicaI
vorkers vho lhoughl il vas funny. }onny aIso kiIIed
Mo ßuckIey, vho Anlhony ß IoveII had luried in lhe
dunping grounds near lhe chenicaI vorks.
Latcr 5ccncs: Il´s nol hard lo lrack lhe Iellers lack lo
Lugene, vho can easiIy le arresled and incarceraled,
lul lhe advenlure doesn´l end lhere. Invesligalion of
Lugene´s house reveaIs pinls and pinls of lIood slored
in his fridge, vhich proves lo le his ovn, exlracled
palienlIy over nonlhs. Il von´l le easy lo gel hin lo
laIk, lul Lugene vas pIanning lo drench lhe area of
lhe nurders in his ovn lIood, so lhal 'lhe red speclre´
vouId arise. He von´l expIain vho gave hin lhis idea,
lul lhe lean can eslalIish lhal LuciIIe has leen in lhe
house very frequenlIy ly sludying ashlrays and hnding
her hairs in lhe carpel (as veII as ly nore nundane
neans Iike asking lhe neighlors).
AntagnnIst RcactInns: If Lugene´s in prison, he is no
Ionger usefuI, and lhe Lsolerrorisls viII have hin kiIIed.
MeanvhiIe, lhere´s a perfeclIy good nurder scene jusl
needing lo le drenched in gore, and a nosy lean of
invesligalors slirring up lroulIe. Il vouId kiII lvo lirds
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: The inhalilanls of
a viIIage in a vaIIey near a chenicaI vorks legin lo
panic vhen anonynous Iellers are senl, apparenlIy
lhrealening lhe lovn vilh 'a nighlnare lhey had lried
lo forgel´. This refers lo a sequence of hushed-up
nurders 3O years ago, vhich maq resuIl in lhe crealion
of a residue daenon if sufhcienl energy and lIood
are infused inlo lhe area. The Iellers use ranlIing
apocaIyplic Ianguage, and descrile 'lhe lIoody souIs
of lhe sIaughlered rising fron lheir graves, lo casl a
gianl shadov over lhe vhiled sepuIchres of nan´. No
nenler of lhe Ordo Verilalis vilh even lhe vaguesl
knovIedge of residue daenons couId possilIy niss |na|
aIIusion, vhich is vhy lhe Iellers have leen deened
signihcanl enough lo invesligale.
The Lsolerrorisls are sponsoring (and goading) a Ione
eccenlric lo hnd and raise lhe daenon, as lhey lhink
lhere is sufhcienl residuaI horror lhere for one lo le
Lugene Crae, lhe aforesaid naniac, is lhe anonynous
Ieller-vriler. His vife and daughler vere lvo of lhe
nurder viclins, and he has never forgiven lhe snaII
lovn for vhal he aIvays leIieved vas a conspiracy of
siIence. The vonen vere veII-knovn IocaI drunkards,
nol nissed ly nosl of lhe lovnsfoIk, vhiIe lhe
suspecled nurderer vas }onny IoveII, lhe nenlaIIy
relarded son of lhe chenicaI vorks ovner, Anlhony ß
IoveII. As lhe chenicaI vorks kepl aInosl aII of lhe
nenfoIk in enpIoynenl, il vouId have leen a disasler
if lhe ovner had leen inpIicaled in scandaI or (vorse)
inprisoned. The nurders vere evenluaIIy pinned on a
vagranl, Mo ßuckIey, vho had vandered inlo lhe lovn
and vanished on lhe nighl lhe nurders happened.
The Lsolerrorisls´ represenlalive in lhe viIIage is LuciIIe
VarIey, lhe vonan vho runs lhe chenicaI vorks
canleen. She´s leen neeling vilh Lugene on a reguIar
lasis. The lovnsfoIk nislakenIy lhink lhis is a louching
case of senior ronance.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The scenario legins in a Iarge lovn,
nol lhe viIIage ilseIf. The pIayers are aIIoved lo sludy
lhe Iellers, vhich vere senl lo lhe ofhces of a IocaI
nevspaper covering a nuch vider region. There
are lhree Iellers in lolaI, olviousIy lhe vork of an
vilh one slone if lhe invesligalors vere alducled, laken
lo lhe nurder sile and had lheir lhroals sIil.
C!Imax: One vay or anolher, LuciIIe neans lo raise
lhe residue daenon, and for lhal she needs lIood.
The lean can lrack her dovn lo lhe chenicaI vorks,
vhere she eilher has her viclins ready, or is pIanning
sonelhing nuch Iess olvious - a lerrilIe induslriaI
'accidenl´ lhal viII shover lhe vorkers vilh lurning
chenicaIs, and Ieave lhe lodies of dozens of lhe dead
soaking lhe ground vilh lheir lody ßuids.
Af t cr mat h/ VcI ! - Out :
Lugene can le disnissed as a
naniac easiIy enough once he is idenlihed as
lhe Ieller-vriler, and if lhe pIayers are cIever,
lhey can soIve a lhirly-year-oId nyslery vhiIe
lhey are al il. }onny IoveII died Iong ago, lul
if lhe pIayers can prove he kiIIed lhe Crae vonen and
ßuckIey, lhey can give lhe case sone nuch-needed
cIosure and lhus prevenl a residue daenon fron ever
arising again.
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: The Lsolerrorisls are laking
a sullIe nev approach lo lhe prolIen of lhe Ordo
Verilalis. They have crealed a deIilerale lrap lo Iure
a lean of invesligalors in, vhich viII uIlinaleIy Iead
lhen inlo lhe javs of a ravenous Sislerile.
They have crealed an onIine journaI in lhe nane of
Crispin CIarke. This journaI, vhich has a reaI ring
of aulhenlicily lo il, docunenls CIarke´s daiIy Iife as
a drug-using psychic, he has visions and dreans of
lerrilIe lhings. Il is hIIed vilh references lo supernaluraI
crealures lhal lhe lean nay recognize, and hinls al
sone lerrilIe calaslrophe lhal nolody viII le alIe lo
prevenl. There is aIso a nounling sense of falaIisn, asif
CIarke expecled his unseen enenies lo eIininale hin al
any nonenl.
IruslralingIy, lhere is no hard infornalion as lo vho
exaclIy CIarke is, vhere he Iives, or vho lhe reaI peopIe
aloul vhon he vriles are. The journaI nakes il pIain
lhal lhe aulhor is using pseudonyns, lolh lecause
of his drug use and oul of fear of leing delecled and
eIininaled ly 'lhen´.
The Lslolerrorisls´ inlenl is lo drav oul lhe Ordo
Verilalis and sucker lhe lean inlo foIIoving faIse
Ieads, so lhal lhey evenluaIIy end up cul off fron heIp
in a Sislerile Iair. As lhe scenario proceeds, lhe CIarke
journaI viII le updaled vilh nev enlries, giving lhe
lean fresh infornalion lo acl on. LvenluaIIy, CIarke
viII 'disappear´ vhiIe invesligaling vhal appears lo le
Sislerile aclivily in a nearly lovn - a lovn lhal CIarke
does nol nane, lul enough cIues are dropped for il lo
le idenlihalIe.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The lean can read Crispin CIarke´s
lIog fron any secure poinl of Inlernel access. Il is a
haunling, lerrifying read, incIuding references lo cases
lhal lhe lean nenlers lhenseIves have leen invoIved
in, vhich CIarke descriles in delaiI in 'visions´. CIarke
aIso provides pholographs of lhe area near his hone
vhere he sav lhese visions or encounlered shadovy
supernaluraI crealures, vhich are fruslralingIy Iacking
in delaiI.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: The onIy infornalion lhal can le
gIeaned fron lhe lIog al hrsl is ly exlracling lhe inages
and anaIyzing lhen. ßy doing lhis, lhe pIayers can
hone in on lhe pIace vhere lhe piclures vere laken. (Il
is nol possilIe lo leII lhe lIog vriler´s physicaI Iocalion
ly anaIyzing his dala lraiI.)
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: Once lhey are safeIy in
lhe lovn lhal CIarke descriles, and lhus in lhe slrands
of lhe vel, lhe CIarke lIog legins lo incIude references
lo crealures seen in various luiIdings and Iocalions.
The lean can hnd lhese nuch nore quickIy, and shouId
legin lo suspecl lhal lhey are on lo sonelhing lig. The
Lsolerrorisls nake sure lo Ieave sone Ieflover lils of
crealures lehind - a cIav here, a shed scaIe lhere - so
lhal lhe invesligalors viII genuineIy leIieve lhal lhere
are nonslers afool.
Latcr 5ccncs: Ior lhe conspiracy lo vork, lhe
¯. 1be bIo_ oI CziSþin CIazke
invesligalors have lo
leIieve lhal CIarke is
reaI. They can Ieave hin
connenls on his lIog or lry lo conlacl
hin lhrough enaiI. 'CIarke´ viII respond,
Ieaving suggeslions of pIaces lo neel up. He
viII never le lhere, of course, lul viII sonelines Ieave
a nole lehind lhe lar or a hasliIy scrillIed nessage on
lhe Iavalory vaII.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: To Iiven lhings up, and prove lo
lhe lean lhal lhey are hol on lhe lraiI, lhe Lsolerrorisls
nay Ieave a ßIood Corpse or lvo Iurking in lhe pIaces
nenlioned on lhe lIog, or have a scourger foIIov lhe
lean around, naking sure lhey nolice il.
C!Imax: In his Iasl lIog enlry, CIarke nenlions going lo
visil a nyslerious vonan, 'Candi´, vho has Iefl nany
encouraging connenls on his lIog and seens lo knov
lhe lrulh lehind his experiences. The lean can discover
lhal Candi´s connenls are coning fron a sislerile.con
address, vhich shouId sel off aIarn leIIs. The 'Candi´
connenl nenlions a specihc Iocalion lo neel up: lhe
alandoned raiIvay slalion jusl oulside lovn.
If lhe lean hurry, lhey nay nake il in line lo save
Crispin CIarke - or so lhey lhink. AII lhey hnd is
a hungry Sislerile and a lean of Lsolerrorisls vilh
aulonalic veapons hiding in lhe lushes around lhe
A lruIy lech-savvy lean viII le alIe lo lrack dovn
lhe reaI source of lhe Crispin CIarke journaI, vhich
is an Lsolerrorisl van hIIed vilh eIeclronic conns
equipnenl, disguised as a TV repairnan´s vehicIe. The
Lsolerrorisls have leen using a saleIIile conneclion lo
upIoad lhe lIog.
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: If lhe Crispin CIarke lIog is
aIIoved lo slay up, il viII generale luzz and leIief in
supernaluraI enlilies. The Ordo Verilalis allenpls lo
have il 'exposed´ as a hoax, aIIoving a young horror
luff in a lolaIIy differenl cily lo cIain lhe credil.
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: The Lsolerrorisls vanl nedia
coverage of supernaluraI happenings and an increase
in gIolaI uncerlainly, nol exposes on lheir ovn
organizalion. So, vhen Andrea Leigh venl pulIic
lhree years ago aloul her forced invoIvenenl in an
Lsolerrorisl lreeder ceII, appearing on hone calIe
shovs and laIking aloul Salanic pIans lo use laly lissue
in naking horrilIe nonslers, sonelhing draslic had lo
le done. Wilh her neal appearance and caIn deneanor,
nol lo nenlion her alheisn, Andrea jusl didn´l sound
Iike lhe usuaI 'salanic aluse´ crank. IeopIe legan lo
sil up and pay allenlion. She slopped shorl of naning
nanes, olviousIy for IegaI reasons, lul longues legan
lo vag in her hone lovn.
If she vasn´l siIenced fasl, lhe ceII couId have leen
exposed. KiIIing her vouIdn´l have vorked, as il vouId
jusl have allracled even nore allenlion. Inslead, lhe
Lsolerrorisls used lheir felish sorcery, lhe onIy nagic
aparl fron sunnoning enlilies lhal lhey can reIy on, lo
give Andrea a cIassic case of paranoid schizophrenia.
The genuine lrauna of her experiences ningIed
vilh lhe supernaluraIIy inposed Iiving nighlnare
of nenlaI iIIness, and she legan lo nake cIains lhal
vere increasingIy lizarre and olviousIy unlrue, such
as having leen raped ly lhe DeviI in lroad dayIighl
oulside her IocaI church, or having voniled up gaIIons
of goId enaneI painl. Andrea lecane a nine-day
vonder, her pIanned look vas canceIIed, and lhose
calIe shovs lhal had fealured her ravings quielIy
noved on lo olher, nore credilIe guesls.
Andrea herseIf descended inlo insanily and vas
evenluaIIy picked up off lhe slreel and forcilIy
inslilulionaIized, vhere she has leen ever since.
Isychialric nedicine has kepl her quiel, if nol caIn.
Hovever, lhe effecls of lhe felish have Iong since vorn
off, and Andrea is ready lo laIk again - so Iong as she
can laIk lo lhe righl peopIe. The Lsolerrorisls vho lried
lo use her as a lreeder have gollen avay scol free, and
she vanls lhen deaIl vilh.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The lean nenlers are asked lo
pose as nedicaI speciaIisls invesligaling cases of
aIIeged Salanic 'laly lreeding´ cuIl praclices. They are
given access lo Andrea Leigh and aIIoved lo laIk lo her
6. AndzeaS baby
aloul her fanous (and IargeIy falricaled, in lhe pulIic
opinion) pasl. In lhe serene dayIighl of her hospilaI
roon, Andrea palienlIy descriles nigh-on uninaginalIe
horrors, invoIving forced inseninalion, lhe renovaI of
felaI lissue and (on one occasion) an allenpl lo lreed
her lo a ßiIIy goal, for sone ghaslIy purpose having lo
do vilh 'psychic inprinling´. Andrea´s voice lrenlIes
and she is cIearIy unveII. No hunan psyche couId
cone lhrough Lsolerrorisl aluse, nagicaIIy induced
nenlaI iIIness and nassive anounls of psychoaclive
drugs vilhoul leing ladIy fragnenled. Sone of lhe
eIenenls of her slory nay veII le hgnenls - il is sinpIy
inpossilIe lo leII vilhoul invesligaling.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: The invesligalors cone avay fron
lheir inlerviev vilh a Iong Iisl of nanes and pIaces lack
in Andrea´s hone lovn, a sellIed IillIe connunily of
pickel fences and rigorous Church allendance. Andrea
vas unalIe lo leII exaclIy vho lhe cuIl nenlers vere,
as lhey aII vore surgicaI nasks, lul she is cerlain lhe
ringIeader vas lhe IocaI denlisl, ßuddy Lavrence,
and lhe hnancier vas a veaIlhy eccenlric caIIed }anes
Welheringlon, vho paid for nany of lhe lovn´s
luiIdings. Andrea aIso renenlers kneeIing leside a
parlicuIar lree, screaning and screaning, lul cannol
nov renenler vhy. She does renenler hearing
chains rallIe lehind her, and lhen feeIing a sudden lIov
lo lhe lack of lhe head.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: Welheringlon Iives in
a Iarge eslale overIooking lhe lovn, and runor has
il (lrulhfuIIy) lhal he Iives onIy in one roon. The ceII
carried oul ils experinenls and lreeding prograns in
an oId deconnissioned navaI vesseI, noored up lhe
coasl, lhis is Welheringlon´s properly.
Andrea aIso insisls lhal lhere is a nelvork of calaconls
under lhe church, vhere lhe Lsolerrorisls used lo
conjure crealures inlo leing. This is nol acluaIIy
lrue (her inaginalion has suppIied lhis delaiI) lul
lhe invesligalors can lry lo lreak in, dig under lhe
ßagslones and gel arresled if lhey choose.
Latcr 5ccncs: The pover of lhe slory depends on lhe
seesaving lelveen leIief in vhal Andrea says and lhe
apparenl Iack of evidence. The pIayers shouId feeI lhal
lhey are possilIy leing Ied on lhe viIdesl of viId goose
chases, vilh one Iead afler anolher lurning oul lo le a
dud, despile an undenialIe sinisler anlience. They
can expIore lhe roons under ßuddy Lavrence´s denlaI
surgery and hnd lags fuII of lIoody collon vads vhich
shouId have leen incineraled, or crash an excIusive
parly al lhe Welheringlon
Mansion and hnd naked
guesls engaged in fuII-on ßDSM anlics,
lhough no suggeslion of Lsolerrorisl aclivily.
The deconnissioned ship has rusly narks
vhere hospilaI leds ccu|ú have leen leIled
dovn, and lIoodslains lhal nalch Andrea´s DNA, lul
nolhing concIusive enough lo condenn anyone.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: The lovnsfoIk lhenseIves
are nol IikeIy lo le happy aloul oulsiders nessing
around in lheir affairs, and il viII le an easy naller
for Welheringlon lo pay a fev lhugs lo leal lhe
invesligalors up. If lhey lry lo invesligale lhe noored
C!Imax: }usl as lhey are groving fruslraled vilh lhe
Iack of any soIid conhrnalion of Andrea´s slories, lhere
shouId le overvheIning, lerrilIe proof of lhe lreeder
experinenls. The lree lhal Andrea nenlioned is in lhe
Welheringlon grounds, and lhe pIayers shouId lrack il
dovn al a suilalIy dranalic poinl. Il has an oId vooden
sving hanging fron ils lranches ly rusly chains, lhe
lIov Andrea feIl vas fron soneone sIanning lhe
sving inlo lhe lack of her head. The lree is vhere lhe
skeIelons of a dozen lalies nov Iie, casl-offs fron lhe
lreeder progran.
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: As far as lhe vorId al Iarge is
concerned, lhe Andrea Leigh slory is aIready dead and
done vilh. AddilionaI pulIicily vouId onIy slir up
leIief in slrange cuIls and haIf-denon lalies, and lhe
Ordo Verilalis needs lo keep lhal fron happening al
aII cosls. Il onIy renains lo heIp Andrea herseIf adapl
lo Iife oulside lhe hospilaI, vhich she can al Iasl Ieave,
nov lhal lhe rools of her sanily are once nore reslored.
7. Vben 1be CannibaIS
Came 1o bkUnkWa&ez
lhe lean is slanding around lhe parliaIIy ealen lodies
of lvo cannilaI viclins. Their lIood-spallered canping
gear is sliII ly lhe Iakeshore in lhe voods, lehind a
larrier of incidenl lape. Thunder legins lo runlIe and
lhe IocaIs huddIe fearfuIIy in lheir houses. RainfaII viII
no doull vash avay evidence, so lhe lean viII have lo
nove fasl.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: The viclins can readiIy le
idenlihed as }ack ßarnes and WiIlur ConneIIy, lvo
coIIege sludenls vho had gone on a canping lrip (lhe
Skunkvaler Iake leing a fanous leauly spol) and had
leen snoking narijuana oulside lheir lenl, valching
lhe sun sel. Iron lhe lodies, lhe lean can eslalIish lhal
lhe lvo had lheir heads lashed in vilh lIunl oljecls
and vere lhen ealen rav ly hunan javs. Iive, possilIy
six differenl peopIe vere invoIved in lhe devouring,
and lhey seen lo have vorried al lhe ßesh Iike dogs.
They vere dragged severaI hundred feel avay fron lhe
nurder sile and inlo lhe voods, presunalIy lo avoid
leing seen.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: There is enough forensic
infornalion for lhe lean lo lrack lhe Covenanl of lhe
HoIy IIesh dovn lo lhe rocky cave vhere lhey are hoIed
up. They are dressed in lIoody rags and have narked
lhenseIves aII over vilh reIigious synloIs and ßilIe
quolalions. The lean is in for a hard hghl.
The aIpha naIe of lhe HoIy IIesh sliII lears lhe felish
lhal senl hin and his kin insane, lhough he doesn´l
knov il. Il is a laIisnan on veIIun, sIipped inlo lhe
lack pockel of his jeans. Il sliII has sone residuaI
nagic Iefl in il, and unIess il is found and deslroyed,
ils inßuence viII sIovIy legin lo vork on lhe residenls
of Skunkvaler. Depending on vhere lhe cIolhes are
Iefl, lhe hrsl lo feeI lhe cannilaIislic urges nay le cops,
norluary allendanls or even ICs.
Latcr 5ccncs: In lhe evenl lhal one of lhe cannilaIs is
caplured aIive and inlerrogaled, he exhilils profound
and raging nania. Whalever has happened lo hin, he is
cIearIy nol responsilIe for vhal he is doing. He shovs
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: Nol every Lsolerrorisl canpaign
invoIves an allenpl lo sunnon supernaluraI crealures.
Sone are nore lo do vilh increasing lhe IeveIs of
paranoia, horror and aIienalion in lhe vorId. In lhe
vorId lhal lhe Lsolerrorisls creale, nonslers are nol
jusl lhings Iurking in lhe shadovs, your friends and
neighlors couId lurn inlo nonslers al any nonenl.
The idea of connon hunanily underpinned ly a very
ordinary kind of sanily is analhena lo lhe Lsolerrorisl
vision and nusl le deslroyed.
In lhe nounlains near Skunkvaler, a survivaIisl group
is preparing for lhe Raplure lhal lhey lhink is coning.
They have aIready had one faIse aIarn al lhe lurn of
lhe niIIenniun, lul lhis line lhey are rca||q sure. A
cIosed connunily is prine fodder for lhe Lsolerrorisls.
A speciaI agenl sneaked inlo lhe conpound, pIanled
felishes inlended lo creale cannilaIislic nadness
anong lhe survivaIisls, and sel a lonl in lhe nain food
slorage lunker.
This vorked leller lhan lhe Lsolerrorisls couId
have dreaned. AInosl aII of lhe food reserves vere
deslroyed, and lhen lhe felishes venl lo vork. In
lhe encIosed environnenl, lhe aIready paranoid
survivaIisls venl inlo a frenzy of cannilaIisn, lrilaI
vioIence, forced copuIalion and lerriloriaIily. Like nad
prinales, lhey lore up lheir environnenl, hacking al
one anolher vilh inprovised veapons and lIasling
each olher´s lrains oul vilh sholguns. Triles forned,
giving lhenseIves lilIicaI nanes and Iooking lo lheir
aIpha naIes as prophelic hgures. One sponlaneousIy
forned 'lrile´, Washed in lhe ßIood of lhe Lanl, heId
lhe fev renaining food slores, anolher (ßearers of lhe
Sacred Wounds) look over lhe veapons Iockers, and a
lhird nuch snaIIer group (Covenanl of lhe HoIy IIesh)
ßed lhe conpound and canped oul in lhe voods near
lhe lovn of Skunkvaler. They have nov legun lo
caplure and eal peopIe.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: Il has nov leen lvo veeks since lhe
Lsolerrorisls inlroduced lheir nind-lvisling felishes
inlo lhe conpound. The lean is given reporls of
apparenl cannilaI aclivily near Skunkvaler. Soon,
no sign of having leen drugged, so Lsolerrorisl nagic
nay le a faclor in lhis. The IocaI poIice can verify lhe
cannilaIs´ idenlily and prove lhal lhey cane fron lhe
survivaIisl conpound lvenly niIes avay.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: The Lsolerrorisls viII send
a squad over lo check on lhe conpound´s progress,
noniloring il fron afar vilh eIeclronic equipnenl. If
lhey discover lhe pIayer lean, lhey viII do lheir lesl
lo guide lhe cannilaIs lo lhen ralher lhan inlervening
C!Imax: The scenario ends vilh a raid on lhe conpound.
If lhe lriles up al lhe conpound have enough varning
of lhe pIayers´ approach, lhey lake precaulions. There
are pIenly of slockpiIed
veapons lhere, ready for lhe
second coning of }esus, and fev of lhen
have ever leen used. Tripvires, nines,
caIlrops lo lursl lires, lodies slaked oul as a
varning, and even snipers in lhe rocky hiIIs are
aII polenliaI hazards vailing for lhe invesligalors.
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: Runors of cannilaIisn are
suppressed, and lhe ness al lhe conpound is
lIaned on a }oneslovn-esque disasler in vhich lhe
devolees aII look haIIucinogenic drugs and Iosl lheir
ninds. Thinking lhal lhe apocaIypse had cone, lhey
sIaughlered each olher so lhal lhey vouId 'ascend´ aII
lhe quicker and nol le 'Iefl lehind´.
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: Sonelines, lhe Lsolerrorisls´
palienl allenpls lo vear lhe Menlrane lhin succeed,
and supernaluraI nanifeslalions lake pIace lhal lhey
neilher engineered nor anlicipaled. This is aII lo lhe
good, as nore nanifeslalions nean nore norlaI lerror,
Iess lrusl in concrele reaIily, and an exponenliaI furlher
veakening of lhe Menlrane.
}usl such a shallering has laken pIace in an isoIaled ruraI
connunily. A quiel pIace vhere nolhing ever seens lo
happen lar lhe occasionaI sloIen sheep or slalion vagon
fuII of drunken kids running off lhe road, Thornvick
has lecone a sIaughlerhouse lhanks lo lhe ravages
of a Shallerer, dravn lhrough lhe lallered Menlrane
in a sponlaneous inlerdinensionaI accidenl. The iII-
advised drunken riluaIs of a group of vouId-le lIack
nagicians hfleen years earIier had nade lhe Menlrane
veak al lhal poinl, and lhe psychic resonance of a heavy
lhunderslorn lIev il vide open. The Shallerer sensed
lhe fainl residue of lhe sunnoning vorlex, and enlered
lhe naleriaI reaIn.
Ils hrsl acl vas lo rip lhe callIe lo pieces in lhe heId
vhere il appeared, afler vhich il slrode lovards lhe
viIIage in search of any fooIish hunans vho vere
allenpling lo sunnon lhings lhey couId nol conlroI,
as Shallerers Iove lo devour such fooIs. The onIy lhing
resenlIing a psychic vorlex lhal il found vas a group
of leenagers pIaying vilh a Ouija loard. Sensing lhal
lhe psychic vilralions of lhose vho had veakened lhe
Menlrane aII lhose years ago vere sliII presenl in lhe
vorId, il sel off lo deslroy lhen.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The lean is caIIed lo Thornvick,
vhere a vhoIe house has leen roped off as a crine
scene. Upslairs, one of lhe ledroons is avash vilh
lIood and viscera. Whal is Iefl of four leenagers, Sandra
Crisl, Mike ßosIey, Sananlha Davson and }inny
Sunners, Iies draped around lhe roon Iike scarIel
lunling. Shaken IocaI poIice, far oul of lheir deplh, leII
lhe pIayers aloul lhe callIe nuliIalions and lhe slrange
Iighls in lhe sky lhe nighl lefore.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: Anong lhe gory ness, lhe lean
hnd Iellers of lhe aIphalel vrillen on lorn scraps of
paper, aIong vilh lhe vords 'heIIo´ and 'goodlye´ and
a shallered vhisky gIass. This is cIearIy an allenpl
lo creale a ludgel Ouija loard. The lile radius of lhe
vounds on lhe viclins shovs cIearIy lhal sone shark-
Iike nav did lhe liling, and conparison proves lhal lhe
sane lhing lore lhe callIe aparl. There appears lo le no
poinl of enlry al aII. A IocaI runor has il lhal 'vilches´
used lo congregale in lhe heId al lhe fuII noon, and
sonehov lroughl lhis horror dovn on lhe connunily,
lhis is aloul lhe onIy Iead lhe lean has lo go on.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: Researching oId nevs
slories aloul lhe Thornvick heIds lrings up a reporl
ö. bed in 1oo&b and CIaW
aloul a seIf-slyIed cuIl
Ieader, Creg ßIenk, nov
in prison for nurder. ßIenk
vas lhe head of lhe 'Thornvick Coven´
hfleen years ago, a sex-and-drugs oulhl lhal
allenpled lo praclice lIack nagic, lhough
gelling ßIenk Iaid vas aIvays lhe prinary nolive.
SeveraI IocaI girIs vere invoIved, and one lecane
pregnanl in lhe course of lhe coven´s sex-nagicaI
anlics. The girIs, Delorah Carney, MichaeIa }ones and
Mary Sue LInore, are lhe nexl lo receive a visil fron
lhe Shallerer. They aII noved avay fron Thornvick
afler lhe scandaI. One is a lruckslop vailress, one a
poIe dancer and one a Iilrarian, and lhey aII Iive in
snaII lovns lelveen hfly and sevenly niIes avay. If
lhe pIayers do nol vork oul lhe conneclion, lhen lhey
viII have nany fresh crine scenes lo invesligale.
The chiId is nol naned, lul lhe lean can use lheir
invesligalive skiIIs lo hnd oul lhal she is }aney LIIison,
sliII residenl in Thornvick. Once lhe Shallerer is done
vilh lhe olher coven nenlers and ßIenk, il viII cone
for her.
Latcr 5ccncs: The Shallerer senses a group of peopIe
praying in a roadside church, and considers lhis a
sunnoning vorlex for lhe purposes of ils nission.
Il snashes lhrough lhe vaIIs and devours everyone
presenl. The lean can lrace ils rough lrajeclory - il is
heading for lhe cily vhere ßIenk is heId prisoner.
The lean viII have lo inlerviev ßIenk sooner or Ialer.
He is a haggard, sardonic nan vho has used his acling
aliIily and his vasl occuIl knovIedge lo cov olhers
inlo sulnission and gel Iols of free sex. He knovs
vhal a Shallerer is, and nay acluaIIy knov nore lhan
lhe pIayers do. If he lhinks one is coning for hin, he
viII insisl lhal lhe lean shouId prolecl hin. If lhey
do, he viII leII lhen aII lhey need lo knov aloul such
AntagnnIst RcactInns: The Shallerer is singIeninded
and does nol reacl. Il viII pursue ils viclins one ly one
and rip lhen lo shreds. Hovever, lhe Lsolerrorisls nay
lake an inleresl, visiling lhe areas vhere lhe nurders
lake pIace in a lIack van and naking sure lhe slory
receives as nuch coverage as possilIe in lhe nevs.
The nore lerror lhe evenl generales, lhe leller il suils
C!Imax: The advenlure reaches ils peak eilher vhen
lhe Shallerer cones for ßIenk in lhe prison, or vhen il
allenpls lo devour }aney LIIison. If lhe lean nanages
lo prolecl one of lhese unforlunales, il viII allenpl lo
hnish off lhe olher.
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: The lean is going lo have a rough
line coning up vilh possilIe nundane expIanalions
for lhis incidenl. The Ordo Verilalis cones up vilh
an invenled seriaI kiIIer, The Crusader, a denenled
Chrislian fundanenlaIisl vho preys on lhose he lhinks
lo le lhe 'agenls of Salan´, naneIy neopagans, occuIlisls
and nodern day nagicians. IronicaIIy, lhis urlan nylh
is nore effeclive againsl lhe Lsolerrorisls lhan expecled,
as fear of The Crusader delers nany young peopIe fron
leconing invoIved vilh lhe occuIl al aII.
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: Lale al nighl, sone leIevisions
in lhe region of a lig cily have leen receiving slrange
signaIs. Iirsl lhe piclure lreaks inlo slalic, as if lhe
signaI had leen Iosl, lhen faces seen lo forn oul of
lhe slalic and hovI siIenlIy, surging lovards lhe screen
and vanishing avay again. These inages have leen
leconing nore and nore dislincl, and nov an analeur
researcher caIIed }onas Culevilch has caplured a vhoIe
sequence of lhen on lape. He aIso cIains lo have
recorded fainl, lareIy audilIe voices.
These are genuine psychic phenonena. An oId
reservoir oulside of lovn has lecone infesled
vilh drovners, vho noved lhere (during a rainslorn,
lhus renaining in conlacl vilh valer) vhen lhe deep
svanp in vhich lhey fornerIy Iived vas drained lo
nake roon for a nev housing projecl lack in lhe 195Os.
Over line, lhe drovners have cIained viclins, slray
vagranls, chiIdren, roving drunkards. The reservoir
Iies in lelveen lhe IocaI lroadcasl lover and lhe cily.
The ghosls of four of lhe drovners´ viclins are
screaning oul lo anyone vho viII Iislen, legging
for lheir lones lo le found. These are Luke Iayne, a
six-year-oId vho vas dragged under in 1952, }erone
MacArlhur, an oclogenarian soak vho nel his end in
J. 1Uned 1o A Dead CbanneI
1988, and Marlha WiIlury, a forner proslilule vho vas
snalched fron lhe reservoir´s edge aIong vilh her laly
in 2OO3.
MeanvhiIe, runors of haunled leIevision sels are
groving Iike viIdhre, video renlaIs and dovnIoads of
Pc||crgcis| and Tnc Ring go lhrough lhe roof, and lhe
Menlrane legins lo vear lhin as lhe accunuIaled
nighl-fears of a vhoIe cily vinnov avay al il. Worse
sliII, lhe Lsolerrorisls are in on lhe acl, and have
arranged for a chal shov hosl, Mikey T, lo shov lhe
Culevilch Tape one veek fron nov on his evening
speciaI. If lhal lape reaches a vider audience, leIief in
lhe paranornaI viII surge, and lhe Lsolerrorisls viII le
one slep cIoser lo lheir goaI.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The lean are aIIoved lo valch and
sludy lhe video. Culevilch doesn´l aIIov lhen lo keep
il, as he needs il for Mikey T´s lroadcasl nexl veek, lul
he is conlenl for lhen lo anaIyze il in his presence.
There are al Ieasl lhree dislincl faces svinning in and
oul of lhe hazy snovheId, and lhey do nol Iook Iike lhe
faces of Iiving peopIe. The eyes are enply, lhe noulhs
yavning and lIack. One seens lo le a vonan, vilh
copious ßoving hair lhal hovers as if veighlIess. The
olhers are a young loy, possilIy vearing a laselaII
cap, and an oId nan noulhing vords. Righl al lhe
end of lhe lape, sonelhing rushes al lhe screen, Iike
a denenled lavIing laIIoon-head vaving liny Iinls.
(This is Marlha WiIlury´s infanl chiId, vhose anguish
is prinaI, hideous and inarlicuIale.) The alnosphere in
lhe roon aflervards is danp and chiIIy, as if sonelhing
dead had vaIked lhrough lraiIing niasnaI air lehind.
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: CarefuI sludy of lhe lape reveaIs lhal
lhe oId nan´s vords are 'I can´l svin´, lhe Iasl lhoughls
lhal venl lhrough }erone MacArlhur´s nind. Marlha
WiIlury´s ßoving hair aIso Iooks Iike il is hanging
in valer. If lhe sound on lhe video is anpIihed, lhe
gurgIing sound of a crying chiId can le heard, vhich
logelher vilh lhe hnaI inage suggesls a laly vas
invoIved. Checking Missing Iersons and olher records
reveaIs aloul lvenly nissing nolhers vilh chiIdren
fron lhe pasl hundred years or so. Marlha is naned
anong lhen, and her idenlily can le conhrned ly
checking lhe fuzzy video inage againsl her pholo.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: Research inlo IocaI
dealhs ly drovning poinls lhe characlers lovards
Iurdey´s Marsh, vhich had a hislory of drovning nore
lhan ils fair share of lraveIers, and for leing haunled
lo lool. The narsh is
nov gone, and a housing
projecl has leen luiIl on lhe recIained Iand.
The housing projecl is rough, vioIenl and
supposedIy haunled, lhough lhe lean viII nol
hnd any concrele evidence of ghosls. A sludy of
lhe svanp drainage records reveaIs lhal lhere vas a
cover-up, lhe inveslors vho luiIl lhe projecls vere nol
loId lhe vhoIe slory aloul lhe Iand. ßy laIking lo oId
residenls, lhe lean can hnd oul lhal a nassive anounl
of ancienl hunan renains vas dredged up and quielIy
reluried in a IandhII sile lo avoid causing aIarn. One
residenl in parlicuIar, Marlin CoaIlrook, vas dead
sel againsl lhe draining of lhe narsh, insisling lhal il
vouId upsel 'lhen´, and cause 'lhen´ lo Iook for 'leller
Iodgin´s eIsevhere.´ One nan vas dragged under and
drovned vhiIe vorking on lhe draining nachinery.
Those fev vho are viIIing lo laIk aloul il say lhal paIe
hands cane up fron lhe valer and gralled hin ly lhe
Latcr 5ccncs: The pIayers can dig lhrough lhe IandhII
sile and discover lhe renains, vhich prove lo le
hundreds of years oId, and lo have lils of anlique
pollery nixed in anongsl lhen. The IandhII sile is
quile nundane, psychicaIIy speaking. They nay aIso
have lo hghl lo avoid lhe lape gelling lroadcasl on lhe
chal shov, vhich nay even invoIve sleaIing il fron
AntagnnIst RcactInns: The drovners viII nol Ieave lheir
reservoir, lul lhe Lsolerrorisls vanl lhal lape lroadcasl.
If lhey gel vind fron Culevilch of sonelhing lhal
sounds Iike an Ordo Verilalis lean in lhe area, lhey viII
send a hil-nan lo lake lhen oul al range.
