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An enthusiastic “thank you’ goes out to the engineers and staff for all they did to achieve an new

standard for North Street and its environs. The surrounding community is most grateful for your talent, hard work, and patience. Along with the improvements have come some new dynamics on the street: For our consideration: The following partial list was compiled from the observations of community members and their ongoing dialogue. (DPW & Northampton PD) MPH/SAFETY Excessive speeds with light traffic/fewer parked cars/no effective speed humps. Timeslots drivers tend to drive well in excess of 20/35 mph limits: Weekends, especially 9 PM to 1 AM Weekdays after hours (7 PM to 1 AM) Traffic density during business hours has a built-in system of traffic-calming.

(DPW) Clarify purpose of ‘raised crosswalks’ Traffic calming non-existent. Reminder to drivers it’s a pedestrian X-ing non-existent. Pedestrian X-ings marked at 20 mph Average daytime speed at X-ings is 40 mph. Average after-hours speed at X-ings is 50 mph. RECOMMENDATION: Convert present raised profiles to actual 20 mph speed humps, consistent with signage. Serving as a constant reminder to all drivers (locals and out-of-towners inclusive) that North Street is NOT a ‘faster cut-through’, but a city thoroughfare that dictates a steady 35 mph average speed at all times of day or nights. (TRANSPORTATION AND PARKING)

Driver/pedestrian safety/sightlines exiting No parked cars near: side streets, parking lots, crosswalks, and busy 3 to 4-way intersections, such as Twin Cleaners, Orchard Street.

(DPW) Revisit original plan to have 30 mph speed hump near Highland to: a. slow cars accelerating around D.A. Sullivan corner b. slow traffic in vicinity of railroad underpass with constricted traffic activity (CITY COUNCILOR) PROPOSAL: Set up a series of meetings between members of North Street/Ward 3 residents who are informed on the subject of misguided 18-wheelers’ continuing incursions into residential side streets and Bridge Street at city center. 3-way dialogue between Coke management, Ward 3 representatives, and City Hall. (DPW/TREE COMMITTEES) PROPOSAL: Plant additional trees along North Street run of cemetery to reestablish a ‘tree line’ (4 to 5 trees, evenly spaced.

(DPW) Can you give us a timeline for repairing the worst of the ‘axle crushers’ at railroad underpass and side streets abutting North Street?