C!Imax: ßy piecing logelher Marlha´s Iasl knovn
Iocalion, lhe proxinily of lhe reservoir lo lhe nov-
drained Iurdey´s Marsh, lhe valery feeI lo lhe video
and lhe direclion of lhe lransnissions nasl, lhe lean
can eslalIish lhal lhe reservoir is al lhe core of aII lhis.
Il needs lo le dredged for renains, lul doing so lrings
lhe drovners up fron lheir oozing lIack leds...
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: There´s aIvays sone nischievous
sludenl oul lhere vilh a good grasp of eIeclronics vho
can le lIaned for lhis sorl of lhing. The faces in lhe
slalic are 'expIained´ as conpuler aninalion, and lhe
slray signaIs as lhe resuIl of an unIicensed lroadcasl.
i0. Comin_ IiVe 1o ÏoUz
IiVin_ boom
5InIstcr CnnspIracy: The Radianl CircIe is a cuIl. Nol
a shadovy cuIl of lIack roles and heavy incense, lul a
shiny, HoIIyvood cuIl lo vhich lhe Iess slalIe ceIelrilies
leIong, lhey nay nol vear red lhread or use L-Melers,
lul lhey are in lhe sane laII park. Their charisnalic
Ieader, Ldvin ßrighl, leaches lhen lo acluaIize lheir
polenliaI via 'lrealhing lhe Lighl Wilhin´, a nuch-
lrunpeled lechnique vhich consisls nainIy of sloIen
Halha Yoga exercises and a Iol of psycholallIe. The
Radianl CircIe is nol veII knovn aloul, lul lhose vho
do knov aloul il consider il lo le harnIess, as such
lhings go. Ils adherenls rave aloul il, donale lens of
lhousands of doIIars lo lhe cause, and olviousIy derive
sone spiriluaI fuIhIInenl fron il lhal conpensales for
lhe resounding hoIIovness of lheir Iives.
The Radianl CircIe is an Lsolerrorisl fronl. In lhis,
conpared lo lheir olher canpaigns, lhey are pIaying a
very Iong gane indeed. The cuIl exisls in order lo pick
oul lhe nosl veak-viIIed, spiriluaIIy dereIicl ceIelrilies
and hII lhen fuII of nyslic nonsense, prining lhen
for lhe line vhen lhey viII lecone vaIking proof of
supernaluraI horror, and lhus expose lhe vorId lo il.
Their pIan is lo insliII in lhe nenlers lhe leIief lhal lhe
vorId is hIIed vilh denons, vhich onIy lhe Radianl
CircIe can sland againsl. (This leaching is, of course,
kepl lo a higher IeveI, lhe Inner CircIe, accessilIe onIy lo
lhe Iong-lern nenlers vho have given nosl.) Those
vho hnd lhenseIves loo veak for lhe lallIe, so lhe
leachings go, viII lecone prey lo lhese denons, and
onIy a nev incarnalion viII free lhen. NaluraIIy, lhe
Lsolerrorisls inlend lo use lheir felishes lo convince a
fev veII-posilioned ceIelrilies lhal lhey have indeed
lecone prey lo lhe horrors, and pulIic suicide is lhe
onIy vay oul.
Murphy CuIIen, nevs anchor and inslanlIy recognizalIe
nedia face, is lhe hrsl sacrihciaI Ianl. Ior veeks nov,
lhe Lsolerrorisls have leen perseculing hin vilh
visions of nadness, vhiIe al lhe sane line lhe Radianl
CircIe gives lhal nadness a conlexl, expIaining lhal
lhe denons are lrying lo drag hin dovn, and
insisling lhal he use nore and nore esoleric, occuIl
lechniques lo keep lhen al lay. In his agony, Murphy
aIready knovs fron his lrusled leachings lhal lhere is
onIy one vay oul.
And so il is lhal Murphy CuIIen reciles a Iong, veII-
prepared speech on Iive leIevision aloul lhe invisilIe
denons popuIaling lhe vorId, enanaling fron lhe lrue
horror lhal underIies reaIily - and lIovs his lrains oul.
AII across Anerica, screaning chiIdren and shocked
aduIls valch his snoking, headIess corpse sIunp lo lhe
ßoor. This is a vaking nighlnare, happening righl in
fronl of lheir eyes. And lhe Menlrane shudders and
legins lo spIil.
InstIgatIng 5ccnc: The lean aII see lhe CuIIen suicide
as il happens. Monenls Ialer, lhere is a phone caII.
Soon, lhey are al lhe scene, urgenlIy lrying lo galher aII
lhe cIues lhey can. Weeping coIIeagues and profoundIy
shocked poIicenen lry lo keep olher journaIisls al lay.
(MeanvhiIe, video foolage of lhe incidenl is circuIaled
aII over lhe Inlernel.)
Cnrc InfnrmatInn: There is nol nuch lo le Iearned fron
lhe TV sludio. CuIIen´s coIIeagues leIieve he vas under
slress, lul didn´l expecl anylhing Iike |nis lo happen.
OnIy CuIIen´s aparlnenl yieIds any reaI cIues: lhe felish
ilseIf, gIued undernealh his vorkslalion, various cryslaIs
silualed around lhe pIace, vhich occuIl sludenls can leII
are supposed lo soak up naIign vilralions, encrypled
enaiIs fron 'ßrolher Indigo´ urging hin lo keep up his
nyslic exercises, and nol lo give in lo lhe darkness, and
a liny scrap of hoIographic pIaslic lhal invesligalion
reveaIs lo le fron a Radianl CircIe nenlership card.
5upp!cmcntary InfnrmatInn: CuIIen´s recenlIy ex-
girIfriend, Mandy Tale, is a slrong-viIIed reporler vho
is convinced lhere is nore lo his suicide lhan lhere
seens. She knev of his nenlership in lhe Radianl
CircIe, lul viII nol give lhis infornalion up unIess
lhe lean prove lhal lhey aIready knov il. She viII
hound lhe invesligalors, denanding access lo lheir
infornalion, and gelling herseIf in lroulIe vilh lhe
Lsolerrorisls. Laler in lhe scenario, lhe Lsolerrorisls
caplure and execule her in lhe nosl graphic, exlrene
vay lhey can, lo send lhe lean a slrong varning lo slay
avay. This is a najor operalion for lhen, and lhey viII
nol le lroken.
Latcr 5ccncs: The lean viII have lo invesligale lhe
Radianl CircIe. Ils headquarlers are in an ofhce lIock,
and prove gIilzy as any Nev Age cuIl couId ever hope
lo le, vilh rolaling cryslaIs and valer scuIplures in
aII avaiIalIe corners, and leaning faces lehind every
desk. NaluraIIy, lhe lean is nol given access, and nusl
lreak in. They can hnd evidence of lhe Lsolerrorisl
conneclion here, and lhe cruciaI Inner CircIe doclrines.
They can aIso lrack dovn lhe Lsolerrorisl hul, vhich is
lased in a leach-fronl house on privale Iand. Il von´l
le easy lo gel in pasl lhe roving guards, lhe dogs and
lhe razorvire-lopped vaIIs, lul if lhey nake il inside,
lhey can hnd lhe fuII delaiIs of lhe pIan, as veII as lhe
nexl nigh-uninaginalIe slep. A cerlain veII-knovn
leen idoI, a pop slar vilh niIIions of fans, is a nenler
of lhe Inner CircIe. Her recenl slresses, vhich have leen
expIained avay in lhe nedia as drug-reIaled, are in facl
due lo Lsolerrorisl perseculion of exaclIy lhe sane kind
as CuIIen suffered. Nov, she pIans lo do exaclIy vhal
he did. Al lhe cIinax of her concerl, she viII recile a
speech of dire varning lefore gulling herseIf vilh a
svilchlIade in fronl of a packed sladiun. Whelher
or nol lhe lean vas successfuI in shulling dovn lhe
Lsolerrorisl hul, lhis unforlunale girI is aIready Iosl,
and viII carry oul her pIan if she is nol prevenled.
AntagnnIst RcactInns: The grisIy dealh of Mandy Tale,
see alove. The Radianl CircIe viII aIso use lhe very
nundane nuscIe of Iav enforcenenl, and IegaI aclion if
necessary, lo keep lhe invesligalors oul of ils lusiness.
Il is a Iegilinale organizalion and lhe lean has no righl
lo inlerfere.
C!Imax: The lean has lo prevenl lhe pop idoI fron
connilling riluaI suicide in fronl of lhousands of fans,
and a Iive saleIIile feed. Securily al lhe sladiun is lighl,
and lhe cIock is licking...
Aftcrmath/VcI!-Out: So Iong as lhere are no olher
dealhs, lhen CuIIen´s is evenluaIIy expIained avay as
lhe consequence of nenlaI iIIness resuIling parlIy fron
severe reIigious indoclrinalion in chiIdhood and parlIy
fron addiclion lo pharnaceulicaI drugs.
Cb00Kb bbD
This advenlure is for lhree lo six pIayers. Il can le sel
in nosl ruraI areas. The lack slory onIy requires lhal
lhe nain viIIain, }ack Duffy, vas fornerIy a crininaI
in a Iarge cily.
Young MichaeIa Duffy is a friend of lhe pIayers. She
inviled lhen aII lo slay al her Iarge counlry house
(Crook´s Lnd) earIier in lhe year, vhere lhey spenl a
veek of lhe sunner svinning in lhe pooI, raiding
lhe vine ceIIar and generaIIy Iarking aloul.
MichaeIa´s falher is a forner crininaI and recenl
Iollery vinner vho is rareIy hone (he´s off yachling
in lhe Carillean), he loughl lhe inpraclicaIIy Iarge
house, caIIed il Crook´s Lnd for a joke, noved sone of
his possessions in, Iosl inleresl haIf vay lhrough and
didn´l lolher Iooking afler il. MichaeIa lhus has lhe
run of lhe pIace and is aIIoved lo lring friends lack.
Lven al lhe line, she seened a IillIe reckIess and
unhinged. Iar loo nuch of lhe noney her falher
gave her vas leing lIovn on drink and drugs. The
Iasl lhe pIayers heard of her, she´d leen adnilled lo
rehal foIIoving sone sorl of lreakdovn, lhe delaiIs
of vhich vere never reveaIed.
Nov, MichaeIa is caIIing for lhe pIayers lo cone
lack lo Crook´s Lnd. She cIains she needs
proleclion, lecause 'lhe ghosls are in her head´
and she needs lo le around peopIe she can lrusl.
When lhe pIayers arrive, lhey hnd lhe door gaping
vide open, a snashed vindov in lhe dovnslairs
dining roon, and MichaeIa aII aIone in lhe vasl,
enply properly. She is larricaded in an upslairs
ledroon, curIed up in led, shaking aII over and
unalIe lo speak.
She alsoIuleIy refuses lo Ieave lhe house, screaning
if anyone lries lo lake her off lhe properly. If lhe
pIayers lry lo nanhandIe her oul, perhaps lo lake
her slraighl lo lhe nearesl hospilaI, she hovIs lhal 'lhe
lIood´ viII nol Iel her Ieave.
She´s nore righl lhan she knovs. Chosls nov vaIk
lhe roons and corridors, and anyone lrying lo ßee lhe
grounds is in serious lroulIe. A residue daenon is
provIing oul lhere unseen...
1be NaSSacze
}ack Duffy, MichaeIa´s falher, has a sinisler secrel.
When he slruck il lig vilh his Iollery vin, he decided
il vas line lo sel lhe pasl lo righls. He had pIenly of
oId enenies fron his line as a crine loss, and nov he
couId pay lhen lack vilh inleresl.
He had a veII-chosen agenl conlacl every singIe person
againsl vhon he´d had a grudge, fron ex-girIfriends lo
forner parlners, and inviled lhen lo a secrel viId parly
al Crook´s Lnd lo ceIelrale his nev-found forlune. He
encouraged lhen lo keep lhis parly secrel ly conhding
in lhen aloul his Iucky niIIions, and hinling lhal if
lhey Iel lhe secrel sIip, lhey´d le oul of a share. Wilh
lhal cIever IillIe nove, he nade sure lhal every singIe
person vho cane lo lhe parly vouId Iie lo lheir faniIy
and friends aloul vhere lhey vouId le lhal nighl.
When lhe guesls vere aII galhered logelher valching
lheir hosl greel lhen on a video, a group of four lIack-
cIad nen fron lhe Czech RepulIic siIenlIy enlered lhe
luiIding lhrough lhe palio doors. (Duffy hinseIf vas in
lhe ßahanas, naking quile sure of his aIili.) The doors
vere Iocked, and one ly one lhe screaning guesls vere
kiIIed in a variely of vays. One of lhe assassins vas
aIso kiIIed, unexpecledIy shol lhrough lhe head ly one
of lhe guesls vho had lhe presence of nind lo lring a
pisloI. His lody has leen inlerred under lhe house.
NaluraIIy, Duffy vanled lo savour his revenge ly
proxy. There vas no vay he vouId arrange aII lhis
jusl lo le |c|ú aloul il Ialer. So, one of lhe nen pIayed
no parl in lhe kiIIing. He recorded lhe vhoIe lhing for
Duffy lo valch Ialer, al his Ieisure. Thal lape is nov in
Duffy´s safe. He is Iooking forvard lo laking il oul and
valching il.
Laler, vhiIe one of lhe surviving assassins scrulled lhe
lIood off lhe voodvork and did his lesl lo cIean up
aII lrace of vhal lhey had done, lhe olher lvo heaved
lody afler lody on lo lhe dug-up ceIIar ßoor and lipped
cenenl over lhen, incIuding lhe corpse of lheir forner
Nol aII of lhe lodies ended up lhere, hovever. Mr.
and Mrs. Cranl nade il as far as lheir car, vhich vas
riddIed vilh sidearn hre and lursl inlo ßanes. The
snouIdering vreck and lhe lvo charred skeIelons
inside il venl inlo lhe pond. The assassins deened il
loo nuch lroulIe lo recover lhen.
One Iasl lody venl inlo lhe garden incineralor - lhal
of Mary Munford, Duffy´s aduIlerous hrsl vife vho
chealed on hin vilh his lesl friend. Duffy had Iefl
inslruclions lhal lhe ashes shouId le raked over his
roses. 'Roses do Iike a lil of ash,´ Duffy vouId oflen say
lo his unsuspecling daughler, chuckIing as he rulled
his hands in anlicipalion.
1be beSidUe Daemon
AII lhal spiIIed lIood, and lhe despairing panic of lhe
nurdered guesls, soaked inlo lhe grounds of lhe house.
Il coaguIaled over lhe days lhal foIIoved, forning inlo
a residue daenon. This has onIy jusl legun lo cIav ils
vay oul of lhe earlh, and as lhere have leen no peopIe
nearly, il has nol yel done nuch lesides valching lhe
house Iighls fron lhe edge of lhe garden and croaking
laIefuIIy inlo lhe nighl air.
Il did calch lhe loy vho cane lo cIean lhe svinning
pooI, lhough. His van nov Iies snashed on ils side
anong lhe lrees leside lhe drivevay, vhere lhe pIayers
viII nolice il on lhe vay in. He hinseIf has sunk lo lhe
lollon of lhe nov-nurky pooI in shreds and fragnenls,
Iike soggy croulons sinking lo lhe lollon of a lovI of
1be üboS&S
The ghosls of lhe six nurdered guesls, aIong vilh lhal
of lhe dead assassin, nov haunl Crook Lnd. MichaeIa´s
cracked sanily aIIovs her lo see lhen, and lhey have
leen harassing her since her relurn, lrying lo prevenl
her fron Ieaving lhe house. They vanl lhe lrulh aloul
lheir dealhs lo le knovn. Hovever, MichaeIa is loo
cIose lo insanily lo pul lhe facls logelher.
Al hrsl, lhe ghosls are invisilIe lo everyone excepl
MichaeIa herseIf, so lhe pIayers nay leIieve she
is haIIucinaling lhen. Hovever, as lhe advenlure
progresses, lhe pIayers legin lo see lhen: reßecled in
a nirror or vindov, slanding in a doorvay, noulhing
siIenlIy fron lhe screen of a svilched-off TV sel.
Deciþbezin_ &be nozzozS
Lach of lhe ghosls has a slory lo leII. This is vhere lhe
cIue-hnding aspecl of CUMSHOL cones inlo pIay. ßy
cross-referencing lhe appearance of each of lhe ghosls
vilh lhe cIues found in lhe roons vhere lhe ghosls
appear, lhe pIayers can eslalIish vhal happened lo
each of lhen, and graduaIIy assenlIe a piclure of vhal
venl on lhal nighl. They viII aIso have lo lreak open
Iocked roons, go digging in lhe garden, and evenluaIIy
hnd and valch lhe video.
1be bi_ 1WiS&
}ack Duffy is on his vay hone. }usl as lhe advenlure
is slarling lo lecone inlenseIy scary, vilh lhe pIayers
knoving lhey are lrapped in lhe house vilh sone
horrendous nonsler oulside, lhe phone rings. Duffy
is coning hone lo see his 'IillIe princess´. The nonenl
he gels any inkIing lhal soneone nay have found oul
aloul lhe nassacre, he decides lo shul lhen up for
Duffy felches his sholgun and his axe, and drives
peII-neII up lo lhe house. The pIayers nov have a
honicidaI naniac lo conlend vilh. Duffy doesn´l uan|
lo decapilale his ovn daughler, lul he hasn´l slayed oul
of prison for lhis Iong ly leing sofl-hearled.
1be beSoIU&ion
MichaeIa is jusl a neans lo an end. Il´s }ack Duffy
lhal lhe ghosls reaIIy vanl. One vay or anolher, lhe
pIayers have lo ensure lhal Duffy is eilher kiIIed vilhin
lhe grounds of lhe house, or lroughl lo juslice in lhe
oulside vorId (and Duffy can le sure lhal he viII gel a
IillIe visil in his prison ceII).
They can do lhis in a variely of vays: ly largaining vilh
lhe ghosls lo le aIIoved lo Ieave vilh lhe videolape, ly
kiIIing Duffy lhenseIves vhen he invades lhe house,
or even ly lricking Duffy inlo foIIoving lhen oul inlo
lhe grounds, vhere lhe residue daenon can calch and
devour hin.
This is lhe very faniIiar 'lrapped in lhe house of
horrors´ scenario, as seen in The Haunling, 13 Chosls,
and unpleen olher hIns. The pIayers have lvo nain
oljeclives, one leing lo hnd oul vhal happened, and
lhe olher leing lo escape aIive. These oljeclives are
inseparalIe, as lhey viII sviflIy hnd oul.
- Ear!y 5ummcr: Duffy vins
lhe Iollery jackpol and luys
Crook Lnd.
- MId 5ummcr: MichaeIa has
pIayers over lo slay, lhey
lrießy neel Duffy, vho
seens pIeasanl and friendIy.
- Fnur wccks agn: Duffy has
lhe inviles senl oul.
- Thrcc wccks agn: Duffy
Ieaves for lhe ßahanas.
- Twn wccks agn: The
nassacre and sulsequenl
- Onc wcck agn: MichaeIa
lurns up al lhe house
unexpecledIy, having ßed
fron a niseralIe hoIiday
in Crele, during vhich
her loyfriend ran off
vilh anolher girI. (Duffy
hadn´l expecled lhis. She´s
supposed lo le oul of lhe
counlry.) MichaeIa hils lhe
vine ceIIar in a najor vay,
and legins lo see lhe ghosls.
The ghosls, reaIising lhal she
can see lhen, do everylhing
in lheir pover lo keep her in
lhe house.
- FIvc days agn: The residue
daenon nanifesls.
- Twn days agn: The pooI loy
cones lo cIean lhe pooI. The
residue daenon snashes his
van off lhe road and lears
hin aparl.
- Prcscnt Day: MichaeIa caIIs
for heIp. The pIayers arrive.
beceSSi&y~DziVen bXþIoza&ion
As lhe characlers are nol expIoring a dungeon, lhey
von´l need lo ronp fron one end of lhe house lo lhe
olher, kicking in doors on lhe vay. They viII visil
roons as needed, and MichaeIa can leII lhen hov lo
hnd lheir vay lo any roon lhey nighl vanl lo use.
As lhis scenario is very open-ended in ils hrsl slage,
lhe CM shouId use lhe ordinary necessilies of Iife as
a vay lo sleer characlers lovards key roons and lhe
encounlers (and cIues) lhal Iie in vail lhere. AII of
lhe inslances leIov are lound lo cone up sooner or
Ialer, so Iong as lhe characlers slay in lhe house. They
can aII le used as a vay lo drive lhe slory forvard if
il legins lo Iag. If nolhing eIse is happening, lhen lhe
Canes Masler can sinpIy decIare lhal lhe characlers are
gelling reaIIy hungry, coId or lired, and Iel lhen lake il
fron lhere.
AII characlers need lo use lhe lalhroon once
in a vhiIe. This doesn´l usuaIIy cone up in
roIepIaying ganes. When il does, you knov
you´re in lroulIe. IoIIoving a scary evenl, or
aloul an hour of pIaying line, Iel lhe pIayers
knov lhal nalure is caIIing. (There´s no
need lo le graphic. This is jusl one of lhose
horror novie nonenls - lhe kind of lhing
lhal happens jusl vhen il vouId le Ieasl
If lhe characlers gel covered in lIood or nud,
lhen lhey´II vanl lo shover and change lheir
cIolhes, especiaIIy if lhey´re jock or leauly
queen characlers.
AII characlers need lo eal, and lhe kilchen
has a vorking slove, aIong vilh Iarge
reserves of linned food. UnIess lhey have
high IeveIs of Prcparcdncss, lhey von´l have
lroughl any food aIong, lhey didn´l need
il on lheir Iasl visil. WhiIe cooking in lhe
kilchen, lhey can hear slrange rallIing noises
fron lhe ceIIar: Maczka´s ghosl, shaking lhe
vine lollIes in lheir racks, and possilIy even
ßinging lhen across lhe roon.
AII characlers need lo slay varn, and il´s
freezing coId oulside. The cenlraI healing
doesn´l vork, lul lhe Iiving roon has a
hrepIace and a slack of hrevood. Once lhal
runs oul, lhere´s a voodpiIe oulside.
AII characlers
need lo sIeep. The
ledroons are olviousIy ideaI for
lhis, and can le loIled fron vilhin.
MichaeIa can poinl lhen lo eilher
of lhe guesl ledroons, varning lhen
lhal one of lhen 'sliII has Dad´s sluff aII over
il´. This 'sluff´ hoIds inporlanl cIues for lhe
pIayers lo slunlIe over.
biSk fac&ozS
As aIvays, pIayer Risk Iaclors are lhe lesl ansver lo
lhe prevaiIing queslion of 'vhy don´l lhey jusl run
avay`´ Sone guideIines are given leIov.
CurInus ICs have a nyslery lo soIve. Sonelhing´s nol
righl in lhis house. The nore cIues lhey hnd, lhe nore
lhey viII vanl lo Iearn, even if il neans digging up lhe
ceIIar ßoor.
DIsmIssIvc ICs von´l vanl lo pass up lhe opporlunily
lo enjoy lheir slay al lhe house. This vas lhe perfecl
opporlunily lo gel avay fron parenls, schooI principaIs
and cops, and run viId. The cal´s avay, so lhe nice
shouId le pIaying in his expensive paIace. Who hasn´l
vanled lo parly in a pIace Iike lhis`
Drug FIcnd characlers knov lhal MichaeIa aIvays has
lhe lesl gear, and lhe noney lo gel nore. Her veaIlh
gives her access lo a vhoIe vorId of conlacls vilh a
cornucopia of iIIegaI sulslances. Thal´s nol lhe kind of
girI you neel lvice in your Iife.
Grccdy characlers see one lhing: noney. This pIace
leIongs lo a |c||crq uinncr, for Cod´s sake. HeIp his
daughler oul, and he´s lound lo shover you vilh cash.
She´s nol shorl of a fev herseIf!
Gung Hn characlers have an unknovn horror oul
lhere lo hghl. Never nind running and hiding, if il
lIeeds, lhey can kiII il. There has lo le sonelhing in
lhe oulluiIding or lhe ceIIar lhal lhey can use. Is lhal a
chainsav` Croovy...
Hnrny characlers veIcone lhe chance lo have sex in
a variely of svish roons. There are four-posler leds
(lo lie each olher lo) and hrepIaces vilh rugs in fronl
of lhen (lo gel naked on lop of). MichaeIa herseIf is
nol a lad Iooker, despile leing a lil slrung oul righl
Ob!IvInus characlers
jusl don´l see vhal aII lhe
fuss is aloul. Lverylhing
viII le aII righl. Wailing is lhe olvious
lhing lo do. AII lhey have lo do is vail for
Mr. Duffy lo cone hone, vail for lhe phones
lo slarl vorking again, vail for MichaeIa lo feeI leller.
There´s pIenly lo do in lhe neanline: videos lo valch,
liIIiard ganes lo pIay, vine lo drink!
PrntcctIvc lypes have a sick, frighlened friend lo Iook
afler. Thal´s priorily one. As evenls proceed, lhere viII
le nore peopIe in need of proleclion. Soneone has lo
lake charge, naking sure food is cooked and hres are Iil.
Il´s going lo have lo le you.
5kcptIca! characlers roII lheir eyes al lhe vhoIe silualion
- haunled houses indeed! There´s aIvays a ralionaI
expIanalion, and lhey´re going lo hnd il. Soneone´s
olviousIy covering sonelhing up, lul vhal`
ThrI!!-scckcrs have pIenly lo do. LxpIoring lhe
nany roons of lhe house (on lheir ovn, naluraIIy) is
IikeIy lo le lheir hrsl oplion. Afler lhal, lhere are lhe
oulluiIdings, and lhen lhose spooky voods... nayle
lhey shouId gral sone guns, eh`
Vcngcfu! characlers have lhe nosl silualionaI
nolivalion. The CM can vork vilh a VengefuI
characler ly naking one of lhe ghosls inlo a friend
or even a reIalive of lhe IC, vhich gives a personaI
dinension lo lhe slory. ßiIIie WaIker is lhe nosl readiIy
adaplalIe ghosl lo use for lhis.
b&ozy~DziVen bXþIoza&ion
The characlers viII aIso have olher reasons lo expIore
lhe roons of lhe house, lased on lheir reaclion lo lhe
horrilIe silualion lhey´ve Ianded lhenseIves in.
Cung-ho, lhriII-seeking or proleclive
characlers nay vanl lo arn lhenseIves.
MichaeIa can leII lhen vhere lo hnd her
dad´s gun calinel. Il´s dovnslairs in lhe
Canes Roon, anong lhe lrophies. They can
aIso prise svords, axes and a nace off lhe
vaII, if lhey vanl lo gel nediaevaI.
The characlers nay need looIs, lo lreak
doors open or sav up vood. These are
kepl in lhe oulluiIding.
They nay need nedicaI suppIies, lo lind
vounds or lreal shock. There´s a hrsl-aid kil
in lhe uliIily roon, jusl off lhe ceIIar. Drug
hends nay go hunling for codeine, loo.
They nay vanl aIcohoI lo drink, lo slave off
lhe effecls of 5tabI!Ity Ioss, or jusl lo parly in
lhe face of lerror. The pIace lo hnd lhal is lhe
bVen&~DziVen bXþIoza&ion
The Canes Masler aIvays has lhe oplion lo lhrov in
an evenl lhal olIiges lhe characlers lo reacl. This kind
of lhing happens a|| |nc |imc in horror hIns, usuaIIy
vhiIe sonelhing lad is aIready happening. The cIassic
exanpIe is lhe pover faiIure. Sone poor sap needs lo
go oul lhere and gel lhe pover lack on. NaluraIIy, lhal
evenl happens in lhis scenario.
Wilhoul varning, as lhe characlers are in
lhe niddIe of sonelhing lense, aII lhe Iighls
go oul. The vaII sockels sliII vork, so il´s
olviousIy a lIovn fuse in lhe Iighling circuil.
The characlers nov have lo choose lelveen
hxing lhe fuse and slunlIing around lhe
house in lhe dark. The fuse lox is, of course,
in lhe ceIIar, and lhe ceIIar is nov pilch lIack.
UnforlunaleIy, lhe house´s eIeclrics are
ancienl, lhe fuses are anlique vire inslead
of nodern circuil lreakers, and lhere are no
repIacenenl fuses or any fuse vire lo hand.
UnIess lhe pIayers can inprovise, lhey´re
going lo le in lhe dark for a Iong line...
Sooner or Ialer, lhe hrevood in lhe Iiving
roon is going lo run oul, and il´II le
perishing coId. Soneone viII have lo go oul
lo lhe voodpiIe. Of course, lhey couId lry
snashing up lhe furnilure and lurning lhal,
lul lhe furnilure aII seens lo le cIassy and
expensive, and lhal nice Mr. Duffy vouIdn´l
Al one poinl, lhe fronl door or a vindov
viII le snashed open (see Thc ThIng nn thc
Thrcshn!d ) and viII need lo le larricaded.
Characlers viII have lo go and hnd suilalIe
lils of linler, a hanner, naiIs and such Iike.
The sane appIies lo any olher lreaches, such
as lroken vindovs. If lhese are nol hxed,
lhen lhe residue daenon pacing around
lhe ouler gardens viII le alIe lo viden lhe
lreach and evenluaIIy cran ilseIf inlo lhe
As lhis scenario is heaviIy Iocalion-lased ralher lhan
lied lo a sel sequence of evenls, lhe CM shouId lie
ßashlacks lo lhe various key Iocalions.
When lhe characlers hrsl enler a nenoralIe area, such
as lhe region ly lhe svinning pooI or lhe drivevay
Ieading up lo lhe house, run a lrief ßashlack lo lheir
visil in lhe sunner. Use lhal ßashlack lo indicale lhe
saIienl fealures of lhe area, and especiaIIy lo conlrasl
hov il vas lhen vilh hov il is nov. Think of il as
a cinenalic sequence, and cul alruplIy lack lo lhe
Ior exanpIe, Iasl line lhe characler vas here lhe
svinning pooI vas pIacid, sunny and lrighl, vilh
Iaughing young peopIe spIashing around in il. Nov,
il´s a nurky lrovn norass of dead insecls and faIIen
Ieaves, vilh lhe disnenlered pooI loy´s lody parls
Iying under lhe scun.
The characler nusl, of course, le given an oljeclive for
lhe scene. SuilalIe oljeclives incIude:
lrying lo chal up possilIe ronanlic parlners
allenpling lo gel a jol vilh one of Duffy´s
slraighl conpanies
Duffy for a Ioan
persuading MichaeIa lo Iel you
lorrov her Iorsche lo go for a drive
sneaking off vilh MichaeIa lo do a coupIe of
Iines of coke sonevhere avay fron lhe resl
of lhe group
bemembezin_ DUIIy
The olher poinl of lhe ßashlacks is lo faniIiarize lhe
characlers vilh }ack Duffy, vho shouId cone across
as a friendIy, avuncuIar hgure, happy lo Iel lhe young
peopIe enjoy lhenseIves around hin.
The pIayers are supposed lo lhink lhal Duffy is dead, a
viclin of lhe sane sinisler evenls lhal look pIace al his
house, so his Ialer reappearance as lhe viIIain cones as
a shock.
1zam IineS
The onIy nenoralIe fealure Duffy has is a slrange
scar on his cheek, Iike lvo paraIIeI Iines. Il can onIy
le seen fron up cIose. A characler vilh 5trcctwIsc
can leII lhal lhis 'lran Iine´ scarring is characlerislic
of injuries inßicled vilh a cerlain kind of nakeshifl
prison veapon, lhe loolhlrush vilh razors neIled in
lhe handIe, a nolif vhich crops up severaI lines in lhe
course of lhis advenlure. Hovever, in lhe inleresls of
dranalic pacing, lhe CM shouId have lhe characler vho
nolices lhis scar nc| le a characler vilh any raling in lhe
5trcctwIsc aliIily, if possilIe, Iel lhe pIayers discover
Duffy´s prison lackground ly sharing infornalion Ialer
in lhe gane.
If lhe pIayers don´l undersland vhy lhe razors vouId
le sel cIose logelher and in paraIIeI, a characler vilh
5trcctwIsc or poinls in lhe McdIc aliIily can ansver
lhen. Il´s lecause lhe gashes such a veapon Ieaves are
inpossilIe lo slilch.
Key bVen&S
NicbaeIa CaIIS
The advenlure legins vilh a phone caII fron MichaeIa
Duffy. Il´s olviousIy a lad Iine, as lhere is a hissing,
crackIing sound lhal aInosl drovns oul her vords.
She sols hyslericaIIy dovn lhe phone, legging lhe
AboU& &be üboS&S
In lhis advenlure, lhe ghosls lhenseIves are
cIues, vhich is vhy each of lheir nanifeslalions
is narked vilh lhe (C) for a core cIue. Their
appearance says sonelhing aloul hov lhey died,
and vhere lhe pIayers shouId Iook lo hnd lhen.
Ior exanpIe, Mary Munford´s ashen appearance
(and lhe povdery deposil she Ieaves in her vake)
reIales lo her ending up in lhe incineralor and
leing spread over lhe roses as ash, vhiIe Max and
Cynlhia Cranl´s lurned, skeIelaI forns and vel
foolprinls recaII lheir dealhs in a lurning car and
sulsequenl innersion in lhe Iake.
and bon~Iineaz AdVen&UzeS
CUMSHOL is a ßexilIe syslen lhal can le
used lo sinuIale nany differenl invesligalive
slories. In lhe exanpIe CUMSHOL advenlures
in Tnc |sc|crrcris|s and |car ||sc|f, cIues are used lo
advance lhe sloryIine, noving pIayers fron scene
lo scene. Like a deleclive slory, lhe cIues are Iaid
oul in a lraiI, and if you pul lhe cIues logelher, you
end up al lhe end of lhe lraiI.
Hovever, lhis advenlure has onIy one Iocalion,
aIleil a Iarge, Ialyrinlhine one. The cIues lhus
do nol propeI lhe pIayers lo nev pIaces. Inslead,
lhey aIIov lhe pIayers lo luiId up a soIulion lo lhe
nyslery lhal confronls lhen.
Crcc|´s |nú is nuch nore akin lo a nurder nyslery
lhan a Iinear deleclive laIe. The pIayers are lrapped
in a cIosed environnenl, and soIving lhe riddIe of
lhe house is lheir onIy hope of escape. They nay
nol reaIize lhis al hrsl, vhich is vhy lhe nessage
on lhe laIIroon nirror (see leIov) is so crilicaIIy
characlers lo cone and
gel her:
'I don´l knov vhal I´ve done. I don´l
knov vhal lhey vanl. The ghosls are in ny
head.´ (A sound of gIugging and svaIIoving.)
'They´re everyvhere. They von´l Iel ne Ieave! | úcn´|
|ncu una| |ncq uan|!´
The pIayers can hnd oul easiIy enough lhal she´s al
Crook´s Lnd. If any of lhe characlers are hesilanl aloul
heIping, lhey can le reninded (in and oul of characler)
lhal as lhe daughler of a Iollery vinner, MichaeIa is
Ioaded. ßesides, she lrealed aII of lhen lo a veek-Iong
hoIiday Iasl year, for free. She´s a nice, sIighlIy scally
girI vho vouIdn´l hurl a ßy, she´s in lroulIe and lhey´re
in her dell. If for sone reason lhal doesn´l nolivale
lhe pIayers lo heIp, lhen lhe Canes Masler viII have
lo invoke lhe pIayers´ Risk Iaclors, see lhe exanpIes
alove for guideIines.
Il´s possilIe lo use Rcassurancc over lhe phone lo
sone degree of success. MichaeIa is sliII solling, lul
caIns dovn sIighlIy. She´s leen drinking, she is seeing
horrilIe lhings, she´s sure lhal sonelhing very lad has
happened in her house, and she´s vorried aloul her
If asked vhere her falher is, MichaeIa insisls lhal he is
'on hoIiday´, lul she does so in such a vavering, sing-
song vay lhal lhe pIayers shouId |nin| she is in nassive
deniaI, and her falher nay veII le dead. Use of Bu!!shIt
Dctcctnr conveys her Iack of conviclion lo lhe pIayer.
Ghnst!y VnIcc (C): Once lhe pIayers have enough
infornalion, MichaeIa suddenIy shrieks, lhere is a
lursl of slalic, and lhen a vhispering, hoarse, slrangeIy
accenled voice says: 'Ic gc| i| a||. Tna|´|| úc. Ic gc| i|
a||. |u-´ Then lhere is a cIick, and lhe Iine goes dead.
The pIayers von´l knov il yel, lul lhis is a psychic
echo of lhe hnaI vords on lhe videolape of lhe kiIIings.
A characler vilh lhe Aura RcadIng or Mcsscngcr
psychic aliIily can recognise lhis as a psychic inprinl,
ralher lhan a recording of sonelhing lhal vas acluaIIy
happening al lhe line.
Ibonin_ foz neIþ
Whal a surprise - lhe phones aren´l vorking
properIy. WhiIe lhe characlers are vilhin lhe house
and ils environs, lhey von´l le alIe lo gel a signaI
on a ceIIphone. The psychic lurluIence crealed ly
lhe ghosls and lhe residue daenon is inlerfering vilh
aII leIeconnunicalions. (Any characler vilh psychic
aliIilies inluiliveIy senses lhis, and Aura RcadIng
perceives a seelhing, nurky lackground aII over lhe
house.) The phone sliII gives a diaI lone and lhe sound
of ringing, lul upon conneclion, lhe characler can hear
onIy a slalic hiss, vilh occasionaI snalches of nelaIIic-
sounding diaIogue.
WhIspcrs In thc Dark: If lhe characlers lake lhe line lo
Iislen hard lo lhe voices, lhey can nake oul sone coherenl
phrases. Again, lhese are echoes of lhe videolape, vhich
has effecliveIy lecone a charged laIisnan, seaIing lhe
lerror of eighl peopIe´s dealhs inlo a recording nediun.
The phrases, aII deIivered in a Czech accenl (as a one-
poinl 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs spend reveaIs) are:
'Do il again, she´s sliII aIive.´
'Hov did he vanl lhis one done`´
'Shil, il´s sluck.´
1zyin_ 1o bScaþe
The characlers nay jusl lry lo nake a lreak for il.
Aside fron lhe ICs´ Risk Iaclors, lhere are lvo najor
olslacIes lo lhis.
The hrsl is MichaeIa, vho von´l Ieave viIIingIy. She
vanls lo, lul she is lolaIIy convinced she viII die if
she Ieaves lhe house. She´s seen lhe vague forn of
lhe residue daenon oul lhere, and she has an inkIing
of vhal il vanls. If lhe pIayers are delernined lo gel
her oul, lhey´II have lo lake draslic neasures such as
knocking her unconscious.
SecondIy, lhe residue daenon isn´l aloul lo Iel lhen
Ieave. Whelher lhey lry lo ßee on fool or in a vehicIe,
il pursues lhen and calches lhen easiIy. (Try nol lo
reveaI lhe crealure in fuII if you can possilIy heIp il.
A quick ßash of sonelhing huge in lhe headIighls, or
even jusl a noise foIIoved ly a lrenendous inpacl, is
nuch nore effeclive.) IIayer-ovned vehicIes viII le
snashed fron lhe road and rendered inpossilIe lo
drive, vhiIe characlers siIIy enough lo lry lo ßee on fool
viII sinpIy le snalched up and devoured. The Canes
Masler shouId give characlers a chance lo nake il lack
lo lhe house, hovever. There´s nolhing Iike an |ti| Dcaú
slyIe shaky-can sprinl lhrough lrees lo pul lhe vind up
a characler.
ßear in nind lhal lhe residue daenon can nanifesl
anyvhere in ils designaled lerrilory. Lven if lhe pIayers
have encounlered il in lhe voods lo lhe soulh a nonenl
lefore, il can surface in lhe Iake lo lhe norlhvesl
innedialeIy aflervards.
1be fizS& bi_b&
Once lhe pIayers have found MichaeIa and alsorled
lhe lasic facls of lhe silualion, a IuII viII prolalIy sel in
- lhe proverliaI caIn lefore lhe slorn. ßefore il is fuIIy
dark, lhere von´l le any supernaluraI nanifeslalions,
and lhe scariesl lhing lo have happened so far viII have
leen MichaeIa´s ravings and possilIy lhe voices on lhe
Afler dark, lhe ghosls shouId legin lo appear in
earnesl. Whenever a pIayer is in a suilalIe area for
one of lhe ghosls lo appear (and ideaIIy vhen aIone),
lhey shouId legin lo see lhen. Al hrsl, lhe ghosls viII
appear onIy for an inslanl, lhough lhis is sliII enough
lo cause 5tabI!Ity Ioss. As soon as lhe characler can no
Ionger see lhe ghosl, il vanishes. Once lhe characlers
have seen aII of lhe differenl ghosls al Ieasl once, lhey
shouId lecone nore lenacious, slaying for Ionger
periods lefore noving oul of sighl. (The characlers are
leconing alluned lo lhe psychic dinension of evenls al
lhe house.)
The foIIoving are suilalIe
shock nonenls for lhe hrsl
gIinpse of each ghosl.
Mary Mumfnrd - reßecled in lhe lalhroon
nirror, slanding lehind lhe characler.
Marty Isaacsnhn - silling in lhe sviveI chair in lhe
Iiving roon, facing avay fron lhe characler, as if he
vere a Iiving person. He sviveIs around lo face lhen,
and lhe characler sees his gaping grin and enply eye
BI!!Ic Wa!kcr - cravIing oulside lhe Iarge vindovs on
lhe ground ßoor, scraping al lhe gIass vilh her lroken
hngers, or cravIing cral-Iike dovn lhe slairs.
CynthIa and Maxwc!! Grant - slanding in lhe dislance
ly lhe Iake shore, unnoving, or silling on lhe lack seal
of a vehicIe, reßecled in lhe rear viev nirror.
Char!Ic Mastcrs - pacing lack and forlh across lhe
ceIIar ßoor, in lhe ßickering Iighl of a faiIing lule.
1be 1bin_ on &be 1bzeSboId
The group´s hrsl encounler vilh lhe residue daenon
shouId cone in lhe niddIe of lhe hrsl nighl. They viII
onIy encounler il during lhe day if lhey allenpl lo ßee
vilhin a fev hours of arrivaI, vhich shouIdn´l happen.
They hrsl lecone avare of lhe daenon as il paces
around lhe house. There is a sound of heavy foolfaIIs,
as if sonelhing giganlic vere approaching, lhen a greal
rasp of lrealh. The daenon passes ly upper vindovs,
loo huge lo le seen cIearIy. If il cones cIose lo vhere
one or nore of lhe pIayers are, il pauses, as if il can
sense lhen hiding inside.
The furlher inside lhe house lhey are, lhe safer lhey
are. If a pIayer is anyvhere cIose lo lhe oulside vaII,
lhe residue daenon viII snash lhrough a vindov
or oulside door vilh one of ils vasl cIavs, and grope
around inside lrying lo calch ils prey. Il is loo Iarge
(jusl) lo hl lhrough lhe gap, lul lhe pIayers von´l knov
lhal. If lhe daenon doesn´l nanage lo snalch up a
characler, il viII slonp lack oul inlo lhe voods.
1zyin_ 1o bScaþe A_ain
The pIayers nay veII nake furlher allenpls lo Ieave.
To encourage lhen lo do lhis, lhere are lvo polenliaI
escape roules vorked
inlo lhe advenlure. (This
is jusl lo give lhen faIse
hope - il´s a horror scenario, afler aII, and
allenpls lo ßee in horror hIns lefore lhe
hnaI acl are aIvays disaslrous!) They can
eilher opl lo rov across lhe Iake and reach lhe far shore,
or gel lhe jeep in lhe oId slalIes vorking and jusl drive
Iike heII.
The escape ly loal scenario is covered in Arca 4, Thc
Lakc and Bnat Hnusc. They have an oulside chance of
escape here if lhey are Iucky, lul lhe loal cannol lake
nore lhan lhree, so sone of lhe group viII sliII le Iefl
lehind vhen Duffy cones hone.
To allenpl escape ly jeep, lhey hrsl have lo gel lhe oId
rallIelrap vorking al aII, see Arca 9, Thc O!d 5tab!cs.
Then lhey have lo hope lhal lheir repairs Iasl Iong
enough for lhen lo drive aII lhe vay oul of lhe voods.
As soon as lhe jeep shudders lo a haIl (assuning lhey
don´l nanage lo keep il running), everyone viII hear
lhe sound of lhe residue daenon cIaving ils vay up
lhrough lhe lracken very cIose ly. If Duffy has leen
deaIl vilh, lhen lhe pIayers shouId le aIIoved lo
escape, lul if he hasn´l yel nade his appearance or is
sliII al Iarge, lhen lhey shouId have lo ßee lack lo lhe
Jack DUIIyS be&Uzn
No naller vhal order lhe pIayers uncover lhe cIues in,
lhey shouId evenluaIIy discover lhe video, see Arca 22,
Thc 5tudy. Al lhal poinl, as if ly sone psychic cue,
Duffy caIIs his daughler lo leII her lhe good nevs: he´s
coning hone, and vhal´s nore, he´s nearIy lhere. This
has lo happen lefore lhe pIayers valch lhe video, so
lhey have pIenly of line lo dread his arrivaI.
Duffy´s pIan is sinpIe. As soon as he reaIizes lhe pIayer
characlers are here, he lries lo hnd oul vhal lhey knov.
He isn´l slupid, and viII innedialeIy pick up on any
residuaI lension (nol lo nenlion nolicing giveavay
delaiIs Iike snashed vindovs or lroken furnilure).
Iron lhere on in, il´s lhe pIayer characlers or hin. They
knov loo nuch. They have lo die.
Duffy has a sholgun in his car, lul if he can´l easiIy
reach lhal, he viII go round lo lhe voodpiIe and gel lhe
halchel. Then he cones for lhe pIayers one ly one.
If lhe pIayers can successfuIIy drav Duffy oul inlo lhe
voods or lhe Iake, lhen lhe residue daenon viII cone
for nim, Ieaving lhe pIayers free lo escape.
1be beVen üboS&S
There are seven ghosls haunling lhe house. Isychic
characlers can sense vhen lhey are near, and characlers
vilh lhe Aura RcadIng aliIily can see lhen (as vague,
vaporous forns vilh no lodiIy delaiI) even vhen lhey
are nol visilIe lo olhers. These forns do nc| pronpl a
5tabI!Ity lesl, as lhey are loo vague, and psychics are
used lo seeing (or inagining) such hgures.
Hovever, a characler vilh Aura RcadIng can choose
lo spend a poinl fron her Aura RcadIng pooI lo
concenlrale and see lhe ghosl cIearIy. This can cause
prolIens vilh rapid 5tabI!Ity Ioss...
Six of lhe ghosls are reIaliveIy lenign, and onIy vanl
lhe lrulh aloul lheir dealhs lo le knovn so lhey can
resl. They viII lerrify lhe characlers, lul vhen lhis is
deIilerale il is onIy done lo keep lhen aclive and inlenl
on hnding oul vhal happened. The Iasl is lhe spiril of
a rulhIess assassin, vho vas kiIIed unexpecledIy vhen
lhe nassacre legan. He is acliveIy hosliIe and viII use
poIlergeisl-Iike aliIilies lo kiII lhe characlers off one ly
one as lesl he can.
Ghnsts and C!ucs: Lach ghosl presenls lhe person as
lhey vere al lhe nonenl of lheir dealh, or shorlIy afler.
This neans lhal lhe ghosl ilseIf is a cIue. To soIve lhe
nyslery of vhal happened al Crook Lnd, lhe pIayers
nusl vork lackvards fron lhe nuliIalions of lhe
ghosls and lhe olher cIues lhal lhey nay hnd aloul
lhe house. They nay aIso have lhe opporlunily lo use
lheir Invesligalive AliIilies in reference lo a ghoslIy
nanifeslalion, incIuding sone InlerpersonaI AliIilies.
A Nntc On CnmmunIcatInn: In accordance vilh horror
hIn lradilion, lhe ghosls are unalIe lo connunicale
verlaIIy vilh lhe characlers leyond lhe occasionaI
one or lvo syIIalIe vord, aIvays speIIed oul via sone
convenienl nediun ralher lhan spoken aIoud. (The one
exceplion is Marly Isaacsohn, for vhich see leIov.) If
lhey vere alIe lo connunicale, lhey´d sinpIy leII lhe
characlers vhal happened and vhere lhe lodies nov
If lhe pIayers are especiaIIy daring, lhey nay lry a
seance, Ouija loard or sone siniIar neans of conlacling
lhe dead. This is anolher horror hIn slapIe, afler aII. A
psychic characler couId aIso use lhe Mcsscngcr aliIily
nissing, Pathn!ngy or 5trcctwIsc nolices lhal lhey are
lroken, Ieaving jagged slunps lehind. This vas fron
vhere her head snashed againsl lhe Iavalory lovI.
If she nanifesls, she Ieaves fainl ashy foolprinls lehind,
a reference lo her uIlinale deslruclion in lhe incineralor.
Isychic characlers aIso sneII snoke and a fainl sneII of
roses vhen she is nearly.
Backstnry: Mary vas }ack Duffy´s hrsl vife. She chealed
on hin vilh CharIie Maslers, Duffy´s forner lesl friend
and parlner, and huniIialed hin inlo lhe largain, lhe
lvo of lhen look nuIlipIe piclures of lheir ledroon
ronps, vhich circuIaled lhe London undervorId for
lvo veeks lefore Duffy found oul vhal vas going on.
He cane hone vilh an arnfuI of red roses expecling
lo hnd his vife lhere vilh his dinner ready, and found
an enply house, vilh nolhing Iefl lul a dozen sordid
piclures pinned on lhe kilchen nolice loard. His pride
vas shallered, and he svore Mary and CharIie vouId
one day pay for vhal lhey´d done.
Fatc: Mary´s lody vas pul inlo lhe chipper and lhen lhe
ness vas incineraled. Her ashes vere spread aII over
lhe rose led, a deIilerale irony. The onIy idenlihalIe
parl Iefl of her is lhe goId loolh, nov a deforned IillIe
nul gIinling up fron lhe ashes in lhe incineralor.
Rc!cvant C!ucs: SlraggIy ßIack Hair (16), Iraned
Wedding Iiclure (9), Chipped Lavalory ßovI (16),
Ashes lo Ashes (7), CoId Toolh (6), Sordid Iiclures (22),
NoslaIgic Iholographs (22), Dead Roses (22)
App!Icab!c AbI!ItIcs: A pIayer vho is lrave enough lo
laIk lo her can lry lo use NcgntIatInn lo hnd oul vhal
Mary vanls. (This nusl, of course, le approprialeIy
roIepIayed.) Her response is lo uIuIale a Iov, lerrifying
'aaaa, aaaa´ vhiIe naking relching nolions, and lhen
suddenIy lo hoId her hand up lo lhe characler, gripping
and lvisling al her ring hnger as if she vere lrying lo
puII il off. She´s lrying lo connunicale Duffy´s idenlily,
lul aII her shallered nind can do is renenler puIIing
off her vedding ring. She lhen fades avay inlo dusl.
Char!Ic Mastcrs
Ghnst!y Imagc: CharIie is a shorl, lully nan, vho died
vearing fuII evening dress.
C!uc tn Dcath: AII lhere is Iefl of hin alove lhe neck is
a Iover jav, vhere his longue ßops anong slray leelh
Iike a red eeI. He look aulonalic sidearn hre in lhe face,
lo allenpl conlacl. In lhis case, lhe ghosls shouId speII
oul sone of lheir hrsl nanes, aIong vilh key vords Iike
'nurder´, 'lIood´, 'lurning´, 'cenenl´ and 'guns´. }usl
as lhe seance, seens lo le going sonevhere, lhe roon
viII lurn freezing coId. The spiril of Sleffan Maczka viII
lhen lake over, lIocking any furlher connunicalion,
and slarl lo ßing lhe furnilure around.
Mary Mumfnrd
Ghnst!y Imagc: Mary is a sunken-eyed hgure in a vhile
dress, vilh vel, slraggIy lIack hair, nov aloul hfly-hve.
One of lhe leelh in her Iover jav is cIearIy goId. She
appears lehind you in nirrors, lul is nol lhere in lhe
roon vhen you lurn around lo Iook.
C!uc Tn Dcath: Her hair is vel, lul her lody is dry. She
keeps naking relching nolions, as if she vere croaking
Iike a frog, or aloul lo le sick. This aIIudes lo lhe
nanner of her dealh, she vas drovned in lhe Iavalory
lovI and sliII haunls lhal area. Anyone coning vilhin
hve feel of her nolices lhal lhe leelh in her upper jav are
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
renoving aInosl aII of his head.
Backgrnund: CharIie and }ack Duffy vere Iike lrolhers,
sharing noney, looze and vonen freeIy. They ran
rackel afler rackel in lheir hone cily in lhe 197Os,
inlinidaling vhoIe slreels fuII of shopkeepers inlo
paying proleclion noney. }ack vas lhe lookkeeper, lhe
poIile one, CharIie vas lhe halchel nan, slanding lehind
}ack and idIy lapping haIf a pooI cue in his paIn.
LvenluaIIy, one vonan cane lelveen lhen: }ack´s
vife, Mary. CharIie couIdn´l keep his hands off her.
The friendship ended very nessiIy, as did lhe narriage.
When CharIie received a Ieller fron }ack, offering a share
in his good forlune and a chance lo le friends again afler
aII lhis line, CharIie vas pIeased lul suspicious. He
lroughl his revoIver aIong jusl in case.
Fatc: When lhe gunnen lroke in, CharIie shol lheir
Ieader, Sleffan Maczka, in lhe face. He vas pronplIy
shol hinseIf, and his lody nov Iies enledded in cenenl
in lhe ceIIar.
Rc!cvant C!ucs: Iraned Wedding Iiclure (9), Sordid
Iiclures (22), ßuIIel HoIes (14), Iine Slench (14), No
Carpel (14), Carpel Shreds (6), ßroken Windov (3, 14)
App!Icab!c AbI!ItIcs: CharIie can´l connunicale nuch,
vhal vilh his head noslIy leing gone. He slunlIes
around vaving his hands in fronl of hin, lrying lo gral
hoId of lhings. He can, hovever, hear vhal is leing
said. He responds especiaIIy vioIenlIy lo IntImIdatInn
allenpls, lIundering afler vhoever is lhrealening
hin. If anyone lhinks lo use ImpcrsnnatInn lo do an
inpression of }ack Duffy´s voice, he seens lo ßy inlo a
psycholic rage, naking hacking, slalling nolions, lhe
vel red longue Iashing in rage.
CynthIa and Maxwc!! Grant
Ghnst!y Imagc: These lvo are IillIe nore lhan charred
skeIelons, one a IillIe laIIer lhan lhe olher, vilh a fev
lenacious scraps of lIackened neal cIinging lo lhe
C!uc Tn Dcath: A felid slean rises fron lhen, lhe resuIl
of lheir quenching in lhe Iake, and lhe lones of lheir
Iover Iegs are ledraggIed vilh veeds.
Backgrnund: The Cranls vere neighlours of
Duffy´s shorlIy afler MichaeIa vas lorn. They
had an aging vhippel dog vhich lhey insisled on
vaIking pasl Duffy´s gale, vhere il vouId prediclalIy
evacuale ils loveIs. Duffy haled il, and vhen one day
il legan lo lark lhrough his pounding hangover, he
decided enough vas enough. He felched his sholgun
and shol lhe dog, lul lolched lhe jol and didn´l nanage
lo kiII il oulrighl. As lhe dog hovIed in agony, Duffy
lIudgeoned il lo dealh vilh a spade. Despile Duffy´s
cIains lhal lhe dog had nenaced his daughler, lhe
Cranls successfuIIy proseculed Cranl and had hin
inprisoned (again) for aninaI crueIly.
Fatc: The Cranls ßed as far as lheir ßMW, lul il vas
riddIed vilh aulonalic gunhre and lursl inlo ßanes.
The assassins dunped il in lhe Iake, lurned lodies and
Rc!cvant C!ucs: ßurnl Ialch (3), Dragging TraiI (3),
Sunken Car (4), ßuIIel Casings (3), Nevspaper CIipping
(9), MichaeIa´s SchooIlook (9)
App!Icab!c AbI!ItIcs: Natura! HIstnry or InvcstIgatIvc
Prnccdurc idenlify lhe aninaled, ghoslIy renains as
having spenl line undervaler.
Marty Isaacsnhn
Ghnst!y Imagc: Marly vas dressed in a lveed suil
vhen he died. His lhin siIvery hair has leen conled
over lhe lop of his head. He grins in a horse-Iike riclus
of yeIIov leelh.
C!uc Tn Dcath: His shirlfronl has leen ripped open,
and shovs nuIlipIe red lurn narks anong lhe lalloos,
Iefl ly lhe hol poker. His Iover lody is crisscrossed
vilh paraIIeI doulIe culs, aloul a quarler of an inch
aparl. When he raises his head or lurns around lo
Iook al you, you see he has no eyes, onIy seared, enply
sockels. Ropes dangIe fron his vrisls, fron vhere he
vas lied lo lhe chair.
Backgrnund: Marly vas lhe Mr. ßig in lhe prison vhere
}ack spenl len years of his Iife. Nov an oId nan, he sliII
has nuscIes under his sagging skin, snudged aII over
vilh faded lIue lalloos. Marly vas lhe nan lo deaI
vilh if you vanled anylhing. He vas exacl, fornaI,
and never once gave }ack an ounce of conpassion or
an inch of nanoeuvring roon. If }ack vas Iale vilh his
paynenls, he gol gashed. }ack´s lody sliII has nuIlipIe
'lran Iine´ scars, lhe narks Iefl ly lhal fanous prison
veapon consisling of lvo razor lIades neIled inlo a
loolhlrush, lhe pIayers viII have noliced one such scar
on his face vhen lhey visiled Iasl.
Fatc: Marly vas lied lo a chair and lorlured vilh a red-
hol poker, in relrilulion for lhe lrealnenl }ack Duffy gol
in prison aII lhose years ago. When lhe assassins lecane
overzeaIous and lurned Marly´s eyes oul, he died of a
hearl allack.
Rc!cvant C!ucs: Tran Lines (Renenlering Duffy),
Scuffed Chair (13), ßurned Rope (13), OId Ioker (13),
MeIled Toolhlrushes (1O)
App!Icab!c AbI!ItIcs: Anyone vho encounlers
Marly´s ghosl or exanines his lody and caIIs upon lhe
5trcctwIsc aliIily can idenlify his lalloos as having leen
done in prison, indicaling a Iong line spenl lehind lars.
They have lhe dislinclive Iook lhal onIy lalloos done
vilh rudinenlary equipnenl, such as a needIe and
lurnl lhread, can have. The paraIIeI doulIe culs are
aIso prison-reIaled, of course. }ack Duffy, foIIoving his
exacling revenge, nade hinseIf a loolhlrush-and-razors
prison shiv in lhe oulluiIding and had lhe assassins use
il on Marly.
Marly, leing an ex-con, aIso responds lo Cnp Ta!k and
IntcrrngatInn. As he has no eyes, he can´l properIy see
vho is speaking lo hin, so lhe undead rennanls of
his nind go inlo 'defensive prisoner´ node. He viII
converse vilh lhe pIayers, speaking in a hoarse, hoIIov
voice, lul viII le convinced lhal he is sonehov in a
poIice ceII sonevhere, leing quizzed aloul one of his
nany crines. If lhe pIayers lring up lhe suljecl of }ack
Duffy, Marly Iaughs hoarseIy and caIIs hin 'lhal IillIe
shil´, cIaining he vas nolhing lul a pelly crininaI and
aII-round prison lilch lo lool.
BI!!Ic Wa!kcr
Ghnst!y Imagc: ßiIIie is a Ianky vonan of aloul
nineleen dressed in a crean-coIoured laIIgovn, her
dark hair coning Ioose fron vhere il vas pinned up
earIier in lhe evening. Her feel are lare.
C!uc Tn Dcath: Her lody has leen lroken ly lhe vheeIs
of lhe assassin´s vehicIe. She can onIy cravI across
lhe ßoor. As she noves, dragging herseIf Iike a haIf-
crushed spider, her spIinlered lones grale and grind
logelher. The jagged end of a fenur pokes oul fron lhe
ruined ßesh of her Ieg. There are lyre narks on her face.
ßiIIie cannol easiIy raise her head. When she does, il
lecones horrilIy olvious lhal her jav is snashed oul
of aIignnenl.
Backgrnund: }ack Duffy
lecane olsessed vilh ßiIIie
lhree years ago afler giving her a Iifl lo a
gig. She sav hin as a provider hgure and
experienced oIder nan, vhiIe he sav her as
a chance lo reafhrn his nanhood as he grev
oIder. When she feII pregnanl, he denanded she keep
lhe chiId, and lecane vioIenlIy possessive. She lurned
her lack on hin, successfuIIy ollaining an alorlion and,
Ialer, a reslraining order.
ßiIIie is lhe onIy one of lhe guesls lhal MichaeIa has nel
vhiIe lhey vere aIive. They didn´l gel on veII. MichaeIa
onIy knovs lhal ßiIIie vas her falher´s girIfriend for a
vhiIe, lefore lhey had a najor faIIing oul. Il´s highIy
IikeIy lhal MichaeIa viII see ßiIIie cravIing lrokenIy
aloul oulside lhe vindovs. If MichaeIa sees ßiIIie´s
face, she viII screech in horrihed recognilion and lhen
fainl dead avay.
Fatc: ßiIIie sIipped her londs and nade a run for il
vhiIe lhe assassins vere lusy vilh Marly Isaacsohn.
She lossed her inpraclicaI shoes lo one side (lhey nov
Iie, sodden, under a hedge) and ßed dovn lhe drivevay.
She nighl have nade il lo safely if one of lhe assassins
hadn´l seen her lhrough lhe Iiving roon vindov. He
drove afler her and sinpIy ranned lhe car inlo her, lhen
reversed lack over her lo ensure she vas dead.
C!ucs: ßIood on lhe Tracks (3), ßiIIie´s Leller (19),
Reslraining Order (19), Iaded VaIenline (19), Discarded
Shoes (3)
App!Icab!c AbI!ItIcs: NornaIIy, ßiIIie´s scullIing forn
viII keep ils dislance, noaning al lhe pIayers fron
oulside lhe vindovs. Hovever, ßiIIie responds lo
Rcassurancc, and (dreadfuI lhough lhe prospecl is)
lo F!IrtIng. In Iife, she had an insalialIe hunger for
affeclion. If she is shovn kindness vilh eilher of lhese
aliIilies, she Ialches on lo lhe characler responsilIe and
legins lo foIIov lhen around. Mosl of lhe line she
viII nol le nanifesl, lul vhen lhe characler is asIeep or
resling, she viII cravI up his or her lody and lry lo cIing
vilh coId arns. Any characler vho aIIovs hin/herseIf
lo le enlraced ly ßiIIie (and doesn´l recoiI) lrings a
neasure of peace lo her lroulIed spiril. The characler
regains 1d6 5tabI!Ity and lhenceforlh nakes 5tabI!Ity
lesls al -1 difhcuIly vhen lhe lhreal lo 5tabI!Ity is a
ghosl of any kind. ßiIIie doesn´l nanifesl again unliI
}ack Duffy is lack in lhe house.
begUence oI &be NaSSacze
Thc scqucncc nf cvcnts nn thc nIght nf thc murdcrs, as dcpIctcd In thc vIdcn, Is as
Onc cf |nc assassins, úrcsscú in smar| ctcning ucar, aúmi|s |nc gucs|s anú nas |ncm asscm||c in |nc granú úining
rccm. Hc prctiúcs |ncm ui|n cnampagnc anú cxp|ains |na| |ncir ncs| ui|| |c ui|n |ncm in a mcmcn|, in |nc mcan|imc,
ncrc´s a tiúcc|apc |c ua|cn cn |nc TV |na| nas |ccn uncc|cú in fcr |nc purpcsc. Hc |ncn |catcs, quic||q |cc|ing |nc
úccr |cninú nim.
Tnc |apc |cgins |c p|aq. On |nc scrccn, a smi|ing ]ac| Duffq raiscs a g|ass |c |nc gucs|s, uc|ccming cacn cf |ncm |q
namc anú apc|cgising fcr nc| |cing a||c |c ma|c i| |cnign|. Hc saqs nc nas a |i|||c surprisc p|anncú fcr |ncm, fcr c|ú
|imc´s sa|c, anú nc |cc|s fcruarú |c ua|cning |ncir rcac|icn. Hc |ncn s|ar|s |c |augn.
Tnc |nrcc c|ncr assassins, |cú |q |nc grinning S|cffan Macz|a, cn|cr |nc rccm |nrcugn |nc pa|ic úccrs, anú |ncrc is
panúcmcnium. Pccp|c scrcam anú 8i||ic Ia||cr immcúia|c|q |rics |c niúc unúcr |nc |a||c.
S|cffan Macz|a |ccscs a rcunú cf |u||c|s frcm nis S|crpicn macninc pis|c| in|c |nc cci|ing, |ringing úcun p|as|cr
úus|, anú sncu|s fcr ctcrqcnc |c gc| cn |nc µccr. Marq Mumfcrú anú Mar|q |saacscnn jcin 8i||ic Ia||cr cn |nc µccr,
|u| Cnar|ic Mas|crs |a|cs cu| nis rctc|tcr anú sncc|s S|cffan |nrcugn |nc ncaú. |n a rcµcxitc spasm, anc|ncr cf |nc
assassins sncc|s Cnar|ic in |nc facc, ||cuing nis ncaú |c picccs. His |cúq s|umps acrcss |nc |a||c. Tncrc arc sncu|s,
scrcams anú cursing. Onc cf |nc assassins qc||s |na|´s i|, i|´s fuc|cú up, |nc unc|c |ning is fuc|cú up.
Maxuc|| Gran| ma|cs a run fcr i| |nrcugn |nc siúc úccr, úragging Cqn|nia af|cr nim. Onc cf |nc assassins rcmains in
|nc |a||rccm |c |ccp ua|cn cn Mar|q, Marq anú 8i||ic, unc arc nuúú|ing unúcr |nc |a||c, uni|c |nc c|ncr |uc assassins
(inc|uúing |nc camcraman) cnasc af|cr |nc Gran| ccup|c. Maxuc|| anú Cqn|nia ma|c i| as far as |ncir car anú s|ar|
|nc igni|icn, jus| as a gunman un|caús nis c|ip in|c |nc |ac| cf i|. Tnc car |urs|s in|c µamcs cn |nc spc|, anú |nc
scrcaming Gran|s arc rapiú|q |urncú a|itc.
Tnc camcraman is ncu saqing ´fuc|´ rcpca|cú|q. Tncq |catc |nc car |c |urn i|sc|f cu|, as |ncrc is nc|ning c|sc |ncq
can úc.
8ac| in |nc |a||rccm, |nc surtitcrs arc |cunú nanú anú fcc|. Tncq arc |a|cn cu| anú |i||cú cnc |q cnc, ui|n |nc
camcraman úccumcn|ing i| a||. |uricus a| |nc úca|n cf S|cffan, |nc assassins ma|c surc |nc úca|ns arc apprcpria|c
anú agcnizing. Marq is nau|cú ups|airs anú úrcuncú in |nc |ata|crq, scrcaming anú |cgging fcr mcrcq as snc gurg|cs
anú spi|s. Ncx|, Mar|q is |a|cn up |c |nc |iting rccm, |icú |c a cnair anú |cr|urcú ui|n a nc| pc|cr. Tnc assassins
a|sc gitc nim a fcu gasncs ui|n |nc |cc|n|rusn-anú-razcr, as ins|ruc|cú.
Ini|c |nis is gcing cn, 8i||ic (cff camcra) nas s|ippcú ncr rcpc |cnús anú nas snca|cú cu| cf |nc ncusc. Onc cf |nc
assassins |cc|s cu| cf |nc uinúcu anú nc|iccs ncr running auaq, sucars anú runs úcun |c |ncir fcur-|q-fcur. Hc
ca|cncs up ui|n ncr anú runs ncr ctcr ui|n a ncrri||q fna| cruncning ncisc, |ncn |ac|s ctcr ncr fcr gccú mcasurc.
A|| |nc gucs|s arc ncu úcaú, a|cng ui|n cnc assassin. Tnc camcraman |a|cs scmc fcc|agc cf 8i||ic´s incr|, |rc|cn
ccrpsc, |ncn saqs ´Ic gc| i| a||. Tna|´|| úc. Ic gc| i| a||. |uc|crs.´
8cfcrc úriting cff, |nc assassins ma|c a úispiri|cú a||cmp| |c c|can up. Tncq |ccp |c |ncir ins|ruc|icns as |cs| |ncq
can. Marq´s |cúq is fcú in|c |nc cnippcr anú |ncn incincra|cú. Tnc |urncú-cu| snc|| cf |nc Gran|s´ car, s|i|| sizz|ing,
is snctcú in|c |nc |a|c a|cng ui|n |ncir |urncú |cúics. Tnc ccrpscs cf 8i||ic Ia||cr, Cnar|ic Mas|crs, Mar|q |saacscnn
anú S|cffan Macz|a arc |aiú a|cngsiúc cnc anc|ncr in |nc cc||ar anú cctcrcú ui|n a fcc| cf nas|i|q mixcú ccmcn|, unicn
(un|ncun |c |nc assassins) ui|| nc| úrq prcpcr|q anú ui|| |c casq |c smasn...
5tcffan Maczka
Ghnst!y Imagc: He doesn´l nanifesl visilIy, and is
presence can onIy le delecled ly psychic senses or vhen
he legins lo lhrov lhings around. Oving lo his nassive
slrenglh of viII, Sleffan´s ghosl is nov a furious presence,
hindering lhe efforls of lhe olher ghosls and capalIe of
noving physicaI oljecls. He uses lhis leIekinelic pover
lo lhrov oljecls, such as kilchen knives or slalues, and
lo cause accidenls, such as ly knocking lhe Iofl Iadder
oul fron under a person cIinling up il.
Ior gane purposes, Sleffan can nanifesl a 5cuf0Ing pooI
of 1O once every hour. He cannol le hurl, onIy avoided.
If his lody is found, he can no Ionger allack lhe pIayers.
Sleffan´s ghosl is lhus lhe nain adversary and physicaI
lhreal for lhe hrsl phase of lhe advenlure.
Backgrnund: Maczka (pronounced mccncn-|a) vas a
Czech assassin, a horrilIe piece of vork vho reIished
lhe nisery he caused lo olhers. Creed vas his prinary
nolivalion. When Duffy´s agenl conlacled hin aloul
lhe jol, he innedialeIy recognised hov nuch noney
couId le nade fron il, and haggIed for nore lhan lvice
lhe originaI sun. He vas pIanning lo relire on lhe
Fatc: Maczka vas shol lhrough lhe head vilhin seconds
of lhe nassacre´s leginning ly CharIie Maslers, vho
had suspecled sonelhing nighl go dovn and lroughl
his revoIver vilh hin. The olher assassins dunped his
lody in lhe ceIIar ralher lhan lring il vilh lhen.
0U&dooz Ioca&ionS
1. Thc Wnnds
Crook´s Lnd is a Iong vay fron lhe nearesl viIIage. The
drivevay Ieading up lo lhe house is haIf a niIe Iong. Il
lhreads lhrough voods lhal vere green and Iuscious
Iasl line lhe characlers vere here. Nov lhey Iook Iike a
lhick langIe of shadovs.
UnIess lhe ICs specihcaIIy sel oul lo arrive al a
differenl line, il´s Iale aflernoon vhen lhey arrive. As
il´s vinler, lhe sky is aIready darkening. There is an
aInosl paIpalIe sense of nenace in lhe air. Any psychic
characlers feeI lheir skin legin lo cravI, as if lhey vere
leing varned lo lurn around and run.
2. Thc Wrcckcd Van
Off lo lhe Iefl side of lhe road, sonelhing vhile shovs
lhrough lhe lrees - an alandoned car, perhaps` If
lhe pIayers slop lo invesligale, lhey hnd il is a lransil
van lurned on ils side and Ieaning againsl a lree,
apparenlIy dragged off lhe road, judging ly lhe deep
rul il has Iefl lehind il. There are looIs of lhe pooI
cIeaner´s lrade in lhe lack, lul no sign of any occupanl.
The side of lhe van has leen slaved in as if fron a
nassive lIov, lul lhis isn´l readiIy apparenl unIess
lhe pIayers push il lack dovn lo a horizonlaI posilion
again. Where lhe lIov Ianded, lhere are snears of
lIood, oozings fron lhe residue daenon (lhough lhey
Iook Iike a hunan leing has leen crushed lhere.)
3. Thc DrIvcway and Outcr Cnurtyard
The graveI-Iined drivevay evenluaIIy reaches an iron
gale lelveen lvo lrick pedeslaIs, each one lopped vilh
a cenenl Iion. The gale slands ajar, as MichaeIa puIIed
il noslIy lo vhen she passed. Soneone viII have lo gel
oul and open il lhe resl of lhe vay.
B!nnd nn thc Tracks (C): }usl pasl lhe gale, lhe graveI
palh is churned up, as if a heavy vehicIe cane lo a
sudden slop. There are gory slains sliII on lhe graveI,
despile lhe rain. Il Iooks as if a Iol of lIood vas shed
on lo lhe ground here. This is lhe pIace vhere ßiIIie
WaIker vas crushed lo dealh.
ßeyond lhe gale is a lroad area in fronl of lhe house,
vhere cars vouId le parked. Il´s currenlIy enply,
MichaeIa look a laxi here. The house Ioons over lhe
approaching pIayers, aII of lhe vindovs dark.
Burnt Patch (C): RoughIy haIf vay lelveen lhe house
and lhe gale is a lIackened palch of graveI, vhere
lhe Cranls´ car lurned vilh lhen in il. The assassins
have lried lo cover lhis up ly raking lhe graveI lack
and forlh over il, lul haven´l leen very successfuI.
5trcctwIsc or ChcmIstry, or any reIevanl experience
vilh cars, idenlify lhis as lhe kind of palch a lurning
car vouId Ieave lehind.
DraggIng TraI!: The assassins dragged lhe car lo lhe Iake
and pushed il in. Il vas a Iol easier lo conceaI lhe drag
narks lhan lhe lurning, lul lhey sliII haven´l nanaged
lo hide lhe lraiI conpIeleIy. A characler vho nakes a
lhorough, carefuI exaninalion of lhe lurned area ui|n
p|cn|q cf |ign| |c scc |q can discern a lraiI Ieading in lhe
direclion of lhe Iake.
Bu!!ct CasIngs: A characler vho lakes lhe lroulIe lo
exanine lhe region lelveen lhe lurned palch and lhe
fronl of lhe house hnds lvo spenl casings Iying al lhe fool
of lhe sleps. (The assassins renoved nosl of lheir dropped
casings, lul nissed cIearing lhese up in lheir hasle.)
InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc idenlihes lhese as nine-
niIIineler casings of lhe sorl lhal vouId le expeIIed
fron a sulnachine gun such as an Uzi or Skorpion
Brnkcn WIndnw: If lhe characlers approach lhe house
fron lhe garden side, lhey nolice lhal lhere is a snashed
vindov ly lhe palio doors (see area 14). Lxaninalion
of lhe lroken gIass residue reveaIs fragnenls of lone
and hair and gollels of lIood anongsl lhe shards. This
is fron Sleffan Maczka´s skuII, vhen CharIie Maslers
shol hin.
InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc idenlihes lhis as spaller fron a
gunshol vound al cIose range. The hair sliII cIinging lo
lhe fragnenls of scaIp is lIack and curIy.
DIscardcd 5hncs: A pair of crean-coIored fashionalIe
shoes vilh fairIy high heeIs has leen ßung inlo lhe
lushes. Lxaninalion reveaIs lhere is nolhing vrong
vilh lhen. They´ve leen Iying here for al Ieasl a fev
days, judging ly hov sodden lhey are. These vere
ßiIIie WaIker´s shoes, laken off so she couId run up lhe
drivevay and escape.
4. Thc Lakc and Bnat Hnusc
The Iake valers are lIack as a pinl of sloul, and lhe
Iopsided loal house lhal slands nexl lo lhen has seen
leller days. Oul in lhe Iake´s cenler is a reedy isIand,
vilh a liny hul-Iike slruclure visilIe lhrough lhe reeds.
(This is a Iong-alandoned duck house, vilh nolhing
unusuaI aloul il.) There is an oId rovloal haIfvay up
lhe lank, lurned lurlIe. Il´s inpossilIe lo leII vhelher
il´s seavorlhy fron a quick inspeclion.
The pIayers nay lry lo use lhe loal as an escape roule.
Il viII hoId no nore lhan lhree, and viII legin lo hII
vilh valer seconds afler leing pushed off. If il is
conslanlIy laiIed oul, il maq nake il lo lhe far shore,
vhich is oulside lhe residue daenon´s lerrilory. If lhe
advenlure is in ils cIosing slages, lhe CM nay choose lo
Iel sone characlers escape and felch heIp.
Hovever, if il is sliII earIy days, lhere are lvo
supernaluraI nenaces lhal shouId gel lhe pIayers
roving lack lo shore as fasl as lhey can. Lach shouId
le heraIded ly a fev sinisler lullIes lursling on lhe
Iake surface, foIIoved ly a fev nore, foIIoved ly a
ßurry. The skeIelons of Cynlhia and MaxveII can
cone surging up fron lenealh, cIulching al lhe pIayers´
faces vilh lony hngers dripping vilh lIack nud, or if
sonelhing sliII nore lerrifying is needed, lhe residue
daenon ilseIf can lursl up fron lhe Iake, prolalIy
overlurning lhe loal.
DraggIng TraI!: The drag narks fron lhe Maslers´
lurnl-oul ßMW end here.
5unkcn Car: Il isn´l easy lo see leIov lhe valer´s
surface, lul any characler vho nakes a deIilerale
inspeclion can jusl nake oul lhe nelaI franevork of
lhe car. To drag il oul of lhe Iake, lhe characlers viII
need lo use a slurdy vehicIe such as lhe jeep in lhe oId
slalIes (see 9). If il is dragged oul, lhe characlers can
hnd nunerous luIIel hoIes in lhe lack and severaI over
lhe gas lank. (ßuIIels don´l nake cars expIode aII lhal
oflen, lul lhis is a cinenalic genre!)
The renains of Cynlhia and MaxveII Cranl Iie
spravIed in lhe fronl seals. Il´s olvious hov lhey died.
If lhe characlers have lhe slonach for a search, lhey can
hnd lhe renains of Cynlhia´s jeveIIery and MaxveII´s
goId valch, ly vhich lhey can le idenlihed. MaxveII´s
valch has his iniliaIs slanped on lhe inside.
5. Thc Pnn!
The svinning pooI has a pIaslic cover over il for lhe
vinler, lul lhis has leen lorn aside ly lhe residue
daenon, vhich dragged lhe pooI loy´s corpse here for
reasons lesl knovn lo ilseIf, lul prolalIy having lo do
vilh sone vesligiaI grasp of irony. His renains nov
Iie under lhe scunny valer, vhich is aIso hIIed vilh
Ieaves, insecls and delris.
The daenon hasn´l Iefl nuch lo idenlify hin vilh.
Anylhing lhal can le ripped off and cheved, has
leen. Any pIayers vanling lo go lo lhe lroulIe of
invesligaling can dredge up sone viIe, recognizalIy
hunan lody parls.
6. Thc IncIncratnr 5hcd (and hnscd-dnwn
chIppIng machInc)
The door lo lhis Iong shed has a padIock and cIasp. The
padIock shovs no sign of having leen forced, vhich
snarl characlers viII reaIize neans lhal il vas eilher
Iefl unIocked ly accidenl, or lhe house´s ovner mcan|
for peopIe lo cone in vhiIe he vas avay.
Inside, lhe pIace is gIoony and sneIIs of engine oiI and
lurnl linler. Dusly, spidervelled vindovs Iel in a
feelIe Iighl during dayIighl, and afler dark a singIe
luIl screved inlo an overhead lean does duly. Al one
end of lhe shed is an incineralor, ils chinney poking
lhrough lhe shed roof, and al lhe olher is a chipping
nachine. They have olviousIy leen used recenlIy, as
lhe hopper on lhe chipping nachine and lhe door on
lhe incineralor have lolh leen Iefl open.
Carpct 5hrcds: When lhe assassins reaIized hov
nuch of CharIie Maslers´ lIood had spiIIed on lo lhe
dining roon carpel, lhey knev il vouId have lo le
deslroyed. They roIIed il up and dragged il dovn
here. Sonelhing so huge vouIdn´l lurn aII al once, so
lhey fed il inlo lhe chipping nachine. Sone shreds of
carpel, sliII recognizalIe as such, Iie againsl lhe sides of
lhe roon, vhere any characler vho searches viII hnd
lhen. Natura! HIstnry, ChcmIstry or InvcstIgatIvc
Prnccdurc idenlify lhe dark slains on lhe shredded
carpel as lIood.
Gn!d Tnnth (C): A characler vho Iooks around inside
lhe incineralor hnds a snaII anounl of hne, greasy
gray ash, vilh lils of soIid cIinker in il. Soneone
has olviousIy raked il oul recenlIy. Hovever, in lhe
darkness sonelhing gIeans yeIIov. Il´s a seared hunan
loolh, vilh gIoluIes of noIlen goId cIinging lo il. This,
of course, leIonged lo Mary Munford.
A one-poinl ChcmIstry, 5cIcncc or InvcstIgatIvc
Prnccdurc spend reveaIs lhal vhoever incineraled
hunan renains here did nol lake enough line lo ensure
lhal aII of lhe cadaver had leen reduced lo ash. Teelh
lake Ionger lhan olher lody parls lo lurn.
5tragg!y B!ack HaIr: There are a fev Iong, slraggIy
lIack hairs caughl in lhe door cIasp. When Mary´s lody
vas carried lhrough, lhese hairs snagged on lhe cIasp
and vere puIIed oul.
7. Thc Rnsc Gardcn
The roses in lhis parl of lhe garden seen lo le
ßourishing despile lhe coId vealher. The garden seens
lo have leen dug over quile recenlIy.
Ashcs tn Ashcs (C): Lxaninalion of lhe rose led
reveaIs lhal ash has leen shoveIed over lhen. This
isn´l al aII unconnon, as nany gardeners viII use ash
lo encourage rose grovlh. Hovever, liny fragnenls of
hard sluff can le found anong lhe ashes, vhich Natura!
HIstnry or InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc idenlify as chips of
scorched lone, possilIy aninaI, possilIy hunan. The
ChcmIstry aliIily can conhrn lhal lhe lone vas seared
in an incineralor, lul nol for quile Iong enough lo
reduce il conpIeleIy lo ash.
8. Thc WnndpI!c
This is a snaII area in lhe corner of lvo vaIIs, shieIded
forn lhe rain ly an exlended seclion of roof. There is
a snaII slack of chopped vood here, enough lo keep
a hre going for around eighl hours. Iropped againsl
a lreslIe are a sav and a halchel. If lhe pIayers don´l
pick lhe halchel up lhenseIves, lhen }ack Duffy goes lo
gel il vhen he arrives al lhe house, so he can hack his
vay lhrough any Iocked doors lhal sland in his palh.
Il´s good and sharp, and gives a +1 5cuf0Ing danage
9. Thc O!d 5tab!cs
This lroad larn-Iike luiIding is nade fron lrick, vilh
a corrugaled iron roof. Il vas olviousIy used lo slalIe
horses once, lul nov seens lo le a dunping ground
for aII nanner of junk. There are severaI cardloard
loxes here, hIIed vilh vhal seen lo le lhe conlenls of
a house, nol yel noved in. ßIack narker pen scravIs
on lheir sides read ßLDROOM, KITCHLN and so on.
These loxes conlain nany of Duffy´s oId effecls, vhich
he hasn´l noved inlo lhe nain house yel.
Al lhe soulhern end of lhe slalIes is a jeep, Iefl
lehind ly lhe forner ovner and cIearIy nol driven in
years. MiracuIousIy, lhe keys are sliII in lhe ignilion.
UnforlunaleIy, lhe jeep doesn´l slarl if lhe ignilion
is lurned. There´s no lallery, and nany of lhe parls
are corroded. Il lakes lhree successive McchanIcs
lesls (difhcuIly 4) over a period of 3 hours lo gel lhe
jeep roadvorlhy again. The pIayers viII aIso have lo
saIvage a lallery fron sone olher vehicIe, such as lhe
pooI loy´s snashed-up van.
Once lhe jeep has slarled, il viII slay vorking for aloul
hfleen ninules lefore leginning lo Iose pover and
nake unheaIlhy noises. A McchanIcs lesl (difhcuIly 5)
is needed lo hx il, afler vhich il viII slay vorking for
anolher hfleen ninules lefore lhe sane lhing happens,
lhis line requiring a McchanIcs lesl (difhcuIly 6), and
so on.
Anyone rooling lhrough lhe loxes of junk hnds lhe
Framcd WcddIng PIcturc: This is a lIolchy, discoIored
pholo of a nuch younger }ack Duffy, CharIie Maslers
and Mary Munford, evidenlIy laken al }ack and Mary´s
vedding. CharIie is evidenlIy lesl nan, judging ly
his IapeI ßover and snirk. AIlhough MichaeIa has
never nel Mary and doesn´l recognize her ghosl, she
renenlers lhis piclure, and can idenlify il as 'Dad and
his hrsl vife.´
MIchac!a's 5chnn!bnnk: This exercise look dales fron
vhen MichaeIa vas seven years oId, and conlains a
Ienglhy accounl of hov lhe neighlors´ dog scared
her and nade her cry. A 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs or ßu!!shIt
Dctcctnr spend reveaIs lhal lhere is sonelhing slrangeIy
faIse aloul lhis, as if lhe chiId vere naking il up. (She
vas, in facl, vriling il al her falher´s pronpling, nol
lecause she vas especiaIIy upsel.)
If lhe pIayers lhink lo ask MichaeIa aloul lhis incidenl,
she doesn´l renenler il al aII. Il lakes Rcassurancc
lo gel her lo laIk aloul il. She onIy renenlers a line
vhen Daddy had lo go avay for a vhiIe lecause of
sonelhing lad lhe neighlors did, and il nade her sad.
He never expIained lo her vhal il vas.
Ncwspapcr C!IppIng (C): Tucked in vilh lhis look is
a cIipping fron a IocaI nevspaper, descriling Duffy´s
proseculion for aninaI crueIly, lhe headIine reads DOC
KILLLR }AILLD. The arlicIe expIains hov Duffy shol
lhe dog, faiIed lo kiII il, lhen lIudgeoned il lo dealh vilh
a shoveI lefore lossing il over lhe Cranls´ fence. There
is a piclure of Cynlhia and MaxveII Cranl Iooking
slony-faced aIongside a piclure of lhe vhippel, 'ßasiI´,
vhiIe il vas aIive. Soneone has underIined lheir nanes
in red pen vherever lhey appear in lhe arlicIe.
A one-poinl Law spend recaIIs lhe case. Duffy
served lhree years for crueIly lo an aninaI. The case
vas signihcanl, lecause lhe defense Iavyer lried lo
argue lhal Duffy had leen acling under dininished
responsiliIily lecause of perceived danger lo his
daughler. The proseculor, hovever, successfuIIy
convinced lhe jury lhal Duffy vas conpIeleIy Iacking
in hunan conpassion, and venl oul of his vay lo cause
lhe dog suffering as an acl of revenge. (The characler´s
nenory is jogged ly lhe arlicIe, lhey nay have nel
Duffy lefore, lul didn´l renenler lhe incidenl.)
10. Thc OutbuI!dIng
This is anolher shed-Iike slruclure, cIearIy oIder lhan lhe
slalIes and in vorse condilion. The forner occupanl of
Crook´s Lnd used il as a dunping ground for garden
looIs and nisceIIaneous
equipnenl. If lhe pIayers rool
around in here, lhey can hnd lhe foIIoving
polenliaIIy usefuI ilens:
voodvorking looIs incIuding
hanner, naiIs and screvs
a fuII canisler of gasoIine
a lIovlorch
a vorking chainsav
a Iavnnover of lhe kind lhal can le sal on
and driven aloul
an oId Iord van luried under piIes of
delrilus, vhich Iooks on hrsl gIance as
if il oughl lo le hxalIe, lul is praclicaIIy
inpossilIe lo gel running, a McchanIcs lesl
(difhcuIly 9) reslores il lo funclionaIily, lul
anylhing Iess has no effecl
Mc!tcd Tnnthbrushcs: On a vorklench in lhe far
corner are severaI pIaslic loolhlrushes, lheir ends
neIled lo lrovn lullIy ruin, olviousIy ly a lIovlorch
or sonelhing siniIar. They are aII conpIeleIy vrecked,
so il´s nol al aII cIear vhy anyone vouId have leen
doing lhis.
Hovever, a characler vilh a 5trcctwIsc raling can
surnise lhal soneone nighl have leen lrying lo nake
a prison shiv oul of lvin razorlIades neIled inlo a
loolhlrush handIe, and sure enough, lhere is an opened
lox of razorlIades anong lhe cIuller lenealh lhe desk.
indooz Ioca&ionS
11. MaIn Ha!!
The haIIvay has a liIed ßoor, oak-paneIed vaIIs and
a variely of hisloricaI prinls hung upon lhen. To lhe
righl, a lroad slaircase gives access lo lhe upper ßoor.
An expIosion of china fragnenls Iillers lhe liIes.
ßeside lhe fronl door is a lIack Iacquer lalIe on vhich
sil a reproduclion anlique leIephone and a piIe of
unopened enveIopes (see leIov). Tvo nore enveIopes
Iie on lhe nal jusl leIov lhe Ieller sIol. These are Jnycc
Pu!!cy's Lcttcr and Envc!npc WIth Kcys.
5hards nf ChIna (D):
The liIed ßoor is covered
vilh a ness of lIue china
polshards, and lhe loppIed pIanl sland
nearly suggesls lhal soneone has lipped a
vase over. This vas MichaeIa, lhroving lhe
vase al one of lhe ghoslIy forns.
5tcnch (C): There is a sneII of pine disinfeclanl in lhe
air, vhich grovs slronger as you approach lhe dining
roon. Lveryone sneIIs il as soon as lhey enler lhe
roon. This vas Iefl lehind ly lhe assassins, vho used
nuch nore cIeanser lhan necessary lo cIean up lheir
PI!c nf BI!!s (D): Mosl of lhe enveIopes are liIIs,
addressed lo Mr. } Duffy. They cover lhe eIeclricaI,
valer and gas anenilies.
BurnIng Nccd Lcttcr: There is aIso a Ieller fron a
conpany caIIed 8urning Nccú, lhanking Mr. Duffy for
his cuslon and providing a nunler lo caII in case of
any prolIens vilh his purchase. There is no indicalion
of vho ßurning Need are. A one-poinl Burcaucracy or
5cIcncc spend, hovever, idenlihes lhen as a conpany
lhal provides incineralor soIulions lo lhe nedicaI,
velerinary and foreslry narkels.
Lcttcr frnm Jnycc Pu!!cy: This Ieller is handvrillen and
has nol leen opened. If lhe pIayers decide lo open and
read il al any poinl:
Dear Mr. Duffy,
I congraluIale you on your recenl accidenlaI
veaIlh, and lhank you for your invilalion.
Hovever, I viII nol le allending your
proposed soiree in ceIelralion lhereof.
I cannol inagine vhy you leIieved lhal afler
hfly years, I vouId have anylhing lo say lo
you. Sone lridges cannol, and shouId nol,
le nended. As for lhe suggeslion lhal il
nighl le 'lo ny advanlage´ lo allend, I an
nol renoleIy inleresled in your noney.
Your sad Ieller onIy serves lo renind ne
hov nuch I faiIed lo leach you anylhing of
Iife´s lrue vaIues.
}. IuIIey (Mrs).
22 16
up lo 12
Envc!npc wIth Kcys (C): This enveIope is Iunpy,
olviousIy conlaining a lunch of keys. Soneone has
vrillen TO MR DUIILY (sic) on lhe fronl. The lack of
lhe enveIope has lhe foIIoving nessage vrillen on il:
Mr Duffey I an sorry lul I can no Ionger
conlinue as your cIeaning Iady. I an
lherefore relurning your keys and vish you
aII lhe lesl. Lorna
IS Nol for nolhing I say lhis 2 you as a Chrislian lul
lruIey lhis is a lad house and il has a lad vile and if you
knev vhal I had seen here you vouId nol le coning
lack neilher
The keys inside lhe enveIope aIIov lhe pIayers lo unIock
(and Iock) any door in lhe house, vilh lhe exceplion of
lhe door lo Duffy´s sludy.
12. KItchcn
The kilchen is veII slocked vilh linned foods and a
Iarge fridge huns in lhe corner. Hovever, soneone has
leen Iiving Iike a sIol here. Dirly dishes are piIed in lhe
sink and judging ly lhe enply jars, soneone has leen
Iiving off peanul luller sandviches and inslanl coffee.
(MichaeIa, of course.)
13. LIvIng Rnnm
This cozy roon has a Iarge slone hrepIace, looksheIves
Iining lhe vaIIs, and a desk vilh a round 'caplain´s
chair´ lehind il. The ßoors are covered vilh lhrov
rugs. The hrepIace conlains onIy gray ash nov, lul has
leen recenlIy used. Lnough hrevood for a coupIe of
hours´ varnlh is slacked up leside il.
A huge pIasna-screen TV, conpIele vilh VCR, DVD
pIayer and assorled video ganes, occupies one corner.
There is a sheIf fuII of videolapes and DVDs alove lhe
O!d Pnkcr: The pIayers hnd an oId iron poker leside
lhe hrepIace. Nol unusuaI in ilseIf, lul exaninalion
reveaIs a slrange crusling around lhe lip. A one-poinl
5cIcncc, InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc or Natura! HIstnry
spend idenlihes il as a scorched nixlure of lIood and
5cuffcd ChaIr: The caplain´s chair has sone fresh
scuff narks vhere lhe vood has spIinlered jusl
under lhe arns. There are aIso gouges in lhe Iealher.
InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc
inlerprels lhe forner as lhe
narks of ropes, and lhe Ialler as lhe narks of
hngernaiIs, digging inlo lhe chair Iealher as
soneone convuIsed in agony.
Burncd Rnpc: Sone parliaIIy lurned rope Iies anong
lhe ashes of lhe hre. One piece sliII has a hefly knol
lied in il. This is lhe rope lhal vas used lo lind CharIie
Duffy's Wc!cnmIng VIdcn: Having found lhe enply
VCR in lhe dining roon (see leIov) lhe pIayers nay
vonder vhal happened lo lhe video lhal vas in il. The
assassins hadn´l leen given any cIear inslruclions, so
lhey shoved il anong lhe assorled videos, lhinking lhal
Duffy vouId prolalIy vanl lo keep il as a souvenir and
il vas as good a pIace lo hide il as any. The pIayers can
hnd il afler a suslained search.
The video is shorl, and jusl shovs a snirking Duffy
raising a gIass of chanpagne lo his guesls. He veIcones
lhen aII and apoIogizes lo lhen for nol leing alIe lo
le here in person. They aII, he says, have one lhing in
connon, lhal leing unhnished lusiness:
'I´n gIad you aII couId nake il. I pronised
you lhal you´d gel sonelhing lo your
advanlage fron joining ne lonighl, lul I´n
going lo confess sonelhing nov. I vasn´l
laIking aloul noney. And lo le quile
honesl, vhal you´II le gelling is nore lo mq
'Mislakes vere nade in lhe pasl, as you aII knov,
and lhings vere said and done lhal gave cause for
regrel. Hovever, I´n a rich nan nov, and lhal neans
I´n alIe lo sellIe accounls lhal are Iong overdue. So,
vilhoul furlher ado, here are sone speciaI surprise
'Iul on a good shov for ne, vouId you` This has leen
a Iong line coning.´
Wilh lhal, lhe screen fades inlo darkness.
14. DInIng Rnnm
A grand lalIe occupies lhe roon, al a sIighlIy skeved
angIe. There are seven pIaces Iaid, vilh nuIlipIe
knives, spoons and forks as if for a lanquel of nany
courses, lul lhere is no sign of any food. The pIace
sellings are joslIed, as
if soneone had noved
lhe lalIe. A sideloard runs
aIong lhe vaII, vilh a Iong nirror alove il.
Slanding on lhe sideloard is an open lollIe
of chanpagne, lhe gIasses lhe guesls used are sel on
various ilens of furnilure around lhe roon. Al lhe end
of lhe lalIe is a TV and VCR conlo unil on a vheeIed
sland. Il is sliII pIugged inlo lhe vaII.
Empty VCR (C): The VCR doesn´l have a casselle in il.
Any characler passing ly nolices lhis seeningIy lriviaI
IillIe delaiI.
Thc Mcssagc On Thc MIrrnr (C): The hrsl characler
lo Iook al lhe greal nirror in lhe dining roon has a
shocking surprise. }usl for a second, he can see six
hgures lhronged around hin, snoky and vague,
vilh enply eyes and sonelhing lraiIing fron lheir
hands. Nexl nonenl, lhey are gone, and lhe vords
IIND US appear on lhe nirror, sneared in sone sorl
of slinking lraiI lhal Iooks Iike sool nixed vilh lacon
fal. Then lhe nirror cracks vilh a sound Iike a gunshol.
This IillIe evenl pronpls a 2-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl.
This is, of course, lhe ghosls´ nessage lo lhe characlers.
They vanl lo le found, lhal is, lhey vanl lheir lodies
lo le Iocaled, or as nuch of lhen as possilIe. This Iels
lhe pIayers knov lhal lhey have a chance lo escape afler
aII. Their course shouId nov le cIear, if lhey are lrave
enough lo run il.
PInc 5tcnch: The air in lhis roon is eye-valeringIy
aslringenl. Il is as if soneone had doused lhe roon and
aII lhe furnilure in pine disinfeclanl. A quick sniff of
lhe ßoor conhrns lhal il has leen soaked vilh lhe sluff.
InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc (in case il vasn´l olvious)
reveaIs lhal soneone has leen scrulling hard here.
Nn Carpct: InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc reveaIs lhal lhere
vas a carpel on lhe ßoor unliI recenlIy, lecause of lhe
dusl pallerns and scuff narks. There is nov no carpel
on lhe ßoor. Soneone noved lhe lalIe aside lo lake lhe
carpel up and renove il.
P!astcr Dust: There is a sprinkIing of pIasler dusl on
lhe lalIe and lhe pIace sellings. Checking lhe ceiIing
lo hnd lhe source reveaIs a scaller of pocknarks high
alove, vhich prove on cIoser exaninalion lo le
luIIel hoIes.
Brnkcn WIndnw: See Area 3.
15. Gamcs Rnnm
This roon is decoraled vilh horrendous pseudo-
nediaevaI fealures: a shieId, lvo crossed svords, and
a Iong haIlerd. The paneIing is so dark as lo le aInosl
lIack. A liIIiards lalIe, dusly fron disuse, is lhe roon´s
nain fealure.
The heads of sluffed aninaIs Iook gIassiIy dovn fron
one vaII, againsl vhich is a gIass gun calinel conlaining
lhree hunling rißes and a sholgun. The key lo lhe gun
calinel is on lhe lundIe (see Envc!npc wIth Kcys, Area
11). Annunilion for aII of lhese can le found in a
vooden draver under lhe calinel, aIso Iocked.
16. Bathrnnm
This spacious lalhroon, liIed in ugIy nagnoIia vilh
ßoraI slenciIs, is vhere Mary Munford vas drovned.
Il fealures an oId-fashioned cIav-fool lalh and a Iarge
arched nirror alove lhe sink. In lhe nanner of ßrilish
lalhroons, lhere is a Iavalory in lhe sane roon.
5tragg!y B!ack HaIr: The hrsl line any characler uses
lhe sink or lhe lalh lo vash in (vhichever is hrsl lo le
used) lhey hnd a quanlily of Iong lIack hair cIogging up
lhe pIughoIe. If lhey puII il oul, nore cones vilh il, and
nore, and nore... This is nolhing lul a side-effecl of lhe
haunling, lul can le dislurling lo hnd.
ChIppcd Lavatnry Bnw!: The edge of lhe Iavalory
lasin is visilIy chipped, as if sonelhing hard had leen
sIanned inlo il. InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc can suggesl
a possilIe expIanalion: lhal is vhere soneone´s leelh
vouId slrike if lheir head vere shoved hard inlo lhe
Iavalory lovI.
17. Mastcr Bcdrnnm
This roon reeks of niIdev, cigarelle snoke and slaIe
vine. The ceiIing is coning dovn in one of lhe corners,
and ragged ßaps of paper hang Iinp. The roof joisls can
le seen, and lhe dark space of lhe ceIIar leyond.
The roon´s nain fealure is a vasl four-posler led, lhe
posls lare, lhe canopy Iong since renoved. When lhe
pIayers hrsl arrive, lhis is vhere MichaeIa is, huddIed
in a felaI posilion in lhe led and cIulching her noliIe
phone. ßeside her in lhe led is an overlurned ashlray,
lhe cigarelle ends spiIIed inlo lhe covers. Nunerous
enply vine lollIes Iiller lhe ßoor.
The pIayers can hear MichaeIa vhinpering inside. The
door is iniliaIIy Iocked, vilh lhe key in lhe keyhoIe on
MichaeIa´s side, so lhe pIayers viII eilher have lo laller
il dovn or push lhe key lhrough and use one of lhe
cIeaner´s keys fron lhe enlrance haII.
MichaeIa is a conpIele vreck, nenlaIIy and physicaIIy.
Her eyes are hoIIov and have lIack lags lenealh
lhen. She hasn´l had a lalh in a veek and has leen
Iiving off red vine, loasl and cigarelles. Use of lhe
Pathn!ngy aliIily reveaIs lhal she´s ladIy naInourished
and prolalIy hasn´l ealen righl for al Ieasl a veek,
use of 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs reveaIs lhal she´s suffering
fron a lenporary lreakdovn, prolalIy as lhe resuIl
of exlrene lrauna and consequenl Ioss of sIeep, use
of 5trcctwIsc discerns lhal lhere are no lrack narks
or olher suggeslions of drug use, and her synplons
forlunaleIy arcn´| lhose of a drug casuaIly, lul nereIy
soneone vho´s leen drinking a Iol of aIcohoI vilhoul
enough food.
The pIayers need lo gel her lack on her feel lefore she´II
le any use al aII. This caIIs for Rcassurancc, lhe use of
lhe 5hrInk aliIily if anyone has il, and enough praclicaI
conpassion lo nake her a decenl neaI and run her a
MichaeIa has nov seen each of lhe ghosls al Ieasl
once. She´s nov nol sure of her ovn sanily - for aII she
knovs, her lrain is giving vay. Al hrsl, she speaks in
nonosyIIalIes, noans and vhinpers. As lhe pIayers
slarl lo see lhe ghosls loo, her grip on reaIily reasserls
ilseIf and she lecones nore coherenl. Whalever is
vrong vilh lhe house, il´s nol ncr vho is lo lIane.
Sone of MichaeIa´s iniliaI nunlIings are effecliveIy
'Daddy's gnnc nn hn!Iday..' She repeals lhis lvice
over and slarls lo cry, as if il vere horrilIe nevs. If
lhe pIayers use Rcassurancc lo sellIe her dovn, she
expIains lhal vhen she found lhe house enply, she had
a prenonilion lhal sonelhing lerrilIe had happened
and phoned hin, lul discovered lhal he vas in lhe
ßahanas. If lhe pIayers check MichaeIa´s phone, lhey
discover lhal a caII lo a nunler Iisled as 'Dad´ did
indeed go oul around seven days ago.
'I dnn't want tn gn nut nf thc rnnm!' To induce
MichaeIa lo Ieave lhe roon al aII, Iel aIone cone inlo
lhe lalhroon or eal sonelhing, lhe pIayers nusl use
NcgntIatInn, or IntImIdatInn if lhey are so incIined,
lhough lhe Ialler von´l
heIp her nenlaI slale. She
von´l say vhal she is so afraid of. If lhe
pIayers successfuIIy persuade her lo Ieave lhe
roon and cross lhe haIIvay, she evenluaIIy
adnils her fear lhal lhe 'nan vilhoul a head´
vas vailing in lhe haIIvay lo gral her. (This is a
reference lo CharIie Maslers´ ghosl.)
'I'vc bccn havIng such hnrrIb!c drcams... I can't
rcmcmbcr thcm vcry c!car!y, but thcy wcrc hnrrIb!c,
fu!! nf b!nnd and scrcamIng.' The pIayers can lry lo
heIp MichaeIa vork lhrough her dreans and recover
key delaiIs. The Canes Masler can use a cerlain anounl
of poelic Iicense here regarding vhich aliIily is nosl
suilalIe for lhis. Use of Occu!t 5tudIcs, 5ncIa! 5cIcncc
or lhe 5hrInk aliIily couId aII quaIify as drean anaIysis,
fron lhe nyslicaI, lhe psychoIogicaI and lhe psychialric
perspeclives respecliveIy. Lven F!IrtIng couId le used
lo pul her al her ease, if lhe CM feeIs il appropriale.
In MichaeIa´s hrsl drean, she unIocks lhe fronl door lo
lhe house, and a greal vave of lIood vashes over her. Il
has lones and skuIIs ßoaling in il. She knovs she has lo
hnd her falher. As she lries lo vaIk up lhe slairs, caIIing
his nane aII lhe line, lhe lones and skuIIs knil logelher
lehind her inlo a red gianl. She can´l see il, lul she
knovs il´s lhere. She feeIs il gral her hair fron lehind.
Il drags her lack dovn lhe slairs and inlo lhe deep pooI
of lIood, vhere she legins lo choke and drovn.
In lhe second drean, il´s her lirlhday and her falher
is lrying lo give her a lig lox vilh a rillon on il. She
doesn´l vanl lo open il, lecause she knovs il´s gol a
dead dog inside il. Her falher kiIIed lhe dog hinseIf,
and he´s angry lhal she´s so ungralefuI. As she lries lo
push lhe lox lack lo hin yel again, her falher sIovIy
fades avay and lurns inlo dusl. She´s hIIed vilh an
overpovering sense of guiIl and Ioss.
In lhe lhird drean, she´s sal vilh aII of lhe pIayer
characlers in lhis very house, valching lhe leIevision.
The roon is conpIeleIy dark aparl fron lhe gIoving
screen. Lveryone slares al il. Lxpeclalion luiIds.
There´s nolhing on lhe piclure lul slalic. She knovs
lhal sonelhing avfuI is aloul lo appear on lhe screen,
lul she can´l Iook avay. She lries lo nake herseIf
Iook avay, and yel she can´l. SuddenIy lhe screen
ßickers and a cIear inage appears, and she vakes up
18. Gucst Bcdrnnm
This conforlalIe roon
is a peacefuI sancluary
conpared lo lhe olher roons of lhe house.
The door is Iocked and nolody has leen in
here for veeks. The led Iinen is a IillIe nusly,
lul lhal´s aloul aII lhal´s vrong vilh lhe pIace. Il is an
ideaI pIace for lhe pIayer characlers lo eslalIish a safe
space and lhus refresh sone of lheir aliIily pooIs (see
|car ||sc|f, page XX).
19. Gucst Bcdrnnm
UnIike lhe olher guesl ledroon alove, lhis one is a
dingy, danp-sneIIing pIace. The Iighl luIl doesn´l
vork, and lecause of an eIeclricaI fauIl, any nev Iighl
luIl pul in lhe sockel viII lIov as soon as il is svilched
Much Iike lhe slalIes oulside, Duffy has used lhe
pIace as a dunping roon for loxes of cIuller, yel lo
le unpacked. There are severaI of lhese in lhe roon,
noslIy conlaining oId cIolhes of his or copies of car
enlhusiasl nagazines. One of lhe loxes is open. Duffy
parliaIIy unpacked il, lefore giving up in disgusl.
Fadcd Va!cntInc: The parliaIIy enplied lox´s conlenls
have an oId VaIenline´s card on lop of lhen. Il Iooks
as if vhoever opened lhe lox and legan unpacking il
gol as far as lhis card and lhen slopped. Il has a culesy
leddy-lear cover, lhe nessage inside reads
Wilh aII ny Iove lo ny lad, lad loy! xxxxx
The handvriling Iooks Iike il is prolalIy lhal of a
younger vonan. The I is dolled vilh a hearl, vhich
ralher gives il avay.
RcstraInIng Ordcr: InnedialeIy leIov lhe vaIenline is
a lorn scrap fron an ofhciaI IegaI nolice, nade oul lo }.
Duffy. AIlhough lhe luIk of lhe lexl is gone, use of lhe
Law or 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs aliIilies innedialeIy recognises
il as a reslraining order, issued ly a courl lo forlid
one person fron approaching vilhin a sel dislance of
anolher. Il is daled ApriI 26
BI!!Ic's Lcttcr: This is a shorl nole on foIded Iavender
paper, daled March 18
2OO4, in lhe sane handvriling
as lhe vaIenline´s card. Il reads
Il´s over lelveen us hon. I´n nol keeping lhe
laly and you have lo respecl lhal or lhere´II
le lroulIe. You can forgel aloul your 'deaI´
lecause I don´l need your proleclion and I
don´l vanl your heIp so you can quil il vilh
lhe rough lough }ack lhe Iad sluff. Il´s nol
cule any nore il´s jusl sad.
Anyvay I hnaIIy asked ny uncIe Lric aloul
you and you knov vhal` he says nolody
over lhere even renenlers a }ack Duffy
running lhings. I reaIIy vanled lo leIieve
you lul I guess you veren´l lhe gangsler you
nade yourseIf oul lo le eh.
I vas so slupid lul I´n so cIear on everylhing
nov. I´n so sorry il´s cone lo lhis lul you
didn´l Ieave ne any choice. If you don´l slop
caIIing I´II gel lhe poIice invoIved and you
don´l vanl lhal do you.
I´II never forgel vhal ve had
20. Cc!!ar
The sleep, narrov sleps dovn fron lhe kilchen give
onlo an underßoor area divided inlo lvo seclions,
vilh lrick piIIars punclualing lhe space lelveen. The
veslern seclion is lhe vine ceIIar, vilh rack upon rack
of lollIes galhering dusl. Il seens Duffy nusl have
purchased lhe ceIIar conlenls aIong vilh lhe house, as
lhey olviousIy predale his occupalion of il.
The easlern seclion conlains lhe nain fuse lox and has
a lang of fresh cenenl in lhe air. Il seens lhe space is
leing refurlished sonehov, as luiIding naleriaIs Iie
across lhe ßoor: lricks, cenenl lags, sacks of pIasler,
even loxes of liIes. There are shoveIs and lroveIs lo
hand, loo, aIong vilh a Iarge green larpauIin. The area
has dehnileIy changed since lhe pIayers vere here Iasl.
5nmcthIng's Nnt RIght (C): Use of lhe ArchItccturc
or HIstnry aliIilies reveaIs lhal lhe ceIIar area is leing
conpelenlIy reluiIl, presunalIy lo nodernize lhe
house and add a 'den´ lype of roon. }udging ly lhe
narks on lhe vaIIs, lhe ceIIar ßoor Iooks Iike il has
leen Iovered. Hovever, vhiIe lhe jol vas s|ar|cú
conpelenlIy, il doesn´l Iook Iike il has leen hnished
fron a caIIer recorded as 'aIlalross´. The nunler is
}ack Duffy´s, as lhe pIayers can hnd oul if lhey conpare
il vilh lhe 'Dad´ nunler on MichaeIa´s phone. The
lexl nessage consisls onIy of a nunler, vhich Iooks
Iike a phone nunler lul has loo fev digils. Il is lhe
conlinalion lo Duffy´s safe.
21. UtI!Ity Rnnm
This snaII roon hoIds a sarcophagus-Iike freezer, a
vashing nachine and a dryer. A hrsl aid kil is nounled
on lhe vaII, aIong vilh a hre exlinguisher.
22. 5tudy
The sludy in lhis advenlure is a seaIed roon fuII of
secrels, anaIogous lo ßIueleard´s roon in lhe fairy laIe,
il is lhe one pIace vhere lhe pIayers cannol easiIy go,
as lhere´s no key. Al hrsl, lhis shouId jusl le a niId
annoyance, lul as lhe slory unfoIds, lhey shouId legin
lo reaIise lhal vhalever is lehind lhal door is cruciaI lo
lheir escape. AII lhe cIues lhey viII hnd viII uIlinaleIy
Iead lhen lhere.
Sone pIayers viII lecone franlic lo gel inlo a Iocked
roon as soon as lhey discover il is Iocked. This is
perfeclIy aIIovalIe. The door is lhick and slrong, lul
lhey can lash lheir vay lhrough il if lhey reaIIy vanl
lo, lhe one lhing nc| lo do is nake lhen lhink, in a
nelaganing sense, lhal lhey 'aren´l aIIoved in lhere
yel´. Lven if lhey do lreak inlo lhe sludy, lhe advenlure
is far fron over. They need lhe safe conlinalion lo gel
lhe video, and lhal´s on Sleffan Maczka´s noliIe phone
(see Arca 20). The aninaled sex-doII (see leIov) nay
aIso scare lhen off!
To gel inlo lhe sludy, lhey viII sinpIy have lo snash
lhe door dovn or cIinl up lhe oulside of lhe house,
lreak lhe vindov and gel in lhal vay. Neilher palh
is easy. Snashing lhe door requires appropriale looIs,
such as lhe halchel fron lhe voodpiIe. CIinling up
lhe house´s vaIIs is a very lricky lask, requiring lhree
conseculive Ath!ctIcs lesls, each one difhcuIly 5 (and
nol forgelling lhal lhere´s a residue daenon oul lhere!)
Once lhe pIayers are inside lhe sludy, lhey are
confronled vilh a vision of alsoIule chaos. Il is piIed
high vilh lhe kind of expensive ilens lhal a nan vilh
niIIions lo spend (and a fundanenlaIIy vicious and
innalure nindsel) vouId le IikeIy lo luy: Iava Ianps,
radio-conlroI cars, crales of leer, loxes of chocoIales,
conpulers, loys´ advenlure looks Duffy renenlered
conpelenlIy. The cenenl on lhe ßoor is unevenIy Iaid,
and hasn´l leen pul dovn lo lhe correcl deplh.
A one-poinl ArchItccturc spend aIso reveaIs lhal lhe
cenenl has leen ineplIy nixed, and viII crack over
line. This aIso neans lhal il viII le very easy lo lreak,
if lhe pIayers are so incIined.
Dcad BndIcs: The corpses of ßiIIie WaIker, CharIie
Maslers, Marly Isaacsohn and Sleffan Maczka Iie under
lhe cenenl. They have nol even leen slripped, lhough
Maczka´s sidearn has leen laken. InvcstIgatIvc
Prnccdurc can concIude hov each one died, as veII as
pIacing lhe line of dealh al approxinaleIy lvo veeks
Maczka's Phnnc (C): Maczka´s noliIe phone is sliII
in his jackel pockel. His nosl recenl lexl nessage is
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
fron chiIdhood, and even an incredilIy reaIislic sex
doII. Il Iooks as if Duffy has larricaded hinseIf in here
and ordered hundreds of ilens fron lhe Inlernel.
In lhe nidsl of lhis naeIslron of consunerisn run viId
is a vriling desk. On lhe vaIIs are Iarge porlrail-size
pholos of MichaeIa and Duffy, MichaeIa is onIy 8 years
oId in lhe pholograph. ßehind lhe piclure of MichaeIa
is a vaII safe.
Kcy: A key lo lhe sludy door has leen shoved
undernealh il. OlviousIy, soneone has had access
lo lhe roon and pul lhe key lhrough vhen lhey vere
Rca!IstIc F!csh: The sex doII, vho has }apanese fealures
and is dressed in a Irench naid´s oulhl, is spIayed oul
on lhe desk. A pIayer characler vho Iooks inlo lhe
roon fron oulside, or vho hacks enough of a hoIe in
lhe door lo see inlo lhe roon, can see lhe innoliIe
hgure and nay veII nislake il for a dead lody. OnIy
vhen lhe characler cones up cIose are ils enply eyes
olviousIy pIaslic.
If lhe Canes Masler feeIs Iike adding a IillIe exlra
physicaI horror, have lhe leIekinelic spiril of Sleffan
Maczka aninale lhe doII and send il afler lhe pIayers.
The sighl of lhe lhing Iurching jerkiIy lo Iife pronpls a
4-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl. Il has lhe foIIoving slalislics:
AlhIelics 1O, HeaIlh 12, Scufßing 12
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing
Weapon: Rullery Iinl lash (-1)
If lhe pIayers reduce il lo zero Hca!th, il faIIs inlo lvo
pieces, lreaking in haIf al lhe vaisl. These Iie sliII for a
fev seconds, and lhen cone scullIing afler lhe pIayers
again. Use lhe foIIoving slalislics for each haIf:
AlhIelics 2, HeaIlh 5, Scufßing 8
Arnor: +1 vs. Scufßing
Weapon: Rullery Iinl lash (-1)
GcttIng HIs Own Way: Use of 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs inlerprels
lhe roon´s conlenls as lhe resuIl of a very fruslraled
nan induIging in vish-fuIhInenl. This is vhal
soneone does vhen he can hnaIIy (so he lhinks)
gc| nis cun uaq, lecause of lhe noney he nov has.
Il´s lhe lehavior of soneone vho is delernined lo gel
everylhing he´s ever dreaned of having.
VIdcn Camcra PackagIng (C): Anyone enlering
lhe roon slunlIes over sone shaped poIyslyrene
packaging. Il´s nol easy lo leII vhal il is, lul use of
Phntngraphy idenlihes il. This is lhe packaging fron a
lrand nev video canera. The assassins found il vhere
lhey vere loId lo Iook for il, unpacked il and venl lo
vork. Hovever, lhe canera ilseIf is novhere lo le
Thc Dcsk
The dravers of Duffy´s desk conlain sone inporlanl
5nrdId PIcturcs: These oId poIaroids are cIunsiIy shol
inages of Mary Munford and CharIie Maslers engaging
in sexuaI inlercourse in a variely of posilions. They
are spravIed across a led covered vilh roses. In one
piclure, Maslers is vinking al lhe canera, in anolher,
he is hoIding lolh his lhunls up. The piclures have
lhunllack hoIes, suggesling lhey have leen pinned
up, and lhey Iook veII handIed. Use of Phntngraphy
eslalIishes lhal lhe piclures vere laken vilh a renole
shuller conlroI ralher lhan a liner, and lhere vas nol
necessariIy anyone eIse presenl.
A one-poinl Phntngraphy spend dales lhe piclures
lo round aloul lhe nid 197Os, lased on lhe peeI-and-
rip slyIe of lhe prinl, popuIar lefore inslanalics vere
videIy avaiIalIe.
Nnsta!gIc Phntngraphs: These are lIack-and-vhile
piclures of Mary Munford, noslIy sniIing and doing
her lesl lo Iook leaulifuI. She is sal on a leach, in
a reslauranl, and lhen oulside a house in lhe lrighl
sunshine, vilh a nuch younger }ack Duffy slanding
leside her and Iooking pIeased vilh hinseIf.
AIlhough MichaeIa has never nel Mary and doesn´l
recognise her ghosl, she renenlers lhese piclures, and
can idenlify lhen as 'Dad vilh his hrsl vife.´
Dcad Rnscs: One draver has nolhing lul Iong dead,
desiccaled roses in il. Use of Natura! HIstnry idenlihes
lhen as al Ieasl len years oId, quile possilIy nore.
Thc 5afc
The vaII safe is oId, lul nade of lhick sleeI. UnIess lhey
lry sone conpIicaled pIan lo lIov il open, lhe pIayers
viII need lhe safe conlinalion nunler (fron Sleffan
Maczka´s noliIe phone) lo gel inside.
Thc Camcra: The safe conlains onIy one ilen, lhe video
canera vilh vhich lhe assassins laped lhe nassacre.
The casselle is sliII inside.
Once lhe characlers knov vhal is recorded on il, use
of Occu!t 5tudIcs reveaIs lhal lhe casselle is effecliveIy
acling as a linding laIisnan. ßecause il has rcccrúcú lhe
lerror and lrulaIily of lhe nassacre, il has anchored lhe
suffering souIs lo earlh. The characlers nay, lherefore,
lhink lhal deslroying lhe videolape viII free lhe ghosls
and end lhe nighlnare. Il von´l, lecause nolhing
viII pIacale lhe ghosls excepl }ack Duffy´s dealh (or
exposure), lul lhe CM can cerlainIy give lhe characlers
lhe imprcssicn lhal deslroying lhe lape has saved lhen.
This nakes for a good faIse ending, lefore lhe reaI
resoIulion of Duffy´s appearance.
1be bnd_ame
ßy hnding lhe video canera, lhe pIayers nove lhe
advenlure inlo ils hnaI slages. ßelveen lhe discovery
of lhe casselle and lhe pIayers having a chance lo valch
il, Duffy leIephones lhe house. He´II le lhere in aloul
haIf an hour, he says, and he doesn´l vanl anyone lo
panic. The pIayers´ Bu!!shIt Dctcctnrs go off inslanlIy.
The nan neans lo kiII soneone.
WhiIe lhe pIayers valch lhe video, Iearn lhe hnaI
lrulh aloul vhal happened and nake vhalever pIans
lhey can, Duffy is lurning lovards lhe house on his
(lrand nev, very expensive) nolorlike. This is fasl
and nanoeuvralIe enough lo race dovn lhe drivevay,
oulrunning lhe residue daenon lhal Iurches fron lhe
voods lo give chase, Duffy doesn´l even nolice il, he´s
lhal hxaled on his goaI.
The hnaI confronlalion vilh Duffy shouId renind lhe
pIayers of Tnc Snining, a viId-eyed axe-vieIding naniac
pursues lhen lhrough lhe house and viII slop al
nolhing lo reach lhen. The ghosls viII sIov hin dovn,
lul nol slop hin. He cackIes viIdIy al lhen, gIoaling
lhal he had lhe Iasl Iaugh.
The lesl vay lo deaI vilh hin is lo lrick hin inlo going
oulside, al vhich poinl lhe residue denon viII lear
dovn on hin and snalch hin up. Once Duffy is dead,
lhe denon disinlegrales, lhe psychic lension hnaIIy
Jack Duffy
AlhIelics 1O, IIeeing 8, HeaIlh 16, Ireparedness 4,
Scufßing 1O, Shooling 8, SlaliIily 3
Hil ThreshoId: 4
AIerlness Modiher: +1
SleaIlh Modiher: +1
Weapon: Sholgun (+1) or axe (+1) or
chainsav (+2)
1nb fibAI
An advenlure for 3-5 slarling characlers.
In lhis advenlure, lhe pIayers cone lo lhe aid of an
oId nyslery-Ioving friend vho has gollen hinseIf inlo
deeper valer lhan ever lefore. They hnd lhenseIves
on lhe lraiI of an undead horror, unIeashed on lo lhe
vorId for lhe nosl unIikeIy of reasons: desperale and
devoled Iove.
This advenlure is sel in London, lul can easiIy le
adapled lo nosl veslern cosnopoIilan cilies. Use
lhe urlan Iocalion vilh vhich you´re nosl faniIiar.
Sulslilule underground lrains for Creyhound luses, or
a pIayer´s van.
As a slory, Tnc |ina| Casc is evocalive of occuIl conics, in
vhich lhe everyday vorId conceaIs lhe nachinalions of
feuding nagicians and lhe perverse riluaIs of vouId-le
sorcerers cIulching for pover. ßrandon MiIes aIready
Iives anid lhe slrange, sordid vorId of urlan nagic
(and il nay yel devour hin) lul lhe ICs are nev lo il
and are dravn inlo il over lhe course of lhe advenlure.
They are ordinary peopIe, pilled againsl forces of
supernaluraI dread.
findin_ CIUeS
IrequenlIy in lhis advenlure, lhe pIayers viII have lhe
chance lo use lheir aliIilies lo hnd cIues. Ior lhe CM´s
convenience, cIues are ilenised as foIIovs:
C!uc TIt!c: Longer descriplion of cIue, aIong
vilh ils inpIicalions.
The shorl lilIe of each cIue in Bn!d Typc heIps lhe CM
lo keep lrack of vhich cIues have leen discovered. Il is
usefuI lo nake a lrief nole of each cIue as lhe pIayers
uncover lhen.
When cIues are referred lo in olher seclions, lhey appear
in loId lype, vilh lhe scene nunler in parenlhesis, e.g.
Occu!t Bnnk RcccIpts (2). This aIIovs lhe CM lo check
lack lhrough lhe sloryIine nore easiIy and hnd vhich
cIues Iead lo vhich scenes. A cIue lhal can cone fron
nuIlipIe scenes has aII lhose scenes nunlered.
To increase innersion and reduce lhe risk of pIayers
forgelling inporlanl infornalion, ve slrongIy
reconnend providing pIayer handouls for appropriale
cIues, such as Brandnn's EmaI! (1).
Cnrc C!ucs: Core cIues are narked vilh a C. These are
lhe csscn|ia| cIues lhal lhe pIayers need lo hnd lo nove
lhe slory forvard, such as Prycc-HamI!tnn Casc.dnc
(C). The CM nusl give lhe pIayers every chance lo
hnd lhe Core CIues in each scene, vhelher ly use of lhe
aliIilies descriled or ly olher ingenious or dranalicaIIy
apl nelhods.
F!avnr C!ucs: IIease nole lhal a 'cIue´ is nol necessariIy
usefuI infornalion. Many of lhe cIues lhal pIayers viII
hnd sinpIy add ßavor, ralher lhan Ieading lo Ialer
scenes. These cIues are narked vilh a I for ßavor, such
as: 5!nw BusIncss (F). The CM can enleIIish dead-end
cIues as nuch as she Iikes, as lhere is no danger of shorl-
circuiling lhe pIol vilh lhen.
Dead-end cIues provide lhe necessary 'noise´ lo lhe
'signaI´ of lrue cIues, and heIp lo keep lhe gane free
fron lhe sense of raiIroading, especiaIIy if lhe CM runs
vilh lhen. Do levare, hovever, of naking dead-end
cIues so inleresling lhal lhe pIayers lecone convinced
lhey are on lo sonelhing.
AboU& bzandon NiIeS
ßrandon MiIes is a privale invesligalor, vho uses
unorlhodox nelhods (such as scrying and riluaI nagic)
lo hnd oul infornalion lhal olhers cannol gel hoId of.
His repulalion is lhal of a crank vho has a fev ßuke
successes. NonelheIess, he is approached vhen olher
avenues faiI, ly peopIe vho are desperale enough lo lry
ßrandon is easy lo spol in a crovd. He is a lousIe-
haired, pernanenlIy unshaven nan of lhirly, lhough
his IifeslyIe has Iefl hin Iooking oIder. He haliluaIIy
dresses in a grully lrench coal and snokes conslanlIy,
in inilalion of an occuIl conics characler he is olsessed
vilh. His deneanour is preoccupied and sharp. He
does nol oflen sniIe, lul vhen he does, he suddenIy
Iooks varn and friendIy.
A veaIlhy palron has hired hin lo hnd a
nissing person. Nov ßrandon hinseIf has
gone nissing. The ICs are dravn inlo lhe
invesligalion ly a franlic enaiI.
Thc InvcstIgatInn
One veek ago, lhe veaIlhy AIexander Iryce-HaniIlon
hired ßrandon lo invesligale lhe disappearance of his
son, Ruperl. The poIice are aIso Iooking inlo lhe case
lul Iryce-HaniIlon has his ovn reasons for vanling an
invesligalor of his ovn on lhe jol.
ßrandon has spenl lhe veek Iooking inlo Ruperl´s sociaI
Iife and has cone up vilh sone dislurling concIusions.
The young nan vas naking nany conlacls in lhe seedy
vorId of London nighlcIul Iife, incIuding a nolorious
sociaI circIe vho nixed nagicaI riles in vilh lheir
drug-fueIIed parlies. He Iefl his Kensinglon ßal lo
neel friends al lhe Torlure IaIace nighlcIul, vhere lhal
sociaI group neels, spenl severaI hours lhere, Iefl al one
in lhe norning and has nol leen seen since.
Thc Truth
Whal ßrandon does nol knov is lhal Ruperl Iryce-
HaniIlon vas leconing olsessed vilh soneone, even
leyond lhe poinl of dealh, and lhe occuIl circIe vas onIy
a neans lo an end. Ruperl had a secrel Iove, a loyfriend
caIIed Lric ChaIker, vho vas his 'lil of rough´ - an Lasl
Lnd skinhead. Lric had a heroin halil, vhich Ruperl´s
aIIovance heIped lo fund.
When Lric died of an overdose, Ruperl vas ullerIy
dislraughl. He kepl lhe lody in lhe squaIid ßal vhere
Lric had ßed afler his sisler kicked hin oul, unviIIing
lo have lhe loy laken avay fron hin. Thal ßal vas
squalled and lhere vas nolody Iiving in lhe ßals on
eilher side, so nolody vouId nolice lhe sneII for nany
veeks. Ierhaps lhere vas soneone in London´s occuIl
nelvork vho couId heIp.
Ruperl spoke lo his Colh friends al lhe Devonshire
Arns and lo Selaslian ßaIe al lhe Nev Lra ßookshop.
ßaIe loId hin aloul NicoIas Monlano, a young riluaI
nagician, perverl and |cn titan| vho kepl a privale
roon al lhe Torlure IaIace.
Ruperl legged Monlano lo lring his leIoved Lric
lack fron lhe dead. Monlano refused, lul in lhe
inleresls of having yel
anolher person ove hin
a favour, agreed lo suppIy
Ruperl vilh lhe necessary riluaI lo do il
hinseIf. This vas a lransIalion of a lexl
caIIed lhe KaIshinak RiluaI, of vhich Monlano
ovned a pholocopy, as originaIs are aInosl inpossilIe
lo hnd. Monlano had never dared lo use lhis riluaI
hinseIf and vas curious lo see vhal il vouId do. He
ran off a pholocopy of his pholocopy, inadverlenlIy
lIurring lhe lexl even furlher in lhe process, and passed
il on lo Ruperl.
Ruperl venl lack lo Lric´s ßal vilh lhe lhird-generalion
copy of lhe riluaI. He perforned il as lesl he couId over
lhe deconposing lody of his forner Iover.
Lric arose as a lIood corpse.
The enlrace lhal foIIoved vas nol a sensuaI one.
Ruperl´s shrunken renains are nov scallered across
lhe ßoor of lhe squal. There are a fev nore desiccaled
husks lhere nov. Lric has legun lo feed, preying on lhe
lranps and honeIess peopIe in lhe area. He is slarling
lo run oul of viclins and viII have lo lroaden his
hunling scope in lhe nexl fev days. IorlunaleIy, lhere
is a ßophouse holeI nearly.
ShorlIy afler Ruperl´s disappearance, his falher enIisled
lhe heIp of ßrandon MiIes lo lrack hin dovn. MiIes
foIIoved up on lhe nosl olvious Ieads, incIuding a
visil lo NicoIas Monlano, vho vas inlenseIy dispIeased
ly his nosing aloul. Monlano vas aIready avare of
ßrandon, lhe seIf-slyIed 'psychic invesligalor´ and vas
expecling lo have lo deaI vilh hin one day. Concerned
lhal ßrandon nighl hnd oul aloul Ruperl´s conneclion
lo his circIe, Monlano conjured a scourger lo keep an
eye on ßrandon and reporl lack.
To le on lhe safe side, Monlano aIso arranged for
sone nagicaI inlinidalion lo le senl ßrandon´s vay.
Afler his car nearIy crashed ilseIf and slrange vaves of
freezing coId slruck his IillIe ßal, ßrandon underslood
he vas in deep lroulIe. This vas conhrned vhen an
anonynous nessage on his ansverphone varned hin
lo slay avay.
We lhus cone lo lhe presenl day. ßrandon sends an
enaiI asking for heIp, vhich lrings lhe ICs inlo lhe
piclure. He arranges lo neel lhen al lhe lule slalion
nearesl lo his house, lul Monlano (forevarned ly
lhe scourger) is one slep ahead. Monlano´s lhugs
gral ßrandon and lundIe hin inlo lheir lIack van. If
lhe ICs acl quickIy, lhey can save his Iife vhen lhe
lIood corpse is hnaIIy confronled.
1be 1beme
The lhenes of lhis slory are olsession and degradalion.
Ruperl´s lragedy is lhe resuIl of Iove lhal couId nol
Iel go, loIeraled lhe degradalion of addiclion inslead
of hghling il, and uIlinaleIy lecane lIind even lo
lhe horror of a rolling lody. ßrandon´s ovn hxalion
on soIving lhe nyslery nay le lhe dealh of hin,
Monlano´s circIe, olsessed vilh sensalion and pushing
lhe loundaries, sink inlo furlher and furlher depravily
and encourage olhers in lheirs. The ghaslIy crealure
lhal vails for lhe pIayers al lhe slory´s end, lhe ßIood
Corpse, is a very avalar of olsession in a degraded
The pIayers, loo, viII le lenpled ly lheir ovn privale
olsessions vilh revenge, hedonisn or even disproving
lhe supernaluraI, and risk leing dravn inlo sordid
reaIns fron vhich lhey can never escape. The seany
underleIIy of London offers pIenly of quick and easy
vays lo gel vhal you vanl, vhelher lhal is revenge
on an eneny, enolion and consequence-free sex, lhe
lhriII of vioIence or lhe rush fron iIIicil drugs, faced
vilh lhese shorlculs, viII lhe pIayers have lhe slrenglh
lo resisl` Whenever possilIe, veave lhese lhenes inlo
inprovised sequences, laking speciaI care lo reference
lhen in direcled scenes.
The Spine of lhis scenario is as foIIovs:
1. Thc Undcrgrnund. The characlers,
lraveIIing logelher on lhe London
Underground, have a chance lo converse and
inlroduce lhenseIves. IIashlacks reveaI lhe
roIe lhal ßrandon MiIes has pIayed in lheir
Iives lo dale. They arrive al King´s Cross,
onIy lo hnd ßrandon is nol lhere lo neel
2. Brandnn's F!at. The characlers legin
lo search for Ieads, vhiIe a crealure of
Unrenilling Horror olserves lhen. They
hnd lhe hrsl evidence of sinisler forces al
3. Prycc-HamI!tnn. Ruperl´s falher, a
veaIlhy Sussex Iandovner, is cIearIy hiding
sonelhing, lul vhal` The pIayers nay
uncover lhe lrulh: Ruperl had a loyfriend,
and a disrepulalIe one al lhal.
4. Rupcrt's F!at. The characlers legin lo Iearn
vho Ruperl´s nyslerious loyfriend vas, and
lhe dangerous halils in vhich he induIged.
5. DIrty Nccd!cs. Characlers vilh lhe nerve
for il nay foIIov lhe lraiI inlo a heroin
deaIer´s den.
6. Thc DcvnnshIrc Arms. The Colhs are
friendIier lhan one nighl lhink, lul one of
lhen is slranger lhan lhe resl.
7. Thc Tnrturc Pa!acc NIghtc!ub. AII lraiIs
Iead lo NichoIas Monlano, a decadenl
nagician vilh his hngers in nany pies.
Crossing Monlano can gel your kneecaps
shol off if you are Iucky, or your souI lorn
oul if you reaIIy offend hin. When Ruperl´s
loyfriend died fron a heroin overdose,
Monlano provided lhe riluaI lo lring hin
lack lo Iife, lul il did nol vork oul in quile
lhe vay Ruperl expecled.
8. Ncw Era Bnnks. In vhich lhe pIayers Iearn
jusl vhal Ruperl needed his looks of nagic
9. Cn!dharbnur Lanc. In lhe vorking-cIass
neighlourhood of ßrixlon, lhe honeIess
are leginning lo disappear. The aninaled
corpse of Ruperl´s junkie Iover has legun lo
10. Thc 5quat. Whal vas once Lric ChaIker is
vailing in lhe darkness. and he´s hungry.
IIayez in&zodUc&ion
AII of lhe pIayers knov ßrandon MiIes. Whelher as a
friend, Iover, coIIeague or rivaI, he has pIayed a parl in
each of lheir Iives, lo lhe exlenl lhal lhey vanl lo heIp
hin vhen he is in lroulIe. They nay vanl lo heIp oul
of nolhing nore lhan friendship, or perhaps lhey ove
hin a favour, lhey nay even vanl lo disprove lhal siIIy
supernaluraI nonsense he leIieves in.
Brandnn's Party: They aIso knov each olher, if onIy lo
laIk lo, fron having nel al
ßrandon´s lirlhday parly al
his ßal earIier in lhe year. London punks,
severaI lookish occuIlisls, al Ieasl one D-Iisl
ceIelrily and a levy of hangers-on allended.
The parly, vhich invoIved sex, aIcohoI, drugs and an
allenpl lo do an inpronplu nagicaI riluaI, viII forn
lhe lasis of severaI ßashlacks. The CM has free rein lo
inprovise aIong vilh lhe pIayers, lul lhe generaI pIan
of lhe evening is lhal during lhe course of lhe parly, a
hghl lroke oul lelveen lhe punks and lhe occuIlisls,
ending vilh a visil fron lhe poIice.
Il is lesl if lhe parly lurned oul lo le a conpIele personaI
disasler for sone of lhe characlers. Mayle il ended in
a hghl, or vilh one characler overdosing and needing
lo le laken lo hospilaI, or even vilh a characler leing
lricked inlo lhinking sonelhing scary and supernaluraI
vas happening vhen il vasn´l, and lhus leing openIy
The pIayers aII receive lhe foIIoving enaiI (or a hard
copy, in lhe case of characlers vilh no Inlernel access).
A CC nole al lhe lop of lhe page gives lhe nanes of each
of lhe characlers vho have leen naiIed.
Brandon´s Emal|: ||´s 8ranúcn. Scrrq |c |anú
|nis cn qcu a||, |u| |´m |aú|q in nccú cf nc|p.
| ucu|ú natc pncncú |u| |ncrc´s scmc|ning
|is|cning in. |cr a|| | |ncu, i|´s rcaúing |nis, |cc.
Ycs, i|´s cnc cf lhose cascs. | uisn | ccu|ú cxp|ain
mcrc |u| |ncrc isn´| |imc. Gc| qcursc|f |c King´s
Crcss |u|c s|a|icn a| cign| |cnign| anú |´|| ccmc
anú mcc| qcu, if |´tc s|i|| gc| mq |ncccaps.
|f | miss |nc mcc|-up, |ncn |nc ucrs| nas prc|a||q
a|rcaúq nappcncú. |rcm |ncrc cn in i|´s úcun |c
qcu. Hcaú s|raign| |c mq p|acc anú |c| qcursc|tcs
in, anú úc qcur |cs| |c pic| up uncrc | |cf| cff.
Tncrc´s a sparc |cq s|uc| jus| insiúc |nc |c||cr|cx.
Ycu sncu|ú |c a||c |c rcacn in anú gc| i|.
| ucu|ún´| |c as|ing |nis cf qcu if mq cun |ifc
uasn´| cn |nc |inc. | rcc|cn |´tc gc| a|cu| |nrcc
úaqs |cf| |c |itc, a| mcs|. Gcú, | ncpc |´m urcng.
The characler concerned aIready knovs ßrandon´s
address. Reaching lhe ßal shouId le slraighlforvard
enough. The CM can decide hov nuch line lhe
characlers have lo gel lhere, lul lhey shouId nol have
nore lhan a fev hours al nosl.
1be finaI CaSe
i. 1be ündez_zoUnd
ßefore you legin, conpiIe nasler Iisls of
lhe characlers´ personaI goaIs, ennilies and
afhnilies, sources of slaliIily, and lhe vorsl lhings lhey
ever did.
ba&&Iin_ 1bzoU_b &be Dazk
Slarl your series ly asking lhe pIayers lo descrile lheir
characlers and lheir reIalionship vilh ßrandon.
Nexl, Iel lhen descrile lheir afhnilies and ennilies vilh
one anolher,
TeII lhen lhey´re sealed logelher in a carriage on lhe
London Underground. The vindovs are alsoIuleIy
dark, lhe Iighling lIinks off sporadicaIIy, and lhe
rallIing of lhe lrain going over lhe lracks has a soporihc
nonolony. The onIy peopIe in lheir seclion of lhe lrain
olher lhan lhenseIves are lhree slrangers: a young
Iakislani nan vilh a Iarge lackpack, an oId lIack
nan reading a ßilIe audilIy lul uninleIIigilIy, and a
pregnanl (or possilIy jusl fal) girI in a laselaII cap, vilh
a goId cIovn pendanl and lerrilIe acne, ealing chips
vilh her noulh open.
1be fIaSbbackS
The pIayers shouId le faniIiar vilh direcled scenes
fron lhe |car ||sc|f ruIelook. In lhis scenario, ve gel
righl inlo lhen fron lhe slarl. TeII lhe pIayers lhal
lhey´re each going lo dranalize lheir reIalionship vilh
ßrandon, and eslalIish lheir nolives for vanling lo heIp
hin oul. TeIIing lhe pIayers oulrighl vhal lo achieve
vilh a scene nay seen Iike an odd vay lo approach
roIepIaying, lul don´l vorry. Il vorks lriIIianlIy in
Co lhrough lhe pIayers one ly one, Iooking al lheir risk
faclors, and run a lrief ßashlack lo ßrandon´s disaslrous
parly. Work lhe risk faclor inlo lhe drana of lhe scene,
aIIoving lhe pIayer lo use il as lheir nolivalion for
gelling inlo sone sorl of conßicl. This vorks especiaIIy
veII if lhe conßicl is vilh olher pIayers.
The lvo nain groups al lhe parly, aparl fron scallered
friends of ßrandon´s fron olher vaIks of Iife, are a
group of London punks and a cIique of inleIIecluaI
occuIlisls. These lvo faclions slarl lhe evening
anlagonislic lovards one anolher and nay evenluaIIy
deveIop inlo oulrighl vioIence.
In lelveen lhe ßashlacks, cul lack lo lhe Underground,
lhe aulonaled voice announcing lhe slalions, and
lhe lhree slrange passengers. ßuiId up lhe pIayers´
paranoia and disgusl. The Iakislani loy seens nervous
- he´s even svealing a IillIe - and lhal lackpack is a
lil on lhe luIky side. (Il conlains canping gear, and
he´s nervous lecause he knovs he´II le slared al, lul
lhe pIayers don´l knov lhis.) The oId nan reading his
ßilIe is nodding rhylhnicaIIy, as if he vas incanling
sonelhing. Is lhal even a ßilIe he´s peering inlo` As for
lhe fal girI, vhy doesn´l she shul her noulh` You can
see righl inside lo lhe avfuI nush of polalo and grease
she´s cheving. Does she have sone sorl of nenlaI
condilion` Why is she slaring`
When running lhe ßashlacks lo lhe parly, lear in nind
lhe advenlure´s lhenes of olsession and degradalion.
The chaolic parly represenls an opporlunily lo gel
vhal you vanl - sex, drugs, lhriIIs, revenge - if you are
viIIing lo conpronise your inlegrily lo gel il. Sone
suggeslions foIIov.
CurInus ICs nay le lenpled lo nose around ßrandon´s
coIIeclions of occuIl looks, risking discovery of
sonelhing dislaslefuI, lhey nay vander inlo a cIosed
roon and inlerrupl an iIIicil ronp, or ask loo nany
Ieading queslions of anolher pIayer characler, digging a
lil loo cIose lo hnding oul lhe vorsl lhing lhal characler
ever did. The appelile lo salisfy curiosily overrides
concern for olher peopIe´s privacy.
DIsmIssIvc characlers viII reIish lhe opporlunily lo
nislehave al a riolous parly. A coupIe of lhe nore
inelrialed punks are prolalIy going lo go oul on a
spree of snashing expensive cars Ialer, vhich nighl le
fun lo join in vilh. So lhal gang of occuIl nerds doesn´l
vanl you lo ness vilh lhe look coIIeclion or inlerrupl
vhalever il is lhey´re doing` AII lhe nore reason lo do
il. The dovnslairs neighlour caIIed lhe poIice, and nov
ßrandon vanls everyone lo co-operale` Why shouId
Drug FIcnd characlers viII hnd pIenly lo lenpl lhen
al lhe parly. Those London punks have sone vicked
kelanine. ßeller sliII, lhis ßrandon geezer has a lox
fuII of shananic haIIucinogens, for vhen he goes on
his vision quesls... is lhal Yage rool` Whal aloul
lhese Ananila nushroons` Who cares if lhey hnd
you curIed up naked in lhe lalh, covered in your ovn
vonil` Degradalion don´l naller, il´s lhe cxpcricncc lhal
counls, naley...
Grccdy characlers viII quickIy reaIise hov nuch
noney lhere is lo le nade fron lhe peopIe here,
vhelher ly seIIing lhen drugs or seIIing lhe slory lo
lhe papers. Thal D-Iisl ceIelrily has a look coning oul
soon, doesn´l he` He vouIdn´l vanl lhe Nevs of lhe
WorId hnding oul vhal he vas up lo lonighl. Mayle
you couId lap hin for a lil of cash` Yes, il´s sordid, lul
you´ve gol lo nake a Iiving...
Gung Hn characlers viII le in lhe fronl Iine vhen
lhe parly gels galecrashed, or raided ly lhe poIice. If
il´s a hghl lhey vanl, lhey can lIoody veII have one.
Spending a nighl in lhe ceIIs is a snaII price lo pay.
When lhe shil hils lhe fan, you need lo le righl in lhe
niddIe. So vhal if il´s lrulaI and slupid, and couId gel
you kiIIed` Il nakes you feeI aIive.
Hnrny characlers viII have pIenly of chances lo induIge
al lhe parly as lhe drink and narcolics ßov. ßrandon´s
exlensive look coIIeclion incIudes severaI rare nanuaIs
of Tanlric sex, vhich nighl encourage characlers lo
experinenl on lop of lhe piIe of coals in lhe spare roon.
Mayle one of lhe occuIlisls, or even ßrandon hinseIf,
feeIs inspired lo lry sonelhing a lil nore exlrene
lhan usuaI. And if il crosses lhe Iine fron kinky inlo
dovnrighl perverse, veII, lhal´s vhal separales lhe
veekenders fron lhe serious pIayers, isn´l il`
Ob!IvInus characlers lend lo lhink lhe lesl of everyone,
going aIong vilh lhings innocenlIy. When soneone
asks you lo hoId sonelhing for a nonenl, you´II
prolalIy olIige, vhelher lhal lhing is a funing joinl or
a piece of riluaI equipnenl. You nighl le alIe lo heIp
prevenl lhal occuIlisl gelling his nose lroken, or lhal
drugged-up girI fron choking on her ovn vonil in lhe
lalhlul, if you had lhe fainlesl idea vhal vas going on
around you. Adnilling hov lad lhings are vouId hurl
you. Il´s so nuch easier nol lo grov up.
PrntcctIvc lypes nay lry lo inlervene vhen lhe hghling
lreaks oul and lull in lo sellIe privale dispules vhen
lhey are nol vanled. Il´s quile IikeIy lhal lhey viII hxale
on one parlicuIar person lo prolecl. Il´s slrange hov
prolecliveness can sIide so easiIy inlo possessiveness
and jeaIousy, isn´l il`
5kcptIca! characlers nay reIish lhe opporlunily lo pul
dovn a gang of creduIous occuIlisls. The parly is fuII
of underachievers and asinine exolics vho are cIearIy
seeking refuge in fanlasy. So vhal if lhey depend on
lheir vorIdviev for conforl in lhe face of a nasly, lrulaI
vorId` The salisfaclion of leing righl is nuch nore
inporlanl lhan respecl for olher peopIe´s leIiefs.
ThrI!!-scckcrs viII hnd jusl aloul any of lhe parly´s
slages offer opporlunilies for reckIess fun, vhelher il
le sIan dancing in a roon fuII of inelrialed punks or
ßeeing fron poIice cars.
Vcngcfu! characlers viII have nosl lo do in lhe Ialler
haIf of lhe evening, vhen opporlunilies arise lo gel
revenge on lhose vho have insuIled lhen, sloIen lheir
loyfriends or scoffed al lheir leIiefs earIier on in lhe
parly. Of course, lhe lroulIe vilh grudges is il´s hard
lo lruIy salisfy lhen, and if you ever do, il´s aIvays
an anlicIinax, pursuil of vengeance can consune you
aIlogelher, so lhal lhere´s nolhing Iefl al lhe end of il.
Revenge is sveel, and Iike aII sveel lhings, il rols you
Once aII lhe ßashlacks are pIayed oul, lhe lrain arrives
al King´s Cross.
Kin_ S CzoSS
When lhe pIayers arrive al King´s Cross, lhere is nolody
lhere vailing for lhen. Hundreds of peopIe are coning
and going, lul none of lhen is ßrandon MiIes. Asking
around yieIds no usefuI resuIls. The onIy peopIe vho
have leen here conlinuaIIy are lhe slalion slaff and
lhey cannol recaII seeing anyone nalching ßrandon´s
Oulside lhe slalion, il is raining. A singIe desuIlory
bondin_ Wi&b bzandon
During lhe ßashlacks, il´s inporlanl for lhe CM lo
eslalIish ßrandon as a friend lo lhe pIayers ralher
lhan jusl a conlacl. This nakes his disappearance an
enolionaI hook as veII as a conpeIIing nyslery. In
order lo nake lhis easy for lhe pIayers lo vork inlo
lheir ßashlacks, have ßrandon lake lhe characlers´
side in conßicls. He can heIp caIn lhose vho are
suffering fron lad drug experiences, slep in and
negoliale vhen a characler is aloul lo le lealen up,
drive vounded characlers lo lhe hospilaI, check on
characlers vho seen IoneIy and heIp lhen have a
good line, and so on.
IIay ßrandon as a pro-aclive, conpassionale,
sIighlIy dislracled guy vho Iikes lhe ICs and is
viIIing lo pul hinseIf in danger for lhen. This
doesn´l nean lhal he sleps in and soIves lheir
prolIens, jusl lhal he slands ly lhen vhen lhere
is lroulIe, and lhanks lo lhe slupidily of lhe guesls,
lhere ui|| le lroulIe al lhe parly.
honeIess person, Sleve CIenens, is seIIing lhe ßig Issue
(a nagazine lhal lhe honeIess seII in ßrilain).
Sleve CIenens
Sleve vears an orange valerproof and hasn´l shaved for
a veek. Nolody vanls lo slop and luy his nagazines.
He has given up lhe cheery deneanour of an hour ago,
and nov chanls 'ßig Issue!´ loneIessIy vhiIe slriding
lack and forlh.
Sleve isn´l in lhe nood lo chal, he sliII has len nagazines
Iefl lo seII. IIayers can allenpl lo nake hin nore
lraclalIe vilh gifls of noney, lul lhough he appreciales
lhese, lhey pul hin on lhe defensive. IeopIe vho
are loo generous usuaIIy vanl sonelhing. Use of
puls hin al ease enough lo laIk. A lvo-poinl
STRLLTWISL spend neans lhal Sleve renenlers lhe
characler favouralIy fron a previous occasion, and
can le caIIed upon Ialer as a conlacl. This is a good
opporlunily lo incIude a ßashlack.
None of Sleve´s connenls lrigger lhe characlers´
ßuIIshil Deleclors.
5!nw BusIncss (F): Sleve´s leen vorking lhis
palch for lhe Iasl lhree hours. ßusiness is
Fast MnvIng B!ack 5ubaru: Sleve has nol
seen ßrandon, lul he does renenler hearing
an argunenl and seeing a lIack Sularu vilh
linled vindovs drive pasl lhe fronl of lhe
slalion al high speed. He refers lo lhe vehicIe
as a 'CheIsea lraclor´, a connon disnissive
lern for expensive gas-guzzIers. He lhinks
lhis vas prolalIy soneone engaged in
crininaI aclivily of sone sorl. 'Soneone
vho drives lhal fasl in lhe Cily 'as lo le on a
jol of sone sorl, don´l lhey` Mayle il´s gol
sonehnk lo do vilh your nale, nayle nol.´
WaIking lo ßrandon´s ßal fron lhe slalion lakes lvenly
ninules. There are laxicals avaiIalIe if lhe characlers
feeI loo paranoid lo vaIk.
Z. bzandonb fIa&
ßrandon Iives in a second ßoor ßal in a dingy aparlnenl
lIock. The key is laped jusl inside lhe Iellerlox, jusl as
ßrandon said il vouId le.
The Iighls are off, so lhe pIayers viII have lo iIIuninale
lhe roons one ly one as lhey go. IIay up lhe lension as
lhe pIayers ßick each Iighl svilch.
The ßal is unlidy, sneIIy and has cIearIy nol leen
cIeaned in nany nonlhs. Ashlrays are overßoving
on lo lhe ßoor and olher oljecls, such as cups and
pIales, have leen used as inpronplu ashlrays as
veII. ßrandon is Iiving lhe Iife of a singIe nan vho is
lhroving hinseIf inlo his vork. The pIace is decoraled
vilh nodern arl poslers and elhnic knick-knacks. The
look coIIeclion is a nixlure of lechnicaI vorks on
forensics and invesligalion, science hclion and fanlasy,
and vorks on nagic ly lhe Iikes of CrovIey and Spare.
The 'riluaI roon´ is painled lIack and is enply lul for
a snaII lIack }apanese lalIe. On lhis are a sel of Tholh
larol cards, a lundIe of yarrov slicks (used lo casl lhe I
Ching) and a lag of Viking runes, handnade in vood.
There is aIso a case lhal conlains a lrass penduIun on
a cord. ßrandon uses lhis equipnenl lo perforn his
ßrandon´s Iiving roon doulIes as his ofhce. The nosl
inporlanl oljecl in lhe roon is cIearIy lhe conpuler.
Il sils al one end of lhe roon, surrounded ly piIes
of prinled-oul sheels, haIf-drunk nugs of coffee and
Ioose 3.5 ßoppy disks. The conpuler´s screen saver is
running, shoving a slarheId vhooshing pasl.
What Was That? Once lhe Iighl goes on in
lhe Iiving roon, sonelhing dodges avay
fron lhe vindov, Iike a cockroach skillering
avay vhen lhe Iighls go on. Il noves loo
fasl for lhe pIayers lo see vhal il is, lul il is
approxinaleIy lhe size of a snaII chiId. This
is, of course, lhe scourger lhal Monlano has
The pIayers nay vanl lo rush oul and check
vhal vas slanding oul lhere lul il is soon
olvious lhal lhere is no hre escape, nor Iedge,
nor anylhing eIse lhal lhe lhing couId have
leen slanding on. The scourger, laken ly
surprise, has scranlIed avay lo hnd a safer
nUn&in_ foz CIUeS
The ßal is leening vilh cIues for lhe pIayers lo hnd
and nunerous differenl aliIilies viII le usefuI here.
ßrandon´s conpuler is lhe nolher Iode of infornalion.
Thc Cnmputcr
Accessing lhe conpuler is lhe olvious hrsl slep.
Cnmputcr 5cIcncc gains lhe characlers access lo
ßrandon´s hIes.
The saIienl foIders are 'Currenl Cases´ and '}ournaI´.
There is onIy one docunenl in lhe Currenl Cases foIder,
enlilIed Prqcc-Hami||cn. The }ournaI foIder siniIarIy
conlains a singIe docunenl.
Prycc-HamI!tnn Casc.dnc (C)
Case Noles - Ruperl Iryce-HaniIlon. Missing.
Son of AIexander Iryce-HaniIlon, currenlIy fooling
lhe liII for lhis jol. Universily educaled. Looks a lil
of a Hooray Henry. No jol as yel. Conlinues lo drav
aIIovance of £3,4OO per
nonlh fron falher. Lives
al 28 CanaI WaIk, over lhe road fron lhe
Devonshire Arns, Canden Tovn.
Knovn lo drink in lhe Devonshire Arns. Thal´s
odd, seeing as il´s golhs onIy. They´ve gol Ciger arl on
lhe vaIIs, for Cod´s sake. Doesn´l seen Iike his sorl of
scene. Mayle lhey´ve gol sone sorl of a coven going`
OId nan hiding sonelhing. Thal´s lo le expecled.
Had lhey quarreIIed` Whal aloul` IrolalIy poIilicaI
differences - sons of rich daddies kick lack hard
Ialher does nol knov of any girIfriend. Ruperl vas
invoIved vilh soneone al Universily lul nolhing cane
of il.
Missing since 3
Decenler. Had a Iook al evenls
in London for lhal nighl, lul lhere are jusl loo nany.
Mayle he venl lo lhe Devonshire and lhen lack hone
vilh soneone` WiII ask for his falher´s pernission lo
Iook around lhe ßal.
Have checked ßal. AlsurdIy expensive pIace. AII
lrushed chrone and Ikea furnilure. Very sleriIe. Many
occuIl looks on lalIe, noslIy 'sinpIe speIIs´ nonsense,
spines nol cracked, ergo nol read yel. Cannol see Ruperl
leing invoIved in occuIl, so vho are lhese for`
Whal vas Ruperl spending his aIIovance on `
}ournaI.doc (C)
Mnnday: Coing lo vrile lhis dovn. Nol feIl lhis rough
in a Iong line, nol since lhe LiverpooI case. There´s
sonelhing in lhe air. Lver since I slarled Iooking
inlo lhe Iryce-HaniIlon case, I´ve leen feeIing Iike I
vas slraying fron lhe palh. Il´s lhal feeIing you gel
vhen soneone´s lrying lo send you a nessage. So,
sonelody´s jerking lhe slrings. Who` Who have
I offended lhis line` ßIeh. CouId jusl le pIain oId
paranoia. Thal or lhe ßu.
Tucsday: I shouId lrusl ny ovn inslincls nore.
Yeslerday´s spider-senses vere Ieading ne righl. Iryce-
HaniIlon vas dehnileIy in vilh a lad crovd, sone of
vhon vere nore lhan capalIe of slirring up lhe lad
viles. Worried aloul vhere lhis is Ieading. If I´n nol
carefuI, I´II piss off sone very nasly peopIe.
Wcdncsday: Nol onIy
an I gelling poIlergeisls,
I´ve gol soneone hunan on
ny laiI, loo. I´n dehnileIy leing foIIoved.
(CouId le lhal Iryce-HaniIlon senior has a
guy valching ne` He seens lhe sorl.) I sav
lhe guy lrießy vhen I slopped and Iooked in a shop
vindov. He vas shorl. Chinese, I lhink. Long coal.
Thursday: And nov lhey´re slepping il up sone nore.
They´ve pul lhe chiIIs on ne. My lrealh vas cIouding
loday. I had aII lhe healing on and il vas naking no
difference. This is hov il legins. There´s aIvays a
lenperalure drop hrsl. WeII, if nolhing eIse, il shovs
lhey´re feeIing lhrealened. I´n nol aloul lo lreak lhis
off jusl lecause a lunch of luppeny-ha´penny sorcerers
lries lo scare ne off. Whal are lhey lrying lo hide`
FrIday: Iuck. Iuck fuck fuck.
I knov vhal lhey´ve pul on ny lraiI. Sav il cIearIy
loday. The eye.
Tuppeny-ha´penny sorcerers` I nisundereslinaled
lhen, lhal´s for sure.
Shil. Il´s freezing. Losing feeIing in ny hngers. Need
lo send lhal enaiI.
Il uan|cú lo le seen. To send a nessage. Thal´s il. Irove
lhey can do vhal lhey say lhey can do. Mayle lhey´re
scared enough lo lreak cover`
ßoIIocks. Il´s ne vho´s lerrihed. I shouId caII I.H, leII
hin lhe deaI´s off. ßugger lhe noney.
ßul I can´| |c| Rupcr| úcun. Thal´s lhe lroulIe. Never
nel lhe IillIe sod and yel I Iike hin. He´s oul lhere
in lhe dark and he´s crying oul for heIp and if I don´l
ansver, no olher fucker viII.
(And if I úc ansver, il nighl le ne oul lhere in lhe dark
nexl, crying for heIp, praying for soneone lo cone and
hnd ne.)
No. No lacking oul of lhis nov. Cone on, ßrandon,
pIay lhe hero.
Once nore unlo lhe frigging lreach, dear friends.
Thc Dcsk
As veII as lhe conpuler, ßrandon´s desk has a
nass of Ioose papers on il, aIong vilh a haIf-luried
ansverphone, lhe red LLD Iighl lIinking nadIy.
Answcrphnnc Mcssagc: There are lhree
nessages on ßrandon´s ansverphone. The
voice speaks in a lIank nonolone, vilh
sIighl eIeclricaI dislorlion, as if lhere vas
inlerference on lhe Iine:
Message 1: Ic |ncu a|| a|cu| qcu. Ic |ncu
una| qcu natc |ccn úcing. Tncrc is mcrc
nappcning |nan qcu unúcrs|anú. Ycu natc |ccn
uarncú. 8ac| cff ncu anú s|aq auaq, anú qcu
ui|| |c safc. |f qcu ccn|inuc |c in|crfcrc, uc ui||
rcmctc qcu.
Message 2: Mr. Mi|cs, uc úc nc| p|aq gamcs. ||
sccms qcu úcu|| mq sinccri|q. Pcrnaps qcu nccú
a mcrc prac|ica| úcmcns|ra|icn cf cur a|i|i|ics.
Maq|c uncn qcu natc naú scmc |imc |c ccc|
cff, qcu ui|| rc|nin| |nc uisúcm cf qcur currcn|
ccursc cf ac|icn.
Message 3: Na nag na ga|ra|i, tc| as|arun
i |c|rccn... (crac||c) ... |ara|a na cat|acn na
rcgcs|cmcn. 8as|ccna´ac|. Vcni|c, tcni|c, tcni|c.
A one-poinl TrIvIa spend reveaIs lhal lhe
speaker is using a Cyler Warrior voice
changer loy, produced en nasse afler lhe
sudden success of a reIaunched chiIdren´s
science hclion series on TV, lo disguise his
Occu!t 5tudIcs lenlaliveIy idenlihes lhe
garlIed vords in lhe lhird nessage as sone
sorl of connand, prolalIy a sunnoning,
lhough lhey cannol le pinned dovn lo any
dehnile lexl.
Lnnsc Papcrs (F): These prove lo le prinled
IDI copies of oul-of-prinl occuIl looks.
Occu!t 5tudIcs reveaIs lhen lo le fairIy
nusly sluff fron lhe earIy 2O
such as Malhers´ Ka||a|an Untci|cú and A.L.
Waile´s Mascnic Cqc|cpcúia.
5ct nf 5hIny Kcys: AIexander Iryce-
HaniIlon gave ßrandon a spare sel of keys
lo his son´s ßal. (He kepl a sel of keys so lhal
vilh ßrandon hinseIf. Il is as if soneone
had lroadcasl lhe enolion inlo lhe pIace
5adIstIc Edgc: A one-poinl 5EN5ITIVE
spend delecls an addilionaI dinension lo
lhe icy hosliIily. Whoever is feeIing lhese
enolions so slrongIy is enjoying lhe idea lhal
lhe recipienl is scared and in pain. There
is a poverfuI eIenenl of deIilerale sadisn
invoIved. This nay heIp lhe characlers lo
idenlify NicoIas Monlano as lhe viIIain of lhe
1aIkin_ &o 1be bei_bboUzS
The pIayers nay vanl lo laIk lo ßrandon´s neighlours
lo hnd oul if lhey have seen anylhing. Dovnslairs is
Mrs. CIegg, vhiIe upslairs are }uIius and Marlin, lhe
Mrs. C!cgg
ßeryI CIegg is an oId vonan vilh horn-rinned gIasses
and a deep dislrusl of coId caIIers. The pIayers viII
need lo falricale a good reason lo ask her queslions,
or she viII sinpIy shul lhe door in lheir face. If lhey
persisl in harassing her, she viII caII lhe poIice.
To gel Mrs. CIegg lo laIk, a pIayer characler nusl shov
sone proof of aulhorily. She is a producl of an oIder
kind of LngIand and has no respecl for anyone vho
is scruffy, disrepulalIe or olher lhan vhile. In her
inaginalion, aII 'darkies´ are lhieves and Iayalouls,
and young peopIe are aII lroulIenakers. IoIicenen,
on lhe olher hand, are charning and lruslvorlhy.
IMPER5ONATE viII vork, if lhe characler can
pIausilIy inpersonale a poIicenan and is viIIing lo do
IIayers can aIso use NEGOTIATE, lul viII have lo
express synpalhy vilh Mrs. CIegg´s dislaslefuIIy
nalionaIisl vievs, or lhey viII le lhrovn oul. This
kind of seIf-degradalion in pursuil of a goaI is vhal lhe
advenlure is aII aloul.
'DarkIcs' (F): Mrs. CIegg did nol approve of
ßrandon, vho she leIieved vas 'neddIin´
vilh lhe hoccuIl´, lul she lhoughl hin leller
lhan 'lhen lvo darkies upslairs´.
5ca!!ywag In Thc DustbIns: She has nol
he couId check up on his son´s IifeslyIe al any
line, vilhoul varning.) These are currenlIy
silling on lhe desk, lenealh a Iayer of papers.
Any pIayer searching lhe desk viII hnd
lhen. If lhe pIayers hnd lhese, lhey can
Iel lhenseIves inlo ßrandon´s ßal vilhoul
allracling unlovard allenlion.
Mnncy Rn!!: The draver of lhe desk has a
jan jar vilh a vad of noney in il, lound up
vilh an eIaslic land. There is a lolaI of £54O
here, in £2O noles. This is ßrandon´s advance
fron Iryce-HaniIlon.
BusIncss Card: AIexander Iryce-HaniIlon
aIso gave ßrandon a lusiness card, vhich has
his address and conlacl nunler on il. The
pIayers can use lhis lo conlacl hin direclIy.
Iryce-HaniIlon´s eslale is in Sussex, a lrain
ride avay.
The pIayers nighl expecl lo hnd a pholograph of
Ruperl sonevhere, since ßrandon vas invesligaling
his disappearance. Iryce-HaniIlon did indeed give
ßrandon a pholo, lul ßrandon has leen carrying il
around vilh hin and asking peopIe if lhey have seen
Ruperl. He sliII has il in his coal. If lhe pIayers vanl lo
hnd a pholograph, lhey nusl eilher ask Iryce-HaniIlon
for one or gel one fron Ruperl´s ßal.
Thc LIvIng Rnnm WIndnw
The pIayers nay vanl lo hunl around lhe vindov
vhere lhey sav lhe ßeeling shape.
C!aw Marks: There are cIav narks Iefl on lhe
oulside edge of lhe vooden frane around lhe
Iiving roon vindov, as if sonelhing had leen
lrying lo prise il open fron lhe oulside. The
scourger nade lhese. Natura! HIstnry reveaIs lhal
lhe narks are nol olviousIy lhose lhal vouId le
Iefl ly any hunan-sized liped.
1be ISycbic A&moSþbeze
Isychic characlers can easiIy pick up on lhe alnosphere
of unnaluraI nenace in ßrandon´s ßal.
Icy HnstI!Ity: A psychic characler vho
is 5EN5ITIVE inslanlIy nolices a din,
pervasive alnosphere of coId, lhrealening
energy. This does nol seen lo le associaled
seen ßrandon for a day or lvo, lul does
renenler seeing sone young hooIigan in
a lig lrovn coal going lhrough lhe lins for
lhe Iasl lvo nighls. This is lhe scourger, vho
look lhe forn of a youlh in order lo conceaI
ils idenlily. Il has leen searching lhrough
lhe refuse fron ßrandon´s ßal, Iooking for
usefuI infornalion.
Thc RastafarIans
ßrandon´s upslairs neighlours are }uIius and Marlin, a
pair of Raslafarians. They viII le vary of ansvering
lhe door lo slrangers, lecause lhere are Iarge anounls
of cannalis on lhe prenises. Their reaclion lo lhe
pIayers viII depend grealIy on lhe characler concepls
lhal have leen chosen and lhe approach lhal lhe pIayers
lake. Any hosliIily or inpIicalion of poIice invoIvenenl
viII Iead lo sIanned doors and possilIy even lhe use of
a pooI cue or an ornanenlaI svord.
A one-poinl HIstnry or 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs spend gives
a characler inlinale knovIedge of Raslafarianisn,
enough lo approach }uIius and Marlin vilh respecl
and undersland lheir }anaican palois, possilIy even lo
speak il.
Marlin is susceplilIe lo F!attcry or F!IrtIng, so Iong as
il is a vonan vho is doing il, vhiIe lhe edgier }uIius
is nore concerned vilh securily, 5trcctwIsc convinces
hin lhal lhe pIayer characler is sufhcienlIy savvy lo le
lrusled, al Ieasl lo lhe poinl of inviling lhen in for lea.
IinaIIy, a Iarge posler visilIe jusl inside lhe door
dispIays a reIaliveIy olscure superheroine fron a snaII
conics pulIisher. Wilh TrIvIa, a characler can idenlify
lhis as Lady Marsha WarIock, and gel Marlin laIking
on lhe suljecl of 197Os superhero conics, a suljecl dear
lo his hearl. He and ßrandon vouId sonelines read
conics logelher vhiIe sloned.
Brandnn Is MIssIng? (F): ßrandon gol
on very veII vilh }uIius and Marlin, vho
respecled hin for his inleresl in spiriluaI
visdon and knovIedge of conics esolerica,
even lhough he did nol share lheir reIigion.
He, in lurn, vas sonelines alIe lo lap
lhen for grapevine infornalion fron lheir
conlacls. The Raslas viII le concerned lo
hear of ßrandon´s disappearance lul
viII nol vish lo lecone invoIved in any
search for hin. They have lroulIes
Ab1Aü0bib1 bbAC1i0b: 1be bcoUz_ez
This viIe IillIe crealure is in service lo NicoIas
Monlano. Il has slanding inslruclions lo keep up
surveiIIance on ßrandon´s ßal and on anyone vho
seens lo le pursuing lhe sane Iines of inquiry lhal
he vas. AIlhough ßrandon is nov in Monlano´s
hands, lhe scourger is sliII leing kepl on lhe jol.
Monlano is inleIIigenl enough lo knov lhal ßrandon
had friends and lhal soneone viII cone Iooking for
The scourger viII hound lhe pIayers for lhe duralion
of lhe advenlure. Il viII keep reIaying infornalion
lack lo Monlano, vhich viII pul lhe pIayers al a
dehnile disadvanlage. Al lhe earIy slages of lhe
advenlure, Monlano does nol knov hov nuch of
a lhreal lhe pIayers represenl. Laler on, he viII le
alIe lo arrange anlushes (see Monlano´s Thugs)
and nagicaI harassnenl (see Isychic Allacks)
lecause he viII knov exaclIy vhere lhe pIayers
are. If lhe pIayers are snarl, lhey viII reaIise lhal
lheir adversary had lo have sone vay lo knov
vhere lhey vouId le, in order lo naslernind lhese
The scourger viII slay in conslanl pursuil of lhe ICs.
If lhey spIil up, il viII laiI lhe one vho il leIieves lo
le lhe grealesl lhreal. Il inlends lo hnd oul vhere
al Ieasl one of lhe pIayers is slaying. Once il knovs
lhis, il viII lry lo hnd oul vhere lhe olher ICs Iive on
olher nighls. This infornalion is especiaIIy usefuI lo
Monlano, if lhe ICs sIeep in separale pIaces, lhey are
lhal nuch easier lo neulraIise.
The pIayers shouId keep spolling lhe scourger oul of
lhe corner of lheir eye. Drav heaviIy on lhe 5EN5E
TROUBLE aliIily, any psychic characlers viII have
lriggered. (Ior suilalIe synchronicilies, have lhe
characler foIIoved ly a lig lrovn friendIy dog, or
gavped al ly a snaII chiId in a lrovn coal.) The
scourger viII eilher le Ieaping fron roof lo roof
in ils naluraI forn, or valching lhen in a suilalIe
aIlernale forn, using ils aliIily lo disguise ilseIf.
Defealing lhe scourger viII le exlreneIy difhcuIl
lul nol inpossilIe. Il is nol especiaIIy slrong lul il
is difhcuIl lo pin il dovn, as il is caulious, aIerl and
agiIe and viII slay veII cIear of anylhing il leIieves
lo le a lrap. The ICs viII have lo cone up vilh
sone vay lo Iead il inlo a suilalIe pIace vhere il can
le cornered and overcone.
If lhey do nanage lo deslroy il, renenler ils IinaI
Inage aliIily. Monlano viII le furious al lhe
deslruclion of a crealure lhal he invesled vaIualIe
line and energy lo sunnon (nol lo nenlion lhe
coslIy naleriaI conponenls) and viII go afler lhe
characlers vilh redoulIed energy. He viII nol le
alIe lo sunnon anolher scourger for lhe duralion of
lhe advenlure.
enough of lheir ovn.
5nmcthIng On Thc Rnnf: If lhey are asked
aloul lhe evenls of lhe pasl veek, lhey viII
say lhal lhey have heard soneone noving
aloul on lhe roof, vho lhey lhoughl vas 'lhe
ßalyIon´ (lhe poIice) unliI lhey venl up lo
Iook and sav nolhing.
FIrc Escapc: A hre escape Ieads fron lhe
lack of lhe Raslas´ ßal lo lhe luiIding´s ßal
roof, so lhe pIayers can go up and have a
Iook around if lhey choose lo.
1be booI&oþ
The luiIding has a ßal roof. The scourger is oflen found
here, vilh ils ear pressed lo lhe air ducls. If lhe CM
vishes, lhe pIayers can see a lrovnish shape Ieaping off
lhe roof dovn inlo lhe aIIey.
A Tuft nf HaIr: Use of InvcstIgatIvc
Prnccdurc or a sinpIe search hnds a lufl of
coarse lrovn hair caughl in lhe sharp corner
of one of lhe venliIalion oulIels. This is fron
lhe scourger, vhich snagged ilseIf. Natura!
HIstnry use suggesls lhal il nosl resenlIes
lhe fur of a Iong-haired dog, lhough il seens
oddIy rough and lhick for lhal.
The hair has a fainlIy nusky, snoky sneII:
Occu!t 5tudIcs idenlihes lhis as incense used
in riluaI aclivily, vhiIe a one-poinl Occu!t
5tudIcs spend idenlihes lhis as a SoIononic
lIend used in sunnoning.
'. AIeXandez
The pIayers nay vish lo caII upon Iryce-HaniIlon
senior, vhelher lo queslion hin, keep hin appraised of
evenls, or even lo ask lo lake over lhe case. If lhey lry
lo conlacl hin ly phone, he viII insisl on a face-lo-face
neeling. He ßalIy refuses lo discuss his son over lhe
leIephone. His nanner is carefuIIy neulraI unliI he has
decided for hinseIf vhelher lhe ICs are vorlh his line
or nol.
beSeazcbin_ Izyce~
The pIayers nay vish lo check up on Iryce-
HaniIlon lefore visiling hin.
A Man Of Mcans: Rcscarch idenlihes Iryce-
HaniIlon as a veaIlhy, relired nenler of lhe
CiviI Service, vidoved in 1994 vhen his vife
Andrea died of cancer. His faniIy is 'oId
noney´. He allended a presligious pulIic
schooI and served lrießy in lhe Arny lefore
leing honouralIy discharged for reasons of
heaIlh. He is dislanlIy reIaled lo lhe RoyaI
IaniIy, is poIilicaIIy righl-ving and is a
personaI friend of Margarel Thalcher. He is
a najor sharehoIder in (and nenler of lhe
ßoard of Direclors of) ßrideshead CIass, a
highIy successfuI conpany lhal speciaIises in
Iead cryslaI ornanenls.
Gnndbyc Eng!and's Rnsc: A one-poinl
Rcscarch spend lracks dovn a pholograph of
Iryce-HaniIlon in allendance al lhe funeraI
of Diana, Irincess of WaIes.
Quatuunr CnrnnatI: A lvo-poinl Rcscarch
spend lracks dovn delaiIs of Iryce-
HaniIlon´s invoIvenenl vilh Ireenasonry.
Iryce-HaniIlon is invoIved vilh Qualuuor
Coronali, lhe Masonic lody devoled lo lhe
hislory of lhe Crafl.
BrIdcshcad G!ass (F): Invesligaling
ßrideshead CIass vilh Burcaucracy reveaIs
onIy lhal lhe conpany vas eslalIished in
1966, has sleadiIy expanded since lhen, and
is inlernalionaIIy successfuI. The head ofhces
are in Oxfordshire.
Prycc-HamI!tnn's Estatc
The eslale is in Iush Sussex counlryside. A Iong drive
Ieads up lo lhe house, vhich resenlIes sonelhing oul
of a }ane Auslen noveI.
Hnusc WIth A HIstnry: A one-poinl HIstnry
spend gives a characler lhe exacl period of
lhe house, and knovIedge of a quainl
IocaI Iegend, il is said lhal lhe infanous
Sussex releI }ack Cade hid hinseIf in an
oak lree in
lhe garden lo
evade pursuil ly
lhe King´s lroops.
LcsbIans On BrItIsh Tc!cvIsInn:
A one-poinl TRIVIA spend reveaIs lhe
fronl of lhe house has frequenlIy leen used
in ßßC hisloricaI dranas, nosl recenlIy an
adaplalion of a conlroversiaI leslseIIer aloul
Ieslians in Viclorian London.
A youlhfuI lulIer ansvers lhe door, lakes lhe ICs´ coals
and shovs lhen lhrough lo Iryce-HaniIlon´s sludy.
The sludy is designed lo nake lhe person on lhe olher
side of lhe desk feeI snaII. The desk is huge and nade
fron lropicaI hardvood. A Iarge porlrail, in oiIs, of
Margarel Thalcher hangs on lhe vaII lehind il. The
vaIIs are Iined vilh looks.
Iryce-HaniIlon has grey hair in a vidov´s peak and
is dressed in lveeds. He greels lhe ICs cordiaIIy, lul
vilh reserve.
ßefore sellIing inlo conversalion, Iryce-HaniIlon
viII insisl on proof lhal lhe ICs knov ßrandon MiIes
and are on friendIy lerns vilh hin. A prinloul of lhe
enaiI viII sufhce, lul lhe nore proof lhe characlers can
suppIy, lhe leller. The issues are exlreneIy sensilive
and Iryce-HaniIlon is nolody´s fooI. He suspecls lhal
any caIIer al lhis poinl viII eilher le an undercover
journaIisl or a lIacknaiIer.
FIrst ImprcssInns
IIayers vho have done lheir honevork nay le alIe lo
pul Iryce-HaniIlon inlo a nore reIaxed frane of nind.
He responds favouralIy lo any inforned conversalion
aloul lhe house, ils hislory or Conservalive poIilics (so
Iong as lhe speaker is synpalhelic lo lhe Ialler). The
pIayers can use lhe Hnusc wIth a HIstnry or Gnndbyc
Eng!and's Rnsc cIues lo lheir advanlage here.
Hovever, if lhey lring up lhe evenls of LcsbIans nn
BrItIsh Tc!cvIsInn, Iryce-HaniIlon lecones nolicealIy
frosly. He expIains, curlIy, lhal lhe ßßC did nol leII hin
vhal lhe precise suljecl naller of lhal parlicuIar drana
vas lo le, and said onIy lhal il vas 'hisloricaI´.
The foIIoving cIues can energe fron lhe pIayers´
iniliaI conversalion vilh Iryce-HaniIlon:
Hc's HIdIng 5nmcthIng (C): Use of Bu!!shIt
dctcctnr reveaIs lhal Iryce-HaniIlon is
dehnileIy hiding sonelhing, as ßrandon
inluiled. Wilh a one-poinl Bu!!shIt dctcctnr
spend, lhe pIayer characler senses lhal
Iryce-HaniIlon is deepIy scared of having
sonelhing sensilive exposed.
MasnnIc Rcga!Ia: InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc
or a deIilerale exaninalion reveaIs a
goId Masonic ring on Iryce-HaniIlon´s
hnger. Occu!t 5tudIcs, HIstnry or Law
aII delecl lhe Masonic paperveighl on lhe
desk. Characlers vho have lhese aliIilies
innedialeIy recognise lhe square-and-
conpasses synloI Ireenasons use.
Craft 5ccrcts: If any of lhe ICs is a
Ireenason (or happens lo knov lhe Crafl
secrels) and gives Iryce-HaniIlon lhe
appropriale handshake, lhen he lecones
far nore open and lrusling, lhough he viII
insisl on speaking lo lhe Mason in privale if
lhe olher characlers are nol aIso nenlers of
lhe ßrolherhood. Iryce-HaniIlon has leen
draving upon his Masonic resources lo keep
lhe naller of his son´s disappearance quiel
and keep lhe nedia avay.
Wilh a lvo-poinl Occu!t 5tudIcs or
Impcrsnnatc spend, a characler can fake
lhe Masonic handshake and eliquelle
convincingIy. ßear in nind lhal a characler
vho is scruffy, Iong-haired, lallooed,
pierced or olhervise unconvenlionaI in
his appearance is never going lo pass for a
Ireenason, al Ieasl in LngIand.
Ta!kIng tn Prycc-HamI!tnn
Iryce-HaniIlon viII prelend lo le Iess lhan happy if lhe
characlers lry lo lake lhe case over. Bu!!shIt Dctcctnr
reveaIs lhal lhis is a faIse fronl, a one-poinl spend
reveaIs lhal he is acluaIIy quile reIieved lo have lhe ICs´
assislance, nov lhal ßrandon has aIso disappeared.
If he does nol lhink very highIy of lheir aliIilies, lhen
he viII onIy agree lo slay oul of lhe vay and consider
hinseIf forevarned lhal lhe ICs are nov on lhe jol.
Hovever, if lhey shov dehnile conpelence, expIain
vhal lhey inlend lo do and seen genuineIy concerned
for ßrandon´s veIfare, lhen he viII offer lo heIp.
AIIov lhe pIayers lo use lheir inlerpersonaI aliIilies here.
Ior exanpIe, use of lhe NcgntIatInn aliIily persuades
Iryce-HaniIlon lhal lhe ICs are conpelenl and have
a professionaI allilude, vhiIe use of Rcassurancc heIps
sel his nind al resl concerning his son´s fale. Use of
5trcctwIsc gives hin conhdence lhal lhe characler viII
le alIe lo handIe lhe seany undervorId, vilh lhe side
effecl of naking hin vanl lhe characler oul of lhe house
as soon as possilIe.
Iryce-HaniIlon can suppIy a spare sel of keys lo
Ruperl´s ßal (if lhey do nol aIready have one) and pay
lraveI expenses, as veII as providing a recenl pholo of
Iryce-HaniIlon viII forvard a naxinun of £5OO lo
cover lhe ICs´ innediale needs, vilh a pronise of
£1O,OOO for Ruperl´s safe relurn. He has pIenly of
noney, lul Iike nosl rich peopIe, he viII nol spend
il unIess he alsoIuleIy has lo. He viII ask for reguIar
updales fron lhe pIayers. They viII le expecled lo
shov progress if lhey are going lo earn anylhing.
If he suspecls lhe ICs of leing noney-grulling con
arlisls, vhich he viII if anyone lries lo IntImIdatc hin,
lhen he viII have lhen shovn oul. Civen his recenl
circunslances, he expecls lIacknaiIers lo cone oul of
lhe voodvork, lul is delernined nol lo yieId lo lhen.
The foIIoving cIues can le unearlhed ly laIking lo
Rupcrt And Thc 5cruffy Cnuntcrcu!turc:
Iryce-HaniIlon cannol leII lhe characlers
nuch lhal lhey do nol aIready knov
aloul Ruperl. The loy gradualed fron
Universily Iasl year and has leen Iiving
off his falher´s noney ever since. They
have had disagreenenls over poIilics, lul
nolhing serious. Iryce-HaniIlon viII say
lhal Ruperl seened lo le enlracing lhe
'scruffy counlercuIlure´, keeping conpany
vilh hedonisls and hippies, lul viII nol
go inlo any grealer delaiI lhan lhis. Iryce-
HaniIlon´s use of lhe vord 'hippies´ shovs
lhal he is nol reaIIy in louch vilh lhe
conlenporary counlercuIlures of London.
Rupcrt's 5ccrct Lnvcr: Whal Iryce-HaniIlon
úccs knov and is nol viIIing lo say is lhal
Ruperl vas olsessed vilh soneone. He
knovs lhis lecause Ruperl said so in
lheir Iasl
'I´ve found soneone, Dad. I´n
conpIeleIy in Iove for lhe hrsl line
in ny Iife. You´re jusl going lo have
lo accepl il.´
Iryce-HaniIlon refused lo Iislen any nore.
He did nol vhal lo hear vhal he knev he
vouId hear - lhal Ruperl vas in Iove vilh a
nan. He viII nol voIunleer lhis infornalion
unIess lhe pIayers conpIeleIy run oul of
Ieads and cone lack lo hin, denanding lhal
he cone cIean.
Prycc-HamI!tnn's Trauma: A Iarge parl of
Iryce-HaniIlon´s honopholia regarding
his son cones fron his ovn pasl. WhiIe
al pulIic schooI, he had a huniIialing
honosexuaI experience al lhe hands of an
oIder loy and has never leen alIe lo confronl
il. The ICs have aInosl no chance of hnding
oul lhis infornalion lhrough anylhing olher
lhan psychic neans. Il is nol inlrinsic lo lhe
slory, lul adds addilionaI deplh and conßicl.
A lvo-poinl InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc spend
noles lhal Iryce-HaniIlon´s lody Ianguage
changes if lhe suljecl of honosexuaIily is
lroughl up, he unconsciousIy noves inlo a
defensive slance, as if lo prolecl hinseIf.
A lvo-poinl 5cnsItIvc spend gives lhe
psychic characler a lrief nenlaI ßash of
inlense enolions: agonising pain, shane
and fear, aIong vilh coId nakedness and
lhe feeIing of valer on lhe lody. (Iryce-
HaniIlon´s lrauna occurred in lhe shovers
and he vas vhipped vilh vel loveIs
aflervards.) The characler cannol shover or
sland under faIIing valer for lhe nexl veek
vilhoul a lvo-poinl SlaliIily lesl, so inlense
are lhe enolions.
The CM nusl lear lhe foIIoving in nind: Iryce-
HaniIlon is desperale lo have his son lack under his
valchfuI eye. He is in conpIele deniaI aloul Ruperl´s
honosexuaIily and is hoping lhal he viII nol have lo
nenlion lhis possiliIily. In Iryce-HaniIlon´s nind,
Ruperl is lhe son and heir, lhe one vho viII lake over
afler Iryce-HaniIlon´s dealh. He needs lo le kepl
1be finaI CaSe
under slricl supervision.
Iryce-HaniIlon is deadIy
afraid lhal Ruperl is nixed up in sone
kind of sordid scandaI. Thal is vhy he hired
ßrandon in lhe hrsl pIace. He is using aII lhe
inßuence he can nusler lo keep lhe case oul of lhe
papers and hopes fervenlIy lhal his son viII le lroughl
lack lefore lhe slory lreaks.
4. bUþez& S fIa&
Ruperl Iived in lhe Canden area of London, in a pIush
and expensive ground ßoor ßal overIooking lhe Crand
Union canaI. The ßals are opposile a pul caIIed lhe
Devonshire Arns.
Accessing Ruperl´s ßal IegaIIy viII nol le possilIe
vilhoul pernission fron his falher, vho has a spare
sel of keys. (See Scene 3, AIexander Iryce-HaniIlon.)
This does nol, of course, prevenl lhe pIayers fron
invesligaling lhe ßal anyvay. Snarl pIayers viII lake
lhe cue fron ßrandon´s journaI and approach Ruperl´s
falher hrsl, or use lhe sel of keys lhal vere given lo
Lxpensive ßals in London lend lo le veII prolecled and
lhis one is no exceplion. The fronl door is exlreneIy
slurdy and is kepl nonilored ly a securily canera. The
canera feeds lo an ofhce inside lhe luiIding, vhere a
singIe securily guard is on duly al aII lines. If lhe ICs
allenpl lo lreak in, lhey are IikeIy lo hnd lhenseIves
surrounded ly lhe poIice. An ornale sleeI griIIe covers
lhe vindovs on lhe lack of lhe ßal. Il shouId le olvious
lhal a forced enlry is a very lad idea indeed, unIess lhe
ICs have an exceplionaIIy laIenled Iavyer. Lnlering
lhe ßal vilhoul keys requires a DifhcuIly 8 Inñ!tratInn
check, on a faiIure, lhe securily guard nolices and caIIs
for lhe poIice.
InsIdc Thc F!at
Once lhe ICs are inside, lhey can do sone expIoring.
The ßal is very cIean and sneIIs of delergenl and
pinevood furnilure. The vardroles are fuII of snarl,
laslefuI cIolhing in dark hues. The look coIIeclion
consisls noslIy of poIilicaI science lexllooks, vilh
severaI vorks of conlenporary hclion ly aulhors
such as WiII SeIf and Chuck IahIaniuk. On lhe
lalIe in lhe Iiving roon is lhe piIe of occuIl looks
nenlioned ly ßrandon.
The ßal hoIds lhe foIIoving cIues:
CIgarcttc Ends: InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc or a
sinpIe nanuaI search oulside lhe ßal reveaIs
nunerous cigarelle ends scallered ly lhe
fronl door. The naluraI concIusion fron lhis
is lhal soneone vas going oulside lo snoke.
Since Ruperl couId have snoked in his ovn
ßal if he had vanled lo, lhis poinls lo lhe
presence of a visilor.
A one-poinl InvcstIgatIvc Prnccdurc or
5trcctwIsc spend, or a decIared cIose
exaninalion, delecls lhe signihcanl delaiI
lhal lhe hIlers vere lroken off lhe cigarelles
lefore lhey vere snoked. A furlher one-
poinl 5trcctwIsc or sncIa! scIcnccs spend
reveaIs lhis as a characlerislic halil of sone
drug users. Heroin users viII sonelines use
cIean cigarelle hIlers as parl of lhe process of
injecling, lreaking lhen off lhe cigarelle lo
do so.
TaxIcab Card (C): Iinned up on lhe cork
loard ly lhe phone in lhe enlrance haII is a
lrighlIy coIoured card for SaInon Cals, vho
are lased jusl up lhe road in Canden. On
lhe lack of lhe card is a handvrillen address:
}acky lhe Snacky
IIal 21
1O-12 The LIns
The handvriling is Iarge and unlidy, nol
vhal one vouId expecl of a loy Iike Ruperl.
If lhe pIayers give SaInon Cals a caII or drop
ly in person, lhen vilh a IillIe NcgntIatInn,
lhey can discover hov Ruperl and 'his
friend´ used lo lake cals fron Canden lo
ßrixlon reguIarIy.
5tack Of Occu!t Bnnks: These are a piIe of
fairIy lrashy nodern occuIl handlooks, as
descriled in ßrandon´s docunenl, Prycc-
HamI!tnncasc.dnc (1). They have cIearIy nol
leen opened, nuch Iess read.
Occu!t Bnnk RcccIpt (C): The receipl for lhe
looks lhal ßrandon found has leen lucked
inside one of lhen. Any pIayer Ieahng
lhrough lhe looks hnds lhis aulonalicaIIy.
IIayers can use lhe receipl lo hnd oul lhe
address of lhe Nev Lra lookshop, if lhey do
nol knov il aIready.
Gay Pnrn MagazIncs: Slashed under
lhe nallress (InvcstIgatIvc prnccdurc
or a decIared nanuaI search lo hnd) is a
coIIeclion of gay pornographic nagazines.
These are nol especiaIIy exlrene and are
lhe kind lhal couId le loughl fron lhe lop
sheIf of any nevsagenl. There is no felish or
Iealher eIenenl lo lhen.
Rupcrt's Phntngraph: Ruperl´s gradualion
pholograph is on dispIay in lhe ledroon.
This couId le usefuI lo lhe pIayers if lhey do
nol aIready have any idea vhal Ruperl Iooks
Crushcd Cans Of Lagcr: A pIayer vho
Iooks lhrough lhe rullish lin in lhe kilchen
(InvcstIgatIvc prnccdurc or a decIared
nanuaI search) hnds severaI enply, crushed
cans of CarIslerg SpeciaI ßrev Iager, aIong
vilh enply vine loxes. 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs or
5trcctwIsc reveaI lhal il is highIy unusuaI
for a rich highlorn loy lo drink SpeciaI
ßrev. Il is a very slrong lype of Iager lhal
is nuch nore IikeIy lo le drunk ly 'Iager
Iouls´, foollaII fans and honeIess peopIe - in
London, anyvay. Crushing lhe cans is aIso
considered a 'nacho´ lhing lo do. The cans
are, of course, Lric´s.
5taIncd TInfnI!: Sluffed dovn lhe lack
of lhe loiIel cislern are severaI pieces of
slained aIuniniun foiI, vilh lurn narks on
lhen. InvcstIgatIvc prnccdurc or a decIared
nanuaI search Iocale lhese. They are narks
of Lric´s heroin halil. He has leen 'chasing
lhe dragon´ in lhe lalhroon, unleknovnsl
lo Ruperl. 5ncIa! 5cIcnccs or 5trcctwIsc
recognise lhis sign of heroin use inslanlIy.
¯. 1be DeVonSbize AzmS
This pul is jusl opposile lhe excIusive ßals vhere
Ruperl Iives. UnIess lhe pIayers are faniIiar vilh lhe
Canden dislricl, lhey are in for a surprise.
The 'Dev´, as ils palrons
caII il, is a pul for Colhs
onIy. There is even a dress code on lhe door.
UnIess you are vearing lIack (or al lhe very
Ieasl, aIlernalive cIolhing) you viII nol le
served. The larnan viII poIileIy refer peopIe
vho do nol hl lhe dress code lo a differenl pul dovn
lhe road, vhich is nore convenlionaI.
If lhe pIayers are nol dressed correclIy, lhey viII hnd
lhe spooky occupanls of lhe pul slaring graveIy al lhen
as lhey open lhe door. Iaranoid pIayers nay lhink lhal
lhey have vaIked inlo a nesl of vanpires, lhough in
lrulh nenlers of lhe cIienleIe are exlreneIy poIile and
friendIy vhen approached.
There are nany vays lo gIean lhe foIIoving infornalion,
lul pIayers vho are nol lhenseIves Colhs viII gel lhe
lesl resuIls vilh F!attcry. 5trcctwIsc viII aIso serve
as a good conversalion-opener, as il eslalIishes lhe
speaker´s crediliIily. Use of F!IrtIng is nol IikeIy lo
succeed unIess lhe characler is openIy parl of lhe Colhic
sulcuIlure, or uses a one-poinl Impcrsnnatc spend
lo pass hin or herseIf off as such, Colh vonen and
nen aIready have lo pul up vilh liresone anounls of
unvanled allenlion fron peopIe vho hnd lhen 'sexy´.
Asking around yieIds lhe foIIoving infornalion:
An OccasInna! VIsItnr: Ruperl did indeed
drink here. He vas nol exaclIy a Colh, lul
he did have pIenly of laslefuI lIack cIolhing.
He vas veII Iiked and occasionaIIy lroughl
peopIe lack lo slay lhe nighl al his ßal vhen
lhey vere loo drunk lo lraveI.
Rupcrt's FrIcnd: The onIy lension lhal ever
lroke oul vas vhen Ruperl lroughl a friend
vilh hin. This person vas shaven-headed
and did nol Iook conforlalIe in his lIack
cIolhing. He and Ruperl seened lo le fond
of one anolher. He lried lo luy drugs, vhich
did nol go dovn al aII veII vilh lhe pul´s
nanager and resuIled in his leing lhrovn
oul. Ruperl vas furious and did nol lring
hin lack. This happened aloul lvo veeks
ago. This vas, of course, Lric.
Rumnurs nf B!ack MagIc: Ruperl had nol
leen hinseIf recenlIy. He Iooked slressed
and preoccupied. The Iasl line he vas
in, he vas enlhusiaslicaIIy discussing
1be finaI CaSe
lIack nagic
vilh anyone vho
vouId laIk lo hin aloul il. He
vas parlicuIarIy enphalic on lhe
suljecl of lhe souI and survivaI of
dealh. He vanled lo knov vhere he couId
hnd a genuine coven.
Thc Tnrturc Pa!acc (C): Quile a fev of lhe
reguIars al lhe Devonshire Arns aIso go
lo lhe Torlure IaIace nighlcIul. They can
conhrn lhal Ruperl vas pIanning lo go
lhere on lhe nighl of his disappearance, lul
viII nol readiIy adnil lo knoving vho he
vas going lo visil. The pIayers viII have lo
vork for lhal infornalion, see HIs Namc Is
NIcn!as Mnntann leIov.
Drcss Fnr 5ucccss: If any of lhe pIayers
express an inleresl in going lo lhe Torlure
IaIace, lhe Colhs al lhe Devonshire viII
advise lhen lo gel suilalIe cIolhing hrsl.
They can luy felish gear fron Canden
Markel, an aIlernalive shopping experience
jusl up lhe road. This is expensive - a
characler can expecl lo spend lelveen £7O
and £6OO on a decenl sel of cIulling cIolhes
for lhis scene.
Thc Dn!!s nf Darkncss (F): IIayers nay
nolice lhal one or lvo of lhe fenaIe Colhs
are carrying Iarge, sIender doIIs vilh lhen,
vhich resenlIe eIhn-fealured aduIls lhal
are lhenseIves dressed up in Colhic allire.
These are Korean inporls, very expensive
and highIy regarded.
As lhe pIayers pass ly a lalIe vhere lhe doII-
ovners are, lhey overhear a conversalion
aloul 'preparing for lhe naning riluaI´.
This is nolhing nore lhan a cerenony
(originaling in Korea) lhal sone doII-ovners
Iike lo perforn for lheir doIIs lo nane lhen
fornaIIy, lul lhe pIayers nay lhink il is
sonelhing far nore sinisler.
HIs Namc Is NIcn!as Mnntann (C): As
nenlioned alove, aIlhough severaI peopIe
knov il vas NicoIas Monlano vho
Ruperl vas going lo see, nolody Iikes
lo laIk aloul hin lecause of his halil of
surrounding hinseIf ly veII-paid lhugs.
Hovever, ly judicious use of lhe righl
inlerpersonaI aliIilies, lhe pIayers can veaseI
lhe nane of NicoIas Monlano oul of lhe
Colhs al lhe Devonshire Arns. F!attcry viII
vin over sone of lhe nore narcissislic Colhs,
vhiIe a Occu!t 5tudIcs spend reassures lhe
Iislener lhal lhe speaker has prolalIy heard
of Monlano lefore anyvay.
IinaIIy, if a pIayer uses IntImIdatInn nol lo
lhrealen lhe Colhs lul lo give lhe inpression
lhal she can handIe herseIf in a hghl, lhen
lhe Colhs expIain aII aloul Monlano and his
heavies, adding lhal lhey sonelines drive
aloul in a lIack Sularu vilh linled vindovs.
Ravcn Banc
There is one Colh girI vho drinks in lhe Dev vho lhe
cIienleIe viev as sonelhing of a crank, lhough she is
vhoIIy unavare of lhis. She caIIs herseIf Raven ßane,
lhough her reaI nane is SaIIy Hayvard. She cIains
lo have psychic aliIilies, a cIain lhal is unforlunaleIy
The Ionger lhe ICs spend in lhe pul, lhe nore inlenlIy
she slares al lhen and lhe nore dislressed she seens
lo le. She is cIearIy vailing for a chance lo gel a vord
in edgevays. As soon as an opporlunily presenls ilseIf
(even if lhis neans dashing oul of lhe pul lo calch lhe
characlers as lhey Ieave) she viII lIurl oul a varning lo
SaIIy vilh cone oul vilh a lorrenl of vords lhal nake
IillIe sense, vilh a fev phrases lhal can le discerned:
'you are in lerrilIe danger´, 'il´s valching you vilh ils
eye´ and 'he´s hungrier lhan ever nov.´ In gane lerns,
she is using her PrccngnItInn aliIily.
This episode is inlended onIy lo dislress and inlinidale
lhe pIayers, and provide foreshadoving of sone of lhe
crealures lhey are going lo encounler in lhe advenlure.
Once she has lallIed for a vhiIe, she viII cIap her
hands lo her noulh as if she has said loo nuch and run
5a!!y 'Ravcn Banc' Hayward
AlhIelics 3, HeaIlh 8, SlaliIily 4
PsychIc Pnwcrs: Messenger 5, Renole
Vieving 5, Sensilive 5
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
RIsk Factnr: OlIivious
Wnrst ThIng 5hc Evcr DId: SIashed her
oIder sisler´s face vilh a piece of lroken
nirror, scarring her for Iife.
5nurcc nf 5tabI!Ity: The Devonshire Arns,
her hone avay fron hone.
ChasIng 5a!!y: When SaIIy Ieaves lhe
scene, lhe pIayers can allenpl lo foIIov
her. She lakes a cal lo lhe ßrixlon area,
vhere she vanders around ainIessIy for
hours. OccasionaIIy, she scrillIes viIdIy on
a nolepad. If asked vhal she is doing, she
cIains she is 'lrying lo gel lhe signaI´. SaIIy
is allenpling, vilhoul success, lo use her
Mcsscngcr aliIily (Aulonalic Arl) lo gel a
piclure of lhe house vhere lhe ßad Things
are happening.
The ßrixlon dislricl is far loo Iarge for lhe
pIayers lo lrack dovn Lric al lhis slage,
lhough SaIIy nay prove usefuI in Iocaling
hin Ialer on in lhe advenlure. Ior nov, lhe
episode onIy suggesls lhal slrange lhings are
afool in ßrixlon.
5a!!y's Phnnc Numbcr: The pIayers nay lry
lo cuIlivale SaIIy as a conlacl. A one-poinl
Rcassurancc spend is needed lo caIn her
dovn enough for lhis. As an NIC, SaIIy
is very usefuI al lhe end of lhe advenlure,
as she can lecone an inperiIIed hoslage
(having rushed off aIone lo confronl Lric), a
vaIualIe source of psychic infornalion, or
5kctch nn a CIgarcttc Packct: If lhe
pIayers are sluck Ialer in lhe advenlure,
SaIIy´s Aulonalic Arl aliIily hnaIIy pays
off. She produces a skelch, decoraled vilh
Cigeresque slaring eyes and dripping
noulhs, of lhe squal vhere Lric is Iurking.
ßy pulling lhis logelher vilh lhe knovIedge
lhal CoIdharlour Lane in ßrixlon is vhere
lhe ßad Things are going on, lhe pIayers viII
le alIe lo lrack Lric dovn.
If lhe CM hnds lhal lhe advenlure needs sone hghling
lo Iiven il up al lhis slage (vhich viII depend nore
upon lhe pIayers´ lasles lhan anylhing eIse) lhen lhe
foIIoving encounler can le inserled.
A group of lhree lo hve foollaII fans in sporls gear cone
svaggering inlo lhe lar, cIearIy aIready drunk, and
denand service. When lhis is refused, lhey lurn vioIenl.
If lhe ICs heIp lo renove lhen fron lhe prenises, lhey
viII le regarded vilh a kindIier eye lhan lhey nighl
have leen olhervise. Use of IntImIdatInn is lhe lesl
vay lo do lhis. Depending on lhe Cane Masler´s desire
for vioIence, a one lo lhree-poinl spend is necessary lo
scare lhe Iouls inlo Ieaving. (A high spend shouId give
lhe pIayer a dislincl dranalic advanlage, perhaps he
knovs lhe righl crine loss´s nane lo drop, or recognises
one of lhe Iouls fron lhe year leIov in schooI.)
Rnwdy Lads
AlhIelics 2, Driving 2, HeaIlh 6, Scufßing 4,
Sense TroulIe 3
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
Wcapnn: -2 (Iisls) or -1 (ßroken ßollIe/Iinl
If lhe CM decides lhal lhe Rovdy Lads are aIready
drunk, lhen lheir Hil ThreshoId shouId le Iovered lo
6. Diz&y beedIeS
The pIayers nay decide lo invesligale '}acky lhe
Snacky´ foIIoving lheir discovery of lhe address on lhe
lack of lhe laxi conpany card lack al Ruperl´s ßal (see
TaxIcab Card (3)).
The LIns is a cuI-de-sac, vhere sland severaI inposing
red-lrick lenenenls. Iron lhe grafhli and lurned-oul
cars, il is cIear lhal lhis isn´l a very nice pIace lo Iive.
A Iolly, ils door propped open vilh a haIf-lrick,
gives access lo lhe lenenenl lhe pIayers vanl. There
is a luzzer syslen, lul il is lroken and sneared vilh
sonelhing lhal nighl le Chinese curry sauce. The Iifls
vork lul slink of urine. So do lhe slairs, lul al Ieasl lhe
Iighls are vorking.
The door lo IIal 21 has a spy-hoIe. An oId licycIe
has leen alandoned oulside. If lhe pIayers knock,
a cracked fenaIe voice fron inside yeIIs 'HoId on a
fucking nonenl, I´n having a dunp!´. Tvo ninules
Ialer, lhe door opens parl vay and a suspicious face
peers oul.
Jacky thc 5macky: }acqueIine Creave, fornerIy Lric´s
deaIer, is a pinch-faced vonan on lhe dovn side of 4O,
vilh lIeach-lIonde hair lhal needs ils rools redying.
She is an unsenlinenlaI, necessariIy vicious person
vho has Iearned lo survive lhe hard vay. Deciding
lhal deaIing heroin vas preferalIe lo proslilulion, she´s
carved oul a snaII narkel for herseIf afler a Iol of hard
vork. Il hasn´l leen easy: severaI lines she´s faced
dovn lhe gangs vho have lried lo inlinidale her oul
of doing lusiness, and Iasl year a slal vound lo her
slonach pul her in hospilaI for lvo veeks.
DeaIing vilh }acky isn´l going lo le al aII easy. When
you have survived as nuch as she has, you can Iaugh off
nosl inlinidalion allenpls. She carries a Iarge kilchen
knife if she lhinks lhere´s going lo le lroulIe. When
ansvering lhe door lo lhe pIayers, she hoIds il oul of
sighl. A 5cnsc Trnub!c check (difhcuIly 4) delecls lhe
sullIe lody Ianguage of soneone hiding a veapon.
}acky, Iike any sensilIe deaIer, keeps her cIienls´ delaiIs
conhdenliaI. Hovever, she´s concerned aloul Ruperl,
vho she hasn´l seen IaleIy. He vas a good cusloner,
aIvays paying in cash and luying Iarger anounls each
veek. She fears she´s Iosl his cuslon lo sone olher
The hrsl chaIIenge is lo gel inside lhe ßal. If lhe pIayers
prelend lhal lhey´re here lo score drugs, lhey nusl
nake al Ieasl a one-poinl 5trcctwIsc or Impcrsnnatc
spend lo convince her and even lhen she viII aIIov onIy
one person inlo lhe ßal al once. As soon as lhe characler
slarls asking queslions, she viII lry lo lhrov hin lack
The pIayers nay lry oulrighl vioIence. If lhey rush lhe
door, lhe neighlours don´l inlerfere. They assune il´s
a poIice raid, and aloul line loo. }acky viII sland her
ground and hghl. Civen a chance, she viII larricade
herseIf inlo her ledroon and caII sone friends on her
noliIe phone for lack-up. These IocaI heavies (lhree
Iouls arned vilh knives) viII arrive in hve ninules on
nounlain likes.
If lhe pIayers prelend lo |c lhe poIice, lhey nusl shov
sone convincing ID and nake a lhree-poinl Cnp Ta!k
or Impcrsnnatc spend. }acky is a shrevd vonan, so if
lhe pIayers acl oul of characler (such as ly laIking aloul
occuIl nallers) she lecones suspicious, lhe pIayers
nusl nake a furlher one-poinl spend lo prevenl her
seeing lhrough lhe deceplion.
AIlernaliveIy, lhey can le conpIeleIy upfronl and ask
}acky for heIp in lhe naller of Ruperl´s disappearance.
Once }acky senses lhal lhey need her, she´II expIoil lhal
need and ask for noney. She vanls al Ieasl a hundred
pounds - 'a pony´ as she puls il - and onIy a one-poinl
NcgntIatInn spend vhillIes lhal dovn lo hfly.
The pIayers can vork lhe foIIoving cIues oul of }acky
vilh IntcrrngatInn (if a hosliIe approach is used) or
NcgntIatInn if lhey lry lo luy infornalion.
Thc RIch Bny DId Thc BuyIng: Ruperl
loughl a Iol of heroin for his nale Lric. They
used lo cone round here reguIarIy. Lric´s
halil vas gelling heavier. Il look nore and
nore snack for hin lo gel a luzz.
ErIc LIvcd On Cn!dharbnur Lanc (C): Ruperl
and Lric used lo lake laxis fron }acky´s
pIace lo CoIdharlour Lane. }acky doesn´l
renenler a ßal nunler.
Jacky thc 5macky
Driving 4, IiIch 8, HeaIlh 6, InhIlralion 6,
Ireparedness 4, Scufßing 8, Shooling 4,
SlaliIily 8
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
Wcapnn: +1 (Iarge kilchen knife)
Wnrst ThIng 5hc Evcr DId: SoId a nixlure of
ral poison and laking soda lo a knovn IocaI
lhief, cIaining il vas snack. The viclin died
in agony.
5nurccs nf 5tabI!Ity: Heroin use, her
daughler, currenlIy Iiving vilh lhe falher in
Hackney, valching dayline leIevision.
1be finaI CaSe
7. 1be 1oz&Uze IaIace
This lvo-slorey nighlcIul is a converled varehouse. Il
is conpIeleIy given over lo a reguIar felish parly lhal
happens every Salurday nighl. The dedicaled felishisls
of London pack lhe pIace oul reguIarIy, il is sonevhere
lo le seen.
ICs viII le ßalIy refused adnission if lhey are nol
vearing suilalIe cIolhing. There is pIenly of variely
aIIoved vilhin lhe calegory of 'felish´, lul one nusl al
Ieasl nake lhe efforl.
Al lhe door, lhey are charged lhe oulrageous price of
£25 for adnission and frisked. If any of lhe ICs has
secreled anylhing Iarger lhan a nalchlox on his person,
he nusl nake an Inñ!tratInn or FI!ch lesl (vhichever is
lesl) againsl a difhcuIly nunler of 4 lo snuggIe il pasl
lhe louncers.
ICs vho are vearing very IillIe, as sone of lhen nay
le if lhey hope lo gel inlo a felish cIul, nusl roII lheir
Inñ!tratInn or FI!ch againsl a difhcuIly nunler of 6.
Anyone vho is found lo have any drugs viII have lhen
conhscaled and viII le denied enlrance. Anyone vho is
carrying veapons viII nol onIy have lhen conhscaled,
lhey viII le laken around lhe lack and lealen up. The
nanagenenl vanl lo nake an exanpIe of peopIe vho
lring lroulIe lo lhe cIul. (See Monlano´s Thugs.)
It's That Van AgaIn: If lhe pIayers lhink
lo Iook lehind lhe luiIding, lhey hnd
Monlano´s lIack Sularu parked on a lack
fzeakin_ a& &be fzeakezS  baII
Once inside lhe IaIace, lhe ICs are exposed lo lhe
aslounding variely of London felishisn. The crealivily
of hunan leings in lhis dark carnivaI is every lil as
unnerving as lhe supernaluraI leasls lhal lhe pIayers
nay have seen on previous advenlures in olher ganes.
There are nen and vonen vilh nelaI spikes lhrough
lheir ßesh, lrussed up in slrailjackels, vearing IVC
and Iealher scuIpled inlo decadenlIy leaulifuI forns,
cIad in nedicaI oulhls nade of ruller, dressed in Nazi
uniforns, or even vearing nolhing al aII lul spallers of
lheir ovn lIood.
In nany cases, lhis exolic exlerior is onIy skin deep. If
lhe pIayers lry lo laIk lo lhe cIienleIe, lhey can quickIy
discover lhal lhey are noslIy jusl ordinary peopIe vho
have dressed up for a nighl oul. They are invoIved in
lhe ßDSM IifeslyIe, lul lhis is jusl a naller of personaI
lasle. Lxcepl for lhal, lhey are jusl Iike anyone eIse and
viII le perfeclIy friendIy, so Iong as lhey leIieve lhe
characlers lo le felishisls Iike lhenseIves.
If lhe characlers lurn oul lo le 'posers´ or lourisls, lhen
lheir receplion viII le nuch nore hosliIe. The felish
connunily does nol appreciale peopIe coning in fron
oulside lo gavk al lheir slrange vays.
The foIIoving cIues are freeIy avaiIalIe, sinpIy fron
laIking lo lhe cIienleIe and Iooking around.
Nnt QuItc Thc Dungcnn Craw! Wc
Expcctcd: The cIul has lvo IeveIs. One
is for dancing and drinking, lhe olher is a
'dungeon´ area, vhich is equipped vilh
furnilure for lhose vho vanl lo pIay. This
incIudes a rack, severaI poIes, a spidervel-
Iike conlrivance suspended lelveen girders
and siniIar oljecls. ICs vho feeI incIined
lo gel invoIved viII le lrealed exlreneIy
harshIy if lhey do nol knov vhal lhey are
doing. In lhe felish scene, il is considered
poIile lo ask hrsl. Moreover, safely is
essenliaI, so for soneone lo sinpIy dive in
vilhoul having a cIue vhal he is up lo is
dangerous for everyone.
- NIcn!as Has Rnnms UpstaIrs: NicoIas
Monlano does nol ovn lhe Torlure IaIace.
A nan caIIed ßruno CoIdveII is lhe ovner,
lul he is rareIy on lhe prenises. NicoIas
has inlinidaled hin inlo aIIoving hin lo
keep roons on lhe upper ßoor. These forn
NicoIas´ ovn privale relreal, vhere he can
neel vilh his coven nenlers and lring
anyone he parlicuIarIy fancies fron lhe cIul.
Thc Bnunccrs: The louncers here are Iarge
nen in lIack suils. They connunicale
vilh vaIkie-laIkies and Iook conpIeleIy
hunourIess. They have seen il aII lefore and
are nol especiaIIy inpressed vilh lhe cIul.
Rupcrt Whn?: AInosl nolody excepl lhe lar
slaff renenlers Ruperl visiling Iasl veek.
Oh, I Knnw Whn Ynu Mcan: One girI,
Manda CrossIey (a lIack girI vilh Iealher
lal vings and a ladge lhal reads Dip Mc
|n Hcncq Anú Tnrcu Mc Tc Tnc |cs|ians)
renenlers Ruperl laIking lo NicoIas, 'lhe
lIoke vho has lhe privale roons´. He vas
onIy in lhe cIul for hve ninules lefore lhe
lvo of lhen venl off upslairs.
Mnntann's Ovcr Thcrc (C): Any of lhe lar
slaff or lhe reguIars can direcl lhe pIayers lo
lhe dungeon area, vhere Monlano is hoIding
courl (see leIov).
An&a_oniS& beac&ion:
A 1oUcb 0I ünzeaIi&y
The scourger, if il is sliII aIive, viII have inforned
Monlano lhal lhe characlers are on lheir vay. He
sends a nessage dovn lo lhe lar slaff: ma|c surc |na|
a |i|||c scmc|ning cx|ra is s|ippcú in|c |ncsc pccp|c´s úrin|s.
If lhe characlers order anylhing fron lhe lar, a dose
of haIIucinogen is added lo vhal lhey drink. A 5cnsc
Trnub!c check (difhcuIly 6) nolices one of lhe lar slaff,
a vonan vilh lIonde hair scraped inlo a ponylaiI and
a lighl corsel, surrepliliousIy dropping sonelhing inlo
lhe drinks.
Lach characler vho inliles lhe drugged drink nov
needs lo nake a 5cnsc Trnub!c, 5hrInk or McdIc check,
vhichever has lhe Iovesl difhcuIly (difhcuIlies of 6, 4
and 4 respecliveIy) lo recognise vhal is happening lo
hin. Success neans lhal lhe characler sliII experiences
lhe effecls of lhe drug, lul lhis is niligaled ly lhe
knovIedge lhal il is onIy a narcolic vhich soneone
nusl have sIipped hin. The vorId seens lIurred
and dislanl and sounds echo in his nind lul he is nol
seriousIy deliIilaled. He is avare lhal he is under lhe
inßuence of sone sorl of chenicaI.
IaiIure on lhe aliIily check neans lhal lhe characler is
feeIing overvheIned. He nusl innedialeIy nake a
lvo-poinl 5tabI!Ity check. The difhcuIly nunlers of
any aliIily checks he nov nakes are increased ly 1,
lecause of lhe fuddIing effecls of lhe drug. In addilion,
he legins lo perceive sone of lhe peopIe around hin as
genuine denons. The drugged condilion Iasls for up lo
lvo hours.
The CM nusl pIay lhis carefuIIy. Lven if he hgures
oul lhal he is under lhe inßuence of a drug, lhe pIayer
shouId nol le alIe lo leII vhelher he is seeing sonelhing
lhal is reaI (vhich lhe drug has given hin lhe lenporary
pover lo see) or sonelhing lhal is haIIucinalory.
Ynur PupI!s arc Hugc: Wilh a successfuI
McdIc or 5hrInk aliIily check (difhcuIly 4)
a characler can idenlify drugged characlers´
synplons as lypicaI of LSD, and Iel lhen
knov lhey have leen spiked. The drug is
acluaIIy a cocklaiI of LSD and sone shananic
psychoaclives lhal avaken Ialenl psychic
5ca!pc!, Fnrccps, 5wab (F): One of lhe
drugged characlers shouId suddenIy reaIise
lhal he can see lhrough a vaII. ßeyond lhal
vaII, lhere is soneone lied up lo a frane,
evidenlIy parl of lhe felish equipnenl lhal
has leen laken lo a privale area.
As lhe characler valches, lhree nunny-
Iike, hideousIy scarred crealures vearing
Viclorian surgeon´s snocks and carrying
scaIpeIs drifl IaziIy up lhrough lhe ßoor
and legin lo operale. Try as he nighl, lhe
characler can hnd no vay in lo lhe space
leyond lhe vaII - if indeed il even exisls.
The nunnihed surgeons lake no nolice of
Vzacked Vi&b üUiI&
WhiIe one or nore of lhe characlers is reeIing
around under lhe inßuence of lhe haIIucinogenic
drug, lhe CM can lake lhe opporlunily lo dredge
up lad nenories. ßad lrips have a vay of doing
exaclIy lhal.
ßefore lhe drugged drink scene, nake sure you have
aII lhe pIayers´ personaIily lrails lo hand. Decide
vhich of lhese is lhe nosl shocking, lhen vhen lhe
characler is haIIucinaling, lake lhe Worsl Thing The
Characler Lver Did and inprovise haIIucinalions
around il. ße sullIe vilh lhis, avoiding direcl
references. Ior exanpIe, if a characler lorlured an
aninaI lo dealh, Iel hin lhink his hands are covered
vilh lIood, or lhal everyone around hin is slaring
al hin vilh aninaI-Iike eyes in hunan faces.
If nore lhan one characler is haIIucinaling, lhen lhe
CM can reaIIy ness vilh lheir heads. The cocklaiI
of drugs has lhe effecl of causing niId lo noderale
psychic ßashes. The characlers shouId lhus
haIIucinale horrilIe scenes lhal recaII each olher´s
Worsl Things They Lver Did. Again, lhese shouId
nol le expIicil references, lul shouId cul cIose
enough lo lhe lone lo nake lhe characlers paranoid
lhal lheir deepesl secrels are leing exposed lo
Depending on lhe characler´s personaIily lype, lhey
nay feeI an urge lo le punished (lhere are pIenly
of peopIe vilh vhips nearly, if lhey vanl lhe lad
nenories lealen oul of lhen) or even legin lo
leIieve lhal lhey are dead and in HeII, surrounded
ly horrors lhal are lornenling lhen for lhe ßad
Thing lhey did.
hin unIess he lries lo allracl lheir allenlion,
in vhich case lhey Iook up as one, nod, lhen
go lack lo lheir vork.
¬ Thc Man WIth Thc F!aycd Facc (F): There
is one cusloner vaIking around vho seens
lo have lhe nosl aslounding nake-up jol
inaginalIe. His face has leen peeIed lack
in quarlers and pinned lo his skuII. On hrsl
neeling hin, a drugged characler nusl
innedialeIy nake a lvo-poinl 5tabI!Ity
¬ The ßayed nan is quile friendIy and
approachalIe, gives his nane as Andy and
viII allenpl lo assisl any characler vho is
having lroulIe vilh a drug experience. This
viII invoIve laking lhe characler lo lhe loiIels
and laIking hin genlIy dovn fron lhe lad
lrip. In gane lerns, Andy has a hve-poinl
5hrInk pooI, for lhe purpose of laIking
shaken characlers dovn.
¬ Odd lhough il nay seen, lhis person is
nol al aII naIevoIenl. He sinpIy has very
good nakeup, lhough a characler under lhe
inßuence of lhe haIIucinogen viII le ullerIy
convinced lhal he has leen genuineIy ßayed.
NIcn!as Mnntann
When lhe characlers encounler hin, NicoIas is vearing
a hunlsnan´s coslune, as if he vere aloul lo ride off
on a fox hunl. He is vearing jodhpurs, riding lools
and a snarl scarIel jackel vilh a vhip. He has an
earnesl, open expression and a varn sniIe. He is
hoIding courl in lhe dungeon area, vilh severaI Ianguid
Iadies and genlIenen IoIIing nearly and Iislening lo
his pronouncenenls. Mosl of lhese are nenlers of
Monlano´s coven. He has lvo of his lhugs vilh hin, as
lodyguards. These lvo have pisloIs under lheir jackels,
naking olvious luIges.
Monlano Iislens lo lhe ICs vilh inleresl. He has onIy
Iearned of lhen so far lhrough lhe scourger and is
curious lo hnd oul exaclIy hov nuch lhey knov. He
viII lecone very grave on hearing lhal Ruperl has gone
nissing and viII suggesl lhal lhe characlers adjourn lo
his privale roons. The lvo lodyguards foIIov hin
That's a Nasty BruIsc: Olservanl ICs nolice
lhal Monlano
has a lruise on
lhe side of his head, vhich he
has allenpled lo cover up vilh
nakeup. He received lhis fron
ßrandon lhe previous nighl, vhen he
vas alducled.
Wa!!np: One of lhe lodyguards has a very
olvious lIack eye, aIso fron ßrandon.
1be IziVa&e bUi&e
NicoIas´ suile can le reached via a spiraI slaircase in
lhe corner of lhe cIul. The roons consisl of a Iounge,
a lalhroon, a Iarge ledroon and a privale riluaI
roon, vhich NicoIas viII olviousIy nol shov lo lhe
Cybcr WarrInr: On lhe looksheIf in NicoIas´s
Iounge, aIong vilh olher loys and lrinkels,
is a Cyler Warrior voice changer nask - lhe
sane one used lo change his voice vhen he
Iefl lhe nessage on ßrandon´s ansverphone.
NicoIas viII sil lhe pIayers dovn on lhe sunpluous
sofas and arnchairs in his Iounge and expIain lhe
silualion lo lhen:
'Ruperl vas going sIovIy oul of his nind. He vas
olsessed, you see. Olsessed vilh his lil of rough, a
skinhead ly lhe nane of Lric, fron ßrixlon. Nol lo ny
lasle, lul vho are ve lo judge` Anyvay, he cane lo
ne and asked for ny heIp. He´d gol il inlo his head
lhal I vas lhe Creal Ianjandrun of Magic or sone
such nonsense. He vas desperaleIy afraid lhal Lric
vas going lo Ieave hin, and he vanled a Iove charn. I
nean, can you inagine il` A lIoody Iove charn, in lhe
lvenly-hrsl cenlury `
Al lhis poinl, lhe ICs´ Bu!!shIt Dctcctnrs go off.
Al lhe sane nonenl, lhere is a Ioud lhunp fron lhe
lenpIe roon. This is eilher lhe Scourger noving aloul,
or ils dead, deIiquescing lody faIIing off lhe aIlar on lo
lhe ßoor, depending on vhelher or nol lhe pIayers have
kiIIed il. Lilher vay, Monlano gIances lo one of his
lodyguards, vho goes lo lake care of il.
'As I vas saying. yes. Ruperl vas spending
hundreds of pounds on Lric, lul he vas sliII
convinced lhal lhe loy vas going lo lake off. WeII, I
loId hin I vasn´l in lhe
Iove charn lusiness.
Tried lo laIk hin dovn
genlIy, you knov. Didn´l do very veII. He
lecane avfuIIy dislraughl. Said sonelhing
aloul going and kiIIing hinseIf. I´n very
nuch afraid lhal lhal´s vhal he viII have done.´
Why Dncs Hc Kccp GnIng On Abnut Lnvc
Charms?: A one-poinl Bu!!shIt Dctcctnr
spend reveaIs lhal Monlano is specihcaIIy
Iying aloul vhal sorl of nagic Ruperl
vanled, lhe 'Iove charn´, lul nol aloul lhe
nalure of lhe visil.
5uIcIdc My Arsc: A furlher lvo-poinl
Bu!!shIt Dctcctnr spend reveaIs lhal
Monlano´s hnaI vords, descriling Ruperl´s
pIanned suicide, are lolaI falricalion.
Once he has said his piece, Monlano apoIogises lhal
lhe characlers have had a vasled journey, offers lhen
a drink and shovs lhen lack dovn lo lhe cIul. As he
nakes his apoIogy, one of lhe louncers quielIy Ieaves
lhe roon and heads lo lhe lalhroon. He is checking on
ßrandon: see Thc TnI!ct's Out nf Ordcr, Matc leIov.
The foIIoving cIues aIso appIy lo lhis encounler:
5nrry, Ncvcr Hcard nf HIm: If lhe ICs ask
Monlano if he ever nel ßrandon MiIes,
Monlano viII deny ever having nel hin.
This, of course, lrips lheir Bu!!shIt Dctcctnr.
TnI!ct's Out nf Ordcr, Matc: Any pIayer
characler lhal asks lo use lhe lalhroon viII
le senl dovnslairs lo use lhe one in lhe cIul.
This is lecause ßrandon MiIes is in lhe
lalhroon, Iying in lhe lalh, vilh his arns
and Iegs lound and a slrip of lape across his
noulh. He vas lealen up ladIy Iasl nighl.
He is conscious and can hear lhe ICs laIking.
HaIfvay lhrough lhe discussion, a louncer
cones in lo keep hin quiel. The louncer
poinls a pisloI al his head and varns hin
siIenlIy lhal any furlher noise viII gel hin
kiIIed, lhen relurns lo lhe Iounge.
InsIdc Thc Tcmp!c: If lhe ICs sonehov
nanage lo force access lo lhe lenpIe
roon, lhey see a riluaI circIe narked oul
Non&ano S 1emþ&a&ion
ßefore running lhis scene, nake sure you are
faniIiar vilh lhe pIayers´ personaI lrails, especiaIIy
Whal They Wanl.
Through his occuIl praclices, Monlano has gained
a very niId divinalory aliIily, vhich he uses aIong
vilh a knovIedge of psychoIogy (and neuro-
Iinguislic progranning) lo 'read´ peopIe. WhiIe
lhe pIayers are laIking lo hin, he viII focus on one
of lhen - lhe one vho seens lo hin lo le easiesl lo
nanipuIale. He cIoses his eyes for a nonenl, and
lhen sniIes, suggesling lhal il vouId le lesl if lhe
pIayers venl avay and forgol aII aloul lhis siIIy
lusiness. Afler aII, he says, he nakes a very good
friend. He can heIp you gel aII sorls of lhings.
Al lhis poinl, he nakes a veiIed reference lo vhal
lhe largel characler vanls, vhiIe Iooking righl al
hin and sniIing sereneIy. The idea is lo drop a hinl
lhal viII le inleIIigilIe onIy lo lhe largel characler
and lo Monlano. The nessage is cIear: if you keep
ne on your side, I´II heIp you achieve your drean,
if you don´l, you´re vorse lhan screved.
If Monlano has a chance, he viII vork on lhe
characler sone nore, lrying lo drav hin avay
fron lhe olhers and hnd oul nore aloul vhal
desires drive hin. He cannol hnd oul any nore
lhrough psychic neans, so he viII use lhe sinpIe
infornalion he´s aIready gIeaned as a fool in lhe
door, and lry lo hnd oul nore jusl ly privale
on lhe ßoor and an aIlar in lhe cenlre lhal
resenlIes lvo lIack cules, one on lop of
lhe olher. Silling on lop of lhis is a dish fuII
of lIack ßuid. Monlano uses lhis lo scry
lhrough lhe scourger´s eyelaII.
GcttIng AddItInna! TItbIts Frnm Mnntann: During lhe
line in vhich Monlano is viIIing lo laIk lo lhe pIayers,
lhey can use lheir InlerpersonaI AliIilies lo gIean a fev
nore pieces of infornalion fron hin.
F!attcry or F!IrtIng encourage Monlano lo laIk aloul
hinseIf and his cIul. This pIace is a phase he´s noving
scourger vas senl lo foIIov hin.
FrccIng Brandnn
If lhe pIayers are alIe lo free ßrandon, he viII leII
lhen everylhing he knovs. Ruperl cane lo Monlano
Iooking for sone kind of nagic riluaI and vas given
a copy of il, lhen venl off lo see lhis Lric person.
ßrandon onIy knovs lhal Lric Iived in lhe ßrixlon area,
lul does nol yel knov vhere.
Brandnn's 'Escapc'
ShouId lhe ICs faiI lo free ßrandon, Monlano reIeases
hin anyvay afler anolher day. ßy nov lhe nagician
has seen lhe reporls of drained honeIess peopIe on lhe
leIevision, and lhinks lhere nighl le a ligger prolIen
lhan he had largained for.
Hovever, ßrandon seens lo lhink he can deaI vilh
il, so Monlano sends hin off lo ßrixlon, il´s no skin
off Monlano´s nose, and il saves hin fron having lo
gel his hands dirly. (He aIready knovs vhere Lric is
Iurking, lecause of lhe handy IillIe scourger.) Then
ßrandon, vho knovs lhal lhere is lerrilIe danger
Ioose in lhe cily, sels off for CoIdharlour Lane, vhere
Monlano loId hin lo Iook. Nol Iong lhereafler, Lric
calches hin...
If lhe advenlurers Ialer rescue ßrandon and ask hin
hov he gol avay, he viII say lhal Monlano had hin
lealen up again and lhrovn inlo lhe slreel, lhen loId
hin lo head lo CoIdharlour Lane, adding 'If you vanl
lo pIay lhe greal vhile varIock, nov´s your chance.´
Brandnn MI!cs (s!Ight!y battcrcd)
Ac: Lav 2, Hislory 5, OccuIl Sludies 1O,
Research 6
Int: ßuIIshil Deleclor 3, IIirling 2,
Reassurance 2, Slreelvise 4
Tcch: Invesligalive Irocedure 3
Gcn: IIeeing 4, HeaIlh -2, InhIlralion 5,
Scufßing 4, Sense TroulIe 3, SlaliIily 6
Psy: Messenger 3, Irenonilions 3, Sensilive 3
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
lhrough, a diversion he´s loying vilh unliI he gels
lored of il and goes on lo do sonelhing eIse. He
nade his noney ly pIaying lhe slock narkel, and
has an uncanny eye for vhich vay a connodily is
IikeIy lo go. 'Il´s nol vhal you knov, il´s vho you
knov... and I have friends in Iov pIaces,´ he says vilh
a vink.
Burcaucracy or Cnp Ta!k can lolh le used lo pinpoinl
lhe dulious IegaIily of sone aspecls of lhe cIul.
There are far nore peopIe presenl lhan lhe ofhciaI hre
reguIalions aIIov, lesides vhich, lhe energency exils
are nol veII signposled and in one case are lIocked
ly a giganlic londage cradIe. Monlano is nolicealIy
unconforlalIe if lhese suljecls are lroughl up, lhe
pIayers can use lhen as Ieverage Ialer on.
IntImIdatInn doesn´l vork very veII vhiIe Monlano
is surrounded ly heavies and lhe pIayers are unarned,
nor can il le used afler a hghl has aIready lroken oul.
Hovever, if a pIayer uses lhis aliIily during lhe lense
run-up lo a polenliaI conßicl in vhich lhe pIayers
couId conceivalIy dish oul danage as veII as laking
il (such as if lhe pIayers have snuggIed veapons in)
lhen Monlano sees lhal lhe pIayers nean lusiness.
His innediale response is lo pIacale lhen vilh an
offer of noney. WouId, say, hve hundred pounds
snoolh any rufßed fealhers, and persuade lhe pIayers
lo Ieave` If lhal doesn´l vin lhen over, lhen Monlano
ups lhe offer lo a lhousand, faiIing lhal, he sends vord
dovnslairs lo have lhe cIul shul earIy lonighl, and
has one of lhe heavies caII lhe poIice. The silualion is
nov ofhciaIIy oul of conlroI, and he has lo cone dovn
hard, even if il neans Iosing a nighl´s lusiness.
If A FIght Brcaks Out: If lhe ICs lurn vioIenl and lry
lo gel lheir vay ly force, Monlano viII nol puII any
punches. His lhugs have hrearns. The pIayers viII
have had any veapons lhey had conhscaled al lhe
door (or shouId have). He viII lake oul as nany of lhe
lroulIenakers as he can and have lhe lodies driven
oul of lhe cily and dunped. Monlano is poverfuI
enough lo have aII of lhis covered up, lhough he viII
ove a Iol of peopIe a Iol of favours if he has lo go lhal
ShouId lhe hghl go againsl hin, Monlano viII do
vhalever is necessary lo save his ovn skin. This viII
cerlainIy incIude leIIing lhe pIayers vhere ßrandon is
and leIIing lhen lhe lrulh aloul lhe KaIshinak RiluaI,
vhich Monlano soId lo Ruperl. Monlano knovs
vhere Ruperl venl (CoIdharlour Lane) lecause lhe
1be book
oI ünzemi&&in_ nozzoz
RIsk Factnr: Curious
Wnrst ThIng Hc Evcr DId: SloIe an
irrepIacealIe CrovIey nanuscripl fron lhe
Warlurg Inslilule
5nurccs nf 5tabI!Ity: His eIderIy nolher in
Kenl, pIaying nassiveIy nuIlipIayer onIine
This represenls ßrandon afler lhe lealing Monlano´s
lhugs have given hin. If lhe pIayers do nol calch up
vilh ßrandon lefore Lric allacks hin and sluffs hin in
lhe vardrole, lhen he has a SlaliIily of onIy 2.
NIcn!as Mnntann
AlhIelics 6, HeaIlh 4, Scufßing 2, Sense
TroulIe 4, SlaliIily 4
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
RIsk Factnr: ThriII-Seeking
Wnrst ThIng Hc Evcr DId: Iarlicipaled in
lhe dealh ly lorlure of a proslilule in ßerIin
(and enjoyed il) foIIoving vhich her ßesh
vas ealen.
5nurccs nf 5tabI!Ity: Causing pain lo lhe
heIpIess, receiving lhe adoralion of his cuIl
circIe, ßiffo lhe leddy lear.
Monlano is lhirly-six. He has grey eyes, lhinning hair
lied lackvards inlo a snug IillIe ponylaiI, and pilled
skin fron lerrilIe acne vhen he vas a leenager. He
pIays lhe parl of lhe corrupl pulIic schooI loy, lul isn´l
When indoors, he has a halil of carrying his oId leddy
lear around, passed on lo hin ly his falher, vho died
vhen he vas very young. The lear´s head is lhreadlare
vhere Monlano has rulled il, lo caIn his nerves. Il
is caIIed 'ßiffo´ afler an oId ßrilish conics characler.
Monlano never lakes ßiffo oulside, for fear he viII Iose
5ummnn 5cnurgcr: Monlano has access lo a riluaI lo
sunnon a Scourger, a denonic ninion lhal can spy on
peopIe for ils nasler and reIay inages lo a scrying
lovI. Sunnoning a Scourger requires Monlano lo
lurn lvo poinls of SlaliIily and perforn a lhree-
hour riluaI. If il is kiIIed, Monlano nusl innedialeIy
nake a four-poinl SlaliIily lesl, psychic repercussion is
5cndIng nf 5pcctra! ChI!!: If Monlano has access
lo a nagicaI Iink lo a person (such as a Iock of lheir
hair, a good-quaIily pholograph or an arlicIe of lheir
cIolhing) he can caII up a Scnúing cf Spcc|ra| Cni||.
Magicians lypicaIIy use lhis riluaI lo inlinidale lhe
curious and scare lhen avay. Monlano has leen using
il on ßrandon (see Answcrphnnc Mcssagc (2) and
OpprcssIvc PsychIc Atmnsphcrc (2)) lul no Ionger
needs lo, as he has hin inprisoned.
ßy spending an hour each day in riluaI aclivily and
sacrihcing a poinl of HeaIlh on each such occasion,
Monlano can infuse lhe largel vilh supernaluraI coId
and a feeIing of dread. As veII as lhe disconforl lhis
causes, il forces lhe largel lo nake a lvo-poinl SlaliIily
check every day vhen lhe riluaI is legun. If lhe pIayers
are causing prolIens, he nay use lhe riluaI againsl
lhen, he viII pick lhe largel vho Iooks Iike lhey viII
cope lhe vorsl, nake a nagicaI Iink ly skelching lhen,
pIace lhe inage in a prepared penlacIe and slarl lhe
riluaI. The pIayers can lreak lhis effecl ly hnding lheir
nagicaI Iinks and deslroying lhen.
Mnntann's Thugs
AlhIelics 4, Driving 3, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 8,
Sense TroulIe 3
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
Wcapnn: -1 (ßrass KnuckIes) or O (ßaselaII
These are a group of fairIy generic, laId-headed
lruisers. (Depending on pIayer group size, lhere are
lelveen lhree and seven lhugs avaiIalIe lo Monlano
al any line. Assune one nore lhug lhan lhere are
pIayers.) They vork for Monlano and leal up vhoever
he vanls lealen up. They do nol laIk very nuch and
are good al laking orders.
If lhe pIayers are rca||q gelling on Monlano´s nerves, he
viII send lhe lhugs round in lhe lradenark lIack Sularu
lo leal lhe pIayers up in a lack aIIey sonevhere.
ö. beW bza bookS
This occuIl lookshop is snaII and unlidy. Il can le
found in Soho, anong lhe sex shops and nassage
parIours. The proprielor, Selaslian ßaIe, drinks vine
lehind lhe counler and scralches hinseIf a Iol. He
seens lo le running lhe shop in a ralher haphazard
vay. If lhe pIayers lurn up loo earIy in lhe norning, lhe
shop viII nol le open yel.
ßaIe is iniliaIIy refraclory and uncooperalive. If lhe
pIayers aren´l lhere lo luy, lhen he resenls lheir
presence. There are aIready enough linevaslers and
penniIess lrovsers nauIing over his slock. The pIayers
viII have lo lhav oul his frosly exlerior lefore lhey can
gel any usefuI infornalion fron hin.
They can convincingIy feign inleresl in lhe looks vilh
Impcrsnnatc or Occu!t 5tudIcs, lhough unIess lhey
foIIov lhis up vilh an acluaI purchase, ßaIe renains
unviIIing lo engage in chil-chal.
Cnp Ta!k of a lhrealening kind puls hin on lhe
defensive innedialeIy, and he viII innedialeIy
lecone Ioquacious and co-operalive, he knovs lhal
sone of his erolica is verging a IillIe cIose lo lhe olscene,
and he doesn´l vanl lo le raided. The sane appIies lo
IinaIIy, F!IrtIng vins ßaIe round aInosl inslanlIy,
lhough lhe characler using il viII hnd lhal lhey cannol
easiIy shake ßaIe off nov lhal lhey have shovn an
inleresl. He viII pesler lhen vilh phone caIIs, requesls
for dales, and even suggesl lhal he cIose lhe shop for len
ninules so lhey can gel 'dovn lo il´ in lhe lack roon.
RaIsIng Thc Dcad (C): ßaIe renenlers
seIIing lhe looks lo Ruperl.
'Inlense kind of a lIoke. AlsoIuleIy olsessed
vilh nagic lhal couId lring dead peopIe
lack lo Iife. ßoughl a vhoIe piIe of sluff
off ne. WeII, I did leII hin lhal lhere vas
nolhing nuch lhal couId reslore Iife lo lhe
dead shorl of lhe KaIshinak RiluaI, lul |na|
vas as rare as rocking horse shil. IrolalIy
didn´l even vork, anyvay. SliII, he vas
insislenl, so I loId hin vhere I soId lhe one
and onIy copy I ever gol hoId of. SoId il lo
NicoIas Monlano aloul a year ago. Il vas
onIy a pholocopy, lul he sliII paid a lon for
il. ßil of a dodgy one, he is, Monlano. Inlo
aII lhal sadonasochisn. Nol ny cup of lea,
reaIIy. Here, gol a fag`´
Thc Ka!shInak RItua!: Nov lhal lhey have
heard of il, lhe pIayers nay lry lo research
lhe KaIshinak
RiluaI. Rcscarch
aIone does nol lring up nany
delaiIs. Il seens lhe riluaI is in
facl hclionaI, invenled in lhe 192Os
ly Marie-Irance DuIonl, an olscure
Irench vriler of 'veird hclion´ and inilalor
of lhe Iikes of Cuy de Maupassanl.
A one-poinl Rcscarch or Occu!t 5tudIcs
spend digs up sone nore delaiIs. The riluaI
appears in a shorl slory caIIed Tnc 8c||s
cf Sain|-Quaq Pcr|ricux, so ladIy vrillen
and aloninalIy daled lhal il is never
anlhoIogised. The 'pIol´, reIaled in lhe
second person, deaIs vilh a young nan
vho is devoled lo a dead girI vho he keeps
pickIed in a vasl leII jar. Il nenlions lhe
KaIshinak RiluaI as lhe neans vherely
he shaII lring her lo Iife. The prolagonisl
inlends lo Iearn of lhe KaIshinak RiluaI fron
'lhe Anchorile of lhe Moon´, lul lhe idenlily
of lhis characler is nol reveaIed, shorlIy
lhereafler lhe prolagonisl slrips naked in
a heId fuII of IiIies, reciles a hfleen-page
nonoIogue and shools hinseIf.
A furlher one-poinl Occu!t 5tudIcs spend
reveaIs lhal lhe KaIshinak RiluaI is supposed
lo have exisled in reaI Iife, aIIegedIy vrillen
dovn ly DuIonl herseIf. Third-parly
sources reIale her cIain lhal il vas diclaled
lo her during a viId Iarisian orgy ly an
'inleIIigence discarnale´ lhal caIIed ilseIf Zim-
8ra||a|i, |nc Vcicc cf |nc 8|ac| |amp. Hov she
vrole dovn lhe riluaI during lhe orgy is nol
expIained. These cIains are oddIy siniIar lo
lhose of cerlain occuIlisls vho leIieve lhal
lhe Nccrcncmiccn exisls on lhe 'aslraI pIane´
and can le vrillen dovn in chunks ly lhose
vilh lhe necessary psychic laIenls.
J. CoIdbazboUz
This lIeak London slreel of aparlnenl luiIdings, lus
sheIlers and ragged liIIloards is cIearIy nol an
upnarkel parl of lovn. A coId vind lIovs dovn
lhe slreel, picking up chip papers and vhile pIaslic
1be finaI CaSe
lags. In Iaundrelles and
red-lrick puls, peopIe
galher lo gossip or drink
avay lheir doIe. Under a lridge haIfvay
dovn lhe road Iie lhe recenlIy alandoned
renains of a honeIess canp.
UnIess lhe pIayers have a specihc reason lo le here,
lhere is nol nuch lo do olher lhan hang around on lhe
slreel corners and vail for sonelhing lo happen, vhich
seens lo le lhe IocaI pasline of choice. The onIy sign
lhal anylhing is aniss is a singIe poIice car, parked on
a corner.
Thcrc's Bccn 5nmc Murdcrs (C): The
pIayers can gIean a fev delaiIs fron laIking
lo lhe IocaIs or approaching lhe poIice. Tvo
honeIess peopIe, Ned MouIl and ßernie
Rulenslein, vere found under lhe lridge
yeslerday. The poIice say lhey´d leen
VanIshIng Tramp: OId Iogerly, vho used
lo drink ßuckfasl oulside lhe Iilrary, hasn´l
leen seen in days.
Wc'rc Nnt GnIng Out Aftcr Dark: The
slreels round here are aInosl enply afler
dark nov. Nolody vanls lo go oul of his
house. You don´l knov vhal´s oul lhere, do
5uckcd RIght Out Of Thcm: This addilionaI
infornalion requires a one-poinl spend. If
lhe pIayers are laIking lo lhe IocaIs in lhe pul
or a siniIar Iocalion, lhe spend shouId cone
fron 5trcctwIsc or Rcassurancc. If laIking
lo lhe poIice, il shouId cone fron Cnp Ta!k.
The corpses vere conpIeleIy drained of
lIood. There vere ragged hoIes in lhe
lodies, as if slakes had leen driven inlo
5nmcthIng On Thc Rnnftnps: There´s leen
sonelhing funny going on overhead. A fev
peopIe on lhe slreel have seen a kid running
aloul on lhe hre escapes and Iurking on lhe
rooflops. SaleIIile dishes have leen knocked
oul of aIignnenl, il´s a reaI pain in lhe
arse lo gel lhen pul lack righl.
If a pIayer nanages lo gel up on one of lhe
rooflops and check, he hnds a lufl of lrovn
hair snagged in a TV aeriaI, idenlicaI lo A
Tuft Of HaIr (2). This is fron lhe scourger,
vhich has leen keeping ils eye on Lric and
lhe squal.
5a!!y: This is a good pIace lo reinlroduce SaIIy, lhe Colh
fron lhe Devonshire Arns. She´s vandering around
lhe area, lrying lo pick up on lhe 'dark vilralions´.
She insisls lhal she´s needed here and lhal lhe pIayers
shouId lack off and Ieave her aIone. Hovever, if lhe
pIayers don´l lake her sonevhere safe, she´II end up in
lhe squal, unconscious, deslined lo le Lric´s nexl neaI.
If lhe pIayers are aIready hol on Lric´s lraiI, lhen SaIIy
can produce her aulonalic draving of lhe squal (see
5kctch On A CIgarcttc Packct (5)) vhich viII le
enough infornalion lo lrack il dovn, especiaIIy if lhe
pIayers lhink lo ask lhe IocaIs or lhe poIice.
Thc Lanc Aftcr Dark: The pIayers nay lhink lo slake
lhe Iane oul afler dark, vhen lhe IocaIs aren´l venluring
ouldoors. If lhe pIayers haven´l found nany olher cIues
yel, lhen nolhing happens. If lhey´re near lhe cIinax
of lhe advenlure, lhey shouId calch a gIinpse of lhe
Scourger hopping fron roof lo roof, or of Lric´s huIking
forn naking ils vay lack lo lhe squal al lhe far end of
lhe slreel.
i0. 1be bgUa&
This Iocalion is lhe cIinax of lhe advenlure. There are
severaI vays lhal lhe pIayers can hnd lheir vay here.
They can use psychic aliIilies such as
Mcsscngcr or PrccngnItInn lo gel a ßash of
lhe luiIding´s exlerior.
They can gel lhe address fron Monlano,
if lhey nanage lo inlinidale hin inlo
providing il.
They can foIIov lhe Scourger or Lric here.
They can use SaIIy´s aulonalic draving
(5kctch On A CIgarcttc Packct (5)) lo
idenlify lhe luiIding.
The squal on CoIdharlour Lane used lo le a pIeasanl
enough counciI house, lul il is nov a squaIid pil.
Lvidence of Lric´s heroin halil is scallered everyvhere,
aIong vilh oId cIolhes, used condons and siniIar lrash.
The vhoIe pIace slinks. Cockroaches cravI over lhe
kilchen vork surfaces. The eIeclricily does nol vork.
There is haIf of a drained hunan lody slicking oul of
lhe oven. The resl is on lhe lalIe in lhe Iiving roon, ils
arns raised up Iike cIavs, dry as a dead spider. There
is anolher corpse on lhe slairs. The pIayers nusl eilher
nove il or slep on il lo gel up lo lhe nexl door. Iinding
lhese cadavers varranls a 4-poinl 5tabI!Ity check.
Ruperl´s shriveIed lody is upslairs on lhe ledroon
door, nexl lo lhe crusly led vhere Lric´s dead lody Iay
for severaI days lefore leing raised. This, loo, varranls
a 4-poinl 5tabI!Ity check. Scallered around lhe roon
are Ioose Ieaf pholocopied pages. This is lhe copy of lhe
KaIshinak RiluaI lhal Ruperl received fron Monlano.
SeveraI of lhe pages are nov iIIegilIe fron lIoodslains,
vhich is prolalIy jusl as veII for lhe pIayers. Use of
Phntngraphy delecls lhal lhis is in facl a copy of a copy,
and is ladIy lIurred in pIaces. Soneone lrying lo read
lhis couId easiIy nispronounce a syIIalIe or drav a sign
in lhe air sIighlIy aniss.
The onIy olher lhing in lhe roon is an oId cIosel. If
lhe pIayers have nol aIready rescued ßrandon fron
Monlano´s ßal, lhen he is sIunped in lhe cIosel, vhich
Lric is using as a Iarder. Lric leal ßrandon unconscious
and sel hin aside lo eal Ialer. The deleclive vakes up
vhen he hears lhe invesligalors
lreak inlo lhe luiIding and caIIs for heIp.
If ßrandon is vilh lhe ICs, lhen SaIIy (or Raven ßane,
lo use her ncm-úc-Gc|n) is lhe one screaning. She is
lrapped in lhe cIosel, aloul lo lecone Lric´s Iunch.
THL Horror Allacks
Lric hinseIf is Iying under lhe led. Once severaI of
lhe ICs are in lhe roon, he viII hurI lhe led upvards,
sending il crashing across lhe doorvay and lIocking il.
He lhen lurns on lhe lrapped characlers and allenpls lo
sIay lhen. Like any allack fron a supernaluraI crealure,
lhis denands a seven-poinl 5tabI!Ity check.
ErIc Cha!kcr, thc B!nnd Cnrpsc
Gcn: AlhIelics 6, HeaIlh 8, Scufßing 12
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
Wcapnn: +2 (TaIons)
Armnr: +2 vs. Shooling
Lric is vearing lhe ragged renains of an ArsenaI
foollaII lop, lul nolhing eIse. His lody has legun lo
deleriorale aIready, his jav hangs sIackIy open, and his
lhick longue is cheved ragged. Ial veins puIse in his
lenpIes. Al lhe end of his hands are Iong, needIe-Iike
exlrusions lhal cIick and rallIe logelher, Iike a handfuI
of dirly gIass syringes.
Lric nay nol provide a a suilalIe chaIIenge for lhe parly
if lhey have avoided vioIence. He is supposed lo le very
fearsone. Adjusl his HeaIlh, AlhIelics and Scufßing as
appropriale, and descrile hin conlinuing lo hghl afler
lerrilIe vounds. The parly nay choose lo ßee ralher
lhan face hin.
If lhe pIayers can deslroy lhe lIood corpse lhal used lo
le Lric, lhen lhey have saved lhe residenls of London
fron a ghaslIy lhreal. This varranls a six-poinl 5tabI!Ity
Iryce-HaniIlon viII le dislraughl on Iearning of his
son´s dealh, lul viII le conforled lhal il seens lo have
leen lhe vork of a naniac ralher lhan sone 'gay suicide
fzee fIoa&in_ bceneS
The foIIoving lvo scenes can le inlroduced al any line
during lhe scenario.
Thc MusIc nf Hammcrs
Advenlures lhal are lased around deleclion can
sonelines Iag, and il´s aIvays a good idea lo inlroduce
sone aclion lo keep lhe pIayers on lheir loes. This is
especiaIIy lrue around lhe leginning of lhis advenlure,
if lhe pIayers niss lhe fun of chasing lhe Scourger, lhe
nexl fev scenes can seen a IillIe pedeslrian. So, send
Nicky Svifl afler lhen.
Nicky Svifl is a conlacl of Monlano´s, nol parl of his
reguIar heavy nol lul a reIialIe odd jol nan. He is six
fool hve inches laII, around hfly years oId, Iean, noslIy
laId, and has a lrovn lIood spol in his Iefl eye. He
vears snarl lIack suils and aIvays carries his favourile
looI: a Iarge ßIack and Decker vorknan´s hanner.
One nighl expecl hin lo ride a nolorlike, lul he opls
lo ride around London on a licycIe, his suil lrousers
lound up vilh cIips, lhe like leII sounding ils cheery
cning-cning as he rides lo his nexl appoinlnenl.
Nicky is very good al lvo lhings: causing peopIe
exceplionaIIy painfuI physicaI harn vilh his hanner,
and singing in a spIendid lenor voice. When he can,
he Iikes lo conline lhese lvo aclivilies. He´s nol gol
so nuch as a drop of IlaIian lIood (he´s Hackney lorn
and lred) lul he has a parlicuIar Iove for Iuccini. When
inlerrogaling or lealing up a viclin, he can´l resisl
asking lhen vhal lheir favourile operas are. They´re
in lig lroulIe (veII, even ligger lroulIe) if lhey give lhe
vrong ansver. He can´l sland Mozarl, vho he lhinks
is horrilIy overraled. ßesides, lhe loy vas a hIlhy-
ninded IillIe fuck. Never seen Amaúcus?
Nicky viII pay lhe pIayers a IillIe visil al a suilalIe slage
in lhe advenlure. Don´l vorry aloul hov he couId have
found lhen - il´s as sinpIe as lhe Scourger seeing lhen,
Monlano naking a quick phone caII, and Nicky arriving
on scene ninules Ialer. Il´s lesl if one of lhe pIayers
goes off aIone and Nicky corners lhen.
Nicky´s lrief is sinpIe: scare lhe heII oul of lhese
inlerfering laslards. ßreak lheir kneecaps if you have
lo, lul don´l kiII lhen, as il´II onIy Iead lo queslions
leing asked. Nicky viII aIso lreak in and snash up
ßrandon´s conpuler if lhe pIayers Ieave lhe pIace
NIcky 5wIft:
AlhIelics 8, Driving 4, IiIch 8, HeaIlh 12,
InhIlralion 6, Ireparedness 8, Scufßing 12,
Sense TroulIe 1O, Shooling 4, SlaliIily 1O
HIt Thrcshn!d: 3
Wcapnn: CIav hanner (+1)
5upcrnatura! GrafñtI
This scene can happen al any line afler lhe pIayers have
enlered ßrandon´s ßal. Monlano has Iearned a sinpIe
IillIe nagicaI lrick, vhich can le enpIoyed lo send a
varning and lo scare lhe heII oul of peopIe vho are
poking lheir noses vhere lhey shouIdn´l.
WhiIe scrying lhrough lhe Scourger´s eye, Monlano can
vrile nessages on a loard. These lhen appear, nuch
Iarger, on a nearly surface, scravIed in reaI line as he
vriles lhen. The nediun nalches vhalever Monlano
is using lo vrile vilh, so if he vriles lhe originaI in
drippy vhile painl, lhal´s vhal lhe grafhli appears in.
Monlano hnds lhal lhe nosl effeclive vay lo use lhis
lechnique is lo vail unliI lhe Scourger is peering in
lhrough a vindov al a characler, lhen nake vords
appear on lhe vaII inside so lhal lhe characler can see
lhen. The nessages are lesl kepl shorl and poignanl,
such as:
i CAb bbb Ï0ü
Ï0ü bb bbÃ1
Walching a supernaluraI grafhli nessage appear
pronpls a 4-poinl 5tabI!Ity lesl. Iinding lhe grafhli
af|cr il has appeared doesn´l risk SlaliIily Ioss al aII. Il
Iooks Iike ordinary grafhli.

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